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S/O Are you friends with people from high school?
FrootLoop 87 959
Today, 10:44 AM
Last Post By: Allday
Regular Best pet vacuum
Update: I got a Shark!
Raspberry Cheesecake 18 354
Today, 10:35 AM
Last Post By: meowmixmama
Regular Intruder uses golf club to kill 920 Foster Farms chickens
unexpected headlines
Viczaes 8 196
Today, 10:32 AM
Last Post By: FrootLoop
Regular General Info, Conversation, Gossip
Whatever makes your day
Ultimate Fence Sitter 12 224
Today, 10:22 AM
Last Post By: Allday
Regular The worst cat
hilarious cuteness
ACK 5 182
Today, 10:11 AM
Last Post By: kate running late
Regular Rowing machine- the greatest thing ever?
Am I delusional?
Chutes Away 15 256
Today, 9:27 AM
Last Post By: CraftyK
Regular Weirdest dream in the history of dreams
F5x of God 2 51
Today, 9:21 AM
Last Post By: F5x of God
Hot Topic On the subject of home renovations.
backpacker365 38 669
Today, 8:23 AM
Last Post By: backpacker365
Hot Topic I am gobsmacked.
lost a dear friend tonight
Missus Whatsit 37 991
Today, 8:08 AM
Last Post By: Ultimate Fence Sitter
Regular So coming to the end of our getway, highlights, whales, seals, sunshine and a broken bed
gemma156 1 116
Today, 7:55 AM
Last Post By: Narra8
Hot Topic Cop killer chosen as commencement speaker by students of Vermont College
Mumia Abu-Jamal
GirlGreen 44 775
Today, 7:20 AM
Last Post By: sfm
Regular 5th grade is going to send me to the loony bin
DS, Homework
speducator 13 503
Today, 3:21 AM
Last Post By: The Girl From Middle Earth
Regular Weird drug induced dreams
3rd Times a Charm 11 217
Today, 1:10 AM
Last Post By: Angel
Regular That's a new one!
Roor 22 614
Yesterday, 11:44 PM
Last Post By: Roor
Regular Amazon and UPS...You Rock!
a happy customer response from me
tijerasmom 7 316
Yesterday, 11:44 PM
Last Post By: tijerasmom
Regular I love a mystery!
You learn something new every day.
Millicat 4 186
Yesterday, 11:23 PM
Last Post By: Stimpy
Regular Cost of moving
miss jojo 14 436
Yesterday, 11:13 PM
Last Post By: jaybird
Regular I can't be sick
Life got . . . worse?
GuyIncognito 9 532
Yesterday, 11:05 PM
Last Post By: GuyIncognito
Hot Topic Free Drinks
BeerNutz 6,084 46,075
Yesterday, 10:58 PM
Last Post By: BeerNutz
Regular I NEED these!
Toms shoes
R-E-L 10 356
Yesterday, 10:55 PM
Last Post By: FrootLoop
Regular Fall color!
Photo thread. Add your own.
Koalabella 3 95
Yesterday, 10:32 PM
Last Post By: alittlelost
Regular Shampoo/Conditioner recommendations
alittlelost 15 258
Yesterday, 10:31 PM
Last Post By: Southernbelle
Regular Cranky Vent - Update on Friend Nonsense and general crankiness
NotMyName2016 12 536
Yesterday, 10:28 PM
Last Post By: iluvsuomi1989
Hot Topic High needs child?
Sillymonki 30 880
Yesterday, 10:25 PM
Last Post By: kittykathy
Regular There's a petition about the 14yo girl used as "rape bait"
s/o a thread from a few weeks ago.
Dori 3 143
Yesterday, 10:19 PM
Last Post By: Mukta
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