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Dungeon fun time with Zamers

Posted by Posted ImageZamers (Admin) at Fri 4 Aug 2017 12:58:00. 10 comments

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you all know I will be hosting dungeoneering on Saturdays. this is something I'd like to do for an hour or two every Saturday, if life permits. the even will be open to all, and I plan to hammer out a schedule to help keep the floors constant and on a set rotation.


Next Event:
Time: 16:00 game time (noon for me)
Date: 9 Sep 2017 (Saturday)
Location: Deamonheim, world 99
Starting Floor: 32
Size: Max for the number of people we have
Complexity: 6
Hardmode: Optional

Sunday Rumble

Posted by Posted Imagecherrybrandi (Sergeant) at Wed 29 Mar 2017 07:12:10. 11 comments

<<< This Weeks Boss >>>

Twin Furies
5:00 pm AEDT

Twin Furies
11:00am GMT

Hey All

Welcome to Sunday Rumble. Every Sunday at 5:00pm AEDT i will be running a boss for at least 1hr (More if attendance and motivation for everyone is good). The boss's will change weekly and the up coming kill will be posted at the top of this post.

Anyone can join in as long as they have the requirements to enter the boss room. If you are unsure of a boss or gear to wear don't hesitate to PM me. If you would like to do a specific boss post it below and we will work it in to a weekly kill. A random boss will be picked if there are no suggestions.

I'm aware not everyone who is interested can make this time so i'm looking to add a 2nd time / day throughout the week, So make mention of a time / day that suits you and after a few responses i will add in a 2nd time.

Happy Hunting

Cherrys Gamer Grotto

Posted by Posted Imagecherrybrandi (Sergeant) at Sat 11 Mar 2017 07:22:20. 20 comments


<<< The Great Imp Catcher >>>

Information given at event time.

Date: 9th - April
time: 8:30pm AEDT (10:30am GMT)
Location: Falador Castle Bridge.
Reward: Cherrys cash prize =-}

<<< 2017 Mine Nation Olympics (Annual) >>>
<<< Grand Event >>>

Hey Nutters. Welcome to the annual 2017 Mine Nation Olympics. A new event i plan on bringing into the clan on a yearly cycle. (providing im not in one of my #cherryquit moods again lol)

The grand event will be held across one single day. The day will be littered with several mini events which will earn players points and cash rewards for 1st,2nd,3rd place finishes.

Come the end of the day players points will be added up to decide on a grand winner who will receive a Noxious Weapon as the reward. Along with 2nd and 3rd prizes ofc =-}

See details below for event information. More posted closer to date.

Date: 23rd - April
Time: Throughout the day, Event times posted later
Where: Clan Citadel

Hey Nutters

Welcome to the grotto!! Here you'll find a constant stream of new events held by some nutter who named himself after a small red fruit.
There will always be at least one main event held weekly with the occasional mini event to fill in the time, so keep up to date with this thread. Events will range from Drop parties with millions up for grabs to bosses and more.

On the events end i will add a post to the bottom of this thread outlining the winners and any other information needed.

Any up coming events will always be listed at the top of this post in orange. page 1

If you have any questions about any event either leave a post here or simply PM me in game

Happy Hunting!!!

Spontaneous demon flashmob! Dec. 2 2015

Posted by Posted ImagePretty new (Admin) at Wed 2 Dec 2015 19:51:08. One comment

Event: Flashmob Demon flashmob event at Edgeville

Host: Zamers

Amount of People attended: 5
Pretty noob

Guests: Ryokudo, Erc thy frog

Notes: No major drops, good time had by all though.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Evil Elder Tree clan event

Posted by Posted ImagePretty new (Admin) at Thu 5 Nov 2015 04:49:18. One comment

Posted Image

Event: Evil Elder tree, w51 north of Varrock castle

Host: Fellow Clan Member Creams

Amount of people attended: 11% of clan

Who in Mine nation attended:
-Pretty New

Special Guests:

Thanks to Sentimental for the call.
Senti #1 canadian, Pretty New #1 Sentisupporter!
-Picture proves that Senti and me are best buds eh?

The MN Raid Dream Team

Posted by Posted ImagePretty new (Admin) at Mon 13 Jul 2015 19:26:53. 4 comments

Hi all,

Title self explanatory, we gonna get this thing moving! :X

Since we'll need to accommodate a few times zones, we can do a team for the Eurozone, one for Aussie and one for NA, with nolifers playing in all 3.

Timing-wise I think GMT 17:00 for Euro, 10:00 for Aus/Asia and NA we can try one hour before reset, so everyone can get their caches in.

While we can only loot every 2 days, we can probs do some practicing in the first day or 2 and then settle into alternating bosses every day.

3-4 people tanking, the rest DPS, and bring yo best gear, like addy pl8 and a crystal dagga

This is gonna be great, lets make it happen!!

Mine Nation, Your Nation w00t

Barbarian Assault

Posted by Posted ImageDrRazgriz (Clan Friends) at Tue 26 Aug 2014 14:29:10. One comment

Seeing as it got a fresh new update and probably looks all pretty, pretty now, I was wondering if we could maybe get a group together later and get in a game or two sometime soon? Ideas?

Community non-rs event

Posted by Posted Imagepi_rules3_14 (Overseer) at Wed 9 Apr 2014 17:41:56. 5 comments

Hey guys,

I was talking with Serrin and Cheify today about league of legends and got to thinking. What about trying a non-rs event? For example, 3rd friday of the month we pick a random f2p game and everyone can learn/play it together. Not sure if this is a good idea though, cause we often have trouble doing any runescape oriented event, let alone something outside. We could give it a shot at the very least and see how it goes? I guess another problem might be lat. RS doesn't have a big problem, but more computer and broadband speed intensive games might not be feasible for everyone across the globe. Your thoughts?

Barbarian Assault

Posted by Posted ImageCreams (Leader) at Fri 14 Feb 2014 09:59:53. 3 comments

We've mentioned this many times in chat, but never got around to actually organising it.

So if we can find 5 people willing and able to play at least a few games of BA at the same time, we can finally get us some of that sweet AgilBXP or idk, trim req ;)

Post your availability and preferred roles today! (Def. is generally slowest for inexperienced players, and Atk. causes most point loss if doing it wrong)

Teams are Attacker, Collector, 2x Healer, Defender for fastest runs.

Availability List

Spread the word!

In Game Meeting

Posted by Posted Imagepi_rules3_14 (Overseer) at Mon 16 Dec 2013 17:31:44. 7 comments

Hey all,

We are calling a live in game meeting to discuss the future of Mine Nation. We are looking for anyone interested in making sure the clan continues to thrive to come participate. The main topic for you to be thinking about is: 'Direction of the clan, what are we doing other than sitting around silently in chat.'

Come with or without ideas. This will take place in the Citadel Meeting room (1. may as well make use of the room 2. people less likely to be distracted by skilling/random bystander's conversation 3. you can cap after/before if you haven't)

Date: Sunday Dec 22
Time: 7pm GMT//2pm EST//2am AU Converter
Where: Citadel Keep

I am going to promise right now to respect your time. The in game meeting will last between 30 and 60 minutes. If you have a serious interest in seeing MN move forward please be on time and open to discussion. Any follow up ideas/discussion will take place on the forum unless another in game meeting is requested by the majority of people.

Please vote so we have an idea of how many to expect. Thanks <3 I look forward to seeing you next Sunday

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