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Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
January 26 at 11:21am

MNLF MESSAGE ON THE 50+ POLICEMEN MURDERED BY MILF IN MAGUINDANAO ON JAN 25, 2015: Yang BIFF na faction ni Mama dyan sa Maguindanao is a pressure group of the MILF. Gumagawa yan sila ng terrorismo para ma-pressure ang gobyerno na aprubahan ang proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) na naka-hain ngayon sa Legislative Branch of PH Govt. If PNP/AFP collaborated with MILF in their operations in that area, it is most likely that the MILF have leaked out tactical information to the BIFF, kaya nangyari yang massacre. Kami nga mga MNLF hindi nagtitiwala sa mga MILF na yan eh, mga traydor yan sila.
Military Artillery is the best way in dealing with terrorists dwelling in MILF camps. Tactically, hindi uubra yang foot law enforcement sa area na yan. You should learn from ERAP. Artillery first, then send in the MNLF to finish those terrorists off.

MNLF INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERIAL BOMBERS IN MINDANAO. Yang bombing po sa Mindanao ay halos monthly po yan since 1969 pa yan hanggang ngayon. Regular mission kasi yan ng invisible hand ng malaysia dito sa Mindanao, and sometime nag-ooverflow yan sa Metro Manila. Ang objective ng Malaysia ay manggulo sa Pilipinas using evasive terrorist acts and their favorite is bombing.

Effective ang tactics ng mga Malaysians na yan kasi after pagsabog ng bomba na hindi sila nakikilala, ang Govt of the PH (PNP or AFP or LGU) ay nag-bibintang agad ng local group (paborito nila pagbintangan ay ASG, BIFF, MILF, NPA, at paminsan-minsan ay MNLF). Yang walang kapararakang pagbibintang ni GPH at normal yan kasi kailangan nila may masabi sa taong bayan na hindi naman magmukhang inutile ang inaasahang intelligence. Ang resulta ng bintang ay stigma na ng taong bayan doon sa pinagbibintangang grupo. After the stigma, threats and hostilities will automatically follow. The Malaysians pop the bomb, Filipinos fight each other, and Philippines become a weak and divided nation. The result is pati maliliit na isla na territory natin (Pilipinas) katulad nyang nasa Kalayaan Reef ay hindi natin kaya protektahan ang sovereignty natin kasi ubos sa domestic problem ang pera natin for Military -- wala na tayong pera pambili ng battle ships. Ang ending, Malaysia is happy kasi we cannot recover Sabah --- regular bombing lang ang capital ni Malaysia.

Ang problema natin ngayon ay etong pamilyang Aquino ay tuta ng Malaysia yan. Si Senator Ninoy Aquino ang front agent provocateur na ginamit ng Malaysia para bunuo ng mga insurgent groups (MIM-MNLF, MILF, CPP-NPA) na manggulo sa Pilipinas. Ang MNLF ginamit kami ng Malaysia from 1969-1976, kasi 1976 ay nakipag deal na kami sa gobyerno in the so-called 1976 MNLF-GPH Tripoli Agreement. In 1976, dahil sa tripoli Agreement, nagalit si Malaysia sa MNLF at minaniubra niya ang mga officers ng MNLF, ginamit niya si Hashim Salamat at nag buo si Malaysia ng MILF para ituloy ang panggugulo sa Pilipinas. Etong si PNoy ngayon ay masasabi naming tuta yan ng Malaysia kasi pini-persecute kami mga MNLF at bini-baby ang MILF.

Ang solution na na-isip namin ay dapat maging aware tayo mga Pilipino about this malaysian invisible hand in PH and we begin to look at the elusive insurgency problem in Mindanao in its proper perspective na Malaysia ang nanggugulo. From there, na diagnose na natin ang cancer, mag-isip na tayo ng iba't-ibang paraan para ma cure ang cancer.


BONUS INFORMATION: Alam nyo ba na ONE AND SAME PERSON lang yung nakipag collaborate sa Malaysian bomber sa Cagayan de Oro last July 2013 and yung operator ng Sept 2013 Zamboanga Siege na human trafficker na nag-recruit ng mga palaboy sa Basilan at pinag-suot niya ng MNLF uniform at pinag-drama ng Mindanao Independence rally sa Zamboanga City? His name is Daniel Xavier, nasa custody ngayon ng GPH -- dapat yun pigain ng information -- pero ang problema si PNoy na puppet ng Malaysia ang Commander-in-Chief ng AFP -- kaya walang justice sa bombing incidents.


Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
Yesterday at 3:21pm ยท



DEBUNK: The MILF organization has no sovereign territorial rights over any piece of land anywhere in the Philippines, whether that be their fully-controlled camp, village, or community. The government forces have full sovereignty over all parts of the Philippine territory. There is no such thing as a demarcation line or boundaries of land that grants territory to the MILF.

The PNP has warrant of arrest and has all the rights to go and pass through wherever in the territory of the Republic of the Philippines wherever they have available information on the whereabouts of the Malaysian terrorist.


DEBUNK: There are two types of coordination. One is peace-process compliance coordination, the other is tactical coordination. The peace-process coordination was already complied by the PNP because it was already published in the newspapers that PNP is scouring those provinces of Magindanao, Cotabato, and Lanao area to look for Malaysian bomber Marwan. Marwan is already in the publicized Philippine Most Wanted List and the American Embassy in Manila even has a reward tag of $5M for his capture. Moreover, the PNP have already made so many patrols in that area in relation to the the legitimate police operation of finding Marwan. On the other hand, the tactical coordination is an internal process within the trust layer of the PNP chain of command, and it is not subject to peace-process coordination compliance. We MNLF can attest that PNP already coordinated with us via the the public information news we read in mainstream media months ago that PNP is operating in that area to get Marwan and other wanted Malaysian terrorist bombers. Just like the MILF, we MNLFs also have a peace-process-related coordination compliance with Government's large troops movement; and we attest that this particular PNP operation to search for Marwan in Maguindanao, Lanao, and Cotabato area is well coordinated with us.


DEBUNK: The five (5) reasons why self-defense is not a valid excuse are: (1) MILF failed to take the evasive maneuver in a way that they could have walked away from the path of the PNP to avoid misencounter; (2) MILF assaulted persons in authority; (3) MILF's superiority of strength in terms of numbers, weapons, and familiarity with the terrain; (4) MILF did acts of mutilation, and (5) MILF did summary execution on subdued members of the PNP.

BY: John R. Petalcorin
MNLF Director for Communications
MNLF Admin of the OneMNLF Page in Facebook
MNLF Officer-in-Charge while Nur Misuari is put on Whereabouts Unknown Status
Alfred Alexander L. Marasigan
Manila, Philippines


" Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them!"

" People don't care what we know until they know we care."
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