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Action Template
Topic Started: May 9 2017, 03:26 PM (55 Views)
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As discussed via Telegram, for ease of modding, if you can use the following or a variation thereof, that'd be great :)


[quote=Lay-out for an action][b][u]I. Situation[/u][/b]
This area is used to give a short introduction on the situation that has led to the submitting of your action.

[b][u]II. Mission[/u][/b]
Here you basically answer some basic questions on your action. Why you are doing this and identifying the strategic goals.

[b][u]III. Execution[/u][/b]
This area covers what and how you will be achieving the mission pointed out above.

[i]a. Intent[/i]
Most often used in combat missions. The intent gives a short introduction of the military (tactical) goals that you want to accomplish.

[i]b. Concept[/i]
This part covers how you will be reaching the goals set. For military missions this is also a very detailed part, as it mentions a lot of matters, such as the terrain, opponents, weapon-systems you can face and you use, etc.

[b][u]IV. Summary[/u][/b]
Short summary of the entire action.

Here you write up an article, only military combat actions are excluded from this. Try to utilize the format of the World Wide News.
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