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Your first time sleeping naked?
Topic Started: Apr 11 2012, 03:47 PM (38,753 Views)
harry carlisle
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What was your first experience sleeping naked? Was it exciting? Were you nervous? How old were you at the time?
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My first time was when I was 4. I declared to my parents that I wanted to sleep naked and they agreed. I had a good sleep that night, as far as I remember more than forty years after that. I felt so good that night without clothing. But next night I wet the bed and that was the end of my sleeping naked untill I turned 10 years old. I started sleeping in just a t-shirt, no underpants. At the age of 12 I started sleeping completely naked, no underpants, no t-shirt.
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My first time sleeping naked was at the age of 12. I had a friend over and we decided to go for it. Well, that didn't turn out so well in the morning. The parents (military family) were quite displeased and made those feelings quite known. Thus no sleeping naked until much later. I decided to start sleeping nude when I was on my own in 2003. Not very long by everyone else's history, but that was it. I love it and haven't looked back. It was exciting, because my body's reaction to direct contact with sheets was stimulating. It took a bit to get acclimated to the feeling and soon it was not a distraction, rather a comfort. My age was in my early 40's. Yes, much later than most. As I continue to post on other forums, "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER." I have plenty of time to enjoy sleeping naked. :D
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My first time I was 10 and I was excited and nervous.

Friends of my parents had a daughter who was going to college where we lived. She was staying in my room until she could get into the dorm. Her parents were staying in our guest room.

When she got ready to go to bed that night she came back in the room with just a towel on. Next thing I knew she took off the towel - draped it over my chair and got into bed. She must have seen that I looked a little surprised. She asked me what I usually wore to bed so I told her. Then she asked if I'd ever tried sleeping naked. I hadn't. But I didn't want her to think I was a little kid either...so when I got back from taking my shower I did the same thing - came back in just my towel and dropped the towel and got into bed...I just made sure I turned out the lights before I dropped the towel. :)

It was very exciting and weird realizing I was in bed naked - and that there was someone else naked to! She got me talking and I got a little more comfortable. Then I felt her hand brush up against my side. Again, I didn't want to be thought of as a child so I didn't say anything. Over the next few days I got a lot more comfortable. She definitely made me feel more grown up.
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It's going to feel like Déjà-vu here for a while since I've answered this and many other nude-sleeping questions at the old NSF before but since those answers are gone there's no alternative but to rebuilt the archive here.

I grew up in the south where it was generally warm and stopped wearing pajamas at a early age- around 5 or 6 and just slept in my underwear. Then while at summer camp in 1958 (age 12) I "discovered" freeballing when I noticed a lot of the guys wore no undies under their camp shorts to simplify undressing/redressing when we went to the camp lake to swim (done skinny-dip in those days) so I started doing this too. I liked the freeballing feeling so much I continued to do it at home when camp was over. Well it seem dumb to put on underwear just to crawl in bed so I began sleeping buff too and have ever since.
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As I said in my intro, I'm not quite sure exactly when, but first year of college I hung out with a group of guys from high school. Instead of a costume party for Halloween that year the school had a 'pajama dance'. This brought up what anyone wore and we all decided that they wouldn't let any of us in wearing our sleepwear as everyone either wore briefs or nothing to bed. If I hasn't tried it by then, that would have given me impetus to try it.
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I came to nude sleeping very late in life. I was 35 when I started and it was after reading the old Real Men Sleep Nude forum that I decided to give it a go. The date was 31 Jan 2006 (I made a note of the event in my diary :ermm: and although it was a freezing cold winters night I stuck to it and made it through the night and had a good nights sleep. After that and having read yet more of the posts on the RMSN forum, I went to bed naked the following night and then I decided to keep my new sleepwear ever since.
Apart from a few nights at friends houses or when in hospital it's been naked in bed ever since. I wish I'd started years ago
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Apr 11 2012, 03:47 PM
What was your first experience sleeping naked? Was it exciting? Were you nervous? How old were you at the time?
Mine was the typical youthful hot-weather introduction to nude sleeping, although with the added twist that it was parentally inspired and continued, with parental approval, once the hot weather died away. Until I was about ten years old, ours was definitely a pjyama house. My sister (2 years younger than me) my brother (2 years older) and me all had, and wore religiously, full PJ sets, while Mum and Dad used to share a mens' PJ set in the traditional manner. The summer of my 10th birthday turned into a heatwave, and despite progressively discarding item after item of bedding until we were sleeping under just light cotton sheets, getting to sleep remained fraught.

One particularly hot night, with all three of us kids tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, Mum and Dad came upstairs with cold drinks and a surprise - since we were now all big enough to decide how much we needed to wear to stay comfortable, we might get to sleep more easily if we left our PJ tops off. Naturally, we agreed wholeheartedly with this suggestion, but we were were completely thrown a few nights later when Mum and Dad said that they had decided that it was too hot to wear anything at all in bed and why didn't we do likewise. - again, we needed no further bidding. One night of nude sleeping turned into a whole summer holiday of nude sleeping, my sister even successfully persuading one of our cousins who came to stay for a week to follow our example, much to the amusement of her mother, Mum's sister, who had been trying to get her to sleep in just her underwear ever since the heawave started.

With cooler nights, Mum hinted that we might soon be needing our PJs, but by then all three of us were confirmed nude sleepers, skilfully replaying the argument that we knew what to wear to stay comfortable, and that we were quite comfortable in our birthday suits, thank you very much. Mum and Dad didn't seem unduly bothered by this - after a cursory discussion about whether anyone really needs nightclothes, the topic wasn't raised again and we carried on sleeping au naturel. Our PJs hung arouond our bedrooms for few months and then vanished unmourned. We discovered later that Mum and Dad had decided to carry on sleeping nude themselves anyway, and while they thought that kids ought to wear nightclothes because that's what kids did, they realised that they couldn't really insist on us dressing for bed if they themselves didn't.
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Don't recall my first time.
Slept nude at least part of the night from the time I got married at 22.
Move to essentially full time was slow and gradual.
Up to about 16, wore long PJ top and bottom year round, then started short top and bottom for summer only.
About age 25, went to short and top year-round.
Dropped the top around 30 and there has hardly been a night since when I wore one, but continued to wear PJ bottoms.
About 3 years later switched to boxers because it seemed a waste to buy JP's when the tops were never worn, but still took PJ bottoms on trips.
Had a few trips during that time when I got home and realized that the PJ never go worn, nor did anything else in bed.
Finally went full time at age 36.
Do occasionally wear gym shorts when privacy is lacking.
If I had it to do over would have started much sooner.
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As a child the traditional pj's
As a teen underwear
After moving out of home birthday suit
Cannot understand why anyone would wear something to bed.
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