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Viewing Single Post From: [Evaluated]Shocking First Encounter
Posted Image MWD
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Pokemon Declaration

Today was an absolutely glorious day for the young girl, her very first pokemon journey with her faithful companion Sandshrew by her side wearing a beautiful spring outfit with a smile on her face. She believed they could conquer any challenge that was in front of them. While one may argue that a powerplant is a dangerous place for a young girl such as herself to be in especially with but she didn't care this was her chance to discover new pokemin and hopefully befriend them no matter how big or small.

Ritsuko was absolutely excited to explore the dangerous yet power plant she's heard from townsfolk that they contain various types of electric pokemon inside from pikachus, electrodes, and others. The reason why she considering going there was to hopefully capture one and befriend it.

Looking up at the powerplant outside Ritsuko should have been scared. But she felt pumped, excited, more alive than she had ever thought possible. All the mundane worries of her life had been muted and all there was to know about was this moment. No worrying about the past, no anxiety about the future. In one adrenaline fuelled warrior-yell she walked into the plant with nothing but air beneath her feet and she was gone; eyes wide, grin wider.

Ritsuko looked at her pokeball and grinned happily before pressing the circle in the middle before releasing a beam of white light as it emerged from the ball and revealing the sandshrew.

""I'm counting on you Sandshrew let's make our first pokemon encounter great." she said happily patting her sandshrew on the head. The small armadillo-like pokemon uttered happily at its trainer making a few small grunts and squeaks before rubbing its soft head against her clothing making Ritsuko laugh.

"Alright then, lets get going!" she smiled before giving her sandshrew one big thumbs up before walking into the powerplant.

Ritsuko jumped a bit after seeing all the sparks and whatnot hanging along the ceiling with what appeared to be leftover wires and such from along time ago this did make her put her finger underneath her chin as she pondered as to what this facility was doing to said pokemon. Would they use them as a power source instead of electrcity to save time and money? Or was it for other purposes whatever the case the girl walked around as her sandshrew followed behind as they continue to adventure deep into the powerplant remaining vigiliant as to whatever pokemon or person may pop up.

Edited by MWD, 23 May 2018, 08:30 AM.
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