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[Evaluated]A Step in the Right Direction; Ch 6 - Alexa Raegan-Wulf
Topic Started: 26 Apr 2015, 07:00 PM (336 Views)
Posted Image Louielazuli
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Pokémon Declaration

“What?! What do you mean it’s closed?!” the usually bubbly red-head whined. The prim young lady behind the reception desk pushed a wayward blue hair back behind her ear and shrugged.

“I’m sorry but there have been some difficulties faced by our illustrious leader recently, and so she’s decided to go on leave.”

Alexa Raegan-Wulf looked down at the ground, her shoulders slumped. “But I travelled so far… This was going to be my first challenge.”

“Well, I’m sorry but you will have to find another gym for now. I’m sure the gym will re-open soon enough,” the lady said calmly and looked back down at the paperwork neatly piled on her desk. Lex blinked, hoping something else could be done, anything, but it was evident that the receptionist believed the conversation as closed as the gym. She sighed and walked away, muttering a thank you.

The young pokémon ranger trudged out through the automatic front door of the gym and out into the cool autumn morning. A change in the weather was coming – the Zangoose-bumps running the length of her arms and legs told her winter was almost there. She felt quite disappointed by the day so far. A cooing filled her right ear and she glanced at the feathered friend perched on her shoulder. “Hugo, what do we do now? I don’t have a new plan stashed away behind the old one.”. The Rufflet butted her cheek with his feathered face and squawked. Lex smiled.

“You’re right. Breakfast first, then we figure out what to do.”

Strolling through a city was usually an activity that Lex disliked. The horrible sounds and smells, and the rigidity of it all got to her and made her feel like she was caged in. But on that crystal-clear autumn morning, the concrete jungle of Sternhall was painted in a golden light, masking the industrial hardness of the town. The few skinny trees that grew from pots along the sidewalk were bathed in the morning sunlight, making them seem more like elegant ornaments rather than poorly plants, and the lights that directed the flow of traffic seemed to glimmer like multi-coloured eyes down at the cars, bright and clear. Even the pedestrians on their way to work wore stylish and bright clothes to match the glorious morning. When Lex found her way to a small park nestled in the shade of two large office buildings, she sat cross legged on the grass, ignoring the prickly dryness of a lawn not well tended to. She released all of her pokémon and ate a light breakfast, the Aron, Trapinch and Rufflet playing in the dry leaves that swirled about in the cool breeze.

What am I going to do now? Lex wondered, downing the last berry and oat bar.I wonder if this is what it’s going to be like every time I try to battle a gym leader… Lex watched Maxi and Hugo gathering leaves into piles. Jasper was doing his best to help but having difficulty due to the bulbous nature of his head. She smiled, happy that her friends were becoming more comfortable with each other. She sighed and looked off into the city. Glinting cars and bicycles flashed by, carrying busy, busy people onwards to some final destination. She felt like she had no destination, and was envious of them all, if only because they knew where they were going. The honks of horns and ambient chatter reached her ears, and she sat listening glumly for several minutes before an idea surfaced.

“I think I need to ask some advice…” she said, more to herself than to her pokémon. She pulled out her Holocaster and flicked down the contacts list until she found who she was looking for.

Bliip bliiip. Bliip bliiip. “Hello?”

“Hey Dad!”

“Oh hey Lexy!” came the cheery response. Alexander Wulf appeared on the holographic interface. Lex's father was a rugged looking man, with a long mane of dark brown hair that he rarely cut and wild yet intelligent brown eyes. He had tanned skin from years of travel and hard work in the sun, but a well groomed goatee that indicated his somewhat professional attitude to his work. He grinned jovially up at his daughter. “I was beginning to think you didn’t love me anymore!”

Lex smiled guiltily. “Sorry Dad. You know how bad I am at calling.”

“That’s an understatement,” Alexander replied, rolling his eyes. “So how’s your travels going? Last I heard you were in Sedalia with your grandparents. How was that?”

Lex grinned, remembering the warm feelings of home she had felt when staying with her grandparents Francine and Julius. “They seemed really happy to see me. Nana made me so much good food!"

“Yeah I miss her cooking,” Alexander laughed, then leaning in closer to his Holocaster, “Your mother's cooking is as terrible as ever!” There was a woman’s shout, and Alexander turned away from the screen. “I was kidding!” he added to someone out of frame, then turned back to Lex with a mischievous smirk, “…mostly.”

Lex giggled, knowing that if her mother had heard that last part, he would have been slapped pretty darn hard. Alexander was about to say something, when he stopped and listened. “Hmmm? Yeah I will. Your mum says hi, but she’s late for work, so she’ll talk to you later.”

“M’kay. Bye mum!”

Alexander gave a wave off screen and returned his attention to Lex. "So, I assume you called for a reason?"

“…well, I’m a bit lost.”

Alexander laughed. “You? Lost? That’s a new one!”

Lex pouted. “No, like I know where I am, but I don’t know where I’m going.”

“Oh. Weren’t you going to take on the Sternhall gym?”

“Yeah well, the leader is away.”

Alexander sighed. He knew how that felt. Many a time he had visited a gym only to find it abandoned or temporarily closed. “Man, that sucks doesn’t it…”. There was a pause. "Have you talked to your brothers recently?"

“No, I have been pretty slack with that too,” Lex admitted.

“If you had kept in contact,” said Alexander, “you would know that Cory is in Sternhall at the moment.”

“What? Really!?” Lex couldn't believe it. She was close to her brothers, and had not seen them in quite a long time. Her eyes sparkled at the prospect of running along after her beloved brothers on some crazy, ill-advised adventure.

Alexander shrugged, as if it was all old news and not that big of a deal. To Lex however, it was a big deal. “Yeah, he said he was doing some important research or something. I reckon he’s just trying to find an excuse to see his little sister. He was gonna call either today or tomorrow. He did tell me not to tell you though. I think he wanted to surprise you."

Lex laughed and shook her head. “You are so good at keeping secrets, Dad.”

“You bet!” he replied cheerily. Then his smile faded to an expression of fatherly concern. “But seriously Lexy, don’t stress about where you’re going. Whenever I travelled, I pretty much trusted my feet to take charge and lead on. Call Cory and talk to him. Who knows, he might be able to give you some ideas!”

“Yeah, thanks Dad.” Lex already felt a lot better. She loved talking with her dad, especially when it was just the two of them. He always knew what to say.

“Anytime buddy. I do have to go to work now, otherwise your mother will murder me in my sleep. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay Dad. See ya.”

With a wave, Alexander hung up. Lex breathed in deeply, and exhaled. All three of her companions were looking at her curiously. She grinned back at them and got to her feet.

“Alright fellas, we’re going to meet up with my brother!”

Hugo and Maxi cheered, and Jasper gave a nervous grumble. Lex flicked her Holocaster back to the contacts list and searched for her brother’s number.


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Konan Dune

Alexa Raegan-Wulf
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Posted Image Louielazuli
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Lex stood at the foot of the train station, tapping her fingers impatiently against her leg. It wasn’t the most imposing of structures, the East Smith Street Train Station. In fact it was quite squat, a metal figure crouched at the top of a set of stone steps. Lex gazed up, peering at the scurry of people that had just been ejected from the inner city train. Suddenly, she caught sight of a dark blonde head.

”Cory!” Lex shouted, waving her arms. A few people glanced in her direction, but she didn’t notice them. Her brother made his way down the steps and into his sister’s waiting arms.

“Been a while little sis!”Cory exclaimed, wrapping Lex up with his lanky arms. Cory was at least a foot taller than Lex, long legged and sun tanned. He wore a light khaki raincoat that looked like it had seen better days over an old college shirt. Cory’s typical, big goofy grin lit up his angular features as he looked Lex up and down.

“You look like you’ve been doin’ good! That Rufflet really suits you.” At this, Hugo puffed out his chest in pride.
“This is Hugo! He’s so cool, just wait until you see all my pokemon!”
“Wait until you see mine!” Cory countered in excitement. Cory had always been closer to Lex than her other brother Sam. His carefree attitude and big heart had always made him a favourite amongst people and pokemon alike. Lex couldn’t hold back the tide of words that burst forth - she wanted to tell him everything at once! As they walked together from the train station, she told him about all the things that had happened to her, skipping some details that were less fun, and jumping back and forth so by the end Cory had barely an idea of which order any of her story was in.

“That’s crazy, you’ve had quite the journey,” Cory said as Lex finally paused for a breath. They walked hand in hand down the road, finding a seat in a small park, presumably designed so smokers from the corporate building next door had somewhere to sit.

“It’s been pretty real at times,” Lex admitted, taking a seat on a short concrete bench. Hugo took flight and circled the siblings once before coming to rest by Lex’s side. “But, we’ve come out in one piece on the other side and that’s what counts right?”

“Yeah, but you gotta be more careful,” Cory said, his tone becoming serious. “I saw you got involved with that big company murder scandal. Lex, that is way too big a fish for you handle. Jeez!” Cory ruffled Lex’s hair, smirking. “I’m meant to be the troublemaker, remember?”

Lex pushed her brother away. “I’ll be careful!” she said, trying to readjust her bandana. “Anyway, are you gonna show me your pokemon or what?”

Cory laughed. “Yeah, but only if you agree to have a battle with me afterwards.”

Lex’s eyes sparkled. “Yes yes yes! Please oh please!”

“Alright, but you gotta promise you won’t cry when you lose!”

“As if!”

Cory produced three pokeballs and held them out. “These are my pals. Prepare to be amazed!”

Trainer Encounter!

Konan Dune

Alexa Raegan-Wulf
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Posted Image Louielazuli
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Lex squealed. A Quilava, Beedrill and Goomy appeared before her eyes. The Quilava and Goomy cooed happily, but the Beedrill peered back at his trainer with bemusement. Hugo gave a cheery greeting from his spot on the ground.

“This is my team. We’ve got Kira, who I’m sure you remember,” Cory said pointing at the cheery Quilava. “Then there’s Buzzkiller my Beedrill, and Nako the Goomy. Nako’s the youngest of the group, I got her not that long ago.”
Lex gave Nako and Kira a pat, giggling at the slimy, cold touch of the Goomy’s skin

“They’re all fantastic!” Lex smiled. “I can’t believe how much Kira has grown! But where is your Snubbull?”

“Danny isn’t here, I traded him for Nako. It was a tough call, but one day Nako is gonna be the strongest in the team!” Cory gave his Goomy a playful nudge with his boot. She gazed back up at him, her eyes wide with affection.

“Now that you’ve met everyone, time to get down to business.”

“Right”. Lex put her hands on her hips. “You ready, Hugo?”

Hugo karate chopped the air with his wing in response. His trainer grinned. “We’re ready!”

“Pick, whichever one you like,” said Cory, spreading his arms wide. Without a moment’s pause, Lex pointed at the Quilava.

“Your first against mine!”

Cory laughed. “That’s cool. Prepare to get your butt whooped.”

Battle begin!

“You can go first,” said Cory.

Lex clenched her fists. She was ready. The siblings had found an empty car lot a few minutes walk from the station, and stood staring each other down from either end. This was a battle she had waited a long time for, and she was certain she could win. Looking from Hugo to Kira, she knew in her heart that their teamwork would carry them to victory.

“Alright, show my brother how close we are already!”

Hugo cawed and launched himself into the air. Kira’s flames ignited along her spine, sending out sparks of excitement for the coming battle. She leapt forward exactly as Cory gave her the command to do so.

“Into the fray!” Cory cried dramatically.

“Let’s start with fury attack!” cried Lex. Hugo honed in on his target with talons outstretched and in a flurry of feathers, delivered three decisive blows to the Quilava. The first move of the battle! Kira had raised her paws, shielding her face from the flurry of claws. Lex cheered, and Hugo flew away, chortling with pride.

Quick attack!” bellowed Cory. Kira spun on her hind legs and in a flash she had appeared under Hugo. With great agility she charged straight into Hugo’s belly. The Rufflet grunted, all the air pushed out of his chest with one hit.

“Oh no!,” Lex gasped. Hugo flew up into the air out of reach of another quick attack, gasping to catch his breath. Kira landed deftly on her paws, never taking her eyes from her opponent.

“She’s quicker than you think,” Cory teased, waggling a finger.

Lex scowled. Her brother had a knack for getting under her skin. Wing attack!
Hugo looped in the air and using gravity for momentum, charged at his opponent with glowing wings. Within seconds he had closed in on Kira, but just as he was about to deliver his attack, she leaped straight over him.

“That’s it!” said Cory. “Now use ember!”

Mid somersault, Kira spat a burst of embers at the Rufflet. The attack hit its target and Hugo skidded to the ground, the tips of his tail feathers singed.

Lex was starting to get flustered. Her heart rate had jumped up a few notches, and the horrible feeling that she might actually lose to her brother was settling in her stomach.
“Try again Hugo! Wing attack!”

Hugo got to his feet and began gathering energy to his wings. But as he leapt to the air, Kira was already in his face, her red eyes glowing in excitement.

Flame wheel!” In response to Cory’s command, a jet of flame spewed from Kira’s mouth, engulfing her. With a rapid somersault she turned into a spinning inferno which Hugo was unable to escape.

“Hugo!” Lex cried. “Are you okay?!”

Kira bounced back, rocking from left right. To Lex’s eyes she looked like she was just getting warmed up, while her feathered friend was backing away uncertainly, his feathers ruffled and blackened with soot.

“I thought you’d be stronger than this Lexy!” Cory jeered. Lex’s face turned red and she could feel her ears burning.

“Oh yeah? Well I thought you’d be less of a twat than this!” she shot back, too riled up to check her temper. Cory laughed, knowing that if anything he had already beaten Lex - all that was left to do was to beat her pokemon.

“Rude words don’t win fights, kid!” he replied. Then he stroked his chin, sporting a sly smirk. “Why don’t you try using a status move to help? Clearly you are outmatched where strength and speed are concerned.”

Lex was grinding her teeth in frustration. But her brother had a point. Hugo only really had one move that would help in the fight. If she could slow Kira down, maybe, just maybe…

Scary face! Slow her down!” Lex ordered. Hugo collected himself and fluffed up his feathers.
Kira had been enjoying the battle. It was light and cruisy and her trainer was having a great time also. But then her prey suddenly seemed twice as big, his claws sharper, his eyes more piercing. She slowed in her steps, not sure what she was seeing.

“You’ve almost got the bird anyway. Don’t stress!” said Cory. “Give it another flame wheel!”

Kira shook her head. She charged on ahead, barely a few paces slower, her confidence brimming. With a cry she rolled forward, and with a crackle her flame wheel sent her careening at the Rufflet one last time.

And like that, the battle was over. The smoke from Kira’s fire cleared, revealing the Rufflet laying on his chest, panting.

“Hugo!” she gasped, sprinting over to her fallen pokemon. “Oh Mew, Hugo!”

She hugged her Rufflet to her chest, tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe they had lost so easily.

“You know Lex,” Cory began, joining his pokemon in the middle of the car lot. “You really need to judge yours and your opponent’s strengths a bit better.”

“I know, okay!” Lex sniffed angrily, “I know what I’m supposed to do!”

Cory knelt in front of the young ranger and smiled. “You gettin’ a little hot under the collar there baby sis! You forget I’ve done this for a bit longer than you.”

“Yeah, I guess…” she sobbed, wiping her nose on the back of her glove. “I just thought…”

“You made a good call with scary face, but probably should have used it at the start of the battle. And then there is the whole thing of using an unevolved pokemon against one that has evolved. You never really had much of a chance, kiddo.”

Lex hugged Hugo closer. He was okay, just a bit exhausted. Her tears weren’t out of worry anyway - they were out of embarrassment.

Cory sighed. “Also, you really shouldn’t let your opponent get you all fired up like that. Come on, let’s go get ice cream and cool your head.”

Battle Summary

Konan Dune

Alexa Raegan-Wulf
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“There. How does that feel?” asked Lex, placing the empty Potion bottle on the table. Hugo flexed his wing a few times, then churred happily. Lex smiled. “I’m glad. That Revive I gave you really seems to have done the trick too!”

“Here you go,” said Cory, arriving at the table wielding an ice cream in each hand. Lex happily took the double choc-mint ice cream and hooked in. “Thangku!” she said through a messy mouthful of green.

“How’s Hugo?”

“He’s good. I’ve never used a Revive before. They are amazing!”

Cory laughed. “I guess. You’re gonna be using a lot of those if you want to be any good!”

Lex scowled and took another lick from her ice cream. “Are you tryna say I’m no good?”


Lex slapped her brother on the arm. They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, enjoying their ice cream and the atmosphere of the cafe. It was a pokey little place, with a black and white decor that felt a little old fashioned compared with the pop music that was playing cheerily from the ceiling speakers. It was quite busy for mid-morning, with a variety of people taking advantage of their weekend to enjoy an ice cream with family and friends. Cory finished devouring his macadamia nut ice cream and wiped his mouth with a serviette.

“So, have you heard from Sam?”

Lex chomped the last of her cone and shook her head. “No, not for a while. You?”

“Nah…” Cory trailed off. He then shrugged. “I’m sure he’s fine. Last time I heard from him he was in the north chillin’ with some monks. Who knows with that guy.”

“Monks? Really? But Sam is like, super atheist!”

Cory laughed. “Yeah I know right?” Cory stretched his arms back and, without meaning to, knocked the milkshake from the hand of the boy that happened to be walking behind his chair.

“Hey man!” the boy cried out. Cory spun in his chair, biting back the laugh that formed in his throat. Lex’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh Mew, Cory!”

“Sorry man, I didn’t see you there!” said Cory. The milkshake had splattered all down the boy’s blue dress pants and black leather shoes. The boy looked in dismay down at himself.

“What a mess!” Another boy appeared next to the first boy, looking like a perfect copy. They were both young and handsome, with gelled back auburn hair and tidy blue blazers over their sunday best. Well, one of them wore a tidy blazer. The boy with the spoiled blazer looked aghast at his clone.

The clean twin slapped his brother on his back. “My dear Ronny, look at your pants! It looks like you wet yourself!”

Ronny glared at his brother. “Really Donny, I hadn’t noticed. Thank you for noticing. Do you think this is-”

“-Funny? I should think so!” Donny laughed.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Cory chimed in. Ronny’s face flushed.

“This is your fault,” he glowered.

“Do you want me to beat him up?” Donny asked holding up a fist in mock chivalry.

“Whoa, I said I was sorry!” said Cory

“No, Donny, It isn’t-”

“Worth it? But what will Mama say?”

“Well it’s done now. Let’s leave-”

“We absolutely cannot!” Donny cried out melodramatically. “We need to have a-”

“Pokemon battle?” Cory cut in, his bewildered expression transforming into eagerness.

Donny laughed. “Hey, he read my mind!” He elbowed his brother Ronny. “Maybe he’s our triplet.”

Ronny rolled his eyes. “Fine, let’s get this over with before the milk dries on my blazer.”

Donny pointed at Lex. “You and the little lady have to defeat us, or you pay for the dry cleaning of my poor little brother’s jacket!”

“Four minutes!” Ronny cried indignantly. “You are only older than me by four minutes!”

“Four minutes is a lifetime of experience!” Donny jeered.

Cory punched Lex lightly in the shoulder. “You in Lex?”

Lex felt that familiar buzz growing in her chest. Yet another battle to show her brother how strong she had become. Another chance! She nodded, a fire aglow in her blue eyes. “I’m in!”

Items Used
Konan Dune

Alexa Raegan-Wulf
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When a pokemon challenge is announced, especially on a weekend, it often gathers a crowd. And this is what had happened on such a fine day. A few of the customers from the cafe had overheard the milkshake disagreement and followed the youth to a nearby council pokemon field. Lex gulped, suddenly feeling a lot of pressure. She had only just lost a battle, and here she was on show once again.

“Hey, we got this,” said Cory, sensing his sister’s nervousness. “Just follow my lead and it’ll be sweet!”

The corner of Lex’s mouth twitched up in a smile, and she gulped. She did feel more confident knowing that she had an experienced trainer by her side, and someone she trusted. She had put all her faith in Hugo and lost, and yet he still trusted her. She hoped with all her heart that her brother trusted her to do her best and would continue to do so even if she lost.

“Okay, Hugo,” she said to the Rufflet perched on her head, “It’s time to go again. This time we win, okay?”

Hugo pecked her forehead. He was impatient to start. “Ouch!” she giggled.

Across the field, in front of a small but growing crowd of tourists and locals alike, stood the twins Donny and Ronny.

“You ready to go brother?”

“Yes. Just make sure you-”

“-take the lead? Yeah sure, will do,” Donny smirked.

Ronny sighed. “No, don’t be foolish.”

“Okay Okay!” Donny laughed, waving his hands. “Let’s work together-”

“-and win,” Ronny finished, readying his pokeball.

Battle Begin!

“Go, Valerie!”

“Get ready Thompson!”

Each pokeball broke open at the same time, revealing Lex and Cory’s newest opponents. Valerie was a mean-looking Bannette, a creepy ghost-type with a sinister zippered smile that made Lex’s skin scrawl. Donny’s Thompson on the other hand was a rotund Pignite, clearly not shy of a few pokepuffs. He looked slow, but very strong.

“Come on out Kira!” Lex was surprised to see Cory released his Quilava for a second time that day. “I figure if you’re using that pipsqueak bird, I’ll use my champion too!”

Hugo fluttered down to join Kira on the battlefield, greeting her with a nod. Kira headbutted Hugo affectionately, her fire pits on her back glowing warmly.

“Looks like no hard feelings,” said Lex.

“Yeah. No hard feelings at all,” Cory agreed.

“Ready?” Donny called. Lex and Cory called back.

“Set,” said Ronny.

“Go!” Ronny and Donny shouted.

All pokemon dashed forward.

“Kira! Smokescreen!”

“Hugo, hone claws!”

“Thompson, flame charge!”

Kira was the fastest. She zig zagged on the packed earth, and breathed a thick, black plume of smoke that spread rapidly. Thompson burst into flames and dashed into the smoke blindly. Valerie stopped in her tracks once her vision became obscured. Ronny and Donny scowled.

“Hey hey! How are we supposed to fight-” Ronny started.

“-if we can’t see?” Donny finished.

All four of the pokemon were momentarily obscured. Then, Hugo burst skyward out of the smoke, his claws glowing with a dark energy. Lex’s heart leapt - she had forgotten about Hugo’s ability Keen Eye. He had no problem orienting himself. Hugo hovered above, peering at the unseen pokemon below.

“Use spite on that Rufflet!” Ronny called. A chilling scream sounded from the smoke, followed by a strange pulse of energy. The energy hit Hugo, and although it did not impact him as such, his feathers seemed to dull and the air around him crack and pop.

“What happened?” asked Lex, worried. “I forget what spite does!”

Cory waved the question away. “It’s not that important. Hone claws might be a little harder to use from now on. No more power ups for Hugo! Alrighty Kira, use flame wheel on Pignite!”

By now the smoke had started to dissipate, and the trainers could start to see the shapes of their pokemon. Kira’s attack hit Pignite in a fiery burst, sending sparks flying.

“Hugo, wing attack! Get that Bannette while Kira’s got the Pignite!”

Hugo locked his sights on his target and dived straight back down, wings aglow.

“It was a clever idea to use a flying type against a ghost type. But you aren’t as clever as you think. Feint attack,” ordered Ronny.

Hugo swooped in and with perfect precision collided with the Bannette. Valerie grunted, but then, to Lex’s horror, it’s ghoulish grin widened. Valerie swung wildly, and as Hugo pulled away to avoid the attack, she swing her arms back down, delivering a successful hammerfist.

“Hugo! Get away and try another wing attack! Watch for that feint!”

Meanwhile, Kira and Thompson were locked in combat, their flames melting together in a heated spiral.

“Kira, quick attack!

“Thompson, flame charge!”

Kira skipped on her hind legs and darted into Thompson, hitting him in the gut. He took the hit, skidding to a halt and snorting. He recovered quickly and with surprising speed, charged right back at Kira.

Cory was beginning to worry - the Pignite was getting faster with every charge, and Kira was having a hard time keeping up. The Quilava and Pignite were similar strength and their fire-type attacks were not very effective. But he knew that Kira’s endurance was nowhere near as good as the barrel-like Fire Pig pokemon. He needed Lex’s help, but she had her own hands full.

“Yes!” Lex cried as the second wing attack hit its mark. Hugo’s attacks were proving to be quite effective, and this time Valerie didn’t look nearly as pleased. But Ronny couldn’t help but smirk.

“We may not be as quick as you, but we always have our way. Will-o-wisp,” said Ronny.

Valerie took a couple of steps backward, and brought her hands together. A ball of eerie blue light formed in the Bannette’s hands, with equally strange blue sparks that seemed to orbit the ball. Hugo was circling around for a third wing attack, watching for the next attack warily.

“Burn that bird,” Ronny ordered. Valerie whistled between her zipper teeth and threw the blue-flamed ball at Hugo. But, thankfully the attack missed Hugo altogether. The ball wobbled in the air and rolled through the smoke smog and petered out.

“Unlucky!” Lex called. Ronny winced. He should have known that such a low-accuracy attack would be near impossible in the smokescreen. And that would seal his defeat.

“One last wing attack Hugo! Give it your all!”

“Valerie get out of there!”

Valerie was just too slow. Hugo’s right wing slammed right into Valerie’s face. She stumbled backwards and seemed to melt on the ground, clutching at her face.

“That’s enough!” Ronnie announced. “You’ve beaten her!”

Lex whooped as her opponent returned his defeated ghost to her ball.

“Once you’re donne celebrating, help me!” Cory shouted over the cries of his battling pokemon.

Lex, Ronnie and all the onlookers focused their attention to the Pignite. Lex was high on the excitement of winning, she had for a second forgotten she was in a double battle. Hugo circled above, panting slightly. That feint attack had taken some of the wind out of his sails, and Lex was convinced that if Hugo was taking on the Pignite by himself he wouldn’t stand much of a chance. But then, an idea occurred. She didn’t have to battle it head on. Perhaps she could do without the win, but help her brother to victory!

“Cory I have a plan! Follow my lead!”

Cory looked quizzical. “Okay, if you say so. If you stuff us up, you owe me!”

“Come on Thompson! You’re outspeeding them now! All you gotta do is hit it!” Donny cheered on his pokemon, fists in the air. The onlookers were starting to talk amongst each other excitedly. It was a hot battle, and it was still too early to call the victors.

Donny was right about his pokemon. He was hurtling his enormous girth around the battlefield with so much speed that Kira was having a hard time countering, even with her quick attack.

“Hugo! Use Leer!” ordered Lex. Hugo swooped in as close as he dared and inhaled. He gave a battlecry, which gained Thompson’s attention. Once his eyes met with his opponent, the move had done it’s job. It lowered Thompson’s defense just long enough for Kira to dart in and deliver another quick attack.

“Nice work sis!” Cory called. “Kira, use smokescreen!”

On command, Kira exhaled another thick smokescreen that filled the air and caused Lex’s nose and eyes to sting.

Donny rolled his eyes. “That old trick? That’s okay, we’ll just keep charging until we hit you!”

“Hugo, scary face!” Lex called.

Hugo submerged himself in the smog around Thompson. Lex could only imagine how scary Hugo’s move would be in the darkness. There was a resounding cry of fear, and the stomping sounds of a pokemon running around in terror.

“Alright Kira, we’re so close now! Flame wheel!” Cory called. Kira’s mane of flames flared up and with an almighty cry she charged. There was a smack, and all the sounds stopped. The onlookers and four trainers waited for the smoke to clear with baited breath.

“Come on Thompson-” Donny pleaded.

“You can do it,” said Ronny.

Finally the smoke cleared enough for the victor to be evident.

“Oh yeah!!” Cory cheered. Lex breathed a sigh of relief. Ronny and Donny just looked on, surprised, as the smoke revealed Thompson laying on his back breathing heavily and Kira standing over him looking mighty proud of herself.

“Good one,” Ronny sighed, shaking his head.

Donny help up his hands defensively. “Hey man, you’re the one that got knocked out hella easy. All you had to do was attack and -”

“No, I’ve told you a hundred times that a good mix of status-altering moves are imperative,” said Ronny, holding his head as though it had begun aching.

Lex and Cory gave each other a high five, and the onlookers clapped. It was a good battle, but now children were tugging at skirts asking to be fed and old men looking for a place to sit down to rest their aching back. The crowd dispersed as Ronny and Donny approached their opponents.

“Hey fella, sorry about your jacket,” Cory said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Nah, you won fair and square. We’ll just ask-” Ronny began.

“-our mother to wash it?” Donny cut in.

“No, I was gonna say butler.. You really want mum to know?” The boys looked at each other and shivered.

“Anyways, good battle. We better go pop in to the pokemon centre on the way home. See you guys around!” said Donny and with a wave the two walked off, resuming their argument about what sort of pokemon moves are best.

Lex and Cory exchanged glances.

“What a full on pair of guys,” said Lex.

“Yeah, good thing we aren’t like that.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Nah. I’m waaaay older than you and way cooler,” said Cory, slicking back his hair with his fingers. Lex pushed his brother, but couldn’t help the laugh escaping her lips.

“Ack,” grimaced Cory. “Not long until I have to catch the train again.”

“Already?” asked Lex. She was having a blast with her brother, even if he was a tad annoying.

“Yeah. I’ve got a meeting~!”

“What for?”

“I’m starting my admin traineeship in like a week.”

“Oh cool!”

“Yup. Coffee toting for professionals, as they call themselves. But one day they’ll be fetching me coffees! But, gotta start somewhere huh!” Cory laughed then trailed off. “But seriously Lex, can you do me a favour? I was gonna ask before, but got a little sidetracked. If you are heading north or east, can you keep an eye out for Sam? I’m starting to worry about him…”

“You’re actually worried about Sam?” Lex giggled, but when Cory didn’t laugh back, her face hardened. “Yeah okay. I might call around, see if anyone knows anything.”

“Thanks Lex. I’m worried that chasing some dumb postgraduate university codswallop, he’s gone and fallen down some hole or you know, decided to become one with some herd of Kangaskhan. Who even knows with that guy.
Anyways, we better head back to the train station. You’re buying my ticket for losing to me earlier, right?”

Lex gasped. “In your dreams! You should be thanking me for helping you win!”

Cory took Lex’s hand and together they walked, laughing, happily naive to the tragedy that was soon to befall their family.

Battle Summary
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RP Notes

  • Aww! Who doesn’t love Poke’mon playing in leaves? <3’s
  • Her dad seems really cool! I always love when family ties into the story. Makes it seem more personal.
  • Mm. Felt like a missed opportunity in the beginning of Post # 2. See the Wrap-Up for an explanation. =)
  • Lol I like the twins. Definitely a fun dynamic there.
  • Oh..it’s over? Dang!

Topic Record

  • Lex arrives at Sangproctor, only to find the Gym Leader is on vacation!
  • Lex reunites with her brother Cory!
  • Lex and Cory decide to battle!
  • Lex’s Rufflet loses to Cory’s Quilava - Rufflet will need healed before he can battle again.
  • Lex uses a Revive and Potion on her Rufflet (-1 Revive ; -1 Potion)
  • Cory spills a milkshake on Ronny, and some banter ensues!
  • Ronny and Donny challenge Lex and Cory to a double-battle!
  • Rufflet defeats Ronny’s Banette! (+ 7 EXP)
  • Rufflet assists in defeating Donny’s Pignite! (+ 7 EXP) - Rufflet could use a good day’s rest or another Potion before it should fight again!

Topic Evaluation
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Nursing: 10 AP
To Be the Best: 6 AP
Topic: 14 EXP
Evaluation: 5 EXP
Total: 19 EXP
*dian* 836
Bonuses: Long Duration
Evaluation Wrap-Up

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