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The Melting Ice; Spring Event Thread
Topic Started: 2 Apr 2016, 03:15 AM (267 Views)
Posted Image Kristachii5
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Pokemon Declaration
Spring Event ( Expired! )

A low groan escaped Andrew as he pushed himself further back into the front seat of his car. The engine was off, and the air inside was beginning to chill lower than the temperature outside. Yet he wore his woolly jacket, so he wasn't bothered by the gradual decrease.

He pressed his fingers on each side of his watch and checked the time. 11:47 PM. He clenched his jaw to stop himself from grunting any unnecessary curses. His hand lifted to rub over his eyebrows before a yawn pulled at him. His eyes winced closed then flashed open when he heard the sound of an engine. He shot his head around to see where the car was, noticing the garage door opening across the street.

He ignored it, as it wasn't part of the house he was currently inspecting. Though who would be leaving at nearly midnight? And why? He slowly tilted his head down and to the side, a half-shake of his head. These question's weren't needed. Not for them anyways. He was only concerned with those who lived further down.

Drew grabbed the packet of crisps that sat on the dashboard, only to realize they were empty. He crunched the packet in his hand and tossed it over his side to the back seat. After he shifted to get more comfortable, he gave in to another yawn. Andrew shook his head more fiercely to wake himself up, then he straightened himself.

He shuffled about to search blindly in his pockets. He pulled out a lighter and continued to fumble about a moment longer. He found a pack of cigarettes in the glove-box on the opposite side. It took him a few tries to get the flame sparked, but once he did, it was only a few seconds later before the cigarette was lit. He dragged a slow inhale then gave a smooth exhale of smoke after removing the stick.

His eyes glanced to the digital clock in his car and sighed softly. 12:13 PM. This night felt slower than usual. But perhaps it was just because he kept an eye on the clock that made it feel like it was dragging on. His eyes strayed down the road in the direction where the other car had driven off moments before. Suddenly a flash had filled the sky and lit up the entire street. Though it wasn't lightning, he knew because the sky was clear. Despite that, the flash was purple.

As unusual as it was, he was set in his decision to stay where he was parked. He had a job to do, something he was going to get paid for, as dull as it was. Yet he still couldn't stop himself from wondering what the flashes were coming from, which had been occurring much more often since the initial burst of light. His free hand instinctively went to his pokeball, inside hid his Purrloin. A finger pressed the button in the middle and the laser shot out to take the form of said pokemon.
"Spotter, can I trust you to go and check out the trouble? You have to be careful and come back to me if it's urgent, understand?" He ordered. He did think for a moment about sending Unit with him for some additional back up, but he shouldn't underestimate his partners like that. He instead thinks of this as a test, for the both of them.

The cat-like creature nodded his head in response and gave a cheeky smirk. A paw lifted to give it's own form of a thumbs up, without actually having thumbs, before he jumped through the open window on the passenger side. Drew watched the feline run on all fours to the commotion and took another swig of his cigarette.

Word Count: 632
Reason for edit: I have been away for a while and I'm slowly trying to get back into the groove of things. I'm adding little bit by bit.
Edited by Kristachii5, 20 Apr 2018, 10:51 PM.
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The Detective

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Posted Image Kristachii5
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It was certainly cold. The Purrloin wanted nothing more than to dig and hide in the snow. Though he didn't, knowing the trust that was thrown on him when his trainer decided to let him out of his ball to check out the commotion on his own. Honestly, he was thankful that he was sent to do this on his own. It made him feel that much more important.

He ran at a steady pace. Perhaps it was a little too slow, but he'd be scolded later if that were the case and then he'd know for next time. It was still a little confusing to know just what was expected of him, still being so new to his trainer. But if he were to just test the waters and learn the boundaries through trial and error, then he'd quickly grow better. Though once he reached the source of the purple flashing, he was sadly disappointed. It was just a young trainer, who seemed to be practicing a battle technique with his Natu.

Trainer Encounter!

Spotter watched as the Natu called forth mirages after being ordered to use a move called Night Shade. The images that were created weren't as appealing as the purple flash that came after. It seemed the Natu was struggling to cast a move while avoiding the underwhelming after-blast. The Purrloin decided to make himself known and cautiously stepped out from the empty street he had ran down.

His tail gave a light flicker, almost like a wave as he mewed a little noise. He was noticed immediately by the boy and was as a result, picked up into his arms.

"What a fascinating Pokemon!" He yelled. Probably too loud in the middle of the night, but he didn't get any angry responses so he continued to show his excitement. "Oh this fur! It's so soft! Especially the underbelly, and the tail looks magnificently smooth!" This gave him a reaction, though not from an annoyed and tired neighbor. Spotter swiped the boy across the face and jumped from his tight grip. There he stood on his hind legs and gave a smirk. He revealed the berry he'd swiped from the ranger with a flick of his tail. When the boy had started to notice such appendix, Spotter thought he'd get caught prematurely and decided to get out of his arms while he could.

This, of course gave him a reaction in turn. The Natu, who had been watching in curiosity, jumped between the feline and Dio. Upon noticing the berry, Natu got incredibly jealous. Without warning, the little bird conjured up it's strength and used Night Shade, with no prompt from his trainer. Spotter was subjected to a mirage, like before, though this time it was deliberately terrifying to the feline. While it didn't make contact, he felt as though it did and backed away unconsciously. The ranger, in the midst of this, had begun to shout. He pleaded for his Natu to stop and that it was some misunderstanding.

Well, it wasn't really. Spotter had taken something from the boy and the Natu was now defending him. Perfectly understandable and honestly, this was something the Purrloin should have seen coming. Not wanting to fight without his trainer nearby to give him orders or to carry him away if he gets too hurt to move, Spotter instead decides to flee from the fight.

Word Count: 565
Reason for Edit: Proofreading & fixing small grammar mistakes.
Edited by Kristachii5, 25 Apr 2018, 04:28 AM.
Posted Image
The Detective

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Posted Image Kristachii5
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"Hey, where'a you going? Come back!" Andrew's head turned when he heard the shouting and down the road he could see a few figures. A boy was chasing a cat on the path, followed by a little bird flapping furiously to keep up. Drew gave a low sigh before he got out of the car and stepped around to the front. There, he was greeted by Spotter as he jumped into his trainer's arms.

"What happened?" He grumbled softly. His eyes lifted to the boy who had stopped a few steps away in a breathless mess.

"That creature took my berry!" Shouted the boy. Drew's eyes lowered to the Purrloin who revealed the Kasib berry he had stolen. well this was embarrassing. A detective had a pokemon who was stealing things. Just great.

"Oh, gees, I'm sorry." Drew said. He tried removing the berry from the Purrloin's hands but to no avail. Spotter instead only jumped from his trainer's hands and onto the car. To which Andrew gave a grunt. "This isn't funny you know.. And while I'm doing my job, no less.." He sighed, a hand stretched out with a flat palm. "Come on, just give it to me."

"It's okay! I have plenty of other berries! And I can always find more!" He shouted excitedly, before the boy started to laugh. "My name is Dio, I'm a ranger and I find tonnes of berries when I'm out and about! But the only problem is uh.. Well, when your Pokemon took my berry, Natu got really angry and now it looks like he wants a battle." He said in a lower, much more calm voice.

"Oh, well sure we can have a battle, but not at the moment. I don't want to annoy anyone who might be trying to sleep, and also I'm busy at the moment." Sure, sitting in a car watching a seemingly empty house is busy. Drew sighed at his internal dialogue. "Can it wait 'til morning?" He asked.

"Of course, of course!" Dio said "I'll meet you at the pokemon center, wait- Do you know where that is?" He said only to continue, "Or we can meet at the move re-learners! She has a shop that's hard to miss!" Andrew had to hold up his hands and show his palms to the boy.

"I'm new to this town and I don't know where those things are.." Drew said in a soft voice. Perhaps if he spoke calmly, then it would rub off on Dio. He had gotten more wary of the sleeping neighbors every time the boy yelled.

"That's okay, I'll show you. Do you have a map of the town at least?" The soft voice seemed to have worked. Drew shook his head slowly, however.

"No, I don't intend to stay here long."

"Alright, well down this road is a little park, your Purrloin would be able to show you the way, that's where we bumped into each other. But if you turn left and follow that road, on the corner a few blocks down there's the move re-learner. It's a brick house and it smells of incense and all sorts of berries blended together. That's why it's hard to miss. Otherwise, from the park, go right and then left after two blocks and you can get to the pokemon center."

"Why don't we just meet at the park?" It made the most sense as it was just down the road. He knew this road well enough, he thought. He'd been sitting here for almost 4 hours now, looking at the same houses. It had been etched into his mind. Not that he's going to go anywhere else anyways.

"That's a good idea!" Dio again yelled, nodding his head with certainty. "I'll see you there, tomorrow morning before the sun's up!" He called out as he ran away, waving his arms excitedly. The Natu followed behind him, happy with the results. Andrew's eyes strayed to the car where Spotter was laying on his side with his tail swaying slowly. A mischievous look on his face with a smirk to match. Despite the lack of sun and the lateness of the hour, Andrew could still see it bright as day and frowned.

"I don't care how amusing you think it is, being a thief. I don't find it funny at all." Though, it is a little ironic.. Andrew walked across to the house he was supposed to be watching. In the window he could see the feint flashing of a tv screen. He heard the muffled voices and some footsteps. That's all he needed to witness to know they were awake inside the house. He stepped around to the front door and gave it a firm knock. After he waited about a minute, the door was opened.

"Good morning, sorry to interrupt your show, but I'm here to give you an update. There's been no activity around your house in particular. I haven't seen anyone who might seem suspicious, but I'm not going to stop so soon. I've got something to do later on in the park just down the road. It might be a good distraction for you if you come by and maybe the person you think is creeping could come as well to be part of the crowd." Andrew explained.

Word Count: 887
Reason for Edit: General proof-reading and fixing grammar mistakes.
Edited by Kristachii5, 19 May 2018, 12:07 AM.
Posted Image
The Detective

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Posted Image Kristachii5
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The morning couldn't come sooner for Andrew. After he'd spent the night in his car, he was more than happy to welcome the sun's warmth. Though he had to get moving before he could embrace the sun. In the brisk dusk, Drew strolled down the road and into the park where he was told to meet Dio.

Now, the boy did say they'd meet before sunrise, but he was unsure if he was being honest or not. Whatever the case, he could stay for a little while before the hunger got the better of him. He wandered to the middle of the open area where there sat a few benches. He took his seat on one as he waited for the boy to show up.

The sun had started to light up the area before he heard the familiar yelling. He looked to his side and saw a boy waving his arms about. There was something about his face that he didn't notice the night before, perhaps because of the darkness hiding some features, but that was to be expected.

"Hello, Dio" Andrew said in a hushed voice. There still might be some people sleeping and he'd rather not disturb them. Even if Dio was doing a good job of that already. "Did you have a good rest?" asked Drew. It was only polite after all.

"Of course I did! And so did my Pokemon! Now, I hope you're ready!" He shouts, as excited as a child opening their presents on Christmas day. Without a warning, or any kind of countdown for the inevitable, Dio throws a Pokeball and calls for his Reef to be let out. From the laser provided by the Pokeball, a stiff, little Pokemon was shown. It had some growths that looked almost like thorns growing from it's body and it rocked itself on four stubby limbs for legs.

"Hm, alright then. Let's try this, Unit." Said Drew, throwing a Pokeball nonchalantly. His ball opened in the middle of it's throw and shot out a beam of light. It took the form of his Growlithe who barked his own hello.

"Alright! So this will be a one on one battle. After one of our Pokemon is unable to fight, we'll head to the Pokemon Center, sound good?"

"Sure." was all Drew could respond with. It was better to just have the possibility of losing one Pokemon, rather than all three. "Alright, start out with ember!" Andrew said as he took the reigns. Unit took a strong stance and concentrated for a very short moment to formulate flames in his mouth. His jaws opened, blowing out a small fire onto the Corsola, which seemed to be unaffected by the fire type attack.

"Hah! Alright, our turn! Bubble!" Shouted Dio, stretching an arm out to point dramatically at the Growlithe. Andrew's eyes opened further. Maybe battling first thing in the morning after half a night of watching a house to make sure nobody was being stalked wasn't such a great idea. He was too tired to even order Unit to dodge the oncoming water attack. Reef inhaled a sharp breath, only to exhale a mouthful of bubbles that shot down at the Growlithe.
"Yeah! Good work Reef!"

"I'm sorry Unit! Let's try another ember!" Unit didn't react straight away. He was in a little daze after being sprayed by bubbles. Though he still managed to get up with a growl and proceeded to shoot another mouthful of fire at the Corsola. again, it didn't look like it did anything. The stumpy Pokemon still rocked from little limb to little limb.

"Bubble again, Reef!" Dio was quick to retaliate, with the Corsola following suit. Reef brought down another batch of bubbles to blast Unit, who was now feeling the effect of having his speed lowered. His movements were delayed and his breaths had become labored. Andrew watched as the puppy Pokemon stood on all four paws defiantly. A heavy feeling of regret began to sink in the pit of his stomach. His eyebrows pushed together and he gave a frown. This isn't pleasant to watch at all.

"Unit, try a bite." Part of him knew there was no winning this fight. He could hope for a miracle, but he wasn't one to wish on stars.

"Hey Reef! Tackle!" Dio ordered, before Unit could even register what he'd been told to do, he was met with the hard edge of Corsola's body. He was pushed a little bite, but with the close range, he was able to bite on the coral Pokemon without moving. But it still came with the price of being hit twice in a row and it was clearly taking it's toll.

"Alright, let's finish this off! Bubble!" The Corsola, now at close range, was able to shoot bubbles in Unit's face with great ease. Unit couldn't hold on any longer. His mouth relaxed open, letting go of his grip on Reef. He tried to stand up again, though his legs were shaky and he immediately fell. When his head hit the ground, it all came on Drew, who stood like a statue. Barely breathing himself, he moved slowly to his knees.

Battle summary

Dio, who had returned his Corsola with a congratulations, stepped over to Andrew and gave a soft pat on the shoulder. "Hey, don't worry about it, I'll help you to the Pokemon Center and we can have another battle. I'll go easier on you next time." Andrew only lifted a hand to swat the boy away.

"No, I need to take him myself." Drew said in a low voice. He moved to his feet and stepped over to Growlithe's lifeless body where he picked up the Pokemon in his arms.

"Let me help. I'm responsible for this, and I cant stand seeing Pokemon hurt. I have to help. I'm coming whether you want me to or not!" Dio yelled sternly and he followed Drew's steps closely.

Word Count: 992
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The Detective

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Posted Image Kristachii5
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"Good morning! Welcome to our Pokemon Center!" Called the cheery voice of the nurse from behind the counter. Andrew stepped over with the fainted Growlithe still in his arms. Drew didn't return Unit to his ball because he wanted to be there while the canine was revived. He had asked to stay with the Growlithe before the nurse took him into a separate room and she saw no reason to turn him down.

It didn't take very long, an hour at most, before Unit started to shift and yip as he woke. Andrew, who had sat in a chair beside the bed all morning, was relieved to see his dog partner healthy again. He reached a had out to pat his fur and pushed out a low sigh. "Thank goodness.." He whispered.

Dio, who had been waiting in the front of the center the entire time, greeted Drew when he walked out with a comforting smile and a pat on the shoulder.
"I guess everything's alright now? Growlithe is in good health?"

"Yeah, but I don't know why you stayed." Andrew replied. His voice may have sounded a little snarky or on the grumpy side, his eyes not helping as they were narrowed and giving off a dangerous vibe.

"I stayed because it's my duty. As a Pokemon ranger, it's my job to ensure Pokemon are safe, healthy and happy."

"It was your fault my Growlithe fainted! You're the one who wanted a battle!" Drew yelled. He'd forgotten just where they were so when people started to turn to them, he felt a little silly. But that didn't stop him from being angry at the young boy.

"You're the one who sent out a Growlithe against a rock-water type! Haven't you ever had a Pokemon battle before? Don't you know about typings?" Dio snapped back. This left Andrew speechless. He'd only stopped to think about it now, but Dio was right. This was his first Pokemon battle with another Trainer and as much as he knew about Pokemon, he didn't realize typings played such a huge role. Now he felt like an idiot because he never thought of it before.

It only makes sense that a water type would be more than capable to take out a fire type. Or a fire type to beat a grass type, it all made sense to him now. If only he could have caught onto it sooner. His eyes softened and lowered to the ground. His mouth shifted to a frown and he took a step back.
" 'm sorry for yelling." He mumbled in a low voice. It was rare for him to admit when he was wrong. Being a detective, he was supposed to make assumptions and ride with them. It was part of the job, but not a part of life. That was a heavy lesson to learn.

"It's OK."

"Is it, really?" He asked. Drew's head tilted with the question, as sarcastic as it was. Dio, in response, shook his head.

"No, but you're upset." He laughed. Andrew couldn't help but chuckle and together, they walked out of the center in the hopes that nobody would care too much about their little scene.

Once outside Andrew could see a familiar face. It was the same old man who he'd met the night before watching tv in the early hours of morning. The same old man who he'd been seeing since he got into the town. The same old man who had promised to provide him with payment if Andrew could find out who was following him.

Unfortunately for the old man, Andrew had no answers for him. Drew apologized to Dio and said he'd be right back before he walked across the road to greet the senior. "Gerard, I'm sorry this morning didn't go as planned."
Trainer Encounter!

"Don't be so smug about it!" The old man growled in response. He was clearly unhappy and showed it with tense shoulders and tight fists on each of his sides. His jaw was clenched and his brows pushed together. His entire face was etched in wrinkles, and being angry just accentuated them more.

"I've been watching you and your house for almost a week now, I've seen no signs of vandalism or harassment from anyone. You claim to be bullied or made fun of, but I've seen no such actions made towards you."

"That's because it's all happening behind my back!"

"I'm starting to think that maybe you're a little bit anxious about these things happening. I've asked around the town about you and while people say you're, reserved.." He had to pause to think of a nicer word than 'cold' as he has been told. "People also say you're hard to approach, because you make it that way." He spoke with a soft voice. He tried to let the other listen without getting offended. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.

"Don't you go blaming me for this, you slack, Son of a bitch!" Gerard yelled. He grabbed Andrew's shirt by the collar and pulled which caused Drew to stumble a little and fall off balance. "You've no idea what I've had to go through! Nobody has any idea!" When he let go of Andrew's shirt, he did so with a shove. Andrew fell to the ground and landed on his rear with an audible groan. Dio watched the entire scene play out from across the road and ran over to help Andrew once he had fallen.

"Hey! What's going on?!" Dio yelled and waved his arms to grab attention.

"Back off kid, it's none of your business!" Gerard snarled in retaliation.

"You hurt my friend, so it's become my business." Dio responded. Andrew could have rolled his eyes at how corny the young boy sounded, calling him his friend after they just met only the night before. Sure they had a lighthearted moment outside of the center a few moments beforehand, but was that really all it took to be someone's friend? Andrew found himself pondering the question longer than he should have as he heard the thud of Dio being shoved to the ground beside him.

"What the hell?! Dio did nothing wrong!" Andrew growled as he got back to his feet. "You must be out of your mind!"

"He stepped in to someone else's affairs, it's only fair he gets what he deserves!"

"He's only trying to help me because you pushed me!" Andrew yelled back. By now they were drawing a big crowd of on-lookers, including the people who saw his little spat with Dio in the Pokemon Center. From the corner of his eye he could see a Mudsdale with a man in uniform who rode atop. He could only assume that was an officer of some kind and he internally groaned. This wasn't the kind of attention he needed. He could guess that Gerard didn't want that attention either. He had to think of a smooth way to get out of the situation so they could both get out scot-free.

Word Count: 1171
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The Detective

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