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[Evaluated]Where the moon glows
Topic Started: 2 Aug 2016, 05:54 AM (565 Views)
Posted Image periwinkle
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Where the moon glows

[11:56] Chandra Hill: Heyy Arjit hows it hanging?

[11:57] Arjit Bhat: OK! We learnt a lot at school today. Did I mention that I want to be an accountant when I'm older?

[11:57] Chandra Hill: Nooo :o that sounds rlly cool but maths is hard ;-;

[11:57] Arjit Bhat: I like maths! Maybe if we meet again I can teach you if you find it difficult...

[11:57] Chandra Hill: We shall meet again I will make sure of it.

11:57] Arjit Bhat: so how did your day go? You’re on later than usual.

[11:58] Chandra Hill: ahhh my feet are going to drop off. jk but we got lost in some cornfields for a few hour :/ most annoying hours ever

Against the bony crook of a shadowed oak tree in the corner of an unkempt pasture, a small figure in pyjamas sagged against bark as she texted away on her holocaster. Light from the screen swathed her face in a milky glow to illuminate darker rings around her eyes and lids drooping low over dulled irises. Despite obvious weariness, there was that ever present smile as her fingers danced across the keyboard.

It had indeed been a long day, and by the time Chandra had gotten to where she wanted and eaten her soup, the black sky had been sprinkled in stars. The last thing of the day used to be to check in on her family and say good night, but once she had met a new friend in Lady Shizune Gardens she added his virtual conversation to the routine at the end.

Grace, Chandra’s adventure-seeking Wooper, had long given up exploring the empty meadow after concluding that this one was no different from any of the others the two had traversed recently. It was the corn fields and their long stalks obscuring Chandra’s vision that had thrown them off path; mostly Cloven Plains were just used by farmers taking their chances on a public route to raise livestock but somebody must have gotten the right to grow crops there.

Most of the journey so far had been easy going otherwise with its soft fields of waving grass and placid Pokémon herds, although though travelling up the foothills had begun to tire Chandra out near the end of the day. If anything she felt a little lonely despite Grace’s amusing curiosity and wonder, something she could normally watch contentedly for hours.

Maybe that’s why she was still texting into the night. Arjit was the one that called the conversation off.

[00:24] Arjit Bhat: well it’s getting late and we should probably both be getting some rest, Chandra. I have school tomorrow and you have more walking.

Chandra clicked her teeth together. Normally it was she that ended the conversation and normally it was a lot earlier than this. She was the type to make sure she got the full eight hours and started off early but just this night she had wished to be that type of person, the type of people her friends back at her home town were turning into, the type that seemed to find social media more important than sleep.

After a few moments of squinting unhappily at the phone screen she texted a reply, hoping it didn’t sound too mean spirited.

[00:25] Chandra Hill: Awww you sound like a dad.

[00:25] Arjit Bhat: Aren’t you normally the one that’s lecturing me on how it is necessary to get good sleep?

[00:25] Chandra Hill: I know but

[00:25] Arjit Bhat: But?

[00:26] Chandra Hill: Blegh I feel like being a rebel

[00:26] Arjit Bhat: You’ll thank me tomorrow. I can list the side effects of little sleep if need be -.-

[00:26] Chandra Hill: *sigh* no need dad. I will sleep.

Like many of others of her age, Chandra was seen as someone with two selves: the virtual self, and the real one. According to the “coolest” friend in her group, she sounded a lot louder and more opinionated online. The girl had laughed off the comment without much concern. After all having more friends, even if they were online, was a good thing wasn’t it?

After snapping the holocaster’s lid shut and pottering over to her waterproof backpack to put the device away, she quickly made sure all her Pokéballs were safe and sound. The three smooth capsules containing the Pokémon glistened dully in the moonlight. Even Grace couldn’t resist the luxury of a soundless rest. No more waking up in the night for her, something that had been annoyingly common back when she lived in the torrents of Reed river.

She rubbed her thumb against Fuss Spot’s Pokéball. The snivy had been a pain recently, stubbornly refusing to accept her new life and trainer. For the first few days of travelling after recovery she had slept outside and made her own den of sorts, working for actual hours on it into the night before settling.

And then the final Pokéball- or rather "first", when it came to which she had received. Needles, the aggressive Nidoran she had received as starter, had not come out her capsule since the battle in Lady Shizune Gardens. Maybe Chandra would let her out one day, but after incidents in the past she felt that she just couldn’t take that risk. It would have to happen someday but… today was not that day.

With the hazy summer heat and ticklish pollen enveloping her senses, Chandra at last settled in her sleeping sack with a head resting against a particularly large grass mound, ready to embrace the waiting arms of sleep.

Pokemon Declaration

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Posted Image periwinkle
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[[encounter link - 2x trainers, 1x Mareep]]

Except sleep didn’t come. Because somewhere far away a shout rang out and rolled over the bushes only to slap Chandra awake again. It certainly wasn’t a scream, she was sure, because it started quiet and low until the voice and pitch was raised with a growing sense of panic and urgency. This panic was infectious, and despite her drooping limbs the girl had started to scramble to her feet.

Someone was in trouble and no matter the time or place, Chandra would do anything to help.

Heart beating against her ribcage like a trapped Pikipek, tired limbs snapped into a sprint over the meadow. In one swift movement she vaulted the wooden fence and then it was just a run through the field to a moaning figure covered in shadows near the far corner.

She squinted at the figure, trying in vain to focus blurring vision. It was only when she finally neared, with grass stained socks and heaving lungs that she could see a lady on the floor with some round Pokémon skipping frantically around the body.

The injured woman noticed Chandra’s presence and heaved herself up so that caramel coloured eyes could get a better view of the stranger. Even this simple movement elicited another groan; just turning her body slightly was painful.

"My ankle…" The woman said, obvious hurt gnawing at the words. She limply gestured at left leg.

Chandra slowly went down to examine the injury, but under the shadow of the great apple tree she couldn’t see anything.

"We need to get you out in the open where the moon’s glowing so I can see the injury." Despite Chandra’s bold words her voice was hoarse and quiet. Was the woman alone? What had happened? The small Pokémon skipping around was clearly a Venonat; had it bit the woman?

"Lila?" Another, new voice called from over the hedge. "Lila, are you alright? I’m going to find a way through you just sit tight." It sounded older, more experienced, and Chandra could tell it belonged to someone female.

"Yeah m’okay Zana. There’s this girl with me." The injured woman called back, giving another more dubious look to Chandra. The stare was interrupted by an involuntary hiss as the Venonat brushed along the injured ankle.

"U-uh… yeah! I’m just- wanting to help!" Chandra piped in. She felt fidgety now, feeling as if she done something wrong by exploring the sound. She had only meant well.

"How did you get in there?" The voice belonging to Zana called. Chandra wasn’t sure if it was she or Lila that was supposed to answer that, but the panicking girl, in her bouncy state of confusion, drowsiness and concern, decided to first.

"There- there’s a gate on the far side of the field. It was into a paddock and- and maybe through there?" She didn’t know where she was going with this.

"I’ll… try round there, thank you." Zana replied assuredly. Footsteps faded away from the other side of the hedge.

Another agonised growl escaped Lila as she tried to sit up, drawing Chandra’s attention back to the present. She crouched down and squinted at the ankle but everything was just so, too dark to see anything. Even without the shadow it would be difficult. Because it was midnight. Wasn’t it. Arceus, she was out here with strangers, no Pokémon, no Grace, tired and absolutely blind.

Unlike everyone around him, a calm Mareep watches from the hedges. The young wool Pokémon had been sleeping away peacefully by the edge of his flock but had woken easily to the human shout. With a bit of disappointment he had then quickly noticed that he was the only one in his huge family that had woken- not a single head except his had lifted. A disappointed bleat before the Mareep was pulled by curiosity to the sound.

And now here he was watching two humans. One letting out the occasional groan and the other skipping nervously from foot to foot. He pawed at the ground and felt under his foot a strange seed. Interesting… He’d investigate it further after figuring out what was going on here.

Chandra had no idea what to do. Her mind spun wildly as it tried to figure out how, and in which order, to tackle this problem. And then there was the shyness, the uneasiness and the darkness that was creeping up and tackling this buzzing mind to just confuse it further. Occasionally she would make some unhelpful comment or laugh nervously before swooping down and trying to yet again see if she could see the ankle but even these movements were pointed, angular, and fuelled by an empathetic perseverance that was ever dying.

Whether it was damaged pride or suspicion that Chandra was incompetent, Lila did not ask for anything further of the stranger. She actively tried to avoid making sounds of weakness as she waited for her friend.

editing reasons
Edited by periwinkle, 14 Jan 2017, 10:36 AM.

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Posted Image periwinkle
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Fortunately, it was a mere five-minute wait before Zana had bounded into the area. She had a calm demeanour about her- movements neither too elegant or too rough but simply somewhere in between. Something that was beautiful and, had it been the right time and place, Chandra would have been impressed by, was the large afro of tight black ringlets that bounced at every long stride the woman took. It made her seem bolder, almost.

When Zana reached the two younger women she dropped one of the small Pokéballs that were situated on a belt to reveal a grunting ball of orange fluff.

“Irub, fire.” Zana commanded. She didn’t seem bossy; the fluff ball that’s name was evidently Irub seemed to simply have a strong connection.

It took a few more seconds than the impatient trainer wanted, but once the fumbling fire Pokémon read the situation, she produced a fireball about her size above her round body to illuminate the area. The previously shadowed area was now lit up by hearty orange glow, highlighting the previously concealed areas and easing the tension slightly, acting as a beacon of hope almost.

From the bushes, Mareep supressed an impressed bleat before retreating with the new found seed further into the bushes.

Chandra got out of the way for Zana to bend down and inspect the injury, biting her lip nervously and longing for the presence of Grace by her side. Four tense seconds past. She was counting.

And then there was a relieved sigh that ended in a chuckle.

“It’s just a sprain.” Zana announced. “Not broken or anything- just a sprain.”

“It still hurts!” squealed Lila in return, drawling the “s” for emphasis.

Chandra visibly relaxed at this new knowledge and took little notice of Lila’s complaints as she leaned forward to take a closer look at the damage. She bared her teeth when she saw it though; that was a really bad sprain. Angry purple bruises were swelled so they looked about to burst, bulging through the white socks that hadn’t yet been pulled back.

But now she knew what it was she knew how to treat it. External injuries were always so much easier to treat than internal ones. That training from her Pokémon nursing courses were kicking in now, and finally being useful- even if her first “patient” would be human.

“If you try to move it, it will only be more painful and heal slower. Ice should be applied to reduce the swelling.” Something they didn’t have. “I carry a first aid kit… though. Maybe I should try and use that.” Confidence now waning, there was that small, selfish part of her mind that was whispering how this could be an easy way to escape further confrontation with these two older people.

“Yeah that’d be great hun.”
Zana replied, gaze still focused on Lila. The darmatian, Irub, growled in agreement as loudly as it could muster- which wasn’t very loud due to its primary focus still on maintaining the strength of the fireball.

Chandra didn’t need to be told again and ran in the direction of where she had set up. Or rather, ran, and then slowed to a jog, and then to a simple power walk. The girl needed sleep and the way things were going it might be hours before she slept again. That vault over the fence gate was a little more difficult now but she didn’t have the mental energy or keen enough eye site to fumble around with the lock.

And then when she reached her backpack, the girl had to tear through belongings and rations to get to the bottom where the first aid kit was squashed against; the smooth trip so far had meant that there was never any need for the compact first aid kit.

There. One of those snappy cold packs. She’d never tried them before and had to scan some vague picture instructions printed on it before she could get it to work. Then just as she was about to grab for Grace’s Pokéball she faltered. What would the little Wooper do? Chandra would just end up worrying the thing and possibly causing more trouble than needed. There was no point in doing that. Once again she jogged back to Lila and Zana.

And then there was the Mareep, that had decided that this seed must be special. He tried to bite into it after some kicking between his feet but it had turned out to be extremely hard, and left an unpleasantly bitter taste in his mouth. It also felt strangely powerful… he hadn’t noticed it at first but there was definitely something coming off of it.

Return of a triumphant Chandra holding a cold pack that she now thought might not have been the best idea to snap earlier. Couldn’t be helped now, she shrugged, before laying it down on Lila’s leg. The darmanikan jumped triumphantly at Chandra’s return, clapping her nubby arms above her head, causing the fireball to flicker jumpily.

“Nice work. That was quick thinking.” Zana announced quietly, watching Chandra carefully place the cold pack in the exact right spot from a frozen crouched position.

“I don’t think it’s wise to try and move her yet. It might be best if you move some of your stuff here, at least for a few hours.” Chandra said in response. She stood up and examined Lila as a whole. Apart from a face that now only showed a more whiney expression: eyebrows furrowed and bottom lip out and wobbling; she looked okay. Breathing rose and fell steadily.

“Heh, alright. Thanks for the help doc. Is there any way we can repay you? It’s not every day- or night- that someone comes slapping out of the woods at the hearing of danger. Especially not someone you’re age if I may say so.” Zana’s voice had slunk back into a smoother, more casual tone. It still held an assertive element to it though despite the supposed appreciation in the words.

“I think I might just… go back to sleeping. It must be late and I’m tired.” Chandra’s mood had swung again to nervousness.

“If you want, you should come over for breakfast. We can start introductions over and I think a good meal but suffice as a nice “thank you”.”

“Umm…” She’s hesitant. Fingers concealed behind her back twiddle with each other.

“I don’t mind either way, just consider it.”

“Will do!” Chandra’s confidence that had arisen with a clear goal of helping Lila had now once again drained, leaving her voice high and flighty, creating the impression that she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She mentally blamed her fluctuating mood on drowsiness. That had to be it.

There’s a pause, as both can’t think of anything to say, but eventually Chandra splutters a hasty “thanks for the invitation!” to break the silence and cue her departure.

The young lady then walks back to her sleeping bag where she settles quickly and falls asleep even faster. No thought is given to the idea of breakfast or setting an alarm.

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Posted Image periwinkle
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If Chandra had given thought to her sleep schedule the night before, she might have realised that alarm clocks really weren’t necessary with her since she had always been an early riser. But then again, this point might have been missed because she’d never had to consider such a thing before; the girl always slept at roughly the same time, and her sleep went undisturbed for the most part- in fact the worst sleep she had been hadn’t even been outside, but in the safe and comfortable pokecentre in the centre of the city.

The first sight to greet her was the sky, in all its vast and overwhelming enormity. It looked watery and weak, reminding her of well-worn blue shirts fluttering on the washing line at home, so thin they were becoming threadbare and ready to fall apart. The only thing that ruined the effect were the pink clouds that were smudged like streaks of chalk across the fabric sky, lit a soft pastel pink by the rays of sunrise, but even they didn’t stop her stomach dropping from a flutter of longing.

A sceptical scowl pulling at her lips, she tugged down the now-suffocatingly warm covers and reached for the holocaster. Seven AM. She sighed and rubbed at her eyes, knowing in that moment there was no way she’d get back to sleep and that there was no point mourning over the fact. Chandra had to be practical and time efficient, and that meant being self-disciplined- a trait that often fluctuated from being utterly absent to meticulously dictating her actions.

At that moment it was the latter of the two, practicality and self-discipline pushing her forwards: Chandra methodically packed up things, washed her face and teeth, brushed her hair and pulling on a faded smock, all the while pondering over the offer made last night. Breakfast sounded good, but the girl was beginning to believe that her distance from society had taken its toll on her social skills. She was scared that interaction with the two older travellers would be so difficult that it outweighed the prospect of a free meal.

Eventually that practical part of her brain decided that at the very least she should go see if the two were still there and check on the injury. It was still early in the morning though, and she determined that it would be best to let Fuss Spot and Grace out of their Pokéballs first.

Fuss Spot sniffed at the surroundings, which seemed to be her signature action and one Chandra paid no attention to anymore. There always seemed to be a reason for the small grass type to be unappeased and unimpressed. Right then it was the fence gate, with the rust covered hinges and splintering wood that Chandra had vaulted over last night. She realised that it was probably luck that thing hadn’t snapped under her weight.

Grace on the other hand was delighted to be let out, and after a spin on one foot to quickly survey her surroundings, she hopped over to her trainer, looking up with big eyes that begged to be let onto Chandra’s shoulder. Chandra obliged with a small giggle; it was heart-warming to see her excitable companion again, especially after such a long night and lonely morning fighting off the lingering feeling of homesickness.

She didn’t even complain when the excitable water type licked her cheek after deciding at the girl was cold.

“You missed a lot, Grace. I helped a stranger!”

“Guh?” The Wooper queried.

“Yeah! It was really hard to see and stuff though, so I was going to maybe check on her now.”

“Rrrr…” Grace paused to run the situation through her head. It sounded exciting! She jumped up and down on Chandra’s shoulder impatiently, demanding to set off immediately and see the injured human for herself.

Fuss Spot was not nearly so eager. In fact, she was hardly paying attention at all. The grass type had moved over to the fence gate and was trying to rub away at the rust. She even tried licking it, but the bitter taste the iron left in her mouth made her recoil in disgust and trudge back to her owner. Perhaps the sorest thing to her was admitting defeat to the gate- the daggers in the young Pokémon’s as she glared at the eroded bolts could certainly suggest it.

Chandra watched the whole ordeal with a gentle smile. Was it mean of her that she found amusement from Fuss Spot’s unhappiness? She certainly hoped not.

“Fussy. Hey. That gate can’t help being imperfect, unlike you. You’re going to have to bear it because we’ve got to go over it to get to our destination. Alright?” Her tone was light and teasing; she even bent down, hands resting on her knees, so the two could see each other’s faces better.

The Snivy sniffed in response, snout tilted up to the sky. What a surprise.

“Pff, come on.” Chandra snickered. With gaze fixed on the heavens, the grass type was unaware of her trainer’s swooping arm until it was too late and she was up on Chandra’s other shoulder. Although she let out a low hiss in indignation and surprise, it was not until the trio was over the fence that Fuss Spot jumped down and walked alongside her- if she couldn’t fix the ratty fence then there was no way she was going to touch the dirty thing.

The scents of pollen and leaves were slowly replaced with the smell of frying food as the destination neared. Another sniff from Fuss Spot.

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Posted Image periwinkle
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Lila was sitting by a camping stove over a kerosene fire, eyes glued to the eggs sizzling on a layer of oil. She had a spatula in one hand and looked about ready to fence with it with her arm tensed as they were, rather than to simply flip some frying food. Chandra was glad to see as she approached that the cold pack was still draped over the woman’s exposed angle, even though she wasn’t sure what good it must be now afters hours.

Zana sat on the other side of the kerosene fire, leaning back against her large backpack. She had her xtranreciever out and looked to be checking something. A small pile of red apples were stacked against each other beside her.

“It’s me again!” Chandra called, with a quick wave so as not to startled anyone with her arrival. It was best to not to let her shyness show and sound confident, right? “Good to see that you’re still resting that ankle!” The girl could feel Grace’s feet tipping on her shoulder as the water type leaned forward to scrutinise the two women.

“Oh yeah, hey bro-” Lilla was obviously in lighter spirits from the sound of it, but she was concentrating too hard on the eggs to greet Chandra properly.

“I think if you heat up the cool patch or something it’ll keep working properly, has the swelling gone down and it stopped aching and stuff?” The brunette drew closer, until she was standing on the edge of the site with hands entwined tightly behind her back.

“It’s good now, except when I try’n move it... Then it really stings a lot.” Lilla replied. Suddenly, like a cat lashing at prey, Lilla’s arm shot out and the fried egg was taken out of the pan and onto a waiting plastic plate with a proud spatula gleaming in the morning sun. She then breathed a loud sigh of relief, to which Zana rolled her eyes.

“Wow, you seem like a really good chef…” Chandra wasn’t sure what else to say other than to comment on the intense breakfast making. She continued to linger awkwardly at the edge of the circle, hoping to receive some verbal invitation.

“I am a good chef, yes-”

“A reckless “chef” is what you are.” Zana interrupted, with a throwaway frown with very little true seriousness behind it. “And rude. Why don’t you introduce yourself to your guest properly?” Unlike last night, the older of the two seemed a lot more distant and uncaring. Like Lilla, her gaze hadn’t faltered from the centre of attention- that being the phone in her steady hands.

“Shoot you’re right-” Lilla put down the spatula and looked Chandra up and down properly; her eyes crinkled with a smile when she saw the Wooper about to fall off Chandra’s shoulder. “Heya. I’m Lilla, this is Manzana, and thank you for um, coming to my aid last night when I fell out the tree. We very much appreciate the cold pack, you are invited to a breakfast of fried eggs from the good chef who is me.”

Chandra couldn’t determine if the response was practiced before her arrival. If it was she felt honoured that someone would regard her with such high importance, but from the uncertainty in Lilla’s voice she decided it was more likely that the formal words had been improvised. She still felt touched, appreciation blooming in her chest. Hands switch position, brought forward to the front.

“Oh, it was- anyone would have done it. Thanks, though. Heh.”

“Okay come on, you and that Wooper can sit your butts down.” Lilla said with a small chuckle, impatience undisguised. She continued to transfer the eggs from pan to plate with such precision that Chandra almost thought unnecessary for such a small task- but who was she to know? She was not the master chef here.

After the invitation she had been waiting for the girl then sat down on the grass where she stood, legs folded neatly. Grace hopped off of her shoulder immediately and neared the plate off eggs questioningly, each baby step bouncing with suspicion. The wooper had never seen eggs like these before with their golden yolks quivering, and slimy whites sprawling. With no arms, she had the urge to stamp on the trembling breakfast just to see what would happen.

Luckily the Wooper suppressed the urge, sparing the fury that Lilly might have unleashed.

“Oh yeah, I’m Chandra, this is Grace and… my Snivy, Fuss Spot, must be hiding about somewhere. I’ve also got a Nidoran called Needles.” The youngest girl piped with a chipper smile. A smile that stuttered at the sound of snickering from Lilla.

“Fuss Spot? No wonder she’s hiding. That is a crappy name.” Lilla avoided eye contact whilst saying this, but it was obvious that her comment was genuine, if a little thoughtless. She began dishing out the plates and some metal forks so that three identical dishes containing two eggs each were in front of the human trio.

Surprisingly, Chandra didn’t feel all that offended, later determining that the reason may have been because of how familiar the words felt- she could just imagine one of her friends from town say that. The smile she wore stabilised as the heavenly aroma wafting from the dish hit her. They all tucked in immediately.

“Well what would you call her then?”
Chandra spoke up after the first bite.

“I dunno, Pia? Katie? Esther? It depends on what she’s like, but I think literally anything would be better.” Despite all the care went into preparing breakfast, Lilla spoke with her mouth full and chewed quickly. Chandra averted her eyes out of politeness and looked to the whispering grass in case the snooty Snivy appeared.

“She’s kind of… she’s a perfectionist.”

“So maybe something classy…”


A few minutes of silence followed as Chandra pondered over some old fashioned names. Fuss Spot really had been a nickname, and on reflection it was quite cruel to impulsively name the Snivy off of one trait, as if that one trait summed up the whole of what made the young grass type unique.

“I like Bernardette.” Manzana, who had been detached from the conversation, finally spoke up. It surprised Chandra that the oldest trainer had been listening at all, let alone thinking with them. “There was a character in a book I read when I was younger who was a bit snooty. That was her name.”

“You read books?” Blurted Lilla, spitting a little egg white.

“I used to, yes.”

“Oh.” Lilla scratched her head. A seconds of silence passed, Chandra wondered why these two had stuck together. Why they were here, where they were going to, what their objectives were. After meeting so few trainers on the road like herself, it was eye-opening to think they all had their own goals and lives to get on with.

“Well- well I think Bernardette is a good name. Thanks, Manzana.” Her voice wobbled slightly. With the fast paced merriment from the conversation gone, Chandra felt as if her words should be picked more carefully. Her fingers fidgeted again, knitting together. She looked around for a napkin or tissues to wipe the grease off her hands, only to discover none in site. “And thanks for the meal, it was really good. Better than I’ve had in ages.”

“It better have fricking been, I poured my heart in soul into those eggs.”

“Pff, you pour your heart and soul into everything you cook.” Manzana commented with a shake of the head.

“That is very true. Also. Chandra you don’t have to leave; I want to meet this Snivy of yours and I want to introduce you to Jemma.” Said Lilla decisively. She moved to collect the plates, but stopped herself, hissing quietly under her breath when the swollen ankle was moved.

“We can redo that coldpack y’know…” Chandra started, voice sympathetic and brows furrowed from concern.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Lilla’s strained voice replied quickly. Her ample arms fluttered out in front of her as if to stop anyone coming closer and helping. “I got it. I’ll attend to it.” Another sharp intake of breath. She picked up the cold pack to examine the instructions on it. Chandra and Manzana watched.

“…We might be here for a while. Are you sure you want to stay for a bit Chandra?” The eldest remarked.

Woah, that was sudden. Chandra had never suggested that she would like to stay within the company of the two older trainers, but now that it had been suggested she couldn’t deny that the idea sounded great, even if it was for a little bit. Pokémon and people offered way different types of company, and there was a pang for the former that she hadn’t realised she had been missing until the moment the offer was given.


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Mareep had returned to his spot under the hedge. Following the events of last night, he had left soon after the brown haired human had to go back to the safety on the flock, and possibly get something to eat considering the strange seed, which he had continued to carry around after getting a definitely powerful vibe of power from, had proved too hard to get his blunt, rounded teeth through.

As the first rays of dawn stretched over the pasture he lay in, the scent of food- better food- soon wafted over to him. And why should he continue to graze with his flock trying to gnaw away at the sour seed and munch on tasteless grass when he knew for certain the humans had food!? He was certain there was no reason. Even if the strange smell suggested that whatever the humans were making weren’t suited to his tastes, he was certain there must be lots of different types of foods and at the very least there would be something better than grass.

Upon returning he discovered a mountain of succulent red apples! The only problem were the three humans and their Pokémon. He gnawed on the strange seed, waiting for the right moment…

The humans in question were discussing the cause of Lila’s injury. Together in a rough triangle shape, with them all facing the cooking stove, from afar one might think they had been friends for a long time, especially by the way Lila was retelling her story. It was still cold with the morning sun still so weak and new, but not uncomfortably so; Chandra no longer subconsciously rubbed her arms or pulled her socks up. With the warm meal in her belly she felt relaxed, and more attentive. Listening to the Lila’s dramatic, the young brunette’s head bobbed every few words in agreeance like a shiny new ship bobbing in the harbour.

“…And I was just, “We don’t even have any apples to make that!” And I remembered that there was this tree, and I thought: “Woah, Zana would be super proud of me and stuff if I did this-” So I came all the way up here with Jemma- my venonat- and decided to climb it!” It was as if every sentence was dripping with jubilance and triumph, despite the fact that the ending to the story had obviously ended in pain. Lila had learned the hard way that moving the lower half of her body could result in a physical torment but that didn’t stop her from expressing what she said with small, subconscious hand motions, like her two hands motioning going up a ladder at the last part.

Chandra was used to the vague storytelling and gestural re-enactment of events; it reminded her of how she had her school friends would talk when they got excited over things too.

“-And then this branch snapped and I fell, heh.” Lila allowed herself a small slow of pace to admit embarrassment, offering a sheepish smile, “I’m okay now though as you can see, and I even got Zana’s Elgyem to get me some more.” Her hand waved to the apple pile, that looked to be built as a perfect squared-based pyramid.

“You… certainly have some strange night cravings.” Chandra decided.

“I don’t understand how people don’t have cravings like me.”

“And umm, you obviously take these things very seriously.” The youngest girl put on her stern voice jokingly, but in truth she really was surprised by the fact that someone would get up during the night to pick apples. Apples.

“Now you’re starting to sound like Zan.”
Chandra imagined that Manzana’s nicknames got shorter and shorter each time Lila spoke. Maybe it wouldone day be shortened to "M" or "Z". “You don’t want to grow up and be all serious like that, man, trust me.”

This only elicited another roll of the eyes from the older trainer, who still had yet to contribute in the conversation since she had offered Chandra to stay for a while.

“But being grown up makes things sound so-” Chandra had been about to enter some deep topics but, just as her eyes turned upwards towards the sky to try and evaluate her opinions a small green shape moving along the floor had stopped her. She was instead prompted to narrow her eyes as her Snivy, “Fuss spot”, was returning.

The grass type had her nose pointed in the air whilst simultaneously trying to look down at the floor to make sure she didn’t step anything. Lilla watched in rapture, whilst Chandra simply smirked at her Pokémon’s antics.

“Arceus. Look at the tyke! Snooty was a dang right description there- and I don’t think I’ve seen a Pokémon so self-aware ‘xcept for Fiyeris.” Exclaimed Lilla with a slap on the knee.

Fuss spot seemed to realise she was being talked and Chandra reckoned from the expression that she was torn between being happy to be centre of attention and annoyed by the mocking tone of Lilla’s voice.

“Come over here Fussy.” Chandra smiled.

The Pokémon obliged reluctantly, but not before making a hissy “Ha…” of disapproval and resting her stubby green digits on her “hips”.

“These people are saying that I did a bad job naming you. What do you say to Bernardette?”

Snivy had no answer, tilting her head. Chandra found this adorable and had to resist attempting to stroke the grass type’s chin, knowing that this might result in embarrassing failure. The brunette was already starting to feel a little nervous after she realised that she was the only one talking- and talking to a Pokémon no less. The other two must be watching her.

“Bernardette it is then.” The girl decided quickly for the indecisive Snivy.

Newly-named Bernardette sniffs because she has no idea what just happened, and decided it was better to act dismissive than anything else.

“Y’know…” Mused Lilla aloud, with a cheeky grin and a confident flash of cedar-brown eyes. “Poison types are strong against Grass types… Jemma would so be able to beat this little princess.”

Chandra froze at the prospect, then rubbed one arm nervously. She had decided that battling was, and never would be her forte. Seeing Pokémon get hurt distressed her, and even if Bernardette could probably do with some training in case of emergency, she didn’t want the little grass type to be injured. But at the same time, if in the chance Bernardette defeated “Jemma” it would earn her respect. Grace looked excited at the mention of “battle”, one of the words she was learning to recognise, and bounced from foot to foot.

Zana looked up from her phone at the mention of battling.

“I mean I’m… not so sure.” Chandra continued to rub arm.

“C’mon!” Lilla decided. “That Snivy needs to toughen up a bit!”

“She hasn’t had a very good experience with poison types, really.” Chandra countered, uneasiness tainting her voice. The girl had realised with a flutter of the heart that unless she wanted to look like a wimp and make the conversation awkward, there was no way to stop the battle. She also realised, with a hefty amount of guilt burning her conscience, that maybe in another time she would have been able to stand up for herself more.

“That’s all the more reason for her to face her fears!” The cripple cheered with clenched fists. She reached for a glinting Pokéball.

“You should have more faith in your Pokémon’s abilities.” Manzana commented. She wasn’t smiling, or looking sad. Just analytical. After a moment the eldest human went back to her phone.

“Fine.” Chandra relented. “Fus… Bernardette, do you remember those moves?” It was more to test Bernardette’s battle-readiness than memory.

The Snivy frowned in thought. She looked from trainer to trainer, and saw a Pokéball being reached for. It was difficult for the girl to realise what was going through the Snivy’s head- though she suspected that it went along the lines of "I don't have anything else to do"- when Bernardette’s gaze hardened and she revealed a slender green tendril, cracking it like a whip.

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Lila released her own Pokemon, which appeared to be a fuzzy purple insectoid coated in a lush purple pelt. Chandra recognised her as a Venonat, and alert around it; her nerves had already been heightened and the girl found its many eyes slightly disturbing. Nevertheless, she steeled herself against this and decided to make the first move with Bernadette. Maybe catching Lila and her partner unaware would show everyone just how serious she was battling, recovering from earlier.

"Bernardette-" It struck Chandra that Fuss Spot's new name was rather long, which would be quite annoying in situations like these- "Go in with wrap!" She didn't care if it wasn't very "effective" type wise, she was just certain tiny purple Pokemon would outspeed her own if she didn't quickly immobilise it.

With a nod of the Snivy's head- which somehow still seemed to convey some self-pride despite the fact that she was just, for once, obeying instructions- Bernardette quickly fired one of the vines she had at her opponent. It jetted across the air at a rate that surprised Chandra; she had imagined that her grass type may have become complacent or lazy, but it seemed she had become just the more fierce on the road. Maybe the Snivy had encountered other Pokemon and had to battle before on her own, at the times in which she had decided to deviate from the path and keep away from her trainer.

The opponent didn't have time to get out the way and was effectively lassoed, the vines tightening around her struggling form like a Seviper strangling its prey. It was not a pretty image to Chandra or Lila's eyes, though the brunette could see Bernardette was taking some sadistic glee in the act by the way her eyes tilted forwards.

Lila made a sound of annoyance and slammed her fist against the dirt.

"Screw that! Use disable, Jemma!" She called.

The Venonat seemed to curl in on itself, straining. Then a translucent blue gem shaped appeared around the insectoid's form and suddenly the vines that had previously been restraining her fell away useless. In response to this, the Snivy seemed to gasp, and Chandra wondered if the vines could even be detracted now or if they had just become dead weights.

Either way, Lila was gleefully smiling at how well it worked.

"Now! Tackle Bernardette whilst she's surprised!"

The Venonat tried to run forwards and headbutt the Snivy but ut turned out the insectoid was not fast on her feet. Bernardette was able to recover from her startled state and avoid tripping over her own vines as she dodged out of the way from the rampaging Venonat. Chandra racked her brain for a counter move, but without the vines, all she could splutter out was a command to use tackle against Jemma.

Snivy returned to headbutt the purple Pokemon, uttering a furious "Kya!" as she did so. When the two collided, Jemma hurtled a few feet back. Chandra was once again surprised by Bernardette's power and this time was surged by a flux of confidence.

"Tackle again while she's down!" Was it a low move to do that? Chandra didn't care. The prospect of winning was close, and she couldn't think of anything creative else to do without vines.

"No! Use supersonic!" Called Lila. Her voice seemed further away in the heat of battle.

Jemma was just about able to follow through with this command and the way the move was entrancing. She pointed the top of her head towards the opponent just as Bernardette came in for a second headbutt and released thin blue circles at the grass type, who took them full on with instantaneous effects. The Snivy lurched backward, and for a moment Chandra could see her eyes visible and pulsing a strange blue colour much like the waves Jemma had just emitted.

The grass type then crashed into the dirt by her own accord and grabbed her head as if to steady it. Chandra couldn't believe that the thin circles she'd seen had caused her Pokemon to become dizzy so quickly, and had no idea how to react to it. She hadn't witnessed a move like it before and had no idea to react, either. Berries or potions wouldn't alleviate Bernardette's mental condition; she remembered from training that the only other way was to withdraw a Pokemon from battle or wait it out.

And she wasn't going to give up on this battle, not when she could feel that Bernardette was stronger than this bug.

"Use tackle again!" Lila sounded triumphant. Chandra looked over to the older girl and wondered if she really thought she would win against Chandra. By the look of Lila's intense focus on Jemma and the smirk poised on her full lips, the younger girl determined she really thought it would happen.

The Venonat once again followed orders obediently, crashing into the Snivy's side. Bernardette hadn't been able to recover from her dizziness and had been standing still, attempting to regain her balance, but in contrast frozen vines were starting to move again- or maybe they always had been, Chandra being too focus on Bernardette's physical body to really notice- moving sluggishly about in the air and weaving around as if they were drunk. The girl suspected that Bernardette's confusion was hindering the progress in the vines' unfreezing.

Still, it was an opportunity to fight back against the inevitable onslaught Lila would bring whilst Bernardette lay in her stupor.

"Use vinewhip." Chandra wondered if her Pokemon could even hear her. "Do it when she tries to attack again." She then added. Maybe making her request more specific would help. Probably not. But there was a chance.

Without Lila's instructions, Jemma had already backed up in hopes to, this time, get enough force to knock out the battered Snivy. The purple insectoid did not see the end of a vine as it lurched lazily towards her, nor did she have time to react as it smacked her small round body over the side and sent her many eyes into the dust.

A muffled squeak arose and Chandra felt a tang of sympathy. But that meant they were near the end, didn't it? If she could just cleanly knock the bug Pokemon out and it would all be over.

Unfortunately, the vine that had knocked over Jemma continued to move over to Bernardette and knocked her over to the ground too, but it did this so lightly there was hardly any damage dealt at all, eventually laying to rest atop of the Snivy's tiny legs like a green-coloured custom seat belt.

It took a long time for the purple Pokemon to get up, and each second spent Bernardette gained more control over her vines- even if she still clutched her head and could hardly walk. Chandra waited. Lila was thankful for it.

"Use agility." The older trainer's voice was hardly above a whisper, a breath; like Chandra, she didn't want to disturb the two Pokemon even though she commanded one herself during that ten seconds of rest.

And suddenly everything blared back into action again. The Venonat sped up and started darting around, gathering speed. At points, Jemma seemed to disappear altogether, and at one point Chandra decided it was enough.

"Try to hit her! Use vinewhip and try to stop her from getting any faster!" Chandra felt so fervent she even stamped her foot, which she was sure would bring attention from Manzana.

Bernardette's attacks were almost aerial, and the heavy vines slapping clumsily into the ground well of target. Any time they struck anywhere close to the whizzing insectoid, Jemma seemed to disappear like how Chandra had witnessed earlier and reappear further up on the path.

This couldn't just be for show, at one point the girl was sure with a strange and sincere feeling side of her that Jemma would come dashing into Snivy in a finishing blow.

If she could make that finishing blow come when she wanted and strike before it, then Chandra knew she would win.

"New idea. Bernardette. Lay your vines protectively around you for now." Chandra smiled inwardly, making sure not to show this on the outside. This would force Bernardette into striking quickly, and now that she knew it was coming, she was hoping that Bernardette would know too.

Chandra didn't realise that Bernardette had not caught on until it was too late. The Snivy was concentrating too hard trying to get her vines to coil around her in the dizzy state she was in to effectively repel- or even notice- the oncoming bug type Pokemon. Jemma rushed forward with heightened speed and knocked the grass type across the clearing.

Bernardette did not get up.

battle summary

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Where did she go wrong? It had all been going so well, Bernardette was obviously the stronger of the two Pokemon, and yet still, she had been knocked out by the little purple Pokemon who now had her pelt puffed out, parading around like she owned the clearing. She should have won. Why didn't she? This was the first time Chandra had a chance to properly win something and the girl had blown it.

Inside of her, she could feel frustration growing, bubbling up like lava waiting to erupt. These feelings were pushed back down for later. The girl didn't want to look like some stroppy brat in front her peers, but after becoming so, so invested in the battle it was hard to keep it down. Now both women knew she was an incompetent trainer, unable to work with her Pokemon properly.

She had warned them before the battle, hadn't she? Chandra didn't like violence. She looked over to the small, crumpled Snivy that lay motionless away from her and felt overwhelmingly guilty; the lava that bubbled up inside of her was put out by a wave of disappointment. She had never trained with Bernardette before, and the Snivy was already disorientated: how could the girl have expected that she would suddenly know exactly what her trainer was thinking?

Mareep had gotten very caught up in spectating the battle. Oops. If he had hands, he would face-palm himself, because wow, that had been the perfect time to make off with those succulent apples without any of the humans seeing. He had also found the green Pokemon quite entrancing with the elegant way she moved, and Mareep in that moment had become deeply infatuated. This was also annoying because the green Pokemon was on the opposing side.

The green Pokemon's ungraceful faint had shaken him out of these silly feelings, though, and reminded him to focus on the task at hand: breakfast. It was now or never, thought he, so Mareep decided to make a run for it and grab breakfast.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chandra could see a cream coloured blur moving to take some of Lila's hard-earned apples.

"No!" Lila gasped- Chandra hadn't paid any attention to the victor of the battle until that moment. The older trainer moved to protect her pile but then drew back, hissing in pain as the disturbed ankle caused a sear of pain up her leg. The Mareep moved with extreme speed, and in that moment Chandra saw a way to prove herself once more.

Running towards the scene of the crime as the Mareep made off with an apple, ducking under a hole in the hedge no human or Pokemon could fit through, Chandra threw down a red Pokeball that, in any other situation she would never throw down, and watched as an aggressive Nidoran materalised.

"Get that Mareep!" Roared she, pointing at the hole the sheep Pokemon had gone through.

Needles must have noticed the directness of her command and furious intent behind it, because the blue Pokemon sped off with its fast little legs through the hole immediately, knowing from experience the reason she'd been let out is because she was supposed to attack something.

Once Needles had disappeared from view, Chandra sat down, sending up a plume of dust. She ran a hand through her fringe that seemed layered with a coat of wetness- that she supposed was sweat- and exhaled a heavy breath. What in the world had she just done? Over some apples? Everything had seemed to squeeze suddenly into that single moment and the environment, other people, anything irrelevant to her aim had simply blanked out of her consciousness like a temporary blip on a radio.

Grace, her loyal Wooper she had forgotten about, ran over and leaped into her lap with a concerned scowl on her face. A hand rested on the girl's shoulder, and she noticed how heavy it felt. Maybe the hand was symbolic of something, maybe that was why it felt heavy. Maybe she was imagining all this. No, that stupid. She looked over to the hand which was steady, dry and most certainly very real.

Manzana had arisen- another "object" that had blipped out of sight when she had been in battle- and was now attempting to look over the large hedge.

"Are you sure that was a good idea, Chandra." It seemed more of a statement than a question. As usual, the woman's voice was low and carried an air of authority. It made the brunette quiver for a second, reminding her of being berated in school by a teacher for talking in lesson.

From behind, Lila chuckled nervously.

"It was just an apple. Heheh..."

"I don't know what came over me. We should probably go find-" Chandra was cut off by a high-pitched, panicked bleat. Oh Arceus, this was her fault. Her voice rose when she continued. "-her. We should find both of them now."

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It didn't take the two long to find the source of the distressed bleats; only two fields over Zana and Chandra emerged at full pelt into a small field of Mareep. Even with her blood pumping and head whirling, Chandra was able to easily identify what was going on. The apple thief had an injured leg and was limping towards the hedge line, whilst Needles had decided to chase the rest of the flock in circles in some adrenaline-fuelled rage.

Without speaking, the woman beside Chandra dashed over to the struggling Mareep, leaving the girl to chase after Needles. Once again, her legs felt like they were doing their own work whilst her mind was somewhere else entirely, concentrating more on what this experience would mean when they got back to Lila after this.

In their terror, the wool Pokemon ricocheted around the corners of the field and after a lap of running, Chandra decided to cut across to catch Needles. The oblivious Nidoran didn't see her coming, so the brunette was able to successfully scoop the thrashing Pokemon into her arms after coming in from the side. The Mareep continued to flee even after the threat had been caught, leaving Pokemon and trainer alone on the opposite side of the field they came from.

Chandra had to tighten her grip as Needles struggled against her, raking claws on her skinny arms. She tilted her head up to the sky, eyes jammed shut with concentration before finally mustering up enough anger in her voices to shout "Stop it!"

The squirming stopped. Tired and embarrassed, the girl turned back and trekked back through the field towards camp. It felt like a long journey. She found it hard to empathise with the unhappy Pokemon in her arms, or even feel the pain of the injured Mareep out of desperation to pin her impulse reaction on something else. The girl stopped to look down at the apple that lay discarded and contemplated spitting on it- after all, it was the was the object that the Mareep had decided to make off with. But that would be melodramatic, wouldn't it? This wasn't a big deal. She was overreacting again.

Upon returning to camp three eyes stared from her to Needles. This was not what she wanted to deal with, even if it was expected. After ungracefully plopping herself down on the ground - an action that made Needles grunt- the girl promptly returned the Nidoran to her Pokeball and wished that it was all over. Apart from the rustling of tree leaves above all was silent, making Chandra realise no matter how much she wished everything could go back to normal, that wasn't going to happen. So instead, the girl then stared at the ground as if counting the grass poking through cracks in the parched dirt was somehow interesting.

"We think that your Pokemon may have poisoned the Mareep." Zana's blunt voice cut through the whispering wind.

"What?" Chandra blurted. "I didn't- I don't think Needles can even do that."

"It's a poison type Pokemon, right?" Lila explained. "Well Mareep has just fallen asleep. You'd think he wouldn't do that after getting half sccared to death, but nope. And his breathing is of kind off. Not that bad right now, but those are some heavy breaths from such a small guy."

Chandra looked up and her face twisted with guilt. The adorable creature slept on the ground with a back leg indented with some sort of bite or claw mark that had punctured the leathery skin. Dried up blood was encrusted around the injury, and the wool Pokemon's eyes were narrowed as if he was having some nightmare.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chandra could see Lila studying her face.

"You don't really know how to battle and stuff, do you?"

"I've always just... gone with the flow." She couldn't tear her eyes away from Mareep, watching his body rise and fall with each slow breath. "I've never really wanted to, heh. Needles is just my go-to Pokemon if I want to get something done. She's always ready to fight."

The girl brought her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them- now she didn't want to look away and see the other two's judging faces. Gace, her Wooper, tried to comfort Chandra by nuzzling her legs with a bulbous blue head.

"Have you only ever let Needles out to fight?"

"I know it sounds bad. I just don't like to deal with her."

"Your neglect has caused harm to an innocent Pokemon." Zana's voice interrupted. This felt worse than any time Chandra had been scolded by a teacher. She felt faint. "And this will most likely be the first instance of many mishaps if you don't try to connect with your Pokemon."

"I was supposed to get a nice Nidoran." The girl offered in defence. It sounded more like a whiny complaint. "A more peaceful one."

"Then why did you get Needles?"

"I didn't choose her. It was a mix-up. I didn't want her."

"Do you think that's ever reflected in your behaviour?"

Chandra felt more disappointed in herself than frustrated. Responsibilities and tough questions like this were ones she had been avoiding on her adventure so far. Besides, who were these two to judge her for how she had been doing as a trainer? Grace and she had travelled the capital and seen so many amazing things. To her Wooper, Chandra had always been an amazing trainer. Not so to the other two of her Pokemon evidently.

Instead of answering Zana's question, she just sighed defeatedly and stroked Grace's head, who in return nuzzled into her hand.

"The only way for you to succeed as a trainer is for you to bond with all of your Pokemon. Needles respects you, but neither of you care for each other."

And what was she supposed to do what that piece of advice? Chandra thought bitterly to herself. She didn't move or say anything, so Lila gently prompted an action.

"...You could let Needles out now. Maybe if we're all calm, then they will be calm too."

"I don't think that's a good idea-" Chandra started. Her statement was cut off by Lila, who now sounded surer of herself.

"Come on! The first step is always the hardest!"

"What if she goes for the Mareep again?"

"I won't let that happen. Come on, do it!"

For the second time this morning, Chandra felt pressurised to engage in a task she didn't want to do. But surely this was for the greater good...? Whilst battling resulted in harm, this would surely prevent more suffering in the future.

Still looking downcast and with one arm around her leg, the girl picked up Needles' Pokeball and tossed it in the air, waiting for the Nidoran to materalise. She anticipated getting up and having to chase the menace down again, which caused her to tense up. Grace renewed her efforts at calming her trainer with even more snuggles.

As soon as Needles returned to the world and took in her surroundings with a turn of the head- an action Chandra had never really paid attention to before- she immediately ran for the sleeping wool Pokemon. Before the Nidoran was able to clamp her vicious jaws around Mareep's snout, Lila grabbed her so that they were eye to eye. A little shake was given to make sure the snarling blue Pokemon was paying attention.

"No." Lila chided. "Bad Needles." To Chandra, it sounded like she was telling off a toddler. This comparison almost made her laugh.

Needles was shocked for a moment, but only for a second; after that second was up she sneezed angrily and attempted to scratch Lila with her back paws. As expected, this only created a spectacle that Chandra really did laugh at- the tiny Pokemon waggling its feet in the air seemed so funny to the girl that had always at best treated the Nidoran with caution.

Lila was visibly pleased with this reaction. Even though she was still lying on the ground, the girl tried to shuffle over and pass Needles to her rightful trainer.

"Here. Take her."

"Oh. Oh. Of course." Chandra's mood immediately switched from sulky to purposeful. "Don't worry! And don't move your foot, please."

Chandra shuffled over and took the squirming creature from Lila's outstretched arms. Their eyes locked: ruby red fury against gentle green.

"Hey you..." Cooed she. "We're not battling this time, huh? Isn't that weird? We're just going to sit here and get to know each other." Her embarrassment had melted away; for a little while, at least, Chandra didn't care who was watching her.

Needles huffed and glared at the ground, as if aware that Chandra was talking to her in a demeaning way.

"Now, now." The baby voice is lost. She remembered how annoying her younger brother had always found it at home in Wisteur. "Sorry. We got off on the wrong foot. I am Chandra Hill, your trainer, and we are in Cloven plains, on the way to the Safari Zone." It didn't matter if Needles couldn't understand her, in some strange way it made the girl feel better about their relationship. Chandra turned the Pokemon in her hands around and showed her the two trainers and Mareep. "That's Lila. The Mareep. Zana."

Lila played along with Chandra and waved. Zana was with her phone again, although undoubtedly listening to the girl introducing her.

"And there's your teammate." Chandra waved Needles in the Wooper's face. "Say hi, Grace!"

Grace gave a critical stare to her trainer, before reluctantly obliging. It was a cute trick Chandra had taught the waterfish Pokemon long ago; by turning her head on its side and moving it back and forth, it looked as if one of her purple gills was waving.

"Now," Once again, Chandra and Needles were looking eye to eye again. This time Needles looked confused, but most important pacified. "I'm going to put you down, and you're not going to charge at anyone. Sound good?"

No response. When Needles was placed on the ground, she didn't seem to know what to do with herself. After a few seconds of waiting to be handled again or facing a threat that up until that point had been hiding, she gives up and promptly trots over to Grace. Grace keeps still but does cast a pleading look over at Chandra. She does not want to be in this situation.

"Stay." Murmurs the trainer. With just one word, Grace acquiesces and is then rudely snuffled at by Needles.

"Those who'll be getting along like a house on fire soon!" Remarked Lila, oblivious to the Wooper's discomfort. "All she needed was a chance to prove herself and I bet she'll be a lot more chilled out now whenever you let her out."

"Heh... yeah. Thanks. For that. Never even really thought about what it'd be like for them to get along."

"No probs!" Lila grinned. "If they got really chummy, maybe they could take on Zana at one point."

"Right..." Manzana smirked into her phone. When Lila noticed that was all her friend was going to say, the boisterous lady decided to boast on her behalf.

"Did you know. My bestie has taken on the Ghost Gym and won. She's gonna become the next champion in a few years and by then, us two will be able to brag about how we knew her." Lila chuffed. Her eyes were closed as if imagining the scenarios through her head already.

Chandra smiled at the two- one down-to-earth and the other imaginative- and couldn't help but feel happy for their friendship. It'd be nice to find that with a person of her own- maybe Arjit, one day? if only he could travel, then it would be much more fun.

It looked as if Lila was about to continue, but she was cut off by a croaky cough that sounded surprisingly human. In between the two friends, the Mareep was attempting to get to his feet. At first it looked as if he intended to abscond the scene like he had the first time, but instead, the wool Pokemon just stumbled over to the Apple pile. He was certain that it safe to eat now.

The site was calming, and Chandra felt content and at peace. She allowed herself to loosen up and roll her shoulders back a little, as well as hydrate herself again after the chase had left her sweaty. The sun had climbed further into the sky and now there was a warmth on her cheeks that hadn't been there before. She rubbed at an eye out of relief that all had turned out well and better than she had ever imagined it.

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Lunch was not as fresh as breakfast, but it definitely was more exciting. From one of the many plastic boxes Lila seemed to have in her bag, the foodie produced three portions of cold pasta. This was warmed over the fire whilst, in a second pot, she created a spicy sauce that contained many herbs Chandra didn't recognise.

It was a time-consuming process; if Chandra's politeness didn't outweigh her impatience, she would've complained how hot food for lunch was a very inefficient use of time when sandwiches were readily available. Instead of doing this the girl filled her time by asking on multiple occasions if there was any way she could help and tactlessly looked at a nonexistent watch on her wrist.

By the time it was finally finished and three steaming bowls had been served, Chandra was very hungry indeed and felt relieved for finally being able to get to the source of the delicious smell that had been wafting through the camp for the past five minutes.

Unfortunately, before she could dig in, three claws jabbed her leg, which caused her to yelp as her whole body jumped a bit in surprise. The scratching stopped when the assailant, Needles, leaned up on Chandra's leg and fixed her narrowed red eyes on her trainers. The poison Pokemon then took a big sniff of the air, tiny nose quivering in the breeze, trying to taste the scent of food again. Three pink matchstick-sized lines swelled where the claws had been, but it was obvious that Needles could have scratched a lot harder.

"Oh it- it's only that." Chandra put her serving down and cautiously patted her hungry Pokemon's head. Had she been scared that Needles would go rogue again? Maybe. Her face felt like it had loosened slightly at the realisation all was well: this Nidoran was going to make her look old with stress at this rate. "There's no need to scratch me for that. Ow." Needles was at it again, pawing at her exposed leg. "Here. Take it already." She scooped out a hefty half of her bowl onto the ground, where Needles gobbled it up fast.

Lila was flabbergasted. Mouth open wide. Maybe that was for dramatic effect.

"Dude! Pasta is not for misbehaving Pokemon! That took ages, you know? Dude. I'm letting you off this once because of my swollen ankle, but never do that again in my sight unless you want a pounding." There was no way to tell if the foodie was serious or not with her stern voice.

"I... heheh, sorry..." Chandra chuckled nervously and stopped herself from sharing any more food by stuffing her face with the small portion she still had.

Mareep felt groggy. And soaking- which was weird because he didn't remember going in a lake recently. His wool felt heavy, and every time he tried to walk fast and far his vision would start swimming as if the fog had come rolling in like it did sometimes on dewy mornings. What was happening? Trying hard to concentrate, he could see the three human shapes sitting there eating something that smelled dangerous, and with this knowledge, he decided the safest place to be was guarding the apple pile. He circled his treasures and snuffled the ground around it. By chance, at one of his routine surveys of the land, his blurry vision was able to pick up a slim green body among the grass. Could it be that fighting Pokemon from earlier? Curiosity drew him away from his post and towards the unconscious form of Bernardette. He thought the Snivy looked softer while she was sleeping, but maybe that was because this time, she wasn't throwing vines about like they were heavy ropes.

The memories of the battle were already fading from his small mind, but from the broken pieces he put together, the Mareep determined that she had been very impressive. He considered that maybe it would be better to protect this Pokemon from danger instead of the apples, but suddenly his legs suddenly feel a lot more droopy and he's drifted off to sleep beside her before he can even decide for sure.

After lunch was finished and put away, Manzana unexpectedly got up with her two Pokeballs in hand and went over to the next field. Chandra didn't dare follow- mainly because she thought it would be rude to leave Lila by herself- but the girl did throw a questioning glance at the foodie: where was the trainer going?

Lila waited for her companion to disappear behind a hedge for her to answer.

"Zana always goes off with her Pokemon and trains them after lunch." Her voice is low as if she didn't want to disturb her friend. She cautiously leans over to her ankle to check on it. "Gotta keep on your toes if you want to become the next champion, right? Hmm. Also, I think- I think my ankle should be all good by tomorrow, and we'll be able to hit the road."

"Where are you headed, anyway?"

"Well the city, duh. Where else? I want to check out the chic little corner cafes whilst Zana..." Lila tilted her head in thought. "Uh, I don't really know. She's a bit weird sometimes. I guess a bit of sight seeing like you must've been a good enough reason for her to come along with me."

"It's... big there. I remember tall skyscrapers. Some of the moments were almost kinda surreal, just me and my Wooper looking up and trying to see the end of these walls of glass. The shops there are really good too. Very expensive, but very fashionable."

"You like fashion?"

"Doesn't every girl like it a bit?" Chandra smiled, and then looked down at her dumpy dress. The colours had faded from it mostly, and now it was just a swath of cream coloured fabric that had only just held up against the elements for so long. "It would be nice... to get some clothes that weren't second hand. But I don't care that much: my dad always said that they must be strong and tough to survive being used once. Like how I'm strong and tough."

Oops. Chandra looked up suddenly and felt her cheeks redden. Had she really repeated an affectionate saying her father had said to her when she was little in front of someone that she'd only known for a day?

Lila gave an encouraging smile, like the one she had earlier when she introduced Needles to the gang. Now Chandra wasn't sure if she was only giving it because of her younger age.

After a moment Lila slumped onto the ground and let her eyes turn to the tree leaves dancing above.

"That's cool, that's cool. Now. If you want to let me rest under the tree, reflecting on life and all its mysteries..." Lila waved her hand vaguely. Although her voice sounded sarcastic, she didn't make any movement from her position: it really did seem like she'd be fine by herself for a bit despite the fact Chandra had thought she was dependent on social interaction. "...that's fine with me. You could check up on my pal and see how she's doing. Zan might even give you a few tips; I think she likes you."

"Oh. Oh. I don't think that's a good idea..."

"Don't let me pressure you into this again. Come on. Trust me, watching someone properly in sync with their Pokemon will do you good."

"I-" Chandra was cut off by loud "snoring". "Oi." She uttered loudly with a frown, before getting up at pattering over to the Lila, whose eyes were closed to complete the sleeping act.

"W-wow. Very mature." Chandra's stutter was caused by her internally questioning if she should allow herself to show irritation- if they were friends enough for that yet. "Fine then." The annoyed girl stomped back to her Wooper, Grace, and scooped the blue Pokemon up in her arms. Grace seemed happy to finally be off of babysitting duty with Needles and snuggled into her trainer's arms affectionately. Chandra tried to reach down and pick up the poison pin Pokemon but Needles refused, darting out the way and then headbutting her trainer's leg for lack of anything else to do.

With a quick scan, Chandra saw that her Snivy was still safe and asleep with the poisoned Mareep now next to her. Instead of waking the fatigued Pokemon, she walked over to Zana with Nidoran following behind.

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Manzana was in the centre of the largest, emptiest field that Chandra had seen yet. The grass here grew sporadically in different lengths and colours; the lawn appeared as a patchwork of fields all in itself, with older, darker grasses clumped together like thickets, whilst light green shoots poked out cautiously from the edges, under the protective shadows of bordering hedges. With no trees or bushes to block the breeze's path, wind freely whipped through the open expanse with such vibrant speed it almost felt alive.

Chandra felt quelled by the impassioned elements in the corner as she was, and could only watch the central spectacle silently as she neared closer and closer. A green Pokemon that levitated above the ground was creating thin ice walls around itself with the simple wave of the hand. The frosty sheets rose from the ground by some secret power and ended in brittle, shard like points, each one appearing faster and denser than the last. By the time the brunette had walked over to the centre Manzana and her Pokemon were surrounded by the stuff, to the point that when the girl looked in and saw snippets of Pokemon and Partner it felt as if they were all in a fun house and she was looking through some distorted window.

She wasn't sure what do now- there seemed to be no way into to the middle, and the ice was so obtuse in some places, the girl wasn't sure if Manzana had even noticed Chandra's arrival and could see her waiting. Luckily. she didn't have to wait too long out there as a tiny, fiery red shape appeared suddenly in the centre. His trapped reflection crawled up the glassy sheets like tongues of fire, making what must have been a tiny Pokemon look like a huge, fiery fiend. A crack that sounded like a mirror breaking was heard- an impact to the white walls for sure- and the icey case started to melt before Chandra's eyes. In a minute, all the ice was gone; now it was just cold water seeping into her shoes and the soil.

"Well done," the girl clapped, for lack of anything else to do with her hands. "You could be a coordinator if you wanted."

"There isn't anything to practice on out here." The stoic lady replied, disregarding the compliment. "Fire punch and Secret power are moves we have been working on. But fire is not a wise thing to play with when there's so much vegetation around."


Manaza stepped forward, out of the cold air where ice particles still persisted to ride on as long possible.

The silence felt thick. Chandra identified the red ball that had melted away the ice sheets as a Darumaka, whilst the levitating Pokemon that watched her so intently an Elgyem. The few slow moments were spent with her worrying about how meek and passive she must seem, coming out here just watch and with no real comment. As well as that, every action she had done so far today had been dictated by two strangers, in fact, the only thing she did for herself was indirectly poisoned a wild Pokemon.

Maybe it was time to change that impression.

Taking a deep breath and straightening her posture, the girl looked up to the older trainer.

"Anyway. I- I wanted to watch and see what you did out here. Seeing as you're such a good trainer, and stuff, because I think I'd like to get better with battling now that Grace and Needles are getting along better. I came out here on my own accord." The last part was very obviously a lie, voice wobbling with uncertainty at her own statement. "Do you... have any tips that you'd be willing to share?"

The woman seemed surprised by the question; she combed a hand through her afro, glancing at the expectant Wooper and then meeting the permanent glare of Needles. Her brows furrowed slightly, but her voice seemed softer- maybe she was touched by the fact someone had come to her for advice.

"I've never trained a water or poison type Pokemon before... but. The first thing you have to do is make sure your Pokemon understand your commands and will follow out your instructions immediately."

That seemed simple enough: not the worldly advice of an experienced trainer she was expecting. Chandra was sure that Grace already knew how to do that- Needles, maybe not as much.

The two humans decided to test out Needles' obedience. With her Wooper still wrapped in a one-armed embrace, she looked down at her starter Pokemon and then pointed at a clear area in the field, hoping Needles would follow her finger.

Needles instead got down into a defencive stance, looking for a threat or enemy for her to hunt down. Manzana watched with a keen expression, undeterred by Needles' slow start.

"Where did you get Needles?" She inquired without facing Chandra.

"Oh. I adopted her from the centre. She probably came from Kagereta, though..." The girl replied. She was feeling embarrassed for Needles and her wariness. She got down on her knees so Grace could stand on the floor, before trying to pet the Nidoran, who only flinched and glared up in response.

The trainer standing beside her tutted at this.

"In that case, we have a lot of work to do..."

The Mareep was awoken by tiny kicks to his side. Although most of his wool absorbed the blows, he was still rocked enough to be turned over and subsequently splutter into consciousness. His throat felt sticky and he shivered uncomfortably. What was happening to him? Everything felt sluggish and droopy, but nevertheless, he blinked at the assailant and tried to focus his gaze.

It was the sleek green Pokemon! She also looked a little woozy, but her eyes were narrowed on him. What was she glaring at? It took him a few seconds to realise it was he, in fact, that she was watching so vehemently. What did it mean? After a few more kicks, he was able to tell: get out of her space or else. He doesn't really have the energy to protest, so instead stares towards the hedge line: this jogs his memory of the weird seed that he found earlier. Maybe if he gave it to her it would win him her affection, or at least a space by the campsite. Stumbling off with his head bent low and submissive, he exits the area to retrieve it whilst the Snivy settles down in his spot.

Progress with Chandra's starter was painfully slow, and Chandra was lucky that the experienced trainer had enough patience for the both of them; she would have called it a day a long time a go and smothered her Pokemon with attention for performing so well if it was just her there.

Instead, Needles was making a fool of herself by attacking the air on her trainer's command. It was obvious that the poison type was getting frustrated with these inane tasks. Her Wooper, on the other hand, was eager to show off her battling prowess and tried to copy the Nidoran's movements as much as her two-limbed body could. Every time she performed a move correctly, the Wooper would look back up at her trainer in hopes of approval, only to find Chandra's focus was still entirely on Needles.

At one point, the Nidoran gave up and faced her trainer, glaring furiously. Of course, this was not very impactful when taken into account that the classic scowl seemed to be her resting expression anyway. Chandra opened her mouth, about to command the starter to try again, despite knowing how futile it would be, only for Manza to beat her to it.

"That's enough. I think we're done."

"Oh. We are?"

A curt nod was given in response, and the girl was somewhat grateful for it. She crouched down to pet her two loyal Pokemon, giving each of them a Pokemon cookie each for their hard work. Grace ate from Chandra's hand whilst Needles played with hers, stomping them crumbs into the ground or throwing them about.

The young trainer rose from her position and stood by Manzana to watch them both, eyes warming at the site of them. It was a good thing she was being so attentive to, because ever so quietly- almost anticlimactically - Needles began to subtly change.

For a moment, the Pokemon was enveloped in a shimmering glaze of white light, and then Needles began to grow in size. The small Pokemon didn't even seem to be aware of the two pointed spines that emerged from her back and spikes that grew off of her sensitive ears. Chandra could only gasp and stroke her hand along Manzana's arm as it happened, in attempt to capture the older woman's attention to make sure she didn't miss the evolution occurring. It was only when Needles got up on her two back legs and began nibbling on the last spit-covered remains of her cookie, holding it in place with her front paws, did she finally realise there had been a change.

The entire evolution procedure only took about twenty seconds, and by the end of it Chandra found herself hopping from foot to foot and raising a hand to her mouth in shock and awe. That had just happened! She had just watched her starter Pokemon evolve as if it was the most casual occurrence in the world. This time she shook Manaza's arm slightly, just because she couldn't help herself.

Updated Declaration

Needles, on the other hand, was quite perturbed by her new state of being. When did her belly get white? Had she not noticed? Had she been poisoned? There were two shiny white incisors poking out on either side of her gums- how had this happened?

Slightly fearful, she grunted and looked around with newly sharpened senses to see who- or what- could have done this.

Instead of facing a psychic Pokemon or trickster like she expected, the Nidorina was enveloped in a warm, soft hug. Oh joy: her trainer again- this time the Pokemon dropped the fear and suspicion to give way for scorn at this attempt at showing affection.

With her little Poison Pokemon in arms, Chandra wheeled on her heels to show off her newly evolved companion.

"...Look!" Her eyes shined. There weren't any other words that could describe her pride.

"It's likely that Needles was always quite close to evolving and with that extra nourishment, she had enough energy to go all the way and evolve into a Nidorina." Manzana folded her arms. Her voice was indifferent, although there was he hint of a smile.

Chandra skipped around in a circle. She could feel Needles bouncing in her arms and imagined that her Pokemon was also feeling her joy- not just simply putting up with her antics. How productive this little visit had been. Her own Pokemon following commands, no longer agressive, and already growing up into a big strong girl!

"Isn't she amazing, Grace?"

Needles is lowered down and waved in front of the Wooper, who frowns in response.

"Oh, we gotta show Lila as well! Aah! I just witnessed my Pokemon evolve!" Chandra squealed. She didn't notice the negative expression and raced off, leaving the others to catch up.

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Lila was found with Mareep in arms, petting the wooly Pokemon gently with eyelids half closed; it seemed the otherwise chatty trainer really had taken up tending to her own thoughts and allowed herself a little rest mentally. Her calm and peaceful expression was enough to make the girl slow her pace and stifle her excitement a little.

"Lila," Chandra's voice was a raised whisper. The women in question raised her head, face blank. "Lila, Needles evolved into a Nidorina. Look. See?"

Once again Needles was waved in front of a supposed admirer.

"Eyy, well done!" Lila whispered back, in an equally enthusiastic- but hushed- manner. Chandra could see that the Mareep was sleeping, albeit fitfully. It was a good thing she had chosen not to raise her voice because it looked like he might wake up easily.

Chandra raised her Nidorina and gave the Pokemon a silent squeeze instead of answering, but unfortunately for her, this seemed to be the last straw for the poison Pokemon who had already been getting increasingly confused and frustrated. Needles growled and gave her trainer a warning nip, hard jaws closing around her arm and giving the pale skin a pinch which left a red mark.

"Ouchie!" The girl yelped, dropping Needles to the ground and inspecting the blemish. Under other circumstances, she'd be more stubborn and have a more subdued response to the bite- the difference this time was that she had been feeling more emotional. The high pitched sound caused the Mareep to awaken from his slumber and open his crusty eyes, which lead to Lila giving the girl an exasperated look and placing the wool Pokemon on the floor.

"Sorry...!" Chandra responded. It felt delayed and meaningless. She didn't even know if she was apologising to the Mareep, Lila or Needles. Bending down so she could be at head height with the lying down trainer, she tried again to add some sincerity to her statement. The excitement for her Pokemon's unexpected evolution had already washed away, replaced by a calmer expression- a more responsible one- brows sinking to their usual position on her forehead and eyes downcast. Meekly, the brunette stroked the back of her hand over the Mareep.

"I really had a bit of a high there. Doesn't happen very often. How are you?"

"Heh." Lila's tone felt less forced. Chandra could feel the woman looking at her and pondering how her manner had changed so quickly. "I'm good. Don't worry much about the Mareep; he'll be fine. I think I'll take him to the Pokemon centre in the city since we're closer to there than you are to your destination. He'll be fine."

"Oh, I... I can't not worry." Chandra admitted. The wool between her fingers felt sticky and wrong. The Mareep didn't even seem to notice: his gaze seemed unfocused and aimless, flitting from grass to grass. "Although I kind of forgot about this little guy for a bit, out there. Um... he seems to have gotten worse."

"He definitely has. He's got a little broken heart too on top of that." Lila looked somewhat amused whilst saying this. "He had a little crush on your Snivy, I reckon, and the princess turned up her nose and shooed him off after he gave her a gift."

"Oh, my-" Chandra turned her head to her Grass Pokemon, who was asleep with a smug smile on her face and curled up around some unseen object. It took her longer than expected to see her partner, who was camouflaged well with the lively grass.

"It's fine. When he wakes up properly I'm going to offer him a Pokeball. He's got a lot of potential that shouldn't be wasted out here eating grass the rest of his life, I reckon."

"Hmm." She hummed in agreement, sitting down cross legged.

The two humans patiently waited until the Mareep woke up properly, gently caressing his fur in the mean time. Manzana returned with Grace in tow, but there was no verbal greeting upon arrival when the ace trainer noticed what they were doing. Everyone sat silently, enjoying the atmosphere and pleasant temperature. It was good to have some quiet time; Chandra could see why Lila asked for it earlier.

After the Mareep was up and tottering about again, Lila requested Chandra get her some of the Pokeballs from her bag. The girl obliged and watched as the trainer captured the sickly Pokemon after a delayed nod of consent- or it was probably consent.

The rest of the afternoon felt hazy and comfortable for Chandra. Manzana didn't talk much, and Lila chatted idly about easy subjects like recipes for various dishes she wanted to try and where she got them from. No more pressure or emotional dilemmas. No more running around after misbehaving Pokemon. Just resting under the shade of the tree, eating apples and petting her Wooper. After so many days of walking and bursts of sprinting earlier, it was nice to rest her tired limbs and tired mind. It was nice to talk to people in person, not just over holocaster. For the most part, the easy conversation kept her mind distracted from thoughts of homesickness, but it did occur to her that she missed talking to her family and school friends like this.

Afternoon rolled into evening, and the scents of summer became overpowered by a peppery aroma as Lila cooked up a curry dish. The land remained colourful and flourishing under the warm gaze of the sun, even in the later hours of the evening when Lila declared that dinner was finally perfected to her standards. Air Pokemon swooped above in lazy formations. All around the trio as they ate, bug Pokemon chattered and chirped in a harmonious chorus. It was decided afterward that Chandra might move her sleeping sack over and stay with the two older trainers overnight. Maybe it was just naivety, but the young trainer was sure she could trust them both after knowing them for only a day.

As the blazing sun finally descended over the lip of the land and the silver eye of the moon ascended silently into a now darkened sky, the fields of cloven plains were now instead bathed in musky moonlight; verdant greenery now paled and tinted in a silvery hue. The night was crisp, cold, and quiet, all was dark and asleep save for the glowing screen of Chandra's holocaster and Manzana's phone.

[22:17] Arjit Bhat: Sounds like quite the adventure. : P

[22:17] Chandra Hill: Oh it really was! Is. Im sleeping at their mini campsite thing today to make sure Lila is good to go tomorrow for sure. She'll probs be ok.

[22:17] Arjit Bhat: Nurse Chandra on the case

[22:18] Chandra Hill: Pffd

[22:18] Chandra Hill: Its funny because Im supposed to be trained in Pokemon nursing but I let a Mareep get poisoned and dont even have any medicine or anything.

[22:18] Arjit Bhat: Do not stress, Chandra. I am sure the Mareep will be much better once he gets to a Pokemon centre.

[22:18] Chandra Hill: ye

[22:18] Arjit Bhat: :D

[22:23] Chandra Hill: ..,welp sorry I might log off now Arjy I just spent five minutes staring into space

[22:24] Arjit Bhat: Good idea. I hope that your journey continues tomorrow and you make more progress with Needles.

[22:25] Chandra Hill: Ya

[22:25] Chandra Hill: Gn!

At first she had felt a little nervous about conversing with her friends and loved ones in such close proximity to Lila and Manzana, who were the object of discussion for at least part of every call Chandra diligently started, but by the final chat with her internet pen pal she was at ease with the other two trainers- even though Lila would sometimes loudly comment on part of her story so the call receiver could hear. It was funny. She had more laughs than she usually did during her talks at the very least because of it.

Her mother had even called in, for once, to notify her daughter that she would be in the Vlostik Town for Chandra's birthday- an event that Chandra had totally forgotten about and was almost disappointed to hear, given it meant she wouldn't be able to go to the safari zone yet and would have to instead go to some small town she'd never heard of.

Whatever. She'd see her mother, and surely that was better than any Pokemon in that dome.

With the glowing moon shining down on her, Chandra fell asleep comforted by the fact she was out here in the open air on her own adventure- however rocky it might be- and not inside waiting for another boring school day like Arjit.

She slept deeply but rose early, as always, and was happy but not overly surprised to see that Lila was walking around again on her two feet within only an hour of her own waking up. The energetic trainer with a new team of two made a fancy and more ambitious breakfast of "Apple-Maple French Toast" with the apples that had caused her to fall in the first place. Apparently, this was to celebrate her getting well and mark Chandra going her separate ways to her and Manzana.

Despite how much time it took, the breakfast was delicious and with some persuasion on Lila's part, the young brunette jotted down the recipe and promised- with fingers crossed behind her back- that she'd try to make it herself next time the girl stocked up on supplies. Lila squeezed the air out of Chandra's lungs in a massive bear hug, whilst the ace trainer Manzana gave a very formal handshake, before finally relenting and giving a weak embrace as she parted.

It was late in the morning before Chandra was on her own again, finally, this time with her disobedient and snobbish Snivy in Pokeball and Wooper on her shoulder. Today would be a good day.

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RP Notes

  • I love the texting~
  • Geez, 14 year old texts though…
  • Interrupting beauty sleep, how rude.
  • Oh! Title in the story, very exciting~
  • Loving the dark and light symbolism~
  • Quite blunt these new friends are.
  • “Screw that!” Hah, best call out for disable ever~
  • I love pasta so much… Chandra’s actions have me shook
  • Chandra doth protest too much lol.

Topic Record

  • Chandra is in the Cloven Plains
  • Chandra encounters Lila and Manzana!
  • Chandra Renames Fuss Spot “Bernadette”
  • Bernadette and Jemma battle
  • Jemma Defeats Bernadette who is now knocked out!
  • The group encounter a Mareep, who ends up poisoned!
  • Mareep Gifts Bernadette a Miracle Seed! (+1 Miracle Seed)
  • Chandra and Manzana engage in a training regiment.
  • Needles evolves into a Nidorina!
  • The group separate, Bernadette still needs several days' rest.

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