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[A]Sana Ju-Hyun; [Accepted] Holo-Famous
Topic Started: 4 Jan 2017, 06:53 AM (304 Views)
Posted Image Persimmon
Member Avatar

Sana Ju-Hyun
Keeping up appearances

Posted Image

Trainer Profile

Character Name: Sana Ju-Hyun
Nickname: Sunny, Sana_Bop
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Day of Birth: 7th of February, 182
Hometown: Cascadia city, North Godai
Alignment True Neutral
Western Zodiac: Wassatage the Gyarados
Eastern Zodiac: Years of the Zebstrika
Trainer Class: Holo-Model/Photographer

Posted ImageHeight: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 102 lbs
Hair Color & Style: Sana's hair is as dark as the darkest treat one may find in an upscale chocolatier. With a silky sheen that matches her brown locks, the teenager's gossamer thin hair has been treated and taken care of to the utmost perfection ever since she became a self-conscious young adult. Utilizing the hair products pushed by her holo sponsors, Sana's locks are scented with the perpetual aroma of lilac and yache berries.

Whilst Sana routinely experiments with hair styles, often leading the charge when experimenting with a new look, she is most commonly seen with her short pixie bob. It has, more or less, become her trademark. Sleek and simple, the girl maintains hair styles that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to manage.

Eyes: Her doe shaped eyes are a light almond colour, two twinkling orbs that often betray her lackadaisical personality. Knowing full well the power of expression and conveying emotion, artificial or otherwise, Sana endeavors to maintain an exuberant gaze when surrounded by others. With thick black eyelashes that flutter like ballerina legs and eyeliner that is always masterfully brandished to a perfect point, Sana's ocular aesthetic is every bit as important as her stylistic choices. Crowning her eyes are two thin brows, often quirked in bemusement or flattened by boredom, these being her only obvious tells.
Clothing/Accessories: Sana's clothing and style are of the utmost importance to her, for these are the elements that maintain her presence in the social media world. Having established a distinct style inspired by Northern tradition and Gothic minimalism, the young women endeavors to clothe herself in a new outfit every single day. With a penchant for black, white and beige colour schemes, Sana regularly maps out her outfits several days prior to wearing them and often recruits the products companies pay her to wear. This is all, of course, due to her fervently maintaining the illusion of wealth and fashion forward thinking.

Perpetually dressed to impress and never one to go outside looking less than appealing, Sana regularly employs the style philosophy that one should 'always be the best dressed in the room' not matter the occasion. On cooler days is when the holo-famous model finds her mojo, where she can experiment with scarves, coats, boots and her very large collection of hosiery. In contrast, when the weather is hotter, the girl clothes herself in loose fitting and comfortable items such as oversized shirts, skirts and sheer tops. Due to her bust size, being a mere B cup, Sana also goes about some days without a bra, for both her own comfort and her sleek pixie aesthetic.

As a result of her decision to embark on her 'Styles of Godai' venture, Sana has foregone wearing flats and has opted for sturdier boots and more stylish runners. A big fan of accessorizing, the girl currently has seven piercings (some of which she keeps secret) and is very supportive of clutches and handbags. The style and colour of said handbag is ultimately determined by her outfit of the day and she generally keeps her make up, chewing gum, compact mirror and holocaster in them.

General Appearance: Slim, petite and sleek, Sana Ju-Hyun is the quintessential dark haired pixie that flits her way into the fantasies of young men and women desiring their own quirky lover and/or friend. With her distinct diminutive figure, alabaster skin and snarky girlish visage, the holo model can successfully balance believable androgyny and sweet femininity with grace and poise expected from someone of her station.

With a dainty figure, Sana is more often than not the smallest person in her circle of peers and knows full well that she won't be growing any taller within the foreseeable future. However, she utilizes her petite figure to its utmost and has carved a niche in the online modelling world as one of the more delicate and accessible girls to follow. With quiet footsteps, a quick pace and a hands that are almost always graced by her holocaster, the girl moves with the ebb and flow of her fickle attention and only ever stops moving when she needs to update her social media accounts...which is often.

A button nose, dotted with the faintest of freckles, centers the ivory points of her cheekbones. A rosy tint kisses the skin of her face, her peachy lips often curled into a demure simper or pursed in contemplation. A pointed chin leads into a slender neck with pronounced collarbones, flared out either side of her slim shoulders. With her small bust matching the proportions of her elfin figure and flat stomach trained from years of yoga, Sana is the very image of a dedicated health and beauty routine.

Also, her feet are tiny, at a mere size 5.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image





Dians: Posted Image 1000.

Basic Items




Key Items

Posted Image PokéDex
Posted Image Journal
Posted Image Holocaster

TM/HM Case

Posted Image

Trainer Advancement

Advancement Points: 0

Tier 0
- Seeing the Sights (0/15)
- Making Friends (0/15)
- Green Thumb (0/15)
- To Be The Best (0/15)
- Silver Tongue (0/15)
- Nursing (0/15)
- Gift Giving (0/20)
- Maternal Instincts (0/20)
- Genetic Key (0/20)
- TLC (0/25)
- Technology Buff (0/25)
- Oooh Shiny (0/30)


Total EXP Gained: 0

Posted Image
Caught at Level 5


Nickname: Ace
Gender: Male
Type: Posted Image
Ability: Lightning Rod
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 65.7 lbs
Health: Low
EXP Rate: Medium Fast
EXP Gauge: (7/9)
EXP Gained: 0
Level: 5
Division: D8
Total Stats: 55
  • Attack: 14
  • Defense: 9
  • Sp. Attack: 6
  • Sp. Defense: 8
  • Speed: 18 (33%)

Vitamins Used: None
1. Quick Attack
3. Tail Whip
Unique Moves:

PC Box: Stored Pokemon


Adventure Log
Adventure Log goes in here

Edited by Persimmon, 9 Jan 2017, 03:31 PM.
Posted Image
Martini Ravensdale

Sana Ju-Hyun
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Posted Image Finny
Member Avatar

What a great char! I like her a lot and can't seem to find any faults in the app! thus I grant you my 1/2

sorry for the long wait i hadn't been feeling the greatest
Posted Image
many thanks to bones for the awesome graphics <3

Finny Taru • FoxPokemon Trainer • Total EXP Gained: 9 • Dians: *dian* 2360 • Location: Skytouch forest


Yara McGrevor

Jeena Hale

Posted Image
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Posted Image Bones
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Your character application has now been accepted! Please make sure to create a signature of your character. Once that is done, you are now free to RP! If you made a personal mistake with your character, please submit a modification process involving a revamp.

This topic is now closed without further ado.
Posted Image
Sonak Paetdee
Kian Conrad
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