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Locked Topic
Topic Started: 30 Jan 2017, 02:05 PM (629 Views)
Posted Image UrmmuxUnbidden
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Posted Image
Ryan was unconscious.
Posted Image Posted Image
Strange images drifted through his mind. He wouldn't remember them later, but the feeling would stick. It was like a song that he just couldn't reach the melody for.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image
He vaguely remembered being moved into the hospital room. People shouted over him as the blurry images of lights and doctors kept shifting. Despite the whirlwind of noise and movement, he felt relaxed. It must have been drugs.
Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image

Ryan Arcuzza laid on the hospital gurney. There was a machine nearby that would break the silence every once in awhile with a soft note. The small room comprised of slightly off-white walls, a harsh white tile, and a window to the outside of Dianette. The window was shut for the moment, but any minute now a nurse was going to come and open it. Ryan would shut it again as soon as they left. The smell of cleanliness hung around in a stale manner. It was sterile, but the faded, stiff sheets and the hint of discoloration along the seams of the walls gave the room an aged feel.

On Ryan's right shoulder was a thick white cast. Inside of it felt damp, itchy, and deeply painful all at once. This was the first thing he noticed when the drugs wore off. The rest of his body was sore from not moving. He still felt lightheaded.

Maxwell nudged Ryan encouragingly in his good shoulder.

“No. I’m not getting up.”

“Zzzzuuzz,” Maxwell flopped pathetically on Ryan’s arm.
“Zzzzuuzzzz!” The electronic buzz almost sounded like a sob. That got Ryan to sit up.

“Maxwell! I’m sorry. What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”


Ryan and Maxwell went back and forth. Ryan kept guessing various problems and trying to console the tynamo. Eventually, it began to dawn on him. He scooped up the pokemon in his hand and raised him to eye level.

“No Maxwell. It wasn’t your fault. Being stronger wouldn’t have helped.”

“Zzzzuuzzzz!” Maxwell writhed.

“Listen to me, you’ve stuck with me through the worst moments of my life, including this one. That takes strength. You are the strongest Pokemon I’ve ever seen.”

At that moment a nurse came in, walked past the duo, and immediately opened the window. Maxwell dropped all pretense of being sad, and zipped around the nurse. The nurse, used to it by now, ignored him.

"I don't understand why you keep this window closed. It's not good for you when the room gets stuffy." The nurse proceeded to check the IV and place a couple pills on the nightstand beside the bed. "So how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling great," Ryan answered without much enthusiasm.

"That's wonderful news," the nurse feigned. She consulted a clipboard she had brought. "By the end of today you will have recovered from the blood loss. We've already done everything we can for your shoulder, so tomorrow you'll be free to go. In seven weeks the cast can come off.

The nurse waited for Ryan to respond. Ryan nodded and she left. Immediately when the rhythm of her shoes turned a corner, he pulled himself closer to the window and shut it. It was still too cold out.

The satisfaction of the shut window did little to quell the ache through his body. Stuck in the back of his head was a question, and he searched for distractions from it. He could try standing up.
Ryan awkwardly gripped the side of the gurney with his left hand as he attempted to pull himself erect. His feet found the ground, and he shifted his weight. He felt the massive shift in blood flow. It staggered him and left him dizzy. Maxwell feebly pushed him back as he lurched forward.


"Not a great start." Ryan slumped back into the bed. Maxwell was trying to remain energetic, but Ryan noticed that he was now levitating lower than normal.

"Have you been awake ever since Reedriver?"

“Zzuuu.” He had. No wonder Maxwell had gotten emotional earlier. Ryan fished around his bag with his left hand. The bag was conveniently placed just to the side of the gurney. He pulled out Maxwell's pokeball.

"Here, get some rest." Ryan activated it.

It took him much longer than it should have to grab the pills the nurse left and the water still there from yesterday. Trying to do things with his left hand was infuriating; forcing him do to everything slow and measured. It gave him too much time to think. What am I going to do now?

He swallowed the pills. Desperate, Ryan mentally ran through the anatomy of a Cradily. The stem supports a calyx. The nerve ring is around the mouth. It's found in Ordovician layers. It ate drifting zooplankton. It was preyed on by Omaster, until it died out during the second Wendle extinction event.

He failed as a scientist. He couldn't get away from that.

Psychic is weak to bug, dark, and ghost. Psychic types tend to have good special attack and defense. They are best countered with dark types, which itself is weak to bug, fairy, and fighting. Dark types tend to have good attack.

He failed as a trainer.

He didn't even make it to registration. Training at Reedriver was supposed to make things easier. Now he'll never travel to the various Godian caves. He'll never re-open the lab. He'll never fix his mistake.

Ryan laid there, stuck in this thought loop. Hours probably passed, but he wasn't sure. The brooding was interrupted by his Xtransceiver ringing.

"Hello?" he answered.
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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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Posted Image UrmmuxUnbidden
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"Ryan! Did you like your present?" It was Diane.


"Yes! I emailed you a bunch of ID tags. I heard you had decided to register with the TIS. I'm sure you've passed the registration test by now. Congratulations!" Diane's voice was a little raspy with age, but still carried startling energy and optimism.

"I haven't checked a computer recently."
Ryan moved one arm across his chest. If he could move his other arm, they might have been crossed defensively.

"Oh really? Well I sent you stuff! How's being a trainer going?"
"I'm not a trainer." Ryan wished the conversation would end. He began thinking of an excuse to wrap it up.

"You passed the test right?"

"No. Actually I got a little delayed." He wondered what time it was. He could suddenly need to eat lunch or supper.

Diane began to notice that Ryan was being vague. "Where are you? When are you going to take the TIS exams?"

"I'm actually in Diannette. I..."

"That's my favorite city! You need to take a picture and send it to me! I was named after that city you know."

"Yes I know. Ryan had heard that several times. "I don't think I'm going to take the exams. I might just get a regular job. I'd do pretty good with soil analysis for Firebird, I think."

"Take the exams," she ordered.

"Diane. I'm injured. I'm actually in the hospital right now. I mean, I'm okay now, but I'm not a trainer."

"Ryan no! What happened! Do I need to come there?"

"No, I'm fine. I got attacked by a wild pokemon at Reedriver bridge. I've been told I can leave the hospital tomorrow." He moved his arm back to his side, but it was still tense.

"The hospital has a computer, right?" Diane asked.

"Probably. Yes I can go receive your gift. Thank you."

Diane interjected quickly before Ryan ended the call, "Then take the exam."

"That's passed."

"No. Do it." Diane could be relentless. Ryan said nothing.

"You owe me, Ryan," She pressured, "You don't dare refuse to take the exams. I won't let you." Diane hung up.

A moment passed, but Ryan finally relented. Diane was right. He decided that he would run through the process once just to clear his conscious. Ryan shifted to grip the side of the bed again. Slowly, he raised himself up. His right foot shuffled forward. His left foot took a step. Foot by foot, he shuffled to the doorway. Blood rushed through his body, chasing away the deep ache that had settled in his muscles.

Ryan grabbed his bag and walked down the hall.

At the end of the hall was a small room for more mobile patients to congregate. The elevators were located here, as well a television, two old brown couches, and one of those fishtanks that fit into the wall. It looked like it had been a while since the tanks were cleaned, and it's only occupant was a very old clampearl covered in tank scum. In the corner of the room was an outdated computer.

"I can't wait to get out of here," Ryan mumbled. He wished he could take the clampearl with him. He sat down at the computer and pulled up the TIS website. He filled in the information and began the written portion of the test.

Explain the relationship between the clampearl evolutionary line and at least two other benthic pokemon.

Arceus, this was going to be easy.

Which pokemon has the minimum number of weaknesses?

The test just went on like that. It was intended for much younger and less educated applicants. Ryan breezed through 40 questions, even referencing specific academic papers on some of the more open-ended ones. The website let him know that he should get results back in a few hours.

Ryan checked his email. Diane had sent him ID tags for an exp cookie, two mago berries, five oran berries, and most thoughtful of all, a small magnet designed to be held by a pokemon.

"For Maxwell," the email clarified "I hope he likes it."

Ryan retrieved the items and placed them in his bag. He'd be sure to give them to Lissie and Maxwell as soon as they had a chance to rest at a Pokemon center. Ryan stood up carefully; he was beginning to feel light-headed again.

Ryan shuffled back to his room, but the shuffling was different this time. It lacked the somber drag of the first. Ryan crawled back on to the hospital bed and fell asleep.

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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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"I will feel it for both of us." ~Lal

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Posted Image UrmmuxUnbidden
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The next morning, Ryan awoke. The deep ache was gone. He glanced at the clock over the doorway and saw it was 1 pm. The paperwork allowing him to leave was on the stand. He sat up and filled it out. Finally, Ryan was able to leave the hospital.

Walking briskly, he headed out to the nearest pokemon center. If he passed the written portion, which he was sure that he did, he would be given a location and a time for the battle portion, and he had to be ready. He wasn't sure how much time would be left. Despite his rush, Ryan still noticed how pleasant the day was. The handful of trees along the walkway were in full bloom, occasionally dropping tiny white petals on the numerous people underneath. The air was still cold, but there was little wind, allowing the feeling of the sunlight to bring warmth.

He passed the Natural History Museum. The massive pillar that marked the entrance dwarfed the people lining up outside. The line threatened to reach the sidewalk itself. There must have been an event going on. Around the great doorway were carvings of fantastic and ancient beasts. He spotted the long graceful neck of an Aurorus winding around other carvings up the side of the entrance, and the tentacles of some unnamed leviathan hung over the top.

He entered the iconic red and white pokemon center and approached the NRG. This particular center was rather upscale. The common area had sleek furniture and a wall-mounted television. Nobody was watching it though, because someone was running some sort of cooking demonstration. They had even brought in a small portable oven. Ryan overheard pieces of it as he handed the two pokeballs to the nurse working the NRG. The woman who was was talking sounded professional, but with forced enthusiasm. Ryan figured she was trying to sell something.

"You can use any four berries for the poffin, and this method is guaranteed to help your pokemon win ribbons. See if you mix it like this, it causes delayed activation."

While his pokemon healed, Ryan checked his TIS application. He had a message from yesterday.

"Thank you for your interest in the TIS. Your application has been processed and you have passed the written portion of the exam. Your battle portion of the exam will occur at 4:00 pm tomorrow in conference room 4D in the Godian Museum of Natural History. It is the third room down the west corridor."

It was exceedingly curious that his battle was going to be inside of the museum. He couldn't think of a reason for this off the top of his head. The battle wasn't for another hour though, he had plenty of time. The pokemon center worker approached him. The worker was a young man, maybe even a teenager, probably picking up some spare work hours.

"Here's your pokemon back. I hope your arm gets better." He handed Ryan the pokeballs and nodded toward his cast. Ryan nodded back.

"And there! The poffin is now ready to eat!" The woman ended the presentation. The small crowd of trainers around her had various pokemon out. She handed the poffin to a young trainer beside a toxicroak, and the crowd began to disperse. Ryan pressed the buttons on the pokeballs. His two pokemon dashed around in the air.

"Welcome back, Lissie, Maxwell."

"Zzzuuuzzaa!" Maxwell tussled Ryan's hair, causing it to stick up wildly with static.

"Vvvvwwwmmmm," Lissie landed upside-down on the wall. She tested it, carefully. This was her first time being inside of a building, and she didn't trust human things yet. It was warm in here, but there wasn't a lot of space to fly.

"Very shortly, we're going to battle. This will be the first time we'll face off another trainer, and the first time we'll be working together as a team. Are you up for this?"

"Zzzuu!" Maxwell was born ready. Lissie stayed silent.

"I have presents for both of you. Well actually, Diane sent them. I've got two Mago berries."

"Vvvvvvmmmm" Lissie was ready.

"You have berries?"

Ryan flinched. The woman who presented earlier had snuck up on him.

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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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"I will feel it for both of us." ~Lal

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Posted Image UrmmuxUnbidden
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She was very tall, and dressed in a semi-formal brown shirt and pants. She had blond hair with a slight curl to it, and greenish-brown eyes that carried a steady and determined look. She smiled using just the corner of her mouth. She was also a bit too close, and Ryan backed up half a step.

"I might have a handful of berries. I'm sorry, who are you?

"My name's Carol. I'm representing the Contest and Performance Association of Godai. We're doing poffin demonstrations around the country to raise awareness for our upcoming events." She handed Ryan a brochure.

By now it occurred to Lissie to take stock of the room. She quickly noticed what everyone was carrying; brochure, berry, wallet, poffin, pokeball, and a camera held by a human in the corner. Poffins were rare back at Reedriver, and poffin crumbs were like rays from heaven falling to the ground. Lissie eyed the young boy and the toxicroak with extreme jealousy.

"I'll be doing another demonstration in 15 minutes," the woman continued, "but I actually ran out of berries a while ago. If you donate four berries, you get to keep the poffin at the end."

She pointed to the nearby poffin holders. Lissie also noticed her gesture, even if she didn't understand all of the words.

"No thanks," Ryan answered, "We're not inter-"

"Vvvvwwwwmmmmmwwwvvvvmmmmwwwww," the Yanma droned angrily.

"Ah, uh... okay. Lissie, are you sure you want to use the mago berries for this?


Ryan wasn't sure if that was a yes or a no, but Lissie didn't seem to react when he handed off the two mago berries along with two oran berries. It was a good thing he had some time to kill.

"Thank you. I'm sure your Yanma would love a poffin. The demonstration won't be long."

Carol took the berries and began setting up for her next demonstration. Ryan sat down on one of the couches and waited. Maxwell followed him, still nested in his hair. Lissie zipped over and landed on the back of the couch. Ryan took out the magnet for the tynamo.

"I haven't forgot your present. Diane sent this specifically so that your electric moves would be stronger in battle. I'll be sure to thank her on your behalf."

Maxwell grabbed the end of the magnet with his mouth. A wave of static shimmered down his body.

"Zzzzrrriiiii! Zzzzuuu zzzaazzzz."

You don't have to carry that the whole time."

Ryan held his hand out. It was a small magnet, but tynamo was a small pokemon. The iron bar caused Maxwell to levitate at an angle, facing down. It stuck out of his face like a miniature trumpet. Still, Maxwell did not let go. He loved this magnet.

Lissie was paying attention to something else. In the meantime, the woman had been talking. There was less of a crowd this time, but the woman went through all the steps with the same plastic determination. Slowly but surely, the berries looked more and more like the coveted pastry Lissie craved. The yanma waited, staying perfectly still. She was no stranger to patience. Eventually, it was done.

"and there you go! That's how you make a perfect poffin! We hope to see you soon at our various contest halls."

Carol walked back over to Ryan, and attempted to hand him the completed poffin. Lissie was faster. She grabbed it and flew to the corner, landing upside down on the ceiling. Now, nobody else could reach her poffin.

"It seems like she likes it," Ryan told the demonstrator. "Thanks."

"My pleasure. I do have to leave now. I'll be headed to Kroy for to help set up. Hopefully, I'll see you there, right?"

"Uhh... perhaps." Ryan was pretty sure he had better things to do than a contest, but he didn't want to be rude.

"Well, goodbye. I hope your arm gets better!" Carol left.

The cast was clearly designed to stabilize his shoulder, but Ryan thought better than to correct her. Meanwhile, Lissie savored every bite. The mago debt was paid.

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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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Posted Image UrmmuxUnbidden
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After Lissie ate the poffin, Ryan also handed her the exp cookie. The cookie dissapeared in just a couple bites. The group finally left the pokemon center and headed to the museum. The line at the entrance to the massive building was much shorter now. Ryan walked up the steps and entered.

In the middle of the atrium stood an impressive tyrantrum skeleton, rivaled in magnitude by the massive tyranitar shell beside it. The impossibly high ceiling at the top of the towering atrium only magnified the size of these monsters. The polish on the tyrantrum skeleton reflected the numerous ornate chandeliers that hung down, arranged in circular layers. The emptiness of the sandstone-like shell of the tyranitar gave it a hollow, distant feel. Some museum executive probably had the bright idea to pose them as though they were in fierce battle, even though they lived eons apart. Tyrantrum was bent down, coiled for a lunge at the tyranitar's midsection. The tyranitar was mid-strike for a devastating downward blow.

The two skeletal titans fought their battle inside a circle of velvet rope, and along the walls were various signs between dozens of small fossils. They were mostly the flattened kind, such as fish skeletons and footprints. Nobody really ever seemed to look at these.

Ryan consulted a map, and then pushed past a crowd. Maxwell and Lissie flew over it. Ryan had been to this museum for five different birthdays in the past, and effortlessly navigated around to where he needed to be. Just a few minutes later, he approached room 4D, and noticed that it was a huge storage room, used for exhibits that have been rotated out. A sign hung on the door

Notice, temporarily reserved for TIS

He opened the door. Stacks of wooden boxes had been pushed to the side. Instead of stored exhibits, the bulk of the space was taken up by a room-sized table at waist height. On the table sat a wooden maze. The walls of the maze were high enough to block Ryan's vision. The structure was as wide as six or seven couches, reaching from the pushed-aside crates to a meter away from the other wall. Ryan could only guess how deep it was. There was an opening to the maze, revealing that the corridors were as big as a sidewalk.

Standing in the corner was who Ryan presumed to be his opponent.

"You must be Mr. Arcuzza."

Eric Reyes formally shook Ryan's hand. He was a tall black man with short, curly hair. His low, gravelly voice carried through the whole room, echoing off the walls of the maze. Eric studied him, sizing him up. He noted Ryan's pokemon and let the moment hang while he thought. Feeling the tension in the air, both Lissie and Maxwell hovered behind Ryan.

]"Your team will be fighting my helioptile and my ferrothorn in the maze. You'll be able to see the surroundings immediately around your team and issue commands. I notice that both your pokemon can fly. If either of them goes higher than the walls of the maze, they are disqualified. Are you ready?

First, Ryan was taken aback by the sheer professionalism. Kids were supposed to pass this, right? Eric's tall imposing stature and voice fed his doubts about the whole thing.

Second, Ryan realized he couldn't beat a ferroseed. Steel and grass resisted every single move he had, and his pokemon would take damage from everything except Maxwell's charge beam. It wouldn't be hard at all for Eric to take out Maxwell.

No, this is crap, Ryan stated.

"Excuse me?" Generally future TIS members were more polite. This would go in his report.

"You studied my pokemon before choosing your own. You specifically picked your team so that I wouldn't stand a chance. This exam is biased. I'm not fighting your ferrothorn."

"I thought you were smarter than this." Eric didn't mean that as an insult. He was sincerely disappointed.

"I read your written exam. It's obvious you have some education. I need to know if you have more than just facts. You will be facing unfair battles your whole life. If you want to pass this exam you will find a way to defeat ferrothorn. This discussion is done."

Eric handed Ryan a small screen before abruptly walking to the other side of the maze. Ryan was tempted to do that too, just walk away. He didn't have to do this.

Encounter Roll

Pokemon Declaration

Ryan turned to walk away, but Maxwell didn't budge. The small tynamo levitated defiantly in place just in the entrance to the maze, still clinging fast to his precious magnet. Lissie joined him, having somehow snatched an oran berry from the backpack. Lissie had even gotten excited about the battle, and Ryan owed it to both of them to fight. The screen Ryan held flickered to life, and showed his team at the ready, waiting for him.

Ryan turned back around. He couldn't complain about fairness without being fair himself.

"Okay. We'll do this. Lissie, don't eat that yet, you might need it. Stick together for now, and go slowly so that I can keep track of where you are."

The duo disappeared in to the labyrinth of wood.

"Maxwell, you aren't stuck to the magnet, are you?" Ryan joked.

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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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For a moment, Lissie and Maxwell wandered the maze uneventfully. Around them was a sea of wooden walls, turns, and corners. Ryan was trying to keep a map in his head, but it was getting harder and harder. He was fairly confident that the maze didn't extend past about 20 meters, but it was difficult to be sure.

Every once in a while, Ryan would shout a direction. Eric, unseen at the other end of the maze, never uttered a word.

Did his pokemon have the maze memorized? Ryan worried. The duo turned another corner. Eric's helioptile streaked down the corrider from behind them. Both Maxwell and Lissie dove in for a tackle.

Why would the helioptile just run and not attack? The lizard was faster than both of them. Neither tackle landed. It's an ambush.

"Maxwell, Lissie, look out!

It happened in a flash. From around the corner at the end of the corrider the ferrothorn rebounded off of the wall. It was spinning wildly, scoring a deep gash in the wood as it launched toward Lissie. Ryan recognized the ferrothorn's movements as rollout, which was just about the only way a ferrothorn could ever move that fast.

Maxwell dodged, but only because he wasn't the target. Ferrothorn crashed into Lissie and kept going. The rollout had built a lot of momentum, and the yanma had a 4x weakness. Lissie could barely stand. Her legs were shaking, and only one wing vibrated in spurts. The ferrothorn ricocheted behind another corner before Maxwell could fire a charge beam.

Hit-and-run. So that was his game.

"Lissie, you should eat your berry now. It won't heal all the damage, but it will help."

The yanma ate her oran. She buzzed her wings a couple times before being able to fly again.

"Okay, good. Let's keep moving." Ryan needed time to think of a counter. continuing to move wasn't guaranteed to give him that time, but staying put was certain defeat. At least Eric's team would have to find each other and then find his team.

The group made it past several corridors of the maze, including one long straight section that Ryan was sure by now ended at the outer maze wall. Lissie and Maxwell continued for a minute before Ryan had an idea.

"Let's turn around," He led them back to to the straightaway.

"Alright, use tackle on the wall. Let's break the maze."

Maxwell, unquestioning, slammed into the wood. After a couple strikes from the tynamo, Lissie joined in. They could hear the ferrothorn approaching, drilling it's wild path along the ground. Ryan picked up on their furtive glances. The wood began to splinter. Meanwhile, unseen, Eric was pleased. He didn't know what Ryan was planning, but he was glad that the challenger found something to try. The veteran smiled.

Wait, stop, Ryan shouted, loud enough for Eric to hear, "If we break the maze and run around outside, that won't disqualify us will it? Even if we don't go above the height of the maze?"

So Ryan could think outside the box, although it was kind of a silly notion. What else did this trainer have up his sleeve?

"Unfortunately, yes it will disqualify you, although that was a good idea. Keep trying."

"Augh, fine." Ryan feigned. That was exactly what he wanted to hear, but he didn't want to let Eric catch on.

Eric's team rounded the corner. The ferrothorn barreled toward Lissie, picking more and more speed. At Ryan's command, Maxwell engaged the helioptile, chasing it off to a different area.

"Lissie, go up."

Yes, she would be disqualified, but she was going to be out of the fight no matter what at this point. Ryan didn't need her to get hurt unnecessarily, and he didn't want her absorbing the ferrothorn's momentum. The wrecking ball of a pokemon crashed into the splintered wall of the maze, and broke through.

"Ferrothorn is disqualified," Ryan could barely keep the satisfaction out of his voice. The ferrothorn dropped to the floor of the room, clearly outside the boundary of the maze. It bounced once, ringing from the metallic impact.

Eric paused, but was only stunned for half a second. He should have seen that coming.

"Churchill, use pound on the tynamo!" He shouted to his remaining battler. There was no use for ambush tactics anymore.

As the helioptile turned around, Maxwell's tackle caught up to him. Maxwell had struck first. Ryan was confident in his victory. The battler's only effective moves at this point were tackle and pound, and had similar attack and health.

The helioptile struck the tynamo, and Maxwell hit back. This was too easy now.

The helioptile struck again, and critically hit. Maxwell dropped his magnet, and writhed on the floor of the maze, unable to levitate.

"Maxwell! Come back." Ryan retrieved the tynamo and his magnet with a pokeball. He then stormed past the maze to where Eric was.

"You just got lucky! Ryan pointed accusingly.

"A successful trainer accounts for luck."

"So just because you got a cheap shot in, I fail the exam. Ryan was usually more sensible than this, but he was angry that it happened to Maxwell. The tynamo had been nothing but enthusiatic, and deserved better.

"No, you passed," Eric corrected.


"Yes, I said to pass you need to beat ferrothorn, and you did. Congratulations." Eric handed Ryan his new license. Ryan accepted, and took a moment just to look at it. The motion was faint, transient, but at the corners of his mouth, he smiled.

"Thank you."
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Ryan Arcuzza • Scientist • Total EXP Gained: 5 • Dians: 3708 • Location: Diannette

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Battle summary

"Your next step is to get in touch with your assigned professor. Fortunately, we held this exam in the museum out of convenience. He gave a tour today, and should have finished just a few minutes ago. I'll send him a message to let him know you passed. You can meet him in front of the anorith exhibit."

Eric tapped a couple buttons on his holocaster.

"You did a fine job, I'm sure he'll be pleased"

Ryan nodded at Eric, and left the room. Lissie followed closely behind. Ryan walked very quickly, using his good arm to smooth his shirt the best that he could. He knew for a fact that the great professor Maxwell Ashford often gave tours at the museum. His heart raced as he prepared to meet his hero.

The trainer passed through the diorama hallway. Modeled there were all of Godai's greatest moments throughout history. Unlike his last visit, he skipped reading all of the intricate explanations outline in black text beside the displays.

It felt weird, walking around with Lissie instead of Maxwell. He couldn't tell what she was thinking. He didn't find meaning in her unwavering drone behind him. She could be judging his every move, or wishing she was back at Reedriver. It was all just... wrong, having a yanma follow him around instead of an adorable tynamo.

At last, Ryan made it to the anorith exhibit. In the center was a small stand, holding up the exoskeleton of the ancient bug. All around were people looking at the various murals and depictions of how anorith likely lived millions of years ago. Some of the art was really breathtaking, even though Ryan spotted a couple of anatomical mistakes. Lissie rested on a stanchion.

None of the people around were Professor Ashford. None of them were even professor-ish. His soon-to-be superior must still be getting here. Ryan tried to calm down.

Moments later, a lanky man strode into the room in a hurry. He had on a gray coat and a gray pair of slacks, but a bright blue shirt underneath his formal wear, as well as a matching small earring. The man wore a tired, but calculating face under a scraggly mass of curly brown hair. The professor made a beeline for Ryan.

"I'm so sorry. I was just answering questions at the end of the tour. Congratulations Mr. Arcuzza, I'm your assigned professor.

Ryan recognized him immediately as Professor Leigh Raymond Marshall, the man who ruined his life. Ryan bit his cheek, hard, as he forced himself to be civil. He realized that Professor Marshall wasn't personally responsible for the implications of doing his job well. Marshall didn't deserve his anger, but knowing that didn't make it easier to deal with. The professor tried to shake his hand, but he absentmindedly went for the standard right hand, allowing Ryan to ignore the gesture.

"I heard what happened out by the bridge. I hope you get well soon. I'm also very glad you're here. As soon as I saw your application, I requested to be assigned to you immediately. You worked at the Oriclair lab, right? I read a few of their articles. It'll be good to have a scientific mind out in the field."

Ryan nodded weakly.

"I saw on your application that you named your tynamo Maxwell. I take it you're a big fan of Professor Ashford. Good choice, he's a great man. Is that your Yanma over there? She's not very well-behaved, is she?"

Bored, Lissie had stolen someone's phone before dropping it across the room. Ryan winced.

"My apologies," He addressed the victim.

Ryan sent the Yanma back in to her pokeball.

"She just recently joined the team."

"I see," the professor responded. "Well, as far as TIS assignments go, how would you like to visit Sagan's Den? We've been picking up some strange seismic activity, and I was hoping that if you go on site, you'd be able to help us piece it together."

Finally, Ryan had some luck. That coincided nicely with his larger goal.

"I'd need some time to prepare. The first geodude or onix I encounter in the caves would wreck my team." he admitted.

As much as he wanted to start on step 3 of his plan, there wouldn't always be a maze or a riverbank to exploit, and he needed to cover his weaknesses first. He also needed to make sure he had enough money for the itemfinder app.

"Not an issue. Take your time."

"Alright, thanks. I'll head to Kroy shortly then.

Ryan turned around and headed toward the exit. He could tell that Marshall wanted to talk some more, but the whole situation was awkward for him. It was an unfortunate coincidence, but as long as Ryan stuck to the script, he shouldn't have to interact too much with the professor.
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Ryan actually stuck around Diannette for a while. There was one last thing he needed to do here.

After a short visit back to the pokemon center, Ryan showed Maxwell the new license. Maxwell may not have understood the license, but Ryan explained that they "won" the battle. He took a picture of the tynamo proudly holding the card.

Ryan and his team made their way over to the trees along the sidewalk, and he took a picture of Lissie and Maxwell darting through the falling blossoms. He took pictures of the entrance to the museum, of a restaurant he stopped at for a quick meal, and of magnificent skyline of the city itself.

After taking sufficient pictures, he sent them to Diane, and called her.

"Hey, this is Ryan.


"Yes! I passed. I'm glad you like the pictures."


"I'm all right, I was just calling because we didn't have a chance to have a decent conversation last time. It's been too long since we really talked.

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RP Notes

  • "He felt relaxed. It must've been drugs" This made me laugh haha
  • Presents are always fun to receive~
  • How To Make Poffins with Tall Lady
  • Ryan is getting angryyyyy
  • Ryan is super angry haha
  • Jeez Ryan, you passed, stop being so angry!
  • Ryan's afraid of getting wrekt by an Onix. Who isn't?
  • ...What's up with the last post?

Topic Record

  • Ryan is in Dianette
  • Ryan receives his Delimas presents!
  • Ryan encounters TIS Veteran Eric Reyes!
  • Lissie and May are disqualified
  • Churchill defeats Maxwell!
  • Ryan loses to Eric, but passes his exam!
  • Ryan continues on his journey...

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