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[Evaluated]Learning A Little Something About Yourself; Progressive Topic!
Topic Started: 9 Mar 2017, 07:28 PM (408 Views)
Posted Image SilverPhantom
Member Avatar
The Phantom Pegasus, Master of Cookies

Night was falling as Orion drove into Kroy, Arden buckled into the front seat, and his other two pokemon safely ensconced within their pokeballs at his belt. The night sky was painted above him as he drove past the harbor, the full moon high in the sky over the city lights as he pulled into the Everlight District. Bright, almost harsh beams struck against his irises as he rode slowly through the busiest section of the district, using the quickest way to get to his destination.

“...temperatures are expected to be quite mild tomorrow in the metro area.” droned the radio as Orion winded his way through a mass of jaywalking tourists, tapping his fingers impatiently on the top of his steering wheel. He passed a topless female, her nearly flat chest painted over with some sort of floral design, curling around her breasts -Orion jerked the steering wheel hard as he nearly avoided crashing his vehicle into the side of the car beside him.

He smacked his hand against the steering wheel, forcefully focusing his eyes ahead of him onto the road, trying to rid his mind’s eye of the beautiful woman teasing him and making blood rush rather unpleasantly to a part of his body that he’d rather not think about right now. “Maaaaaaaaaareeeee!” came the sharp, accusing cry from beside him. Orion tossed his head back and sighed.

“Really, you’re going to lecture me now?” he said disbelievingly, turning to his pokemon. Arden gave him a sharp look from under his puff of white floof. Orion sighed. “Well now, I suppose I do deserve it, getting… distracted like that, but it’s not like I’ve had a piece of tail in ages,” he moaned, bringing the car to a stop at a red light.

Arden gave him an unimpressed look but gave no further sound. He was used to his partner’s grumbling. Orion didn’t really want a girl like that anyway. They disgusted him; he wanted someone with more honor than that. But the man was lonely, for sure. His job didn’t allow for him to get close to many people -he kept most at arm’s length at least, or further usually.

Orion sighed again as the car jolted back into motion. He drove past a fire-eater swallowing a vulpix’s fire -an impressive sight; usually one he would admire, but this time his eyes just slid past without even a glimmer of interest. As they rode past the Red King Cinema, the impressive theatre glimmering and hooting with its bells and whistles at this time of night, Orion was deaf and blind to all but his own misery.

He grunted unsatisfactorily as the car pulled alongside the Grand Contest Hall, the doors closed and silent against the otherwise hopping and bright Everlight District at night. It was a rarity to see the normally popular musical hall quiet and dark, but Orion supposed they couldn’t have a musical every night.

The young man drove the car up a short slope that led around a circle to the parking lot of a Pokemon Center. Orion put the car in park as he pulled into a spot near the door. He opened the door and walked around the car, opening the other door for Arden. The pink pokemon had unbuckled himself, and clambered out of the car, wincing when he accidentally rubbed up against the door as he got out.

“You alright, Arden?” Orion asked in concern, noticing the flinch. Arden nodded, waddling around the car door with a low murmur.

“Mauuureee,” Arden headbutted the bottom of Orion’s hand, and the twenty-eight year old smiled gently down at the flaaffy, threading his fingers through the wooly white fur that adorned Arden’s head.

“Everything will turn out OK, you’ll see, Arden,” the man whispered to his partner, kneeling beside the fuchsia-hued pokemon to give his partner a delicate hug before standing and shutting the car door.

They walked into the Pokemon Center Hospital side-by-side, the flaaffy still covered with his bandages that Orion had conjured up from his pack down at the shoal. For the time of night they had shown up, there were a surprising amount of people and pokemon inside the center, various trainers and pokemon milling about the clean inside of the hospital.

Many basic-stage pokemon were to be spotted hanging around their trainers. There were the typical lab pokemon, the charmander, bulbasaur, and squirtle, as well as the pikachu and fennekin and turtwig, mudkip, cyndaquil -all kinds of lab pokemon. There were also sentret and caterpie and weedle, snorunt and swinub, numel and seedot, even a gastly or a duskull here or there. There were even a few trainers with an electrike and Orion even spotted a kid with a mareep! He smiled fondly at that, remembering when Arden had been a mareep.

Orion wondered why all the trainers seemed content to just wander the Pokemon Center instead of getting their pokemon seen to until he realized that not a single pokemon seemed ill or injured. They were here for the free beds. He was struck by the thought, and it saddened him for a moment, to see all these kids without enough money to stay at a hotel for the night. But maybe they were just saving money by staying at the Pokemon Center. They didn’t seem upset by it, after all, he thought, scanning their faces.

Most of them seemed excited, animated by talking to their neighbor or someone across from them, while others seemed bored at the very least, throwing a pokeball in the air and catching it the next second. A houndour sitting by one trainer’s feet kept perking up its ears as the pokeball was thrown in the air, its tail wagging, only to fall again as the trainer caught the ball easily. Orion felt a smile curl at his lips at the sight; dog pokemon always did have a thing for balls, it seemed like.

“Maaaree!” a short cry from beside him brought Orion back to the situation at hand, he looked down at Arden apologetically, a wry smile upon his lips. Arden was looking at him with half-lidded, annoyed eyes, already knowing how his trainer tended to observe his surroundings and get caught up in them instead of focusing on the task at hand -handy in investigations but not so handy when trying to do normal, everyday tasks.

“Right,” Orion muttered. He strode forward, weaving in and out of the milling trainers, Arden waddling along next to him. He reached the counter without incident, thankfully, and placed his arms on the counter, one folded over the other. The assistant was busy typing at the computer and barely looked up at him as she popped her bubblegum and muttered something indistinct at him, gesturing towards the clipboards scattered on the counter.

Orion furrowed his brows, his jaw clenching as he looked at the clipboards, seeing an intake form for a night at the Pokemon Center to fill out. “I’m not here to stay at the center,” he stated, barely keeping the irritation from his voice. “I have a-”

“Visiting hours are over at five o’clock, it says it on the papers you have to sign when you admit your pokemon into the hospital,” the secretary interrupted him, sounding harried and harassed.

“Excuse me,” Orion snapped out through gritted teeth, and the assistant finally looked up at his face, startled. “My pokemon is hurt. I’d like some assistance, if that’s not too much to ask?” Orion found himself sneering, irritated beyond comprehension by now. It was one thing to have a bad day; he had bad days all the time, but to take it out on a client was a huge no-no, and that was one thing that Orion had learned a long time ago. It just wasn’t done. The assistant would be lucky if Orion didn’t report her!

“O-of course, sir!” the secretary said, standing up hurriedly. She typed something up on the computer quickly, then led Orion and Arden into a room, where they only waited a few moments before a nurse showed up.

“I wanted to apologize for Miranda, she’s a new assistant,” The nurse immediately apologized upon entering the room. “I am Nurse Kaylee, how may I help you this evening?”

“It’s alright, Nurse Kaylee,” Orion said easily, waving it off. “I wanted someone to take a look at Arden; get him a full check-up, after the fight on the shoal…” he went on to describe the fight with the corsola that they’d had earlier that day.

“Hmmm,” Nurse Kaylee checked under the makeshift bandages. “Well, whoever did these bandages did a good job, these are almost professionally-done; I’d say!” Orion glowed with pride at this, and Arden rolled his eyes over his shoulder at his trainer.

“I’d say a run through the NRG is in order, and he should be good to go!” Nurse Kaylee said cheerfully. “If you’ll return him to his pokeball, I’ll run him through the basic NRG here in the room, and we’ll send you on your way!”

Orion removed a basic pokeball from his belt and clicked the middle button, returning the flaaffy into bytes of data so that he fit inside the tiny ball, and handed the ball over to the nurse gingerly. Nurse Kaylee took the red and white ball and placed it inside a big box with small dents within to hold up to six balls, and once she placed the ball within, she sealed the box shut with a press of a touchscreen to the side. She scrolled through several options on the menu before selecting an option and the machine kicked on, making a musical hum as it lit up, pulsating several times as it worked its magic.

Within a few moments, the machine had done its work, and Orion’s pokeball was back in his hand. He pressed the button on the middle of the white and red ball again, releasing Arden back into the physical world with a cry of - “Maaaaaaarrrrreeee!” and Arden was back, looking as good as new. No bandages adorned his form, and the bruises that had been forming on his rosy skin were gone; the negative-ion regenerators had done their work excellently.

“Thank you,” Orion nodded at Nurse Kaylee, a little stiffly, but there was joy in his eyes.

“Of course, sir!” Nurse Kaylee was understanding, seeing the love he had for his pokemon. “I’ll go get your discharge papers and we should be good to get you out of here!” She left the room, and Orion was left with his pokemon in private. He knelt at his partner’s side and gave the fuchsia pokemon a crushing embrace.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, Arden,” he whispered into his pokemon’s fluffy wool, and his pokemon patted him on the back, understanding the sentiment, if not the entire meaning behind the words. The two broke apart as the door to the room was opened once more, Nurse Kaylee striding in with Arden’s discharge papers.

“Alright, sir. If I could see your trainer’s license, we’ll get you out of here in a jiffy!” Nurse Kaylee spoke brightly.

Orion produced the card from his wallet and the nurse scanned it easily with a handheld scanning device on her cart. She scrolled through her computer for a moment, reading through something -likely his file, before noting something on the discharge papers and handing them over to him. “Alrighty! If you would just sign here, and here, Mr. D’Aramitz, we’ll get you out of here and back into battles!”

The man gave a cough. “Hopefully not anytime soon,” he said sternly, looking at Arden meaningfully, and Arden just looked back at him innocently. Honestly, it was Orion who managed to get them in messes in the first place, Arden wasn’t sure why his trainer was looking at him that way!

“Oh, yes, yes, of course!” Nurse Kaylee chatted cheerfully. “By the way, are you in any way related to the D’Aramitzes… you know, the wine company owners? The ones that own that huge vineyard out in Kotoba?” Nurse Kaylee asked casually. Orion froze, his whole demeanor shifting.

“I… I’d prefer not to answer,” he snapped stiffly, plucking his trainer’s license from the woman’s outstretched fingers. His jaw was clenched, and a twitch could be seen in his left eyelid. Even Arden, who’d been at ease the entire visit, had stiffened at the mention of the D’Aramitz family, his wooly fur bristling with static at the reminder of his time at their hands.

“Ah… forgive me, sir, I didn’t mean to pry,” Nurse Kaylee faltered, and handed him the clipboard for him to sign the papers.

“It’s… fine,” Orion replied, sighing. “I… dislike being reminded of my family, is all. Here’s my signature. If that’s all, I’d like to get going with Arden.” He stood, Arden waddling to his side, and strode toward the door.

“Uhm, yes, this should be in order,” the nurse replied, looking down at his signatures. “Have a nice evening, Mr. D’Aramitz! And you as well, Arden, you cutie; no getting yourself hurt again now!” She bid them farewell as they left the room.

Orion led them out into the main room and through the exit, not even looking up as the assistant tried to get his attention; no doubt to apologize for her earlier rudeness, but he was in no mood to listen to her stumbling attempts at an apology. He strode through the parking lot to his car, letting Arden into the passenger side before shutting the car door and getting in the other side.

The young man sighed as he slumped into the driver’s seat. He checked the clock as the key scraped into the ignition and turned. 22:34 glowed up at him in a green light and he brought a hand up to his eyes to rub at his suddenly closed eyelids in tiredness. He really had to get home and get some sleep. Anything else he had to do would have to wait until tomorrow.

He pulled out of the parking lot, and drove off. He pulled into a side street and drove up the road, yawning, as Arden slumped over in the passenger seat. His partner was as tired as he was, and as Orion pulled into the parking lot of his small apartment complex, he was relieved to see that there was a space just outside his apartment. He pulled into the space, and tumbled out of the car sleepily, opening the car door for Arden, and locking the vehicle up before stumbling to the door of his apartment, yawning again behind a hand.

The key turned in the lock, and Orion pushed the door open, stumbling inside the apartment, kicking off his shoes as Arden waddled in after him. He flicked on the light, casting a dim yellow hue over everything: the cluttered desk manning the end of the living room and the holographic tv set up across the room from a sagging two-seater couch sat across from a dining room that held a small table seated for one with a rickety old wooden chair that bent over on one side as one of its legs was shorter than the other three.

A half-wall separated the dining room from the kitchen, and a short hallway led to a bedroom with a bathroom attached. Orion stumbled down the hallway, pushing open the door to his bedroom and collapsing in a heap upon his bed, Arden following, after shutting off the lights in the front room. Soon the two were rolled up together on the bed, Arden bunched up under the covers with Orion curled around him, a blanket was thrown over the man’s body instead of getting under the covers with the electric type, and they were both fast asleep.

Word Count: 2,644
Reason for Editing: Added bold to the dialogue
Edited by SilverPhantom, 10 May 2017, 11:39 AM.
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

Alexa Ereignis

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Posted Image SilverPhantom
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The Phantom Pegasus, Master of Cookies

Orion and Arden were not the only partners to visit the Pokemon Center that night. Another pair of pokemon and human were there, but with far more sinister designs. The mysterious figure that had been following Orion through the Shoaltide Path had followed him into Kroy, to this Pokemon Center. The silent person’s pokemon, a mischievous rotom with an electrifying personality, bounced impatiently next to the dark figure as they entered the Pokemon Center.

No one even looked up at their entrance, the assistant too harassed from her new duties and overwhelming tasks to notice one more guest in the midst of the many trainers looking to stay the night. The sheer number of kids milling about the center made it easy for the dark figure to stay unnoticed as he slipped through the crowd, keeping his rotom close. The mysterious man noted Orion and his pokemon standing at the counter, and smiled evilly. They would be in for an unpleasant surprise, that was for sure!

The mysterious man knew the general layout of most Pokemon Centers, and as he came to a set of double doors, he quietly ordered his rotom to scramble the electronic waves in the door pads, enough to open the doors momentarily. The rotom leapt into action, jumping up onto the door pad and covering it with its body before injecting it with electricity carefully. The rotom’s face was screwed up with concentration, as it made the electricity flow in the exact way that it wanted. The doors clicked as the locks opened, and the man smiled again in that evil way as he pushed them open.

“Good job, Rotom!” He praised the rotom, and the rotom leapt off the door pad, looking proud of itself. The two partners continued on into the Pokemon Center, heading for the Generator Room.

Unbeknownst to the mysterious man, the scrambling of the codes and the opening of the doors this way had set off an alarm, in the control room of a certain base not far from the Pokemon Center. “La Numero, you might want to take a look at this,” a woman wearing green wire spectacles stated primly from her position behind a high-tech monitor. “There’s been a breach in Sector 2, leading to the Generator Room. Should we shut down the experiments and call the police in or deal with it ourselves?”

La Numero was a short man that was followed around constantly by a hulking machamp on one side and an equally muscled machoke on the other side. He wore all-blue clothing, matching the teal skin of his machamp, and his dark brown eyes stared ponderingly at the image of the man with the rotom.

“Attach a listening device to the man. I want to know what his designs are before we capture him. Forego calling the police for now. They will only get in the way,” The man’s voice was cold, with a bitingly cruel edge to it.

“Very well, sir,” the woman replied, typing something into the monitor in front of her.

A tiny robot shaped like a cutiefly extracted itself from the wall and flew stealthily towards the man and his rotom. It slipped into the bag carried by the man, clinging to the inside mesh with ease.

The mysterious man continued down the hallway, determined to cause the mischief he had come here for. He paused at several more junctions of doors, each one protected by a keypad on the wall, which the man easily overcame with his rotom partner.

It wasn’t long until the man was standing in the Pokemon Center’s generator room, facing the generators.

Unbeknownst to the man, La Numero had long since left his station to confront him. So when the mysterious man turned to talk to his rotom partner, he believed himself to be alone with the pokemon. “Alright, Rotom. We need to cause as much chaos as possible if we want to cause trouble for that… so-called detective.” His words were laced with disgust and contempt.

The rotom didn’t fully understand his partner’s hate for the weird guy they’d been following, but one thing the rotom had been born for, it was mischief, and a chance for mischief like this only came along once in a lifetime. The rotom was nearly vibrating from all the energy he could imagine sucking up from this place alone!

The rotom grinned up at his partner, and turned toward one of the generators, ready to begin his mischief.

“I’d highly recommend that you step away from the generators, now.” the cold command came from the corner of the dark room. Both of you.”

The man turned, surprised by the interruption. His vivid, strangely violet eyes landed on a blue-clad, shorter man with a blue crop of hair that barely rose above the man’s head. A grey-skinned machoke stood at his side. The first man sneered.

“And why should I do that?” he asked rudely.

A sudden clamp of huge fists around his upper arms caused the man to jerk, looking over his shoulder at the hulking machamp currently holding him down.

The blue-clad man rose a single, elegant brow. “I believe Prix is quite cross with you for being rude to me,” he stated, his voice tinged with a slight accent that the first man couldn’t place. He squirmed in the machamp’s grip, gritting his teeth angrily.

“Release me, you beast!” he snapped. “Rotom! Use-”

“I wouldn’t try that, if I were you,” the shorter man interrupted. “Seeing as how Prix is holding onto you so tightly… were your rotom to use any electrical attack, the electricity would flow into you. And physical attacks are nothing to Prix, least of all one that a teeny rotom could come up with.”

The first man flushed angrily. “See here! I demand that you release me, immediately! I have rights, you know!”

The shorter man threw back his head and laughed, a bone-chilling, cruel laugh. “Ah, if only I were of law enforcement, my poor little mischief-maker! But alas, unfortunately for you, I care little for laws, nor of what ‘rights’ you may think you have. But according to my code? You surrendered all rights when you broke into our facility and began throwing your weight around, as if you had any idea as to the impact you would bring upon your own head!”

The first man grew red in anger. “Just who do you think you are, anyway?!” he snapped.

The blue-clad man grinned, and it was an unpleasant, shark-like grin that sent shivers up the other man’s spine. “I have many names, but you will refer to me as ‘La Numero’,” he purred. “Now, I must admit… I’m quite curious as to what, exactly, you expected to accomplish here with your mischief-making, hmm?”

The other man spat, the glob of spittle flying across the room to just miss La Numero’s shoes by a centimetre. La Numero’s grin twitched, a cruel gleam entering his eyes. “Very well. There are… more enjoyable ways of getting information from you. Well. More enjoyable for me. I’m afraid you won’t enjoy it at all.” The shark-like grin was back.

“You’re crazy!” The as-of-yet-unnamed man shrieked.

La Numero’s eyes gleamed. “Ah, ah, ah,” he tutted. “I prefer the term… eccentric.” he grinned again, showing his perfect teeth, the pearly-whites gleaming under the dim glow from the generators. “Now, let’s begin with a simple question, hmm? What. Is. Your. Name?” Each syllable was punctuated by the slow stretching of the male’s arms so that they were splayed spread-eagled against the wall by the machamp.

Though no pain had as of yet come to him, the man was intimidated by this show of strength and sincerity from “La Numero.” He gulped loud enough to be heard, and shrunk under the piercing, contemptuous glance given to him by La Numero.

“I’m… Rameses. Rameses Galorian,” the man said, cursing himself for his own weakness, and resolving to keep quiet about anything else.

La Numero patted Rameses’ head condescendingly, ignoring the look of hate he received from the violet-eyed man. The blue-clad man reached into his pocket, extracting a small pocketknife, which he unfolded and held before Rameses’ face. “Now, you’ll want to answer this next question quickly and honestly if you want to keep your pretty face. And it would be such a shame to ruin such a visage, wouldn’t you agree, Prix?”

The machamp grunted in agreement, glaring down at Rameses, hwe grip on Rameses’ arms growing tighter for a moment, causing a squeak to escape Rameses’ tightly closed lips. “What do you want from me?” Rameses demanded.

“Not much, I assure you,” La Numero purred, running a finger lightly along the flat of his blade. “I merely wondered… what would bring you to the bowels of the Center? Nothing good, I assume, especially since you had your little, eh, friend, scramble the codes on our keypads.”

“It’s none of your business!” Rameses spat, only to suck in a sharp breath as the knife slashed right in front of his eye.

“Ah, ah, ah,” La Numero tutted. “I wouldn’t act smart, if I were you, my young friend. My hand might slip, next time. Then we might have to see how you would fair with only one eye.”

Rameses gritted his teeth, but did not answer.

“Let’s try this again, hmm? What did you come here for? the question was pointed and spoken harshly.

Ramases ground his teeth for a moment, before swallowing and responding. “I wanted to cause trouble for a guy that’s currently getting his pokemon checked out.” Rameses’ lip curled up in response to his thoughts turning to Orion D’Aramitz. How the detective made his blood boil! He just wanted to take his vengeance; why was the world against him?!

“A guy, hmm? And this person’s name would be?”

Orion D’Aramitz, Ramases spat the name, sneering openly. “The bane of my existence,” he added bitterly.

La Numero paused, a shot of recognition bolting through him. D’Aramitz? he questioned, a gleam of something in his eyes. “And, why is it exactly, you have a problem with Mr. D’Aramitz?” he questioned, interested.

“The bastard is the reason my girlfriend is still missing! He failed to find her! She’s probably… prob… probably-” the man choked up, eyes filling with bitter, angry tears. “He needs to pay for forgetting her!” he finished furiously.

A small smile appeared on La Numero’s face. “So, it is vengeance you want, hmm? And what would you say if I were to allow you a chance at this vengeance you desire so much? What would you do in return for the chance?”

Desperation gleamed in Rameses’ violet eyes. “Anything,” he swore. “I’ll do anything, just let me cause as much pain to D’Aramitz as possible, and I’ll do anything for you.”

La Numero’s grin grew feral. “I believe we can come to an… agreement of sorts. Prix, let him go; I believe we may be on the same side, here.”

The machamp didn’t look convinced, but she released the pressure on Rameses’ arms, allowing the man to slip free from her grasp. Rameses massaged his sore muscles before turning to La Numero. “What’s your beef with D’Aramitz?” he wondered.

“Not here,” La Numero responded, retreating into the shadows, his pokemon following. “Come, we’ll speak in a private location.”

Rameses rose an eyebrow, but followed after the retreating man, but not before whistling sharply, summoning his rotom to his shoulder. “Come on, Rotom. We’ll take our vengeance later.” he muttered, before vacating the premises.

Word Count: 1,928
Edited by SilverPhantom, 30 May 2017, 03:24 PM.
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

Alexa Ereignis

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Posted Image SilverPhantom
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The Phantom Pegasus, Master of Cookies

A single beam of sunlight peered from above the blanket covering the window along the east wall of the bedroom. The beam glinted off the mirror above the dresser decorating the south-west corner of the room, shining onto a spot just beside Orion’s head on the bed.

Currently, the man was still asleep, his form askew in a backwards fashion as his limbs splayed everywhere and his head was tucked between his elbow and the pillow. His closed eyes were mere centimetres away from the brilliant spot of light on his pillow. As Arden shifted sleepily next to Orion, the man automatically moved to make room for his buddy, throwing his closed eyes right into the path of the sunlight.

“Ahhh!” Orion shot up, blinking and rubbing at his eyes from the sudden brilliance of light straight into his pupils. Arden jerked awake next to the man, his cheeks sparking with electricity as he looked around wildly for the source of Orion’s shocked cry.

“It’s ok, Arden. I was just surprised by the sudden beam of light in my eyes,” Orion hurried to assure his partner. “You can go back to sleep…. Heaven knows I’m going to try to,” he yawned, laying back down, pulling up a blanket over his eyes as he snuggled into the covers.

Arden grumbled something back to his partner, before rolling out of bed and slipping into the restroom to relieve himself. When he returned, he climbed into the bed and snuck his head under Orion’s hand, rubbing up against his partner’s body as he did so.

Orion groaned and opened a single eye, looking down at Arden in sleepy amusement as his hand clumsily began stroking the flaaffy’s fur. He and Arden lay there for a good twenty or so minutes, just cuddling together.

It might have gone on longer, if Orion’s holocaster hadn’t started ringing, signaling an incoming call. Orion groaned and scrambled through his bag for the small device. He finally found it in an outside pocket and hurriedly swiped his finger across the screen, bringing up the hologram of a man in a suit and tie. The man looked harassed and in a hurry.

“D’Aramitz? It’s John Rhoten. Do you have those notes from the O’Leary case typed up for me yet? I need those if we’re going to go to trial next week,” the man spoke quickly and got straight to the point.

Orion closed his eyes and his head fell back against his pillow, a moan coming from him. He had completely forgotten about the O’Leary case. “Of course, Mr. Rhoten. I’ll get those to you today. What time can I come by?” he asked wearily. At least the notes were already typed up.

“Why don’t you meet me at Jonesey’s in an hour. We can have a quick lunch, catch up?” Rhoten offered. “You can tell me all about the Johnson case I heard you got caught up in last month.”

Orion thought for a moment, then nodded. “Sure. Meet you in an hour -uh, holy crap, it’s already ten-thirty?” he added in disbelief.

“Heh, did I wake you up, D’Aramitz?” Rhoten laughed boisterously. “Get your lazy ass out of bed already, and get moving! I know for a fact Jonesey’s is at least thirty minutes from that crap joint you call ‘home’. I’ll see you in an hour. Gotta go,” with those parting words, Rhoten ended the call.

Orion sighed and would have laid back, if he hadn’t known that laying back down would cause him to fall asleep again. He couldn’t afford to be late for this; Rhoten was his best contact amid Kroy’s attorneys. Rhoten was a good guy, if a bit narrow-minded in the types of cases he took on.

At least Rhoten was on good terms with Orion -he’d had trouble getting along with lawyers in the past. He tended to find them arrogant arseholes with massive sticks up their butts. But at least Rhoten wasn’t as massive of a jerk as most of them.

Orion rose from his bed, discarding his clothes into his laundry basket before walking into the bathroom. He stepped into the shower, turning it on and jumping back from the cold water stinging against his skin for a moment before the water heated up.

He stood under the deluge for a while, using a washcloth to scrub down his body from the sweat, dirt, and sand left from yesterday’s trip. Orion enjoyed the heat of the water pounding against his skin as he reached up to scrub shampoo into his hair, avoiding the water spraying onto his head as he scrubbed at it.

He sighed as he finished getting rid of the soap from his hair. He always enjoyed a calming shower. Orion turned off the water and proceeded to towel himself off, pulling on a pair of black slacks and a blue polo shirt. He crossed to the sink and proceeded to brush his teeth, swirling mouthwash around to finish up, dabbing at the corners of his mouth with a dry washcloth to clean off any remaining toothpaste.

He then stumbled over putting a tie on, before shrugging on a black overcoat. He knew that Rhoten was a nut about appearance, so he checked himself in the mirror, swiping a comb through his hair, applying a small amount of gel to keep it slicked back and proper.

Finally, Orion left the bathroom, raising an elegant eyebrow at Arden, who was still curled up under the covers, snoozing away. “Ah, ah, ah!” he tutted. “Up, you lazy sheep!” He tossed a pillow at the mound of blankets that covered his errant pokemon.

Arden moaned and curled in on himself further. He didn’t want to get up!!! He wanted to stay where he was, warm and comfortable, and sleep. Then he was hit by the pillow, and he groaned again. Why couldn’t his human just leave him alone?

Orion, for his part, was just amused at Arden’s refusal to get up. “You are laaaazzyyy, you ridiculous sheep!” Orion laughed. “Do you want to go into your pokeball?”

That made Arden shoot out from under the covers. No, he did not want to be reduced to data in a pokeball, thank you very much! He hated the way the pokeball made him feel, all fuzzy and as if he were in suspended animation -which in some ways, he would be. Pokeballs gave the flaaffy the eebie-geebies.

Orion had to laugh at his pokemon’s antics. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to use the carrot and stick technique with Arden and the pokeball, and he doubted it would be the last. “Come on, you silly pokemon,” he chuckled, and Arden waddled over to him, rubbing his head against Orion’s leg.

He strode across the room, opening the door into the narrow hallway. He sighed as he passed the kitchen, his grumbling stomach reminding him of its existence in a loud growl. But he couldn’t be late for his meeting, and he’d be eating then, anyway. He sighed, instead, and passed the kitchen. He walked into the living room, pulling on his dress shoes clumsily as Arden waddled along behind him.

Then he grabbed the keys from the hook by the door, and exited the apartment, Arden close behind. Orion fumbled with the keys for a moment before locking the door, and heading for his car. He slid into the front seat, Arden scrambling over his lap to get into the passenger seat. After both of them were buckled, Orion turned the key in the ignition and backed out of the parking lot, heading downtown.

At least the morning rush was over, Orion thought to himself as he drove down the road, occasionally glancing at his pokemon -Arden had found an old, busted up slinky on the floor of the car and was playing with it for whatever reason.

He stopped at a red light, and sighed, staring out across the roads. His stomach was growling and he was still a good twenty minutes from the restaurant. Then they’d have to wait to be seated and wait for the food to come. Maybe he should have grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen before he’d left… but it was too late now!

Orion stepped on the gas as the light turned green, and continued down the road, trying to keep his mind off of his growling stomach. A screech from beside him had Orion jerking in surprise, causing the car to swerve a little in the road, until he managed to regain control of the vehicle.

“For Arceus’ sake!” Orion swore, looking over at Arden in exasperation. Only to burst out laughing the next second as he took in the scene displayed before him. Somehow Arden had gotten the slinky caught around his ears and his arms were stuck raised up next to his ears, apparently attempting to remove the metal spiral. Orion shook his head in amusement. “Really, Arden? What in the world were you trying to do?”

Arden made a strangled noise, glaring at Orion from between the slinky wires. Orion snorted, shaking his head again. “You’ll have to wait until I can pull over, Arden. It’s not safe for me to take my hands off the wheel, you know that!” Arden gave a whine at that, but there was nothing the pokemon could do, still trying to wriggle out of the slinky’s grip.

Orion flicked his turn signal on, aiming for the gas station a few blocks away. He pulled into the station’s parking lot, and put his car in park, before removing his seatbelt and turning to his struggling pokemon. He stared at the slinky mess, unsure of how to proceed. He tugged uncertainly at one part, only for Arden to yelp as it pulled another part tighter.

“You’ve really gotten yourself in a sticky situation, haven’t you, Arden?” Orion grumbled, still in disbelief that his pokemon had managed to do this somehow. He found one of the ends of the slinky, and lifted it gingerly, trying to unwind it from around the flaaffy’s arms. But it was too tangled, and Orion seemed to make it worse as he tried to unwind it.

“I think I’m going to have to cut it with wire cutters or something,” Orion grunted in frustration. He got out of the car, popping the trunk, and pulled out the toolbox he kept there for emergencies. He pulled out a pair of wire cutters, and opened the passenger-side door, bringing the wire cutters to the slinky.

He managed to cut away the mess of metal wires, and soon the slinky was in pieces around them, Arden finally free. “Well, I hope you learned your lesson, Arden!” Orion said, shaking a finger at his wayward pokemon. “No more playing with slinkys!” He gathered the pieces of the slinky and threw them in a garbage can near the car, placing his wire cutters back in his toolbox and returning it to his car trunk.

Then he got into the driver’s seat once more, ready to set off again. He turned the keys in the ignition, watching the radio clock turn on. Eleven forty-eight blinked on in bright red lights. “Shit! We’re gonna be late, thanks to your shenanigans, Arden!” Orion swore, turning onto the street once more.

He dared not go over the speed limit, though, and it seemed like he had to catch every single red light possible as the time ticked down before he would be late for the meeting. “Arceus damn it!” Orion muttered angrily as his leg bounced up and down at a red light. “Why did this have to happen to me,” he asked the world at random.

He got no answer, other than a sorrowful warble from the passenger seat. Orion sighed, and reached over with one hand to pat Arden’s head softly. “It’s alright, Arden. I’m not mad at you,” he reassured his pokemon as he continued to drive with the other hand. He finally pulled into the parking lot of Jonesey’s with two minutes to spare.

Jonesey’s was a popular Aguarian restaurant. It was booming today, as always. Orion slipped out of the car, Arden following him up to the door of the restaurant. He had his briefcase with the notes inside at his side. He opened the door and stepped inside the restaurant, the large oak doors heavy to move.

The inside was dimly lit, with large picture windows covered by heavy drapes. A waitress passed by him, holding a tray filled with drinks, carrying it to a nearby table. “Oi! D’Aramitz! C’mere!” Orion looked over to a large man in a suit, sitting at the bar, a beer in front of him. John Rhoten was a tall man who enjoyed his beer, his food, and his cigars. Thus, he also had a slight belly on him.

Orion found himself sat at the bar with Rhoten, a beer in his hand, and, though he didn’t really like the drink himself, he found himself sipping at it just to be polite. The taste burned in his throat and he found himself wanting to spit it out, but he didn’t want to seem impolite, so he beared it with all the strength he had, whilst Arden watched him judgingly from behind. The nachos were good, at least. Corn chips smothered in queso cheese, hamburger, and several different kinds of peppers, it tasted like five ways to heaven.

It wasn’t until halfway through the meal that Rhoten finally got to the point of their little get-together, asking Orion for his case notes. Orion dug through the briefcase he’d brought with him, handing over the notes he’d collected over the course of his investigation. Rhoten paged through the notes, nodding and asking a few questions of clarification as he went through them.

“What do you mean by ‘unqualified’?”

“It says here the maid was hired by the father, but she says later that she was hired by the mother. Why the discrepancy?”

“What are these numbers along the edge of the paper, here? Do they reference anything?”

Orion patiently bore through the barrage of questions, explaining each and every point that came up. He wanted to get out of here as fast as possible, but it seemed like Rhoten wanted each point of his notes explained to him, even the obvious things. Orion did his best to stay patient with the District Attorney, but he was unable to stop himself from rolling his eyes at times.

Finally, Rhoten looked up from the notes, seemingly satisfied. “Alright, everything seems to be in order. I’ll send in a copy of the notes to the court and I’ll email you the court dates when I get them.”

“Sounds good,” Orion nodded in reply. “I’ll be going, then,”

“It was nice seeing you again, D’Aramitz. We should meet up more often,” Rhoten said, sticking out his hand.

Orion took it, shaking his hand firmly. “Maybe sometime,” he hedged, not really one to socialize with Rhoten’s type.

“Haha, always the one to stick to your work, aren’t you, D’Aramitz?” Rhoten boomed cheerfully. “Well, when you get tired of working, you know my holo-number!”

“Yeah, I’ll, uh, do that,” Orion said, walking away.

He looked down at Arden, privately thinking it was unlikely that he’d ever contact Mr. Rhoten for anything not business related.

“C’mon, bud. Let’s go to the Pokemart. Got some shopping to do,” he muttered, pushing on the heavy oak doors and emerging out into the sunlight.

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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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Rameses Galorian was a broken man. He had been broken by the turn of events that his life had taken, and he had bent and crumpled under the weight of the sins crawling on his back. Rameses had once been a delightful young man with a bright future and a beautiful young fiance to boot. But everything went downhill when his fiance disappeared. He was immediately under fire as a chief suspect for her disappearance, even though he had nothing to do with it, and he was understandably upset at such accusations.

The police had no proof that he had done anything to her, but many still believed he had something to do with her disappearance, especially when months passed and still nothing was heard from the police about her case. Friends and family of Chrystine wildy accused Rameses of his involvement in her disappearance, despite his insistence that he had nothing to do with it.

He eventually went to a private detective, a well-known PI by the name of Orion D’Aramitz, for help. He explained everything about Chrystine’s case and how people were accusing Rameses of being behind Chrystine’s disappearance. Rameses also explained that he had loved Chrystine with all his heart, and he had been devastated with her loss. How could he have had anything to do with her disappearance? He just wanted Chrystine found, safe and sound, like the rest of them.

At first, it seemed like D’Aramitz believed him. He promised to do what he could to find Chrystine, and he seemed to do so. He coordinated with the police and checked in each week with Rameses, sharing what he had found with the man every time they met. But as the weeks passed, and nothing came of it, Rameses became less and less confident of Orion’s ability to find anything. He started to become convinced that the detective was hiding things from him, that the detective was pulling away from him.

It all came to a head one day when Orion came to him and Rameses accused him of believing that Rameses was the one behind Chrystine’s disappearance. Despite Orion’s sputtering denials, Rameses refused to listen to reason and attacked Orion, causing the police to become involved. An assault charge was brought up against him, and after a few death threats from him towards Orion, a restraining order was brought up against him as well.

Now, faced with a chance to get back at Orion D’Aramitz, Rameses could feel the anger welling up in him again. The weight of Chrystine’s disappearance was a constant pain on his mind, one that caused him hurt and was a shadow on his psyche. He faced the man called ‘La Numero’, one thought in his mind.

“You said I’d get my chance to hurt D’Aramitz. Who are you, anyway?” He questioned. “What’s your beef with the guy? Why do you care what I was doing at the Pokemon Center?”

The man called La Numero smiled cruelly, causing chills to go up Rameses’ neck. “Calm down, mon petite souris… all questions will be answered eventually.”

The short man, his crop of blue hair waving a little as he moved, walked back and forth for a moment before pausing, pinning Rameses with a cold look. “Those violet eyes… they aren’t natural, are they?” he asked, seemingly randomly.

“Uh…” Rameses replied intelligently, struck dumb by the randomness of the question.

La Numero clicked his fingers together impatiently. “Pay attention, boy. The eyes, they are not natural, are they not?”

“No, no, they’re contacts,” Rameses admitted, “I got them after I used them for Halloween one year and Chrystine said she loved how I looked with them in.”

“They’re way too noticeable. Get rid of them.” La Numero ordered, waving his hand airily.

Rameses stared at La Numero disbelievingly. He had always worn his violet contacts, ever since the day his fiance had said she liked them on him. He hadn’t ever taken them out since then!

“Well, mon petite souris? What are you waiting for?” La Numero asked, a slight accent coming out as he slipped into another language that Rameses couldn’t place. Aguarian, perhaps? Or Beliaean, maybe?

“I don’t want to get rid of my contacts,” Rameses protested. “I’ve worn them for… a long time. As long as I can remember. They’re a part of me. They can’t stand out that much.”

“I’m sorry, was I unclear?” La Numero frowned. “That was not a request. You will remove your contacts, get rid of them. You have no need of them.”

“And if I don’t?” Rameses challenged.

La Numero lifted an eyebrow, a smirk crawling across his face. “You think you can challenge me?” He asked. “Bad idea, mon petite souris. Don’t you remember how it was in the Center?”

Rameses felt thick, muscled hands encircle his arms. “Oh come on!” He complained. “Why don’t you fight me, man-to-man? Or are you a coward?!”

La Numero tipped back his head and laughed. “Oh, mon petite souris, I am the farthest from a coward you will find. You want a fair fight? Mano-a-mano, as you would say? Let him go, Prix. Let us see what this little mouse has to say for himself.”

Rameses was released from the Machamp’s grip, and he rotated his muscles, glaring. He approached the smaller man, fists clenched and ready to prove his strength. He went in for a punch, only for La Numero to dodge, and then suddenly he was on the ground, his arms behind his back, pulled behind him, La Numero standing on top of him.

“Yes, I see how you are so superior to me,” La Numero mocked above him, releasing him.

Rameses got up swinging, his pride stinging. La Numero dodged his arms with ease, punching him in the solar plexus, driving the air from Rameses’ body, letting him sag to the ground. He then brought out a familiar-looking switchblade.

He unfolded it and brought it down next to Rameses’ cheek. Rameses was still trying to recover from having the air knocked out of him; unable to do anything as he traced a spiral pattern on his cheek lightly. A cruel smirk crossed La Numero’s face. “You think I won’t, mon petite souris? You’re the one who challenged me. You just wait... your violet eyes make you stand out, well… what about a pretty scar to match, hmmm?”

Panic flashed through Rameses eyes, and he shook his head. “No,” he rasped out, desperately.

“Then you’ll be listening to what I tell you to do, won’t you, mon petite souris?” La Numero said, taking the switchblade away, folding it up and putting it away.

Rameses closed his eyes, but he nodded, and stumbled to his feet, feeling his way into the bathroom, where he removed his colored contacts as requested. He was thankful that at least he didn’t need the contacts to see. He emerged from the bathroom, his watery blue eyes now nothing like the vivid violets they had once been.

“Good, good! Was that so hard?” La Numero asked, seemingly unaware of Rameses’ glare. “Now, what were we talking about?”

“What’s your beef with D’Aramitz? Why do you care what happens to him? Why did you care that I was at the Pokemon Center at all? When can I get my revenge?” Rameses rasped.

“Ah, yes… Well, mon petite souris… I happen to be part of an… organization of sorts. You may have heard of it, you may not have. We’re known as Nexus, who we are doesn’t matter. What does matter, though, is that the D’Aramitz’s have been a thorn in our side for quite some time. My understanding is that Orion D’Aramitz has little to do with his family, but, well. A spade is a spade, is it not?” That cruel smile was back on La Numero’s face.

“If he were to suffer an… unfortunate accident…. Well, it would catch the notice of his parents, no?”

“I don’t understand. The D’Aramitz’s are a wine company. What could they possibly have done to anger Nexus?” Rameses questioned.

La Numero hissed. “You stupid boy. You think the D’Aramitz’s haven’t included themselves in things other than wine in the fifty or so years since they first started their wine empire?! Honestly, boy, use your head! Besides, what do you care? You’ll get your revenge on Orion D’Aramitz either way!”

Rameses shook his head. La Numero was right. What did he care what Nexus wanted with the D’Aramitz family, as long as he got revenge on Orion? “You’re right. When can I get my revenge on him?”

“Soon, mon petite souris, soon.” La Numero stated.

“How soon is soon? I want to hurt him the same way he has hurt me!” Rameses growled.

“And you think you can hurt him, the way you are, now? You’re not ready. All you are is a ball of hate and anger. You must have discipline, must have cruelty to really hurt someone. You couldn’t even land a blow on me,” La Numero said.

“So? You’re like some sort of… ninja or something. Orion’s nothing.”

“You will train with me. You think you can hurt someone, but you really think you can do it? You think you can hurt someone innocent?”

“Orion’s not innocent! He’s the reason she’s still missing!” Rameses declared.

“You may believe that now, but what about when you have him at your mercy and he’s begging you for mercy? You wanna take that chance?” La Numero asked.

Rameses looked away and mumbled something indistinguishable.

“What? Speak up, boy!”

“NO! I don’t want to take that chance!”

“Then get over here!”

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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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Orion got back in the car, and after he buckled Arden in, and himself, for safety, of course, he set a course for the nearest Pokemon Mart. He needed to get some things from the store before he headed into the office and called his client.

Orion hummed to the music piping out of the radio. “They say you’re far away, but I can feel you right here. And I’m happy that we’re together on our little blue sphere…” he sang, leaning over and grinning at Arden. “And I find it quite amazing, together we are gazing at the same bright stars! And I feeeel you… here.” The song ended, but the happy feeling stayed with Orion.

Arden rolled his eyes at his human. Sometimes his human got in these weird moods where he would sing, and he was always really weird afterward. But it always made him happy, so who was he to stop him?

They drove through Kroy, Orion’s small Saturn weaving in and out of traffic easily, the windows down, both passengers enjoying the cool spring air. Today was an especially nice one, with a cool southern wind bringing the scent of the salty sea air through the car, which the passengers didn’t mind, both used to the scent after living in Kroy for so long.

After driving for a good thirty or so minutes, they finally pulled into the parking lot of a Pokemon Mart. Orion took a moment to find a parking spot, and parked, before unbuckling himself and Arden, before getting out of the car. He walked around the car to open the door for Arden, closing the door after his pokemon, and locking the Saturn with a few clicks of the key fob in his hand.

The car beeped, and Orion turned to walk into the Pokemon Mart. He entered the Mart, Arden trailing along behind him. The pink pokemon was instantly entranced by the pokedolls display, and Orion had to drag him away from it forcefully. “No, Arden, I’m not getting you a pokedoll. Arceus knows, you’ve chewed up enough of them at home…” Orion had to pray for patience as Arden immediately turned on the ‘growlithe-gaze’ as he looked up at him with pleading eyes.

He shook his head firmly. “No, Arden! I’m not getting you a pokedoll and that’s final!” Arden pouted, kicking at the ground like a toddler having a tantrum.

“Can I help you, sir?” They were interrupted by a kind voice of one of the PokeMart workers. “Does your pokemon want a pokedoll? They’re quite popular!”

“No, that’s not necess-” Orion started, but he was too late. The lady had already plucked out a pokedoll shaped like a clefairy and presented it to his pokemon. The disaster that ensued had him wanting to slam his head into the nearest wall.

Arden’s eyes grew wide as the clefairy neared him. He chomped down on the clefairy’s head and immediately started shaking it back and forth, growling as his stubby little arms clamped down on either side of the clefairy’s sides, yanking it from the grasp of the saleswoman.

“Oh my!” the saleswoman gasped, eyes wide.

“Arden, no! Drop the pokedoll, now!” Orion ordered, but his pokemon didn’t listen. Growling and snarling, he crouched around his new toy, his striped tail curling around him, the blue orb at its end sparking with electricity.

Arden chewed on the clefairy’s head, contemplating his next move. He knew his human was going to pull out his pokeball, so he had to act quickly. He tore into the pokedoll, ripping into it viciously, enjoying the ripping sound as the stuffing spilled out of its neck onto his arms. Then he uncurled from his position and dumped the dead pokedoll at the feet of his trainer and sat back proudly. He’d killed it good! His trainer should be proud!

Orion looked down at the ruined pokedoll, and slapped his hand to his face, groaning. “How much was the pokedoll?” he asked the saleswoman, resigning himself to paying for the damnable thing.

*dian* 1000,” the saleswoman chirped obediently, and Orion had to facepalm again. He glared down at Arden.

“First the slinky incident and now this. You, sir, are treading on thin ice, mister,” he said icily.

Arden whimpered at his trainer’s tone. Wasn’t his trainer happy that he’d killed the toy? He was so sure that he’d killed it good!

Orion gave him a stern look. “You be good. Come on,” He said, picking up the ruined pokedoll and putting it in a basket.

Arden followed along behind Orion as they went through the store, bored as Orion selected several things from the shelves. He wagged his tail as Orion looked down at him, only to lower it again when Orion just looked over him to grab something on the shelf next to him.

Orion finally reached the checkout and piled his things onto the counter, including some super potions and great balls, just in case they found some new pokemon to join his team. He included the now-ruined pokedoll, rolling his eyes at the cashier as she grabbed it. “My pokemon got a little excited,” he felt the need to explain to her.

He paid for it with his credit card, and piled his purchases into bags, which he picked up with ease, and beckoned Arden along with him into the parking lot. “Come on, you little troublemaker,” he said affectionately, patting the flaaffy on the head.

He piled the bags into the trunk of his car, then opened the door of the car for Arden, before buckling the pokemon into his seat and shutting the door. Then he got in and started the car, before buckling himself up. Then he pulled out of the parking space, heading for his office in the business district of the city.

Orion turned up the radio as ‘Counting Stars’ began blasting from the radio. “Young, but I’m not that bold, and I don’t think the world is sold, on just doing what we’re told!” he sung, ruffling the fur on Arden’s head as he did so, his other hand on the wheel.

He sang the whole way to the office, which was really only ten minutes away. He pulled into the office lot, and parked, unbuckling Arden and himself, letting the two of them out of the car. He walked over to the office building, whistling while swinging the keys on his fingers.

Orion unlocked the door and ambled into the office, still whistling. He crossed to his desk, and sat in his chair, turning on his computer and waiting for it to boot up. He raised an eyebrow at Arden, who was circling for no particular reason that Orion could see. “Crazy pokemon,” he muttered. “Hey, Arden! What’s up, chump?” he snickered at the rhyme.

Arden came up with something in his mouth, and Orion frowned. “Hey, what have you got, Arden?”

He got up from the chair and walked over to Arden, pulling the wad of fabric from Arden’s mouth. It seemed to be the remains of a torn sock-like material. “What is this?” Orion wondered to himself. He had a cleaning service come to his office biweekly, and they should have come just the other day. They usually did an impeccable job, too, so what was this doing here? “Weird… Maybe a rag got left behind?” Orion conjectured, giving the material a hesitant sniff, but there was no lingering chemical smell.

Orion shrugged, tossing the material into the bin. “Whatever. Can’t be too important.” he decided, returning to his chair. The computer was finally booted up, so he brought up his client’s information, including their contact information.

He grabbed his office phone, clearing his throat, and dialed the phone. After a few rings, a man’s voice answered. “Goodman speaking.”

“Robert Goodman? It’s Orian D’Aramitz.” Orion spoke.

“D’Aramitz? Have you found anything?”

“Nothing concrete, sir. I have witnessed the nanny being harsh towards your son, but anything abusive has been either well-hidden or not at all. If you have any proof, I would suggest you bring the proof to the police. There’s not much I can do as a Private Investigator other than observe from afar and urge you to go to the police with any information you have.”

“Very well. Thank you for what you have done. The rest of your payment will be paid as discussed previously.”

“Thank you sir.” Orion said, and heard the line click, and placed the phone down. He sighed. He wished he had been able to do more for the man, but unfortunately, his hands were tied. He wasn’t able to make arrests, unlike his brothers in blue.

And he had been truthful -he hadn’t seen the woman actually do anything harmful to the boy other than a few harsh yanks to the arm. Of course, that coupled with constant yelling with the boy didn’t bode well, but there was just no concrete evidence. If the parents had photos of suspicious bruises, then maybe they had some evidence, but he had seen no such photos, but even then, the best thing they could do was just fire the nanny, really.

Orion shook his head. It was out of his hands, now. It was time to wipe his hands clean of the case and go home. He shut-down his computer and grabbed his keys, beckoning Arden to follow him out of the office. “Come on, you little scamp,” he muttered.

He got Arden into the car, buckling him like always, and got into the car himself, turning the keys in the ignition, and headed for home.

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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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Over the next month, Orion spent most of his time in court. He had several different cases that he had worked on that required him to testify the results of his work to the court, so his schedule was full of court appearances over the next month.

Arden was unhappy about the things too, since he had to be put in his pokeball during the events. Court didn’t allow for pokemon to be present during the proceedings unless they were either being charged or being questioned, which was rare.

Most of his court appearances had to do with the O’Leary case that Orion had gone over with John Rhoten. Rhoten was a good Defense Attorney, always having his ducks in a row, even if he had a habit of eating lots of good food and enjoying a beer here and there.

All in all, the case went as expected. The opposing side tried to smear the O’Leary’s good name, and tried to drag up dirt on them, but Rhoten was prepared for all their dirty tricks and underhandedness. It was to Orion’s credit that he’d been so straight-laced when investigating the case, and hadn’t resorted to breaking any laws while following up on the case, because that would have made making the case against the security firm all the much harder than it would have already been.

Orion spent time with his pokemon outside of the court case, getting to know his new pokemon, Trition, as much as he could in between appearances. Triton and Amphitrite clearly were in the puppy love stage of their relationship, where they couldn’t stand being apart from each other for long.

Orion trusted Amphitrite to keep Triton in line, so he gave them free reign of the apartment while he was gone with Arden during the day, and he never came home to a wrecked apartment, so he figured they couldn’t be doing too much harm together during the day. He left them with two bowls of pokemon food and two bowls of water, so they wouldn’t get hungry or thirsty during the day, so he figured they would be pretty happy.

Triton was a pretty laid-back pokemon, Orion found. He was pretty chill, always willing to be petted and not really wanting to spar when Arden and Orion trained together in the evening. Of course, it could be a little cowardice from Triton due to Arden’s electricity, Orion supposed. He wasn’t quite sure, if he was honest with himself. Whatever it was, Triton always seemed more happy to laze around with Amph than spar with Arden.

Of course, Amph was no slouch when it came to training, herself. Triton didn’t seem to mind when she prodded him into practicing manipulating water attacks. But if she tried to attack him, Triton would evade and evade, avoiding any fighting at all with her. Perhaps he just didn’t like fighting? Orion wondered what he would do if forced to fight, though.

Orion finished up testifying for the court cases, and the month drew to a close. He found himself with his pokemon in their pokeballs at his office, finishing up for the day, when the call came. It was a call for a potential new case.

Word Count: 540
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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Orion leaned back in his chair as he cradled the phone in between his ear and his shoulder. “Orion D’Aramitz speaking,” he answered the phone.

“Hello? Is this D’Aramitz Private Detective Services?” it was a woman speaking on the other side of the line.

“Yes, ma’am, I am a Private Detective,” Orion replied. “I investigate crimes, and do background digging for people and businesses if need be.”

“Well, I have a potential case for you. The Pokemon Center on Fifth and L Street had a disturbance in their electronics about a month back, and they would like someone to look into it, discreetly,” The woman spoke primly, as if it were his fault that someone had messed with the electronics of the Pokemon Center.

“Uh-huh,” Orion drawled. He wasn’t the most well-read when it came to electronics, despite having an electric type pokemon. His electronic adeptness extended to knowing how to run his computer, and that was it. Still, a job was a job, and Arceus knew he needed a new case.

He pulled up a map of Kroy and scanned for the Pokemon Center the woman was talking about, and was surprised to see it was the Pokemon Center that he and Arden had most recently visited. That brought it to his attention. “About a month ago, you said? What day, specifically, do you know?”

The woman parroted off a day and time, and Orion was stunned to find that the disturbance had happened what must have been mere moments after Orion and Arden had left the Pokemon Center.

“I’ll take the job,” he said seriously to the woman.

“Great. I’ll be sure to tell Mr. Omashi he can count on you!” the woman said cheerfully, before hanging up.

Orion placed the phone on the hook before leaning back, and staring at the wall contemplatively. What was going on with the Pokemon Center? Could it have something to do with Orion? It seemed too much like a coincidence that it had coincided with Orion’s visit to the Pokemon Center, to the very minute.

There was something very fishy going on here, and he was going to find out what it was.


It was immediately evident that something was up, once he started investigating the matter. For example, when he called the police for their report on the matter, it became evident that they had no report written up. The police had not been called when the electronics had been scrambled. No one had felt the need at the Center to include the police in the matter, which made Orion very suspicious.

He had to be discreet, too, so he couldn’t be too upfront with his suspicions. He had permission from Mr. Omashi, the owner of the Pokemon Center, to look around the Pokemon Center. He traveled to the Pokemon Center under the guise of a potential new investor, and was free to ask questions to the staff about potential breaches of security.

So, he asked about the last breach of security, of course. He got a lot of evasions, and pointing fingers. He asked around about whether police would be notified, and most people seemed to be under the impression that it would be someone else’s job to do so, not theirs. Orion was beginning to see a pattern of bystanders effect taking ahold of the people working for the Pokemon Center.

Because everyone believed that someone else would contact the police, no one actually got the job done. It was a failing that would have to be corrected, but not the source of the disturbance. Orion would have to study the electronics to find the source. He put in a request with Mr. Omashi, and got permission to come back during the cover of night, when there would be a skeleton crew; less to see him looking around.


When Orion did come snooping around the Pokemon Center under the cover of night, it was infinitely easier to get by without people constantly scrutinizing his every move. He had received a swipe card from Mr. Omashi to get through the Pokemon Center’s security pads.

He walked into the Pokemon Center, and over to the doors that led further into the Center. A keypad lay next to the doors, and Orion swiped the card he was given. As he got closer to the keypad, he noticed slight charring on the keypad, as if it had been tampered with. He brought up his holocaster and took a quick photo of the damage before moving on.

He came upon another key pad soon, and the same subtle damage was evident on the pad. He made more pictures, and swiped the card through the slot. Orion didn’t like where this was going. He stepped into the generator room, ready for anything.

Orion walked over to the generators, examining them for any signs of damage or fraying that might indicate the presence of an electric pokemon with mischief on its mind. He bent over the generator, his eyes narrowing as he noticed a spot of red on one of the generators. Was it blood? He scraped at it with a fingernail, realizing that it was not coming off easily.

Someone cleared their throat behind him, and Orion whirled around, completely off-guard. How had someone snuck up behind him without his knowing it? Wouldn’t he have heard the door? Two men stood in the shadows, one a little ahead of the other. “Hello?” Orion ventured. “Who’s there?”

Word Count: 914
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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Orion eyed the strangers with wary caution as he waited for them to say something. The red-orange of the backup lights cast a strange shadow that the two strangers stood in, making them seem more menacing than it would normally seem. After several minutes of silence from the two strangers, Orion’s hand went to his belt, where Arden’s pokeball normally lay. But his hand met nothing but air when he went to finger Arden’s pokeball.

Orion’s eyes widened as he looked around, wondering if he had dropped the pokeball. Then his eyes went up to the two strangers, and noticed one of them throwing a pokeball up in the air and catching it nonchalantly. Orion immediately recognized the pokeball as Arden’s.

“Give me back my pokemon!” He demanded.

The man not holding his pokeball laughed at his statement. “You’re not really in a position to make demands, Orion D’Aramitz.

Orion paused. How did these two men know who he was? Who were they? “Who are you? What do you want with me?”

“Who are you? What do you want?” The man mocked him. “What, D’Aramitz, are you scared?”

Orion gritted his teeth. “I’m not scared of some coward who hides in the shadows and takes my pokemon from me so I can’t fight back! I can call the police on you two you know! You’re not supposed to be here!”

This time, it was the man holding his pokeball that laughed; an eerie, high-pitched laughter that set Orion’s teeth on edge and caused a shiver to go up and down his spine. “What? What’s so funny?” he demanded.

“Oh, nothing… except you, D’Aramitz. You think the police are of any consequence to me? To Nexus? We have many people in high places. You won’t receive any help from the police, believe me.”

Orion blinked. Nexus? He had heard rumours of the Nexus Syndicate, as anyone in Godai had. They were a strange force with unknown plans for Godai; but all anyone knew is that they stood against the police force and the order that them and people like them tried to spread across Godai.

“What does the Nexus Syndicate want with me? I’m just some small-town nobody, even if I do investigate crimes alongside the police force…” Orion ventured.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that, D’Aramitz. You stick your nose into where it doesn’t belong too many times, and you might find it bitten off,” the Nexus agent warned, a grin flashing under the red-orange light, glinting against bared teeth.

“So… Nexus wants to warn me off the hospital job? Why? What business do you have at the Pokemon Center?” Orion asked.

The other man laughed. “Don’t you get it? Nexus brought you here on this job, so we could get you here, nice and wrapped up in a little bow for us…”

Orion felt a chill go down his spine at that. “What do you want from me, then?”

“I don’t particularly care what Nexus wants from you, I just want my revenge,” the first man said, stepping into the light.

The man was about five foot six, wearing a blue blazer and khaki pants. He was skinny and pale, like he didn’t have many days in the sun, and he had watery blue eyes with brown hair. It took a moment for Orion to recognize him without the vivid violet contacts the man normally wore.

“Rameses?” Orion asked. “Is that what all of this is about? You want your revenge on me? For what? Failing to locate Chrystine? That is not my fault!”

“Of course it’s your fault!” Rameses shrieked. “You gave up on finding her! You gave up, just like all the cops! It’s your fault she’s still missing!”

“Rameses, listen… I never gave up on finding her!” Orion pleaded with Rameses. “I still look for her when I’m out of work! There’s just… nothing to find. Whoever took her, did too good a job of covering their tracks! How is that my fault?”

Rameses shook his head, and removed a pokeball from his belt. He pressed the button on the pokeball, and out came a hulking machoke. Orion’s eyes flashed with sudden fear.

“Can’t you see that Nexus is using you?” Orion pleaded as the machoke advanced on him.

“I will get my revenge,” Rameses said, a crazy look in his eyes.

Orion backed up into the generator behind him, fear flooding through him. His eyes darted back and forth, analyzing whether he could dart around the machoke and retrieve Arden’s pokeball, before high-tailing it out of there. It was unlikely, but he had to try.

Orion feinted to the left and then darted to the right, trying to get around the machoke. The machoke nearly fell for the feint, but lashed out with a muscled arm to the right just in time to catch Orion’s left arm in a vice grip.

Orion was yanked to a stop, a small “hck!” escaping him as he was pulled into the machoke’s grasp. He wriggled as the machoke grabbed his other arm, pulling him into its embrace. The machoke held him still as Rameses prowled forward, a knife flashing under the dim red light from the generators.

Orion thrashed in the machoke’s grip as Rameses reached them, causing the machoke to grip him tighter. “Hold his hand out, Suivre,” Rameses ordered.

The machoke gripped Orion’s arm tightly and stuck Orion’s arm out so that Rameses could grab his hand. Orion thrashed and wriggled, trying to get out of the machoke’s grip, but it was much stronger than he could ever be.

Orion yelled in pain as Rameses’ knife cut into the back of his hand, carving out two letters: CR. Chrystine Roane. The missing girl he still spent hours carving over evidence to find. He hadn’t been lying to Rameses when he told him that whoever had taken Chrystine had covered their tracks well.

Not that any of it mattered anymore, Orion thought dimly as Rameses released his hand, blood dripping from Orion’s fingers like drops out of a leaky faucet. “Pommel him in the gut, Suivre.” Rameses ordered, voice dark.

The machoke, Suivre, it was called apparently, turned Orion over and pressed him up against a wall before punching him straight in the stomach, causing Orion to bend over in pain. “Kick him until he’s down,” Rameses’ voice echoed from above him.

A punch to the back of the head sent Orion sprawling, then pain exploded in his side as the machoke kicked him. Agony spread through him as the beating continued, the machoke kicking him over and over. There was some sort of ringing noise that rose and fell, echoing through the small space. It took a moment for Orion to comprehend that it was his own screaming.

“Break his arm, Suivre.” The voice came from directly above him, cruel and cold. Orion jerked backward as best as he could, with as much pain as he was in, but he was nowhere near getting away from the machoke. It grabbed his arm with both hands, and snapped it. Orion howled in pain. The machoke let go of his arm, and he cradled it close to him.

“Suivre, return.” the buzz of a pokemon returning to its ball echoed above him, and then pain erupted in his side as Rameses gave him one last kick.

“Run on home to your mommy and daddy, D’aramitz.” the voice of the Nexus agent said. “Don’t forget, Nexus is watching.”

Footsteps receded into the distance, and Orion was left alone with his agony. He didn’t know how long he laid there, wallowing in his own pain, before he came to himself and used his good arm to push himself to his feet. He stumbled out of the generator room, emerging into the hospital’s main room.

The receptionist gasped when she saw him. “Oh my god! Are you ok, Mr. D’Aramitz?!”

Orion paused, wondering what to say. He didn’t want to admit that Nexus was after him, and he wanted to confront Rameses himself. “I think I need a hospital,” he said faintly, before collapsing in a chair.

“I’ll call an ambulance right away!” the receptionist said, picking up a phone.

Word Count: 1,368

Edit Reasons: fixed some color around the dialogue
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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The next few hours were a blur to Orion’s pain-filled senses. He was barely aware as an ambulance took him to a human hospital, where he was examined by nurses and doctors. He was aware enough to learn that he had a concussion, as well as a few cracked ribs, and of course the broken left arm.

There wasn’t much the doctors could do for his cracked ribs, besides giving him pain medication and telling him to breathe deeply, even if it hurt, to prevent lung collapse. His left arm was set back in place, and he was given a cast to wear. The doctors kept him awake for a few hours to make sure the concussion wasn’t causing brain damage.

The doctors asked him if anyone had done these things to him, but Orion kept insisting that it was an accident. It was clear the doctors didn’t believe him, but they didn’t press the issue. Eventually, the doctors released him, telling him to rest for the next couple of weeks.

Orion arrived home, feeling exhausted and pain-ridden. He released Arden, who was shocked to find his trainer all bandaged up from the trip to the hospital. Amphitrite wiggled past Arden to rub up against Orion, looking up at him with concerned eyes.

“Hey, I’m alright guys,” Orion said, almost laughing at their concern. “Just a little banged up.”

Both of them gave him a look, that said they weren’t buying his bullshit. Orion deflated a little. “Alright, alright… I’m more than a little banged up. Rameses got his revenge, that’s for sure,” he groaned, his right hand going to his ribs, gently rubbing his side.

Arden growled at the mention of Rameses. The electric sheep had never trusted the man, even before their relationship had gone sour.

Amphitrite gurgled in concern, her fins sliding across his cast, her eyes full of sympathy. It was then that Triton emerged from the other room, likely wondering where Amphitrite had gone. He froze when he saw the bandaged form of Orion. A low groan came from him, a question in his tone.

“I got attacked by an old ‘friend,’” Orion felt the need to explain to his newest pokemon. The manta ray pokemon swam through the air towards him, rubbing up against Amphitrite. Amphitrite ignored her mate, still gurgling in concern for Orion.

Triton nudged her again, clearly irritated that she was ignoring him. Amphitrite turned and blew a stream of bubbles at Triton in annoyance, thrashing wildly at him, before returning her gaze to Orion.

Orion’s eyebrows shot up at this new side to Amphitrite he hadn’t seen before. It seemed she was rather protective of him. Triton didn’t seem to care one way or another about Orion’s condition, and it clearly irritated the goldeen.

“Now, now guys… let’s not fight amongst ourselves,” Orion said admonishingly. Amphitrite turned to him and gurgled bossily at him, gesturing to the couch pointedly. Orion chuckled. If she wanted to mother him, she would find that he was a terror to all mothers everywhere.

“I don’t think so, Amph,” Orion said. “I need to do some research on Nexus,” he said. Amphitrite frowned at that, shaking her head and gesturing to the couch again, gurgling forcefully.

She actually pushed him with her body towards the couch. Orion laughed, before hissing in pain as the jolts sent lances of pain through his ribs. “Ugh… may-maybe I will lay down for a bit,” Orion groaned.

The doctors had told him to lay on his injured side; that it would make him breathe deeper. He wasn’t looking forward to it. He gingerly laid himself down on the couch, thankful that his injured ribs were on his right side rather than his left -laying on his injured arm was sure to be bad.

He gritted his teeth as he lay down, breathing in sharply as he tried to muddle through the pain. Orion closed his eyes, trying to get as comfortable as possible. He was exhausted, but it still took him an inordinate amount of time before he finally fell asleep.


The next week found him in his office, searching in vain for his notes on the Chrystine Roane case. He was determined to find Chrystine, despite Rameses’ ‘revenge’. The poor girl had to be somewhere, and Orion couldn’t bear to leave the case the way it was. It was the one case that haunted him, even before all of this had happened.

But he couldn’t find his notes. He usually kept all his case notes locked in his filing cabinet, but the notes were nowhere to be found! He was beginning to suspect that someone had managed to steal them, somehow. He peered at the lock on his filing cabinet. Sure enough, there were scratches around the lock, as if someone had picked it.

That strange rag he had found a month or so ago! Maybe it had been a piece of the thief’s clothes or outfit! Orion lifted his head and pounded on top of the filing cabinet. It was probably Rameses. Just more reason to track down the errant boyfriend.

Orion had been doing research on Nexus in the last week, in between practicing deep breaths at the doctor’s orders, and Amphitrite’s mothering. He hadn’t found much, to be honest. He looked up strange blackouts and attacks on police officers and others of the same caliber, but nothing seemed to fit.

The only thing that he had found was in the March Broadcast of the Godain Newscast, where the end had been cut off with a strange message from the mysterious Nexus. He hadn’t been able to decipher what Nexus had been talking about though. Numerate i Pi seemed to point to some sort of mathematical equation, but beyond that, Orion wasn’t sure how to proceed.

He sighed, closing the filing cabinet, his hand straying to the pokeballs on his belt. He had taken to having all his friends on hand, in case of another meeting with the Nexus agent. He kept his eye on the crowds, trying to pick him out. It was hard, though, for the man had been in shadow most of the time Orion had beheld him. Orion was pretty sure he’d recognize the man’s voice, though. It had been cold, cruel, with an edge to it that not many people had.

Orion decided it was time to go home. He walked out of the office building, locking the door behind him, and heading out onto the street. He nearly ran into someone, and mumbled an apology.

“Watch where you’re going!” The voice was cold, an edge to it that Orion recognized. His head snapped up and his eyes followed the stranger that walked away from him. The stranger was wearing a dark coat, but seemed to be the same height and build as the Nexus Agent.

Orion hurried to follow the man, eyeing him consideringly. He fingered Arden’s pokeball, but held back from releasing his partner. He didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. He followed the other man at a distance, weaving in and out of the crowded sidewalk of Kroy in the afternoon.

He accidentally bumped into someone else, but only muttered a quick apology before rushing away, hurrying after the man he was sure was the Nexus Agent. Unbeknownst to him, he had just run into the selfsame man he’d been searching for, and he’d had his pokeballs stolen from him yet again.

He turned the corner to find the man at a stop in front of the crosswalk. He hurried over to him, before the man turned to him, revealing a young baby face and a shock of red hair. Disappointment coursed through Orion -the man he’d been searching for had blue hair!

The man in front of him eyed him strangely. “Can I help you, sir?” Now that he wasn’t annoyed, the voice was no longer on edge, and Orion was able to hear that it sounded nothing like the Nexus Agent’s voice.

“Uh, no, sorry. I, uh, mistook you for someone I knew,” Orion stumbled over the words. He turned away, feeling embarrassed.

He felt for his pokeballs, only to find them missing! His eyes widened, and he looked around himself.

“Looking for these, D’Aramitz?” The cold, cruel voice of the Nexus Agent asked. Orion froze, turning to see a man in the shadows of an alleyway, throwing a pokeball in the air and catching it casually.

The Nexus Agent was here.

Word Count: 1,418
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

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“You.” Orion’s voice was dark as he sized up the Nexus Agent. The man had light blue hair and dark brown eyes with a clean-shaven face. He wore a dark blue vest and a pair of khaki slacks, as well as a tan overcoat that was lined with what looked like mareep fur.

“Me,” the agent replied with an easy smile, not at all intimidated by the larger man towering over him. “So, you found me, D’Aramitz… Now what are you gonna do?” He mocked Orion, grinning up at him with a cruel edge to his smile.

“What does Nexus want?” Orion asked, gritting his teeth. “Who are you guys? What do you want with Godai?”

The man chuckled. “All very good questions,” he purred. “But not any you’re getting answers to. Let it suffice to say, Nexus is everywhere and nowhere, all at once.”

Orion had suspected this. Nexus had people in high places, but they worked in the shadows, and nobody knew who was who.

“But why me?” Orion demanded.

“Why not you?” The man replied, laughing. “Your parents are getting in our way. This is an easy way to remind them how powerful we are.”

“So it’s got nothing to do with me!” Orion complained angrily. “I have nothing to do with my family! Why not go after my brother or sister?”

“Ah, but they aren’t making a nuisance of themselves playing goody-goody pretend police officer,” the Nexus agent replied mockingly.

Orion gritted his teeth. “I’m a private detective! I barely even scratch the surface of any real crimes!”

“Ah, but you’re watching people. You investigate the wrong types and this is where it lands you,” the man said, wagging a finger at him. “Nexus has great plans for Godai, and you and your family are standing in the way of those plans. Plain and simple.

“And I’ll keep standing in the way!” Orion replied furiously. “I won’t let you get away with crap like this!”

“And yet, you failed to report our little incident the other week to the police,” the man chuckled. “Sounds to me like you plan on waging a one-man war with Nexus. Let me give you a little advice: don’t. Nexus will crush all opposition.”

"Yeah? Give me back my pokemon and I’ll show you who’ll crush who!” Orion challenged.

A smirk crossed the smaller man’s face. “Fine then. If a pokemon battle is what you want, a pokemon battle is what you’ll get. But I warn you: I don’t plan on losing!”

He tossed three pokeballs down on the ground, and Orion scooped them up, examining the seals on the pokeballs to make sure they were his pokemon.

“Ready to be crushed?” the man sneered. “Go, Suivre!”

The hulking machoke from a week ago appeared in the alleyway.

“C’mon, Arden!” The flaaffy appeared in a red flash of light, ready to battle.

Pokemon Declaration!


Arden was dwarfed by the massive machoke, but he wasn’t cowed. His ears sparked as he looked at the machoke. The machoke looked amused by Arden’s display, and it casually showed off a muscle.

“Arden, thunder wave!” Orion ordered.

“Dodge it,” came the lazy reply from the man.

Arden sent a weak blast of electricity at the machoke, who easily stepped aside, avoiding the blast.

“Charge, then electro ball!” Orion said.

“Focus Toss!” the man barked. Orion blinked. It wasn’t often you saw a trainer making up their own moves.

Arden concentrated, drawing in energy to himself, his body sparking with electricity. Then he formed a ball in between his stubby arms and tossed it at the machoke.

The machoke, in the meanwhile, had been focusing on his own attack. He sidestepped the electro ball and ran at Arden, clearly making a move.

“Dodge it!” Orion cried desperately. But Arden was too slow; the machoke grabbed ahold of him and threw him into the air, grabbing him on the way down and slamming the sheep into the ground.

Arden cried out in pain, and Orion’s heart went out to his starter. “C’mon, get up! Thundershock!”

Orion didn’t bother to get up, sending a blast of electricity towards the machoke. This time it hit, and the machoke stiffened up at the bolt of electricity running through him, but withstood it easily.

“Karate Chop,” the Nexus agent ordered.

“Dodge it!” Orion called out, but the machoke was just too fast for Arden to avoid. The machoke ran at him and threw a chop at Arden’s midsection, and the sheep pokemon doubled over. Arden collapsed a moment later, and Orion recalled him.

“You did your best,” he murmured to the pokeball. It shook a little in response.

Orion tossed out his next pokemon. Triton emerged on the scene, swaying in the air as he looked around him in confusion.

“You’re in a battle, Triton! Use psybeam against that machoke!” Orion called out to him. Triton groaned, a low sound that didn’t inspire much confidence.

He turned to the machoke and summoned gusts of air from underneath his sails, sending them flying at the machoke.

“Take the hit, use Revenge!” the other man called.

The machoke weathered the hit pretty well for a flying-type move, and Orion groaned. Why didn’t Triton listen to him?

The machoke ran up to Triton and punched him hard, sending the water type flying backward. “C’mon, Triton, use psybeam!”

Triton ignored his trainer and sent a stream of bubbles at the machoke, sending the machoke back a couple of inches as he was blasted in the side.

“Suivre, use Karate Chop!” the man said. The machoke ran up to Triton and slammed his hand down across the pokemon’s spine, sending Triton groaning to the ground, and he refused to get up.

Orion sighed as he returned Triton. He’d have to talk to Triton about minding when he was in a battle.

He released his last pokemon, Amphitrite. “Amph, use supersonic! Confuse it!”

Amphitrite immediately sent waves of confusing energy towards the machoke. They struck, and the machoke immediately went into a rampage. It ran against a wall and started punching it wildly.

The Nexus Agent was forced to recall the raging machoke, lest it cause property damage. “Smart. But you won’t get past my next pokemon. Go, Prix!”

The agent released a huge machamp onto the scene. “Prix, submission!”

The machamp immediately rushed Amphitrite and forced the goldeen to the ground, all four arms punching at once. Orion recalled her before any more damage could happen to the vulnerable water type. He looked at the machamp fearfully as it suddenly advanced on him.

“Prix, subdue him!”

Orion turned to flee, but the machamp was too fast for him. It grabbed him by the arms, roughly handling his broken arm. He cried out in pain, but neither the machamp nor the trainer seemed to care.

The man walked over to him and snatched his holocaster out of his pocket. “Now, lets see here… mother, mother, mother,” the man muttered while scrolling through his holocaster. Orion cursed himself for not setting up a password on the damn thing, but there had never been a need!

“Aha!” the man said, clicking on something. The sound of the holocaster ring called out, and then someone was answering.

“Hello? Who are you? This is my Orion’s number…” Orion realized in horror that the man had called his mother.

“Hello, ma’am. This is Nexus calling with a message. Prix, break his leg!” the man turned the holocaster towards the machamp and Orion as Orion struggled against the hold the machamp had on him.

Then his leg was in the machamp’s arms and it snapped. Orion screamed as the immense pain hit him.

Something was said, but Orion didn’t hear it over his racing pulse and bloodcurdling screams. He was dropped to the ground, and Orion could hear his mom saying over and over: “Oh my Arceus, oh my Arceus!” as the holocaster was dropped next to his head. Then he passed out.

Word Count: 1,328
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"Someday I'll find my thing... The thing that's all my own... That thing that makes me part of something, not just all alone...
If only all this feeling, I had in my heart, could mean something to someone; how I'd love to play that part!"

Orion Hyacinth D'Aramitz

Alexa Ereignis

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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!
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RP Notes
  • Oooh, naughty bits~
  • Hello awkwardness my old friend
  • Oh my god! Orion and Arden are so adorable together
  • Ugh, and now I’m craving for fatty foods
  • Orion’s a busy, busy man
  • Stay determined, Orion!
  • Yanderes are scary
  • Yes lady, people with broken limbs and obvious physical damage are just fine
  • Well, Triton might be a bit apathetic but at least you have a mother hen and a sheep to keep you comfortable~
  • Me thinks Orion needs a better lock on his balls
  • Finish him! Fatality! (not really, but damn)

Topic Record
  • Orion enters Kroy by Vehicle
  • Orion visits a PokéCenter and heals his team
  • Two shady figures meet up in the back of the PokéCenter
  • Orion meets up with John Rhoten, an attorney
  • The two shady figures are planning less than pleasant things for Orion
  • Orion visits the PokéMart
  • Orion finds a strange cloth in his apartment
  • Orion is contacted concerning a breakage in the PokéCenter on the same day he had visited
  • Orion enters the Center in the dead of the night with permission of the owner
  • Orion finds that during his investigation his PokéBalls were stolen
  • It is revealed that La Numero has ties to Nexus
  • Orion gets physically attacked by Suivre the Machoke
  • Orion is brought to a hospital
  • Orion returns home after being discharged and tries to sleep through the pain
  • Orion finds out that someone broke in his home and stole some research
  • Orion finds La Numero again, and battles him
  • Orion sends out Arden the Flaaffy against La Numero’s Suivre the Machoke
  • Arden the Flaaffy is knocked out and replaced by Triton the Mantine [Arden needs to visit a PokéCenter before he can battle again]
  • Triton the Mantine doesn’t listen to Orion and gets knocked out before getting replaced by Amphitrite the Goldeen [Triton needs to visit a PokéCenter before he can battle again]
  • Amphitrite the Goldeen knocks out an already weakened Suivre the Machoke, who is replaced by Prix the Machamp (+ 19 EXP)
  • Amphitrite the Goldeen is knocked out [Amphitrite needs to visit a PokéCenter before she can battle again]
  • La Numero calls Orion’s mother before he orders his Machamp to break Orion’s leg
  • Orion loses consciousness
  • Orion finds a Rare Candy

Topic Evaluation
Learning A Little Something About Yourself
Making Friends: 3 AP
Nursing: 3 AP
Topic: 19 EXP
Evaluation: 45 EXP
Total: 64 EXP
*dian* 4,591
Bonuses: Long Duration, Self Challenge
Penalties: None
Evaluation Wrap-Up

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!

This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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