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[Evaluated]Recharging Memories; Chronicals of Jacob Ch. 1
Topic Started: 19 May 2017, 06:50 PM (839 Views)
Posted Image Zaiaku91
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Summer Event Plot #5

Pokemon Declaration!

Isolated. Alone. Fading.

Hazardous were the feelings that is painted black and white across the deteriorating metal walls in which made up the dark room they occupied. A single cube which was but a small sliver of four massive structures man once created to harness powerful energy through divergent methods. Luminous days were once full of glory and activity, widely accepted and praised - now fallen from grace in a blanket of darkness and rust, much like the occupant's hope in the other residence who also call the ragged facility home. If, it can even be considered a home. Their family, all whom were once friends, no more than shadows of a distant past which haunts them. Repeated attempts of building bridges, reaching out have gone up in flames, dying out leaving a bitter taste on the unseen tongue and a heavy feeling in their metallic body. It burned, they've been burned, so badly yet it felt so frigid they might freeze. Their songs of positive charge repelled, receiving nothing more than silence and rejection. Giving little to strive for in future days.

To vacate the premises was a mere thought of folly. The pain and hatred which etched deep into their combined gray matter refused to pull anchor and let them be free from imprisonment. Being resented and ignored for so long bred murderous thoughts, and to leave without conviction is to deny themselves justice. The only source of warmth found was that of Man's construct, the beautiful collection of machinery whose electrical melody soothed some of the burns. Fueling the spark of life which kept them pushing through the madness. Even so, it wasn't enough. Far from it, for no amount of music could hide the broken fragments of past relationships they had with others in the Plant. It's exhausting. Depressing. Infuriating.

What happened? What went wrong? Questions go unanswered and attempts go unnoticed. A once joyous time was painted with blue skies, now thundered as they turned black as night. What should be viewed as home, a place of solitude and love, now mirrored the ugly surroundings that rusted and deteriorated, engulfed in a darkness they couldn't shake. A storm was brewing in their soul, a festering and darkening mass that lashed out at the broken memories that belonged in a past life.

This anger, they didn't like it. It was cancerous, and yet fueled the embers at the pit of their soul until the pressure no longer could be contained. Living like this meant only more rage and more suffering. They'll be damned to continue life this way, but ending in silence was irrational. Not to the metallic being. They've tolerated rejection and emptiness long enough. It was only so much they could take! Especially from their own friends and family. If that's what they can even be called. The only window they can be seen through now is one of red. If they cannot be accepted for the kindness and good intentions, then they'll be accepted through destruction. Either way, everyone was going to pay. Or die trying.

The darkened room began to illuminate, revealing thick foliage creeping into the shattered windows that were covered in grime and filth, evidence of abandonment that went on for years. Rusted walls with artificial skin peeling off in layers, exposing the brownish red flesh of chemical reaction that has taken hold of the walls and floors. Broken tiles, trash in abundance.

A cruel metaphor to their reality that exists within the facility. The silence fell apart in wake of a drawn out metallic groan, as a set of three eyes in a triangular formation gleamed. The cackling of electricity brightened the room further, chirping loudly as if hungering. The entity unleashed its fury upon the aged door, smashing it with a deafening boom as the weak rusted metal was no match for their fury.

A calm before the storm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Speckles of crimson bled from the extrasolar glow peeking over the horizon, evanescing into the golden honey mass that bleached the dusky blue canvas into a lighter tint in wake of the morning star. Cirrus clouds meandered leisurely across the heavens, ensnared by dawn's radiance of red, orange and pink - melting into the warmth of a new beginning. The veil of night gradually receding from the warmth of the luminous sun, anewing the infinite dance between the star and her child. The song of the morning breeze graciously combed the Earth with incorporeal fingers, gently awakening her slumbering inhabitants as a mother would to her children. Whispering unto their ear with a soft melodic voice which stirred flowers into the dance of nyctinasty, unfurling vibrant petals letting loose the sweet fragrance of Spring through the air.

Frolicking in the breeze vibrant cherry blossoms pierced the heavens, waltzing through the playful currents until reaching the peak where they begin their descent across the Southern Hemisphere playing part of the morning spectacle. Nature's candy littered the streets, embedding themselves into the nooks and crannies proving to be both floral decoration and a nuisance with their aromatic flecks of pink. Permeating the air in a rich wild honey scent that invigorated those who savor the fragrance. Fresh growth sprung forth with the departure of winter's blanket, marinating in the warming rays of the sun. Fragments of snow remained, clinging to the trees as the golden ribbons wove through the cluster of frozen water, the light refracting through the crystals releasing a dazzling array of colors only matched by the lake's reflective surface. Coming together for the ideal image that can be used to draw tourist in with their alluring display.

Enthralled by the morning did the wildnerness begin its natural hymn. From the tall grass beasts bayed, the gentle breeze whispering through the rustling leaves. Those of feathers spread their wings, basking in the balmy beams of the distant star. Insects scoured the moist earth, stalking through the thick vegetation as coverage from their predators while fighting for their place in the food chain. An escape from the bustle of modern civilization, one may find a token of appreciation if not more from the limitless bounty nature provides. From the crisp currents breathing over flesh, the faint bouquet of wild flowers and dancing pink petals of cherry blossom. The golden rays of the sun brightening the colorful terra firma. The new beginning of a new season.

There was once a point in time Jacob Sterling found nature's bounty to be medication for the soul. Empowering the appreciation of life he had before bolting to the outdoors to gambol. But as the seasons change so did his view of the world, and all it took was a sudden blaze to strip away the colorful perspective leaving a monochrome husk. The transient perfect weather held little to appeal the affluent Sterling, nor did the song of wilderness. Not when it did little to benefit the man save for the spacious field he currently occupied amidst the cluster of trees. The fragrance of honey nipping at his nose permeated from the drifting pink petals drifting along the currents like snow. His attention had been consumed by the training exercise being conducted between the turquoise serpent and the golden bivalve.

A month had elapsed following the events at the laboratory at Cadence, where he had received both creatures Ciri and Aramis. The grass snake Ciri was then a Snivy, relatively young to the immense world they found themselves in with an immense attitude which placed her at the top of the pinnacle within her perspective. Though this overwhelming pride also served a redeeming quality for she delivered what was advertised. Coupled with her genetic mutation and undying loyalty to follow through each request without hesitation, Jacob had found a diamond in the rough. As of late she had reached the point of evolution, becoming a Servine.

And then there was Aramis, the golden pearl whom was a benefaction from a young woman that hasn't been seen or heard from in years. Martini Ravensdale, a recent cousin of his through marriage. The circumstances driving the hedonistic woman to depart with such a jewel eludes any understanding Jacob could fabricate - not that he'd even hesitate on accepting the gift. After all it was free, and anything from the Ravensdales were well received. Like Ciri she too held an odd genetic disorder, the tough shell betraying the common violet tone in favor of a golden skin. Visually magnificent, though the sybaritic male hoped it'll change upon evolution. Something he can have done at whim thanks to the addition of a water stone the Shellder arrived with in the ebony velvet box.

'Stop staying quiet all these years and show me some attention! Damn it! Also, I got you a gift. No need to thank me, though you probably should. Miss you! Should definitely meet up soon.'

Years had come to pass since the last time the two legatees held a conversation. Putting aside the contemporary message, the last time he had the Ravensdale name crossed his thoughts was prior to the forlorn events surrounding Dante and himself. A shame really, giving their relationship prior. Years of engaging at glamorous hosting between their successive families on private yachts and remote vacations grown stagnant so suddenly. Amazing what happens when life throws the proverbial curve ball. He would be lying if he didn't want to see the raven-haired lass from the past. She was one of few good company he could remember.

*buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

An monotonous alarm muffled through the woven onyx fabric of his vest, vibrating rapidly to alert the Sterling of an pending call. Tearing his gaze away from the two Pokemon Jacob reached into his pocket, wrapping his fingers around the source - an old rectangular device hailing from another time era, or so it felt as Jacob stared at the silver casing that had a metallic blue finish. Flipping open the cell phone he raised it to his ear, his features distorting in vexation as an unwanted voice reached his ears. The thought of disconnecting the call immediately was kept on a short leash as he responded reluctantly.

"And here I was concerned the phone wasn't going to work. Remind me the reason I have it again father?" His tongue clicked with disdain as preemptive thoughts were already accumulating in his mind. It wasn't particularly the phone which had the younger Sterling upset, merely wounds of the past still burned.

A heavy sigh cackled through the static from the other side. "I've said before Jacob that's information I cannot divulge in. But it's a security measure, given the recent hacker problem we're experiencing at the firm. For the time being just bare with it. Please?" Sincerity swelled with every word, and yet Jacob couldn't find himself believing it. A hacker? Whom would be foolish enough to tamper into a law firm, especially his father's considering the considerable size. Still, it wasn't his business so he could care less. For now he'll roll with it.


"I heard you. Don't worry I'll hang on to it, at the very least it'll limit the number of contacts." None the wiser he knew the sudden destruction or loss of the decrepit device would result in the delivery of a new one. Still, it was a flip phone and customized for his personal usage. "So is this how we'll be communicating?"

There was a moment of hesitation. "For the time being, yes. Once things have simmered I'll explain in full. But in the meantime this is the safer route. There is still the matter of our conversation when you last visited." There it was. This conversation was ordained the moment he opted to taken up the mantle as a trainer once more. Initiating the conquest for power. And to hunt for his long 'lost' brother.

"What is there to talk about. I am not deviating." Thought he had made this perfectly clear already.

"I know, Jacob but listen." There it was, the slight quivering in his voice that mirrored the tone he had when they first discussed the circumstances surrounding Dante. He wasn't quite ready to accept it then, and even now he struggled to accept it now. "Son, everything with Dante, that was years ag-"

"He forsaken me, father. Left Ivy and I for dead in that inferno, or had you forgotten? Years or not you seriously expect me to merely let it go?"

"...No son....I couldn't have you let that go. But I am asking do not do something you'll regret later. Or get you in severe trouble."

"Should have offered that advice to him a few years ago. I can take care of myself, and no I won't have him in a body bag. He should, but I won't." Perhaps he should not have said that. But in the Sterling's mind his anger was justified and he sees no other reasoning. He could care less what other people may think of it, it wasn't their dilemma. It was not their partner who died, and by damn it wasn't their blood brother who left them to burn to death in a forest fire.

Nothing but silence ensued, save the drawn out sigh that escaped his father's lips. Jacob knew he was getting frustrated, but had reached the point of defeat. "If you run into him, just let me know. Alright?"

"I like to think this topic is finished. Is there anything else?" Slowly his thumb shifted over the button in the top right hand corner of the hand held, preparing to cut the connection so he can get on with his life without any further interruptions. There was so much to do, and not enough time.

"Yes. Mr. Sato is currently en route for Tiensee to pick up some product. He wanted me to inform you that he has something to bestow you with. What precisely is beyond me. But do keep an eye out, I'm sure it'll end up being something to assist you with your quest."

This perked an eyebrow from the male. While he was for the free gift, the fact it was coming from their butler intrigued him. Then again Tanaka had proved to be of more help in recent years than his own parents. While a mere butler, the old man was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and rich with advice. So for Tanaka to bring something directly to him had to be of importance.

"I will, thanks."

"Right. Well I better be off, have a board meeting. Cheers and we love you son."

"Mmhm, love you too."

Snapping the phone close Jacob sucked in a deep breath, raising both hands up to massage his aching temples struggling to keep a rising headache under wraps. Subsequently since his return from the Central district he had been at odds with his family. The concern involving his well being has surfaced once more, as if he is planning to do something reckless. Maybe it was, but he didn't really care. The metaphor 'home sweet home' was nothing more than an illusion as far as Jacob is concerned. With the short duration spent at the estates after obtaining Ciri and Aramis all Jacob found awaiting for him was unnecessary resistance.

To Jacob, they were afraid of accepting the truth of who their son really is. Despite a well respected background which nearly mirrors his own, Dante caused the forest to ignite and roar wildly, taking only his own Pokemon while leaving behind Jacob and Ivy to burn. Even though the Sterling was alive, his partner did not. Permanently installing the rift that now exists between them. They might by blood be brothers, but all Jacob saw was someone who forever seared an important face from his life.

"Ten minutes I won't be getting back." He grumbled while storing the old phone back into the pocket of his vest, shaking his head. The conversation might as well have been null and void, though towards the end the mention of Mr. Sato was the saving grace. As of late he had not seen the elderly butler around the Estate, likely lending a hand over at the Ravensdale Manor. He never quite grasped why Tanaka worked for both, but it wasn't his place to question it. Nor did he particularly cared.

Turning around he was met with the piercing crimson gaze of Ciri, the turquoise serpent showing signs of concern given the tone used during the conversation. The Shellder seemed to be off to the side, simply waiting for new directions while lapping at a fallen cherry blossom. His lips parted to speak, to bark an order but nothing more than a forced breath escaped. That little discussion thrown off the momentum he had going. "Break time is over. Aramis and Ciri, back to the center. We're taking this from the top."

The turquoise serpent nodded her head immediately, raising up on the tips of her toes as she craned her neck. Hissing loudly to beckon the water type over so they can heed the wishes of their master. The golden scallop jolted to life, bouncing from her dormant position and quickly retook the position they shared previously, wide-eyed for she feared the punishing vines the grass type brandished. They've danced time to time again, but she usually ended up more bruised than anything.

"Ciri, begin with vine whip. We're not aiming to break our precious Aramis, but let your strikes result in punishment should she fail to defend. Aramis, as we've practiced before. Defend with any means necessary." Those were all they needed to begin. It wasn't their first courting nor will it be their last.

Lifting her snout a sly smile etched itself across her features, a glimmer of mischief in her ruby ovals as a single vine emerged from the V-shaped crest that grew from her chest, whipping at the ground with a loud crack causing her companion to jump in surprise much to her amusement. While playful she was also a sadist, something Aramis had yet to fully become accustomed to. Shuddering the bivalve flicked her enlonged tongue out, announcing she was prepared.


Without delay the Servine raised the vine, flourishing it through the air churning the falling pink crystals before lashing out at the water type, whistling through the air from the high velocity as it ran parallel to the ground, aiming to catch the Shellder sideways.

Watching carefully Aramis started to rock herself back and forth, preparing for the thick vine to draw near so she may respond appropriately. She need not be reminded of what happens if she fails to dodge it. Once the creeper was within a foot or so the Shellder threw her wait towards the assault, flipping herself off the ground as the vine sliced through the sod beneath.

She had narrowly avoided the opening assault, but nonetheless success was to be met as she tumbled across the soil harmlessly. But Ciri was never one to relent, as moments later the grassy whip snapped at the air and came back with a vengance. Lunging herself forward Aramis let loose a jet of pressurized water into the ground, sending herself airborne having avoided yet another whip.

"Nice maneuver, but left yourself open." Jacob retorted, crossing his arms knowing Ciri expected as much. She is clever as she is quick. On cue a secondary vine ripped through the air, thrashing against the Shellder causing her to flip through the air and into the ground with a dull thud. Fortunately the water type has a tough shell, the vine hurt more than the fall.

The Servine didn't yield though, training or not she approached every session as if fighting an opponent not of her own. Aramis had left herself defenseless and vulnerable. Such mistakes were paid for in full. The pair of vines recoiled, drawing in close to their wielder before striking out once more at her competitor.

'Be quick about it or you'll take another lashing.'

Bubbles formed in the depths of the black orb that represented the primary body of the Shellder as she fought through the pain, somewhat used to the punishment though it didn't stop the pain that followed. Tiny pupils followed the whips carefully as a light purple aura began permeating from her tiny form. Sticking out her tongue a circular disc materialized in front of her, radiating the same hue as the whips made contact, deflecting harmlessly away from her.

"Very good." Jacob muttered to himself, nodding in approval as the protective shield dissipated. The Servine hissed lightly, somewhat impressed by Aramis's quick response just after being smacked down from the air. But it wouldn't mean she will be letting up. One vine poised overhead in the likeness of a serpent ready to strike, while the other swept along the grass. But this time the Shellder was ready. Slightly unorthodox what she is ready to do, but it still would fall in the lines of defending herself.

[W.C = 3,500]

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Jacob Sterling
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Meticulously watching the striking vine the bivalve begun to rock forward and backward, lounging herself narrowly avoiding Ciri's punishment as it swept underneath harmlessly. She was well aware of the secondary vine awaiting for her movement, the serpent devious in the way she fights. Planting herself to the ground upon the moment she landed, the bivalve immediately let loose an torrent of water towards the grass snake surprising the latter. A delay that lasted long enough for the water gun to blast the turquoise serpent in the face causing the vines to recoil. Deep down the Shellder felt proud of herself, but such a score was but a whisper in the wind compared to the gale that is to break loose. Those droplets of darkness within the white pools fixated on the Servine, waiting for the inevitable reaction.

Droplets of water trickled down her lean face, dropping off the tip of her nose as ruby ovals narrowed into thin slits. That little tactic was out of the ordinary for the little bivalve, and yet she couldn't truly be mad. Of course this didn't excuse the slight humility she felt in being caught off guard by the water, despite hardly suffering anything short of a good washing. A twitch rippled down her spine, a spastic movement that contorted her features into something more sinister that lasted as quickly as the flicker of a candle before a sly smile rode her mouth. The twin creepers slowly inched out from the crevices of her crest as she suddenly lounged forward, moving as quickly as physically possible before leaping into the air, rotating like a corkscrew unleashing a whirlwind of vines at the bivalve.

The wailing of the vines slicing through the air rattled the water type as she quickly unleashed another blast of water propelling Aramis backwards, just in time to see dirt and grass erupt from the ground before her as a large gash was made where she once stood. Tensing up as a faint purple light filled the crevices of her shell, illuminating the golden shell giving it a more glossy appearance which buffered Aramis's defenses. She was going to need it as Ciri immediately launched another whip, with little time to properly avoid what was inevitable.

With a loud crack the vine snapped at the top of the Shellder's armor, her buffered defense lessening the already effective blow as Ciri eagerly seized one of the horns which sprouted from the shell. Reeling the water type in as a fisherman does his catch, the Servine began to swing her around and around in place causing a shimmering streak of gold before releasing Aramis sending her hurdling into a patch of thick shrubbery which engulfed the bivalve whole. Taking advantage of the brief moment the Shellder would be needing to regroup, the serpent jumped onto her head spinning.

'Heh, I really hope Aramis is prepared for this. If not she's really going to be hurting.' Of course the thought of halting the session crossed his mind. But at the same time there would be no such mercy in a real fight, thus producing an unnecessary illusion of safety. Something Jacob learned the hard way thus altering his tactics. "Brace yourself."

A faint howling filled the air as a light green energy began wrapping around Ciri's tail, rapidly growing in size as the wind started picking up causing the cyclone to swell - taking on a much darker shade as the vortex developed further. With a loud hiss the Servine leaned over onto her side, sending the spiraling vortex of emerald leaves towards the bushes tearing at the ground in its wake.

Anticipation inflated in his chest as he watched the leaf tornado howl towards the bushes, knowing fully well it would be strong enough to render the water type unconscious. Physical damage was of little concern given the water type's superb defenses thanks to her hard shell. But the nature of this particular attack would have very different results. All he could do is trust the creature to know what to do, even if it failed that in itself was punishment.

The bushes shook and buckled as the vortex scored, tearing the shrub apart as it was thrown into the air. The cyclone raised upwards in the likeness of a true twister, wailing across the grassy field several feet until disappearing behind the hulking trees where it dissipated into thin air. In place of the bush was a spherical shield of cerulean energy, the golden bivalve in the middle completely unharmed much to the relief of the trainer. This particular Shellder was too valuable to lose, after all. And as if to sprinkle the toppings over a dessert worth waiting for, the barrier was dropped and Aramis launched a volley of icicles towards the grass snake in retaliation. Now it truly was Ciri's turn to take up the defense.

Ducking low to the earth the serpent rolled over towards the left, hearing the snapping of ice crystals burrowing into the soil where she once stood. Unsheathing the twin vines Ciri lashed out at the incoming icicles, executing with practiced accuracy as both vines swat the remaining two like they were annoying insects, shattering them in a dazzling display as the sun caught the airborne frozen dust. But a silhouette formed in the center of the icy cloud, Aramis throwing herself at the Servine taking advantage of the momentary distraction colliding head on with Ciri sending them both toppling over.

"That's good enough!" Jacob barked, bringing both Pokemon to a halt. With the motion of his hand Ciri and Aramis both approached the human, regaining posture as they settled down panting slightly. They weren't exactly tired, but the Servine's aggressive fighting style had worn her out versus Aramis's defensive stance which consists of taking punishment and responding. Both suited for each of them yet still far from perfection. Though they've been at it since wee hours of dawn.

"Ciri, your offense is solid and your reaction time is good. But need to keep it tight and not be slighted by distractions. Aramis, your defense is better than the last session. Keep it tight but be mindful of your surroundings. Don't want to leave yourself open like you did going in the air. That was reckless, though we can smooth that out." Both Pokemon nodded, their understanding of human language progressively getting better over the past month. A necessary evil if he hoped to introduce more complicated elements to their training. Plus it made it easier to give constructive criticism, or a negative evaluation. Whichever suited the moment.

Reaching into a separate pocket within his vest the Sterling pulled on the silver chain, revealing a small pocket watch with the family insignia etched into the designed face. The insignia itself resembled that of an Aegislash in defense form. But inside the shield was a scale that resembled justice while the primary body of Aegislash resembled judgement. Or as his father like to say, execution. The judge, the jury and the executioner. A bit cheesy in Jacob's opinion, but he couldn't deny the Aegislash theme was pretty awesome.

'It is only nine thirty-two. Got some time to spare before pressing on.' He thought, snapping the pocket watch shut and stowed it away looking down at the two creatures before him. Ciri, who seemed more eager awaiting the next orders versus Aramis who looked as if she can do with a nap.

"Ciri, take position over there." He pointed towards one tree that stood on the side of the clearing, a few feet from where they stood presently. The turquoise serpent shifted crimson orbs over to the tree, nodding her head as she walked over to take her place, awaiting further instructions. "And Aramis, let's go. To the center of the field." The human instructed, motioning the water type to follow.

"Ciri is going to run from one side of the field to the other. Use rock blast as she is crossing, do not show mercy just let loose. When she gets to the other side, turn around and repeat. Five times and then we'll take a break, got it?" Aramis nodded her body the best she could, turning towards where Ciri stood as the human walked over to the serpent. What motivated her more than anything at this point was the opportunity of taking a rest. Exhausted and worn out, she's about reached her limit.

"Ciri." Jacob knelt down next to the grass snake, his miscolored green eyes staring into her rubies that gleamed with curiosity and a sense of eagerness, despite the physical toll already taken on her body. "Five times, I need you to run back and forth across the field. Dodge Aramis's attack but don't retaliate, this is a speed exercise. Once finished, we'll be taking a break before continuing. Understood?"

The Servine nodded, taking in a deep breath mustering what strength she had left to complete the task. Determined to prove to her companion and human her leading position amongst the group. Impression was key, and she had to let it be known amongst her peers present and future where they stood as well as she.

"At it girl. Wait for my signal." Jacob smiled, patting the grass type on the head before walking away, giving some space between the two. Several feet is all he needed, before turning about and raising his arm up into the air catching the attention of both Pokemon. "Ready.....begin!!!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Embers glowed softly at the end of the cigar, pinched between long fingers as Jacob held it up to his mouth dragging on the unhealthy habit. Thus far he's managed to reduce consumption down to two a day if he can help it, working progress considering he started off with five which is pricey even for one of his background. Lungs held as he peered up at nature's canopy, counting in silence until sweet release that came in the form of a flavored smog. Oddly he despised the smell of cigarettes and cigars, yet here he was. Reason behind the flavor, Java Mint!

The bountiful sunlight however started to eclipse as a rouge cumulous rolled through under a dark veil, denying him the sun's affections. The sullen cloud loomed over like a giant, a harbinger of the heavens who foretold the wrath that was to come. Whispering through the trees as an ominous gale, the wildlife fleeing to take early shelter thus serving as the second warning.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

The smooth tempered glass of the holocaster illuminated, sounding off the notification alarm as a regional message tugged at the conscious of Jacob, drawing his focus away from the resting silhouettes of Ciri and Aramis whom were resting at the base of a tree. Broken shards of ice were embedded in the trunk, erecting at different angles throughout the height - gradually melting against the warmer temperature they were previously exposed in.

Warning! A severe thunderstorm alert has been issued in your vicinity. Seek shelter immediately!


Stepping away from the open fields and onto the beaten down path etched across the worn pavement, Jacob brought a hand over the platinum lining of his eyebrows - peering into the distant horizon. The sky seemed to stretch onwards like the vast sea, only at the skyline did he see the perversion of the white cumulous clouds. Like massive white sails the intangible ships converged on a darkening mass that loomed in the outstretches of the horizon, their purity infected by their less friendly brethren. Even from where he stood, the blackened mass of condensed water vapors gradually expanded and swallowed the blue canvas with an appetite insatiable.

"Hm." Tapping on the application titled 'Town Map' the screen lit up with the holographic representation of the region they lived in, the land mass holding a dim green shade while the cities and towns held their own colored blips. Even locations whose residence were that of wild Pokemon are labeled and colored, leaving little room to be in dubiety. Tiensee, the festive town of celebration and vacation still remained out of reach by many miles. With this weather anomaly baring down on them he knew there would be no time to dawdle. After all it was vacuous to believe he could outrun nature's fury on foot.

From what the map shown, a large landmark titled 'Tiensee Power Plant' stood as the beacon of salvation from the inbound storm. An abandoned site that once provided thousands with financial security and power throughout the homes of many more. Despite being shut down shortly after the nuclear incident, it still remained as a bastion for many wild Pokemon. Namely electric type and the steel type, both being respectable in the trainer's eyes therefore desired. Maybe he can make use of this unfortunate event.

"Isn't like we've much to debate about. There's no chance of reaching Tiensee, going back to Aurmouth is absurd." The Sterling grimaced as he shut off the high-tech holocaster, pocketing it as he reached for two red and white capsules attached to his belt. He knew very well Ciri and Aramis were still exhausted, thus only slowing him down if he were to leave them outside of their Pokeballs. Ciri in particular might be upset with him, but she cannot afford to rest if he's going to be riding out the storm in an infested plus abandoned site. "Forgive me Ciri."

Unclipping the spheres he slowly walked over towards the tree where both creatures rested. Content and peaceful they slept, the Shellder blowing bubbles from the unseen orifice suggesting she was sleeping even harder than Ciri was. He knew the serpent would be more than happy to tough it out, but it wouldn't make sense to unnecessarily tire them out further. Pointing the spheres at both the Servine and the Shellder, his thumbs pressed the centered button. From the center a beam of red energy fired forth, connecting with both Pokemon consuming each in a radiant glow before pulling each creature back into their respective Pokeball.

'Wonder if it is possible to customize a Pokeball. Or if different spheres have different effects when used...I'll have to look into it once I get to the city.' Technology has never ceased to amaze him. Aware of the variety of pokeballs there were, only a select few interested him most. A luxury ball, for instance. The sleek black design with gold and red trimming, while he can do without the gold it was still a wondrous device. In addition it has been rumored to foster the friendship of Pokemon caught in it, which to him only meant the creatures were more likely to perform at their peak for him. And obtain better results.

Reattaching the Pokeballs to his waist he already could hear Ciri protesting, figuratively of course but it will be coming she isn't a fool. He had already told the serpent until they gather more power he will keep her out of her ball unless under certain conditions - this being one of them. But the Servine was a jealous one, and he already could foresee issues arising that'll need to be addressed. But until then, he'd leave it alone. "She'll get over it. Not going to get caught in a storm though." Clicking his tongue for a moment he pulled the cigar from his mouth, exhaling another cloud of colorful filth as he cut through the small patch they were in, making his way to the main road.

Despite the threat of a thunderstorm on the horizon, he wasn't about to run. A brisk walking pace was the most one can get out of him at the moment. The way he figured it, running from here to the power plant would only exhaust him quickly and he had a gut feeling he will need all the strength he can maintain. If sprinting is a necessity then he will wait to do so when the dark mass of clouds is baring over him. He rather be able to run in the rain, than not have enough strength to do so in the same situation.

'The both of them have improved immensely, as individuals and together.' He remembered when they first had their training session, what a nightmare it was. Ciri wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bivalve, while Aramis was too scared to interact with the Snivy. However Martini had raised it, clearly was different than how he has so far. It wasn't an easy transition for the water type, though he did not let that stop him any. He knew there would be a degree of difficulty with the pair, given each comes from a different trainer. But the end game is far more rewarding in his mind, and he sought to make it a reality.

Tugging on the silver chain once more to pry at the time, the Sterling pulled what little of the cigar remained from his mouth and dropped it to the asphalt. He had his fill, and if he ended up having to book it well it made no sense to be smoking one. Pressing the heel of his shoe over the wrappings he grounded it into the road, ensuring it was put out and once the rain comes it's filth will be cleansed.

Being stuck in a power plant without no knowledge if it'll be for a few hours or longer, he only hoped this won't be a complete and total waste of time. Just didn't have that kind of patience.

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Sniffing the air Jacob noticed the difference almost immediately. The fresh fragrance of Spring was no longer present, drowned out by the petrichor carried by the winds of change originating from the mass of gray accumulating over the horizon. There had been no signs of thunder yet, which meant lightning isn't remotely close otherwise the voices of the heavens would announce it so.

However the whispers of the weather were already here, breathing over the grass and trees in waves causing the rustling sound of friction between the two. There was an increasing lack of wild life too, the creatures sensitivity to dangerous weather prevailing over human's own intuition save for the selected few.

The cement beneath his feet faired no better than the sky above, erosion having long settled in beneath the heavy march of time, history's breath stripping away once quality asphalt leaving behind a bleach and deteriorated husk. The relentless beating of the sun rendered a polished black surface into a washed out gray, the yellow strips barely noticeable anymore. Large fissures rode through the hardened tar, years of degeneration leaving the artificial path exposed to nature's otherwise unhindered growth. Weeds and sod sprouting and taking root, disfiguring the road even further.

The lack of maintenance was evident. Proper care would have prevented such overgrowth from consuming and crippling the pavement, making it more appealing to travel though money certainly could be better spent. With plenty of trip hazards Jacob made sure to remain vigilant, though his concerns hardly were with the trashy appearance of the road he walked along. Rather, they primarily revolved around himself. And the storm which stalked them at a slow yet unfaltering pace, serving as additional motivation to keep a strong stride about his legs.

"You'd think they would at least take the time to keep the road in at least subpar condition. It might as well be forsaken like the plant." He muttered, green and hazel eyes flicking across the disintegrating road with mild disdain. He haven't seen so much excess of weeds and fragments in a long time, in fact it has nearly been two and a half years ago when he originally started his journey with the pathetic excuse of a sibling. The mere thought of his name furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth together. What on earth would he do once he encounters him again? Would words even find its way past his mouth?

Kicking a rock across the road the man shoved his hands into his pockets. He would have to amass the proper strength needed before doing anything. There was no telling what had transpired over the course of three years, or has it been four? All he knows is there will most certainly be a confrontation, words which cannot describe how nasty it was going to be or how it will turn out. He truthfully should be concerned, but quite honestly he wasn't in the slightest. All the Sterling knew, was that Dante left him for dead. And Ivy actually died. Betrayed by he who was closest to him. And the life of who he loved equally extinguished.

'Speaking of strength. His hand moved over his belt, fingers feeling the cold metal surface of the red and white capsules which held his new Pokemon. Ciri was very different next to Ivy. The grass snake is incredibly judgmental, and filled to the brim with pride. Not that she has no reason to be. They got along very well, despite the obsessive nature she seemed to harbor for him. A disturbing factor which in itself can be taken as a strength when played properly. She has grown quite rapidly as well, having already attained evolution much to his delight.

Then there's Aramis. Initially she had started off shy and easily intimidated by Ciri who certainly took advantage of it. The first few training sessions were absolutely brutal, the water type spending more time being the Servine's punching bag than anything else. But as of late she has been coming along rather well, the chemistry between the three of them stronger. She caught on quickly and started learning to use her defense as an offensive weapon. Once the time was right, he'll be able to use that water stone given to him by the previous owner of Aramis.

His features softened at the pleasant thought, his lips curling up into a smile as he affectionately ran his fingers over the two spheres. He was proud of them, not that he'd reveal that much to them as of yet. There's an image to maintain after all, though Ciri could see through it. She was very much aware of the role she played in the scheme of things, and she was more than willing to fulfill any purpose given. He couldn't tell if that was good or bad, perhaps both. But until it proves otherwise he remains undeterred.

Consumed by thought the Sterling became oblivious to the impending danger that gathered in the far distance, a blacken mass congregating in the form of cumulonimbus clouds threatened. Rolling across the forest a thunderous tremor echoed, shattering the blissful world the wandering trainer had brought upon himself forcing a waking reality. Daring to do so he craned his neck, different shades of green focusing on the impending mass igniting a new sense of urgency.

"Bloody hell, how much further are we now?" Reaching into the pocket of his pants the platinum haired male drew out the small black handheld, pressing a single button illuminating the dark screen with a blue fluorescent light. Pressing his thumb lightly over the map application the holocaster sounded off with a light chime as a digital projection of the region emerged as before. Carefully placing his fingers over the screen he spread them apart, causing the hologram to zoom in on the southern hemisphere of the region. Particularly where they were at.

The map as a whole revealed various colored dots. Populated locations such as the cities and towns were indicated on the map by a small glowing dot which was stationary and blue in color. Having zoomed in only the Southern section of the region was shown, Aurmouth was present far off to the East. With the Firebird Villa not too far north of the shining city, suggested by the pale green dot which indicated the location was populated by wild Pokemon rather than humans.

He had heard stories of the infamous mansion, the hauntings and abundance of ghosts that reside within the walls. A bloody history, and yet he felt himself drawn to it. Eventually, after all a ghost Pokemon would certainly come to be useful.

Beneath the villa was the Tiensee Power Plant, giving off the same distinctive green color as the haunted mansion did. Measuring a few feet from its position was a blinking dot that was a simple white color. His dot, where he currently remained position. "I'm about a mile or two out. Should be an off road somewhere that'll lead to the plant." Shutting down the application Jacob carefully placed the device into his pocket, taking care not to misjudge and drop the holocaster as many have before with virtually any device of the same size.

Continuing on the current road would eventually take him straight to Tiensee, which was the original plan until the unanticipated arrival of the thunderstorm that billowed on the horizon. There would be a diverting path that split from the main road towards the site where the power plant was staged. Only the heavens knew if such a road still existed, if not consumed by the relentless growth of nature.

'What wouldn't I give for a car right now. Either I'd be in town by now or at least not stressing over being caught in the downpour.' Wishful thinking wasn't going to get him any quicker to his destination. It takes more than mere desire to bring something into fruition. Rather than simply wanting it, the wheels will be an additional source of motivation to see himself at the famed power plant and, by extension, Tiensee. He'll buy it then. But a motorcycle or a car? A debate for a later date.

Minutes trickled through the narrow gap of the hourglass, the grains of time nearly depleted as an familiar burning sensation stroked his calves, the muscles straining from lack of productivity Jacob once had partaken in years ago. The tingling sensation that gradually would seep into his knees, sending signals of pain to the brain pleading to stop. But the metaphoric cries fell silent, for will overrode the aching of his body. Grass crumbled beneath the soles of his shoes as he walked along the dead beaten path. Fortunately despite the sod taking root where a path once stood, it had apparently been traveled enough to expose it.

The atmosphere had taken an ominous turn for the worst, yet the perversion was inevitable as the signs of declaration long have been made. The radiance of the morning sun have ceased, the blazing star consumed by the expanding mass of cumulonimbus clouds whose shadow have eclipsed over most of the area.

The chilled breath moaned from behind, raking at leaves and any loose article with their intangible claws. The sight of it was impressive equally as it was menacing, nature's fury indiscriminately encompassing all beneath its veil. Had he not be such in need of shelter, Jacob would have taken the time to appreciate the raw forces at work.

"Phew, well this is enough cardio for the next couple of days." Jacob breathed, fortunately recalling how to exercise proper breathing control as to not run out of breath as quick. While none would ever hear the Sterling admit to it, he found solace in the burning sensation, the throbbing discomfort in his legs. It simply felt good to be engaging in physical activities. And had a feeling he'll be doing more of it as time went on. A little bit, however. Baby steps. Catching sight of a gate he slowed down, coming to a halt before the barrier.

A massive gate stood before him, rotted with corrosion from overexposure of the exterior elements which had worn the chain link down to an unrecognizable mess of metal. The panels it consisted of were beyond misshaped, as if a truck had rammed through without a second thought and proceed to back over it and run right over the gate again. Becoming unhinged at the posts it was better of becoming scrap metal for the dump. That's before taking the age into consideration. There was a black motor which once served as a means to power the gate automatically, opening and closing upon command so vehicles and employees can enter upon approval of the guard on duty.

Fortunately, permission to enter is not needed. In fact he couldn't even see the guard shack, and the wall of woven wire blended into the overgrowth surrounding them. For a fleeting moment he couldn't help but wonder what the site once looked like, and not so much in an old textbook. But in person. The towering shafts of the coal burning plant releasing vapors as crushed minerals were burned to convert water into steam, energizing a turbine which fueled the generators. Or the geothermal sector where the raw power of the mountain was utilized in harnessing energy for the public.

Of course, what's a good story without the bad? Which for this particular one was the nuclear plant. Everyone has heard the stories. During the early stages there was an accident. Untold numbers have gotten sick while a few have even perished. It wasn't much longer after that before the curtains would be pulled thus closing one of Godai's greatest accomplishments. Of course now there's a new power plant in the Eastern part of the region, the Tempest Valley Wind Farm.

"Would be nice to see, next to this old rust bucket." The Sterling mused, squatting low to the ground to observe the damage wrought by the passage of time. The fencing itself was inexpensive, this much he gathered given his mother's line of work. A specialist of both interior and exterior designs, the matron of the Sterling Estate has made a formidable reputation whose opinion is revered by many. While his own taste is a far cry in comparison, a quick deduction led the young man to believe the fencing could of been better and not rust. Of course, the site's age easily exceeded his own, and made up more than half of his parent's age. That and what company wants to invest in something expensive, even if built to last?

'Don't have time to lollygag.' He thought standing up, dusting himself off before advancing towards the gate when a dull metal 'thud' reached his ears, and something unnatural beneath his foot. Reaching down between the climbing stalks a rectangular metal scrap coated heavily in rust revealed itself. "Well I'll be."

Hardly could be called a sign anymore, with the heavy deterioration in the painting and condition of the metal. Even the letters were illegible thanks to the combined efforts of oxidation and algae. Trying the paper and pencil trick wouldn't even bring to surface the proper title bestowed on the property. But it was merely that, just a title. He knew where he was. All he had to do was look further outside the box, where a bigger picture took shape on the massive overgrown canvas.

Beyond the plateau which he stood on four massive structures pierced the darkening sky with their immense height, each building stood apart from one another with considerable distance that Jacob couldn't hope to estimate from where he stood. What was surprising though is how all four seemed to connect in the center, brought together by a smaller structure making a massive complex.

Yellow vehicles were tilted on their sides, large power equipment that were used to help move the heavy machinery about whenever replacing the exhausted pieces of the puzzle. Vegetation grown ravenous, consuming the fallen mechanisms with thick vines and weeds laying roots upon any flat surface deemed usable. Previous storms raising the soil around the fallen equipment making it look as if they've been intertwined.

"We've made it." Jacob sighed with a heavy breath, relieved that the embers of hope have not died out by life's strange mechanics. Carefully looking over the collapsed gate as to not find himself tangled in the wiring nest of barbs previously perched at the barrier's crown he made his way towards one of few major landmarks in their region's history.

Success however has not gone unnoticed. Through the lens of binoculars a watchful pair of eyes gazed hungrily at the new arrival. Long bony fingers that were encrusted with dirt at the crevices gripped the vision enhancement tightly, filthy nails nearly blackened from lack of treatment and tinged yellow from obsessive habits. The viewer's face covered in greasy facial hair, black as the churning sky above yet decorated with white fragments of addiction. Long has a razor touched the oily skin, much less a bar of soap.

A heavy gruff escaped his bearded mouth as he tore away from Jacob's form, his features tightening in irritation as he slammed the binoculars onto a broken desk, provoking an involuntary jump from the man. "Yet comes another! These blasted kids keep coming to my, er, this dump!" A raspy voice growled from his throat as he ripped the soiled hat from his head, flakes of white trickling down from his dome as he bit the headpiece with yellowed teeth.

"Why do they keep coming after it! What little I have left! Well they won't have it! I'll be damned if they get their hand on it."

Unsettling was his smile as his hand dove into the warn out pockets of his coat, arm shaking vigorously as if the erratic movements would unveil whatever secrets he may be holding all the quicker. But this moment of glee and unnecessary ranting was ephemeral at best, for his features couldn't maintain the smile as his fingers found what appeared to be a hole. As more time passed by with digits wriggling in the empty space the heavier his dismay weighed. "Wh-what? I, I just had it! Where did it, oh no! I been robbed!!!! Denma!!!"

His chest started heaving faster as a tiny creature emerged from the corner of the doorway, holding a pudgy spherical shape that was covered in short white fur while her backside contrasted in grey tones. Two yellow circles gleamed on her cheeks, coupled by the triangular markings that ran long her sides. With short stubby arms clutched to her chest, the tiny Pokemon approached the man with concern brimming those small black eyes. And a wrinkled nose. After all this time she'd hope to adjust to the foul stench coming from the human, but sadly no such fortune was found. If anything, it seemed to get worse.


"I...couldn't have lost it. No, it had to of been stolen! But where, where would it be?" Pacing back and forth the homeless man failed to see his tiny companion, All he could hear was the pounding of his heart, fearfully rattling in its cage as thoughts raked its sharp claws across his mind. Reaching into his other pocket, his fingers enclosed around a small bag which held powder as white as snow. Sighing with relief he quickly huddled in a familiar corner, ignoring the foul odor of urine and other unimaginable sights while tearing open the small wrappings before ravaging the contents with his nose.

"Uggghhhack! Uugghah!" Fire seared up his nostrils immediately as intangible claws tore away at his head. His eyes squinted and watered while his throat cracked and dried from the hoarse contraction of his lungs. Feeling as if a Rhyhorn had charged into his chest mercilessly. The small chubby mouse like creature gasped, clasping tiny stubs over her mouth as she quickly waddled over to the homeless man with concern written on her face. He was at it. Again.

"Eh, I'm fine. I'm fine! Just choking on air don't mind me." He wheezed, taking slow rattling breaths now that the spasms have passed. They told him it was the miracle sugar he had recently gotten his greedy hands on. But they didn't know any better, it was living in this dump! The steel walls whispered and groaned, speaking ill about him by repeating the cries of their latest problem.

A metallic menace whom gave them the stank eye times three. Though that little encounter scored him a nasty burn on his left shoulder, damn thing still tingles. Probably should see a doctor but what is life if one isn't willing to take the risks and roll with the punches?

As if to answer the silent call, rumbling from the darkness of the corridors a metallic groan dragged through the silence, echoing through the walls as if a ghost was wailing bringing both the tiny creature and the ragged man to a standstill. A look of horror etched across his dirt covered features with blood shot eyes widening abnormally.

"As if my demons don't haunt me enough." He shuddered as he slumped onto the ground, pushing his mud covered boots against the concrete causing papers to crumble beneath his weight and gears and dial tones to grind against the floor.

"Go away. P-please just go away. I'll pay yous back I swear! Just, give me time!" Fingers clutching matted hair as he looked up towards the darkened ceiling and rusted pipes, praying for a break. Silently hoping his calls would be answered without having to hear himself ask for it. "I-I just need to find it! The gooold! Please..."

The tiny creature squeaked and immediately ran towards the homeless man, taking refuge within the confines of his filthy jacket nuzzling against the human's chest in hopes of calming him down. Both of them were scared, the last time this 'demon' thing or whatever he identified the creature as approached them, they were met with electricity and strange lights that hurt pretty bad.

Ever since it started to wander the plant, they've had to wait till it drifted elsewhere in the immense collective structure before hunting for food. Sometimes it took days. "It's back, Denma it's back!"

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Like a reoccurring nightmare the metal walls wailed, bringing omen to the interior of the plant as discordant songs filled the metallic walls. The happiness which once filled the corridors now absent, tainted with consternation and animosity. Friendly faces melted into expressionless void that were the empty hallways. Fleeting were the days of his innocence, where merriment and exuberance flourished and bountiful amongst his peers, the congenial relationship held with past friends in their artificial habitat.

But as a strange luminous light engulfed his cog-like form, his very life changed before his eyes. Marking the beginning of a lonesome life filled with questions that lacked proper responses. Equally unexpected as puberty, his body metamorphosize into a burdensome form. The mechanical form had taken on yet another cog to the living construct, yet unlike the twins this one was bigger. Stealing the face from the pair and making it his own.

The very sight of him now terrifies the others, causing them to take flight before he can even start cranking. Those who couldn't be bothered lashed out, scaring away the newly evolved leaving him hopeless and utterly confused. Why the abrasive greetings, how had he fallen from grace from something supposedly meant to be an achievement?

Better yet, he couldn't even figure out how he even reached said state! He might as well have woken up like this. Woe was he, leading a life of loneliness and melancholy. Hardly one worth continuing, as his reaper came in the form of three metallic orbs that held a piercing glare, unleashing vengeful bolts for merely grinding his gears in its direction.

Hours now spent fleeing for his life, clinging onto the one thing left that served purpose in his life - hope. He had long discovered whom he was, but the miniscule shred of hope that he might yet find an escape from this bleak world he found himself in was something he held onto tighter than his own breath. With each passing bolt that was flung at the steel type he gripped his teeth around the thought fiercely. Even if it was a mere fantasy.

The discordant groans of malice still wrecked havoc on his spirit, paranoia laced within the rusted walls that made up the room the Pokemon found himself in. And much of the building that stood as one of four. Hovering over the rubble and detritus scattered across the worn floor, gears slowly rotating in fallacious hope of not being heard he gave a metallic sigh. Wishful in returning to his old life, the creature knew better. His story grew bleak with the darkening of the horizon, a thunderous roar reverberated throughout the building rattling fragile windows.

The static spark of life ignited as temporary life was restored to the dormant power plant. The gloomy innards of the abandoned site illuminated with a deafening bang, dragging the seemingly inactive electrical hardware across the boundary - animating with the life so suddenly breathed into their artificial soul.

Simultaneously the whirling and screeching of jammed mechanical error swelled in the facility, lights flickering as if a candle in the wind. The darkness has been purged, briefly so. But the gift of light benefitted more than one party. The horrendous groans of the metallic enemy tore into the steel type's heart reinstalling fear, not wasting another minute as it took off. Their game of magnetism beginning anew.

"Now that is unusual, guess that is a rumor proven true." Jacob muttered to himself, staring up at the newly illuminating power facility. Whispers amongst his peers in the past had it that every so often the site would experience a surge, which caused some of the electrically dependent appliances to reactivate briefly. Certainly nothing bright, but it did hold up to the foreboding sky that hung heavy over them.

The sight of the dimly lit complex held an haunting appeal to it, complimented by the murky clouds accumulating with a tonic breeze wrapping through the site. An organized planner, he long predicted the need for a flashlight which fortunately rested amongst other items of importance within the messenger bag he carries over his shoulder.

From what he can see, there was a large security light mounted at the corner of the sector he stood in, something he can assume is posted at each corner of the massive building's perimeter. It was amazing that they still clung to life, the filtered yellow light struggling to see through the grime plastered on the face of the bulb as it flickered as a candle would in the wind. Knowing not when their life would be extinguished again.

"There are four buildings, each standing as a point of interest in the four corners of the complex." He was rambling to himself, repeating past lessons he picked up from school. Unlike his brother he found these subjects to be important, especially given they ended up visiting years later.

"If the entrance is facing me, then the building I am in front of, and on the opposite side of the site should be where they process coal." Of course he'd look up, peering at the crown of the structure searching for evidence to back his theory in the form of pipes but the sheer height only offered the view of heavily damaged windows and grime that had seeped into the crevices between the bricks. Vines started to creep along the base, laying root against the decaying stones.

Once crimson in appearance, now bleached to a pale shade of red from overexposure to the harsh elements with the lack of perpetuation. Thin fissures stretched across the rough surface like spider webs, wrapping around the chipped corners where small fragments were lost in the unkempt vegetation. Above the steel doors erected from the faded blocks a rusted plaque faced Jacob, bolded letters crusted with algae and calcium deposit from rain spelled 'Fossil Energy'.

Well, hypothesis proven correct. But as he continued to scrutinize the building, his expression soured as the handles of the door were chained and locked.

"Now you don't belong here..." He whispered as he approached the secured doors, reaching out caressing the lock. The bindings lacked the rate of oxidation as the rest of the metal he had caught sight of so far. Being that this site fell from grace yet spared demolition, they've turned it into a Pokemon reserve. Or at least something akin to it, as it now serves as refuge for many electric and steel types, little in between. So whomever bounded the handles clearly didn't want someone to come in. To top it off, they were the heavy duty grade. His window was slowly closing, and now he had to find another way in before being captured in the pending storm.

Stepping back the Sterling peered around the corner, looking at the long stretch of bricks and tall grass with little to go off of in regards to another entry point. He was certain one lurked nearby, but how far was beyond his level of prediction. Of course he wasn't oblivious to the watchful eyes of the residence. Tiny blue and red tipped ears poked forth from the cluster of stalks, beady eyes stalking him warily trying to make sense of why this intruder is here. He was pretty certain Voltorbs lingered about to, and the last thing he wanted was to fall victim to their explosive personality.

'Perhaps is a good time as any.' He thought while reaching for the red and white sphere clipped to his belt. If he were to remain within the premises for an extended period of time it would be ill advised to not have one of his own out. They were in potentially hostile territory, after all. Pressing the center button on the pokéball the Sterling tossed the sphere into the air, the vessel erupting in a dazzling flash of bluish white light as the energy quickly materialized into the familiar serpentine form of Ciri. Speckles of gleaming energy cascade about her form creating a rather wondrous appearance.

"Tthhhsssss." The grass snake hissed, narrowing her ruby ovals at her human as disappointment quickly settled in to her heart. She would have expected Jacob to know she loathed being in a Pokeball for any extended period of time. Of course it didn't help that she was spoiled over the past month with such freedom, but it didn't excuse the fact it was done while she was taking a beauty rest.

"Don't give me that look. You were exhausted and we have a storm on our backs. You should be grateful that you didn't have to travel the length we did to get here, you'll need all that strength because we're going to be here for awhile." He snapped at her, gesturing with his thumb towards the sky so she make take in the baleful gathering of cumulonimbus clouds overhead.

The turquoise serpent steadied her gaze on her human for a moment longer before craning her neck to peer at the sky. In contrast to what she was practicing beneath earlier, the clouds were ominous in note and dull rumbling foretold lightning lurked. A completely different atmosphere. Her pink tongue flicked in the air, tasting the heavy accumulation of moisture in the air as her head dipped down apologetically.

His reasoning was justified, and she shouldn't have questioned it to begin with. She trusted the human enough to know her preferences and he hadn't disappointed thus far. Raising up on her digits she refocused her crimson gaze on her trainer's dissimilar green hues awaiting instructions while taking a quick glance of her loathsome surroundings.

"That's better." Walking parallel to the building's entrance he past the corner, turning towards the vast stretch of vegetation and cement. Structures of immense size such as the power plant usually had multiple access points. Whether an emergency exit or garage doors to allow larger vehicles to move freely about to transport different machine parts otherwise too heavy to carry safely. Hopefully whoever shackled the handles here wouldn't have done the same, he doesn't have the luxury of running around the complex as large as it was. Would take hours, and he felt certain the storm will break loose.

"Ciri let's get moving, we need to find a way in for shelter." His tone firm as he started wading through the stalks of wild growth, the blades reaching the midpoint of his shin which comically for the grass snake meant the midsection of her stomach. From what he could already see time truly spared no inch of the abandoned complex. Despite barely scratching the surface the sliver he was seeing spoke volumes. The mortar, the masonry glue which held the stone together was falling apart, peeling away taking on a black stain from the elements outside.

Riddled with fissures and spider web cracks that stretched irregularly across the decaying canvas, silk spun by the arachnid residence taking advantage of the spacious openings to lure unsuspecting prey into their clutches. Even nature made use of the plant, with creeping stalks of vine inching through the gaps laying down roots to allow the growth of foliage that will continue their takeover of the structure as time continues to dwindle.

The windows were in as poor condition as the bricks, if not worse. The side of which Jacob faced revealed many of the windows with their grids broken if not entirely missing. Glass fragments clinging to heavily decaying frames that might simply fall off at any given point, though some held better than others. He only could count a handful that somehow were completely intact. The glass themselves were even filthy, mucked by algae and grime. By the bottom floor vines managed to creep over the window sills, slithering inside openings where glass was missing anticipating excessive overgrowth in a smaller scale than what grew around him.

'Fortunately they built this place to last. Years from now it'll be ruins lost in a jungle.' Likely not in his lifetime, not that he'll seek to find out. But nature never cease to take back what is rightfully hers. And now that man no longer present a challenge, her will goes unimpeded.

His thoughts came to a dead halt however, as an explosive pain seared through his foot as a loud ping rang in the air. Staggering back the Sterling pressed his foot down into the damp soil, gritting his teeth as a snarl struggled to escape his throat. Lines of pain etched themselves across his features as his eyes closed, sucking in a sharp breath trying to snuff the pain. "What. In the bloody hell did I hit." He strained, gingerly moving his foot across the dense sod revealing a large cylinder like object.

"Leaving hundreds of dollars worth of equipment lying around. Brilliant." He cursed beneath his breath, standing back up and readjusted his posture to alleviate some of the pain in his foot. Chances were there's plenty of more where that came from, obscured by the density of the vegetation. "Ciri."

She didn't even need the human to say anything more, unsheathing her vines from the yellow crest on her chest as she gave a sharp swipe across the air, ribbons of green shooting into the air as the vines sliced through with relative ease making it nearly a clean cut. While this would consume a little bit more time, he rather get a little wet than break a toe. Would make for a very problematic situation.

Beneath the pale glow of the security lights that provided brief moments of illumination the silhouettes of the concealed machines were exposed as the heavy growth were reduced to size. Thanks to Ciri the Sterling shifted his attention back to the original task at hand - searching for an entry point. The thunderous beckoning couldn't be ignored any longer, and Jacob couldn't afford anymore distractions. Of everything he could have prepared himself for, thunderstorms were not amongst the necessities. A mistake he found himself regretting. How odd, usually he enjoyed the melody of falling rain.

*Plop!* . . . . .*Plop!* . . . . .*Plop! . . . . .*Plop!* . . . . .*Plop!*

And so it begins. Water molecules merge together gaining weight until their lofty abode no longer can hold their weight, causing the droplets to plummet to the earth bringing refuge to some while inhibiting others. A double-edge sword. From the slate grey clouds high above, dark splotches formed on the fine fabric of his silver button up. The swaying of grass being caressed in the wind bobbled as droplets struck their heads.

Ciri peered up at the blackened mass, frowning as there wasn't a shred of light to be spared which caused the leaves running along her spine to dull. If it were to be a drizzle she would find some enjoyment as the water cleansed the impurity from her lithe form. But without the warming rays of the sun it would just leave her cold and wet. If it rained any harder the soil will splash up in the form of mud, adding more to be detested.

"Look for any sign of a door. We should be close." If there were a bright side to their situation it wasn't raining quite yet, only the beginning stage of precipitation which meant they only had but a couple of minutes to spend searching for shelter. The windows sat too high off the ground for them to reach, and with the broken shards of glass and questionable stability of the window sills he didn't bother trying. That and he didn't feel the Servine was quite ready to lift him up without trouble. Wasn't worth the risk.

Continuing her violent dance the serpent made short work of the tall grass, clearing a safe path for her master a large metal container came into view. As with most of the surface of the power plant and the power equipment large vines had ensnared the dumpster.

The hulking metal cube had been stained, graffiti etched across its rusted surface as a black lid rested ajar with metal rods and wooden planks. Other obstructions that kept the cover from sealing the contents completely. But the importance of the dumpster rested not with the trash disposal but rather what was across from it. A rusted door, which was meant for quick access to dispose of waste but served as an entry point.

Surprisingly the hinges remained intact, keeping the door held to its frame though it still long lost the durability of a proper door. Strips of blue paint hardly clung to the corroded surface, oxidation stripping away its once colorful appeal leaving behind a hideous rusted brownish red color.

The handle didn't quite manage as well, oddly twisted out of shape exposing the hole that had been bored for it at the manufacturer's. Indicating the possibility of easy access, provided the other side had not been barred or rusted shut. Which in the event it was, Jacob had an idea.

Approaching the deteriorating door Jacob reached out for the handle, clutching it tightly as he jiggled and pulled to see if it would give way. And give it did, albeit only a little. The handle wasn't allowing entrance yet it moved about loosely within the door, giving enough for the Sterling to proceed with the next step. Backing up the wandering trainer gestured towards the door, the grass snake taking his place while raising her vines in preparation, each tendril poised like snakes ready to strike down their prey.

"Ciri, take that handle out." He commanded, weaving long finger through the strands of his hair, parting them from his face as droplets fell from his head and over his fingers. With a nod the Servine lifted her nose at the door, viewing it simply as yet another obstacle in her way as the vines came down hard over the rusted handle.

Each time they struck a loud crack resonated, with inches freeing up as the handle loosened more and more until upon the third strike there was a dull crunch and the handle fell to the ground. Leaving nothing more than a hole in its place, which Jacob peered through smiling.

"Per usual, good work."

Ciri smirked slightly, her pride swelling behind crimson eyes as she penetrated the opening with the bulbous tips of the vines, anchoring them as she planted her feet into the wet soil and pulled. In protest the door groaned, slowly opening as the rust made it a struggle. Flickering lights greeted the pair, revealing the rusted pipes which ran along the walls leading into the massive opening within the plant.

Walking past the threshold both human and Pokemon entered the massive complex, the large door slamming shut with a dull thud which vibrated against metal walls. They were finally in, though their presence have gone all but unnoticed. The eyes of many gravitating towards them. Curious about these newcomers and what they might bring.

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The atmosphere held an entirely different ambience than what laid beyond the enclosing walls. With only the cooling draft by the present depression outside the air held a musty quality. Unventilated, due to the extreme lack of human presence as silently spoken of by the thick layer of filth that covered the imperfect concrete flooring. Similar to the exterior, the floor had large rifts tearing through the once smooth surface causing it to become uneven. Fragments of illegible paperwork crumbled into tiny spheres collecting cobwebs, making them appear to be large dust bunnies. Amongst the scattered debris the ground was decorated in scorch marks - evidence of discharge between electric types that either were warring or simply releasing built up energy.

Fluorescent strips flickered, long losing their luster could only provide a dim glow at best creating an eerie atmosphere within the abandoned plant. Grime covered the plastic surface, perverting the white light into a murky yellow shade and the rusted pipes that outfitted the walls caught the mustered light with their warped reflective surface - adding to the haunting appeal.

Despite the foul aspect the plant has, the Sterling couldn't help but finding a particular charm reaching out. Perhaps it was the knowledge of the power plant, the images within textbooks he has read at school revealing the Boilspout landmark when it was in its prime during the years of yore. No amount of filth could cover the accomplishments made by the company, after all the failures of one led to the success of another.

"Such a shame." Was all Jacob managed to say as he walked down the narrow hallway, the Servine close at his heels as dissimilar viridescent hues flicked about, absorbing everything around him. It didn't take long for the mouth of the passage to expand into a massive room that was filled to the brim with pillars that stood aligned with one another, rows of unknown numbers that were adorned with pipes once responsible for directing water to the boilers, steam to the turbines and other substances needed for empowering the key elements of energy production.

And the further he walked into the enormous chamber, the more a particular word came to mind. And not something of the foul vocabulary, though the expression beneath the surface would certainly highlight it. Already he felt hours drain from his life, visualizing his dismay at the hands of anticipated wrong turns and blocked check points. Subtle whispers of hissing pipes overhead giving life to the horror-filled themed environment he was in. Varying in size and color each likely held their own purpose, though he wasn't about to sit and attempt to ponder on it. He was certain he'll find out as they'll be here for some time.

"Hm, there's some stairs over there. But..." There was a nagging feeling itching at the back of his head as his eyes fell over the staircase. It appeared worn down, rusted and quite honestly unsafe though it at least was intact. He could just go on ahead and ascend to the second floor but then he'd miss the opportunity to find something valuable. Though he doubt it would be anything materialistic. Surely upon the closing of the factory they would have not left anything too expensive behind that could be carried. The heavy machinery was understandable, too much effort and not enough resources to make it worth while. Considering it was likely outdated by this point.

Looking over to the grass type her nostrils were flared, expression scrunched together in dismay which likely was from the stale air they were regrettably breathing in. He didn't like it any better, but such is the price of exploration. And involuntary need for shelter. To begin she was walking in inches worth of dust that coated the floor. Broken pipes dripped filthy water, likely from the penetration of rain collecting somewhere within the building which didn't seem as farfetched as it sound. Nothing remotely suggested the faint possibility of being clean, which spelt doom and gloom for the spoiled serpent. After all, one cannot simply keep those turquoise scales clean and shiny out of desire now can they.

Voicing her disgust Ciri let out a drawn out sigh, hissing beneath her breath. At the very least in the rain she would remain clean at best, unfortunately humans were not made with the same resilience less they desired to catch a cold. Coming to a halt the serpent fixated her crimson gaze at Jacob, baiting a reaction that'll hopefully go in her favor - despite knowing better. Still, at the least he'll respond.

"Hmph." The male grunted, figuring that familiar glare was to come as he turned around and slowly knelt to the ground. When he took her in the trainer wasn't quite counting on the Snivy being a prissy little thing. Frankly it was something he had little time to deal with, but he learned to put up with it as she proven herself more than once. Loyalty and strength, she earned her position in his hierarchy. "Don't give me that look. We have a few more hours from here to town. Not going to get sick and soaked to the bone on account of a little dust and grease."

She snorted a little, looking back at the ground shifting her stubby digits across the surface creating tiny plumps of dust which only further the furrows into her features. There was no way she was going to last a couple of hours in a place like this, and yet he couldn't afford to recall her back into the sphere. One her typing allowed resistance to electrical onslaught, the element he'd imagine to find most frequent dwelling about. That said Aramis would be at an major disadvantage. No good if he were attacked.

"Ciri. Listen." He brought a hand beneath her chin, cupping it gently while tilting her head up so they were meeting eye to eye. "We're only going to spend a few hours here. We will leave once the storm breaks. I'll make sure you are bathed and glittering when we reach town. I promise. Sound good?" He spoke, rubbing his hand along the side of her neck affectionately.

The serpent hissed softly, pressing her head slightly into his palm enjoying the momentary affection, her eyes closing to push out the disgraceful surroundings to melt away in wake of the blissful moment. By accepting her the human involuntary opted to embrace the diva in her and all which she came with. Or at least so he says. But what they shared was something she is willing to do anything to please him. Even if it meant getting dirty.

'To think people found it a waste of time trying to teach them to understand human language.' Pokemon were very intelligent beings, capable of attaining a level of power only dreamt of. But to fully tap into their potential, one must invest in every category possible. Which means, in this case, communication. Now he'll just have to do that with every single Pokemon he decides to raise. Painstakingly slow, but it'll pay off.

"Let's just bare with it. Come on." He spoke softly, standing up looking towards the lights which were convulsing in response to the thunderous turmoil the weather was creating. While they might have lasted this long, there was no telling if they'll survive the day beneath the roaring thunder. Whether burning out or the power kicking again, he found this to be the proper moment to search for that flashlight he had.

As with a book, the contents of the abandoned structure overshadowed the first impression the Sterling developed. If asked he couldn't even begin to describe what he had expected when emerging from outdoors, but an intertwining network of rotting pipes and decaying walls certainly wasn't at the top of the list. Each step across the dusty concrete was muffled to a dull plop, rubble grounding beneath the soles of his shoes as he explored the maze.

Each turn he took only expanded on the already complicated labyrinth, giving the illusions of running in circles though often than not he was met with a deterring wall which offered no advancement, forcing the young adult to turn about and take a different route. His source of light being offered by dim overhead lamps with bulbs that were covered in grime and filth, turning what likely was once white into a murky yellow, creating circular specters along the ground which struggled against the perpetual darkness casted by the gargantuan cumulonimbus cloud that wrecked havoc beyond the brick exterior. With every thunderclap the forsaken building came to life, bellowing which rattled its conduit skeleton and yellow eyes, threatening to close leaving all within the hungering shadows.

Indeed, he should have taken advantage of the stairs when he had the chance to ascend to the upper levels, and rid himself of the nightmare he currently found himself in. Stubbornly though common sense was swept beneath the rug in favor of low odds of discovering something unique.

With a muffled growl Jacob found himself once more staring at the canvas of deteriorating metal and calcium deposit, lines of aggravation carving into his smooth features as he dropped his head to the ground, shoulders heaving with a defeated sigh. Turning about vigorously he stormed away from yet another dead end, churning the proverbial dust into the air at the beckoning call of pivoting heels which enveloped the grass snake in wake of the unprovoked assault.

"This is getting old, very quick." He cursed beneath his breath, withholding the unbridle desire of punching a pipe which dangled from the wall, broken and useless much like his patience at this point. Sadly much like the testing of his patience that endeavor would fail miserably, fueling the fire which licked at his conscious. Perhaps he would of been better off going to the Firebird Villa, after all he rather deal with a mansion filled with questionable ghouls and parlor tricks than this mess.

Hesitation was met as he rounded a different corner, or at least he thought it was different, finding himself at a four-way crossroad. All of which seemed to be very similar in appearance, more pipes. And more corrosion, with trash and rubble decorating the fractured cement. He could easily go straight, left or right. But any of these directions would either bring him to an all too similar intersection or a dead end. And the next dead end he comes across will result in the man throwing himself out the window. If there was any windows. Completely thinking from a figurative stand point. "Ciri...which way do you think?" He turned towards the blue emerald serpent, gazing into her ruby ovals in hopes the creature would have a better sense of direction than he would.

The Servine tilted her head to the side curiously, wondering which path they could occupy next now that the option fell to her. While taking lead usually would fill the grass type with joy, having opportunity to demonstrate her capabilities to gather indefinite praise, disappointment flourished in the pit of her stomach. How could she enjoy the intoxicating aroma of her human if she was in front of him? That would just leave her with this scale-curling stench!


The tone produced from her master's throat startled the serpent from her state of indolence, having been adrift too far in the tides of rumination. Inclining her head she slowly repositioned herself before the human, piercing rubies gleaming against the feeble lighting above. Surrounding the turquoise serpent loomed three of many branches within the network of metal and pipes. Green and red lights whispered in the depths, having lost proper function many years ago now glow with little life. Metallic groaning vibrated against steel flesh and a light shuffling emitted from the surrounding hallways, each suggesting the occupants were watching their latest visitor.

With a dulcet hiss the Servine's bifurcated tongue waggled through the damp air, smelling the first passageway that stretched immediately before her. She was far from having a superb sense of smell, nothing like some of the other creatures who have a more developed nose. But at the least she could detect prey - or threats - that might be in their way. Or simply something that stood out against the other passageways.


Spinning around Ciri almost jumped from the close proximity of the sound, only to have found Jacob staring at her as if she were a misbehaved child. "It's just me, keep going." He breathed, pulling the messenger bag he had dropped closer and unzipped the zipper, shuffling through the contents. With the lights going off and on and how violent the storm was getting there was no chance of him putting faith in the plant holding out until the weather cleared. A silent 'ah' escaped his lips as his fingers wrapped around the neck of a black cylinder - a flashlight.

'Should have pulled this out sooner when I was thinking about it.'

Pressing his thumb into the depression on the shaft the flash light sounded off with a faint click before emitting a scintillating beam of light, burning through the plant's shade exposing all whom fall beneath the glaring spell. Finding solace in a more reliable source of illumination the trainer sealed the carrier once more before returning it to its original position off his shoulder. "Ciri, where are we going." His tone more demanding, than questioning.


'Please tell me she isn't daydreaming.' The piqued male thought as he turned towards the turquoise serpent, finding a pair of gleaming red eyes that bore through his own iridescent hues, her forked tongue wavering in the air. While this abnormal behavior was gradually becoming unsettling Jacob was pleased she already came to a decision, or he assumed so given she stood in the left corridor expectantly. Slinging the messenger bag over his shoulder the Sterling shone the light emitting object down the rusting hallway of peeling paint and corroded pipes, reflecting off of the eyes of the curious residence whom slunk into the safety of the darkness.

Reaching down Jacob extended a hand towards the Servine, caressing her dazzling scales which revitalized the serpent in the form of a loving hiss. "Stay with me hm? Come, let's see if you are any better at this than I." He instructed before standing up straight, peering down the beckoning corridor with Ciri on his heels as another explosion of nature's fury unleashed overhead in the blanket of turmoil.

The passageway had yet to lead the pair to another frustrating end, stretching further than the other corridors taken thus far maintaining the same stagnant enclosure of steel and corrosion. The once lively structure now held a hollow breath from rattling pipes and the growling of thunder vibrating through the plant. Magnetic creatures known as Magnemites drifted overhead, their singular eye traced the human and his turquoise serpent as they passed underneath, whispering metallic discord to one another. Despite the repulsive conditions of which they find themselves in, the inquisitive inhabitants reminded Jacob of the many conversations he once shared with his brother. Living nearby the lost facility fabricated colorful stories amongst their peers. Some foretold the horrors that lurked in the depths of the four facilities, while others wonders that remain locked away to this very day - questionable experiments that were concealed from the public.

But one in particular that stayed to this very day were the immense number of electrical critters that roamed the artificial habitat. Electric type Pokemon have always held a special spot in his heart, among few others. Infamous for their paralyzing assaults and speed, or raw power for some, even now they would make a fine addition. Only thing stopping him from pursuing even a Magnemite was the fact they are still trapped in a confusing network of pipes and narrow corridors. If he is going to pick a fight, let it be where they got some wriggle room. And preferably when numbers are more balanced.

"Well Ciri, good choice." He finally spoke, breaking the silence between them as they rounded the corner, the deficient corridor enlarging significantly. He had made it to the opposing side of the building, the massive steel wall stretching far across the broad hallway where metal ladders erect from the cement floor offering passage to the upper tiers of the building at long last. Next time around they will simply stick to following the wall rather than weaving through the tangled mess of pipes and countless corners.

Approaching the metal steps a familiar sight caught the Sterling's attention, bringing his advancements to a gradual halt. Parallel to the wall stretching across several meters were large cylinder chambers that were attached to what appeared to be a large chute, whose stock extended further up into the building beyond the sight of the human eye. The flecks of blue spoke of the beautiful coats these machines once held before the closing of the plant. Now they appeared charred and distorted, the severity of the oxidization plainly visible.

"These were coal grinders, the plant would drop untold numbers of coal into these chutes so the machines could ground them into rubble and powder, where they were sent to the boiler. The sheer heat would convert the water that is in the pipes of the boiler into steam, powering the generator by turning the blades of the turbine. The water doesn't completely disappear though, simply goes into the cooling tower and condensates, returning to its original state in the nearby reservoir before repeating the process." He spoke in a matter of fact tone, though given by the Servine's confused stare he knew she didn't understand a bit of what was said. Or rather, even knew what it meant. Still, he found the process of harnessing energy to be interesting. But what really caught his attention was not so much the machine as the fine thread of glowing strings that covered them.

The weaver of these threads had an artistic gene in their body, for the silks of gold were spun neatly in a checkered fashion. Even over the crevices and odd arches the machine's body had the suspect exercised a great deal of patience to ensure the webbing would nearly stick to the cold surface without creating a ripple or a tear keeping the motif consistent.

The luminescence of the webs shifted systematically between a dull gleam and a bright glare, giving the worn down appliance an appealing touch which Jacob had to respect. But the question was, whom did it?

"Whoever designed these on the grinders must be nearby, I doubt they would leave them unattended unles- Ciri don't touch them!" He wasn't fast enough, as the Servine reached out with a short limb swiping at the radiant strings like a child would with a laser pointer. Almost immediately the Serpent hopped backwards letting out a surprised hiss as tiny sparks leapt from the lacework as it fell apart. 'Well, that explained quite a bit there. The trainer thought as he looked down at the grass type. She was fine, just surprised.

"Well, told you not to touch it."

Embarrassed Ciri turned her head, snout jabbing the damp air in protest against her own folly earning a slight chuckle from her human which only weighed heavier on her mind as she hung her head shamefully. But fleeting was the moment as a high pitching clicking sound came from one of the grinders. But despite the close approximately of the noise there wasn't anything he could see. The Sterling stood there waiting, expecting a form to materialize from behind the projected shadows.

But when the revealing rays of luminous light fell over the nearest grinder, the surprise came in a small package. A much smaller package. With significant closer observation, the duo noticed it also had four tiny legs tipped with blue conical feet and covered with bright yellow fur making it appear like a yellow blob of fluff that had a set of beautiful blue eyes, with a smaller matching set resting just above the larger pair. Two miniscule pincers snipping together rapidly creating the rapid clicking sound they were hearing. A spider alright, but a miniature arachnid at that!

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A wild Joltik appeared!!
PokemonPokéDex InfoLevelStatsMove set
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Bug / Electric
16Total Stats: 176

Attack: 22
Defense: 40
Sp. Attack: 35 (20%)
Sp. Defense: 39
Speed: 40 (23%)
1. Absorb
1. Spider Web
1. String Shot
4. Thunder Wave
7. Screech
12. Fury Cutter
15. Electroweb

Unique Moves:
- Camouflage (Egg Move)

The diminutive arachnid googled the titanic visitors with keen interest, her furry fangs snipping together casting the high pitch clicking noise in excitement as she scurried over across the corroded surface of the grinder as she observed the insignificant damage brought about by the turquoise serpent. Without hesitation she immediately began conjuring a new thread that held the same spark as the rest of her artwork, reconnecting the last puzzle piece completing once more another design.

"It is so tiny." Jacob muttered to himself, oblivious to the disgusted expression that was being etched into the Servine by his side. Ruby gems narrowed as she silently fashioned a single thick vine that bore malicious intent. This creature was incredibly tiny and trivial, and for whatever reason she simply found the bugger to be unnerving. Drawing the serpentine Pokemon to the conclusion to, well, squash it. And this of course didn't go by unnoticed, as the Joltik clicked loudly scurrying back and forth in a panic.

"Don't even think about it Ciri, stand down." Jacob uttered with finality, bringing the whistling tendril to a halt just inches away from an outstretched arm bringing about surprise from both creatures. The furry yellow insect hasn't had any but one stand up for it, especially when this particular savior is a stranger to her otherwise humble abode. Ciri, well the mere thought of accidentally striking her trainer caused her heart to skip a beat in dread. Heavens she knew what sort of wrath she'd unfurl upon one foolish enough to do so, for her to do it even by accident is enough to make her want to throw herself off a cliff.

"There's no sense in attacking it, don't know what's gotten into you." He added, tearing his eyes from the disappointed Servine so that he may focus on their four legged web spinner. Dropping her head the tendril recoiled, disappearing from sight as she averted her gaze from both the human and the Joltik. Like a scolded child she inched herself over to her master, having high hopes of her unspoken apology being accepted for the tone received was one she could care not to hear again. At least not at her, anyway.

"Now then." Jacob mused, glancing at Ciri for a moment or two having noticed her advancements but decided not to acknowledge them for the time being. As he focused on the buoyant electric type the tiny critter already displaying gratitude through by scampering excitedly about in circles creating strange clicking noise that were higher pitch than normal. The human's kind gesture has been more than received on her end, and despite her small stature. Tiny, to be more precise her heart was much bigger and she couldn't help but express herself so.

"A little energetic aren't we?" Arching an eyebrow he still couldn't get over the size of the Joltik. With a mediocre height of four inches and weight hardly even passible as paperweight he had to wonder if she even would survive in a battle. Granted these amazing creatures of all shapes and sizes manage to hold their own against the odds, but trying to wrap his head around this was headache worthy.

As the Joltik continued spinning repairs Jacob couldn't help but feel a little bit of respect for the critter. The level of innovation was rare amongst Pokemon, thus leading him to believe either the tiny spider was formerly owned or simply had an artistic gene in her tiny frame. Such a talent could potentially be harnessed as well for a variety of purposes. If she was trained the Joltik could spin stronger silk, which could be used in a variety of creative ways. Ranging from temporary repairs to staging traps. A little bit of recon, though he couldn't imagine at the time what he'd need stealth for at this time, give him long enough to think he certainly would think of something.

"Did you spin these webs?" He gestured to the yellow strings, careful not to make the same mistake as Ciri had. While it hardly proved to be anything worth noting he didn't have her resilient flesh amongst other things. He would more than likely get quite a shock.

The electric type paused for a moment, peering up through cerulean orbs that were brimming with life as she bounced up and down excitedly. While her deducing abilities of human language needed more than a little polishing, the body language was easy enough to understand the praise he was giving her! Or at least, she gathered as much by the slight smile he wore. Not entirely sure but regardless the thought made her warm inside. Always a treat making a friend!

"Hm good. Looks pretty good." His tone hardly a breath yet it held a degree of strain. He couldn't be completely honest, but he was looking more so to the future rather than the present. While he didn't know how she would fare at the offensive front, she would be exceedingly strong at support. Especially once it comes to capturing other Pokemon. But only time would tell, for now he'll simply watch. Maybe there's more beyond the fuzzy exterior and bright blue eyes.


Rapidly her tiny pincers clicked together as she raised her front legs, waving them frequently as flickers of light emitted from her fluffy form trying to communicate. She couldn't express her gratitude enough for the human not allowing his serpentine creature to splatter her across metal. Not that she couldn't handle herself, but she much rather make friends than enemies. Too many of those around the gargantuan structure these days. The manner of which the Servine was glaring at her she couldn't help but wonder if she had made yet another enemy. And she didn't - well no she did touch the webs. But wasn't her fault!

With a mild click of her pincers the tiny electric type bounded from her perch towards the dark ground, a glowing string of electricity slowing her descent to a safer pace while making it a little easier for the two giants to follow. In this murky shade the plant has been arrested in, that weird object that was giving the human light wouldn't be effective. At least not when trying to find her, for the glare would probably conceal her little frame to their eyes. As soon as she touched the dust covered floor she shot off towards what appeared to be a series of boxed off rooms against the wall nearby the stairs.

"Hmm." While he wasn't typically one to assume a Pokemon would want him to follow simply because it decided to leave, the glowing static strings which she spun trailed behind her purposefully. Directly in front of her a few feet was a group of isolated rooms that were walled off and even had their own roofs. Reminded him of small office buildings one could find in a factory, like a packaging plant. Carefully placing one foot in front of the other to follow the arachnid, Jacob motioned with his head for the serpent to follow. He was curious to know where the little one was leading them - or if he was no different than any other stereotypical trainer who gathered the wrong ideas.

As the Joltik scurried underneath the unhinged door the Sterling reached out taking hold of the doorknob, carefully turning the handle in the event this one was to fall off into his palm and pushed, revealing a small room no bigger than his own bedroom. Well, more accurately the average bedroom. Three rooms sat in a row, connected to one another by a doorway that lacked a door. A small table up against the wall with a computer perched atop layered with dust and cobwebs. A trash can laid on its side, balls of paper spilling out of it looking nothing more than balls of webbing and dust from years of lack of activity.

"Now this....is impressive." All the words the Sterling could muster as his distinctive green pearls widened against the collective lighting coming from the corners of the enclosed space, piercing the dark shroud that permeated in the plant. From one corner of the room over to the next, there were three small webbing structures that stood out next to the simply designs he had seen earlier. In both appearance and complexity raising what little respect he started off with the Joltik to ascend to the next level.

In the center of the webs each started as a small hexagon. Branching off of them were a pair of legs, two on each side resembling limbs that a Joltik would have. In a way they appeared to be Halloween decorations, something he could buy at a store to hang around his house. No better than a child's drawing, but it was just because of that he is impressed. After all not many wild creatures can be said to have the artistic level of a human child.

'The more I think about it the more I feel I should stop.' He thought, shaking his head a bit not wanting to ruin the initial impression. Walking slowly through the first room he gradually crossed over into the next, eyeballing more of the arachnid's creations. The webs s

Distinctive green eyes widened as dim lighting tore against the dark shroud within the enclosed space. In each corner of the room there was even more electric webbing. These separating themselves from the ones he first saw by appearance and complexity, reflecting actual imaging rather than a designer pattern.

Or at least other Joltik, from what he could gather. With two webs, each started with a small cluster of string that nearly appeared as a ball if it weren't for the sliver of detail that went within the body. Little zig zag lines that probably would have resembled fur, or at least if Jacob was drawing one that's what he would have done. Sad to say his own drawing abilities lacked creativity. And then from the main body four extensions extended outwards like limbs, two on each side that strongly resembled legs.

Silently his lips parted mouthing an unheard praise as the pair moved into the next room where yet another set of web designing were on display. Two in total, similar to the ones found in the previous room but instead of two spiders there were only one. Next to the smaller depiction the other silk structure was bigger and certainly more bulky.

In fact the most Jacob could even gather was the thing had four arms that was attached to a large body. Whatever it was it still had a couple of odd lines that were within the body. How a Joltik grasp such an understanding was beyond Jacob's comprehension. Not that there was much invested in that prospect.

Turning towards the grass snake he even found Ciri staring at the illuminating artwork in awe, her ruby orbs widened like a child fixated on a lit up Delimas tree. The way the golden strings reflected dimly against her crimson hues was nothing short of beautiful, words she will not hear unless she didn't want her head to fit through the doorway. Having been mesmerized by the wild spider's patterns Jacob didn't even realize where the Joltik is until she dangled in front of him, hanging from one of her many webs chittering away in delight. Her own private art gallery!

"I confess myself impressed." Jacob muttered, offering a subtle smile to the electric type being as truthful as possible in the statement made. Certainly was impressed. Being capable of this much without human intervention then seeing her a couple of weeks in is something worth getting excited about. In fact Ciri even had forgotten her distaste for the critter momentarily. But there's something he knew he was forgetting about. Important or not he couldn't tell, but the longer he stared at the Joltik the more he thou-

"Oh right." He reached into his pocket drawing out a rectangular device schemed in a black and red scheme. Ignoring the excited clicking of the arachnid's fangs he slid the pokédex open and pointed it towards the yellow fluff of an insect. The feeble glow of the nearby charged webs reflected off the flawless screen as it illuminated brightly at the command of its owner.

Pokemon Index access confirmed. Processing field scan... Complete. Initiating data transfer.
Species Designation:Joltik
Type Designation:Posted Image/Posted Image
Estimated Rarity:Uncommon
Posted Image
Weight:1.3 lbs
Abilities:Compound Eyes / Unnerve
Joltik, the Attaching Pokémon. Joltik cling to larger Pokémon, and absorb static electricity, storing the energy in a special pouch.

The mechanical voice fell silent as Jacob closed the analyzer shut, storing it back in its resting place on his personal while scanning the room for the Joltik whom disappeared while he was being...properly educated. Upon the layer of dust on the table her fuzzy yellow limbs were outstretched into the air, twitching about as tiny sparks trickled about her midget frame as if communicating with Ciri, her tiny fangs clicking together hoping to strike conversation with the grass type given she was captivated by the electrifying artwork crafted by webbings.

The turquoise serpent responded of course, though not in the manner the Joltik was hoping for. Behind the gleaming red eyes a scowl hung beneath the windows, with the peak of her snout piercing the air in defiance to damper the welcoming attitude of their fuzzy little acquaintance. Leaving the spider both disheartened and confused, turning those tiny blue eyes over to the human.

Really didn't take much to figure out what the Joltik was trying to do. "She doesn't like you." Bluntly stated as he gestured to the grass snake with a shrug. The critter was going to have to work much harder to impress a creature like Ciri. The expanse of her cognizance is relatively small and standards set so high. Aramis even would not be close as she is today, if it were not for her increasing ability to armor herself against the serpent's vanity, and her unique shell giving the two something in common. At least this is in theory.

Watching the human rub the Servine's head conjured thoughts in the electrifying arachnid. There was a pinch of jealousy in her soul, wanting to receive the same affections and having an opportunity to prove herself useful. After all those who create only seek praise don't they? While the human seems to be on board his Pokemon doesn't. How is the little Joltik to impress a serpent like that now.

Suddenly the electric and bug type lit up in excitement as another idea struck like lightning. Scurrying beneath the desk the Joltik made way through the nest of cobwebs and trash. There was something in particular she had found some time ago, or rather acquired. No clue as to what it may be, maybe these strangers would.

"Hm?" Peering under the table both Jacob and Ciri watched as the Joltik rolled a sphere of what appeared to be made of webbing. Nothing remotely impressive, though the slight scratching noise it made against the floor suggested impressive weight for something so light. The Joltik seemed very pleased with herself, striking the notes of curiosity as the human reached out carefully to take hold of the object.

"What is in this." He muttered while carefully tearing at the silk. There was no possibility that this was simply a dust bunny that was ensnared in webs for mere laughs. Of course he thought of an unfortunate carcass of prey but in his palm felt more dense. Almost like metal. Whatever it was, a slit into the webs revealed a glimmer of gold which immediately made Jacob tear it apart with haste as if unwrapping a Delimas present. Revealing the little gift to be a hunk of nugget!

"A nugget. H-how did you find, in this dump?" Now, he was impressed. Or rather he should say excited, given the retail value he can get for one of these golden babies. Not only is she resourceful with her webs, but she evidently can find objects of value. Even Ciri was baffled, staring eagerly at the piece of gold knowing equally what this meant to her master. As Jacob brushed the remains of the webs off of the nugget she shifted her attention to the Joltik, facing the multiple eyes that were fixated onto her.

Indeed the Joltik was pleased with herself. The restraint she was applying slipped through in the forms of twitching and fidgeting in place awaiting eagerly the results of her surely valuable find. Naturally it wasn't easy keeping the rock from others given the shiny appeal. But seemed she held on long enough for the right moment. Slowly nodding in her direction the Servine lowered her snout. Just a pinch. The critter deserved that much.

"Bloody hell, guess I'm not in position to complain for awhile." Putting away the nugget in his pocket the trainer stared down at the Joltk, incapable of suppressing a smile though the reasoning was debatable. All he knew is now spending a few hours wouldn't be for nothing. But just at that moment a monstrous crackle ripped through the sky in a radiant explosion of lightning as a thunderclap shattered the silence tearing through the foundation, the lights and pipes vibrating violently as if a small tremor rocked the site. Piercing the darkness the lights toggled back and forth struggling to reclaim their temporary status within the plant, only to fall short as the air filled with a crackling snap plunging all into the void once more.

Panicking the Joltik quickly jumped from the floor, clinging onto Jacob's pants before scaling the human startling both the human and Ciri, not that she could be blamed. "Sure, just make yourself at home." He mused while cocking an eyebrow, slightly surprised but he simply couldn't be mad as the spider's little head poked out from a pocket in his vest. Guess he now had a hitch hiker, but she did pay in advance. "Well points for trying." Having the coverage of the lighting would have been nice, regardless of how dim their shine is.

"Well, best be going then. Have a few more hours in the dark I suppose. Ciri, let's go." He called out to the serpent, whose eyes were trained on the position of the Joltik. Envy nipped at her side in the form of possessive, finding no thrill in the tiny bug catching a ride with her human. The Joltik is a wild creature for Arceus sake! Yet, the only reason the electric spider is not flattened right now is her usefulness and gift of the nugget. Something she knows herself will earn her a spot amongst their little family.

As the trio headed out of the enclosed office space there was yet one web art that have not been viewed yet, potentially for the better. In the last room against the wall, a large portrait of silk clung. Nightmarish at best, for it resembled a cluster of three spheres together that each had a small little gap in the center. As if they were to be eyes.

Stretching out from each sphere, two small and crooked limbs emerged. A haunting image that the little Joltik had forgotten for the time being. With such detail in the sculpture of the webs, one might even hear a distant metallic groaning. Lively were the paintings of the creative mind.

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Ruined. Everything was ruined. Her favorite jacket was soaked thoroughly, no longer capable of resisting the onslaught of the torrential downpour she was running through while running through the overgrowth surrounding the mysterious power plant.

Puddles of water erupted around her sending a spray of muddied liquid in the air splashing her previously once clean clothing with speckles of brown that trailed down her jeans. Brilliant golden locks drenched, clinging to her fair flesh like a cat fearing for its life, beneath a hat which hardly offered even a fraction of shelter. Even her teal shirt beneath the buttoned up jacket was soaked, and she felt miserably cold against the beckoning winds that howled in the storm's wake.

Had she known the storm was to spawn today she would have remained in the comforts of the hotel back in Tiensee. None can be blamed though, save for lady luck.

Panting amber colored eyes flit about wildly, searching for a salvation of sorts that were not confined to binding and lock. Pulling hopelessly at the notebook which is pressed to her chest she hugged at the wall, finding partial relief from nature's fury. Once she got inside concern of drying off will be made, as of now she just needs to make sure her notes were preserved. Praying to the highest of gods she only hoped her voice can be heard over the thunderous bellowing of the black mass high above.

"Please let that be a door. Please let that be a door." Words falling to a whisper she continued the mantra as she quickly moved around the corner of a massive building, one of many that surrounded the enormous complex. There was no time to see which department she would be throwing herself in.

Let it be the burning of coal, the harnessing of raw material that fueled the mountain south of Tiensee. Or even the forbidden nuclear building that she dared not to let her mind wander. If it was meant to be she only hoped it was safe enough to enter.


Wasting not another moment she gripped slender fingers around the handle, giving a hard tug breeching the building as the door swung out. Practically jumping inside she heard the door slam shut, the mere sound echoing through the building as she slid to the ground her back pressed to the wall. Chest heaving as she leaned back, finally releasing the tension that was peaking. Now that she was out of the frying pan she can dive into the oven.

"Damage report." Breathing one eye partially closed as she pulled the notebook away from her, daring to look over the hardcover surface. If it had been a regular spiral notebook it would of been ruined. But maybe, just maybe everything was still secured!

At least three months of work is riding on it. She was on break, but never killed to take down ideas when they surfaced. Old habits die hard. Prying open the notepad she peered inside, immediately sealing it as an expression of fury and horror etched itself into her features.

"Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it!" She growled through clenched teeth, throwing the notepad across the floor listening to the plastic scrape the cement, papers flicking about freed from their confines. Or at least they would have, but they sat in a clump sealed together through standing water. The lip damaged, bent.

Tiny puddles decorating the floor. Distorted images, warped writing as ink smudged across the previously white sheet. Back to square one. This is why she wanted to take a break in the first place.

"No use in it." She sighed, rubbing her temples trying to keep the pending headache at bay. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out her holocaster, pressing the button at the bottom expecting the black screen to light up as it always have. Greeting her with the world's happening. But there was nothing. No answer. No response.

"You've got to be kidding me!!!!" She spat, raising the device over her head for a brief second before quickly smothering it into her bosom. Tears dwelling in the corner of her eyes. Quietly telling herself it will be okay. It'll get better. It has to, making it this far from Central. Maybe when the electronic device dries up some it'll be operational.

A sudden chill washed over her form, reality nipping at her as she sat in silence. Only then remembering she was soaking wet and needed to dry off. Reaching for her belt fingers clutched a red and white capsule while the other a black sphere with gold trimming.

With the flick of the wrist both spheres erupted in a dazzling display of bluish white energy - quickly materializing into their respective silhouettes. One held the appearance of a quadruped creature bearing snowy white fur, his many tails dipped in blue creating an otherworldly aspect.

The other being much smaller, though a quadruped like her wondrous partner. Most of her body though wasn't quite as elegant, thick wool that took up the majority of her form. Her single tail was tipped with a small sphere, glowing brightly as if a lantern.

"Louie? Silky? Come here please, I'm cold as can be." Shivering she looked from one Pokemon to the next. The yellow sheep cooed, running to her side where it nuzzled against her owner. The wool would surely make for a comfortable pillow and warm her slightly so long as she didn't get too excited. But with her tail so bright, these creepy dark corridors hardly seemed scary. After all they had Louie!

Louie nodded his head silently, needing not to say anything as he quietly circled around the pair before lying over the human's legs. Carefully distributing his weight as his fur gradually started to heat up, exercising expert control of his fiery spirit. Each of the nine tails found their place, caressing the young girl beneath her jacket trying his best to make sure she remained warm and eventually dry up.

"Thanks guys, let's just...sit here for awhile. We're going to be here for a little while."

"This is progress. We've a lot more room available now." Ascending to the top of the stair way Jacob turned to find his view to be considerably less cluttering and more expansive. A heavy hand which had weighed on his already cool spirit has been lifted, relieved that they didn't have to spend another portion of their life wandering aimlessly through the network of rusting pipes and peeling walls. Any longer and he probably would have taken his chance in the rain. Not smart, but neither is losing his patience.

Surrounding on both sides of the Sterling large metal constructs rose from the musky concrete floor, looking horrendous from the extensive years without maintenance. Only fragments of their former green skin remained, still being corrupted by the natural course of time.

The ceiling beyond reach, easily bypassing the third, fourth and fifth floor judging by the height of the wall where it met the ceiling. Most likely to allow adequate space for the pipes which ran up along side the wall, resembling the ones in the lower floor save for a slightly bigger mass.

"So much has changed..." His voice barely whispered as dissimilar viridescent hues surveyed the area, taking in the corroded yet mundane scenery. There was an internal struggle within his mind, for part of him wants to cringe in disgust as the conditions of which he is surrounded in was beyond filthy - he rather spend a week camping in the wilderness. And yet, he couldn't find any focus to home in on the faltering qualities of the abandoned power plant. Only the fleeting sensation of bittersweet memories.

Pulled away from reality he couldn't feel the scurrying of the tiny Joltik who peered out from the pocket of his vest, looking around to see where she was at before excitement took hold of the minute frame - crawling out from the comfortable material of her confinement and scaled the ridiculously tall human paying no heed to how the tickling of her legs might stir a common reaction amongst his species. Not in the slightest.

All that dwelled within that colorful mind of the insect was how her world just became a little bit bigger. Literally! She didn't think she would ever make friends with a human! Or at least, she believes the relationship to be friendly. After all they've not attempted ill will against her. Well, at least the human hasn't. The serpentine creature on the other hand hissed a different story that was themed with distaste. Why was beyond her, aside from what the human said. Something in reference to the two knowing each other. And of course she understood that. Well partially.

Leaping down from his vest onto his belt she quickly began inspecting. These red and white spheres were certainly shiny, almost like the gift she gave him. But there was a particular scent among them, differing between the human and his Servine. What she couldn't tell, but she at least recognized precisely what this were.

How lucky, for the grass type to be able to venture out into the world. She'd go herself, if she was able to muster enough courage to face it alone. But it was little fun to be by one's self. She would know, considering past days of late.

Shaking herself in place the Joltik quickly discarded those thoughts, opting to appreciate today so that she may enjoy tomorrow. Maybe while venturing with these two she might even get new ideas on her web crafting! Such excitement has her tiny little fangs clicking gleefully, nuzzling against her carrier happily. Who said there was no light to be found in darkness?

The excessive positivity radiating from the arachnid wasn't exactly received and conveyed back by Ciri though. Narrowing those ruby ovals the serpent found herself becoming more annoyed with this wild creature's affectionate behavior towards her master. A new recruit would find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole, especially untamed such as this nuisance of a Pokemon.

It was like an itch. The temptation to scratch, violently, was there too. She truthfully couldn't even think of anything rational to justify this only she didn't like the Joltik. Namely on her human. Perhaps she was possessive, as Jacob kindly reminded her weeks ago. But couldn't be that. The more she thought about it however the less she resisted giving in to her stance against the Joltik. Maybe Jacob won't miss what he doesn't know. Out of sight, out of mind.

Coming to a halt in front of the cylinder-like machine Jacob stared long and hard. He knew this particular equipment he has seen before. Outside of a book. Ever since he had came into this site something was nagging at him. Nipping and picking, not necessarily the Joltik who is serving as hitchhiker but within his subconscious. "I think I've been here before." He muttered, reaching out with a hand to touch the inactive turbine as everything melted away in reminiscence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Jacob come on!" The young teen exclaimed, laughing as he bolted up the dusty stairs as quickly as possible with every step echoing in protest. Leaving behind the other teen who staggered about distracted by the old architect. "At this rate you'll be covered in cob webs as well! Move it!"

"Oi, I go as fast as I want! After all you keep going that quick you'll miss the important bits." The other responded, peeking over the railing neighboring the stairs with a scowl worn over his face. The two teens looked similar in nature, both roughly same height and even wore similar clothes that held opposite schemes.

The impatient one wore black gym shorts and a blue shirt, adorned in gold trimming forming a design of sorts while the patient brother wore white gym shorts and a light blue shirt, sharing the same designer only with silver trimming and his hair styled back neatly.

"But Jacob we're suppose to be seeking out Pokemon, not indulging on a history lesson we've covered back in school!" Dante huffed, quickly looking at the ground kicking a dust bunny across the concrete floor revealing a small U-shaped object. It had a black stainless steel appearance, with one tip a blue color while the opposing was red. Cocking an eyebrow the brother squat down, picking up the strange item with a quizzical look. "Jacob, what is this?"

"You mean the class you nearly flunked because you couldn't keep your eyes open?" Jacob teased, jogging up the stairs after giving a once over to make sure he didn't have any smudges. Father wouldn't approve, though such things their mother would laugh at. 'There just boys' she would say, who are only trying to find an adventure. As Dante turned about Jacob's eyes widened a tad.

"Oh, that's a magnet." When Dante still held the same confused look the twin shook his head and walked closer. "You are completely hopeless. This particular magnet is an object used to empower electric-type moves Pokemon use. Namely for electric Pokemon." A hypothesis given the fact it was much too small to be a regular magnet. That and it certainly wouldn't be shaped so and found around in a place like the power plant.

"Might have came from a Magnemite. Who knows." He shrugged, knowing well it served neither of them a purpose at the moment but it could come in handy later. Before anything else could be said, a loud buzzing sound emerged from the corner of one of the turbines, the silhouette of a small creature with a seemingly round body and a pair of horns protruding from its head.

As it emerged, the brothers could see it had yellow fur striped with black markings. Short bulky arms that each held three prominent claws at its tip, and a black lightning bolt mark on its stomach.

"Pft, I could careless about a magnet. That! Is an Elekid! And he's mine! Dibs!" Tossing the object over his shoulder Dante reached for his belt and threw a Pokeball towards the electric type, exploding into a dazzling display of bluish white energy that took shape into a monkey-like creature preparing to battle the Elekid. What happened next faded away, dissolving into blackness as reality kicked back in at the sound of a loud hiss.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The walls quickly deteriorated at an alarming rate, returning to present time as Jacob blinked a few times getting his barings back together. A frown tugged at the corner of his mouth as a scowl settled into his features along with a taste bitter enough to make him spit. The silent question having finally been answered, he has been here before. That smug look on his brother's face was enough to set the boiler on high and on top of that he even caught that Elekid. No telling if he still had it, though surely it would mean it has evolved by now. No matter how many years has past, blood runs deep and so does wounds.

"Bastard." He griped, the stoic man clenching his fists together causing knuckles to crack loudly, veins creeping up beneath his flesh as he took in a deep breath. There was no use in getting frustrated right now, that energy can be expended at a later date, for now there was matters of the present. His mission. Though the magnet that was thrown sparked a sliver of curiosity.

'Going to have to get a reliable electric type.' All he had was Ciri and Aramis, a water and grass type and possibly this Joltik whose combative game has yet to be seen. Something he may exploit later on if he decides to capture the critter. So far the only use he sees in her is outside the field with support. Speaking of which -

'Where is the little tick anyway. She was on m-'

The whistling of a large vine slicing through the air tore apart the tracks of his thought process, only catching a blurred green mass flying inches from his face as a tiny fuzzy yellow body squirmed, hanging onto a thread which was attached to his collar causing the trainer to stagger back from shock. Taking opportunity the Joltik fled into the safety of his vest, burrowing into the pocket trembling as the vine cracked against the cement.

"Ciri! What is the meaning of this!" He barked, narrowing his gaze as he took a step forward unsure whether to be surprised or angry. The serpent recoiled, hanging her head in shame knowing well she gave into emotions - standing her ground awaiting whatever verdict her master comes to for her actions. As the human's lips parted to utter a word, there was an ear-splitting wail of metal and cement tearing apart as something heavy smashed into the ground creating a small explosion. Dust and debris kicking into the air as the ground shook slightly in wake of the impact.

Covering his ears Jacob fell to the ground, struggling to see through the smog of dust and grounded cement that blanketed the air as his throat started to itch, irritation setting in provoking a violent cough. "What in the bloody hell was that?!?" His voice muffled by the sleeve of his shirt trying to keep the particles from getting into his mouth as the dust gradually began to settle.

Reaching into his pocket he carefully stuck his finger into the confines where the Joltik was hiding, rubbing the top of her fuzzy little head trying to provoke the creature from his pocket. "Come on little one." He managed to speak in a soft yet husky tone, feeling the insect stir against his touch as her little legs clung to the digit. Once he had her on his palm, he pointed in the direction of the explosion.

"I need you to check it out, see what happened."

Curious blue eyes focused onto his dissimilar viridescent orbs, clicking her fur covered fangs together lightly before scurrying up his arm and over the shoulder blades, making her way onto his outstretch arm that pointed in the direction desired as she shot out a stream of silk to reach the site quickly by swinging herself around. Already she had been asked to do something, the thrill of helping the human with her talents was like a powerful buzz that invigorated her tiny frame.

Following the small arachnid for a moment or two Jacob finally turned to Ciri, who still has yet to even look away from the ground like a child awaiting their parent's punishment. "Ciri." He finally breathed, kneeling on the ground looking down upon the serpent, shaking his head a little as he reached out with a hand. "Hey I'm talking to you."

Finally looking up the grass type finally noticed the human's hand was resting on the back of her neck, caressing her scales gently causing her heart to swell a little in appreciation. Her eyes were now trained on his, not losing focus for she still anticipated a little lecture about her behavior moments prior to the interruption. She deserved it, though she didn't want to be in trouble when she's to be the example. Even among the wild.

"The bug isn't amongst our ranks, yet. But I am going to need you to try not to squish her." He held his breath, giving a pause to allow the message to sink in before continuing. While she was getting well acquainted with his dialect, it was far from perfect. "Once she does, need you to make her strong. Or break her if not. Show her how it's done." His features softened a pinch, allowing a small smile to creep in as he patted her head drawing a soft squeak rarely heard from the turquoise snake.

He knew he showed favoritism towards the Servine. Something about her made it difficult to be as hard on her like he would with any other Pokemon. Of course he wouldn't allow it to be seen often if at all around the others. But he knew he would likely allow her to get away with murder, if it could be covered up. As time goes on she'll be more mature, and there'll be less of these situations.

"Let's see what the hold up is." He mused, standing back up pausing for a moment to dust himself off before walking over towards the crash site. Whatever had hit the ground must have been dense, given the extensive damage made to the concrete floor. Chunks of metal and block alike were strewn about, fissures riding across the floor like massive spider webs originating from the steep indention in the floor.

"Are those, rocks?"

Sure enough, from the center of the hole several large chunks of rock protruded through the rubble. Glowing slightly with energy that had spells of electricity dancing about the crystalline features. Now he really was curious as to what caused it. Nothing natural surely, but he couldn't see anyone else around them from his position. Carefully scanning the area with the intense beam of light from the flashlight all he could see was dust and debris lying around the different machines that were not caught in the crossfire.

"Hm, but where is the Joltik?"

Almost on cue the familiar clicking sound came from his shoulder, prompting the human to turn expecting to see a fuzzy yellow body and wide blue orbs staring at him gleefully. Alas, there was nothing. He could feel the shift of weight creeping down his arm, and when he aimed the flashlight towards the source there was a loud squeak. No Joltik, but there was a shadow.

"Well then, so you even got camouflage. Not something you expect every day from a bug." The Sterling mused, sniffing the air as the cloak was dropped, revealing a rather sheepish Joltik. He has heard of the skill before, being able to blend in to the surrounding environment though in battle the effects were a tad bit different. Clicking her fangs together the Joltik raised up on her hind legs, extending the front limbs into the air trying to communicate once more with the Servine, completely past the fact minutes before she was trying to crush her. Only now, the grass type responded with a subtle nod much to the latter's surprise.

"Well, looks like nothing for now." The heir frowned, scouring the scene one last time with the flash light in hopes of finding something to say otherwise. He has nothing to go off of, nothing to even begin a process of identifying their phantom. For now they'll simply have to move on. Hope whatever caused the damage isn't out for blood. "Let's get going. No point in sticking around waiting for something."

The Joltik quickly took her self-proclaimed residence within his vest pocket, popping her head out and her front legs as if enjoying a ride at the amusement park. Only Ciri delayed, staring up towards the upper realms of the building with a piercing gaze. She could smell something, what she didn't know but there's something definitely around them. Only until her human beckoned did she turn about and followed suit.

As they slipped from sight a gravely sigh escaped an unseen resident, a silhouette revealing only in the illuminating flash of lightning showed a hulking rugged exterior with two large arms with three digits each that clutched to the side of the window the creature was perched upon. Two smaller arms held onto the sill, allowing the unknown Pokemon to hold itself properly while watching what went on down below. Black spikes protruded from his arms and body, alluring iron sand should it be around.

The distraction had worked, giving the human time to properly educate his Pokemon on mannerism before the serpent could lash out at the poor Joltik. A friendly soul, rather quaint in comparison to the dreary atmosphere that has settled as of late. He couldn't remain idle and allow such a light to be snuffed, though the human wasn't much of a cheerful one either.

A grainy rugged sigh escaped the creature's lips as he dropped onto the cement floor of the upper level with a heavy thud, causing the cement to grind beneath his weight as he took slow and steady strides. For now the silent guardian will mind his business, though silent thoughts went out to the tiny familiar traveling in the pocket of the abrasive human.

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"This is different."

Reaching the top of the stairs the third level seemed to be in two segments, the lack of floor surprising as he found himself standing on a porous metal surface. The material however showed immense resilience, given the complete lack of oxidation. It was surprisingly dense as well, the proverbial clanking sound failing to resonate from his every step restoring minute confidence in the structure's sturdiness.

His dissimilar green hues absorbed every inch of their surroundings as the Sterling walked along the platform, his fingers dancing along the railings as he peered down at the ground below with an eyebrow arched. A familiar thought bubbled to the surface, causing less than pleasant features to be painted across his face, with a scowl tugging at the man's lip.

The business man whom he has grown up with under the alias of father, along with the utter lack of any memories for him to be given such a title, raised both him and his brother with strict guidelines that sounded more like a business proposition. Of course they benefitted from such, but the lack of a proper father figure caused several twines to be strummed. Still, conversations they've held and examples helped pan out the mindset he has today. More so than ever, in light of recent events that have unfolded.

"There are those meant to lead, and those meant to serve. And those beneath you, are there for a reason."

One of many quotes that have been repeated throughout the years, rehashed and yet still managed to deliver the same sting intended for the listening ear. Beneath the veil of adolescence Jacob had condoned the meaning he interpreted from his father's vocabulary, but having licked by the flames of reality he has embraced this in his own way. The weak are simply not worth wasting his time, it was beneath him whether they are humans or Pokemon.

The world as he sees it, is factored into three categories - the strong and the weak. And those in between still developing to take residence in one of the latter. They all exhibit traits which are defining their future, even if they didn't wish for it. True colors always surface on the palate, where the verdict is cast and finalized. Those unable to command respect and value has no room in the world.

The degenerating complex which they currently were occupying holds that truth. The once formerly known Boilspout Power Plant had devolved from being a playing card in the world of economics to a mere relic that now houses wild creatures.

Slowly rotting away against the relentless sands of time. The facility in Acrelea Valley has taken it's place and become more efficient in every way. Located in one of the more challenging environments within this region, and the Sterling had full intention on visiting.

The euphonious sounds vibrating from the turquoise serpent pulled at his attention, redirecting the flashlight's revealing glow towards her direction revealing an open entry point where the door struggling to remain hinged, the shadowy silhouettes the light created produced an eerie ambience as if the very scene came from a horror film. With the proverbial usually fatal curiosity to boot.

"What is it?" The rhetorical question tumbled from his mouth as he took several steps towards the doorway, peering inside the dark chamber penetrating the dark musty air with the flashlight as his spirit of inquiry heightened. Beneath the illuminating spell of his flashlight the darkness scattered, revealing a trashed floor that was covered in filth. Torn fragments of paper littered the cellular floor, dust clinging to them giving them odd shapes.

Broken chairs that once were occupied by certified officials, broken to pieces with their accessories mingling in with the trash. Shoot he can even spot a small wheel that was lying beneath the desk which occupied one end of the room, suggesting they were rolling chairs. A theory further supported by the broken computer monitors that sat upon the furniture, collecting dust and covered in cobwebs - remnants of the keyboard in tatters strewn across the floor.

"Completed with filing cabinets." He muttered while scoping out the opposing side of the room, large rectangular masses revealing themselves underneath the LED veil as he walked into the room taking care not to trip over the debris. He could see small black marks that were burned into the wall and the sides of the filing cabinets, likely the result of natural curiosity from the inhabitants of the plant.

"Now why did we leave behind anything upon closing..." He muttered, aiming the beaming light towards the filing cabinets as the thought of snooping increasingly flattering. The hunger dwelling in the depths of his mind wished to savor any information he knew not on the facility, and while the idea of unreleased information being left behind seemed improbable it didn't deter him at all.

Peering up from the snug pocket of the vest the Joltik popped her tiny head out, surveying their surroundings. Like the human she never seen this room before, and she was anything but afraid when it came to exploring. Squeaking lightly the insect wriggled herself out of the pocket and crawled up to his shoulder, only briefly drawing the party's attention as she released a firm string of silk from her concealed mouth. Sticking to the computer she leapt from the Sterling's shoulder, making her way down to the table seeking out a new portrait to create.

Ciri on the other hand lacked the same enthusiasm and curiosity as the other two. There simply was nothing she could find appealing about covering her beautiful turquoise scales in this filth, and the stench in the air was repulsive at best - now rich with moisture being produced by the local storm. She would sooner scrape herself against the rocks.

But, she didn't want to be away from Jacob either. Especially not alone with this tiny critter loose. The arachnid may have proven themselves on a few number of occasions showing promise, but she wasn't trusting the insect yet. Not until she has been secured in a ball herself. Swallowing her pride the serpent craned her neck over, carefully stepping in the doorway so that she remained within the doorway. Opting to stand guard so that she remained in sight while serving Jacob's well being. Keeping personal matters from interfering.

Peering over her backside she noticed the tiny Joltik already at work, weaving another magical image with her electrifying webs - utterly carefree at the fact she was looking like a mobile dust bunny from the dust being caught in her yellow fur. A rather humorous sight, though she refrained from being caught showing too much interest.

"Not joining us Ciri?" The Sterling mocked, knowing fully well she wasn't going to enter unless absolutely necessary. But he had no reason to make such a judgment. Catching a glimpse of her dismay Jacob shook his head, chuckling a little as he observed the filing drawers. The handle appeared to be rusted, though not in terrible shape.

"Okay, let's see what's behind drawer number one." He mused standing before one of the three cabinets. Reaching out the Sterling heir wrapped long fingers around the rusting handle, squeezing lightly hoping it wouldn't pop out onto his hand if he were to handle it too aggressively and lined his thumb along the cold steel latch.

Squeezing gently he started to pull the drawer towards him when a brilliant thunderclap tore through the sky - briefly illuminating the spooked expressions on those unprepared for the stentorian voice of nature.

Following the explosion of light an utterly horrid metallic sound that made paint peel off the walls and nails feel like they've been ripped out. Only describable as a knife scraping into a ceramic plate if nails on a chalkboard failed to serve the level of cruelty played by the filing cabinet as the drawer flung open merely by the Sterling's reaction.


Staring down at his hand Jacob's features furrowed into a tight frown, glaring a the detached handle before chucking it across the ground.


He grumbled, shaking his head at the seeming foul play done by the weather his heart settling though his head pounded. How he hated involuntary reactions, usually he's the sort to enjoy what others deem as gloomy weather.

Glancing down however the Sterling's features softened into a subtle smirk. Only an accident would have opened the drawer, revealing what little contents remained from days of yore. Vanilla files that were now darkened by moisture seeping into the compromising cracks on the exterior of the filing cabinet, their titles smudged though still somewhat legible. What he couldn't anticipate was the odd odor that was released, dispersing into the room dealing a cringing blow to all who smelt it.

"W-what in the, ugh."

Instinctively the trainer covered his mouth and nose with one hand, waving the other through the air hoping to rid the unsuspecting aroma in vain. The same musty smell that permeated through the facility, only condensed and more potent for reasons unknown. The Servine scowled at the toxic aroma as she leaned away as if sticking her head out the room would make much of a difference.

Joltik didn't seem to mind as much, having grown used to the smell she hardly noticed the change having been more occupied crafting another creation that has spontaneously formed within her mind making use of the shattered computer. In her own little world.

Stepping back Jacob reached into his back pocket, drawing out a small vile only a few inches long with an sleek ebony coat. Engraved on the side the brand name written in a fancy cursive font imbued with a stunning silver ink reading 'Bamboo Charcoal'. Popping the cap off he pressed the nozzle head a couple of times, releasing a fine mist that temporarily engulfed the stale air in a fresh minty breath of clove and wintergreen leaves.

Wafting his hand through the air he sniffed a couple of times, checking for the effectiveness before nodding his head in approval. His favorite cologne, never leaves without a few travel size to go. "An exotic flower produces the best aroma." He breathed pleasantly beneath his breath as he approached the filing cabinet once more reaching in pulling out one file. Oblivious to the intense stare he was receiving from both Ciri and the wild Joltik who were basking in the fragrance.

Softly clicking her fangs together the arachnid shook herself free of the dust which had clung to her fur, enough of which she could probably create duplicate of herself merely out of the gathering dust, and cavorted about in delight. Such ambience was foreign to her, yet captivated her senses demanding the intake of more minty fresh air. Her minute blue orbs hovered over the human's form a moment or two before slowly returning back to her web designing.

The serpent however remained at the doorway, though more relaxed at the familiar scent she has developed a strong liking for. So often she got to enjoy the crisp aroma her master applied, and for the grass type it brought serenity. Comfort. The piercing red eyes which bejeweled her face focused on the human, every so often giving some of her attention to the Joltik out of nagging curiosity.

"Most of these are hardly legible. Can't really be surprised but still." Disappointment riddled in his tone as he shuffled through each individual sheet of paper carefully, fearing the material would crumble beneath his fingers given the stiff texture the sheets hard. Those he could make sense out of were beyond his level of comprehension. Graphs and charts that entailed energy levels and system coolants and whatever else that held little appeal.

"Not a wonder they left this shit behind, oi what's this?" Behind the cluster of folders was a small book. A comprehension book by the looks of it, though the deteriorating cover obscured any form of identity. Not that it mattered for he was gonna crack this one open regardless.

'Looks like someone's been keeping logs about their shift.' Turning around the Sterling learned against the cabinets and brought one knee up planting his foot against the metal opening the book with one hand while focusing the flashlight on the contents with the other. With the constant downpour outside echoing through the complex he almost felt at home. Minus the trash and the dust. The utter lack of human intelligence and proper ventilation.

Green hues flicked back and forth as he scanned what was written, stopping only so often when something interesting popped up but he found looking into the life of another was utterly boring. Or at least until one particular entry stood out. Cocking an eyebrow Jacob raised the book slightly up, squinting his eyes to make out the writing.

"August twenty-second, one fifty-four AG approximately twelve thirty-two in the morning. It happened again, the lawn mower was moving on its own. While patrolling the perimeters I saw something moving several feet away from the complex, heard a faint laugh coming from the grass where a faint glow cut through the darkness. I knew I should have ignored it, but like a Ledyba drawn to a flower I checked it out. And sure enough that damn thing was alive."

Jacob paused, stifling a chuckle as he leaned his head back and shook his softly back and forth. It sounded like a badly written thriller. But he couldn't stop here, not when it was more interesting than most of the data sheets he was finding. Maybe what this bloke was seeing is some kind of ghost Pokemon. Considering how the plant looked now he'd have zero reasons to doubt one isn't lurking around.

"I am not sure if it was a ghost or not. But this thing, had possessed a motorized push mower that we used to maintain the lawn here. A dense green aura or energy, whatever it was surrounded it and had an orange body. Large white eyes with green pupils and a freaking wide smile. It laughed at me before taking off, sending blades of grass everywhere! I was called into the office the next morning, asking to explain why a power equipment is missing when I was suppose to be patrolling that night. What was I to tell him? That a spirit possessed and took off with it? Now I see where Joe was coming from when he saw that weird polyhedral creature. Nearby the computer room, just randomly showed up. Computers crashed and next thing we know the entire system is failing. Probably going to have to rebo-"

From there the words scribbled into something illegible and smudged.

'Huh, guess that's it. Can't help but wonder though what they really saw.' The Sterling sat there for a minute or two thoughtfully before shrugging and dropped the book into the open drawer with a dull thud. The employee must of been either someone on management or a security detail. Regardless he didn't find anything outside of textbook knowledge.

"Well, think we've spent enough time in this room. Hey Jo-" He turned around in mid-sentence, words falling short in light of the work produced by the static siphoning insect. Thin golden strings of electricity clung to the broken hardware, wavy patterns streaming from one side to the other meeting at the damaged screen of the computer where an odd dip formed in the webs. Almost like a smile.

"Hmph, well aren't you a creative tick." He mused, staring down at the tiny Joltik who jumped onto the seam of his pants and started the mile high hike up the towering human. He didn't know if it was mere coincidence or she had been paying attention to what he was saying and went off of that. If that's the case it would be both fascinating and a little disturbing.

"Come Ciri, we've expended enough time in this dust-ridden room." The Sterling instructed walking past the turquoise serpent back onto the platform when the walls trembled in wake of a loud metallic groan bringing all movement to a halt.

"What was that.."

Words scarcely uttered beneath a muffled breath as silence gripped the area. Even with the rain pounding overhead beyond the walls which sheltered them the darkening void seemed to merely swallow all source of sound save for one that stood out among the others.

The sound of tiny metal teeth clicking together echoed through the massive room, a mere whisper that steadily grew louder from the floor below as it became more distinguished. A sound one might hear when two gears are interlocked together and churning with the proverbial buzzing sound which now seemed louder than seconds ago. Whatever was producing the sounds is quickly drawing near, though the pitch still placed it underneath.

Peering over the railings Jacob focused the beam of light from his flashlight down to the lower floor, illuminating a small space that revealed the floor under a sharper scope as he started to carefully comb through the area. All the while his eyes strained to catch any evidence of a creature down below to be responsible.


And once more the sky roared, illuminating all with its brilliant glow that carved through the blanket of blackness albeit fleetingly. With the whining of the gears at its peak the room flickered in wake of lightning, allowing a glimpse of an odd creature compiled of three gears to be seen. Two of which were rather small, while a bigger one was pressed against a smaller gear. Their teeth gnashing swiftly as they booked it through the darkness as it fell once more leaving only questions in the Sterling's head.

"The bloody hell was that just now?"

Whatever the Pokemon might have been, it had little interest in whoever it was around, utterly ignoring the presence on the upper story as it disappeared into the shroud of darkness. Keeping still Jacob continued watching in the event the creature might resurface, oblivious to the sound of pounding footsteps against the metal platform that was coming straight for them.

"Oh shit look out!!!!!!"

A feminine voice followed by the harsh hissing of the Servine reaches his ear just as an heavy impact struck his side, sending the Sterling toppling over the rail, leaving the Sterling flailing in the air grabbing at the rail while his heart pounded wildly against his chest.

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Posted ImageTrainer Encounter - Student Janae!

The offsetting impact sent Jacob staggering backwards, his center of balance put off as the cold metal bar caught just below the waist as the momentum left his upper torso top heavy, gravity beckoning for the man to fall into her outstretched arms leaving him teetering on top of the railing. Throwing his arms desperately trying to find the bars the ceiling started to shift downwards along with his well being.

' That was a little too close..' The accursed thoughts likely became reality, only the beating of his heart were too loud from how wildly it rattled against the cage of bones and flesh. Even then the strain of panic gripped his neck tightly trapping oxygen within while allowing none to enter.

"I'm coming hold on!" The blond yelled as she quickly scrambled to her feet dropping everything she was carrying, including a spiral notebook in which her foot kicked across the platform over the edge as she lunged forward, the unforgiving metal punching her in the cut earning a yelp as she clutched the sleeves of his shirt.

"I got you don't let go!"

"Damn you caught me, just when I was about to let it go." He growled sarcastically beneath his breath as he heard a slight ripping sound coming from his sleeve as he reached out for the railing as his weight gave way and he suddenly swung back, his world upside down dangling perilously over the unforgiving cement floor down below.

"Whenever you're ready!" He yelled, feeling around for the rails before tightening a vice grip over the cold steel silently praying the metal was at least strong enough to support them. Heavens forbid it were to collapse.

"Shove it and listen, pull yourself up I got a hold of you!"

Biting his tongue to resist the urge of letting loose another sarcastic remark Jacob tightened his grip on the railings, whitening knuckles forming pulling towards the girl trying to regain ground when he felt a light plop hit his stomach, stirring the man to look behind him in time to see maroon star-shaped glasses hitting the cement down below.

'I swear if I fall I will haunt her for the rest of her days.'

Glancing up towards the woman he caught the furious expression of Ciri whose crimson gaze could likely set the lady ablaze if it weren't for the fact they needed her at this minute. Despite the desire of welting up the female her priorities were with her own human. Unveiling a pair of tendrils from the yellow crest on her chest, weaving the vines through the railing as she started to secure them beneath Jacob's arms like a harness. Pulling as hard as she could in complete disregard that she might not even be strong enough to support the human's weight she gave it her all.

Even the Joltik joined the fray, clicking her fangs loudly as she scurried out of the pocket she nested herself in unleashing layer after layer of silk, wrapping it onto the bars before weaving a thick string which she attempted to use as a harness for Jacob. Wrapping around his chest before raising her front legs up into the air and waved them back and forth rhythmically - lighting up slightly as if directing the flow of the pull with signals.

'Right, rather not make this the final chapter.'

"Pulling myself up on three! Want all of you to pull then!" Tightening his calves against one side of the railing securing himself the Sterling started to tighten the muscles in his stomach, preparing to pull himself up by the time he gotten to three. Rocking back and forth slowly he sat up once.




With each count the Sterling tightened his abdominal muscles curling inward, doing his best to ignore the increasingly loud protests of the old railings with every rep until he gained just enough momentum upon the third count to reach high enough so that he can grab the outstretched arms of the woman, taking hold of one another as she along with Ciri and the Joltik, more or less, pulled all together bringing Jacob back over the rails to safety with a dull thud leaving all to sprawl out on the ground.

At this point the thought of lying on the filthy floor didn't even cross his mind, the tension in his muscles gradually relaxed with each staggering breath he took so that his heart can slowly return to his core. If dangling over the ledge was on his bucket list he could now scratch it off. Certainly a rush, though not particularly his forte.

Staring up at the ceiling his vision suddenly became a little more furry as the Joltik peeked from his forehead, inspecting the human to ensure he was quite alright before plopping down precisely where she stood into a puddle of yellow fuzz and blue eyes. Technically she wouldn't have affected the outcome if he had fallen, or survived even though she executed flawlessly through the art of practice.

"You didn't need to help, but thanks." The Sterling sighed, hearing a faint squeak from the arachnid as a warm tingling sensation ticked his flesh. His hair slowly started to rise up on end, the dance of static electricity. Indeed, many thanks. Turning slightly towards the right the human stared into the Servine's concerned gaze, offering an extended arm so that she might meet him halfway into the affectionate gesture.

"Good work Ciri. Thank you." He breathed, momentarily smiling as the grass type licked his fingers before pressing her head into his palm. She had the right idea as well, and easily stronger than the Joltik. But sadly she was not strong enough, and she knew it. Still, her loyalty and actions once more proved herself. But now there was other matters to attend to.

"Damn, not only did I drop my glasses I dropped my notebook. As if this day can't get any worse." She sighed, running a slender hand through the rich golden locks flowing forth from beneath her designer's hat that still is perched upon her head. Shrugging a little she turned towards Jacob, wearing a black 'Kirisama' jacket with white sleeves worn over a sky blue shirt. Blue jeans and a pair of converses, now minus a pair of sun glasses and a small book.

"Hey look, I'm really sorry about that. Name's Janae Itzel." Offering an apologetic smile the woman extended her hand, offering to help the male get off of the ground as a kind gesture only to be met with hostility as the turquoise serpent hissed vehemently. Going as far as opening her mouth exposing the tiny sharp teeth which rarely go seen within her maw causing the woman to recoil, pulling her hand away.

"Yeah I am sorry too that you weren't paying attention to where you were going." Jacob retorted, pushing off the platform to stand himself up while staring at a surprised and equally annoyed Janae. The blond quietly rolled her tongue along the inside of her mouth before letting out a breath. No matter how it was painted, she was at fault. Frankly wouldn't be any different had someone nearly caused her to fall over a ledge or railing, whatever.

"Sorry." She muttered before looking back over the railing, her aloof expression faltering a pinch as she eyeballed the notebook that was lying on the ground below, papers shoved out of it as it had opened upon impact. Fortunately nothing has torn, but the longer it laid there the higher the chance of something else going astray. "I've got to get down there.."

Perking an eyebrow the Sterling peeked over the ledge, catching sight of the book she had dropped and clicked his tongue. He could care less if she didn't retrieve her book, hell she could always jump off the ledge or be knocked over as he. Be a sure fire way of retrieving the lost article. But, she still helped. Even if she was the reason he nearly toppled over in the first place. With a sigh the young heir turned towards Ciri, motioning in the direction of the book.

"Ciri, vine whip. Fish the book back up."

The serpent stared at her human for a moment or two, hesitating to make sure his decision was final before nodding. Personally she would rather tear it apart, just out of spite. But likely the act of generosity was due to the fact she still offered assistance. Begrudgingly, the Servine unsheathed a pair of vines from the yellowish crest on her chest, directing them over the railing as she made for the spiral notebook.

"You didn't have to."

"I didn't, no." He breathed, watching as the two tendrils scooped the book up, one looping beneath it causing the notebook to close shut as it was lifted into the air while the other held it shut so no papers managed to escape. "And you were the reason I nearly fell, but you did help nonetheless." He added, retrieving the object from the Servine while giving thanks in silence. Turning back towards the Janae he held out the spiral book.

"Hm, well thanks. I guess." She couldn't quite tell the intention behind Jacob's words, aside from the obvious attitude he had about him. Regardless deducing the behavioral problems of a young adult isn't remotely close to the top of her priority list. Carefully flipping open the notebook she started inspecting the overall conditions with high hopes of finding dry pages, but much like her clothes nothing has fully cured.

"Don't mention it." The Sterling quietly spoke as he shifted his attention to the flashlight he had dropped. Fortunately it remained active given the beam of light that illuminated a sliver of the platform they stood upon. There were some stairs he needed to find so he can ascend. There was no clear destination in mind, he simply wanted to kill time and perhaps capture something useful and give it purpose while he was here. Along side a small plate of historic knowledge he wished to consume so that a thirst stemming years back can be sedated.

'Though I wonder, where did she come from anyways?'

Pondering a moment or two longer the young adult turned towards the woman identifying herself as Janae. "Given the fact you are a little wet still, I assume you've only recently made it here correct?"

Turning the blond sighed, moving her rich locks away from her face with one hand, holding onto the book tightly with the other by her side. "Was it the dripping hair that gave it away?"

Ah, nothing quite like sampling a taste of one's own medicine. He gave her that much credit, she didn't quite strike him as the type to simply roll in whatever direction the wind blew.

"Wet hair, the darker splotches suggest partially dry from the weather. A woman's attitude when naturally being caught in the rain, and your book is wet as well. Need I go on?"

"Pft. Not too familiar with sarcasm are you?"

"Not at all." The Sterling mused, finding little entertainment in the pointless banter. "I wanted to see which section of the complex you entered, can do with a change in scenery." He knew she couldn't have ended up taking the same entrance, otherwise she would not have gotten ahead. Though he knew little of every entry point accessible now, given the old age of the site.

Janae bit her bottom lip a little, drawing on a shallow breath as a chill ran down her spine from the damp air. "Geothermal tower." Simple as she can put it, though she wondered if the lunatic of a human being was still lurking about. The homeless often weren't as far deep as he, unless drugs were a factor. Ragged clothing, unkempt features and an unsightly paleness around his mouth. She was certain there's a lot more unstable about him. Granted, she had Louie and Silky on hand. But just something about the guy was off. And she didn't care to bump into him again, or vise versa. But perhaps...

"Hey wait." She called out, turning to face Jacob who had already past her to head down the long corridor which led to a different section of the complex they were in.

'What could she possibly want?' The Sterling slowed to a halt, arching his head slightly to look over his shoulder ignoring the agitated hiss produced by the unnaturally colored Servine. Who at this point found Janae to be more of a nuisance than the Joltik, the tiny insect remaining oblivious as she sat comfortably within the pocket of the human male.


Taking in a breath Janae took several steps in his direction, unsure of the reaction she'll receive given the already ever so positive attitude stemming from the stranger before her. One of few moments she actually wished looks alone could get a man to act cordially. "I am coming too."

The silence following the statement would have been loud, had it not been for the theatrical timing of the weather outside as a monstrous thunderclap tore through the sky briefly illuminating the entire site for a moment or two before darkness reigned once more.

"Why would I want you to tag along?"

The blond's eyebrows narrowed as she stomped up towards the Sterling, pointing directly at his chest while maintaining as fierce a glare as he's ever seen. "Listen, I didn't ask to tag along. I'm going that way too because I want to get out of here. Besides it is better to stick together at this point right?" She huffed, stepping back a little as she tried to recompose herself.

Turning towards the blond in full Jacob cracked a knuckle, merely shifting his thumb over the back of his index finger before pressing over the knuckle.

"It doesn't look like there is another option. Long as you don't become dead weight then we better be off." Jacob responded as calmly as he could, resisting the urge to bring up the fact she just mentioned having come from that direction and now she suddenly wants to go back.

Clutching her sketchbook Janae sucked air through her teeth. At the slightest they had this much established, though she still didn't quite know who he even was. Speaking of which. "I didn't catch a name from you."

"You can call me Jacob. Now let's get going."

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Elsewhere in the power plant...

Frantic footsteps pounded against the fractured cement as labored breaths and panicked moans reverberated against the metallic surroundings as the gnarly vagrant scrambled down the corridor, his beating heart pulsating wildly within the cold grasp of fear whose metaphorical fingers clutched his spirit in a menacing vice. Not even the downpour beyond the compound could raise volume against the foreboding thoughts that raked the thoughts of the mangy adult.

The grey and white creature struggled to keep pace, doing her best to not fall behind through flustering squeaks. Damn her adorable plump figure, if only her legs were a tad bit longer. So much time has eclipsed since she properly been active, dedicating the past few months with this human has made her slow yet her heart couldn't find the strength to pull her away. No matter how angry or selfish he was, she remained. Even now, as they ran for their very lives.

Neither one of them dared to look beyond their shoulder at the impending danger that dwelled in the cloak of darkness, the nightmarish silhouette which haunted their every waking minute for the past hour and a half. The creature's metallic frame taking shape in the exposing light with every fleeting crackle of lightning that tore through the darkened sky, its discordant song of vexation piercing their ears at such a frequency if the walls still held paint it would peel off.

Within the dark corridor a hot knife split through the intangible mass, illuminating the surrounding walls ever briefly causing the avaricious man turned at the sound of chirping and cackling, the dirt and other unsightly blemishes highlighted by the streaks of electricity thrown by the 'demon'. Missing by an inch on account of his muddy boots giving out from underneath due to lack of traction, though such a fortunate accident gave time for the magnetic being to cover ground.

"I-I can't, I do-" The rambling drowned out by the mechanical cries of anguish stirring a muffled yelp from his throat as he quickly climbed back to his feet. Of all the losses endured by no fault of his, dealing and surviving the cruel nature of humanity against the privileged, this certainly marked the turning point of despair. Everything he collected since shacking up in this hell hole, months of planning and gathering so that he can make it back on top once more - gone.

All in the matter of moments, underneath the thunderous might of a black sky which drowned the land in a heavy downpour. It was enough to make the grown man cry.

"Everything." Tears welled up from the corner of bloodshot eyes as Homer whipped around another corner. "Everything is gone! All because of him!!!" He wailed only to be snuffed out by the electric and steel type's metallic vocals as it emerged once more into sight.

Three pupils narrowed in on the babbling human as he ran down the particularly long hallway with the fat mouse-like creature that practically was his shadow, gurgling in a mechanical tone of melancholy as life's fleeting breath gave momentary power to the plant, revealing its smooth silver features of its oddly shaped form.


The entity separated into three individual bodies - each having a spherical metal body with a single philips screw emerging from its dome along with two others that are underneath the lone eye on both sides. On either side of the three bodies had a pair of horse shoe shaped magnets. Three bodies, three eyes and six magnets. One of the magnetized forms hovered an inch or so above the other two, whom took their own positioning creating a triangle formation.

The screw-shaped head began radiating a light blue aura, while the same screw on the bottom right hand side emitted a pale red energy along side the faint yellow mass forming around the bottom left segment. Like twinkling stars the colorful masses of energy flickered and grew towards one another until unison was achieved at the center, creating a triangle of vibrant colors. The metallic groaning grew louder as the three entities lunged forward firing the triangular mass towards the fleeing human, the colorful display lighting up the passageway as if one was looking through a kaleidoscope.

"N-no, no no no you won't! You took far too much from me!" Exasperated Homer's haunting features lit up as an opening was rapidly approaching to his right. Without a second thought the man dove to the side leaving behind the tiny mouse-like creature as the triangular force flung past narrowly missing Denma, the poor thing squeaking in panic as her chest heaved rapidly in light of how close she came to meeting the end.

Such realization couldn't be fathomed until a deafening explosion rocked the corridor they were just in, causing smoke to billow up as dust and debris were kicked around as well.

"Ha! See my luck hasn't run out yet!" He proclaimed, almost immediately muffling himself with a hand as the magnetic menace responded with a reverberating groan. Turning towards his faithful follower Denma the mangy loner motioned with his hand for the lil gal to follow, much to her dismay as she was already struggling to catch her breath. Yet she knew any opportunity to put some distance between them and the other creature was one to be exploited.

The magnetic creature drifted through the air, watching carefully for any signs of hitting its mark. Any sign of movement. But when the smoke and dust settled, it was only left with a small crater in the wall. Cracks and rivets spider webbing out from around it, traces of burns and scorch marks infiltrating the damage with a touch of ice crystals.

Once more, it continued to hunt. This human was getting extremely annoying.

In the depths of the upper levels of the power plant Janae slowed down, hearing the distant explosion drawing concern over her features. 'That didn't quite sound like thunder...'. Flowing golden locks twisted around her shoulder as she peered over behind, as if expecting something to reveal itself to soothe her curious mind.

"Did you hear something? Didn't quite sound like thunder." Poor attempt at small talk, frankly she rather not have a conversation. But wandering around a place like this leaves silence to be the bitter enemy.

The dull clicking of shoes fell silence as Jacob came to a gradual halt, subtly tilting his head to the right as if trying to listen more carefully. Indeed there was a disturbance in the abandoned facility, the metal environment made sound easy to reverberate. But in the same instance there were an abundance of wild residence who equally could be the culprit.

"Could of been a storm, but nothing to become concerned over." He sniffed dryly with a crisp tone like the mountain breeze in all its chilling glory. He remained in place for a moment or two, making a silent debate within his mind as he eventually turned and motioned the Servine to follow his lead. "If it gets closer then we'll worry about it." He added, trying his hand at the already awkward tension in the air.

"Maybe." She mused, though there was a trickle of doubt leaking into her mind. A gut feeling that lacked sufficient means of proving otherwise. Dull ambers stared towards the one she has come to know as Jacob and his Servine, the grass type with a severe attitude towards her. Jacob himself had an off putting vibe radiating from the persona he put on. Much like the source of the distant explosion something didn't settle well with the fashionista.

"So what are you doing here? Doubt you came all the way from the city to be caught in a storm." Hopefully she didn't sound too desperate for a distraction from the sound of silence growing. As it was, they are stuck together. Might as well make the best of it. Even if he was a bit of a jerk.

"Something worth my time, to be honest." His words held absolute truth, with a complete disregard in how it might be received. While willing to engage in some conversation he didn't quite care if his response would cause their little chat to run icy. Still, conversation was a two-way street.

"And what of you Janae? Are you here as a trainer or just some lass looking for thrills?"

Thin lips pursed to speak, but was cut off when the power suddenly came on causing all of them to quickly close their eyes so that they may adjust. Wasn't anything particularly bright, but going from a mere flashlight to an entire room sparking to life. The complex began to murmur and whisper, mechanical beings with what little means of function struggle to operate.

'Huh, well isn't that convenient.' Turning off the flashlight Jacob simply slid the device into his back pocket for easy access in the inevitable event the power shut off. Until then, they will be able to at least cover more ground at a respectable pace.

"A bit of both, actually." Janae finally answered, blinking once or twice now that she has adjusted to the new lighting. For a moment there she actually thought about waking Silky up to help provide some light, but until the next power outage, the sweet little sheep can get some more rest.

"I'm actually a student, though currently on break. Needed some R n' R." She added, her sentence trailing off into a mere whisper as a massive construct loomed ahead having captivated the lass. A dormant sensation had stirred, awoken within her creative mind from a long hiatus and it started to itch.

'This is it!' She thought, pulling her notebook in front of her flipping a couple of pages ahead while pulling out her trusty charcoal pencil. Earning herself a questionable look from both Jacob and Ciri.

"I see...and just what is it that you are doing?" The Sterling inquired, utterly confused trying to figure out if she was trying to draw a picture of the horribly disfigured and corroding machine. The turquoise serpent hissed beneath her breath, raising her pointed snout into the air while silently judging the female through judgmental red eyes. She rather leave the human behind and have them on their way.

"Doesn't matter but what is this thing, do you know?" She asked in a demanding, hurried tone. Eyes flickering back and forth from the sheet of paper she was drawing on and writing on, to the broken relic of the power plant.

"Tch." Jacob looked up towards the large mechanical structure, taking a couple of steps as he raked at his brains trying to remember the details lying within the rusting supplier of energy. The largest cylinder that was before them had a large hole torn through the sheets of metal, exposing the innards which were undeniably destroyed. Fragments of small pipes and convectors protruding through the fractured flesh of metal. Dirt and dust collected at the bottom, layered upon one another giving evidence to the length of time that has passed.

A collective number of cogs and other machine parts were piled in the corner, though beneath the shadowed veil cast by the blocked lighting Jacob couldn't see much more. Some of the gears appeared to be oddly clean, aside from a few scuff marks and dirt that were between the teeth. But he did recognize the machine as a whole. Restrained excitement, as he fought the urge to grin causing his lips to curl involuntarily for a moment before taking a deep breath.

"Individually, this particularly long cylinder of corroded metal and pipes was once a furnace. It would burn away the coal after it had gone through the grinder." He gestured towards the smaller machine which remained hooked up to the larger one. It too resembled a cylinder, though only half of one. At the end of it, a large chute protruded up to the ceiling where coal likely sat in it.

Pointing from the grinder he slowly started walking along the length of the machine. "When the coal is pulverized, it goes into the furnace where it will be burned like a gas. That heat then boils the water that is brought up through a series of pipes, pressurizing the water which is forced through the turbines." He paused as he got to the end of the furnace, noticing the storage for the turbines and the generator was missing. Reasons unknown, though he knew it either meant theft or protecting of some property.

"Anyways, from there it converts the kinetic energy into electricity and there you have it. Fuel." He concluded, throwing his arms up in the air as he walked back over towards Ciri and Janae who still was writing in the spiral book. The subject was one of few he found interesting in Science while he attended school.

"Thanks Jacob-" Janae mumbled, her brows furrowed with concentration as the end of the pencil shook back and forth as she wrote. Before the Sterling didn't think much of it, though now he was beginning to get curious. Simply because the entire time and before she was writing. Somehow he doubted it was for an educational purpose.

"What are you doing?" He finally asked flatly, motioning Ciri to his side as he was preparing to continue on with their unwarranted exploration. If she was going to spend too much longer, there would have been little to worry about leaving her behind. When there came no response, he simply shrugged and started to walk off.

"Hang on! Almost finished!" Janae finally yelled, holding up her hand with a single digit pointing in the air further emphasizing her request.

"Finished with what you've said nothing." He was getting annoyed now, thin lines furrowing over his brows and his jaw tightened, crossing his arms turning back towards the woman as she finally stood and jogged over to them, shoving the pencil into the back pocket of her fitted jeans.

"Look." She sighed. "I major fashion designing in college. It's what I do, and I'm pretty damn good at it. But as of recent I was finding myself to be overworked and exhausted, so I figured to take a break and take a swing at being a trainer. All the while, I'l-"

A chuckle escaped from Jacob's throat as he held up a hand, silencing her in midsentence while sighing as if having heard a joke. "Hang on, let me make sure I am understanding this. You major in fashion designing, but left because of the stress and now you are trying to be a trainer? But still fish for ideas on clothes you are making. Am I following this right?"

A small scowl began to tug at the corner of her powdered lips, her chest tightening in response to the rising feeling that this man before her might be insinuating something. "You make it sound like its ridiculous." She retorted with a breath, trying her best not to lose composure. Wouldn't be the first time she's dealt with attitude, certainly not the last. "What are you trying to say?"

Growing quiet the Sterling simply stared at the woman, his gaze sharpening with concentration as he carefully looked over his acquaintance. "Nothing at all. Only I cannot see how you can hope to become a trainer worth their mettle if you are dabbling with fabrics and the latest trend."

Scoffing the blonde turned around away from Jacob, sucking in a deep breath of air trying to keep herself from breaking any laws and giving the guy a reason to really piss her off. "No different." The words practically came out underneath a growl of a breath, her hands clenching into fists shaking from the surge of emotions dwelling within her. Even a complete stranger has the nerve to critic her work. Much less someone they didn't know.

"Come again?"

"You are practically no different than those out there who get off on nothing more than tearing down someone's moral. A critic, who doesn't know anything beyond their eclipsed heart and mind. You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover." She glowered, her left hand reaching for her belt at the black sphere trimmed with golden threads.

Opening his mouth to speak the Sterling was interrupted by the snarling hiss of Ciri who quickly placed herself between the two, her maw opening revealing the series of small sharp teeth that threatened to clamp down on the girl if she approached any closer as well in response of her reaching for the Pokemon capsule.

"Speak for yourself." Of course he knew it was completely possible for one to maintain a hobby or career while practicing the arts of training Pokemon. How one does so with the time allotted speaks for itself in great volume. "I could care less what you do in your spare time, simply voicing my opinion in matters I am quite familiar with. An opinion is simply that, and if you cannot handle that then surely there's truth in it. Otherwise you wouldn't have your hand on that luxury ball."

"I don't need to explain myself. But there's a difference between not taking someone's opinion and not taking someone's shit." She snipped back, pressing the center of the sphere as she held it out, the capsule erupting in a brilliant blue light as the energy took shape of a small quadruped. Short, stubby blue limbs protrude through the thick golden fleece encompassing the electric type as she baa'd happily, turning to face her trainer only to be met with a fierce scowl.

"My Pokemon and I have been the subject of criticism for years, we've learned to roll with it but times like this we push back against such oppression. You think we can't be strong while pursuing a career I adore? Then let's see that theory put to the test."

Jacob nodded, but no words left his mouth as he stared at the creature identified as Silky. Reaching for his pocket he drew out the pokédex once more, though he already knew this creature before him. A Mareep. A Pokemon who belongs on a farm. "Defending yourself with a farm animal, how touching." He mused as he aimed the device towards the electric type, flipping it open as the dark screen illuminated brightly with a blue tint.

Pokemon Index access confirmed. Processing field scan... Complete. Initiating data transfer.

Species Designation:Mareep
Type Designation:Posted Image
Estimated Rarity:Common
Posted Image
Weight:17.2 lbs
Mareep, the Wool Pokémon. Mareep stores static electricity in their wooly coat. They avoid battle and have mild dispositions.

"Humph, I can see why." He retorted, closing the Pokédex as the electronic voice fell silent and stored it into his pocket. "Ciri step back, Aramis is going to take lead." The serpent sniffed a bit as she glared back at the electric type Pokemon disdainfully. The Mareep looked like a glorified cotton ball that has been dyed yellow. But if Aramis is to go first, then she'll step to the sidelines.

Taking the red and white capsule at hand the Sterling pressed the center of the spherical capturing device before tossing it up into the air. "Aramis, stand by for battle." His tone firm as he commanded, the luminous bluish energy quickly taking the shape of the bivalve as her tongue unfurled from her shell. A speckle of golden light dazzled around the bivalve as the sphere snapped back to Jacob , the water type blinking as she stared ahead at her opponent.

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Pokémon Battle Round One
Pokédex Info
Posted ImageJacob's ShellderGender: Female

Type: Water

Ability: Shell Armor

Health: Weak
  • Attack: 30
  • Defense: 62 (35%)
  • Sp. Attack: 20
  • Sp. Defense: 34
  • Speed: 30
1. Tackle
1. Water Gun
4. Withdraw
8. Supersonic
13. Icicle Spear
16. Protect

Unique Moves
- Rock Blast [EG]
Posted ImageJanae's MareepGender: Female

Type: Electric

Ability: Static

Health: Low
  • Attack: 11
  • Defense: 32
  • Sp. Attack: 37 (26%)
  • Sp. Defense: 39
  • Speed: 24
1. Tackle
1. Growl
4. Thunder Wave
8. ThunderShock
11. Cotton Spore

A thin eyebrow raised at the sight of the water type as Janae's features shifted into a quizzical expression as she absorbed the bivalve's glistening gold coating. 'Shellders are usually lavender color, looks like Louie isn't alone.' The Ninetales's otherworldly beauty has brought trouble to the fox. Given the initial impression of Jacob the questioned begged to be answer - how did he acquire both of these unusually colored creatures?

"You gave concern about how I live my life as a trainer and a designer, yet here we have a water type against my Silky." The fashionista quipped, crossing her arms up beneath her chest as the Mareep hopped ahead towards the Shellder letting loose the most fearsome battle cry one of her stature can muster, which fell short of a high pitch meep that likely would have earned an affectionate sigh from common strangers.

"I wouldn't be wasting my breath about type match ups. If you're serious about training Pokemon you know better than to indirectly quote textbook knowledge prior to a battle." The Sterling riposted coldly, running his fingers through strands of fading platinum listening to the serpent sibilate low yet vehement.

The golden oyster narrowed her gaze, homing in on the fluffy creature on the opposing side of the cement who looked equally determined to demonstrate their worth to their humans. And do right by them. Tiny bubbles generated from the base of her tongue, lightly gurgling as tensions rose between the two.

Snorting beneath her breath Janae shrugged her shoulders, opting not to respond as there no longer was a need to prolong any further. "Then let's see, Silky use thunder shock and strike down the Shellder!" A more serious tone commanded the electric type as Silky bayed in response, rearing up on her hind legs excitedly as arcs of electricity laced through the tightly woven wool, cackling wildly like a group of chirping birds as her tail began illuminating a bright yellow light.

'It's coming.' Jacob thought as the tip of the tail glowed against the dim surroundings, giving only a moment to spare before discharging multiple small bolts of electricity towards the Shellder with trained precision, threatening to deliver a painful shock with swift service.

"Roll to the side and respond with water gun." Jacob calmly responded, watching as the bivalve rocked back and forth mimicking the same movements she had done in training albeit with haste, seconds passing as she flipped over to the side narrowly avoiding the electric bolts which made their mark in the cement before dissipating.

Upon the moment she flipped upright, the Shellder unfurled the long muscle from the depths of her shell expelling a small but concentrated stream of water towards Silky, whom braced herself as the liquid doused her face and getting the yellow fleece wet. Shaking her head back and forth the Mareep proceed to shake her entire body, sending droplets of water everywhere as a crossed expression formed over her blue features as now she looked like she had gotten in a fight with a hair dryer and lost.

"Congratulations, you've given Silky a bath. Silky respond in kind with a thunder shock!"

Scowling a little the Mareep shook herself in place once more, the rubbing friction of the wool stirred sparks of static electricity to intertwine throughout the mass, activity heightened as the droplets of water seeped into her fleece creating an amplifying visual as the ball on her tail glowed once more before hurling several more small bolts of electricity towards the golden bivalve.

"Hmph, Aramis protect yourself." Jacob responded casually, not phased by possibility of the electricity decimating the water type. Coiling in her tongue the Shellder closed her shell tightly completely hiding her vulnerable body as a faint purple aura unfurled from the crevices of the shell gravitating around Aramis before consolidating into a transparent sphere of energy.

A high pitch chirping sound resonated from the barrier as the bolts of electricity made contact, creating a ripple in the transparent field casting an array of shimmering lights across the ground as the harmful energy was pulled into the mass of the protective sphere causing it to dissipate leaving behind an unharmed Shellder.

"Again? Damn it, well then Silky close the gap with tackle!."

Dragging her hooves across the cement the electric type reared up on her hind legs before taking off as quickly as her little body can muster, lowering her head in preparation of plowing into the Shellder. By this time Jacob's gaze had sharpened, watching the charging Pokemon disapprovingly.

"She won't even have a chance, Aramis counter with icicle spear!"

Flailing her tongue through the dust ridden air the water type closed her shell slightly, leaving just a wide enough crack to reveal a sliver of white orbs surrounded by the obsidian pearl as the horns protruding from the golden carapace gave off a distinctive cerulean glow, frost spider-webbing down to the base as a large shard of energy was launched towards the oncoming Mareep. A familiar crackling sound filling the air as a wispy white trail followed the twin projectile as they solidified into ice, just before shattering in half creating a grand total of four homing in on the small electric type.

"Shit Silky try to dodge it!"

"I doubt she will be able to avoid all of them." Jacob simply stated as Silky began staggering, a faint scraping sound ripping from the cement as hoofs dragged across the uneven surface as the Shellder unleashed an additional eight more shards of ice in wake of the first bombardment. Three waves, all targeting the same electric type leaving winding trails of frost as they cut through the air.

Panicking the Mareep dropped to the ground and rolled, her fluffy fleece collecting dirt and dust like a living feather duster as shard after shard of ice exploded next to her, sending fragments about. Kicking the air trying to get back on her feet Silky let loose a loud yelp as a spear struck her in the side, followed by another and another pushing her back inch after inch - seconds only passing until multiple icicles were protruding from the thick fleece, unseen droplets of blood beneath the fluff.

"Silky! Are you okay darling?!" Janae called out, fighting the urge to run out to her little lamb. The poor dear trembled and shook as her already soaked cotton was now covered in ice, reducing the heat provided causing the cold to seep into her body. Which wasn't even including the pieces of ice that managed to penetrate.

'It isn't dying.' Jacob thought annoyingly, shaking his head as Janae comforted the electric type. A bleeding heart was a failing heart, in both literal and figurative senses "If you want to tend to what little injuries she has call off the battle." He warned, itching to have Aramis release another bombardment of ice.

"Tch, shove it!" She glared at the Sterling, returning her attention to the black orbs of her Mareep wondering what to do. Naturally she should have the upper hand in this, but so far the Shellder has proven difficult to hit given her reaction timing and protective skill. If she could only slow it down enough, she can get a hit. Looking at the pieces of ice scattered between them, an idea bubbled up.

"Mareep use cotton spore! Scatter them into the air!"

Shaking vigorously to get the tiny fragments and shards off of her body Silky huffed loudly as she hopped forward, an emerald light trickling through the thick clouds of cotton as it gradually started to swell. Comical if Jacob had a normal sense of humor, the Mareep's tiny stubs was slowly swallowed by the expanding mass of cotton along with the rest of her features until a light pop filled the air, scattering gleaming puffs of fleece across the air in a glimmer of green, the small clusters drifting slowly towards the ground gently as if clouds in a Summer breeze.

"Cotton spore? Why would she scatter it across the air?" He muttered to himself, watching carefully as a fluffy remnant of the excess cotton touched the ground seemingly harmless. Aramis and Ciri looked around as they watched other cotton spores drift to the ground in the likeness of snow, innocently tumbling through the air and across the cement.

"Aramis use water gun once more!"

Slipping her tongue between the crevices of her shell Aramis opened up once more as another jet of water emerged from the unseen depths of her maw, spiraling towards the Mareep in similar fashion. Turning her head back SIlky stared expectantly at her trainer, who gave an approving nod only matched by the confident smirk.

'He's fishing.' She thought as Silky suddenly rolled to the side, copying Aramis's own movements previously safely avoiding the water which drilled harmlessly into the cracked opening of the large machine behind them oblivious to if there were any residence residing within. Back up on her feet the Mareep charged forward once more bearing an expression of determination.

"Good job SIlky! Get in there and light them up with thunder shock!"

"Aramis dodge it again and counter with icicle spear!"

Aramis started to wobble back and forth when suddenly something was off, her eyes widening in correspondence. Her body felt heavier, in the sense she couldn't move quite nearly as fast as she was before throwing her momentum to a dead halt. Panicking the water type looked ahead as the Mareep glowed brightly with crackling electricity, still coming towards her as she hurled another jolt of electricity at Aramis.

A shrilling squeak came from the Shellder as the jolt of electricity found its mark, sending weak electrical currents through her body causing pain to radiate systematically, her hard shell providing less than nothing to guard her much less lessen the blow. Her long tongue twitched and recoiled against her shell as her body twitched from the shocks.

"So you used the cotton spore to cover the ground, knowing Aramis wouldn't be able to pay close enough attention where they landed." Jacob breathed, rubbing his tongue against the inside of his teeth as he eyed the glob of cotton clinging to the back end of Aramis's golden shell. Counting the seconds silently he waited to see how long it would take for the water Pokemon to get back up.

"Ssssssthhss.." Like an alarm clock the Shellder shook in place hearing the serpent's whispers creeping into her head. There was no need to turn around to see if those crimson eyes were burrowing into her shell, she could feel the burning sensation from here. A warning, before words all too familiar would tumble past her trainer's lips. Heaving Aramis hobbled forward towards the Mareep, showing all she wasn't quite done yet even though the electricity riddled her form.

"Good." Jacob glanced down towards Ciri, the Servine's gaze having shifted over towards the Mareep who was receiving flattering attention from her human in a disgustingly manner. For what she didn't understand, it wasn't as if she had beaten her opponent. Celebration early was a recipe for a heartbreak. And she was sold on Aramis making that happen. She knew Jacob was too.

"Okay Silky, get back in there!" Janae beamed, gently patting the Mareep on the hindquarters as she stood back up, her expressions hardening into a more serious mask. One more solid hit should put down the Shellder, though she knew to be wary of Jacob. Particularly should she find herself facing off against the Servine.

The moment Silky had taken position, a loud crack filled the air as Jacob snapped his fingers, grabbing Aramis's attention as the next order was filled out. "Time for some payback, Aramis use supersonic!!!" Immediately Ciri unsheathed a pair of vines from the crest of her chest, wrapping around her head as if ready to block noise to which Jacob mirrored with his fingers.

The bivalve's tiny black pupils dilated as she coiled in her tongue, poising it as a serpent would ready to strike her prey as her armored frame became enveloped by a faint blue aura. Snapping at the air suddenly with her tongue a high pitch wail tore through the air creating a rippling wave which distorted the air, traveling towards the Mareep enveloping her.

From within the cone of discord the ground began to waver for the Mareep as her beady eyes enlarged as the shrilling shrieks of her golden adversary plagued her ears to the point she wanted to smash her head into the cement to make it stop. Almost like Janae did once when her fork scrapped against a ceramic plate.

"Damn it, anything but that! Silky pull your head through and use thunder wave!!!" Janae cried out, balling her fists angrily as a delayed response came from the farm critter who staggered to turn and face her, looking horribly confused as she tried to make out the commands made. But everything to her comes out garbled if anything at all from the torrent of disorder.


Shaking her head the wool Pokemon tried to respond, but the pitch of her voice was coming from everywhere but behind her. She did hear something though. But was confused by the order. Bury her face? Would that help the ringing? Undeniable was her trust and unwavering was her faith the Mareep knew what she had to do.

Raising up on her hind legs Silky bucked, kicking her tiny little limbs while both parties stared in awe as her head drove straight into the concrete with a painful smack, hard enough Jacob's eye twitched in response though contradicted by the smirk drawing over his lips while for Janae unmistakable horror and embarrassment.

"Silky!!! Silky what are you doing!!! Snap out of it you damn four-legged fleece!" Everything she tried, without physically going over to the electric type failed miserably. Silky continued to push her face into the ground, dragging it across painfully which eventually caused Ciri to snicker.

"Enough of this. Aramis, put that thing out of its misery with rock blast!"

The golden bivalve quickly sprung into action, taking advantage of the disarray the Mareep was currently in by hopping closer towards the electric type as her horns started giving off a faint white glow, the aura taking shape around the protrusions in the form of a small nebulous ring. The ring spun around quickly the horns of her shell as they thinned out into a ring of small crystalline white orbs.

Lashing her tongue out through the air Aramis unleashed a series of four small stones towards the Mareep, a small streak of white trailing behind as the rings continued to rotate creating another volley which was shortly launched after the first set. Repeating the same process until five waves of white stones hummed through the air to rain down on their target.

"Silky get out of there they're going to hit you!!!!" Janae cried out, raising both hands to the sides of her face as the Mareep turned back offering a confused expression that was oblivious to the danger raining down above. At least until the first wave crashed into the side of the electric type causing the gal to cry out in pain. Struggling to get up the next wave struck, bombarding the electric type again and again. Each series causing a wail to tear from the Mareep's throat that brought on a fresh wave of pain in time for the next.

Lying by her feet Silky remained still, panting heavily as droplets of blood trickled through the fur where some of the stones had managed to pierce the flesh beneath the usually protective fleece. Not quite unconscious but border lining the unresponsive state. A faint moan escaped her throat as she struggled to get up, only to collapse from exhaustion and pain.

"S-Silky? Darling can you get up? Don't lose to an asshole like him...Silky?" Every time her name was called, the electric type raised her head. Everything still seemed fuzzy, but only she found herself hurting too much to really feel like moving. Particularly her side. The fashionista sighed as she stood back up, pulling out a Pokeball recalling the injured Silky to her resting place until she can properly treat her little Mareep.

"Doing that to her was cruel."

"Call it what you will, it's merely part of reality. She simply wasn't strong enough to get her act together and fight through the confusion." Jacob retorted, watching as the woman grabbed another capsule from her belt, clutching it hard in her hand. "I hope that one can fair better." Jacob added, stifling a chuckle as Janae glared at him.

"You're such an asshole, just shut up and watch." She retorted while throwing the pokéball towards the ground, the sphere erupting as a bluish white energy burst forth from its containment and crashed onto the ground, rapidly taking shape into a much bigger and more elegant form than the first creature, whose appearance caused the Sterling's eyes to widen in both surprise and awe.

The creature before them gazed silently behind a pair of small red eyes, shaped perfectly to match the slender shape of his head. A pair of triangular ears stuck out on each side of a tuff of fur at the top of his dome, alongside a wriggling black nose at the end of a long snout. A lean yet muscular form rippled beneath luxurious slate grey fur that covered the creature, yielding a total of nine tails each dipped in a dull blue. It wasn't the first time Jacob has set his eyes on a Ninetales, yet this one was different than the others. An unusual coating that he is somewhat familiar with in experience.

"Now this is an interesting development." He breathed as he reached into his back pocket for the pokedex, unaware of the looks of awe plastered across Ciri's features, she too finds the beauty in the unusual Ninetales captivating as well as respectable. Aiming the black and red device towards the fire type Jacob pressed the middle button, activating the scanner as the screen lit up.

Pokemon Index access confirmed. Processing field scan... Complete. Initiating data transfer.

Species Designation:Ninetales
Type Designation:Posted Image
Estimated Rarity:Rare
Posted Image
Weight:43.9 lbs
Abilities:Flash Fire
Ninetales, the fox Pokemon and the evolved form of Vulpix. Ninetales is said to live for a thousand years, this Pokémon uses its supernatural abilities to manipulate fire. It can burn its prey to a crisp as it pleases.

"Hmph, so you've managed to come across a Pokemon with unusual genetics as well. A Ninetales at that, congratulations." Jacob calmly gestured towards the fire type as he closed the scanning device with a faint click before stowing it away once more. These particular Pokemon were difficult to manage properly, and beautiful at that causing the man to credit of respect to Janae.

Save your apologies for after Louie crushes your Shellder. The color of his fur has nothing on how strong he is. Appearance isn't everything so shove it." She glowered, the Ninetales's tails raising up from the dusty ground before falling back down rhythmically as a low key growl rippled from his throat.

"You've got it wrong, I could care less about how a Pokemon is if they aren't strong enough to survive. They can be every color of the bloody rainbow and I will throw them aside if they are not worth my time. Without strength or potential, there's no value to be invested." His initial apologies, though he had not said anything directly, was meant something more valuable than words. Not that he'd expect her to know this.

Janae's jaw tightened in self-restraint as she shook her head looking away from Jacob. Many words formed in her mind when she thought of him, he was simply a judgmental asshole who only looked out for himself. At least that was what she got it. Though he didn't react as retarded as many others who have met Louie, perhaps it was from owning two of his own. "So you just happen to have two Pokemon with unusual coloring in their skin then?"

Raising an eyebrow Janae sniffed a little before crossing her arms beneath her chest shaking her head. She manage to get a reaction, but what he said bothered her more than if he had simply agreed to her statement. "So you mean to tell me you just happened to have two Pokemon on you with different colored skin than their counterparts?"

Jacob smirked slightly, betraying the cold mask his face has embraced thus far as he shook his head. "Hardly. It was destined, after all. Meeting Ciri was by sheer coincidence, a relationship that worked out well. Aramis, well you can say she was a wonderful celebratory gift." He shrugged, running his hand through strands of hair keeping it from his face. "But enough about how I got my Pokemon, you should be worried about what is going to happen next."

Pokémon Battle - Round Two
Pokédex Info
Posted ImageJacob's ShellderGender: Female

Type: Water

Ability: Shell Armor

Health: Weak
  • Attack: 30
  • Defense: 62 (35%)
  • Sp. Attack: 20
  • Sp. Defense: 34
  • Speed: 30
1. Tackle
1. Water Gun
4. Withdraw
8. Supersonic
13. Icicle Spear
16. Protect

Unique Moves
- Rock Blast [EG]
Posted ImageJanae's NinetalesGender: Female

Type: Fire

Ability: Flash Fire

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 12
  • Defense: 68
  • Sp. Attack: 52 (24%)
  • Sp. Defense: 60 (24%)
  • Speed: 60
1. Ember
4. Tail Whip
7. Roar
9. Baby-Doll Eyes
10. Quick Attack
12. Confuse Ray
15. Fire Spin
18. Payback

Unique moves:
- Energy Ball (TM Move)
- Protect (TM Move)

"Hmph, true. Then let's get going, Louie use quick attack and get that Shellder off balance!" Janae commanded, her confidence sharpened by the depth of her tone now that the Ninetales has made an appearance. An aura of pure white seeped through the fibers of his soft grey fur as it enveloped Louie in an angelic glow, the fox-like creature raising up on all fours before taking off at top speed towards a rather surprised Shellder.

"Aramis respond with protect!" Jacob bellowed, unaware that there was another spectator peeping from the pocket on his vest as the Shellder closed her shell shut, becoming enveloped with the translucent violet sphere in the nick of time as the Nineales smashed head first into the barrier causing the energy to ripple violently as Aramis stared up at the fierce crimson gaze of Louie, teeth bared as he pressed his forehead harder against the energized defense.

"There, Ninetales use energy ball now!"

Bounding backwards the fox-like creature crouched low to the ground as a pair of tails reached over his backside, the bluish white tips pointing towards each other a few inches from the Ninetales's maw as a small orb of transparent green energy generated between the two, coating the slate grey fur in a fine emerald aura. The sphere quickly grew to the size of a baseball as Louie let loose a roar, firing the sphere of energy towards Aramis.

In silence Jacob watched as the sphere breaking through the protective barrier, the sound faintly like glass shattering before it scored against Aramis, exploding on contact kicking up a large cloud of dust and debris. The Sterling already knew there was nothing to be done, not while within such close proximity and the Shellder having already taken quite some damage prior to Louie's arrival.

As the Ninetales's retreated by her trainer's side the cloud settled, revealing an unconscious Shellder who was flipped upside down and absolutely covered in filth and large bruises on her previously flawless golden shell. His face hardened the longer he stared, but frankly Aramis still had managed to perform well. After all exceeded expectations in defeating the Mareep.

"Covering weaknesses by teaching it energy ball, not bad." He breathed, giving a compliment where it was due as he pointed the red and white sphere towards the downed water type, pressing the button in the center watching the reddish white energy beam towards Aramis, reducing her to a shapeless mass of energy before pulling it back into the ball.

"Told you not to judge a book by its cover." Janae smirked, feeling quite pleased with the slight change in behavior from Jacob now that he had lost one Pokemon. But they each still had one remaining, unknowest to the other. "My little Silky has now been avenged." She added, sighing a little in relief.

"You're not out of the woods yet. Ciri, prepare for combat."

Battle Summary Rd. One
Battle Summary Rd. Two

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Pokémon Battle - Round Three
Pokédex Info
Posted ImageJacob's ServineGender: Female

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrowth

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Defense: 40
  • Sp. Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Sp. Defense: 40
  • Speed: 53
1. Tackle
1. Tackle
4. Leer
7. Vine Whip
10. Wrap
13. Growth
16. Leaf Tornado
Posted ImageJanae's NinetalesGender: Male

Type: Fire

Ability: Flash Fire

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 12
  • Defense: 68
  • Sp. Attack: 52 (24%)
  • Sp. Defense: 60 (24%)
  • Speed: 60
1. Ember
4. Tail Whip
7. Roar
9. Baby-Doll Eyes
10. Quick Attack
12. Confuse Ray
15. Fire Spin
18. Payback

Unique moves:
- Energy Ball (TM Move)
- Protect (TM Move)

Narrowing her ruby slits the turquoise serpent walked around her human, a piercing gaze fixating on her beautiful adversary whose crimson eyes matched her own. Positioning herself in front of Jacob, a few short feet before Louie, her snout lifted a little higher as the pair of tendrils slowly retracted leaving only a foot in length. Poised to strike yet remaining somewhat loose, swaying to and fro like stalks in a gentle Summer breeze.

"A grass type against a fire.." Janae's words trailed off as she held back her thoughts before they left her mouth. It wasn't too long ago that a conversation involving type match up ended with her precious Silky in defeat. The situation was a little different, this time around. She wasn't new to the game, having some time beneath her belt to know the Servine was stronger. But now they were against Louie, who is much stronger than the electric type.

"Are you ready?" All she needed to say, at this point. There was no denying the original point of battling was moot, at this point neither wanted to surrender to the other. The natural competitive spirits flaring against one another daring one to lose flare.

"I am well aware, this isn't the first dance with fire I've had. Will not be the last. Now let's get this going." Jacob stated calmly, viridescent hues lingering over the woman's own ambers before focusing on the Ninetales before him. What will differ from the last time he experienced a battle with a fire Pokemon, is the bitterness of defeat won't singe his tongue. He won't let it.

The silence which fell between the two, roared louder than any storm.

"Ciri, power up with growth!"

Taking on a stance the Servine raised her vines across her face as muscles rippled beneath sleek scales, an nebulous white aura permeating around her lithe form bolstering her physical capacities beyond their regular limits.

"He's strengthening her so regularly weak attacks are more effective, Louie close the gap between the two of you with a quick attack! Don't let her get any stronger!" Janae commanded, the slate grey fox crouching low in immediate response as an identically white aura filtered through the strands of fur, surrounding his elegant form as he kicked off against the cement lunging forward with immense speed.

"Hold your ground Ciri, brace for impact." The Sterling ordered, Ciri hissing beneath her breath as her body tensed in anticipation as the Ninetales raced across the cement only taking moments before being face to face, the pair having just a moment to stare into each other's eyes before Louie slammed into Ciri.

"Hmph, seems your Ninetales doesn't have the physical prowess to hurt Ciri." Jacob quipped as a rather smug Servine shoved her weight against Louie with reinforced strength, knocking the fox backwards as her vines slapped the cement beneath their feet. "Ciri use vine whip and keep its mouth shut!"

Brandishing the stalks through the air the grass snake shot the vines along the ground, rearing up at a recoiling Louie as they slapped across his face, coiling around his snout effectively muzzling the fox. Grunting and groaning the Ninetales attempted to pull away, shaking his head vigorously against the Servine's vice.

"That is foul how could use muzzle Louie! He isn't some mutt!!!" Exasperated Janae racked her mind on what to do, furrowing her brows as Louie struggled against the empowered serpent.

"It's called a tactical advantage. Ciri pull him in for a tackle attack!"

Hissing Ciri pulled the reigns tightly on the Ninetales attempting to pull the fox in, despite the differences in physical strength the fire type was still capable of resisting, his weight making it more difficult to perform the feat. Annoyed by Louie's resistance the grass snake pulled with all her might before running forward and throwing herself towards her opponent full force.

"Louie get out of her grip!!!" Janae pleaded, the Ninetales trying his hardest to comply but all he could do was maintain his stance lest he buckle beneath her grip and yanked to the ground. Through a muffled yelp Louie dipped his head as the Servine collided painfully into his head, knocking the fox to the ground earning another deadened cry from his throat.

"Tch, alright we don't need to use fire to get out of this. Louie confuse ray!"

Pawing at the vines wrapped around his snout the Ninetales craned his neck glaring at the serpentine foe before him, a peculiar red gleam taking over the narrowing orbs as a fleeting flash of light overtook Ciri's sight sending the serpent into a daze, immediately releasing her hold over the fox's muzzle.

"Heh, confusion." He muttered beneath his breath watching the Servine struggle to regain her bearings. Unlike the Mareep's panicked movements, the serpent's were more subtle and slowed. Not being her first time beneath the mystifying spell she handled it pretty well.

'I suppose we will see if her training has paid off any.' He thought before pointing in the fox's direction, hesitating for a brief moment with silent hopes of success. "Ciri! Use leaf tornado directly in front of your position! Now!"

With anticipation breeding in the atmosphere the serpent looked up to the ceiling, hearing the familiar voice through the chaos nodding her head. Sibilance rose from the depths of her throat as her snout pierced the unfiltered air, a peculiar scent filling her nostrils causing Ciri to spring into action.

Leaping into the air with a twist the Servine landed on her head rotating her lithe form vertically from the ground, spinning rapidly as a small gyre of emerald formed around her tail, extending several feet creating a low howling sound just as she brought her tail down with a slam, spinning onto her side as the viridescent vortex barreled towards Louie and, unintentionally, Janae.

"Oh shit, Louie dodge it!" Janae shouted, quickly moving out of the line of fire herself as the jade whirlwind blew past the Ninetales and where she stood previously, colliding into the large gap in the machine behind them filling the air with a painful metallic screech.

"Steady your ground Ciri." He couldn't be mad, she did as instructed without straying off course or slamming her head into the cement floor. He would take a miss over that any day.

"Jeez, that was close. I'm fine Louie I'm fine." Janae waved at the concerned Ninetales, who clearly wasn't pleased with the fact the human nearly was caught in the crossfire. With a husky yip the fire type started to look towards his serpentine foe when there was another presence that robbed his attention.

Curling back his lips revealing the set of pearly white sharp teeth a deep growl resonated from his throat, staring at the intangible mass of darkness occupying the heavily damaged boiler. One paw stepped back, then another until Louie was completely backing up yet his eyes never left the large gap.

"W-what is it Louie what's wrong?"

No sooner the question came the answered followed as a loud buzzing sound echoed out from within the boiler, sparks briefly revealing a silhouette of large interlocking gears was painted on the wall as suddenly a small metal disc shot out from the darkness at alarming speed directly towards Ciri.

"Bloody hell Ciri! Duck get out of th-"

Before the words could finish leaving his mouth a dull thud resonated from the cog as the rotating gear struck the Servine directly in the forehead causing the grass snake to stagger backwards snarling in pain, the gear bouncing off the floor against the wall, ricocheting off the surface and flung right back where it emerged, a loud 'klank' sound echoing as a living creature composed of different sized gears emerged, gnashing the teeth together erratically. Trembling. Having reached the end of the rope.

"It must have got caught in the cross fire when that leaf tornado hit." Concerned Janae backed off slowly, watching warily as the mechanical creature looked around wildly from one to the other, buzzing frantically as it stared in the direction of the Servine.

"Sounds like a personal problem. We didn't know it was in there." Jacob shrugged, reaching into his pocket once more for the pokedex. Whether or not they've accidentally set the Klang off he could care less. Just another one to add to the page. Whether or not it holds value, well they were about to find out.

A wild Klang appeared!!
PokemonPokéDex InfoLevelStatsMove set
Posted Image

19Total Stats: 247

Attack: 33
Defense: 69 (28%)
Sp. Attack: 43
Sp. Defense: 62 (25%)
Speed: 40
1. Vice Grip
6. Charge
11. Thundershock
16. Gear Grind

No Unique Moves

Pokemon Index access confirmed. Processing field scan... Complete. Initiating data transfer.

Species Designation:Klang
Type Designation:Posted Image
Estimated Rarity:Rare
Posted Image
Weight:112.4 lbs
Klang, the gear Pokemon and the evolved form of Klink. By changing the direction in which it rotates, it communicates its feelings to others. When angry, it rotates faster. Spinning minigears are rotated at high speed and repeatedly fired away. It is dangerous if the gears don't return.

As the mechanical voice died out the steel type shifted its attention on the human wielding it, gnashing metal teeth together in a series of rotations as they hovered mere inches from the ground. The two smaller gears turned at a faster rate than the other, but the entire body shook. Trembling like a leaf shaking in the wind.

"Aww, poor thing we probably scared it." Janae's voice lifted a few octaves, coming across motherly with a dash of sweetness that has been absent through the entirety of the time spent together.

"Even if it is, it still attacked Ciri. And that isn't going by unanswered." The Sterling tart in his response as the serpent rose from the ground, rubbing her forehead gingerly with her extended tendrils casting a fierce glare at the gear Pokémon.

Sighing the fashionista took several steps back, motioning for the Ninetales to follow suit despite preferring to pardon the steel type. But at this point she didn't feel like getting between the two. Still, the Klang looked pretty fascinating.

Buzzing loudly the Klang looked around frantically, the smaller toothed wheels rotating clockwise several seconds before abruptly stopping in favor of spinning the opposite direction as the mechanical creature's face followed the Servine's movements, twitching and increasingly becoming active as Ciri prepared herself.

"Prepare yourself Ciri." Jacob forewarned, looking towards the grass type hoping she has a clear conscious, free of the clouded veil cast by the confusion set by Louie just minutes ago.

Hissing quietly Ciri looked over the metal creature still baring a scowl, fortunately she couldn't see the discoloration on her scales which suggested bruising. Such blemishes would lead the grass type into a frenzy.

Buzzing wildly the steel type started whirling rapidly, sparks of electricity dancing around the teeth following the physical movements of the gears causing the Klang's body to illuminate brightly.

"It's charging, then so will we, Ciri use growth again!"

Hissing loudly the serpent became shrouded in the same ivory aura, enveloping her serpentine frame causing the light to reflect ever so lightly creating a subtle gleam as her body bolstered in strength. The increase of power caused a sly smirk to form across her features as the glow faded.

The Klang jittered loudly with the buzzing of its toothed wheels, sparks of electricity becoming more active as the friction of the grinding gears generated more power causing its multiple frames to give off a bright golden glow, the sounds of chirping birds mingling into the buzzing sound the gears produced.

'Here it comes.'

Pokémon Battle - Round 3.5
Pokédex Info
Posted ImageJacob's ServineGender: Female

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrowth

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Defense: 40
  • Sp. Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Sp. Defense: 40
  • Speed: 53
1. Tackle
1. Tackle
4. Leer
7. Vine Whip
10. Wrap
13. Growth
16. Leaf Tornado
Posted ImageWild KlangGender: Genderless (Identifies as Male!)

Type: Steel

Ability: Minus

Health: Low
  • Attack: 33
  • Defense: 69 (28%)
  • Sp. Attack: 43
  • Sp. Defense: 62 (25%)
  • Speed: 40
1. ViceGrip
6. Charge
11. ThunderShock
16. Gear Grind

No Unique moves:

Jacob watched as the gear Pokémon fired a large bolt of electricity, easily stronger than that of the Mareep from earlier which flung across the cement towards Ciri, cutting through the shadows along the way.

"Ciri hold your ground and use leer." Knowing the wild Pokemon is a steel type, his Servine was at an disadvantage. Across the board. Whittling down the defenses should at least give him an edge, especially having powered up Ciri.

Gritting her tiny sharp teeth together the Servine braced herself, shutting her eyes as if to help ward off the pain as the electrifying jolt scored, sending tingling trickles of electricity through her body.

As uncomfortable as it felt it only reinforced the spiteful glare the serpent shot towards the Klang, a particularly sharp stare through crimson orbs made the Klang stagger back, the gears slowing in their rotations as a look of panic crossed over the multiple faces.

"Good, now close the distance between the two of you! Keep your guard up!"

Purring softly in her throat the serpent took off as quickly as her feet could carry, keeping the steel type locked in her line of sight as the mechanical being whirled to life once more, buzzing about rapidly as it electricity laced around its teeth, circulating around the Pokemon before firing at the grass snake once more.

"Dodge and counter it with vine whip!" Jacob ordered, brushing strands of hair from his face as the Servine dropped to the ground, the sound of scales scrapping against the cement filling their ears as she wriggled along the floor until close enough, springing up into the air before spinning violently towards the Klang with her vines serving as flails.

With a dull crack she made her mark, knocking the steel type back with surprising force causing the creature to twitch spastically about in the air, the gears rattling against one another as Ciri landed gracefully upon the cement.

"Keep up the pressure and use leaf tornado!"

With a silent nod the grass type leaped backwards, jumping into the air once more landing on her head into a rapid rotation, the jade colored aura spiraling around her tail into the air taking on the formation of a small cyclone which she quickly brought her tail down with a slam, sending the tornado of green thrashing towards the wild Pokémon.

Wobbling slightly in mid-air the steel type cranked its toothed wheels together rapidly as it sharply shifted to the side narrowly avoiding the twister of leaves, homing in towards the Servine.

The two smaller gears on its body suddenly launched forward, one spinning out to the life in a wide arc while the other came in from the opposite side closing in on the serpent's sides.

'There's no time to dodge it.' The Sterling thought irritably as the twin gears scored, metal teeth raking against her beautiful scales stirring a painful wail from the Servine as well as a not too pleasant scrapping sound.

With a snarl Ciri lashed out with both vines, slapping away the assaulting cogs causing the creature to release an odd groaning sound, the two smaller gears retreating back to the larger one restoring their original form. Taking her eyes off the steel type she looked down at her sides, observing the horrendous scuff marks and scratches on her scales - with her ruby ovals widening in shock.

"Hm, this isn't going to end well." Jacob chuckled as an eerie silence fell over the serpent, a faint chitter rising from his pocket as the previously slumbering Joltik climbed out to scale the human, perching herself upon his shoulder watching with curiosity as Janae looked over with an confused expression worn on her face.

"What do you mean? Your Pokémon or the Klang?"

"Hmph, the Klang obvious. Her species pride themselves in appearance and strength. When their body takes damage that seems unappealing, they can be very quick to anger. My Ciri in particular, takes very poorly to this."

No sooner the words were spoken a loud, almost growling hiss reverberated from the grass snake's throat as her eyes narrowed into tight slits of rage. Her flawless form, tainted by some wild creature who dared attack her when she was battling another. Scuffing and scratching her scales. Her beautiful scales, now tarnished.

However she may be staring at the Klang, Jacob knew the expression must have hit some form of nerve as the creature slowly began backing up. "Ciri, use vine whip!" Letting loose a fierce cry Ciri rushed in on the Klang, brandishing the thick tendrils through the air as she set her rage upon the rattled creature.

Buzzing fearfully the steel type quickly backed up giving just enough space as he unleashed the twin toothed wheels towards the serpent once more, in high hopes of repelling her advances if not wall her.

Prepared this time around the Servine pushed off the ground with her feet, leaping over the smaller cogs as they spun beneath her form. Twisting the two vines together into one thick tendril the grass snake twisted around, falling towards the main body of Klang.

A loud smack filled the air as the entangled pair of vines struck across the center of the steel Pokemon, such momentum behind the attack it flung the weakened Klang into the furnace behind them with a dull crash, leaving it slowly to screech down to the ground.

The two smaller segments immediately withdrew towards the main cog, spinning past the serpent to make itself complete once more. A dull blue light flickered off and on slowly in rhythmic sequence akin to the rising and falling of one's chest should any find themselves exhausted.

Struggling to get back up only clouded thoughts filled the creature's mind. Running and running, attempts of self preservation in hopes of finding a chance of returning to the life it once knew essentially had crumbled. Not by the electrical power of the magnetic creature but this human and his pet. But she seemed happy enough with her life, what he give for a sliver of that.

Rotating weakly the Klang started to charge an electric current which ran along the dull teeth of the wheels. As those crimson eyes stared cruelly down upon him, silently judging the steel type prayed. If he had done any unjust to be forced into this new body, to lose his friends then let this turn of events atone for whatever he may have done.

"Ciri, do not let it get another attack out. Finish it off." The cold commands filled the serpent with a gleeful smile as she raised her vines over the metal creature before her, all for delivering the finishing blow so that darkness may seize this filthy Pokémon for marking her scales when the female human's voice interjected her moment.

"Jacob wait a moment! Please do not do this! Look at it!!" Janae quickly ran towards the defeated steel type, perking an eyebrow on Jacob as he stared at the fashionista confused, while Ciri's face hardened.

Battle Summary Rd. Three
Battle Summary Rd. 3.5

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Crossing his arms the glacial man remained silent for a moment or two, questioning the motive behind the sudden act of compassion that seemed to be lacking thus far in their misadventure together. However short that may be.

"What reason would I have to do that?" He spoke calmly, gesturing to his serpentine creature with his right hand to halt all advances. He was briefly met with a crimson stare that lingered before a silent nod in acknowledgment, Ciri turning towards Janae hissing disdainfully for having rain on her parade as she stepped several paces backwards.

"To begin with he didn't attack you out of cold blood, the poor thing was frightened. If you recalled a leaf tornado missed Louie, and went inside where the Klang was hiding." She quickly pointed in the direction of the hole, which was of considerable size especially when the Ninetales laid next to it.

"It isn't my problem. Instead of fleeing it attacked, which justified our cause in engaging it." He quipped flatly, walking over next to the Servine staring down upon both the fashionista and the wild gear Pokémon. "That aside, what are you suggesting?"

Running her palms over the smooth surface of the steel type Janae remained quiet for a minute or so, her thoughts churning to decide on the best manner to present her idea, all the while floating adrift in the harbor of the Sterling's patience, a lake quickly drying out.

"Since coming to this plant there's been a few sparks of creativity that fuels my drive. This Pokemon, he does that for me as well." She murmured, words just barely picked up by Jacob as she continued to comfort the defeated creature.

"Let me take him. Get him out of here and somewhere that he can thrive. With me." She finally spoke, reaching for her belt unclipping one of the several capsules attached - particularly a great ball. Seeing the disapproval stare she continued to argue the case.

"That and it isn't as if you shown any desire in capturing him." She couldn't simply capture the Klang, after all. It was only appropriate to ask the Sterling if taking the creature was alright. Otherwise it would be no different than someone taking one of her ideas she made and selling it as their own. Unmoral and disrespectable.

The Servine turned towards her master, awaiting the final decision as to what will be done. She could care less about what becomes of the odd toothy wheel creature, she gotten her piece of the cake. And knowing Jacob she already knew what was going to be said.

"Do as you will then, it holds no interest or value to me so it is all yours." Jacob finally spoke, a frosted coating over his words as he knelt to the ground unslinging a messenger bag from his shoulders. "Ciri come."

Peeling the zipper back with a swift hand he started rummaging through the contents, making a mental note to upgrade at the next city he reached. Having more room and organization would make things easier.

"Should get better medication too, this shit isn't going to cut it." He muttered beneath his breath, holding up two white and purple themed spray bottles labeled 'Potion' along the spine. Turning towards the grass snake he rubbed the top of her head while squeezing the bottle letting the medication wash over her lithe form.

"There we go, I'll need to clean you up when we can." He breathed in a hushed voice, eying the patches of dirt and smudges on her scales eliciting a soft hiss in response.

Dropping the empty cartridge away into the bag he looked over at Janae, the woman currently bathed in a dim light of bluish white as the Klang's body was rendered into an amorphous energy form before being drawn into the security of the great ball.

Sighing at the final click the student reached out taking the blue and white sphere into her hand, running her thumb in circles around the center button. "Thank you Jacob, for letting me have him. He'll become a stronger Pokemon and serve a brighter purpose than this dump." She breathed, offering Louie a gentle smile as he plopped down next to her, running trimmed nails through the luscious grey fur.

"I know."

Ignoring the shocked expression coming from the woman he shrugged, rubbing the back of his head looking away from her. "Look just don't worry about it. But you should take this, if we're going to get out together can't have you at risk of your Pokemon fainting." He quickly added, lightly tossing the extra potion in her direction.

"Huh, didn't strike me the sort of sharing. Is this your way of apologizing?" She tested, managing to smile for the first time in the man's direction who purposefully avoided meeting her gaze.

"For misjudging you. And don't make a big deal out of it, already feels odd. But use it however you see fit."

Staring down at the potion Janae couldn't help but wonder what brought on this. No way it was how Silky and her got along, so it has to be Louie's performance. Even then it was relatively short, maybe he simply likes Ninetales. Or still somehow related to the fact her's is unique.

Nonetheless, she couldn't quite classify him as a douchebag. "Silky it won't help. He's sustained too much damage. But I'll hold onto it for Louie, just in case."

Covering her mouth to hide a chuckle the fashionista reached out, taking the potion in hand. Silky was too injured for the potion to do much, but the thought coming from him counted enough for her to simply accept it. Maybe he's not so much of a douche after all.

"Good idea. So, where do we go from here?" At this point he simply wanted out of the power plant. The older technology was fascinating, but given the amount of time that has passed he already finds himself bored.

"Hm, well Louie here may be able to pick up our scent and track where we last were. Or at least get us to an exit. And..." She paused for a moment, tilting her head to the side listening out for nature's symphony of raw power.

"I think the storm has calmed considerably. I've not heard any rain or a single thunder clap in some time."

Nodding in agreement the Sterling closed his eyes, listening carefully to confirm her suspicions. Alas, he too cannot hear anything. It sounded quiet, maybe a little too quiet. But if the weather had lessened then that means they can leave.

That is to say, as soon as they find an exit.

"Well let's not waste any more time. Sooner we can get out the faster I can head for Tiensee."

"Mmhm, I am due for Aurmouth. Heard the city is quite brilliant in regards of my pursuit. And plenty variation." She spoke in a matter of fact tone, something Jacob could actually relate to given his origins.

"Well you are not wrong there."

"Hm? Have you been to Aurmouth?" Now she was curious. That tugging sensation at one's soul driving them to figure out what itches and give it a full on scratch. But when she turned around, she quickly found herself needing to scratch in other ways. And her face illuminated brightly with the lightest tint of red from welling excitement.

"Oh my Arceus, is that a Joltik!?!"

Staring dully towards her the Sterling shook his head, only one eye visible as the other had a tiny yellow critter of fluff scurrying freely about, equal excitement radiating from the electrical arachnid in the form of rapid clicking sounds that were in quick succession.

"This one is mine." He spoke quickly defending his possession of the energetic spider despite having yet to actually capture it. "But yes, since she has woken up I think she's recharged." Tiny fuzzy feet danced along his skin as she climbed up on top of his head, going about in circles before plopping down in his hair.

To the Joltik, she had quite the view from the top of Jacob. Coupled with the soft and rather pleasant smelling hair, as well as being out of reach generally, it was to her liking.

There was another she once knew who would let her hop on. And he had a tremendous electric charge for her to feed from! But ever since the three-eyed monster showed up she hasn't seen or heard much of him anymore.

"Well she's adorable. Better take good care of her!" She threatened jokingly, poking the air towards the Sterling before turning towards the fox. "Okay Louie, get us out of here!"

The fire type quickly sprung up before dipping his snout along the cement, black nostrils flaring as he moved back and forth slowly searching for a scent to go off by.

"Finally, Ciri let's go." The Sterling breathed, glancing up towards the ceiling seeing a pair of blue eyes peer from over the top of some strands of hair as he followed behind Janae passing a large misshaped sphere resting up against the machine.

Else where in the plant....


A plump of dust and cobwebs erupted into the air as the desk was flipped, crashing into the cement sending shards of glass about as the computer resting upon the top now remained in pieces at the boots of the ragged man.

"Where, where is it??" A desperate gruff escaped past gnarly lips as he waved a grime covered hand back and forth in front of his face, clearing the haze created by untouchable time.

"WHERE IS IT!?!?!" He screamed, gagging immediately after as a scratching sensation tore at his throat, being parched along side the momentarily foggy condition he was in, not even including the poor state of health his lungs were in.

Ever since they've escaped the magnetic creature, he has been looking. Searching floor after floor in this miserable expanse of the complex, to which his frantic journey led him to this room. Ground zero in a beat up office filled with familiar gleaming webs.

"She has it, I know she has it! I've seen her Denma! I've seen her!" He hoarsely choked, walking into the next office kicking over a chair, causing the tiny mouse like creature to flinch looking away from the obscene behavior displayed by Homer.

The human had never been this bad, or at least not often. The past couple of months had been increasingly rough but this hit a completely different level. Sure just a few days ago they ran into a Joltik, but the little spider was absolutely adorable! And friendly, so she couldn't have taken it. Maybe it simply fell from his pocket? Either way the spherical mouse didn't think it was worth this much to the man. Maybe it was a good thing he did lose it.

"She has to be nearby, I just kno - huh?" Pausing for a moment Homer squat down, peering closely at the ground where a large imprint of a boot gave him the answers he strongly believed would solve all his problems.

"That kid, I should have known. They are in cahoots!!!" He growled slamming his fist against a stray pipe which was protruding through the walls causing a hollow echoing to resonate as a painful howl escaped the man's throat, precious life essence dripping over the floor in its crimson glory only further irritating the unbalanced man.

Panting and wheezing, almost an animalistic growl rolled from his throat as he clutched his throbbing hand, hissing between clenched teeth. "Denma." A snarl called out to the now terrified mouse. "They have to be near. Let's go."

Shuddering in the man's shadows Denma dared not to squeak. She didn't even want to follow at this point, if she didn't depend on him to find food for her. With a heavy head she follows the man, praying this would be over soon and they can resume something normal for a change.

If such a thing was possible.

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Minutes had passed since passing through the double doors, the corroded plaque scarcely recognizable due to years of oxidation. The fact the letters could be read was nothing short of a miracle.

Now, they walked. An eerie silence engulfing them with an uncomfortable grip made the distant sound of thunder something dearly missed, for it broke the continuous cycle of footsteps crossing over metal as they crossed over the transverse corridor with nothing but wishful thinking that their destination laid beyond the door on the other end.

Filling the hallway with an eerie screech of rusted hinges, the occupied space transformed from a narrow passageway to an immensely large room catering to one of the most important pieces of machinery within the power plant.

"Whoa. Jacob I don't suppose you know a thing or two about what we're looking at?" Janae's voice quivered as she peered up at the enormous mass of constructed metal occupying the center of the room.

Dissimilar emeralds peered up at the machine, cocking an eyebrow as he gradually approached the looming cylinder with the serpent stalking his shadow. Heavily beaten, rusted and torn. Years of exposure to both the elements and the residence are shown plain as day. Protruding from each side were two large pipes that extended out to the boundaries of the room, presumably going beyond the perimeter of the complex.

Fortunately, one can cross over the pipes thanks to a staircase fixed on each side. If his presumptions are correct, he can expect to see a series of pipes behind the machine leading into another contraption.

"I do, unfortunately I've been here before.."

There it was again, the familiar sensation washing over him as he continued to stare at the geothermal apparatus. Déjà vu, though he already know whom he had been here with at this point. Otherwise the bitterness accumulating on his tongue would be lacking luster.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Bloody hell this place is so humid."

"Oi, quit yer complaining and come on."

At the time it made sense why they were so hot. Having stumbled into the geothermal sector during the Summer wouldn't make for a cool adventure. Drifting storms came periodically in waves, leaving behind miserable humidity so thick the air felt like pea soup. Can stand in one place for five minutes and become drenched.

"Ah well, at the very least we've made it like bandits!" The younger Sterling grinned, holding up a red and white sphere to his face admiring the gold streaks that gleamed in the reflection among the brown hair. "Well, I did anyway. No offense Jacob." Dante glanced over with a suppressed grin at the annoyed sibling.

"You've lucked out, give it a rest. We would have found plenty more Pokemon if you at least slow down." A younger Jacob quipped, thrusting up the middle finger into the hair managing a smirk catching his brother's offended reaction.

"Please. Don't be jealous. Besides, aren't you going to lecture me on this amazing technological advancement this historic piece of crap is? Or rather, was?"

"Hmph, sorry there ol' chap. Can't bring a Slowpoke up to speed."

The priceless reaction came in the form of an absolute shocked expression that quickly collapsed into a scowl, filling the satisfaction that came from the insult. Normal banter between two brothers, though competitively to see whom may dominate the other.

"So, any idea what time it is? Don't intend on spending all day here, got plenty of places we could be." Dante huffed, surrendering to the fact he didn't quite have a comeback at the moment. More than likely will think of something later on.

"Well." The silver Sterling breathed, gripping the safety rails of the latter as he started to climb over the pipe. "You got an Xtransceiver. Use it." He chuckled, pausing just for a moment looking around before descending on the opposite side.

"But I think it's a quarter after three. We should probably be go- oh?"

"Jacob? What is it what hap-woah!?!" Dante exclaimed, halfway up the stairs when he had caught a glimpse of what his brother had seen.

A mere foot from Jacob, hovering off the ground a single creature defied gravity by magnetism. A grey spherical body equipped with two U shaped magnets that were attached on both sides, three screw-like appendages protruded a few inches from the body, one directly from the top of the head while the other two were underneath the single eye which stared at Jacob brimming with concern.

"A Magnemite." A younger Jacob breathed, watching the creature tremble in mid air backing away slowly with a fearful gaze amongst its features. Reaching out slowly with a gentle smile Jacob motioned with his other hand for Dante to back off.

"Hey there, it's okay. It's okay little guy, I won't hurt you."

The Magnemite stared, questioning why the human showed a moment of his time with kindness. Neglected and unpopular for its unusual ability, beyond its control being so young. Thus he wandered the complex, in search for something it couldn't quite explain.

But this human, a teenager was willing. From the softness of his smile to the kindness brimming in his tone. Like a magnet the Pokemon was drawn, slowly hovering onto his palm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Jacob? Hello are you in there???"

Closing his eyes the Sterling took a deep breath, creases creeping towards furrowing eyebrows as he nodded his head in silence. Feeling a slight pressure against his shin he didn't need to look down to see whom it was. Ciri was concerned, though there was no need to be. A mere fragment of a whole which reminded him what fueled the fire. Almost too literal.

The fashionista's gaze lingered onto him a moment or two longer than usual, questioning what had just happened before writing it off as nothing, turning back towards the machine.

"Hmm, don't suppose you want to share what that was all about?"

"Not particularly. Just been here before." He repeated, tearing his gaze from the woman as he walked along side the metal construct following previous footsteps up to the latter. Unchanged and still as rusted as before. Gripping the rail he placed a foot onto a step, pressing down with his full weight testing its duration before starting to climb.

"So what are we looking at? I understand the fact it is a power plant, but I am pretty sure this isn't a generator or something." Janae shrugged, looking sheepishly towards the ground. How stupid did she just sound was something she didn't want to think about.

"Well.." The Sterling paused, reaching the tiny platform at the top of the stairs taking a moment to look around. "Take geothermal into consideration. Geo, being earth and thermal being temperature. They harness the intense heat from the chambers near Mt. Quemar to heat water they pump into the ground."

"Um, in English? Sorry Earth Science wasn't a strong suit of mine in college." The fashionista admitted, climbing the latter nearby.

"These two pipes, they both go into the ground. Heated fluids are drawn through one end which passes through this machine here, which sucks in the steam through this other pipe to turn the turbines." He mused, holding up his hand to his head collecting a sleeping Joltik who suddenly jumped to life startled.

"The turbines spin, generate electricity which then becomes power. The steam is directed into a tank where it condenses into a liquid state from water in the coolant tower. Ultimately, this water is then pumped into the ground and the process begins anew."

"Wow. That is, uh rather impressive. Did you attend school to learn this?" She asked, turning around watching the Ninetales who carefully climbed up the steps, reaching the top just to leap down gracefully. Ciri, while not quite as gracefully, caught up and now stood by Jacob's side.

"No not college, I intended to but-" His sad excuse of a brother caused him to lose that dream. And cost him much more than mere education. But that wasn't any of her business. "Well life happened. What of you, you mentioned having gone to school or something of the sort." He subtly changed subjects, preferring to avoid prodding questions of why he didn't go.

"Well. Huh, no one has really bothered learning about what I was after save for the professors." She breathed, oblivious to the Sterling's scoffing as he plopped the electrical spider back into his vest pocket, hearing only a momentary clicking sound before all was settled.

"I've been a student at the GSUC for a while now. Majoring in fashion design, did pretty well I like to think. Friends recommended others my way, next thing I know my online stores were busy." A flicker of a smile crept across her features, pride glimmering in amber colored eyes as she glanced over to Jacob, hiding the smile behind a shoulder.

"What made you stop if you loved it so much?" He asked, running a hand along the side of the pipe which separated the two now that they both were behind the cylinder-shaped machine. "Why are you here?"

With a deep breath she looked forward, staring down at the floor quietly as if having an internal debate. Arguing with herself on how this piece should be played. "Well, Silky and I have always been together. Met her on a farm, but Louie."

She paused, looking over to the greyish fox with a soft smile, reaching out stroking the luxurious fur. "We rescued Louie from a couple of assholes, barely made it out of that mess ourselves yet we managed."

"Heh, guess we can relate somewhat depending on perspectives." Jacob chuckled, thinking back on the incident they had with the Professor. Granted he was somewhat grateful for the man allowing him to take Ciri with him. But he had a feeling she would have escaped nonetheless.

That smile emerged once more. "Well, after some time things were getting hectic. And well ever since I was little I remember watching others battle with Pokemon. Going across the globe, training and seeing the sights. When I had saved Louie, well he sort of ignited those childhood desires again. So." She raised her arms up, letting them flop down against her thighs.

"Here I am. Decided to try my hand at being a trainer. Take a break. Brought a notebook with me in case new ideas come to mind. Eventually may decide to be a coordinator, a perfect combination of being a fashion designer and training Pokemon." The excitement in her voice was beginning to peak, the twinkle in her eyes. Genuine were these feelings, Jacob could tell. He once was there before, but now his passion rest elsewhere.

"A coordinator? That's a profession much different than being a trainer. Different development and conditioning."

Janae nodded in agreement, shrugging casually as she stretched in place. "Very true, but it keeps me on my toes. I enjoy a challenge, and the opportunity to show people what I am capable of. Make my stand, ya know?"

Oh he knew rather well the feeling. Competitive at heart since childhood he understood where she was coming from. He wanted to leave his mark in the world, become something. Now his objective had a similar foundation. Just different means and reasons.

He parted lips to speak, though the hissing of the serpent had captured his undivided attention, walking several paces down into the corridor where the Servine had wandered leaving Janae alone momentarily.

"Well, enough rambling. I suppose we need to get going if we have hopes of making it to the city before dark. Let's go." She sighed, glancing up when she realized Jacob was no longer there.


"Don't think we're going anywhere any time soon. Seems the doorway here is rather occupied."


A wild Graveler appeared!!
PokemonPokéDex InfoLevelStatsMove set
Posted Image
Graveler (Isdan)

Rock / Electric
28Total Stats: 364

Attack: 102 (28%)
Defense: 116 (32%)
Sp. Attack: 1
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 45
1. Defense Curl
1. Tackle
4. Charge
6. Rock Polish
10. Rollout
12. Spark
16. Rock Throw
18. Smack Down
22. Thunder Punch
24. Selfdestruct

Unique Moves:
- Wide Guard (Egg Move)

The Sterling glanced in the fire type's direction, having expected some form of warning of the being's presence and yet not even so much as a growl emitted from the Pokemon. Even Ciri, who is quick to forewarn any unfamiliar Pokemon kept quiet though her wary crimsons remained fixated.

"What kind of Pokemon is it?" The fashionista inquired, curiously admiring the features of the unknown being as Jacob lingered over it for a moment longer.

"Looks like a Graveler, but it looks a little different." How unusual. He has seen the Geodude evolutionary line before, but this particular Graveler sported a couple of differences between the two.

The unknown Graveler's rocky exterior rumbled as he sat upright, the rough surface scrapping against the cement as a pair of white orbs opened staring at the two humans beneath a calm gaze. He remembered the male, though the woman was different and a new sight. More pleasant on the eyes, in his unspoken opinion.

"Hm, we need to find a way to get him to move, otherwise we'll have to take the long route around back. Don't suppose you have any treats?" With Louie there was no way she can take the risk of agitating the rocky beast.

"No, but I do have Ciri. Last I checked grass types were very much effective against Gravelers." Jacob sniffed as the Servine poised herself before him, lifting her snout ever so slightly at the Pokemon preparing for the commands.

From one to the other the strange Graveler watched, studied. The woman was more gentle than the male, though passion equals that in flare. The serpent's fighting stance was hardly anything worth worrying, if anything sparks of electricity danced about the dravite crystals growing about his exterior.

'Electricity?' Raising an eyebrow at the strange abilities this particular Graveler carried the Sterling reached for his pocket, pulling out the pokédex once more hoping the device would be able to reveal more about their mysteriously out of place stranger.

Pressing the center button on the red and black device the blue screen lit up initiating the scanning process.

Pokemon Index access confirmed. Processing field scan... Complete. Initiating data transfer.

Species Designation:Isdan Graveler
Type Designation:Posted Image/Posted Image
Estimated Rarity:Rare
Posted Image
Weight:242.5 lbs
Graveler, the rock Pokemon and the evolved form of Geodude. Its preferred food is dravite. After it has eaten this mineral, crystals form inside the Pokémon, rising to the surface of part of its body.

"Hm, seems those crystals might have caused a change in their genetics?" Jacob shrugged as the mechanical voice died out, pocketing the device while looking over to Janae who seemed equally confused by the strange appearance of a familiar Pokemon.

"I-I just don't know, I've never seen anything like this." Her eyes were a bit wide, excitement brimming behind the windows of the soul as she had an insane itch to start drawing. The tiny crystals in particular reached out to her, along side the sleek cool metal of the Klang from earlier. Everything was quickly coming together.

A muffled series of clicking noise drifted through the pocket of Jacob's vest as the tiny yellow head of the Joltik poked out, looking at her surroundings with curious blue eyes when they fell over the obstacle which was the Graveler.

Lighting up with excitement the arachnid wriggled out and quickly spun silk towards the wall, swinging her way over before landing with a faint plop just above the rocky creature's eyes making a high pitch squeak of excitement, evident by the rapid clicking of her fangs as she scurried frantically on the Graveler's head.

"Ha, guess you can say the two know each other. That or the Graveler is extremely chilled." Janae chuckled behind her hand, a poor attempt of muffling her laughter while Jacob merely shrugged.

"Hmm, suppose she actually does have friends in here then." He mused, leaning against the wall crossing his arms in wait. He could tell Ciri didn't want to challenge the being, otherwise that would have been established long ago. But given how unusual the Graveler is, he wanted to observe a bit more before pushing the envelope on leaving.

A grainy chuckle escaped the rock Pokémon's throat as he raised the four arms into the air, standing up straight as the Joltik crawled around excitedly, getting a bit of a snack in the process by preying on the abundance of electricity the Graveler produced.

'Is that, is that a magnet?' Squinting his eyes leaning in closer, sure enough a small magnet was protruding from the creature's side. Stuck more than likely due to the electrical properties this particular Graveler had, but there it was.

"Wonder if it's the same one..."

"Hm? Did you say something Jacob?"

Shaking his head he continued watching, minding his tongue as memories of the past trickled back into his conscious. "No, just thinking out loud. Going to do some research when I get to the town on this, unless Pokemon are mutating I think a new species of the same Pokemon may be migrating in."

"Yeah might be worth looking into." She nodded, running long fingers through the tuff of fur on Louie's head as she watched along side Jacob and Ciri, finding herself smiling watching the living boulder and tiny spider interact like long lost friends.

"Aren't they just cute?" She sighed, smiling as the Joltik crawled into the Graveler's opened palm being lifted into the air, closer to the Sterling as the arachnid leaned back onto her hind legs, waving her tiny limbs about trying to get the human's attention.

"Sure is." He replied dryly as he pushed off the wall, taking a step or two forward looking down at the two electric dual types. Spitting out a silky thread attaching to the human the Joltik quickly climbed across, crawling happily up onto Jacob's shoulder where she turned facing the Graveler throwing her arms up joyously.

"What is she doing?"

"Who knows." He replied quietly, raising an eyebrow at the Joltik's sporadic movements though he kept an eye on the Graveler. There wasn't a shred of hostility coming from the rock creature. It was relaxed, calm and collected. Didn't show a shred of concern when any of them approached.

Would be nice to have that clarity.

Feeling movement in his pocket the human glanced down in time to see a glimmer of gold poke from his pocket, wobbling mere inches as a struggling Joltik surfaced as well trying as hard as she could to lift it.

"Oi, that there be mine now." Jacob snipped, reaching into his pocket taking a hold of both the arachnid and piece of gold. But rather than paying any mind to what he had said, the Joltik flipped over in his palm and clicked her fangs together towards the Graveler, who nodded loudly in place much to the surprise of Jacob and Janae.

"Okay come on. We're heading off." Jacob breathed, picking up the Joltik between his fingers placing her on his shoulder before moving to pocket the nugget once more. But just before he could, a loud and disturbing voice raked the metal walls commanding the attention of all present.


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Trainer Encounter - Homeless Homer!

The Ninetales immediately snarled, lips curling up revealing sharp teeth as he slowly positioned himself in front of Janae defensively whose eyes widened at the familiar sight of the man. She couldn't forget the mangy beard that grew on a dirt matted face. Crazed eye riddled red, blood shot with an insatiable hunger, commanded by an unhinged mind.

The serpent turned towards the screaming human, crimson ovals narrowing in disgust as a putrid odor reached her nostrils causing them to flare. No matter how revolting the hideous human may be, the hostility in his tone placed her on the defensive, stepping before Jacob unsheathing a pair of tendrils daring the human to approach.

"What the bloody hell are you screaming about? And no, this is not yours." Raising an eyebrow the Sterling almost wished he had not seen the man. The stains in his coat, dirt matted in his hair and beard, not to mention the white powder surrounding likely dry lips made him question a number of things. But nothing still quite measured to the deranged expression fixated on his features.

"I think I've seen destitute adults in better shape." He muttered, glancing down to the Joltik who now stared warily at the man. No longer the energetic critter she was moments ago. Either he simply rubbed her horribly wrong, or she has seen him before. Both wouldn't come as a surprise given his appearance.

"Jacob, remember that strange homeless guy I was telling you about? The one I was running from prior to knocking into you?" Her voice was more strained, concern gripping her throat as she remained fixed on the homeless individual who now slowly was approaching.

"How can I forget." Jacob paused for a moment, quickly realizing this was whom she spoke of. "Ah, well then." Now he saw what she meant. Even with Louie there was no telling what the crazed man would do. Fortunately, the Sterling wasn't above taking on gambles. Especially when the odds were in his favor. Or so he strongly believed.

"Y-you?!? I remember that face. You came from outside, after what is rightfully mine!!! Give it back!" Homer yelled, his staggering steps quickening with desperation now that the little piece of wealth was but a mere few feet away. "GIVE IT TO ME!"

The Joltik quickly scurried back, abandoning the nugget in Jacob's hand taking a leap onto the Graveler's head daring not to look back. Which told Jacob enough. "Seems like you are quite popular around these parts. Ciri?"

The very moment her name slipped past his lips the vines struck out, sweeping the ground catching Homer's ankle and kneecap causing the man to immediately tumble across the cement floor. "I don't think so."

With a heavy gruff the man rolled upright clutching his left leg as pain seared across his features. Glaring spitefully up at Jacob the momentarily broke man couldn't believe this kid wasn't getting it. That nugget belonged to him!!! He knows it! It was that spider who hid it from him, it had to of been! Or the girl, maybe she was in on it too! They all were!!!!

"Grrr, why you little shit! Give back me nuggets! That gold be mine, my ticket to get back on top!!!" He snarled, struggling to get off the ground despite the threatening vines which raised overhead preparing to strike down once more. "Denma! Denma get out here and help me!!!"

"Hm?" Both Jacob and Janae watched as a meek, plump little mouse-like creature emerged from behind the poverty-stricken man, peering up at the two nervously while glancing over to the enraged Homer. Now he had done it. Others were involved and she knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Denma, go get my gold! That there belongs to me go get it go now!!!" Wincing from the harsh tone the electric mouse nodded and quickly stood in front of Homer staring down the Servine, now cast beneath her judgmental red stare.

"Jacob, let me help. I should have dealt with him before, just didn't trust him or any-"

"No." Jacob calmly replied cutting the woman off with a slight hand gesture. "I'll deal with him. He's after the nugget, which is mine. Go on ahead I'll catch up."

"Jacob no I'm not letting you do this by yourself. I need to finish what I started!" She quickly retorted, Louie snarling fiercely supporting his human's stance. But all she got back was a chuckle, Jacob shaking his head.

"It wasn't a request. It's about a nugget, and I have it. He wasn't coming after you, so go." His features hardened, now that he was beginning to get annoyed. He grasped that she wanted to help, but he didn't need it. Besides this nut job was after the nugget, not her.

A scowl sunk into her face as she crossed her arms sucking in air in protest. She wanted to battle the guy as well, especially since he pretty much caused the two to run into one another.

"Why not stick around then? What point is there to go on ahead?"

"You ask a lot of questions." Jacob sighed, reaching into his pocket pulling out for what probably was the third or fourth time today the pokédex. Maybe he should just keep it out for the sake of having it ready, though the more he used it the more knowledge he'll obtain. "Just make sure we're heading in the proper direction. Once you confirmed that just head back, we should be finished by then."

With a defeated sigh the woman stepped over the stationary Graveler, who at this point remained quiet and motionless, though his eyes were trained on the two now that a battle was about to be underway. Particularly, the rocky being wanted to be sure the threat was going to be neutralized, so he didn't have to step in himself.

"Louie come, Jacob please be careful." Janae called out, waiting just long enough for the Ninetales to leap over the Graveler as well before disappearing from view.

"Damn it, they're stalling. Trying to keep me distracted so the other can make off! We're not waiting anymore, Denma go get them!!" Homer shouted, thrusting his fist forward with bloodshot eyes fully expecting the round mouse like being to go charging out with guns blazing. And yet, the tiny creature looked back at him confused.

"Wow, you must really be out of your mind. Don't even know how to properly command your Pokemon?" Jacob retorted, shaking his head disapprovingly as he flipped open the red and black device, pressing the center button in the direction of the Pokemon standing before the homeless guy.

"Well, isn't that cute." The Sterling chuckled, shaking his head as he closed the device, slipping it back into his pocket before facing the homeless man and crossed his arms, leering at the filthy adult and midget rat. "A homeless nobody and a tiny electric rat. Not much of a wonder the two of you paired up." He added, his features hardening as the Servine smirked, staring down her to-be opponents.

"Why you, rich brats from Aurmouth are all the same!! And I am not homeless! I'm only here momentarily, but for you I cannot say the same! Now hand over that nugget!" Homer snarled, the Togedemaru huffing a little from the insult as well, her tiny yellow cheeks swelling with electricity.

Sure she didn't like fighting, but this human was being a jerk. Not to mention the judgmental snake thing staring at them. Even if she looked beautiful.

Holding up the glimmering chunk of gold the Sterling shook his head. "Sorry bloke, but no chance. I don't give gifts freely, especially to people like you. Secondly, you are wrong. We're not the same, some are simply much better than the other. It's what defines this world, just look at yourself."

Homer's lip curled back, his hands clenching into tight fists so hard the knuckles ran white. Nobody can just talk to him like that! Especially some punk kid who is from Aurmouth! He recognized the lot, but this one seemed colder than the others. Didn't make him shrink any no way.

"People like me? You brat I am amongst the aristocrats, a regular at the Starlight Casino! But they thi-"

"Shut up."

Homer's eyes lit up with fury, albeit slightly shocked by how blunt the Sterling was. They didn't know each other, yet the younger adult spoke with such blatant disrespect it was quite surprising. Whatever happened to youth respecting their elders! Especially one such as himself!

"I don't care where you come from. I don't care who you are, as far as I can tell you don't belong anywhere. What I do care about, is you coming at me with demeaning accusations. I'm no thief. This nugget doesn't belong to you, and to be quite honest." Taking a step backwards the Sterling snapped his fingers, the Servine brandishing her vines preparing herself for battle.

"You have been more of a nuisance, not just to me. So bugger off, first and only chance."

A growl emitted from the man's throat, his chin dipping into his chest as he trembled. "You little shit, you go bugger off!" He screamed, tearing off his hat and slamming it onto the cement as he stomped one foot on the ground as if getting ready to charge.

"It is not my fault I am stuck down here, it is people like you! Like your family and their family! All of them! I will make you see that, and you're going to be my ticket out of here! Denma use charge!"

"Hmph, we'll see about that. Ciri power yourself up with growth!"

Pokémon Battle - Rich vs Rags
Pokédex Info
Posted ImageJacob's ServineGender: Female

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrowth

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Defense: 40
  • Sp. Attack: 44 (20%)
  • Sp. Defense: 40
  • Speed: 53
1. Tackle
1. Tackle
4. Leer
7. Vine Whip
10. Wrap
13. Growth
16. Leaf Tornado
Posted Image"Homer's" TogedemaruGender: Female

Type: Electric/Steel

Ability: Iron Barbs

Health: Intermediate
  • Attack: 57 (26%)
  • Defense: 43
  • Sp. Attack: 53
  • Sp. Defense: 41
  • Speed: 57 (26%)
1. Tackle
1. Thunder Shock
5. Defense Curl
9. Rollout
13. Charge
17. Spark

No Unique moves:

Beneath the cold stare of the Servine the Togedemaru puffed up in defiance, sparks of electricity dancing about her spherical body causing it to briefly glow for a moment before fading as quickly as it appeared leaving but a few flickers of leaping sparks behind.

Almost at the same time, the serpent gave off a nebulous white glow as she poised herself to strike, the colorless energy rolling across teal scales bolstering her physical capabilities like before when she fought off Louie and Klang.

"Denma get in there and shock the little worm!!! Thunder shock!" Homer growled, clenching his hands into tight fists watching as the roly-poly mouse illuminated with a bright yellow aura, sparks becoming more vivid as Denma scrunched her cheeks together letting loose a bolt of electricity towards Ciri.

"Counter with leaf tornado." Jacob simply replied, the Servine quickly jumping into the air landing on her head, rotating around swiftly as an emerald vortex of energy lacing about her tail creating a vortex. With a loud hiss Ciri swung her body to the ground, slamming the twister of green towards the oncoming bolt, engulfing it causing a small explosion from colliding powers kicking up smoke and debris.

"Huuuhack! Huhahack!!!" Squinting his eyes to see the vagrant started hacking up a lung, irritation spreading through his throat like wildfire from the billowing of dust that was thrown up from the resulting explosion.

Denma also seemed to be struggling, looking about warily. Her little ears twitching as she listened out for signs of movement. Visibility was crap right now, but her hearing was still superb.

"Grab the plump rat with vine whip!" Jacob's voice rang out through the haze, a pair of gleaming rubies penetrated the settling dust as a pair of tendrils sliced through the air racing towards the tiny mouse.

"Denma dodge it and use thunder shock again!" Contradicting her appearance Denma quickly moved to the side, avoiding the lashing vines as they struck the cement surprising Ciri as the Togedemaru generated electrical sparks from the yellow pouches of her cheeks, squeezing with all her might unleashing another arc of electricity towards the outstretched vines.

Jacob quickly noticed what differed between this one and the previous thunder shock. The change very noticeable in both size and display.

Electrical currents rode the vines back towards Ciri, the serpent furrowing her brows as the weak jolts coursed through her body, albeit more annoying than painful. The fat creature had some speed which rivaled her own.

"Could of done more when charged. Ciri use another leaf tornado!" Twisting onto her head once more creating another swirling vortex of emerald, swinging her lithe frame around bringing the green cyclone sending it barreling towards a wide-eye Togedemaru.

"Shit, get out of the way you fat mouse! Move it!" The sudden vile comment spat out by Homer surprised Denma, the dual type looking back at the human in shock, obsidian eyes glistening with tears. Granted he really wasn't her trainer but given the past few months she'd hope he would be nicer than that.

A loud squeal ripped through the air as the vortex consumed its target, sweeping the Togedemaru up in a whirlwind of light as she was tossed and thrown about until finally crashing into the wall in a flurry of leaves, her head spinning from the not so pleasant joy ride.

"Hm.." The Sterling couldn't help but wonder the exact relationship between the filthy commoner and the mouse. After that last comment he had to admit surprise too, though whether it hurt the Pokémon's feelings or not mattered little. "Ciri remain on the defensive, watch carefully and be ready to react."

"Denma get back in there and do something! I need that damn nugget!!!!" Homer's skin was itching. Not the type of itch like he was having earlier in the morning but an itch he couldn't scratch, not until he had that nugget.

Confused the roly-poly creature wobbled upright shaking her head as hard as she could trying to remove the clinging leaves, but they were sticking to the fur on her face, not moving anywhere leaving her vision partially impaired.

"Stop messing with the leaves and make yourself useful! Thunder shock something!!!"

Trembling Denma quickly turned towards the general direction of the Servine, generating electricity around her spherical form still struggling to see properly as she scrunched her cheeks together letting lose yet another bolt of electricity.

'Why thunder shock? He knows it doesn't do much, unless he doesn't really know anything about this Pokemon either.' Seldom is it when a trainer doesn't even know how to properly command a Pokemon. Usually Jacob has seen this happen when a freshly obtained creature is caught or received, or recent evolution.

But here, he simply didn't see either being the case. The way he ordered the Togedemaru around suggested at least a relatively decent amount of time together. But from what he could see there was no Pokeball on him.

Of course, that doesn't really mean much.

"Ciri, dodge and use vine whip."

Springing out of the way just in time Ciri gave an endearing hiss as the pair of tendrils quickly lashed out, kicking up a small puff of dust and dirt as they swept across the cement at Denma.

"Denma dodge it!" Homer snapped, hungrily staring as the Togedemaru turned towards the vines jumping off the ground mirroring the previous movements she used to avoid them before.

But Ciri stood there simpering, having predicted this on her own as she quickly raised the vines slapping against the chubby sides of the roly-poly mouse. What she had not anticipated was the moment those vines ensnared her prey a sharp stinging sensation nipped at her causing the serpent to immediately drop it.

"So, that is what iron barbs is capable of." The Sterling muttered to himself, watching as Denma plopped to the ground rolling away from the Servine who was inspecting her vines, eyes narrowing in irritation as she followed the rolling Togedemaru.

"Ciri, now that you know just fight through the pain."

Of course she knew that, pain was anything but a stranger to the serpent. This merely came as a surprise, albeit a slightly pleasant one at that. A little bit of pain makes everything more fun, after all.

"Hm, Denma use that, er, thing you do. Curl up into a ball and boost your defense!" It didn't make much sense, but the vagrant could hardly care. Over the course of a few months he has seen Denma perform various feats, whether to make food easier to consume or matters of defending oneself.

Denma glanced over to Homer, staring with a vacant expression as she already was very much like a ball as he countlessly has reminded her before turning towards Ciri, stooping close to the ground as a thin sphere of yellow formed around her body.

"Hm, Ciri take the opportunity and use growth!"

On command the serpent bathed herself in the hazy white aura, further bolstering her strength to such extent she can even feel the energy course through her muscles causing a faint ripple beneath the scales.

"You're mine now kid! Denma use roll out!!!"

Leaping into the air the roly-poly Pokemon tucked and rolled, spinning all the way down to the ground where a faint yellow sphere of aura enveloped it before shooting off towards Ciri at high speed, pieces of leaves trailing behind.

"Shit Ciri block it!"

Bracing herself for impact the serpent recoiled her vines, leaving only just enough to cross over her body in the likeness of arms as she readied herself for impact, not having to wait long as the rolling Togedemaru bounced against the cement throwing herself up at Ciri's chest.

A dull smack sounded the impact as Ciri struggled to hold against the rotating force of Denma, gradually being pushed back inch by inch until the friction got the better of her, a yelping pain releasing from her throat as Denma sent her to the ground, speeding off picking up even more momentum.

Having studied various tactics back when he was in school and when he had free time, mere examples running from the sunny day plus solar beam trick or charge and any electric attack.

But the defense curl and roll out combination was a dangerous one, for each succession the strength doubles that of the original. With defense curl it only amplifies the overall strength.

"Shit." The Sterling growled as Denma barreled towards the Servine once more, kicking up a plume of dust in her wake. There wasn't anything he could have Ciri do, at this point nothing can overpower that rolling mouse.

"Ciri leaf tornado!" Hopping back the Servine quickly landed on her head, spinning around rapidly in a blur of green energy. But just before she could the serpent doubled over in pain as Denma smashes into her stomach, hitting far harder than before throwing the grass type back a foot or so.

"Whoohoo! Yea Denma that gold is as good as mine! Keep on rolling!" Homer exclaimed as the rolling rodent sped back to Homer, whipping around him excitedly.

"Damn it, Ciri get up!" Jacob warned, eyes narrowing with focus as he watched the Servine slowly push herself off the ground, trembling like a tumble weed in a gust of wind as a large bruise revealed itself on her stomach.

Judging from the painful movements she was currently making, he knew she wouldn't have long before exhaustion would really set in. And this roll out attack was doing a hell of a number.

"Hah! Now to wrap this up and reclaim what is rightfully mine! Denma g-" Words choked in his throat as a radiant flare of energy erupted from the Servine, enveloping her injured form with a brilliant cloak of dark green energy matched with a fierce red glow of her oval shaped eyes. "W-what the hell?"

"Heh, so that's it." The Sterling chuckled, showing little concern over the current state of his serpent. She was still standing, and that was all which mattered. More so now, a thick cloak of aura enveloped her which he recognized. "Overgrow. When Ciri is critically injured, her inner power leaks out. Her grass attacks are significantly more powerful than before."

For the first time a grave expression fell over Homer's features, the fleeting thought of defeat and losing his gold gripped him like a heart attack. The vagrant stood there staring for a moment before grinning wildly, laughing.

"As if it will matter! Denma finish this with roll out! Crash that worm!!!"

Rolling back and forth rapidly the plump mouse charged towards the glowing Servine, moving so powerfully tiny shards of cement flung behind and she appeared nothing more than a blur of colors as she tore across the ground at Ciri.

"Prepare for my signal Ciri." Jacob called, preparing to risk everything for the perfect opportunity. The grass snake hissed venomously as she braced herself, muscles flaring beneath scales as she watched, the aura dancing wildly about her as all sound became snuffed leaving only the beating heart of Jacob. Every thumping second brought Denma closer to her mark.

The Graveler and Joltik watched in anticipation, the rocky obstacle remaining calm though his eyes flicked back and forth becoming absorbed in the action. The energetic arachnid however covered her eyes with the front legs, burrowing her face into the jagged crevices of her friend not wanting to see the outcome.

Homer's smile slowly widening into a maniacal grin, his unhealthy appetite so close to being temporarily resolved he would be drooling right now. He could hear it now, the beautiful music of the slot machines in their colorful splendor, blaring out in celebration of hitting the big one. A life of luxury. Not having to scour the corners of this wasteland with that rat anymore!

"Now! Dodge it, and use leaf tornado!!!" The Sterling bellowed, his hand unconsciously balling into a fist causing veins to rise against the flesh as Ciri immediately jumped over the rolling Denma, bathing the two of them in the powerful aura as she started to spin midair, landing onto her head rotating rapidly causing the flaring aura to spin in kind.

Having missed her mark Denma immediately attempted to halt, skidding across the ground painfully swerving back and forth like a drunk driver. With an unforgiveable steel wall coming up fast her desperation became more noticeable with each passing second, all the way until an echoing crash ripped through the room followed by a painful shriek.

In light of her best efforts there was too much momentum behind her attempts of steam rolling the Servine, leading to the grueling embrace of the wall with such force it caused a small dent in the corroding metal.

Tiny black eyes fluttered open, a rattled breath of pain escaped her lips as she found her backside in the wall. But the screaming of Homer was drowned as a bright flash of green filled her vision almost immediately, following by the howling of wind as a familiar emerald cyclone was upon her. There was nothing she can do, except close her eyes once more embracing what was to come.

Another explosion.

Through gritted teeth Ciri rose back up, the green aura dying down a little as piercing red eyes lingered over the cloud of dust and smoke which clung to the Togedemaru's location. Her chest going through the motions of rising and falling sharply. She was tired. Very tired. She hoped once the day was done Jacob would pamper her, after all she has done well...right?

As the smoke cleared Denma's form was revealed, lying on the ground just before the small indention made when she collided into the wall. Red substance dripping from her mouth and the top of her head, though life remained present as the creature was still breathing - albeit weakly.

Struggling to open her eyes the Togedemaru hardly could see anything. Dust was settling, the tint has been dyed red from her own blood and her body was decorated in gleaming leaves. Clinging to consciousness she managed to hear the shrilling screams of Homer, before submitting to the darkness.

"It's over." Jacob sighed, looking over to the Servine buckled a little before falling over on her side, using her vines to support herself as she refused to lie down on this filthy ground. By Arceus she would pass out holding herself upright before that happened, and he knew it.

"Ciri." He called, ignoring the incoherent rantings of a mad man as he walked over toward the injured serpent, kneeling next to her placing a hand over the top of her head. "A job well done, believe a reward is in order when we get to town." He smiled slightly, pecking the top of her head as the Servine purred softly in response, leaning against her human's body as a red light enveloped her, pulling her away into the safety of the pokéball.

"Rest easy."

"NO!!!! YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE SHIT!" Homer roared, stomping towards the Sterling as he was getting up. "I REFUSE TO BE HERE ANY MORE! GIVE ME WHAT IS MINE! NOOOOOWW!!!!!" Fully past the breaking point the man charged, stomping towards Jacob seeing nothing but red, possessed by that which is greed.

Jacob felt his body tense, preparing to fight the man when suddenly as a bolt of electricity flung past him, rapidly expanding into a large spider web falling over the enraged human causing an immediate howl of pain. Collapsing onto the floor as jolts of electricity pinched at his muscles, homeless Homer glared angrily up at Jacob, twitching beneath the web as each attempt of a struggle brought on a new wave of shock

"Hmph, well now both you and Denma share something in common. Though I admit, I pity the thing. To be stuck with you I cannot imagine why." Jacob remarked coldly, turning towards the unconscious Togedemaru shaking his head. With Ciri's sphere in hand he turned towards the Joltik, whose fur was standing on ends as she glared fiercely at the human.

"Now that, I am impressed. Again." Jacob mused, attaching the pokéball to his belt switching it out for a blue and white sphere. Staring down at the Graveler he felt inclined to make an attempt at its capture as well, but he was utterly at a disadvantage.

No potions to heal his precious Servine, now he absolutely had to make sure they got out before anymore trouble came their way.

"A one time offer. I can make use of your skills, and make you stronger." The Sterling offered, holding out the sphere giving the Joltik the option she has always waited for. Of course she knew what was said, or at least the gesture. She would be one of them, like the snake and the weird golden clam.

But, that would mean leaving here. And not coming back to see her friend. Glancing down towards the Graveler the Joltik clicked her fangs together, chittering to the rock-electric type for what probably was an opinion.

Jacob only gathered as much as the creature gave a solemn nod, causing the arachnid to squeak in excitement running amuck on the strange Graveler's body. Slowly she crawled up to the capsule, becoming a little nervous being new to the process.

Raising a limb the electric spider pressed the center of the great ball before being enveloped in a bluish white light. Both the strange Graveler and human watched curiously as the capsule dropped to the ground with a dull clank, rolling about for a few short seconds before becoming motionless, a familiar 'ping' ringing out signaling the Joltik's capture.

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