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[Evaluated]Malice in the Mines
Topic Started: 17 Aug 2017, 03:02 PM (361 Views)
Posted Image Vincent
Member Avatar

"Can I not get it delivered to Vlostik Town? Why does it have to be sent home?... ...It's just a few towns over... ...It's not much,.. M-mum... Mum come on just send it to Vlostik Town... ...Never mind the money, I'll pay the difference... ...you know what, fine. Send it to Tiensee Town postal office. I'll deal with it from there. Thank you... ...I love you too... ...sorry for yelling... good bye."

The holocaster shut itself off as the call ended, and once again Vincent was rapping away at the buttons, the White Gold Bracelet jangling on his wrist and the sound of ringing echoed around, bouncing off the stone walls of the Miners Memorial Caves. The holocaster stopped ringing and the postal service logo appeared.

"Hi. My name is Vincent Straum, I'd like for a package to be transferred for me... ...The item is an electric guitar. It's being sent to Tiensee Town's depot but I need it in Vlostik Town... ...Yes... ...Yes... ...ummm It's guitar sized. I don't know how to describe it more than that... ...Uh huh... ... Five thousand Dian!?" Vincent looked around himself, over his shoulders, almost like he was looking for someone. "Yes I have the bank details. The name is Markus Straum..."

Vincent then proceeded to recite his father bank details. He wasn't willing to spend his own money for somthing his parents forced him to pay for. Besides, Vincent could just explain to his father later why he was missing five thousand dian. Vincent's Holocaster, once again, shut off once he'd finished with the postal department and, yet again, was rapping away at the buttons to dial yet another person. The machine rang, it stopped and the Pokemon Center logo appeared, although instead of the warm, welcoming voice of the towns Pokemon nurse, a deep, grizzled voice came out.

"Vincent, about time you rang me again."
"Yeah well it's been busy. Just traveling through the mines outside of Vlostik Town."
"Fair enough. Look about your Pokeball, thank you for sending it to me, but it is beyong repair."
Vincent let out a large sigh of disapointment. "Are you sure there's nothing you can do?"
"Can't do much. All I can do is transfer the information from your broken husk into a second hand Pokemon. A new one would only confuse your friend."
"Ahh well thank you anyway. How long will it take to fix?"
"Ahh... well it could take a few days to get the parts in. If you come to Vlostik town, you can pick up your new Pokeball with Zubat in tow."
"Well I might end up going to Weswell town first."
"That's fine, that's fine. I can send it to you via the Pokemon Center. Now there is just the matter of the bill."
"Oh... umm... yes... The card holder is Markus Straum..."


"Glad to work with you Vincent sir. Thanks for using our service."
"You're very welcome," Vincent said, finally showing a smile on his face.
"Oh yeah, been meaning to ask. Why are you rocking side to side so much."
Vincent looked up from his holocaster at the surrounding caves and looked down at his friend. Rhyhorn had been sent out of her Pokeball and, ever since entering the caves, had been transporting Vincent, and his friends Aron on Gligar, both of whom were sitting in Rhyhorn's head. Aron was enjoying himself, while the Gligar, still bitter from caught, was lying down on Rhyhorns back. Vincent himself was sat on the back armour plates and facing backwards towards the entrance.

"My movement isn't really important." Vincent sort of looked away from his holocaster. He didn't want the Pokeball repairman to know he'd used his Pokemon as transport as in his old country, Vincent found it unethical and wasn't sure if it was the same in Godai. "Hey listen, this cave is getting pretty deep. I think the connection might go soon."
"Fair enough kid. Later." The holocaster, once again shut off and Vincent was back to focusing on travelling through the caves.

Vincent turned his head upside down to look at where they were going. The caves were speckled with light blue stones that were shining under dim light of the wall mounted lamps. It was quite mystical in it's look. You'd never believe a terrible tragedy had taken place here once. Nevertheless, Vincent pointed further into the cave, yelled "Onwards!" and they proceeded to do so, not necesserily any faster.

Word Count: 743
Total Word Count: 743
Edited by Vincent, 20 Sep 2017, 07:48 AM.
Vincent Straum

Posted Image
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Posted Image DrakeX
Member Avatar
"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

If there was one thing that Leonard had to say about his temporary companions, it was the fact that they were a blast to have around. The Roggenrola was an energetic little fellow that reminded him of the second eldest son, Anderson, when the latter had been a kid. Both found it impossible to sit still for a minute and had to have something happen to keep them busy. While he loved Fern with all his heart, Leonard had to admit that the Nuzleaf was a bit too stiff for his likes. It preferred to save energy for when the Pokémon felt it was needed, which meant training or battling against wild Pokémon. Or hostile humans, never mind the fact that Leonard could break their faces in quite easily himself. So yes, Leonard very much liked Roggenrola’s outgoing personality and the man did whatever he could to keep up with the little fellow. Lately they had found a new game that the Rock type absolutely adored, namely throwing it in the air and Leonard catching it once gravity took hold.

The Clefairy had slowly warmed up to him and Fern, probably from watching Leonard interact with Fern and indulging the Roggenrola’s antics. While she wasn’t as energetic, the broken leg dampening her mood probably, she was still a nice addition. She helped reign Roggenrola in when the little guy got just a tad bit excessive, and she settled any tensions between Roggenrola and Fern. While they weren’t as troublesome as a Zangoose and Seviper could be, the two did not get along. Although Leonard was quite willing to admit that was more on Fern’s part than the other’s. The dual type was suspicious of anyone and their dog from the get go, and only time would allow the Pokémon to open up to their new friends. It didn’t help that Roggenrola didn’t know what personal space meant and that Fern was quite sensitive about his.

Cue the current situation wherein Leonard had to struggle to keep his laughter down, as he watched the still injured Clefairy break up another screaming match - was it a match if only one party did it? - between the other two by singing them to sleep. It didn’t matter how many times she did it, neither ever seemed to it coming, seemingly forgetting every time just what her singing can do. Every time Leonard had to refrain from laughing at his starter’s disgruntled expression when it woke up from its impromptu nap. The Pokémon probably didn’t like getting Pokémonhandled by something almost half his size and with a broken leg. Fern definitely didn’t enjoy the chewing that Clefairy gave both Pokémon after their nap. That is if she didn’t decided to just wake them up immediately afterwards with a slap to the face on Fern’s part and another scream to Roggenrola.

Fairy and human shared a look and the latter simply smiled kindly at the other’s apologetic expression. Leonard didn’t mind her setting them to sleep when things got a bit out of hand, and besides he wasn’t their trainer so he had no foot to stand on to admonish her. He had temporarily caught them to heal the Clefairy to settle his own worries and promised to send them back once that done. Roggenrola simply came along because you apparently either got them as a pair or not at all. Leonard was simply glad that she gave him a warning by pointing at her ears so that he could pop in some earplugs. With her sitting on his shoulder, it didn’t completely stop the effect but at least this way all he got was some dizziness.

While he waited for the two troublemakers to wake up, Leonard took a seat on the ground, right between them. His bag was placed on his left side, while he made leaned his pickaxe against the wall on his right. With nothing in sight except his Pokémon and the seemingly endless pathways of the mines, Leonard quickly found himself wandering off. The lit paths, the diverging paths, the darkened paths, the rough terrain, the self reflective light thanks to stones that naturally lit some parts, the dug out paths that were too small for a human. They all brought back memories of the times he visited the mines with his family out of respect for those that lost their lives. It brought back memories of the time he got lost that one time and attacked by a Drilbur. He wondered how the creature was doing, if it had gotten help after escaping and if he would meet it again.

A poke in his cheek made Leonard turn his head to the culprit. The Clefairy looked at him with a concerned gaze, and Leonard simply shook his head with a small smile and a pat on her hat with his index finger. He supposed that it was too much to hope for the creature to not pick up the melancholy he felt. He lifted his head to look at the high ceiling, too unnaturally high and smooth to have been made by Pokémon, and he closed his eyes. He ignored the aching on his chest, not wanting to turn back to what ifs and the possibilities if his father came just a few minutes to late.

Post Word Count: 886
Total Word Count: 1,621
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image Vincent
Member Avatar

Pokemon Claim

Continuing down the same cave, Vincent was making good headway to finding the exit that would lead to the next town over. At least he would have had the wooden signs weren’t damaged and broken. Vincent sighed as his Rhyhorn, still in good spirits, suddenly halted causing Gligar and Vincent to jolt forwards and Aron to fall off Rhyhorns head and get caught on her horn. Rhyhorn smiled and let the Aron down gently as Vincent stepped off her back and walked forwards. “Why did you stop like that Rhyhorn?” Vincent asked looking ahead to see if he could it for himself.

In the musky light, Vincent could make out the hazy silhouette of a large, unusually smooth, unusually cut rock in the distance. Gligar and Aron looked at it, not really understanding what it was, but quickly gave up on it. The Rhyhorn, however, was reacting to the strange rock. Vincent looked down at Rhyhorn and watched her face as her jaw opened up and sparks of electricity were jumping from tooth to tooth. “Thunder Fang…” Vincent said softly, looking back at the rock. “Electric… electricity… Does that rock react to electricity Rhyhorn.” Rhyhorn softly growled in agreement. “It might be magnetic then,” Vincent wondered.

Vincent began to sidestep to the left slowly and then began to approach the strange rock along the wall. Rhyhorn was still frozen solid by the electrical charge so decided to stay back, but Vincent beckoned Aron and Gligar to follow. They did so accordingly and the three of them sidled along the wall. Upon reaching a cave opening on the left wall, Vincent walked straight across the entrance followed by his two companions.

As Vincent neared the stone, he noticed a large, red protrusion facing away from Vincent and pointing further into the cave. Vincent pulled out a red bar from his pocket and pulled it apart to reveal his hi-tech Pokedex. He hit a button on the side to mute the voice though to try and keep some level of secrecy. The article that came up was on Nosepass, a Magnet Pokemon that is rarely known to move more than half an inch a year. Vincent thought this would be an easy catch, especially with a Great Ball. He put away his Pokedex and held out his arm to halt Gligar and Aron. He then used his other hand to pull out one of his Great Balls from his pocket.

Vincent then threw the ball at the rock, but before it even left his hand, a jolt of electricity shot at him, stunning his arm and caused him to drop the ball. A second later, a rock formed in the air and fell onto the fallen ball, causing it to shatter into blue and white splinters. Before Vincent could properly react, the Nosepass began to shake and then hovered in the air for a brief moment and shot off into the caves. Vincent managed to catch the Nosepass’ feet were stood upon something metal. “Rhyhorn! After it!” Vincent yelled. The Rhyhorn roared and ran over to the small group, causing the ground to shake and rocks to fall loose.

As the Rhyhorn passed Vincent, Gligar and Aron, Gligar managed to throw Aron, much to her surprise, onto the passing Horn Pokemon and grabbed onto it herself. Vincent too jumped onto the Pokemon and the small group, creating a large ruckus, chased after the flying Pokemon.

Word Count: 573
Total Word Count: 2,204
Edited by Vincent, 13 Mar 2018, 12:22 PM.
Vincent Straum

Posted Image
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Posted Image DrakeX
Member Avatar
"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Without warning Leonard found himself pulled out of his impromptu nap and along with it the dream he had been experiencing, much to his annoyance. The dream had been a quite pleasant one, reminding him of the joy and awe he felt back when he first started working in the fields. A memory of easier times, wherein his only concern consisted of choosing between cereal or bread with jam for breakfast. It made him smile fondly as he stared at the rocky ceiling. A cough pulled his attention towards the ground and he came face to face with a disgruntled Fern.

The Pokémon stood upright with its arms crossed and a scowl present on his face. It was an expression the Dark type had taken as its default setting since their new friends joined. Off to the side he could see Roggenrola swaying back and forth on its feet with Clefairy smiling gently over her friend’s restlessness. He was happy to note that she refrained from standing, and had instead opted to sit on the ground. A grunt made him turn back to his starter and Leonard sent a smile at him. Just as he was about pose a question, he was cut off by a yawn escaping him. He found himself stretch his body in reflex at the action, and released a soundless moan of appreciation when he heard his elbows pop.

“Sorry about that, I must have dozed off. Did you sleep well, Fern?” The Pokémon grunted in affirmative, none too pleased at having been caught off-guard and unable to protect his human from any treats. His eyes shifted to the Fairy and Rock type, internal or external.

Grunting, Leonard pushes himself upright and used the nearby wall as a support. He patted any dust and dirt off his pants, before he hoisted his pickaxe back on his shoulder. Making his way to Roggenrola and Clefairy, he smiled kindly at the two of them. The extra weight on his other shoulder informed him that Fern had taken its second favourite seat from back when he was a Seedot. His head being the first.

When he posed the two of them the same question he did to Fern, the Roggenrola released a soft scratching sound and jumped in the air where it did a little dance with its feet. Clefairy giggled behind her palms at her friend’s actions before she nodded her head.

“Hahah! That’s great to hear.” He boomed joyously. The echo of his voice hovered over the four beings, all but one content in everyone’s presence.

“Right then, are you guys ready to continue onwards?” Two cries and one grunt met his question, and the man smiled happily at them. He grabbed two PokéBalls from his belt and pointed them towards Roggenrola and Clefairy. The two their reaction at being captured and called upon for the first time had been a blast to experience and he was glad to see neither of them flinch at the balls being aimed at them.

“I’ll recall both of you for now, I hope you understand?” He informed them mainly for Roggenrola’s sake. The two gave another set of cries before they were sucked into the scientific balls. With them gone, Leonard could feel part of the tension his starter held be expelled. The human stared at his sole remaining Pokémon and smiled gently at it. The Pokémon itself smirked back, even if it was a tab bit smaller than usual.

Leonard patted his Pokémon the head, having temporarily freed his hand by leaning the axe against his leg, before he made his way forward. For like a minute or so, before he found himself stop if only to focus on whatever the hell was making its way from within the current pathway. He it grow bigger steadily, up until he could see that the creature itself was floating, which was strange in and of itself as he knew Nosepass couldn’t float. He tilted his head to his partner, only to be greeted with the just as confused expression of the Wily Pokémon, before he turned back towards the Pokémon. Or could they?

The ease and pose in which the creature performed this act told Leonard that the creature was, if nothing else, quite at ease at defying the laws of physics. When he didn’t see the Rock type slow down, and more importantly was the fact neither he nor Fern picked up any hostile intentions, so he took a step to the side to allow easier passage. Once the Nosepass finally passed by him, the creature turned towards him and silently stared at him, a look he returned. The two held their staredown for a few seconds before the creature slightly tilted the top of its body backwards, as if turning up its nose, twist its body away from him and made his way forward once more.

Fern and him watched the creature disappear into the darkness of the mines, before they looked at each other and blinked simultaneously. “Well, that was un-”

He found himself cut off when the ground started rumbling, which increasingly got harder as time went by. The two looked down at Leonard’s feet, before they heard the sound of heavy footsteps running towards them. They did not have to wait quite long before they saw the origin of these occurrences and met a Rhyhorn with quite the entourage on its back.

Post Word Count: 906
Total Word Count: 3,100
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image Vincent
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Vincent lost the flying Nosepass around a corner, and the gang began to turn to the right to compensate for the winding caves. Very quickly, however, Rhyhorn swerves left, throwing Vincent off the Rhyhorns back and straight past another person, flying through the air. From what he could see, the guy was of a larger stature, had a beard that made him resemble a bear and his clothes gave off the feeling of laid back and chill. That all didn’t matter to Vincent as his arch of flight ended with him slamming into the cave wall, possessions, once again flying from his person, as it had done so many times before. His Pokeballs flew off further into the cave while his Aerial Ace TM, along with his White Gold Bracelet, was thrown towards the new guy.

As Vincent pulled himself, he reached for his back, making sure it wasn’t damaged. It was certainly aching but seemed to be fine. He did, however feel something wet dripping down his back. Pulling his hand forward, a fine red liquid was oozing across his hand. Vincent panicked and jolted onto his feet and threw off his bag and reached for his back again. “Oh crap, am I bleeding?!” he yelled, not really concerned about anyone around him.

Rhyhorn eventually walked up to him and licked his hand, drinking the blood. “Eww Rhyhorn, stop that,” Vincent snapped, pulling his hand away. Rhyhorn wasn’t too phased and began to walk towards Vincent dropped bag and eat from one of the side pockets. Before Rhyhorn finished off what she was eating, Vincent noticed that it was a smashed Leppa Berry and with a sigh of relief, sat down on the cave floor. “Oh thank god.” Vincent then realised that the Nosepass had long gone. “Crap, my catch got away.”

Aron and Gligar walked up to Vincent, having also been thrown from Rhyhorns back, carrying several of Vincent’s possessions, except for his TM and his bracelet. Vincent saw them sat at the feet of the new guy, whom Vincent only just remembered having been focused on not bleeding.

Vincent stood up again and walked over to the new guy. “I am so sorry about all of that. I sort of get distracted when I panic.” Vincent brushed himself off and held out his hand for a handshake. “My name is Vincent. Nice to meet you.” Despite what Vincent was saying, he wasn’t exactly smiling, only really introducing himself out of obligation.

Meanwhile, Aron and Gligar were helping collect all of Vincent possessions and placed them into his bag. They lifted it up to see if it was still in good condition. It wasn’t. The single strap that held the bag onto Vincent back was torn and withered to the point where it could be pulled apart very easily.

Carefully, Rhyhorn lifted the bag by the handle at the top and placed it against the cave wall. Gligar carefully placed all of his items back into the pockets and turned back to Vincent, who had his hand held up towards the new person. Both Aron and Gligar walked towards Vincent and stayed by his feet, looking up at the towering human that had appeared. Rhyhorn, however, stayed by Vincent bag, looking over it and occasionally poking at it with her horn.

Leonard couldn’t help but scrunch up his face when the newcome made contact with the wall before he slowly slid down to the floor. At the speed the man had been going, Leonard was quite certain that would bruise tomorrow, that is if it didn’t within a few minutes. Hell, if there was something sticking out of the wall then the man might even be more injured that he expected. He watched as the man drunkenly pulled himself up from the ground and reach over to his back. Unfortunately his fears were proven correct if the scream of the newcomer bleeding was any indication. Just as he was about to make his way over to the man he stopped himself when he noticed the Rhyhorn get closer. While he was quite confident in his strength, he did not want to agitate one of those things needlessly. Especially not if its Trainer was in pain and its protective senses could very well be high strung.

His worry seemed to be for naught, for the Rhyhorn going on a rampage at least, when all the creature did was lick its trainer which only served to gross the man out. The giant of a man didn’t know if he should feel amusement or worry went the creature then went about ignoring its injured partner and instead focus on consuming the food that was cluttered all over the ground. Instead he opted for a small smile that didn’t have his usual cheer in it. His worry slowly disappeared when he heard the man mutter something to himself without looking too pained at moving around after getting slammed into a wall and noticing he had bled. The bearded man supposed that it might have been but a flesh wound.

A soft growl from his side made the man turn to his own Pokémon. The Nuzleaf wore an intimidating glare and looked ready to pounce on the injured man for reasons known only to the creature. Leonard chuckled softly to himself but that didn’t stop him from flicking it on the forehead. When Fern showed how much he appreciated the human’s action, said man simply shook his head before he focused back on the blond.

Noticing the man look his way, Leonard was about to ask him if everything was fine but stopped when his gaze was aimed at his feet. Following the gaze, Leonard blinked when he noticed a couple of Balls strewn around his feet. Refocusing on the downed man Leonards smiled friendly at him.

“Don’t worry, buddy, I got you.” As he said this, the man bended over and picked the bracelet up first. Checking it over, Leonard couldn’t help but feel like he had seen it somewhere before. It sure as hell wasn’t anything he ever bought or looked up to purchase as a present for his family. Besides, it didn’t look like something to be found around his hometown and seemed to belong more in a jewelry shop in the bigger cities like Sangproctor City where his eldest sister lived. The blue gem that seemed to act as its centerpiece didn’t look like it actually belonged, being a bit more rough than anything else. It was also a bit cooler to the touch than the white and gold pieces. The longer he looked at it and held it in his hands the more it looked familiar to… him…

Word Count: 1,120
Total Count: 4,230
Edited by Vincent, 13 Mar 2018, 12:22 PM.
Vincent Straum

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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Eyes slowly widen when the coin finally dropped and he actually remembered where he had seen the accessory before. But, if this bracelet was what he thought it was then why the hell did a total stranger have it with him?! His hands slowly tightened around the item and he could barely notice how his starter tensed at the sudden change in his demeanour. From where it sat, the creature could see its trainer's visage slowly tighten and the eyes slowly lose their usual warmth. When the blond made his way towards them, Leonard didn’t even acknowledge him as his thoughts were too consumed with the possibilities on how he got his hands on this item. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the man greet him. All he heard was some muffled sounds. Fern on the other hand was quite content with being hostile for the two of them, if the growl it released was any indication.

After a few moments passed Leonard finally took his leave from the thoughts that plagued his mind and returned to the here and now. He slowly straightened himself with a death like grip on the bracelet, the scattered Balls long forgotten, until he stood at his full height. Looking down at the man in front of him he detachedly noted that he couldn’t feel any hostility from the blond, even if that particular tidbit mattered little to him at the moment. With a focused look and an even tone, Leonard asked what was on his mind.

“Say, buddy. Could you tell me where you got this bracelet?” He didn’t even look at Fern, no doubt the creature felt a bit confused by Leonard’s attention to the item. After all, it was the first time the Pokémon ever saw it himself. It did note however that the human’s hold on the axe had tightened and so it didn’t ask any questions but only readied itself.

Vincent was taken aback by this question. His greeting was ignored and instead, focus went onto the White Gold Bracelet Vincent had acquired in the Natrio Flats. Vincent noticed in the guy’s voice a hint of anger, but given his history with vicious people, Vincent could tell the guy was holding back. Vincent looked at the bracelet in the left hand of the guy and saw some of his veins showing through his skin, telling Vincent that he was prepared to fight depending on how he answered the question.

Vincent looked back at his team of Ground types who all looked confused about what was happening. Vincent coughed and turned around as he answered the question, as honestly as he could. “Uhh, I’m not sure exactly.” Vincent said, turning back to the new guy, this time with a stern look on his face. “I got it as a gift in the Natrio Flats. It just sort of appeared in my possession.” Vincent hoped his naturally scary face would tell the guy to fall back and give up on the questioning. There wasn’t much to say about the jewellry and Vincent felt there was no need to continue.

“Listen. I don’t know what’s going on with that,” he said, pointing at the bracelet, “but I found that myself. My Gligar was even the one to initially steal it from me. I thought it might have belonged to her, but I was wrong.” Vincent then held out his right hand, flat, and put his left hand into his coat pocket, clenched, ready to fight back if he needed to. “So I’d like the bracelet back now.”

Leonard’s eyes narrowed slightly at the explanation, not quite believing what the man in front of him said, but also not dismissing it. He certainly didn’t feel like the man was lying, although the man’s sudden stern expression did not do him any favours in the bigger man’s book. Besides, did he really think he’d be intimidated by that look? The burlier of the two would gladly take on any enraged Pokémon if it meant protecting his family. Leon’s eyes travelled from the sternly looking fellow to Gligar by his side. The creature had looked up at the calling of its name, but Leonard wasn’t a mind reader so whatever went through its mind was anyone’s guess. After a few more seconds, he refocused back to his fellow human.

“Hmm, Natrio you say?” His voice was kept carefully neutral, not giving away any of his real feelings or thoughts.

“Would you be able to roughly estimate how long ago it was since you got this?”

Vincent’s odd look didn’t seem to faze the new guy, and so he decided to give up. After all if the new guy wanted to punch him, Vincent felt like he would have done by now. Vincent relaxed his face and answered the question. “It was about 2 weeks ago. It was where I caught my Gligar and Rhyhorn.” Vincent could still see that the new guy hadn’t relaxed his grip, but he was still determined to get the bracelet back. It was at that moment, Vincent remembered why he’d stopped. “Oh crap!” Vincent darted back to his Pokemon who all looked up in shock. “Rhyhorn, catch me!” Rhyhorn braced itself as Vincent jumped onto it’s back. “Aron, Gligar, stay close behind. We need to catch up to that flying Nosepass.” Before he headed off, he looked back at the new guy.

“My name is Vincent by the way,” Vincent said. “I’m sure I did say, before… you know this all happened. When you want to introduce yourself and give me back my bracelet, you can find me further into the cave.” Vincent focused himself forward again, deciding to not listen to what the guy had to say. “Go on Rhyhorn!” Vincent held on as the Rhyhorn picked up speed and shot off into the dimly lit cave. He was sure he’d lost the Nosepass but didn’t want to give up.

The cave never split once until Vincent reached a large chamber, about 5 minutes into his ride. At the center of it stood the Nosepass once again, this time the metal body that it was stood on was more clear than last time. Vincent took out his Pokedex once again, hiding behind a rocky corner, and scanned the metal plate. “Bronzor,” the dex said. “The Bronze Pokemon. Ancient relics seem to resemble Bronzor yet archeologists are yet to determine if the two are related. Under X-Rays, Bronzor doesn’t seem to have any internals creating the speculation that it is living metal.”

“So a Bronzor is carrying that Nosepass,” Vincent whispered to himself. “Nosepass is really heavy so for the Bronzor to carry it means it’s really strong.” Vincent put away his Pokedex into his Pokedex and held out his hand towards his Pokemon. “Guys hang back for a bit. Let’s just watch it to make sure it doesn’t run away again.”

The man looked down at the bracelet in his hand as he pondered upon the received answer. Two weeks was a believable amount of time. It was also a time frame that told him the accessory was not the one he thought it was. Leonard had been out and about on his journey for just a bit more than two weeks now so there was no way he could actually know if the man said the truth. However he was quite certain that he would have been notified ages ago if something happened to one of his siblings. At the realization that the man in front of him had not broken into his little sister’s residence and stolen her bracelet, Leonard felt some of the previous tension lift from his shoulders. At his side the Dark type did no such thing, any stranger was a threat to it and its human so it’d be damned before it let its guard down.

Leonard blinked when the shorter man suddenly turned into a whirlwind of activity and took off on his Rhyhorn after yelling his name out once more. Recalling the fact that he had completely ignored the man’s earlier introduction, and failed to return the courtesy, the burly man couldn’t help feel sheepish. After all the time his parents hammered basic etiquette into him and his siblings, he still couldn’t help throwing it all to the wind if there was a sign of trouble to his family.

Once the Rhyhorn was out of sight, Leonard released a relieved sigh before he boisterously laughed. Sure, he could tell that it felt a bit off and far too forced but damn it if he didn’t need to do something to get rid of the last vestiges of negativity that clung to him. With that done and over with, Leonard waved his starter off his shoulder - much to the creature’s annoyance and confusion - and leaned his pickaxe on a nearby wall. He ignored the confused looks his Pokémon send his way and instead focused on stretching his legs. When he was finally done the man picked up his axe; pocketed the bracelet away; picked up the Technical Machines that this Vincent guy apparently forgot, and faced Fern with a smile on his face. The Pokémon itself merely narrowed its eyes. Fern did not like the look of determination in his human’s eyes. It meant trouble and stress, mostly for the creature.

“Let’s jog after him, shall we? I still got his stuff after all.”

Fern bloody knew it!

Post Word Count: 1,577
Total Word Count: 5,797

Pokémon Declaration

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Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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After a few minutes of observing, Vincent decided to move in on the Nosepass, Bronzor pair. Neither had moved an inch and didn’t show any sign of them knowing Vincent was there. Vincent turned around to his Pokemon and whispered his plan. “Rhyhorn, run past the Nosepass and block the exit out. Gligar, when I tell you, glide over the Nosepass and use Knock Off on the Bronzor. Aron, use Headbutt on the Nosepass from this side. Try and separate the two of them…” Vincent took a deep breath, as he knew he’d have to block the nearest exit. “Ok… Rhyhorn go!” Vincent yelled. He jumped up from the rock and pointed towards the middle, directing the Rhyhorn.

As the entire group ran forward however, Nosepass was already up in their faces as a Confuse Ray came from the Bronzor, straight at the group, causing them to become confused. Vincent couldn’t speak for his team, but as for him, the caves around him began to morph around him. The rock melted over the lamps that lined the walls and caused the caves to drop into the pitch black. Vincent looked around him but couldn’t see anything beyond the end of his nose.

After a moment, a large red, nose shaped light appeared in the distance. Around it appeared two, circular red lights above the nose and one large, crescent white light below the nose. Vincent clearly saw it as a face just as it slowly began to float towards him, the mouth opening up into a mouth full of teeth. Vincent tried to scream, but no noise left his him. As the mouth was about to clamp down on him, he suddenly felt like he was thrown backwards as the mouth, once again made progress on him. This continued on a loop for as long as Vincent could remember.

In reality, his Rhyhorn and Aron were running into the walls, not really damaging themselves but too confused to really do anything else. Gligar was flat out on her back, eyes wide open, grinning and wings flailing. Finally Vincent was on his knees, hands over his ears and he was screaming. The Nosepass and the Bronzor looming over them, the Bronzor’s eyes lit up in blue and shining down on the team to keep the confusion up.

As the two of them ran, Leonard couldn’t help but smile sheepishly as he looked down at the scowling Pokémon to his side. The man knew how serious Fern took his job of protecting the human, however he felt that the Pokémon really needed to be less suspicious about everyone and their Lillipup. It could not be healthy for the little guy’s health. Mental or physical. He wonders if there’s something he could do about this obsessive protectiveness. Maybe he should just have Fern spend more time with Clefairy and Roggenrola for the time they were with them? Mew knew that the little fella could learn a bit about loosening up from the two temporary creatures. A scream echoing through the hallway immediately put a stop to Leonard’s thought process and his run. His feet slid apart, his legs lowered and his pickaxe was swung from his shoulder and held in front of him, just in case. His eyes swept around the path he found himself in, looking for anything that could jump at him from the walls or in the darkness ahead of them. He did not need to look behind him, fully trusting Fern to have long done so for him.

After a few seconds of the screaming continuing and with nothing coming at them to inflict bodily harm, the two of them slowly relaxed. Well, Fern did. Leonard started to, but then he noticed how ... ‘human’ this sound was, and his eyes widened in fear of what might have happened. He immediately took off running again, only barely remembering to yell after his Pokémon to follow him.

What greeted the two of them was pure and total chaos. There was little else one could say about the scene they were witnessing. Two Pokémon running into walls, another one just flapping its wings to no avail and the sole human seemingly reduced to a wreck as he screamed his lungs out. Despite the situation, Leonard had to hand it to the man. That was an impressive pair of lungs he had. A growl at his feet pulled the man away from the sight of watching a grown man slowly reduced to a garbled mess, and instead focus on the two unafflicted creatures. The Nosepass he had already seen, or rather he had seen a Nosepass, but the mirror like creature next to him he had not. If the situation was a bit less dire, he would have loved to focus on the floating creature but alas. The glow in its eyes did not look inviting, so if he wanted to fix everyone up again he supposed he’d have to take it down.

“Fern. Do you feel like taking both of them on?” The creature looked up at him, seemingly insulted by his lack of faith in it. The man simply raised an eyebrow, his visage serious as the situation demands. The creature simply scowls before it nods, arms crossed. Leonard grinned down at the Dark type’s response.

“Perfect. Focus on the floating one first. I don’t like the look in its eyes.” The wily Pokémon nodded before it sped off at full speed, hellbent on taking these Pokémon down before they could even think of harming Leonard. Once it reached the pair, Fern grinned ferociously as he gathered energy in his hands in preparation for what was slowly becoming his starting move. Without any warning, he jumped right in the blue mirror and clapped his hands right in its face. The gathered was all expelled from that simply action, hitting the creature face first. Fern’s grin widened just a bit at hearing the screeching of grinding metal.

The bearded man smiled at his Pokémon’s enthusiasm before he ran to the blond. Grabbing him by the shoulders, Leonard started to shake him in an attempt to knock him out of this weird state.

The nightmare began to fade and Vincent’s eyes adjusted to the cave. His screaming began to simmer too and Vincent began to realize where he was, his shoulders heavy under the weight of a person trying to shake him. After about 20 seconds, Vincent was completely aware of himself. He was breathing heavily and his arms dropped from his ears to his sides, a very blank stare looking down. He looked to his left and saw his Gligar flailing around, still under the effects of Confuse Ray. Vincent grabbed the huge man’s arms behind him and pulled them off his shoulders.

“Thank you…” Vincent said weakly. He then pulled out one of his Pokeballs and returned Gligar inside. Almost immediately he sent Gligar back out, just as Bronzor and Nosepass recovered, this time split away from each other. Vincent tried to stand up on his legs, although he was very weak in the knees, but he managed to pull himself together. “Hey… dya wanna help me take out these two. I don’t want to catch them any more… So they’re all yours if you want…” As he said this, Vincent grabbed his two other Pokeballs and returned Rhyhorn and Aron, stopping them from injuring themselves. This time however, Vincent put the two balls in his bag and threw the bag behind himself, next to the bearded guy.

“Gligar..!” Vincent weakley calls. “Use Knock off!” Gligar, now not confused and seems to be fully recovered, darted off at the Bronzor, her claw glowing black and landed on the face of the Bronzor. Gligar flew past the Bronzor and held herself in the air. She looked into her claw, but no item was there. It seems the Bronzor wasn’t holding anything.

Word Count: 1,320
Total Word Count: 7,127
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Before Leonard could give an answer to his fellow human, the two other Pokémon seemed to take matters in their own hands. Neither had apparently taken quite kindly to the assault on one of their members. A blue glow simmered in the blue one’s eyes while the more rock like of the two took a jump in the air before it crashed down, effectively breaking the ground it landed on. From there a couple of rocks flew his starter’s way and thus Leonard’s decision was made. Violence might not be his first choice for everything, but he’d be damned if he allowed anyone to harm one of his.

“Fern, dodge those rocks and counter with your leaves!”

The Grass type released a yell in confirmation and used its nimble body to dodge the rocks with as little effort as possible. He twisted, he turned, he bend his body and he even took a handstand to jump over the last few rocks. Now airborne, the Willy Pokémon had no way to dodge any incoming attacks, not that is was going to allow either of them the time to counter. With a quick focus of Aura to the leaf on its head and a few flicks of his head, the Pokémon easily send dozens of leaves flying towards the two wild Pokémon. As harmless as that sounded, Leonard knew from first hand experience that those things were sharp as hell.

Firm in his belief that Fern could take care of himself in case the two felt like countering, the larger of the two turned his head towards Vincent.

“So, you got any particular strategy to deal with either one?”

Vincents head was still hurting from the confusion, but he barely managed to understand what this guy said. He struggled to remember what the Pokedex and made an assumption based on types. “Your Nuzleaf, have it distract the Nosepass. I’ll take out the weakened Bronzor. Once it’s gone, we’ll take the Nosepass out,” Vincent said, clutching his forehead. “Gligar!” he yelled, causing his head to hurt a little bit more. “Use Sand Attack on the Nosepass and roll into a Knock off on the Bronzor.” Gligar nodded and darted off, wings out, gliding close to the ground.

As Gligar approached the Nosepass, Gligar fell into a spin and threw dirt off the ground into the face of the Nosepass, hopefully keeping it distracted enough for the Nuzleaf to attack. While in the spin, Gligar’s claw glowed black once again. The Bronzor went for a Tackle attack on the Nuzleaf, but Gligar managed to intercept with the Knock Off. Bronzor was sent backwards, rolling, and landed face down in the dirt. To the best of Vincent’s knowledge, it was knocked out.

Gligar was about to head off back to Vincent when a strong wind blew through the caves. Gligar turned around towards the exit as a flurry of sand flew out and filled the cave with an epic sandstorm. While it didn’t affect Gligar, Vincent had to hold his arm up to avoid his eyes getting damaged. Gligar, once again, began to make her way back to Gligar, but a Bone Club attack came crashing down on her head. It didn’t hurt the Gligar at all, but it did alert to the presence of more Pokemon joining the fray.

A grin spread on Leonard’s face at the proposed plan. “Heh, you got it buddy. Hell, I’ll raise your distraction and knock it out.”

The man turned his head back to his Pokémon, just catching the last part of Fern sliding with his knees on the ground right under a thrown rock. He inhaled deeply before he literally roared his next command out, uncaring for the discomfort he might have delivered to Vincent. “Fern! Growth and Razor Leaf that red nose!”

Mirroring his human’s expression, Fern grew a wild grin on his face and quickly jumped backwards to open up some space between him and his opponent. The fact that it also got him out of the flying creature’s sand was a very pleasant bonus. That didn’t stop the Pokémon from sending a glare at the creature, having seemingly acted without checking if he got out. Well, he supposed he could beat it after this overgrown rock was out of the way and they proved to be hostile to Leon. Searching for the energy that lay dormant within him, Fern took a solid grasp of it once he found it and gave it a hard pull. It wasn’t strong enough to pull all of it loose, but he could clearly feel the small bit that did fuel him further. Flexing his fingers at the sudden boost in power, Fern did not notice the rock that came his way until it send him flying into the nearest wall.

“Fern!!” The Pokémon felt torn when he heard the despair in his Trainer’s voice. On one hand he was touched that the man cared so much, but on the other he hated himself for making the man feel that way. In the end he decided to focus on the hatred, and how he will love venting on the overgrown stone. With a grunt Fern pushed the rock away from him and shook his head before he glared at the, pun not intended, stone-faced Pokémon. Narrowing his eyes, the Grass type buckled down before he pushed off from the wall he had been stuck to at full power. The moment his feet touched the ground once more he started zigzagging in his run to the Rock type and dodging the rocks it send his way. As he did that energy was slowly being directed to the leaf on his head and once Fern reached a distance the length of an arm he skid to a stop and swung his head from left to right. The result was one giant leaf being shot out that perfectly hit the Nosepass right in the center of its nose.

The Grass type landed with a satisfied smirk as he watched the Rock type struggle staying up. Having not heard any call for retreat, Fern went for the finishing blow. He whipped the leaf on top of his head one last time and send a multitude of leaf flying into the downed creature, effectively knocking it out. The feeling of victory was short lived when a storm of sand whipped up around him. He grunted irritatedly at the feeling of the coarse mineral scratching against his skin and limiting his view. Fern’s eyes widened at the realization that his view was now impaired, meaning he could no longer check up on his Trainer from where he stood. The Pokémon immediately turned on its heel towards Leonard, the downed Rock type long forgotten.

Post Word Count: 1,128
Total Word Count: 8,245
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Pokémon Encounter

A vicious Sanstorm had whipped up in the cave, circulating around the walls, bouncing off them causing it to become faster and faster. The source of this came from a tiny Larvitar Pokemon that had entered the area along with a Cubone, both of whom had surrounded Gligar on the far side of the cave room. Vincent was also affected, the sand whipping around his face, obstructing his view. He looked to his right and, thankfully, he could still see the other guy. “You ok there mate?” Vincent asked, a little louder than normal to make sure he could still hear him. “Do you have any Ground, Rock or Steel type Pokemon? This Sandstorm will hurt your Nuzleaf!”

This was all Vincent could do without ignoring his own Gligar, who was unaffected by the weather change. “Gligar, use Poison Sting on both the Larvitar and the Cubone!” Gligar, even through the sand, managed to hear her trainer through the sand and jumped backwards into the sand and threw down a flurry of poison needles at Larvitar. It held up it’s arm to protect its face, although most of the needles hit it. It wasn’t very effective and it didn’t seem to become poisoned. The Cubone however, seeing this, ran forwards and leaped up at the Gligar. Gligar hit it too with poison needles before being kicked once, twice in midair. Gligar was knocked down into the ground, near the Nuzleaf, while the Cubone, which was now in the middle of the room, lay on it’s back, it’s face purple from being poisoned.

Leonard shifted his gaze from his battling friend towards the lad with a grateful smile on his face. “Thanks for the warning buddy, however I’m sure Fern’ll be fine. Besides, he’s the best shot at battling whatever picked up this storm.”

The man then turned back to the front and roared his orders for the Grass type. He just hoped he didn’t cause any hearing damage to his fellow human. His family and co-workers had told him multiple times that he possessed an impressive pair of lungs. “Fern! If you find a strange Pokémon then kick its ass! It’d be the most likely one to have kicked up this mess!”

Hearing its trainer yell, the Nuzleaf grit his teeth at annoyance. Of course there had to be another threat to his human. As if the other fleshbag and his entourage, together with the giant rock and floating mirror weren’t enough. The less said about the irritating sand lowering his line of sight the better. A sound to its left led the Dark type attracted his attention, and he immediately went investigating. To his joy, the Pokémon found all the battlers gathered together nicely. Grinning to himself, the Wily Pokémon took advantage of the flyer grabbing the newcomers their attention and went about boosting himself up once more. The less time he had to spend in this storm, the better.

His boost had just settled when the flyer was kicked out of the air and towards him. Not feeling any need to catch the creature in mid flight, the Dark type ducked under its trajectory and focused on the two bipedal Pokémon. Glaring at the two threats to his human, the Nuzleaf focused most of his newfound energy to the leaf on top of his head. Repeating his previous actions with the giant rock, the Grass type flung his head thrice and send three batches of razor sharp leafs towards his adversaries. The green skinned one was able to dodge the first batch, but the other two came a bit too close after one another. At least Fern was able to hit the skull kid thrice.

“Gligar, get up and use Knock off on the Larvitar,” Vincent called to his friend. With a snarl, Gligar rolled backwards onto her feet and launched herself across the ground, swooping past the Cubone that was then Razor Leafed and landed a dark punch on the green skinned reptile sending it backwards. It didn’t hurt it much but a little golden ball flew into the air, bounced off the ceiling and landed behind the Gligar between her and the Nuzleaf.

Vincent turned towards the other guy and reached into his bag, pulling out his last Great Ball. “I’m going for the Cubone if you don’t mind.” Gligar on the other hand, saw the golden ball and picked it up slyly, hoping no one would see. However the Larvitar definitely noticed something odd.

Vincent threw the Great Ball before the guy had a chance to counter. The ball flew through air at the Cubone and bounced off it’s skull helmet. A bright red light absorbed the Cubone and what replaced it was a bright blue ball and Gligar flying into its space, knocked out cold. Vincent, seeing this, ran over to his Pokemon through the sandstorm and picked her up. “Gligar! Are you ok?” Gligar’s eyes were closed, but thankfully she was still breathing. Vincent sighed as the Great Ball clicked shut next to him. Vincent picked up the Great Ball and smiled. It was bitter sweet, but at least Gligar was ok.

Vincent grabbed Gligars Pokeball from his bag and returned the fainted Pokemon so she could rest. Vincent stood back up and walked over to the other guy, protecting his eyes, both Pokeball and Great Ball in hands. “That Larvitar is much stronger than any of my Pokemon. I can send out my Aron for support but your Nuzleaf will fair a better chance…”

Leonard waved his fellow battler’s concerns off and simply smiled at him. “Sure, you go right ahead.”

Unlike Roggenrola and Clefairy, Leonard had absolutely no reason to actually catch the Ground type Pokémon and as such there was no need to argue with the other man. Especially not when they had bigger concerns, like the sand that stormed around and got in his eyes. Arceus was that annoying. While he was never all that invested in Pokémon battles, nor did he aim to achieve anything in the sport unlike his brother, Leonard was aware that Pokémon were capable of changing the weather with nary but a thought. Normally, just taking out the one who creates the new weather condition is enough to make it settle down. With the Cubone down yet the storm still raging, his next plan of action should surprise no one.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy, Fern’s got this.” He chuckled slightly, not mentioning that he had no other Pokémon to battle with. While that wasn’t entirely true, the man wasn’t about to put Roggenrola or Clefairy through any fights. They were simply temporary tag alongs and he’d be damned if he make them clean up after him.

“All right, Fern! Let’s wrap things up here! I’m sure I got sand in places I didn’t even know I had!”

Hearing the loud bellow of his trainer, the Grass type yelled loudly. The Pokémon just about had it with all the coarse sand running over his skin. With a glare and a scowl on his face, the Nuzleaf dashed straight ahead towards the last wild threat to his trainer. The Wily Pokémon took note that the creature’s face shifted from shock, to bewilderment before it settled for fury. With a deep growl that sounded akin to two rocks grinding against one another, the Pokémon ran straight at him with a snarl and a dark, smokey aura to surround its teeth.

Just before the two would make contact Fern had planned to jump straight over the green creature and pepper it with his leaves from above, however a sudden increase in speed of his opponent caught him off guard. Because of his carelessness it allowed the other creature to sink its teeth straight in his shoulder. Biting back a scream of pain, Fern’s eyes flashed in anger at his foolishness and at underestimating his opponent. Noticing that the creature did not plan on losing its hold anytime soon, Fern decided that two could play that game simply allowed the creature to hurt him. As a matter of fact, Fern’s arms encircled the creature and took a solid grasp of it. In shock, the Pokémon’s biting stopped after a while one it realized its prey did not make any effort to get away from it. Looking in it’s eyes, Fern couldn’t help a grin form on his face before he released all of the pent up energy he build up from converting it from its damage.

All that Leonard could see was a blinding light - as if the sand wasn’t taking enough care of that - just before the sandstorm slowly petered out and finally settled down. With a grin on his face at being able to see once more, the bear of a man checked up on how his starter was doing. The grin quickly fell from his face once he noticed the state his Pokémon was in.

“Fern!” That scream was all the warning anyone got until the man ran towards his Pokémon. The closer the got the more disheveled his friend looked. Dust, sand and cuts covered his body and a hand lay on one of his shoulders which did little to ease his racing mind. The creature turned its head his way and sent him a weak, but confident smile as it slowly limped his way.

The moment they reached one another, Leonard immediately bent on one knee and took the Dark type in his hands. He gave the creature a quick body check, and apart from the puncture wounds on his shoulder there did not seem to be anything too life threatening to him. With a sigh of relief, Leonard smiled broadly at his starter before he hoisted it up and planted the Pokémon on top of his shoulder. He gave the green skinned Pokémon they’d been battling a quick glance to make sure it was out. Not that he had to doubt Fern’s ability - or maybe he should call it an obsession? - to take care of something that might pose a threat to him while the Pokémon was awake. Satisfied that it didn’t seem to wake up, Leonard patted his starter on the thigh before he walked back to his blonde haired acquaintance.

“Ya did a great job out there, Fern. I’ll give ya proper care once we’re out of here. I don’t want any more Pokémon popping up out of nowhere.” The creature simply grunted and allowed its eyes to roam around their surroundings now his sight wasn’t impaired. Something blinking on the ground grabbed his attention and he pulled at his trainer’s cheek, who turned his head towards Fern.

“Hmm? Washup?” His eyes followed Fern’s pointing finger and landed on a small, golden ball. They then widened in recognition at what he saw and quickly bent down to grab it from the ground. Giving it a second close look, Leonard was almost giddy at what he found before he pocketed it away.

He gave one more pat on his starter’s thigh as he released a bark of laughter. “Oh boy, ya did real good Fern. Hahaha!”

Battle Summary

Word Count: 1,859
Total Word Count: 10,114
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Vincent looked up, from his Pokeballs to see the storm was fading, leaving nothing but a thin sheet of sand on the rocky surface. The bright light of the Nuzleafs Bide had allowed the glowing wall rocks to glow brighter letting Vincent see much more clearly. “That was amazing,” Vincent said in awe. The Larvitar had collapsed in a heap on the far side wall, breathing, obviously tired, but unable to fight. Vincent wished he could catch the green Pokemon, but with one Great Ball being destroyed and his other being used for the Cubone, he was forced to give it up.

Vincent retrieved all of his Pokeballs from his bag and sent them all out. His team of Ground types, all exhausted, lay down in front of him. Rhyhorn and Aron were mostly okay, only suffering from the effects of confusion. Gligar was completely knocked out, only breathing as her sign of life and a large bite mark on her left wing. The newly acquired Cubone was in the worst shape though. Weakened and still poisoned, it’s breathing was erratic. Vincent knew he had an antidote in his bag as well as a revive. He threw off his bag and pulled out a yellow, glass canister with a metal nozzle on the top. Reading the label on the side, it could be used as a spray for the skin or could be sprayed in the mouth. Vincent broke the seal on the nozzle and pushed on the handle causing the spray to activate. Vincent aimed the spray at Cubone.

After a few seconds of spraying, Cubone’s face began to relax under it’s skull, it’s skin looking less and less purple. It’s breathing normalized and it relaxed into a more sleep-like state. Vincent then turned to his left where Rhyhorn and Aron were looking down at the collapsed Gligar. Vincent pulled his one and only Revive out of the bag and placed the capsule into Gligar’s mouth. It began to dissolve on her tongue and very quickly, she jumped up almost like she was hit with a Wake-Up Slap. She screeched in excitement, the adrenaline in her at peak level, but it petered out quickly and Gligar calmed to her usual self. “Hey there Gligar. You ok buddy?” Vincent said calmly. Gligar smiled back, probably the first time since she was caught by Vincent.

Vincent reached into his bag once more and pulled out a white and purple spray, a Potion. Turning to the Cubone once more, he broke the seal of this item and sprayed it on the Bone Pokemon it writhed around a little bit but this time, instead of going to sleep it’s eyes opened up and stared back at Vincent. “Hey there Cubone. Welcome to the team.” Cubone blinked a few times, turned her head to the other Ground types and began to squirm. She jumped up onto her feet and looked around the room, presumably for the Larvitar she travelled with. She looked around but the Larvitar had already disappeared with the Bronzor and the Nosepass. Cubone fell to the ground sitting, using her bone hammer to hit the ground in frustration.

Vincent looked at her in contemplation but decided to leave it for now. As he put the empty canisters into his bag, he shuffled around it’s contents for a moment. “Hey uhh… you… guy… You didn’t happen to see some items floating around in the caves earlier?” Vincent asked the large, Nuzleaf trainer, who had still not introduced himself to Vincent.

As he makes his way back to the blond, Leonard carefully pockets the nugget away. There was no need to give the blond a reason to be hostile, especially after their less than friendly first meeting. Which was truly all on him and something he really should apologize for. He normally wasn’t one to jump to conclusions, but the mere thought that something could have happened to his family overrode any logical thought. He sighed to himself. Even separated from them, he was still unable to put them before anything else. Or maybe it was exactly because they were no longer around?

When he finally reached his fellow human, Leonard had to gently pat Fern’s thigh. The Pokémon, as exhausted as it was, immediately put on its guard due to the many foreign presences. While Vincent took care of his Pokémon, Leonard decided to do the same of his own. Mew knew that Fern deserved it. Making his way to his own discarded backpack, Leonard knelt down and opened the compartment where he knew he kept his medicines. Spraying the healing compartment’s contents on his starter, Leonard grinned how Fern refused to make any discomfort know vocally. The Pokémon couldn’t quite hide the flinch though. Honestly, the little guy tried too hard sometimes to act though.

He was pulled out of his thoughts just as he pocketed the empty remains of the Potion away when he heard Vincent address him. Turning his head, Leonard shifted his eyes towards the ceiling in thought at what the man meant before it hit him. With the excitement of the battle, Leonard had forgotten why exactly he ran after the younger male.

He smiled broadly at the man. “Oh yeah that’s right, I almost forgot. Thanks buddy.”

Rummaging through his bag once more, Leonard opened a different compartment before he pulled out the mentioned items. Closing his bag once more, the bearded man shouldered it on his back and made his way towards Vincent. Fern was at his side the whole time, suspiciously eying the other Pokémon. Once he got close enough, Leonard offered the lost items to their rightful owner.

“Here you go buddy, you must have dropped these in the heat of the chase.” He laughed slightly at that. In the corner of his eyes, he finally noted exactly just what kind of Pokémon the other human had. If Leonard was honest, he was quite impressed. Something which he happily showed by whistling.

“Damn buddy, that’s some fine Pokémon you got there. You opting to become a Ground specialist or something?” The man inquired politely.

“Ahh thank you,” Vincent said graciously. He held out his hands as the items were dropped into them. Among them were his Protector, his TM for Aerial Ace and his Electric Gem. There were some other items that Vincent didn’t recognise though. Before he could ponder them, he heard something about Ground Pokemon.

Vincent looked up and around at his team of 4 Pokemon. Now that he thought about it, his Pokemon were very heavily ground type based. “Oh I guess it’s just a coincidence,” Vincent brushed off. “I also have a Zubat, but her ball broke meaning she’s now trapped in the computer system. I’m going to Vlostik Town to pick her up again.” Vincent went back to his items and held them up. “Where did you get these? They aren’t mine.”

The items he held up were a second TM with a label saying Rock Polish and a couple of Razor items, the Razor Fang and the Razor Claw. When Vincent held up the items, his Gligars ears perked up and her head turns towards him. Vincent noticed this and separated the two Razor items, Gligar’s eyes sticking to the Razor Fang. Without looking away from Gligar, Vincent handed the Razor Claw and the TM back to the mystery man. “You can hold onto them. I think this item might have something to do with Gligar.” Vincent put the Razor Fang into his bag along with his other items. And then Vincent remembered the elephant in the room, the whole reason this guy probably came to find Vincent again.

“One last thing… do you still have my White Gold Bracelet?” Vincent questioned. “Also, before you give it back to me, why are you so adamant that it’s yours? I found that in the desert. I didn’t steal it if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Post Word Count: 1,326
Total Word Count: 11,430
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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A frown formed on Leonard’s face when he heard what had happened to the sole Pokémon the man didn’t have with him at this moment. That sounded bad, but he was a bit uncertain about it. He’d never have need for that system, and his brother never mentioned a similar problem from his own journey’s tales. The least he could do was offer his condolences then.

“Ah, I’m sorry to hear that about your Zubat buddy. I hope things’ll get fixed quickly.” The frown changed into an owlish expression when the shorter man only took a couple of items, shoving the remaining ones back in his hands. For a moment there, Leonard was completely floored as he had not expected that offer of kindness. It kind of made him feel like an ass about keeping the nugget a secret. The thought lingered for a second before he shoved it aside, opting to be grateful for the young man’s decision. The bearded man kept a solid grasp on the items and patted the other human on the shoulder, as loud laughter escaped his lips. He may not have checked his strength, and hit the lad harder than he intended though.

“Hahaha, you’re a really great guy you know that, buddy?! You’re making me feel like a total ass for being so hostile to you back when we met. Oh yeah, that reminds me!” Recalling a part of the reason why he chased after the man, Leonard shoved the items that Vincent didn’t want in one of his pockets while searching in his other ones for the item in question. With an exclamation of triumph, Leonard pulled out the bracelet that almost made him deck the blond straight in the face.

“Here you go, buddy. As good as I found it!” His cheek splitting smile settled down to a bashful grin while he scratched his cheek with a finger.

“I’d like to apologize for acting as I had during our meeting. You see, one of my younger sisters has a bracelet that looks almost exactly like that one. Just the thought of someone breaking in my sis’ home and possibly harming her made me so hostile.” The man proceed to clap his hands and kept them together while bowing his head slightly. He ignored the affronted expression Fern carried at his action. No doubt the creature thought that Leonard had done no wrong whatsoever. He wouldn’t be surprised if the Dark type’s glare intensified at the thought of someone making him ask for forgiveness.

“I’m really sorry!”

Vincent took the bracelet from the large man, an odd moment but it was nice to settle the dispute. And then he began to explain why he reacted the way and Vincent’s heart dropped. His face dropped. His arms relaxed yet he still clutched the bracelet. He didn’t even consider the idea that this bit of jewellry could have that sort of backstory, even if there was a high chance it wasn’t the exact one his sister owned.

And then the man apologised and Vincent felt even worse. He wasn’t sure if the man could tell, but his team of ground Pokemon noticed. He very quickly spoke up. “Oh jeez, no no no, please don’t apologise.” Vincent lifted his arms up to try and make him stop, his eyes landing on the bracelet. He clenched it tight in frustration, and then relaxed once more. Vincent held the bracelet out to the man in such a way so he could clearly see it.

“Look. If there is even the smallest chance that this bracelet is your sisters, then take it,” Vincent said solemnly. “I don’t hold any emotional attachment to it.” Vincent laughed a little bit. “Heck, I just found it in the sand. It’s not mine. Honestly I was just going to hold onto it, maybe give it as a gift or even sell it.” He then pushed the bracelet closer to the large man. “But if this is your sisters, and I keep it, it’d make me no better than any common thief.” Vincent thought back to his time in Durskrim Town, when a young street girl stole his Itemfinder. He knew that she had difficult circumstances but he has no excuse to keep the item. “I insist you take it. And don’t worry about it. I may look like a common thug I’m certainly not one.”

Leon shook his head at the blond’s shoving and refused to take the item. It wasn’t his, it wasn’t his to take, and the blond had found it fairly in a desert. It just would not be fair of Leon to take even more than what he had already gotten.

“Nah, don’t worry about it. After taking a closer look at it, I’m positive it isn’t my sis’. Hers has an additional sapphire right in the middle.” The man pointed at the bracelet, showcasing that it did not possess such a gem.

“You found it, so why don’t you keep it?” He offered with a smile on his face. “Hopefully you’ll be able to meet the original owner.”

With his piece said, and the subject over with as far as he was concerned, Leonard focused his gaze on the other man’s Pokémon. He couldn’t help the wistful smile appear on his face, wondering if he’d ever get a team of his own. Guess for now he’d have to settle with only having Fern, although Leon didn’t think the Pokémon minded that all too much. The man just hoped that the pair he brought along from Sagan’s Den will have made the Grass type more open to the thought of newcomers before their departure.

“So, do you have any clue to get out of this place? We’ve been stuck here quite a while.” He questioned with a bashful smile, while Fern rolled his eyes at Leon’s understatement. The Grass type was quite sure that if the other Colliers hadn’t prepared enough food to last them a month, even though the nearest town was only a few days away, the two of them would have long past out from hunger. If there was one Pokémon Fern would welcome - well, wouldn’t be completely offensive to might be a better wording - it would be one with a perfect sense of direction.

Vincent was taken aback somewhat by the refusal to take the bracelet, but nevertheless smiled. He put the bracelet back into his bag and was asked about a way to get out of the caves. Vincent wasn’t sure but he thought that maybe the holocaster might be able to help.

He pulled his device out of his pocket and pushed a button to turn the thing on. Sure enough, a map icon was on the home screen, shining blue from the holocasters light. Vincent pushed the icon and a holographic map appeared in front of everyone, a green orb denoting where Vincent was located. “All right, let’s see if this’ll help,” Vincent said. He placed two fingers into the map, where the green orb lay, and split his fingers apart, causing the map to expand. It seemed like a decent idea, until Vincent noticed that the map only showed a few caves. The entrance and the exit. In between the mapped caves, there was a holographic void, showing nothing at all. And in the middle of that nothing was Vincent’s location.

“Crap…” Vincent muttered under his breath as he put the device away mareepishly. He wasn’t out of ideas though. He had just recently caught a Pokemon that knows these caves well. Vincent took out two of his Pokeballs and withdrew Aron and Gligar, leaving only Rhyhorn and Cubone, whom was still using her bone to hit the ground gently. Vincent knelt down to the bone pokemon and beckoned over his friendly Rhyhorn, hoping she might be able to convince the Skull Pokemon to help them.

“Hey there buddy,” Vincent said to the Pokemon. “You ok?” Cubone ignored this and continued to hit the ground. “We’re a little bit lost. I was hoping you would be able to help u-”. A white bone flew up into Vincent’s face causing him to be knocked back and silenced very quickly. Cubone held her arm out a little longer before returning to hitting the ground. Vincent said from his fallen position. “Rhyhorn, could you help me please…”

Rhyhorn, after seeing this display, walked over to the clearly upset Cubone and lay down next to her. Using Thunder Fang, Rhyhorn nuzzled Cubone, hoping to creating a tingly, comforting feeling rather than a painful shock that would be the norm for Pokemon other than Ground or Electric types. Her nuzzling continued until the Cubone began to become restless. She jumped up and began laughing, trying to push Rhyhorn away with her Bone Club. Rhyhorn backed off, also laughing, giving Cubone some room to breathe. Vincent sat back up, a small mark had formed on his forehead next to his other scar.

“Hey Cubone,” Vincent cooed. “I hope you’re feeling better.” Vincent picked up the calmed down Cubone, who tensed upon being touched, but then looked up at her lift. “Do you think you’d be able to help us get out of here?” Cubone blinked a couple times, not sure what the blonde man had just said. She turned to Rhyhorn who barked and grunted a few times. Cubone nodded and jumped off Vincent’s lap and walked towards the far cave entrance.

Vincent stood and made a gesture to Cubone for the sake of the other guy. “After you.”

Word Count: 1,595
Total Word Count: 13,035
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Vincent Straum

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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

A fond smile formed on his face as he watched the shorter man’s antics with his Pokémon. The man certainly had his heart in the right place if all he did was request aid from another Pokémon after getting assaulted by his own. Leonard was certain there were more than a few who’d be far less forgiven. Especially if the assaultant had just tried to fight them for no apparent reason mere minutes ago. At the smaller man’s offer, Leonard simply shook his head and waited for Vincent to move ahead. He didn’t want to get in between a Trainer and their new Pokémon. As far as he was concerned, the two should bond as much as possible. Not to mention how it would put Fern more at ease to have these ‘unknowns’ in front of them. Saves the Grass type some additional stress in having to look behind him every other step.

“Ya sure got a way with Pokémon, buddy.” The larger man couldn’t help but voice his thoughts after seeing Vincent’s actions with his newest additions.

“I caught a few Pokémon myself some time ago, and it took me quite a bit of time and food before they started to open up to me. Oh well, I ain’t going to complain to having a local get us out of here. Bahahah!” With that booming laughter Leonard soon fell silent, content to simply enjoy the walk they as he gazed up the ceiling. After a few moments in silence, there was a thought that tickled his mind. The more he let it stew in his head, the more worrying it became. In the end, he couldn’t ignore the possibility of them getting screwed over and decided to pose the question that was blaring in his mind.

Lowering his gaze in order to converse with the lad, he was stopped by a slap on his knee. Blinking in confusion, Leonard was forced to lower his gaze even further in order to look at Fern. The Pokémon in question pointed at Leonard’s shoulder. Smiling fondly at his starter, the man bent down so that Fern could easily climb up his shoulder. “Here ya go, Fern.”

To his surprise however, the Pokémon shook its head and pointed to his shoulder again before making a form in the air that looked strangely like a T. But the strange part about the form was that the upper line was slightly bent. He then watched as his Pokémon made motions as if grabbing something with both hands before swinging it down on the nearby ground. Staring dumbly for a couple of seconds, it suddenly dawned just what exactly Fern was referring to.

“Fuck!” While not one for swearing, this current situation most certainly justified it. Turning his head to Vincent, Leonard frantically explained his sudden outburst.

“I’m sorry, buddy, but it seems I forgot my pickaxe back where we fought those blokes! Gimme a second, I’ll go fetch it and be right back!” He hollered as he ran at full speed back from where they came, Fern hot on his heels after sending a scathing look at other human and his Pokémon. Almost daring any of them to follow them.

It took them a couple of minutes to backtrack, as Leonard’s sense of direction already got challenged on a straight road, but luckily Fern had impeccable navigational skills. Which had been more of a must to develop for survival purposes for the little guy rather than instinct. Once they got in the open room, Fern immediately jumped up on Leonard’s shoulder. No way in hell was it going to keep its distance in a place where they had fought earlier. While he saw no conscious creatures, that did nothing to settle down his nerves. The human on the other hand didn’t seem to bother checking for hostilities, far more interested in retrieving his trusty axe.

After looking around and upturning a few rocks, Leonard finally found his pickaxe. He had must have placed it on the ground next to him when he’d been looking for medicine to treat Fern’s wounds. “Hahahah, oh man. I don’t know what Dad would have done to me if he knew I lost this!”

Feeling complete at long last, Leonard turned on his heel in order to return to Vincent but it soon dawned to him that he had absolutely no clue where he came from. He’d been frantically going from one side of the spacious room to the next, and long forgotten the corridor where he came from. Turning his head to Fern, the man couldn’t help but smile bashfully at the deadpan expression on his Pokémon’s face. No doubt the creature had come to the same conclusion. “Heheh, guess I did it again huh? You wouldn’t have remembered where we came from, did ya Fern?”

The creature gave a sigh of frustration before beckoning the human to follow him. Leonard didn’t see the satisfied smile that plastered itself on Fern’s face as the creature led him in the complete opposite direction where they came from. That was one group of meddlers that wasn’t going to be a risk to his human any longer. Now if only he could get rid of the rock and the pink one.

As they walked on through the cave, Vincent was taken aback by the sudden swear echoing across the walls. The other guy explained where he was going and rushed off back. Vincent yelled back, hoping the echo would reach him. “Ok then! I think I can feel fresh air! I’ll go on ahead!”

Vincent did so and continued to walk on, following his Cubone until eventually the cool air of nighttime brushed his face. He was finally out of the caves. Vincent looked back and the blue glow of the cave walls, extremely happy to be out but a little sad he probably wouldn’t see them again, at least for a very long time.

Vincent decided to hang around the cave exit for a short while, after all he had just left a guy behind, hoping he would catch up. Rhyhorn sat on the ground allowing for Vincent to have an unusually soft perch to sit against. Cubone also joined him, seeming to have grown a little closer to Vincent, although not by much.

Two hours passed by and there was no sign of this guy. They weren’t that far away from the exit. Vincent was already worried about the man a while ago, but it soon dissipated into mild anger. “That guy! I thought we’d become buddy buddy, but no. I guess he didn’t want any of it.” Vincent let out a huge sigh and picked himself up. “Come on guys.” Vincent pulled out the Pokeball and Great Ball of Rhyhorn and Cubone and returned them safely inside. Vincent hoisted up his bag and walked on his way, following a sign that said Vlotik Town.

“Now that I think about it…” Vincent just realised. “I don’t think he ever told me his name…”

Post Word Count: 1,173
Total Word Count: 14,208
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!

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RP Notes

  • “White Gold Bracelet” oooh pretty.
  • LMFAO Vincent. if only I could do that /shot
  • Aww I like Leonard’s established atmosphere.
  • B-But Aron is over 100lbs. That’s one strong ass Gligar with little attack…
  • Geez, I love how only Fern has a name while both Characters’ pokemon don’t.
  • Wow! What a lovely way to transition into the characters meeting. I love it!
  • These error tho… Need proofreading. They’re stacking up…
  • Ugh Gligar and Aron are so kyute.
  • Yes yes details Vincent. Dat backpack strap. ♥
  • Leonard’s train of thoughts. Yassss~
  • Bruh. Dat bearded man is ginormous. I’d just cower in fear lol.
  • “Flying Nosepass” tho.
  • Low key, I thought Natrio was “Naruto”…
  • Quite the amount of directions.
  • Uh, wait what? First Gligar gets recalled then immediately is sent out again? What? Why? How? What timespan? Why? @@;;;
  • Lmfao Fern.
  • Not bad guys. Not bad at all~
  • Sadness. None of the wild encounters had their personalities at all…
  • Oh, what a convenient catch for that Cubone…
  • YEAH. Innocent until proven guilty man!
  • Aww the bracelet conversation was wonderful~
  • So much for an apathetic Cubone.
  • LMFAO. That tie to the beginning. Nice finish line!

Topic Record

  • Vincent and Leonard are in Miner Memorial Caves.
  • Vincent encounters a wild Nosepass!
  • Vincent attempts to catch the Nosepass, but the capsule gets crushed. (-1 Great Ball)
  • Leonard also encounters the Nosepass and lets it pass.
  • Rhyhorn consumes a Leppa Berry! (-1 Leppa Berry)
  • Vincent and Leonard meet.
  • The duo encounters a wild Bronzor!
  • Vincent goes after the Bronzor, but is attacked.
  • Fern attacks the Bronzor!
  • Gligar attacks the Bronzor too.
  • Gligar defeats the wild Bronzor! (+11 EXP)
  • Fern defeats the wild Nosepass! (+15 EXP)
  • The duo suddenly encounter a wild Cubone and wild Larvitar who whips up a sandstorm!
  • Gligar poisons Cubone.
  • Gligar uses Knock Off on Larvitar! (Nugget is obtainable)
  • Vincent catches Cubone! (-1 Great Ball; See Wrap-Up)
  • Gligar is defeated by Larvitar.
  • Fern defeats the Larvitar! (+7 EXP)
  • Fern finds a nugget. (+1 Nugget)
  • Vincent uses Antidote on Cubone. (-1 Antidote)
  • Vincent uses Revive on Gligar. (-1 Revive)
  • Leonard uses Potion on Fern. (-1 Potion)
  • Leonard gives Vincent [Delimas] items. (Already Catalogued)
  • Leonard forgets his pickaxe in the caves, and the duo go their separate ways.
  • Leonard and Vincent continue on their journey…

Topic Evaluation
Vincent Straum

TAT: - Seeing the Sights: 5 AP
- Making Friends: 8 AP
- Nursing: 11 AP
- To Be The Best: 6 AP
- Gift Giving: 3 AP
- TLC: 10 AP
- Technology Buff: 3 AP
- Oooh Shiny: 3 AP

Topic: 11 EXP
Evaluation: 24 EXP
Total: 35 EXP

Dians: *dian* 3,711

Bonuses: Star Posts, Long Duration
Penalties: N/A

Evaluation Wrap-Up (Click here!)

Leonard Arden Collier

TAT: - Seeing the Sights: 5 AP
- Making Friends: 5 AP
- To Be The Best: 9 AP
- Silver Tongue: 3 AP
- Nursing: 10 AP
- TLC: 10 AP
- Oooh Shiny: 10 AP

Topic: 32 EXP
Evaluation: 27 EXP
Total: 59 EXP

Dians: *dian* 4,102

Bonuses: Star Post, Long Duration
Penalties: N/A

Evaluation Wrap-Up (Click here!)

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!

This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
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Sonak Paetdee
Kian Conrad
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