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[Evaluated]Over the river and through the...Field?; Solo/Event
Topic Started: 25 Aug 2017, 12:04 PM (322 Views)
Posted Image Saruwatari
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When he'd heard about the Highlands, he expected some monstrous field with grass as tall as his abdomen or greater that he'd have to wade through for countless hours until he found a single clearing. Occasionally he'd notice an estranged pokemon skirting the edge of his vision. In the distance he could see spots where that easily would've been the case. On his current path though, what he found instead was rolling slopes with a few inches of grass in some patches. Others had clumps about up to his shins. There was no real path for him to follow, but at times he'd find worn down stretches that were just as effective. Besides. As long as he kept to the same general direction he'd eventually reach where he wanted to go right? It looked like he'd not be wanting much for shade either. At any given moment he could see at-least two tree's, even if they were a bit spaciously placed.

Saruwatari stopped atop the hill he'd just crested. Palms extending skywards for a moment and fingers laced with each-other over his head. The shiver of delight that followed his stretch wasn't quite enough to articulate just how good the gesture felt. The weight of his bag and guitar case, both of which bulged like a large deformity from his back, was evenly distributed and safely strapped to his thin physique. The faint soft warm tufts of air brushing the back of his neck through long crimson silken hair indicated that Cinder was still asleep and nestled atop his backpack. The faint scent of incense burning from the container tied around Cinder's neck. It had been a cool little trinket he found, and felt fitting for a pokemon that could generate heat and spew fire. The small fire type at-least, was quiet. The loud squealing behind him though. That was the opposite story. In-fact, he was almost certain that every wild pokemon within the sweeping landscape could hear Lily as the tiny Mawile came waddling over the hill as fast as her tiny legs could carry her.

The glint of light that cast a sudden cruel glimpse of sunlight upon Saru's peripheral vision was enough to tell him that she also still brandished the spatula his mother had given her. The boy's mom had treated Lily more like a grandchild than a Pokemon. The spatula was the same one the small steel type had used when assisting her trainers mother in making pancakes for him. If that'd been the only effect granted to the tiny pokemon it might not have been so strange. However she was sporting a small bag that dangled around her neck. A small pocketbook that was like a backpack to her. Waving that spatula with absolute jubilation, Lily squealed with delight and began running around Saruwatari in circles when he stood still to stretch.

One hand then lowered to his brow, attempting his best to alleviate the duress such brightness had inflicted upon his multi-hued eyes. At-least until Lily moved to a different side of him and the glint wasn't casting a patch of blinding murder light upon his visage any longer. The sun had just started setting, and it would be deep into dusk before he knew it. Then he wouldn't have to worry about Lily blinding him with her spatula. He'd only have to worry about her tripping over her pocket-book backpack constantly. Though, all things considered...

"I...suppose with that you...do look kind of cute."

His mother had said she was cute. He had to agree. Lily's delighted squeal at her trainer's praise as she excitedly began to flail and paddle around him in circles was almost loud enough for him to regret the praise. Not quite though. Having paused long enough though, Saru cast a glance towards a small pair of tree's and opted to set it as his destination. He could make that spot his camp site for the day and relax. After all, he couldn't go walking himself to death could he? Long strides started to carry him down the hill, the steady pitter-patter of Lily rushing alongside him never far behind.

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Saruwatari • Guitarist • Total EXP Gained: 146 • Dians: *dian* 6372 Location: Djenganti Monastary

Saru’s Pokemon
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Posted Image Saruwatari
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Dusk had set in. The sky was stained with a colorful mix. Along the horizon shades of orange and red like freshly fallen maple leaves. Above the violet hues stained throughout the expanse of blue like a block of ink slowly spreading upon fresh white parchment. Saruwatari was quietly leaning back against the solid base of a sturdy old tree. His quizzical gaze scanned it for a moment, head craned upwards. Huh... With absolutely no clue as to what kind of tree, he would simply settle for "Big tree in the field" as his choice of landmark descriptor. The excitable ball that was Lily had finally tired out and was settling silently against Saru's hip. By settled, in reality she had nearly jammed her jaw like horn against his side and curled up against him so tight he was fairly certain some part of his lower torso had been dislocated. She was clutching the metallic spatula to her tiny body as a child might embrace a stuffed bear. The crackle and pops of flame consuming kindling sporadically drew his attention. Though soft, an orange light cast over his reclining figure with tongues of flame dancing and writhing around lapping insatiably at the air above.

His guitar case was resting on a patch of slightly raised moss clumped like a tiny island in a sea of green. Of-course his guitar was laying in the flipped over lid and not actually in it. That right had been reserved for another many moons ago(or just three) and had not been given rights to any other since. The soft snoring of a particularly plump ball of fuzz and heat was discernible in the fairly quiet evening setting. At this point Saru was enjoying himself with his bag resting on the side not occupied by the undeniable affections of a particularly needy Mawile. In-fact, he could've drifted off then and there cast in the radiating heat of a campfire that nestled him into a lull as the chilled evening air and comfortable warmth of the flames placed him in perfect relaxation. It was almost a perfect sensa-


His eyelids snapped open so fast that he didn't visually register everything at first. Twin shaded eyes of hazel and crimson darted to the sight of true terror which had so happily called out to him. The shout hadn't just roused him. With a startled squeal and rather sudden jerk, Lily was flailing to get up. Saru's thigh was assailed by a spatula at-least three times before the squirming pokemon had risen and was looking about. Cinder...remained perfectly sound asleep. Saru's gaze cast briefly in the slumbering starter's direction as he grumbled.

"No really Cinder. You keep resting. Wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced or anything. "

Still shaking off the lingering sentiment of a blissfully pleasant doze he might've taken were reality a kind mistress of any sorts, Saru finally looked back to the offensively colorful Katarina who had just showed up once more. The girl was wearing a light blue dress covered in different badge like pins and baubles, all looking like different colors. Combined with the segments of skin showing that were also adorned in various works of body art that looked too colorful to be permanent, she was still just as much an assault on his eyes as ever. The sheer discontent in his quiet huff as he grudgingly sat up further, until he was like a perfect example of a 90 degree angle, was almost audible enough to draw her notice. Messy silken red hair clung to the young male's visage as he tried his best to repress the memories of his last interaction with Kat. His tone was almost perfectly flat as he did his absolute best to simply display no discernible emotion. It was easy enough, he just had to show his lack of interest.

"Hello Katarina. Did you need something?"

A bit rude of a greeting perhaps, but he was hoping it would detour her. It was the absolute closest he could get to directly being mean. Though being dismissive was mean enough in its own way. He couldn't be straight up mean though. She just...really really annoyed him. Who knows. Maybe she'll end up calming down a bit o-

"OhhhhhhmyArcheus one second!"

The girl was positively glowing as she approached. Though she was also literally glowing. The number of fluorescent lights coming off her from soft neon glow bands coiled around her arms at multiple parts and dangling from her neck. She would be the type of girl to travel wearing them wouldn't she? When the girl had stopped near the camp fire only to place a foot behind her and look back he briefly felt his heart rise at the prospect of her leaving. The moment she shouted in that sing-song like voice of hers however it sank down once more.


Saru didn't have to look very far to know where sunny was. The tiny Helioptile was just as heavily adorned in glowbands as her owner and making about twice the noise Lily ever made, albeit in chirps and huffs and grunts and squeaks. A far more varied array of noises to be sure. It was like someone had forced him to look at not only the sun, but a mirror next to the sun and pointed at him.

Saruwatari leaned closer to the tree and tucked his knee's inwards. Extending a hand to rest atop Lily's head. The sudden giggle like squeals as she eagerly nuzzled against his palm were reassuring. The last thing he needed was her sprinting off to play with such an energetic pokemon and him never be able to calm her down. He'd simply sacrifice a hand to her possession for the time being. Given how the tiny steel type's paws were already clutching his hand and making it pet her, that could be quite a while. Before Saru had much of a chance to continue the excitable female trainer started to speak again.

"You remember don't you silly? We were going to travel together!! Your soooo lucky that I caught up to you! It's really quiet here otherwise!"

Oh no how terrible. What ever would I do with some time to think or breath in peace.

"BUTTTTT never fear! Sunny and I are here now! Oh oh oh!
Isn't she so cute!? I got her more bands!!

Right. The walking light show was her style wasn't it? Kat said it was cute. Saru thought it was stupid. However his passive expression concealed any distaste he felt as the crimson haired trainer merely replied initially with a simple blink. In that moment, Lily's abundance of energy looked so exceptionally tame. At this point though it was mute trying to turn Kat from the little camp-site he'd made. He knew only too well what an unstoppable force of nature she was when she set her mind to anything. Better to sway with the current then break in the tides after all. The best he could hope for was another form of relaxation. Something to distract him.

Saru extended his left hand towards the guitar case. Even when leaning it was about two inches out of reach. At this point Katarina had started talking again about her pokemon's glow bands, but he was quietly reaching for that black hardened case. He tried to expand his influence, tapping into that slowly growing trait he had. The guitar case shuddered for a moment. Twitching at the invisible force as Saruwatari tried to telekinetically pull it forwards. Heavy objects were not his forte. Luckily he just had to get it a little closer, and didn't have to lift it off the ground. It budged again, and he persistently kept up his efforts while taking great pains to ignore Kat further who was now saying something about some pair of "super hot roller-blades" or whatever. The relief as he felt his index and middle finger hook over the top of the guitar-case was just slightly beneath the relief when he stopped trying to mentally pull the thing. Before clutching the guitar, he had to rub his temples with his free hand.

Boy. Was everything supposed to be spinning like that?

He had to shake his head for a moment to ward off the dizziness and then quietly slipped his palm under the guitar neck, lifting it up slowly before quietly extracting his right hand from Lily. The whines and complaints he heard in protest were expected ones as he used his other hand to lift the guitar out quietly and rest it against his abdomen. After plucking up a mint green pick with a speckled white swirl design on it, and pinching it between his teeth for a moment to test the strings with a ghost like graze of experienced fingers, he froze and looked back up at Katarina.

Oh right. She's still here.

The orange haired girl dropped her left hand, Saru only now noticing the traveling bag she was holding. With a soft thud the bag landed on the ground as Katarina plopped down with an almost visible bounce. Sunny's excited noises slightly reminiscent to him of Lily when the glowing electric type lizard started climbing up Kat's arm before perching upon her right shoulder. The quiet refreshing sound of his strings humming as he ran a few fingers over them met his ears before Katarina chimed in once more.

"SO SARU! How was the walk here?"

Taking a second to extract the guitar pick from his mouth, Saruwatari began to strum quietly while his fingers glided along the metal strings of his guitar. His eyes drifting to the neck as he answered absently.

"Decent. Uneventful. Didn't encounter any Pokemon yet.
Didn't even bother to use the Repel's yet. Might've wasted money on those.

He paused, before acting on the basic common decency that his conscience nagged at him for excluding earlier.

"Did you enjoy your walk here?"

The simple acknowledgement had the girl lightning up as if she and her pokemon had both just used flash. He felt the hairs on his neck stand and his skin crawl at the notion of any human being so..enthusiastic. He might've shivered slightly as well. A small one.

"Aww thanks for asking! It went super well! Okay, so fiiiiiiirst~"

By everything made holy by Mew, Arceus, and every other mythical power ever, I don't know that I can endure this..

The fire crackled, sending a few embers adrift like tiny fireflies. As they drifted skywards, Saru started to quietly strum on his guitar. Lily clutched onto his elbow and nuzzled into the crook beneath his arm. Cinder hadn't even bothered with waking up. Kat was still talking while Sunny made incoherent noises of excitement and yet, in the distance, a single quadrupedal shadow started to move beneath a tree atop a hill. So subtle, that none had bothered to notice it. The night was just getting started.
Saruwatari • Guitarist • Total EXP Gained: 146 • Dians: *dian* 6372 Location: Djenganti Monastary

Saru’s Pokemon
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Posted Image Saruwatari
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The voice that snagged his attention was almost tolerable at this point. The obnoxiously bright dressed female sitting across the small campfire from him was still rocking about on her rear while staring him down, but she seemed to have burnt her enthusiasm enough to be dropped down a peg or four. The entire time she'd been rambling earlier his fingers had danced along the metal strings which ran the length of his guitar. Now he slowed them to a quiet strum with him diverting more interest towards her. At this point the crimson haired youth felt a bit more inclined to interact with hyper Katarina. Shifting his gaze towards her, he pivoted slightly before quietly speaking up.

"Yes Kat?"

He even made an attempt to tuck the silken threads of hair dangling in his face, to ensure they didn't continue to be a hindrance while he looked to her. Uncertainty stained her face as she started to focus heavily on the fire instead, speaking more towards it than him while she clutched at the lizard like electric type pokemon who had been clinging all over the colorful trainer. It seemed despite being called "Sunny" it was not perpetually awake.

"Do you ever worry that you won't make it? Like...as a trainer?"

The girl's tone caught him a bit, as if he'd almost forgotten who he was speaking to. Saruwatari was quiet for a moment, and he found his fingers halting after a moment. In that hanging silence he nearly became hyper aware of Lily's embrace on his elbow. He didn't realize how warm she could be despite being categorized as a "steel" type Pokemon. Perhaps he'd simply always assumed metal was perpetually cold? Maybe she was just warm from the radiating heat that the camp fire was letting out. For the first time since he'd met Katarina, Saru felt like he could speak to her without the instinctive filter or projected nonreactive facade.

"I think every trainer worries about that. We are betting our livelihood on this, after all. At the same time though, I think that success is something we can't control purely on our own."

Katarina blinked a few times in absent thought as if trying to chew on and better ponder his implications. The girl did something that he normally would have mirrored, if not for the guitar in his arms. Katarina tucked her legs up and hugged them to her chest before resting her chin atop her knee's and tilted her head in curiosity. He didn't need her question to continue with the answer to her unspoken uncertainty. At this point, Saruwatari couldn't help but grin at-least a little. Not when he thought of that time. So recent, yet long ago it felt like.

"Well I think back to when I got Cinder right?"

As if on que there was a quiet snort from the slumbering Cyndaquil, but otherwise it showed no indication of rousing. Saru straightened a bit more against the tree and gently placed his guitar at his left side. Having to bend and angle himself with Lily quietly clinging to him even tighter as if to prevent his elbow from escaping her tiny clutch. Saruwatari chuckled when his gaze momentarily fell to her. Before continuing he bestowed a gentle pat along the top of her head before he cast his eyes back to the writhing tongues of fire lapping at the evening sky. The faint lull of the warmth setting an almost soft atmosphere to the air around them.

"I remember how crazy it seemed. I mean, Professor Marshall was...not what I expected from a registered and renown Pokemon Professor. Though I'm er, not quite sure what I did expect. "

"Ohhhmigosh! He was soooo funny when I m-"

Saruwatari quietly held up his hand, as if to respectfully curb her enthusiasm. At-least until he was done so he could go back to his guitar. He continued after giving Katarina a moment to calm herself again. The quietly uttered "Sorry" from her was indication enough he could continue. Right before his gaze drifted towards the fire he saw the girl stifle a yarn and recline onto her side a bit.

"The fact that a Snubbull was wandering his lab and kept um...sniffing my shin. That was a fairly weird occurrence. I also didn't think someone so unorganized and disheveled could be one of Godai's greatest minds. I had almost gotten distracted by how strange it all was."

The trainer paused again and cast his glance towards Cinder. A small urge wished that he'd pulled the guitar case closer just so he could pet the tiny ball of fiery fuzz. He instead looked back to the camp fire and continued his story.

"I wasn't sure if I'd made the right choice when I first said I wanted a Cyndaquil either. Absolutely no part of me was certain, and I even felt a bit worried when the Professor made us play "Hide and Go Seek" together. If only because I well...found him sleeping there."

A single pale arm lifted to point towards the guitar case at his side, finger directly square in direction to Cinder's current spot.

"I'd always imagined that my Pokemon would turn out to be this ironclad composed powerhouse. I didn't know what I could do with a Pokemon that fell asleep so quickly or just decided to pass out like that on a whim. When Professor Marshall asked me to battle with him I was...almost certain that it was not going to end well. Mind you his Lotad, Ken I think it was,
disobeyed him a few times. So I wasn't as impressed by the fact that we won.
What surprised me was how much Cinder was willing to, well, endure for me. He was only fighting because I wanted to. He probably just wanted to sleep again. Instead he fought. I figured out by the end of that moment, that it was our Pokemon's will that would determine how well we did just as much as our own. We can only keep their will up by doing right by them, but it's still up to them. I think if you just keep doing that, you'll be fine. Then again I am just as new to this as you are so don't take it as law obviously.

He glanced up with a slightly calmed expression. Almost melancholy. If he'd been bold enough even an impressed look that Katarina had managed to let him finish. That all changed the moment he saw her. The girl had fallen asleep! Quietly snoozing curled up amidst the warmth of the flames across from him, just slumbering away! Saruwatari scowled for a second before the quiet half whimper of Lily as she sleepily nestled against his arm diverted his focus. His glance towards her, then Cinder, melted away every ounce of frustration he would've directed towards the girl. With a single sigh discharging all that negativity, Saru clasped his palm towards Lily's head and gently brushed his thumb along it while the Mawile cuddled against him. He propped his head back against the tree and simply let his own eyes close before muttering to himself.

"No really that 's fine. Last story I tell..."
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Saruwatari • Guitarist • Total EXP Gained: 146 • Dians: *dian* 6372 Location: Djenganti Monastary

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Pokemon Encountered

Encounter Link

Friends in Strange Places

By the time he'd woken up from the night prior the sun was already up. Not that it'd at any point dissuaded Lily who was still clinging to his now numb arm. Saruwatari's involuntary grunt as he stood up was reiterated the moment he started to stretch out his back, a rippling series of pops rumbling along his spine as he felt that strange satisfaction when stretching out of a poor poise. That grunt wasn't nearly as loud as the higher pitched whining from Lily when his arm was extracted from her embrace. Her discontent at the shift in position evident by the way she was idly swatting at grass with the metal spatula now clutched by her tiny mitts instead. The camp fire had burnt out at some point in the night, judging by the lack of even smoldering cinders in the pit.

"Well..time to get moving I suppose. Alright Cinder.
Time to move.

The only response he got was a discontented sigh before he saw the tiny fire spewing blob of fuzz begin crawling out of the guitar case. Though he had to take a moment to check it, he safely stowed the guitar away. He frowned at the realization that he was beginning to take worse and worse care of it as he began catering to Cinder more. He'd need to address that. He normally wouldn't have left his guitar outside exposed to elements like that. The thought was dismissed for the immediate though as he raised a hand to stifle a yawn that seemed to draw attention to him from another.

"Your awake!!!! Goooooooooood morning! Did you sleep well!?"

Are you even human? He mused to himself before turning to blink a few times at the blinding, fairly overwhelming radiance that was Katarina as she came bounding over to him. Saru clutched at Cinder's pokeball, tapping the center button for a moment before a small beam recalled the fire type pokemon into it. A second later he also withdrew Lily into her's, doing so while she was distracted to skip any guilt imbuing looks of dismay she might have cast his way at the prospect of not being able to wander with him.

"Right. Morning. "

He cast a single glance at the positions of the tree and the camp fire relative to his own to reaffirm what direction he'd need to head before lifted his guitar case up and slung the strap over his shoulder, grunting for a moment at the shift in weight as Katarina came bounding up to him with a skip in every step. Sunny was dangling from her shoulder and looking around with as much excitement as her trainer.

"SOoooooooo~!? Are we ready?"


He wasn't generally rude, but for some reason it simply came with exceptional ease if anything involved Katarina. Almost startlingly so. Perhaps he'd try to strike up some conversation. Clutching at the necklace bouncing slightly against his upper chest while he started to walk down what little indication of a path there was, he cast his dual hued glance towards Katarina.

"So how should we handle wild pokemon encounters?"

Katarina was still skipping along side him but she seemed to have shifted at-least a small amount of thought towards the question, which he was grateful for. He was in part being exceptionally serious.

"Mmm, what do you mean?"

Saruwatari slipped his right hand beneath the traveling pack he was carrying with him, quietly reaffirming that one of the few cans of repellent he had was still present. At-least to ensure that it could be utilized if handy. He'd gone with the "Never too sure" level of caution.

"Well how will we make sure we can each get a chance to obtain wild pokemon we encounter? It seems only fair doesn't it? At-least,
it removes us fighting each-other over any pokemon we see.

The girl lit up when she caught up with his logic and waved her hand excitedly.

"Ohhhhh right! How abouttttttt I get all the cute ones! Oh!
The energetic ones too! Ohhhh and the pretty ones~! Oh an-

Diverting from his own remarkable restraint, he cut her off. Again.

"How about we take turns? I can start, then the next one is yours unless you don't want it, and then after you get one it'll go back to me,
so on and so forth. Does that work?

The girl's excited nod was like a storm of pig-tails as she affirmed her agreement visibly before the trainers looked towards the path. This was going to be a strange trip, if this set of exchanges was to mark the norm. If he was lucky, things would change at-least somewhat so he could handle her presence more. That or he was going to slip into insanity. The girl and her electric companion had started loudly humming and dancing a tiny jig in step.

All things considered...the latter doesn't sound too bad at the moment.

They'd been traveling for about twenty minutes or so, and Saruwatari had managed to fully tune out the now singing female trainer when he took notice that the patches of grass had grown in height at some point. They were now up to his knee almost in height. The sound of rustling to his right drew his attention further, and he abruptly stopped and extended his left arm to stop Katarina. The delay in it brought her almost bumping into his outstretched limb and he grew overly self-aware in that moment of just how close his arm was to her and his stomach lurched as he realized that she'd almost touched him. The knot forming that almost made him visibly squirm would've perplexed him, had the rustling not gotten louder. Over the hedge line he could see the grass parting as something came racing through it.

Suddenly, a tiny yellow speck flew through the grass. The sound of buzzing at tiny wings rappidly fluttering was accompanied by the sound of tinkling glass almost by the strange "bug noises,", as Saru had instantly opted to dub them, with his gaze following it as it darted around. The small pokemon, a Cutiefly if he recalled, was excitedly weaving around and fluttering. Before he even had a chance to contemplate catching it he heard an extremely loud squeal of delight about a foot to his left and with enough volume to make him question if it was possible for a human to also be a living megaphone. Perhaps Katarina had secretly been an Exploud in a past life? It was strange though. The grass was still rustling but the pokemon had emerged. Was another on the way? For now, he'd focus on the immediate one.

"Eeeeeeee!!! It's soooooooooo cute!!!"

Yes, yes. Cute, sure whatever. Knowing the yellow bug type in name only he was fairly hesitant on if he should catch it or not. They'd agreed he'd go first after all, and the last time he'd hesitated on catching a pokemon or not was when he met Lily. Now he couldn't even imagine the notion of having never met her. The old man's words came to his mind once more, and he reached for the two pokeballs at his hip. He then caught a glance of Katarina who was nearly sparkling with enthusiasm and a small sense of guilt churned within him. Even if she annoyed him, she was nearly jumping towards the pokemon and he didn't know if it was right. In this situation he knew if he let Kat have it, it'd go to a loving trainer if nothing else. Perhaps...

A sudden bark withdrew him from his moral dilemma and seemed to catch the attention of everyone else as well. The grass was still rustling and from it burst a small black dog like pokemon. The Poochyena nearly slid onto its stomach as it erupted from the grass like a spring loaded attack pooch, skidding to the side before flailing as it scrambled to assault the Cutiefly. It instantly lunged upwards and tried to snap at the nimble bug type pokemon which darted around it excitedly. Much like a hound would chase it's own tail this pooch began to chase and snap at the Cutiefly. Saru moved to intervene with an arm retracted when he heard his female companion shriek out. First time he'd heard something other than excitement from her. At-least she could feel something beyond upbeat emotions.

"No! bad Poochy! You leave the Cutie alone!"

Katarina raised a hand as if to swat at the Poochyena, before Saruwatari whipped his hand as if he was throwing a softball. Lily's pokeball flew from it and the light burst out abruptly while he turned and directed his gaze towards Kat. His tone potentially a bit too stern, but not something he'd worry about in the immediate.

"Kat. I'll let you have the Cutiefly. Go er- battle it, or play with it, or what ever. I'll take care of the Poochyena. Lily! Time to shine."

Battle declaration: Lily Vs Poochyena

He started to tunnel in on his focus of the Poochyena, and Katarina's frantic squeal in delight as she tried to grab the Cutiefly drew it away from the Poochyena. Lily's arrival also drew the Poochyena away from Lily as it turned to face her, briefly recoiling for a moment at the sight of her colossal mouth like horn. Saru felt a small measure of assurance. Most pokemon seemed to find it intimidating, as if the great mouth shaped appendage would swallow them whole. It'd proved invaluable already, and her ironclad defense emboldened the efficacy of the strategy. Saru pointed towards the Poochyena with a small grin.

"Lily! Fairy wind!"

The small diva of a pokemon spun her large horns for a moment as her fur rustled and a brief wind began kicking up. Before she could finish entirely the Poochyena lowered his front half and lurched forwards with a sudden, fierce, and rough strike at Lily with its paw. Saru wasn't sure what had shocked him more as his jaw went agape for a moment. The speed at which it'd struck, or the power behind those tiny paws. It wasn't enough to deter Lily though, even if Saru didn't recognize the huff of discomfort from her when she finished spinning. The glistening glitter like particles that gave the air around her a sparkle filled every inch of space seemingly before the current assailed the dark type Poochyena. The hound recoiled in pain before aggressively snarling and shaking its head.

"He's pretty tough for such a little guy. Don't let your guard down Lily! Fake tears!"

Neither should I, just because we have a type advantage. He made sure to simply reign himself in. He remembered just how much surprise he'd felt when battling Cyrus and how fast he'd managed to build up damage on Lily. He couldn't run that risk here. At-least if he could lower it's guard in every aspect then he could finish this fight quickly.

The Poochyena lunged forwards to bite at Lily who lifted her horn in-front of herself in self defense. He could see it. A slight hint of fear at the gesture as it reeled slightly before committing to the attack. It's teeth sank into Lily's side as it bit at her. This time he could hear a squeal of discomfort before big ol' Krookodile tears welled up and began to trickle from the Mawile's cheeks as she started sobbing. Saruwatari's heart sank at the sound and he even felt a big of water brim in his own eyes as he tried to reel himself in. He knew Lily was emotional and he had just ordered her to use a move called "Fake Tears". She was tough enough that it probably didn't hurt much. Though her acting was a bit too good as well, because he now couldn't accurately judge the damage and was trying to calm himself as a fierce paternal instinct welled up within.

The hesitation and conflict was a bit harder to gauge on Poochyena since it was well...a wild pokemon after all. Saru would have to trust his gut.

"Excellent Lily! Use Fairy wind again! It shouldn't take much more!"

The Poochyena lunged forwards once more and fiercely jabbed at Lily, who revealed her true grit. Barely slowed by the strike, she spun around once more and brought a current of glittering wind to bare upon the dark type hound. Saru was suddenly, if not immensely grateful all of a sudden that Katarina was off chasing the Cutiefly and not present to see such a technique. He cringed at the thought of her response. He wasn't the only one that cringed though, as the snarling Poochyena leapt backwards with another ferocious shake of its head before lunging back in.

"Wow. He's...no joke. Tough little guy aren't you! Okay Lily.
Fairy wind once more!

This time the Poochyena was slowed down though. It didn't want to give in. He could see that it was starting to get tired, and Lily's powerful defense and the favor of superior typing was starting to take a toll. The hound rushed forwards and threw its body against Lily with every ounce of force it seemed to have. There was far less effect than it no doubt would have liked and another blast of sparkle laden wind sent it sprawling this time onto its side. He felt his confidence soar and grinned. After a second though it dipped as the Poochyena whimpered. That whimper became a snarl and the tiny body shudders before forcing itself up onto all fours. Shock stricken, Saruwatari clutched at a spare pokeball.

"All that punishment, and your still up?! Aren't Poochyena supposed to be generally weaker? Well..time to catch you at-least!"

As the Poochyena started sprinting for Lily, Saruwatari opted out of commanding her and simply clicked the center of the empty pokeball to activate it before tossing it towards the charging Poochyena. The orb hit it, and opened in an atempt to capture it but before it could even flicker the hound whipped around and bit at the pokeball, catching it between its jaws and cracking the metallic orb after a moment. It sprinted into Lily once more, crashing against her and sent them both sprawling to its side.

At this point Saruwatari was beside himself. Entirely dumbfounded at that. There was tenacious, and then there was this thing! Lily got up after a brief struggle. Even she was starting to get worn down. Her defense was tough, but not impregnable. The Poochyena however, didn't seem to get up as quickly. It was laying on its side and panting with labored breaths. An all too familiar streak of concern and guilt even started to spread in him. He still wasn't used to the fact that he'd have to defeat pokemon like this fairly often. It was easy if it was a trainer's pokemon. He knew they'd get care. Wild pokemon though? He'd no idea what happened to them.

He quietly knelt next to the Poochyena. A hand out-stretched while his other slipped behind his back into the pouch beneath his backpack and smothered to his own back by his guitar case. Fingers tugging for one of the potion canisters. He hesitated only when the Poochyena snapped at his fingers, retracting them just out of biting range. Even then it rolled onto its side pawing at him aggressively. He waited, giving it a few moments to tire out with its struggling before he looked towards Lily.

"Lily come here. Stand next to me and hold out your hand okay?"

Obediently, and excitedly at the prospect of being near her trainer again she waddled over towards his side and Saru gestured towards the Poochyena while clutching her tiny body near where one of the bites was.

"Look Poochy, it's medicine. See? I'm trying to help."

He sprayed some of the canister's contents onto Lily's bite wound. Though there was a slight cringe from her, after a few moments it began to swiftly mend. Not entirely, but visibly. That was all he needed. Saru cast his gaze towards the Poochyena as it reluctantly let its paws flop onto its side and lifted its head away from Saru, as if giving him its consent. In that moment he got a better glance at it. Lily's wind at injured it, but its paws and some parts of its limbs were stained in what looked like dried up blood. It had marks like scars all over its paws that disrupted the growth of fur leaving small exposed patches. Lifting the can and gently placing a hand on its side he muttered to himself as it began to administer the medicine.

"What have you had to go through little guy? Here just...relax okay? This will sting at first, then feel much better. I promise."

There was a brief snarl when he first sprayed it, but after a few moments and some soft application of pressure from his fingers to its side for reassurance, it began to settle into its side. Saru had spent the rest of the canister, or what little was left, and had to use an entire second one to try and finish it. Using two potions between the Poochyena and Lily alone. That wasn't going to be enough though. The dark type was struggling to stand still. Medicine didn't make fatigue go away entirely, and it looked exhausted. Saru reached for a pokeball.

Wait. If your this tough, I think you deserve something different. Something...better. His fingers found the distinguishable little ridges on the great balls he'd obtained, clutching one before he held it out to show it visibly to the injured pooch. He tried to keep his tone as calm as possible.

"Hey you need to rest. You won't be up to full strength if you don't, okay? This will help, trust me. Just try to feel better, yeah?"

The huff as Poochyena withdrew any sign of resistance and flopped back onto its side was consent enough for him. Tapping the center of the blue ball, he tossed it gently towards the wild dark type. It promptly popped open and withdrew it into the contents of the sapphire topped orb which fell to the ground and began to wiggle slightly. After a few brief wiggles and a pause, the center flashed red as it locked and fully captured the Poochyena. Saru picked it up and glanced at it.

"You take a good rest. I have a feeling you needed it Poochy. "

Poochy. Not the most creative of names for a Poochyena. An easy one to remember though.

A sudden high pitched whine broke the silence following that moment as Lily started clutching at his leg and looked up at him with tears rolling down her cheek with tiny greedy paws gripping almost needily as she tried to provoke affection from her trainer.

"Didn't tell you to use fake tears Lily. Nice try though.
I know your not hurt I just healed you.

He said that, but he still almost instinctively reached down to pet Lily atop that tiny head of hers after he stowed away the great ball. Her delight was beyond evident, and she squeezed at his hand and tried to hold onto it as he lifted himself upwards and extracted Cinder's pokeball. His gaze set now off the trail, and towards where Poochyena had come from. What else might he find if he waded through? The grass was still rustling in the distance. Who knew what he'd find?

He glanced around, sneaking a look to make sure he didn't see Kat. With all the hills around she was probably still chasing the Cutiefly. He'd find her soon enough probably. It meant though, if he ran into any other pokemon, they were his. No competition around right?

"Alright Cinder. Let's cut a path!"

The ball flashed with a bright burst of light that quickly formed into his lazy little fire starter. Cinder let out a tiny sigh before it looked to Saruwatari. The crimson haired guitarist pointed towards the patch of grass Poochy and the Cutiefly had burst from.

"Cinder, cut the grass down."

With only a moments pause, Cinder lifted his tiny little head and the flames on his back ignited into a small torrent of brilliant flames. Like he was his own campfire. A condensed burst of fire burst from Cinder's open maw and scorched a majority of the grass in-front of them, burning it away and searing a path for several feet. Saru nodded in improvement with a grin towards Cinder.

"Good job bud! Now we can try to find more wild pok-"

A series of excited barks cut him off. The slight streak of irritation at being constantly cut off lately broiled like a pot of bubbling water upon a stove, only to instantly fade when he saw the source. A Growlithe erupt from the bushes near the edge of the space that had been burned away. It wasn't the right color though. He remembered looking at quite a few images of them, since fire type pokemon were some of his favorite. Maybe it was the light? His pulse quickened when he realized what he was looking at. It quickened again when he saw how fast the Growlithe was running at them though, excitedly barking as small bursts of flame erupted from its mouth in-between moments where its tongue lapped at the air around it.

It was a good thing he wanted to try and catch it, because it didn't seem to plan on leaving him alone.

Battle Summary
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Fires of Friendship

Saruwatari paused instead of before commanding Cinder to attack the Growlithe. It didn't look like it wanted to fight. It just looked like it wanted to play. The fiery pups tail was wagging wildly and it looked as the only thought on its mind was "Play time". Could he just attack something that looked so happy? He didn't have a change to contemplate this before the Growlithe lunged upwards at him, almost instantly sending him sprawling as he shouted in the initial shock as the two surprisingly large paws pushed against his abdomen.


It was more like he'd been punched by two round fists than a puppy tackling him. The wind confidently knocked out of his lungs, he then felt a small and sudden burst of heart singe along the side of his left arm near his elbow. He shouted once more in shock, and more so pain as he fell onto his back roughly. At this point he barely registered the squeal of shock from Lily and he wasn't quite sure he could even hear anything from Cinder as the Growlithe roughly bounced off of him, the force of it kicking off him "playfully" drawing another groan from him. His long red hair now messily and wildly splayed over his face, and a remarkably sore pressure along the length of his back and shoulders from the guitar case and backpack breaking his fall.

"AUGGHHH! G-ngh."

The Growlithe was wagging its tail wildly and hopping around while Lily waddled over frantically towards Saruwatari. He winced before managing to lean up. The Growlithe was leaning its rear into the air with tail frantically wiggling, and he felt the nudge as Lily pushed more of her weight behind him to help sit him up. His gaze found Cinder who was...shaking?

Cinder's entire body quivered. As if it was freezing up. Concern flooded any sense of pain he had and he almost forgot about the Growlithe, until he moved his left arm and felt the singed spot flare in pain. Now freshly burnt and still fairly winded, it was hard to ignore it but his fear for what was wrong with Cinder overtook that. A shudder left the small fire type's pursed maw before a sudden inferno erupted from its back. Flames burning so intensely he could hear the crackling like a small roar, and then even more abruptly Cinder was engulfed in an intense brilliant light. Tongues of heat and flame lashed out at the stalks of grass unfortunate enough to be leaning outwards. In that instant, and with a body forged to its current peak pushed by an unwavering desire to protect its trainer with every ounce of its potential, Cinder Evolved.

Battle Declaration: Cinder vs Growlithe

Saruwatari had never seen evolution in person. He'd heard about it sure, but the implications and the personal relevance to him had always kept him somewhat removed from the experience. When he caught his breath, which was somewhere around the same time he managed to stand up, Saruwatari found himself still in disbelief. Fire billowed wildly from the back of Cinder's much longer body, as if a cloak of sorts. A ridge like fin of flame now also roared upon its brow and down its neck as if his starter had turned into a mowhawk toting fire starter. He only snapped back to the present when the Growlithe started to bark at Lily who was now clinging to Saru's leg. He couldn't blame her. She had a reason to be afraid of fire, and to a degree he almost felt like he did too. He quickly pointed his right hand towards the Growlithe while tucking his left arm into his body somewhat in a more comfortable position.

"Cinder, Flame wheel!"

Cinder didn't hesitate. Nearly acting before he finished the command, the newly evolved starter hopped into the air before curling its leaner, longer figure into a ball and spinning. The flames began churning around its body as the entire length of it configured into a swiftly rotating wheel before racing towards the Growlithe. Saru hopped back, Lily following, as he stared in awe at Cinder. You were never this fast before bud. Wow.

The impact against the Growlithe was a heavy one. He faintly felt the reverberations of the impact through the ground as the Quilava crashed into Growlithe and knocked it back and onto its side. Cinder bounced into the air as he finished the attack before landing on his feet and snarled. Another thing Saru'd never experienced from the fire type. The trail of lingering heat from the passing wheel of fire still lingered through the air by the time the Growlithe got up. Its tail still wagging, and if anything it looked more energetic than when it had been hit before. The Growlithe's chest swelled as it inhaled and Saru cought a brief glint of light igniting between its cheeks. The fire type hound launched a sudden and fierce burst of flame towards the Quilava that met with strong resistance, but enough impact to knock Cinder back.

"Cinder, Smokescreen!"

Though it released the sudden plume of smoke from its mouth like it had as Cyndaquil, as Quilava the discharge was in greater quantity and seemed to fill the same space faster than it had before. The bulbous cloud of smoke choking the air and making it nearly impossible to discern any form of detail from within. It gave Saruwatari a moment to ponder why precisely Growlithe hadn't been phased much beyond just being knocked back by such a strong hit. Cinder seemed to be much more powerful now than before yet it hadn't caused any damage. I know same types generally resist, but is it possible that some are simply immune? A test maybe?

The only problem was that he didn't have any comparison. He hadn't encountered other fire type pokemon to pit past results to. He'd have to try and test it blindly. Saruwatari pointed towards the Growlithe's approximate location. Cinder knew where to strike, being outside the screen. Growlithe didn't yet. Unbeknownst to him and Cinder, Growlithe was staring through the smokescreen with enough ferocity to cause even the boldest of pokemon to shudder. The thick veil of the smokescreen masked it however ultimately rendering such a display wasted and unsuccessful.

"Cinder, Ember! "

Though Cinder's firepower was impressive, the small burst of flames briefly punching open a small hole into the smoke screen before the cloudy mass of darkness re-enveloped the open space, it was no where near as powerful as what the Growlithe had let out. A few seconds later, another strong burst of flames tore through the smokescreen and flew past Cinder and down the road. Saru winced slightly at the sight and pressed his right arm to a non burnt part of his left forearm, gripping it quietly. A few small patches of dirt had even been ignited by the flames like tiny torch-lit guides down the dirt path. The crimson haired trainer turned to look back at the cloud and shook his head a bit as the force of the discharge began to drift the smoke away. Chances were enough had gotten into Growlithe's eyes to irritate it. That'd have to do. It was too strong to try maintaining the veil for cover.

"This isn't going to work if we keep doing it like this.
How then? Cinder, use cut! No more fire attacks!

He had to gamble on that assumption. It was evident that either fire attacks were not going to hurt it, or were doing so little damage that it didn't matter either way. If he was wrong then he'd made this many times harder on both himself and more importantly, Cinder. The Quilava snarled as he registered the command, flames roaring as if to express its intense emotions before rushing with a speed that still shocked the starters trainer. A powerful swipe from Quilava's clawed paw sent the Growlithe skidding backwards, only to bark and roughly smash back into Cinder. The impact of the two crashing so wildly had even rustled the grass stalks next to them before the two broke apart.

"Again, Cut!"

Lily had joined in with a shrill cry and swiped her hand through the air as if reiterating her trainer's command to Quilava, though with the two fire types ferociously clashing was still clinging with the other tiny arm tightly to Saruwatari's leg. Quilava turned onto its side for a moment and spun around the side of the Growlithe that barked before getting swiped at again, roughly biting at Cinder in return. Saru's frown couldn't possibly express the frustration as the Growlithe put up such a struggle. Even then, he couldn't help but notice that despite the fight the Growlithe's tail was wagging. However it dawned on him. All of Growlithe's reactions were direct. It was just throwing itself at Cinder because Cinder was waiting. If it was so much faster, and they'd hindered Growlithe's eyesight they could work with that!

"Cinder, start hopping back every time you swipe at it and then hop again! It should have a hard time following that with the smoke irritating its eyes earlier! Cut then back off!"

The Quilava lashed out with another rough strike at the Growlithe, which let out a higher pitched yelp this time before trying to snap back with gnashing fangs. Saru could hear the sound of the teeth clamping shut as Cinder leapt away from the strike. At this point he didn't care how close the evasions were. Saruwatari lifted a hand to his backpack's lower pocket, brushing his fingers along another ridged great ball until he was able to clutch it out. He didn't know if it was just his luck or a locational difference, but the pokemon on the plains were far stronger than he'd imagined. Saru used his left hand to tuck a few stray strands out of his face. The burnt skin angrily throbbing to remind him that he wasn't supposed to move that arm. He bit his lip and shrugged it before calling out.

"Cinder, Cut one more time! Keep darting around!
I have another idea!

The other downside to leaping back right away was the fact that Quilava wasn't going to be able to fully commit to the strike. Part of Cinder's body was going to have to prepare for leaping away, so he wouldn't be able to throw his full momentum into the strike. That worked for him though as the Growlithe let out another yelp and this time visibly winced at the strike. Cinder's claws were sharp enough to still do some damage it seemed. Still, that yelp was upsetting him. He didn't like how it sounded. The idea of inflicting pain. Saruwatari closed his eyes and lifted the great ball to his forehead quietly, his eyes shutting tighter as he mentally apologized to the Growlithe. Even if, when he opened his eyes, part of him thought it still looked like it was enjoying itself.

It didn't retaliate like he'd thought though. So far it'd mostly stuck to physical strikes unless Cinder hit it with a fire type move. However...

A trail of flames roared from the Growlithe's mouth and hit Cinder square on. The fire starter had just landed from leaping back when the flame spewing pup had reared its head and belted out the burst of heat. Immediately after though, the Growlithe wobbled a bit and drooped its head. As if trying to steady and catch itself. He clutched the great ball tighter.

"Cinder, Quick Attack! Don't give it a chance!!"

He'd almost forgotten about it, so impressed by Cinder's heightened speed already. It was almost hard for him to follow just how suddenly the Quilava launched from its spot, almost as if he had catapulted himself towards the Growlithe. Growlithe hadn't been expecting it either as it let out a shrill yelp at the rough impact that knocked it onto its side. It let out another retaliating snap of its jaws, but Cinder had knocked it hard enough that it didn't react fast enough and bit at the air around it.

The Growlithe slid along the ground for a moment before struggling to get up. Now in almost as bad condition as the Poochyena before. Except this fire type, which Saru was now assuming to be female from the pitch of the barks and yelps, was fairly hardy. He clicked his finger on the center of the ball to activate it before looking to Cinder.

"You did great Cinder. Let me try to wrap this up!
Sorry to cut it short Growlithe, we'll play later!

The fiery dog almost seemed to perk up as Saru spoke. The canines ears lifted and its tail, though seemingly wilting seemed to wag a bit. Saru shouted out as he threw the great ball, with his right hand, towards the Growlithe.

"Time for you to give it a rest now!"

It'd only managed to look towards him for a moment before the great ball popped right against the Growlithe's head, though it had just enough time for its ears to perk even more and look up at the capture device as if he'd thrown a toy before it vanished into the ball. The great ball fell to the ground, jostling and jiggling a little more intensely than the Poochyena before it. The light pulsing and the ball wiggling, and Saru found his heart racing more than it had during the battle before. After a few jostles from the ball, it clicked and flashed red once before fully registering the newly captured Growlithe. At this point Saru exhaled, or tried to instinctively. Instead he found himself gasping a bit. When had he started holding his breath?

As he lowered to clutch at the ball, he was nearly smothered by both Cinder who had actually run over to him and Lily who was flailing and clutching his face desperately. This act caused him to fall over once more, but this time not painfully and by the force of an orange fur laden fire spewing projectile. He managed a laugh in between grunts before quietly pushing the two away, gingerly doing so with his left hand which was frequently being sniffed at by Cinder.

"I appreciate it guys. Thank you for er...caring."

Smiling at them both, Saruwatari stood up after a moment and gazed down at them both.

"Right! So, how about we use one of those handy Maximum Strength Repellents I bought and take a bit of a more relaxing walk, eh guys?"

He wasn't trying to imply he didn't want to run into anymore pokemon. Saru was still only at four total, and he wanted to get as many as possible, but when he moved he could still feel the almost certainly soon to be bruisers aching at his lower stomach and the burn on his left arm. So...he wasn't in a rush either. He suddenly tilted his head in reminder though and quietly lowered for a second as he extracted another potion canister.

"Here Cinder. You could use a pick-me-up I bet. Should hold you over till we at-least find Katarina. Where ever she's gotten off to. I figured the commotion would draw her back."

He lifted his head after tending to Cinder's wounds as best he could without tapping into the swiftly dwindling potion stock too much. Internally he lamented, but externally he managed to project a faint smile. Despite his newly acquired battle wounds, he'd found what he thought would be a very reliable duo in the form of the tenacious Poochy, and the strangely colored Growlithe that he'd most certainly find a terribly suited nickname for.

Sheesh. Tapped my stocks pretty heavy already. Two great balls, a poke ball, and three potions? I'll have to hope I don't get too tapped before I get to union. Bah. For now...to find a walking rainbow.

Battle Summary
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Saru had initially been walking for a few minutes, and managed to climb over another hill with Lily and Cinder trailing behind him. He had been glancing at Cinder a few times as they traveled, still drinking in the sight of him in his new form. He had no problems keeping up now and seemed like he would be able to move around with greater ease. He also looked a bit heavier and seemed far less likely to be easily transported via resting atop the crimson haired trainer's head. At-least if he didn't wanna get some form of neck injury. He'd cross that bridge when the time came at-least. When he actually used the aerosol repellent, he decided to retract Lily and Cinder to their pokeballs. He wasn't sure if it'd have adverse effects on them, and didn't want to take a chance.

Saruwatari was pleasantly enjoying the stroll though overall though. The max-repel seemed to be keeping wild pokemon away quite well, and the sunlight wasn't terribly obnoxious that day with the clouds running interference fairly regularly. Another twenty minutes passed by. At this point Saru was just keeping an eye out for Katarina. How far does one girl chase a stupid bug type? Honestly.Cresting the second hill since his previous encounters, and turning to look down the slope, he instantly heard an all too familiar squeal. Only this time it didn't sound like it was in delight. Saruwatari started sprinting down, making his best efforts not to get caught up and slip or slide along the grass as he chopped up his strides into partial motions. The weight of his guitar, and his backpack, was making it difficult.

When he caught sight of the glowing trainer, he felt his strides start to increase and he almost threw himself down the last few feet. Nearly slipping, he managed to recover with a last second push off of the ground with his right hand before rushing for her. When she caught sight of him she let out another shriek.

"Sarruuuuu! Help!"

Two pokemon were chasing after her. Both were fairly large compared to their previous run-ins, and neither looked happy.

Pokemon Encounter!

Link to the Encounter

Saru got close enough and used both hands to clasp at Lily and Sinder's Pokeballs. Each one gripped tightly before he whipped them in alternation. Lily first and then Cinder burst forth between Katarina and the two persuing Pokemon as she came running past Saruwatari. Both skid to a halt, greeted by Lily who was already displaying her horn and Cinder who had let out a hushed snarl as the flames on his back ignited into a blaze.

Pokemon Declaration. Double battle!

Saruwatari didn't give himself a chance to hesitate. Katarina kept running, but he heard her slow down after a moment. If only because of the fact that he didn't like the danger Katarina had been in. These pokemon had been chasing her. That meant they were a bit meaner. He'd have to feel them out, fast!

"Cinder, Flamewheel on the Luxio! Lily, use-Woah!"

He hadn't even gotten to finish when the two wild pokemon rushed into the fight.

Cinder had already started spinning, the flames burning brilliantly with an intense heat venting off of the turning fire-starter as it rushed towards the Luxio and crashed into it. Far more effective than it had been against the Growlithe. The Luxio snarled angrily before retaliating against Cinder with a sudden burst of electricity that gave the fire type pause a moment later as his Quilava skid to a halt. The Absol had rushed towards Lily so fast that Saru had nearly missed it when he glanced at Cinder. He knew that attack style. It'd used Quick Attack! Lily squealed as it hit her. Even though it wasn't normally strong, the strength of the Absol was enough to knock Lily back. Saru shuddered for a moment. That's scary...

"Get him Lily, Vice Grip!"

Lily huffed and shouted in her tiny high pitched voice before her large mouth like horn locked around Absol's midriff and clamped down viciously. The Absol shouted out in what he could only guess was a mixture of rage and pain as Lily clamped down. It broke out a moment later though and leapt back near Luxio's side.

It seemed like they were going to fight together, and the Absol was not just scary fast but absurdly strong. The Luxio was an electric type and that posed its own dangers. It also made him self-conscious of the fact that he only had one paralyze heal with him. Which meant he was going to have to play this smart. They weren't going to give him much of a chance though to be a real strategist. He paused, fumbling over his thoughts with ever moment as his mind raced.

"You can do it Saru!! Just believe in your Pokemon!!"

He froze for a second. Kat was right. He'd address later how terrible that was to think, but in reality, she was one hundred percent right. Though he didn't say it too loud, he muttered just loud enough to be audible in response.

"Thanks Kat."

He inhaled. He took that single moment, and lifted his right hand. He would've grabbed for his necklace, but he was still holding Cinder's pokeball. As he exhaled, he discharged his panic. Emptied his thoughts. Just like he'd always tried to do when practicing his telekinesis. Like this was just another exercise.

I am my own worst enemy, if I let me be.

Absol started rushing once more, this time moving slower but still faster than even Cinder could've managed as it lunged for Cinder, lifting its head high so the blade like horn atop pointed high; high enough as if to piece the clouds above. Saru clutched the ball in his right hand tighter.

"Cinder, use Quick attack on Luxio! Lily use Fairy Wind on Absol!"

Absol's horn came down to hit Cinder, the fiery Quilava launched off the ground in a burst of kicked up dirt and crashed against the Luxio. The Absol's horn cut into the ground like a knife carving up a cake before it hopped back with a snarl of frustration. The Luxio in turn had started glowing. He had to squint to notice but it looked like it was emitting little static jolts. It was knocked down as Cinder threw his weight into it, but the attention shifted towards Lily as her glittering wind swirled around Absol who was visibly in discomfort, yet took it with enough gusto not to even falter.

"Cinder use Leer on Luxio, try to unnerve it! Lily use Fairy Wind on Absol again!"

Absol had already lunged for Lily and swept at her with his horn. It was such a strong strike that it knocked her back again and sent her sprawling onto her back. Saru felt a streak of fear grip at him like a frigid hand clutching his heart suddenly, until Lily started to get back up again. He could see she was getting worn down. She was still tired from her other battles it looked like. The potion could only do so much. Likely it was the same case with Cinder. Which meant he'd have to play this carefully. Cinder started staring Luxio down and snarled viciously. Though the Luxio was unnerved, it started to crackle with even more static around it. The static energy crackling around it even more now and making it light up even further. Lily moved to use Fairy Wind, but Absol roared and slammed a paw down viciously as she tried to. She instantly stopped and squirmed as if she was under duress. Saru frowned, and tried to reassess his plan. That's when it dawned on him though.

The tactic with Cinder played through his mind again as he noted how ferocious the two were fighting his own pokemon. These two were ferocious, but they were wild pokemon. He had the edge because he could strategize without being in immediate danger. That would have to be their edge! This wasn't going to be easy though, and he didn't like what ever Luxio was doing. Maybe he could pressure Absol a bit more. It seemed like the greatest threat after all.

"Cinder, move in-front of Lily and then use Flamewheel on Absol! Lily, Vicegrip on it!"

The Absol lunged forwards to use slash on Lily, but Cinder had already started rolling forwards. Though it didn't get to use a full strength strike on the Absol in time it did crash into it as the Absol struck at Lily with its horn again. This time the strike hit Cinder as it collided into Absol. He saw another crackle of energy from the Luxio that was now generating small pops and crackles in the air around it. The Luxio was literally glowing as currents of static and electrical power pulsed actively around it, causing its fur to ripple and stand on end as it snarled towards Lily and Cinder. Lily spun to the side as Cinder moved away from Absol and clamped down roughly with her own horn hooking at either side of it as it tried to get up from Cinder's Flamewheel. It roared out and leapt backwards.

The Luxio seemed committed, but Saru could see the Absol starting to hesitate. As if it couldn't decide what to do. He could see it favoring it's left side at that. At this point though he didn't trust the Luxio more than anything. He didn't know as much about electrical type pokemon beyond the basic education but he had a sinking feeling that it was going to hit really hard. Intuition and observation told him he was certainly preparing.

Absol roared in frustration and stamped it's foot against the ground. Saru had a split second to decide. Risk pushing harder or play safe. The safe route felt best.

"Cinder, Smokescreen!! Lily, fake tears on Absol!"

Absol lunged forwards with another burst of speed towards Lily and crashed into her. This time though she had been a bit more ready for it, taking the hit well enough to at-least remain on her feet. The moment he hit her though she'd erupted into tears. "Sobbing" as she sniffled those dangerous Krookodile tears as Absol landed back where it had been. The last thing he saw briefly of the Absol was the further hesitance as it stared down the sobbing Lily before a colossal shroud of smoke erupted like a shadowy wall between his pokemon and the wild vicious duo. Saru's breath hitched within his lungs, unable to escape his throat though as he saw the burst of electricity erupt as the Luxio came sprinting through the shroud in full charge for Cinder. The roar it let out as it raced forwards sent chills down his spine.

The electrical currents around it were like a pulsating wave that surrounded it, and when it smashed into Cinder it sent his beloved fire-starter sprawling as the Quilava howled in pain. His breathing caught in his throat again and the air formed a solid lump as he shivered. He'd never heard Cinder make such a sound. Cinder landed with a muffled thud as the Luxio vanished back into the shroud, which was enveloping the space between them and almost around them. Saru ran over to Cinder though and gestured for Lily, who had watched as Cinder landed near Saru, while he tucked away the two's pokeballs. He reached for the potions after, the ones he had been intending to give them once the veil of smoke went up. He felt small amounts of water well up as Cinder flinched a few times as if having spasms. Faint electrical sparks still lingering on its body.

He quickly gave Lily a spray over with a potion, trying to hurry as fast as possible to finish before looking to Cinder. The problem he faced was that he recognized the spasms. They'd gone over detrimental effects very well. If there was anything he did know about Electric types it was their proficiency for paralysis. If he tried to heal Cinder up he'd still be seized up and be an open target. It wouldn't last long. If he used a Paralysis heal then Cinder would be able to move but would still be so seriously damaged. A high pitched voice rang through his head.

Just believe in your pokemon!!!

He stopped again. His head slouching as he knelt on his right knee, shaking his head with a bemused grin at his wounded pride. It would be her that gave him that obvious statement. Despite his criticism for her ability to analyze the completely and blatantly obvious it was certainly coming as revelations to him in passing moments.

Saruwatari pressed his palm against Cinder's side quietly and put the potion away. He instead pulled out the yellow spray bottle and swiftly began to guide it along the lengthy body of his partner while holding the trigger. The spray seemed to work wonders, and he marveled at how Cinder twitched and then began to shake himself as if he'd simply gotten out of a bath. Cinder's recovery also gave Saru pause to smile before he got up and turned around. His grin shifted to a blank expression, and then a frown before he clenched his right hand once. Absol lunged through the smoke with his horn crashing down just as Luxio ran through with electrically infused body flailing outwards only for both to skid to a halt as they landed in empty space. Both had misjudged where they landed when they backed into the smokescreen after their last attacks, and had thus also misjudged the relative location of their enemies.

Saru remembered the Absol's hesitation prior. It would likely buckle first if that was the case. The Luxio had far more fight in it left. Even as he pointed to the Absol he heard the pale dark type roar out before rushing for Lily. Saru tried to tune everything out. The incoherent noises Kat was making in shock or freight or excitement in response to the battle, the backdrop, all of it. As if entering the same hyper focused state when he did manage to tap into his telekinesis.

"Cinder, Ember on the Absol! Lily, Vice Grip it!"

Cinder's body reared up, and the flames suddenly turned into a veritable inferno. Both wild pokemon paused even as the Absol tried to hop back from the rapid tackle into the freshly, if only partially, rejuvenated Lily. Saru had almost forgotten! Blaze. The trait associated with many fire pokemon in which they could dredge up immense amounts of literal fire-power when in critical condition. Like a second wind of sorts. The jet of flame it released for ember crashed into Absol with enough force to knock it over and back, as the roaring pokemon sprawled onto its back with a wild set of flails. Lily's horn was lifted in preparation to ensnare the Absol when the Luxio lunged forwards and sank its teeth into her horn, biting her with a vicious snarl. He felt his blood boil ever so faintly underneath as his temperament darkened at the sight, and Lily squealing as she flinched in pain.

The Absol was struggling to recover. It was fighting to get up, and Saruwatari reached out with one hand and clutched for the great ball beneath. Index finger clicking in the button, and mentally noting that he'd only have one left after this, he tossed it at the Absol. Much to the Luxio's evident shock, the Absol vanished into the ball after a moment. All eyes, even the opposing pokemon's turned to the blue wiggling ball. Given how much damage the Absol had taken though, he had a feeling that it would be enough. He hoped it would. After the third wiggle it shuddered once, and he thought it was going to burst but it ended up clicking with that ever so relieving sound that indicated he'd successfully captured it. Which only leaves- He finished the rest of the thought verbally.


Saruwatari did something he would've normally never done. With a darkened scowl directed heavily towards the Luxio, he began to walk forwards. The entire time he focused every ounce of will towards that electrically charged wild beast of a pokemon. Cinder and Lily glanced at their trainer for a but a moment before they turned their attention back to the wild Luxio as well. Saru's hand out-stretched towards the great ball that now contained his Absol. He felt an anger he hadn't truly felt before. Such a negative feeling that his mind couldn't focus on any other sensation. That singular focus made it easy as he reached out and used his telekinesis to call the great ball to his hand. Clutching it tightly for a moment before taking two strides back away from the Luxio. His hand was still out-stretched though, as if showing it the great ball that now housed the Absol.

For an instant, his darkened mood churned into a terrible maelstrom of hateful emotions as the image of Lily flinching, and the sight of Cinder flying through the air continuously replayed in his mind. He struggled with it, but the Luxio came running at the trainer's beloved pokemon with a roar before it bit at Cinder.

Despite it's prior damage, Cinder managed to hang on. His snarl and yelp of pain only enraged Saruwatari's inner self further as he called out angrily a moment later. His tone heavy with that frustration and anger.

"Cinder, Flamewheel! Lily, Bite!"

Cinder's flames burned brighter than ever and the heat of the wheel was like a blistering wave. As if Saru had chosen to sit in-front of a furnace. The wheeling starter swiftly crashed into the Luxio which was thrown onto its side and a few feet back. It tried to retaliate, frantically throwing itself back into Cinder only to miss as its eyes blinked rappidly. The wild electric types time in the thick haze laden air from the smokescreen having once again done its job. Lily's mouth like horn clamped roughly onto the Luxio as it bit into it once more. It howled in pain before dropping to the ground.

Saruwatari felt a bone chilling satisfaction rush through him. He squeezed the Absol's great ball tighter. A rush lifting him as he felt a small part of him angrily cheering the pokemon's pain on. Part of him wanted to keep going. To push it further. To dismiss the notion of capturing it. To break it beneath him for hurting his partners so badly! How dare it-

Once again he heard the words of another ring through his head. This time though, it wasn't Katarina's. It wasn't his own. They were words of another. Wise words. Words he had heard. Words he thought he'd listened to.

It does my heart good to see the lily being chosen among the bed of roses. Just remember young man, any pokemon may be brave, or strong, if trained well.

As his pokemon returned to him, and as he saw the Luxio struggling to get up, every ounce of his anger melted away. All of it simply collapsed, and if he hadn't locked his knee's in that moment he was certain he would have collapsed too. He didn't bother trying to restrain it. Everything that was concealed behind that darkened expression came rushing forth. Flooding past, like waters withheld by broken dam gates. He felt the warm trail of tears staining his cheeks when he lightly clutched the Absol trapped within that great ball.

He looked to the Luxio that had nearly fainted. As all those emotions surged out of him, he coughed once and sputtered another half-cough while choking on the sentiment as to what to say. He stowed Absol's ball and reached for another. He didn't have it in him. He couldn't bring up the strength, or anger more like, to continue attacking this pokemon. He would try to make it up to it. He owed it that much. Clasping the blue ball, his final great ball, he forgot all hesitance of expending it and threw it towards the Luxio after clicking in the ball. His shoulders shuddering as he moved for the ball. He didn't even bother to wait for it to finish shaking. If it broke free, he was fully willing to either deal with its wrath or tend its wounds. The click as it registered had been about as half-hearted as his slouch when he clutched at it.

He felt dizzy. He felt tired. He felt as if he had gone through the battle as roughly as Cinder or Lily. Saru dropped to his knee's a moment later and quietly sat there with his head hung in shame for a moment. He was able to compose his breathing. He wasn't able to stop the tears, as a torrent of emotions hit him. Each one like a smaller tidal wave belonging to a monstrous monsoon. Embarrassment at how quickly he'd lost control. Mortification at the person he'd become in the heat of a battle. Shame at the depths he'd, even briefly, been tempted to stoop to over revenge.

He'd probably have lingered there for a few moments longer before he felt a sudden warmth pressing to his left elbow. A soft warmth. He looked down to see Cinder with his head tucked beneath the trainers forearm, gazing up at him patiently. A second later he felt his right hand tugged upon, still holding the captured Luxio's ball even as Lily lifted his hand to try and find a way to get headpats. He choked again, coughing as another torrent of emotions hit him. This time, much happier ones though. He didn't bother to hide his smile as he muttered pitifully.

"Thanks you two...I love you guys..."

A few seconds later he heard that oh so familiar shrill voice.

"That, was, AMAZING!! OHMIARCEUS!!!"

Katarina had come sprinting over to him, and Saru had only a second to lift his hand from Cinder and wipe his face. Luckily his long hair had hung around his face like a curtain, obscuring it from all but his tiny little duo of partners. He was willing to admit shame, but not willing to let Katarina see it. He grunted as he quietly tried to stand up, only to feel a hand clutch his upper arm near his shoulder. If Kat hadn't, he would've fallen back as he shifted from the weight of his bag and guitar case. Any other time he would've shaken free of her grip but he was too exhausted to try. Just hiding his turbulent emotions was hard enough.

"Are you okay? Did you trip or something when you ran over the hill to find me? You look kind of shakey! You should be careful. That was amazing though! Ohmigosh it was just so cool! So much happened at once!
You were like-

He cut her off. Gently though. His tone soft, and slightly defeated.

"Yeah Kat, I'm okay. Can you help me? I want to give Cinder a super potion. He's kind of hurt."

The excited girl nodded, and together they administered the stronger contents of the orange aerosol can, even rubbing it gently into Cinder's new leaner, longer figure. There was absolutely no protest from him. Though Lily demanded such treatment as well the entire time with constant whines. Saru couldn't give her another potion, having two that he felt he owed to his two newly obtained pokemon, but he didn't need her to know that. She started pretending to limp around while waiting for them to finish with the Super Potion. Of-course she hadn't been limping before so he was luckily able to tell it wasn't quite a legitimate threat. After he tended Cinder, he mirrored the act of spraying the contents of an empty potion bottle into his hand before then pretending to rub it onto Lily. Which she enjoyed greatly and was suddenly much better.

Saru tapped the two pokeballs a minute or so after they'd finished as he withdrew Cinder and Lily. He sighed with a quiet, heavy exhale before looking to Kat.

"Hey. can we find a spot to sit down for a bit? I'm...exhausted."

He didn't even have the energy to stop her excited ramblings after she agreed. At this point he didn't know if he would've tried, even if he had.

Battle log

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Saruwatari was sitting there gazing at the small candy for a moment. The colorful wrapper coiled around it making it look far more appetizing than it likely was for humans. For some reason the strange candies were able to bolster the power of pokemon that ingested them. As if they had their growth slightly accelerated. So he'd read at-least. He'd hold off on giving it to any of his Pokemon for the moment. He lifted his head from the candy and looked around him.

Cinder was curled up to the left of the fire. Lily was sitting down next to him leaning on her little purse. They'd forgotten it near that same tree earlier, and he'd had to backtrack to find it for her. Now both were quietly sleeping near the warmth of the fire. Growlithe was still within the great ball he'd captured her in earlier. He'd thought it best to get them acquainted at a steady rate. The same went for Poochy who was still within his own ball. However, he had let Absol out of the great ball and was quietly clutching at a canister of a familiar purple color. At this point he felt like he'd secretly entered an undercover internship for a position as a pokemon physician, because he had more empty potion canisters in his bag than full ones. The light of the flames on Absol's soft fluffy white fur exposed the singed spots and bites and cut up segments of flesh where its wounds still stuck out.

It'd offered the faintest of a struggle initially before Saruwatari coaxed the Absol into laying down across his lap. Though it was large enough that it covered most of it and was simply flopped along its side. He was combing its fur diligently and spraying small squirts of the medical contents to the wounds before gently rubbing against them to spread it. A process he was quickly getting used to. Katarina drew his attention from her spot across the fire as she giggled wildly. He heard a familiar glass like tinkling and chitter before snapping his gaze towards a dancing little dot.

"Oh. So you caught the Cutiefly? "

She beamed as she clutched the furry round fat yellow dot and nuzzled her nose to it between cupped hands.

"Cool. How hard of a battle was it? Did you nickname it?"

Katarina giggled a bit before making a "V" sign victoriously towards him.

"I don't battle wild pokemon silly! I befriend them! Annnnnnnnnnd I gave her the bestest name ever! Cutie! Because she's such a little cutie!!"

Riiight. Naming a Cutiefly "Cutie," is about as stupid as if I'd named the Poochyena Pooch-...huh.

He paused, and gazed at the fire as his mind tried to process and warp itself around the similarity there for a moment. He couldn't throw that little quip out there like he wanted. Instead he retorted with a simpler jab.

"So that's why I had to battle those two for you eh?"

He found himself snapping his attention downwards to his lap when the Absol attempted to get up only to grunt and then flop back down. Saruwatari patted its side quietly before shaking his head as a tiny, barely noticeable grin spread upon his lips.

"No, you wait till I'm done. Then I have to take care of Luxio."

Katarina had yet another outburst. Saru went back to absently dressing Absol's wounds, and what felt like partially grooming it as well.

"Ohhhh what did you nick-name your pokemon!?"

He paused. Debating the validity of indulging her, and if he should. Though, given her reiteration of his thoughts prior when he was talking to her at the camp fire perhaps she was a bit more deserving of him giving her the benefit of the doubt. Though he never stopped looking down at Absol, he spoke to Kat.

"Well. I decided to name the Poocheyna, Poochy. The Growlithe, I was thinking of naming Nova. She let out a lot of fire in our battle and she has bright fur unlike normal Growlithe. I was thinking of naming Absol Masamune. It's horn resembles a sword, and that's a swords name so I think it fits. The Luxio I...don't know. I need to get to know it better I think."

He felt the snort of air from Absol while resting his hands upon its chest. He didn't give its little protest the time of day though and glanced back up at Katarina who was staring at him intently. As if asking him something without speaking up. He was psychic...but he wasn't psychic. He tilted his head as he reached for Absol's great ball to retract it. At the same time he clutched with his other hand the ball containing Luxio and let the still tired and injured electric type out of its ball. His hands immediately pressed to it, firmly holding it down for a moment while his fingers gently combed through its fur. The static cling of it was tingly along the surface of his palms as he did so but it seemed that it didn't have enough energy to struggle like he'd thought it had.

"Is there something you want to ask or say, Kat? You look like you have something on your mind."

He was really hoping he didn't regret that question.

"Why were you so upset earlier?"

He paused just as he pulled the trigger on his final potion bottle to begin tending to Luxio's wounds. Perhaps "Froze" would've better suited the gesture. He ceased for a few seconds before resigning to the path of least resistance, and simply telling the truth. After all, he had just agreed to give her the benefit of the doubt hadn't he?

"Because I thought I was better than that. It's..okay let me explain it from the beginning. If...your okay with a story and think you can stay awake during it?"

Despite her nodding to the notion of staying awake, Katarina started cozying herself into her sleeping bag along her right side, and around the fire while she nodded excitedly. The muffled sounds of excited breathing preluded the sudden sight of Sunny popping her head out from above the zipper nestled beneath Kat's neck. The excited buzzing of the Cutiefly had ceased and it was resting atop Katarina's left cheek. Still, if she thought she could stay awake...

Saru sighed before casting his glance to Lily and Cinder while he started to recall it. Tending the visibly bothered Luxio's wounds along its right side which had likely been from Cinder's Flamewheel earlier in the fight. The potion wouldn't heal them entirely. Enough to last until they saw a pokemon center though.

"Well. When I started this journey a few months back, I went to the Djenganti Monastery, since it was close to home. I didn't want to travel too far because of the snow then. I guess I had it in my head I'd just catch a bunch of awesome powerful pokemon right away and be done with it. Like that'd be the ease of the journey. Probably should've known better by then, but I didn't. So I go there, and I'm wandering right? I run into this very very strange little steel type. Such a bizarre pokemon. A Mawile that kept throwing her big mouth, horn, thing in my face. Like she was trying to show off. Didn't seem harmless right? I...didn't want to catch her though because she seemed a bit...lame."

He paused and stared at Lily. Again, he couldn't imagine what his life would've been like without her at this point. He sighed, and smiled. Half his face was cast in light and half cast in flickering shadows, but on both sides he had a grin only affection could spawn. He continued a moment later.

" Well this tiny Mawile followed me. So excitedly jumping up and down and throwing herself around to draw my attention that she smacked into a-"


Saru's eyes darted to Katarina as he heard the loud crunching. Though the fire's silhouette of dancing flames made it hard to see past, he could see in the exposed portion of her sleepingbag a pair of hands clutching what looked like...were they? They were. Smores!


His tone was almost entirely deadpan, as opposed to her happy upbeat one as she happily munched.


Every few seconds she took another mouthful before munching further.

"Are you going to share those?"

Instead of answering she simply shook her head up and down with bobbing pig-tails flailng about slightly. Saru glanced at her patiently, until she got the full hint and moved one hand to push a small box to the side around the fire. At-least as far as she could reach. She hesitated, before looking down and mumbled something quietly to Sunny. Saru was in that moment absolutely shocked. This entire time, and she'd the capacity to whisper!?

The tiny electric pokemon came waddling over to Saruwatari and Luxio with tiny hands clutching a twin set of sandwiched chocolate and marshmallow with crackers slightly cracked from its embrace. Saru nodded in thanks quietly before taking one. Sunny seemed content to slowly feed the other one to the injured Luxio, who sniffed at it before slowly taking small bites at it. Saru took a single bite before continuing, making sure to swallow first. At this point to ensure he finished the story without another interruption, he continued quickly.

"Well. Lily was attacked by a Baltoy. I beat it, but she got hurt kind of bad because it used ground type moves. I guess I felt kind of bad,
so I healed her. This old monk showed up, and I still remember what he said to me. Well...part of it. He had this really long winded story I tuned out, but the line he said came when I ended up deciding to pick Lily as a partner. Since I'd still felt guilty at the time.

Saru paused again before continung. Reflecting once more on the old mans words.

"It does my heart good to see the Lily being chosen among the bed of roses. Just remember young man, any pokemon may be brave, or strong, if trained well."

He took another bite of the smore, the gooey goodness almost therapeutic as the mixture of tastes and textures blended into a single combination of absolute delight within his mouth.

"That's actually why I named her Lily. Thing is. I took what he said to heart. At-least, I thought I did. I just wanted to train pokemon,
and be a good trainer. Yet...

He looked down to Luxio directly now as he tended its wounds, gently combing his fingers through its hair and dressing what wounds he could. It took every ounce of focus to hold back that surge of emotion again. This time he wouldn't. Not in-front of others.

"When you hurt Cinder, and Lily, I just felt so angry. I wanted to hurt a pokemon. Not battle it, not train with it, not capture it.
I just wanted to hurt. To make you hurt like you hurt me when you wounded them. It's..wrong. It's wrong and I know it is but even now part of me still feels that way deep down. I hate myself for it. Yet I can't just be cruel to you or hate you.

His hands had stopped moving through the Luxio's fur and quietly squeezed. A gentle pressure. As if for reassurance in himself that he was touching the Luxio and not embracing a mere apparition born of his fears and concerns and pain and sorrow simply plaguing him with reminders of a moment of weakness. He calmed himself. Quieted himself and inhaled.

"The truth is, I did hurt you. I didn't treat you as a good pokemon, as a pokemon that could be good, or strong, or brave or kind.
I treated you like a mindless monster. You and Absol both. I'm...sorry for that.
I'm so very sorry.

The Luxio had gone quiet. The smore absent already, and Sunny had at some point slunk back into Kat's sleeping bag it seemed. Saruwatari felt absolutely no surprise when he looked over to see Katarina sleeping. So instead he directed his attention back to the Luxio. The empty potion bottle was resting on the ground now. He retrieved it's great ball and spoke softly as he clicked at it to return it. A moment before the red light recalled it he tried to make himself smile a bit.

"I will make it up to you. Just wait and see."

He followed suit of what appeared to be literally everyone else a moment later. Saru tugged his jacket from out of his back and threw it over himself before curling up around Cinder and Lily, quietly drifting off with his bag as a pillow. Encircled between his arms were four great balls resting on the grassy floor, ensuring they were tucked close and surrounded by himself, Lily, and Cinder. In the morning, they'd make for Union. For now though, he'd rest.

He needed that, and so did they.

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RP Notes

  • Omfg the bulged description. I’m dead.
  • Daww cute.
  • Hohoho pretty.
  • OhhmyArcheus omg.
  • LOL Saru. Boi oh boi he’s a ladies man isn’t he? But shirt.
  • LMFAO “It seemed despite being called “Sunny” it was not perpetually awake”. DEAD.
  • Lovely references to the past.
  • Oop why is everything centered?
  • Much enthusiasm Saru, much enthusiasm.
  • Christ I love that Poochyena. /so jelly give him to me
  • Oh shit. Dem jaws.
  • Not surprisingly, wonderful battle scenes.
  • you’re*
  • Pretty evolution! *Q*
  • Would it be that used to its body tho?
  • Yeah I’d scream too tbh…
  • “I’m my own worst enemy” yaaassss. I love this.
  • Oh snaps, I completely forgot about his telekinesis!
  • Excellent, intense, aftermath.
  • LMFAO placebo effect ftw.
  • LOL Saru just throw those empty potions bottles away!
  • Omfg she better share dem s’mores…
  • Ahhh what a satisfying ending.

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  • Saruwatari is currently in Verdant Highlands.
  • Saruwatari takes rest and builds a campfire. (Begin Summer Event)
  • Katarina meets Saruwatari and both have an interesting conversation.
  • Saruwatari encounters a Cutiefly!
  • Katarina goes after the Cutiefly.
  • Saruwatari encounters a Poochyena!
  • Saruwatari attempts to capture Poochyena, but fails. (-1 Pokeball)
  • Lily defeats the Poochyena! (+4 EXP)
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Lily. (-1 Potion)
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Poochyena. (-1 Potion)
  • Saruwatari captures Poochyena! (-1 Great Ball)
  • Saruwatari encounters a wild Growlithe!
  • Cinder evolves into Quilava!
  • Growlithe is captured! (-1 Great Ball)
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Cinder. (-1 Potion)
  • Saruwatari uses Max Repel. (-1 Max Repel)
  • Saruwatari and Katarina encounter a wild Luxio and Absol!
  • Saruwatari engage in a double battle against them.
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Lily. (-1 Potion)
  • Cinder is paralyzed.
  • Saruwatari administers a Parlyze Heal to Cinder. (-1 Parlyze Heal)
  • Saruwatari captures the Absol! (-1 Great Ball)
  • Cinder and Lily defeat Luxio! (+3 EXP each)
  • Saruwatari captures the Luxio! (-1 Great Ball)
  • Saruwatari administers a Super Potion to Cinder. (-1 Super Potion)
  • Saruwatari finds a Rare Candy. (+1 Rare Candy)
  • Katarina captures the Cutiefly and names her Cutie.
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Absol. (-1 Potion)
  • Saruwatari nicknames Growlithe, Nova.
  • Saruwatari nicknames Absol Masamune.
  • Saruwatari administers a Potion to Luxio. (-1 Potion)
  • Saruwatari shares a heart to heart with mainly himself. (Please see "Summer Event Award" spoiler below the wrap-up)
  • Saruwatari heads to Union…

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