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[Evaluated]Who I Am; Solo Thread
Topic Started: 1 Sep 2017, 03:51 PM (338 Views)
Posted Image McDoogles
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Pokemon Declaration

Silas Edington was always fascinated with all of the things that books could teach someone. Information was a valuable tool for survival and survival was key when it came to the life of a Poke’mon trainer. In the past, he never much cared for the outdoors. His pale complexion was proof of his lifestyle choices as a shut-in. Over the last week and a half, however, he was starting to notice a change. Tan lines were forming about his wrists from where the cuffs of his shirts or sweater ended, creating unattractive bands that would only grow worse the more that he remained stuck in his horrible fashion sense. His date with Lyra Colt had thrown Silas into a fit trying to find something to wear-- enough so that he traded pants with another man in a bid to appear presentable.

‘Maybe there’s a book on fashion, too?’ He turned the page of the book in his lap, now nearing the last few pages of its instructions. He was seated on a long log at the head of his camp.

He was double-checking his work against the critically-acclaimed The Outdoors & You: A Survival Guide For Young Campers. He had no shame. It didn’t matter to him if the book was meant for children. He needed to learn the basics. In his opinion, nothing was more thorough and invested in teaching the basics than a child’s book. That, and the colorful illustrations were useful.

Just as the book said, he found a nice, secluded spot with little foliage and soft earth. He made sure there were no low hanging branches. He found plenty of thin, sturdy limbs and shaved them down with the help of Nincada and Karrablast. He shoved the hewn limbs into the earth at intersecting angles and settled a long, central limb into the intersecting crooks of the limbs that formed the base. Nincada scoured the trees, finding willow vines to pull and use as the twine ties to secure it all together. Once it was viably secure, Silas threw a large sheet overtop and set sizable rocks upon the corners to weigh it down as he pulled it out tight.

He closed the book and looked up at his shabby, makeshift tent. “I think we did alright, right?” Silas asked, looking to his three Poke’mon, who were standing in a semicircle about him and anticipating further instruction.

All three Poke’mon turned about and looked at the shanty work they’d done. The reactions were mixed. Nincada, blind as he was, merely swiveled his head on the spot, not quite sure what he was meant to be appraising. Shelmet seemed quite pleased, likely because she had very little part in its creation. Lacking appendages did wonders for preventing meaningful contributions to manual labor. Karrablast, seeming to have a better sense of what a tent was meant to look like, lowered his head and brought a small hand up to smack himself in the forehead. Silas’s lips thinned and tucked up on the left side.

“Look, it’s our first camp. We’ll get better, I’m sure.” He tried to assure, which only caused his Karrablast further distress. The small beetle waddled forward and put his forehead against Silas’s shin, dropping his little arms to the side in a manner of resignation. Karrablast let loose a sighing sort of grunt, scuffing a foot to kick up some dirt onto Silas’s boot in a show of agitation.

Silas couldn’t help but chuckle, “Heh, alright, alright! I’ll get better at it! You did great, I promise!” He reached down and set a hand on the Poke’mon’s hard blue carapace. Whether or not it truly consoled the Poke’mon, Karrablast nodded against his leg, all the same.

Silas was quite fond of his Karrablast. While being a very recent addition, the Poke’mon had no fear in letting his colors show. He had a boisterous personality and was highly opinionated. He wore his feelings on his sleeve and let Silas know the second that something was bothering him. There was an openness between them that Silas truly appreciated. In contrast, his Shelmet rarely admitted to much of anything. Even as he turned his attention to her, she was far too absorbed in banging her metal skin against the log he was sitting on and spitting out her idea of a ‘sick beat’ in sporadic trumpet noises.

Nincada was, perhaps, the most even-keeled personality on his team. Content to rest until he was needed, the Poke’mon was, generally, quite passive. Certain things could catch his attention. Mostly when there were vibrations to be felt or food to be had. Until then, he was a quiet sort, riding shotgun on the back of Silas’s pack and being a greedy little freeloader. The potential for a good fight always seemed to stir the beast within, and Silas felt a bit of resentment from his companion that he hadn’t called Nincada to face off against Tanner Colt. He aimed to remedy that.

“Nincada--” Silas started, grabbing his Poke’mon’s attention. “I got something for you.” He reached down to his pack, unzipping a small side pouch and withdrawing a small circular disc. Nincada assumed that whatever his trainer had for him, it must have been tasty. As such, the grubby bug crawled forward and attempted to scale up Silas’s leg to reach the donut-treat. Silas had to put a hand on the Nincada’s head and force it back down to the ground. “Oooooh, no! No, not that kind of present!”

Nincada let out a low, disappointed hiss and scuffed the ground with a front claw before collapsing in a heap at his trainer’s feet. Silas gave him a gentle nudge with the side of his foot. “Come on, don’t sulk. You’ll like it, I swear.” Nincada certainly didn’t seem convinced.

Silas sighed and withdrew his Poke’Dex. He took the disc and set it into a small slot on the side, tilting the device in his hand as a mechanism within slowly swallowed the disc and set it in place. He flipped to the interface and followed a few prompts that popped up. “I got this from Cobalt Industries. It’s an aura augmentor. It’ll help you learn a really powerful technique.” He studied a few of the disclaimers, and selected the option to register the TM to his Poke’Dex ID.

Nincada seemed much more interested, at this point. He immediately popped up from the ground and placed his front claws on Silas’s boots, angling himself upwards towards the device in Silas’s hands. “I’ve never used one before. I hope it’s simple enough…”

He tapped a few more entries and paused once the screen had prompted him to initiate the installed disc. He looked back to Nincada and smiled wryly. “Ready?”

‘Phzz-phzz!’ His Nincada rubbed his small, green wings together against his back, creating a staccato chirping noise that echoed about the forest around them. He certainly seemed ready enough.

Silas initiated the device and held it out on front of him, not quite certain if he was meant to see some effect occur. “How are we supposed to know--” He started asking, more for his own benefit, but stopped short as the Poke’Dex began to register a compatible aura. “Oh, there! Cool!” He looked down at Nincada, who now seemed quite fixated on the device in Silas’s hands. The small Poke’mon was shivering, but Silas knew it was a pleasant sort of reaction, having spent so much time with him. Whatever it was, it was either exciting, tantalizing, or both. It was the same reaction Nincada got whenever it started raining.

A good deal of time passed as the now-Canderous Poke’Dex interacted with Nincada’s aura. Silas wished that he understood more about it. He was an avid study of the matter, but he always found his logical mind at an impasse when confronting things that he couldn’t see, taste, hear, or touch. Somehow, a few companies were able to research the effects of aura within Poke’mon so much that they were able to offer such modifications. They couldn’t change it-- only couple to it. Still, as far as science went, it was a great feat of industry and technology. He was even more impressed with this than he was the Holocaster on his wrist. At the very least, he could read a schematic and understand the properties and functions of holographic, image-sensing, motion-sensing, and telecommunications technologies. Of course, he wasn’t exactly going to be an engineer of any degree, but he still found the information illuminating.

There was a small, jingling tone that echoed from his Poke’Dex upon its completion. Silas and Nincada both gave a small jump, not quite expecting it to be so abrupt. The trainer looked to his small Poke’mon and raised an eyebrow, “So, it...worked? How do you feel?”

Declaration Update - Nincada

Nincada raised both claws up, balancing back on his back legs as he imitated a shrug. Silas hummed out a small note, not quite certain how to best ascertain it, himself. He supposed there was nothing for it, but to give it a shot. So, he gathered up his Shelmet in his arms, preventing her from tapping out any further rhythms against the trunk of the tree he sat on. “Come on, you two.” He said pointedly to Karrablast and Nincada as he stood, “Let’s try something out.”

Cradling Shelmet in his arms, he stood and walked away from their shabby encampment. There was only a small path cut through the undergrowth in their nestled corner of the forest; aided in creation by Nincada to scratch through any tangling growth on the forest floor. Tall shrubs and bushes littered around, parted only by the occasional cedar that loomed overhead, shrouding the thicket that Silas had selected in shadow despite it being so early in the day. The forest was alive with chattering calls and the rustling of leaves in the canopy.

Only a few days before, when he’d travelled through Skytouch with Clary Evans, the forest seemed much more tame. It didn’t envelop him with a sense of opportunity, as it did, now. He equated the lack of sight to having been with the girl, previously. She was such a storm of energy and whimsy that it was all Silas could do to keep up and ensure she didn’t place herself in harm’s way. He was so focused on helping her catch her first Poke’mon and protecting her.

Even in hindsight, it still burned in his chest that he wasn’t any help in catching her Poke’mon. If it hadn’t been for her Ledyba, she’d have been hurt, as well. His Shelmet was the would-be-assailant. Silas couldn’t help but think about Clary every time he looked at the Poke’mon. Her acid spray had worn through Clary’s favorite jacket, nearly reaching skin. He remembered being so angry-- more than he’d ever been in his life. Angry at himself for not keeping up, angry at his Shelmet for almost hurting her, and angry at Clary for running off like she did. It was the first time Silas had come face-to-face with a conflict of selfish motivations. The problem only deepened when he reached Scurarte and met Lyra.

That was the primary reason why he needed to escape to Skytouch, again. He needed the chance to feel the difference between the desires, independent of one another. He felt the desire for friendship more strongly than ever when he was with Clary. He was willing to chase her across Godai, following that luminescent smile and playful giggle. Silas felt a much truer form of desire with Lyra. She was beautiful, kind, intelligent and a homemaker. His father would probably praise him for making a “good trade”-- his journey for a suitable wife. His mother would just be ecstatic that he found someone, at all. Silas always had an inkling that she was worried she would never have grandchildren after he left the nest.

Silas didn’t know, yet, whether he was willing to sacrifice his journey for that life. He now understood why a man would be willing to do it, though. If his mother was akin to Lyra Colt in his father’s eyes, it was just as likely that his father readily made the decision Silas was too timid to even give serious consideration.

Silas let a sigh pass his lips as he rubbed the smooth armored shell of the Poke’mon in his arms. “I wonder what it feels like to just...want something for myself? Is it okay to be selfish?” Silas thought aloud as gold-flecked blue eyes stared at the passing ground under his feet.

Shelmet was a little unnerved by the solemn tone. To her, it appeared from the ether and wafted over them like a bad omen. With a contentious toot of her own horn, the tiny Poke’mon wiggled in his arms and fidgeted closer to his chest-- a gesture that Silas assumed was her method of cuddling. As if that was all he needed, Silas’s grim visage lightened and gave way for an easy smile to creep upon him. “You’re sweet, you know that?”

Shelmet’s eyes went wide and the perfectly pink Poke’mon quickly went a flush red as she let out a sharp squeal. Embarrassed and panicked, she slammed the visor of her armor closed to prevent her trainer from looking at her further. Silas could only laugh.

‘She’s right, though.’ His thoughts rebounded from the looming doubt. ‘I can’t just let these things get to me. Not yet, anyways. I need to see what it’s like to just be with my Poke’mon, first; what kind of trainer I’m going to be.’

It was time to get to work.

WORD COUNT: 2,275 | EDIT NOTES: Missed one color coding. Declaration update for Nincada learning X-Scissor. Fixed Declaration table. Looked weird, before.
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Silas Edington

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The small troop moved through Skytouch Forest with relative ease. For what Silas had in mind, he didn’t fancy staying near camp and accidentally drawing attention towards where they would be sleeping. They would be making a lot of noise and spending a lot of time working out wrinkles in their coordination. Thus, they moved through the underbrush, scouting around for an ideal clearing that offered plenty of room to move about and plenty of small trees to use as target practice. Despite the vast market in vegetation and cluster of natural arbors, it was proving to be a difficult task. Skytouch was an ancient ecosystem, and one that had survived two centuries of growth without much taming or human intervention. It was a chore just to find trees that were dwarfed by their elders.

Nincada was making himself useful by crawling through the trees, leaping from limb to limb to keep a good vantage on what was coming up ahead. Karrablast waddled beside him, seeming just as content to be outside of his Poke’ball as Nincada always was. The promise of some quality exercise had the little blue bug all fired up and ready to hit something. As they walked, Silas could see the Poke’mon shadow-boxing in his peripherals, on occasion. It made him smile a little.

‘Phmzzt-zzm-phzzt!’ Nincada called out sharply, gaining Silas’s attention. The young man craned his neck back, putting a hand over his brow to better narrow his vision as he tried to spot his Poke’mon.

Nincada was latched onto the underside of a wide limb. The Poke’mon let go with one claw, using it to point in a north-western direction. “Good job, Nincada! Lead on!” Finally, there was some progress.

Silas changed direction and followed after the sounds of Nincada’s occasional chirping and the rustle of the leaves as he wound his way through the canopy. Shelmet was sleeping comfortably in his arms, now. She only opened an eye when his voice raised or he took a hard misstep, but quickly fell back into her nap once things had settled. It didn’t take them long to arrive at their impromptu training grounds. The clearing was enclosed by high hedges, and dotted with small saplings. The grass was low and tamped down, suggesting that this was an area of high traffic for wild Poke’mon. Along the northern edge of the clearing was a small pond, likely dug out by some of the local wildlife.

The forest seemed to part around this area, leaving room for the offspring trees to grow without competition. Nincada crawled out from the underbrush and zig-zagged his way through the grass. Karrablast ran forward to join him, getting a bearing for his surroundings. Silas followed after, more than ready to try out coordination between the two Poke’mon. He knew that handling two Poke’mon at once in any conflict was more stressful, but he had a feeling that it would be useful to train the two of them to work together, given their temperaments. To avoid any distractions and to ensure that his Shelmet could sleep soundly during their training, Silas unclasped her Poke’ball from his belt and held it over her.

“I’ll wake you up when it’s time to eat, girl.” He assured in a gentle tone before attaching the red beam to her and recalling her safely within the confines of her Poke’ball.

He set her Poke’ball back on his belt and gave a small whistle to call his two remaining Poke’mon back to him. “Alright, you two. We’re going to be working on combinations. I know you both like to fight. Karrablast, you did great in that battle with Smeargle. He was a pretty soft target, though, and couldn’t fight back very well. If we come up against something just as strong as you, though, I don’t think you have the longevity for a drawn out fight.” His Karrablast narrowed his gaze and huffed out a grunt, not quite taking to the criticism. “Nincada, you’re far better for those kinds of fights, but have a hard time overpowering your opponents, sometimes. So, I want to put your two talents together. A defender and an attacker. You’re job, Nincada, is to make sure Karrablast doesn’t get hurt. Karrablast, you make sure whatever we’re fighting goes down hard.”

The two Poke’mon looked at one another, sizing each other up as Silas explained their individual roles. There was definitely some unspoken competition between the two of them. Nincada was Silas’s faithful sentinel and Karrablast had entered his team as his heavyweight and go-to for aggressive opponents. He could definitely feel friction between them. “Look, you may not like it, but this will work out best if you both drop the ego. You’re both my Poke’mon and you’re both important to me. We’re going to be the best, right?” Both Poke’mon looked up at him and nodded fervently. “Then don’t disappoint me. I hate losing, and I’m sure you do, too. If you don’t stick to your roles and do things how I tell you to, then you’ll end up stepping all over each other and be easy targets to pick off. Understand?”

Nincada nodded instantly, rubbing his little green wings together and chirping out a few chords. Karrablast looked over at the freshly-declared brother-in-arms and nodded after a moment of consideration. “Good, then let’s get started.”

Silas stood a good fifteen feet behind his Poke’mon, pairing them side by side in front of a lone tree near the western edge of the clearing. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his plaid cargo pants and leaned his weight on his left foot. “Speed is your friend. That being the case, never get too far from one another that you can’t reach each other. That means no running in on your own, Karrablast.” The Poke’mon grunted, slightly miffed. Clearly, he had that in mind, to begin with. “Follow Nincada into any fight and let him set you up before attacking. Nincada, never let Karrablast get too far away from you. Your job is to intercept any attack and keep your enemy’s attention on you, and create opportunities for Karrablast to attack.”

It was all theory, but Silas was going to show them the application of thoughtful strategy. If they played it right, even the strongest opponent couldn’t take them down, collectively. “Nincada, open with a Sand Attack.” His tone was clear and firm, as always. The Poke’mon moved forward, weaving through the grass as he made for the tree. Karrablast, as instructed, followed behind him in his own staggered pattern. Nincada paused once he was in range and furiously scuffed the ground in front of him as he drew up the dirt into a small cloud. Then, his aura reached out, surrounding the disturbed ground and forcing even more particles into the air. With effort, he propelled the dirt in a strong spray and marinated the tree before him as thoroughly as he could. “Karrablast, over top-- use Megahorn!”

The blue beetle didn’t miss a beat and ran behind Nincada as he began to collect as much aura as he could into the half-moon horn on his head. He gave a small hop as he neared Nincada and kicked off of his back to propel himself forward. The off-white glow of his horn streaked across the clearing until he made impact with the bough of the tree, leaving a sizable dent and peeling off a layer of the strong bark. Proud of his work, the Karrablast hopped back a step and began to give showboating flexes and cries of victory. “No--” Silas corrected firmly. “You’re in Nincada’s way now, Karrablast! You need to move out of range of the tree as soon as you hit it and make room for Nincada.”

‘Pzzts!’ Nincada hissed at his comrade.

Karrablast tilted its body to the side a little, not quite understanding the point. “Yes, you did good damage, but that doesn’t mean to brought down whatever we’re fighting. If it tries to attack you, Nincada can’t reach you in time and intercept from this distance.” He shook his head and let out an exasperated sigh. “Run it, again!”

There were a great deal of growing pains between the two Poke’mon. Karrablast, having a severe overestimation of its own power was a significant block that needed to be tamped out. Nincada was quick on the pick up, but had difficulty with the transitions between offense and defense. It was getting smoother, run after run. The two Poke’mon were panting, clearly worked up and showing early signs of fatigue. Silas wasn’t done with them yet, though.

“Karrablast, Peck attack!”

The Poke’mon circled in a wide arc around to the side of the tree, slamming into it with force and chipping away at the center of the bough, once more. It was now nearly bare on all sides, and a clear band had been worn away from the circumference of the tree’s middle. It was likely that there would be no recovery for it. Growing accustomed to Silas’s expectations, the Karrablast immediately started vaulting backwards away from the tree. Nincada was already on the move, closing the distance between them and moving on course to intercept the imaginary advance of the dreaded tree-monster that Silas had created for them.

“Harden, Nincada!” He called and the Poke’mon immediately drew up the dust of the earth to compact against his body, creating a shielding second-skin as he was prone to doing. “Karrablast, use Leer!” The Karrablast transitioned into the support role and left Nincada to push forward. “Nincada, use X-Scissor.”

While progress was forming with the technique, it still took a lengthier interval for his Poke’mon to culminate his aura. Silas wasn’t too certain of the particulars, but he imagined the added layer from the Technical Machine was still rather foreign to his Nincada. Accessing that part of his aura must have still been a chore, rather than the reflexive ease he had with the other techniques, and certainly not as easy as Karrablast seemed to be able to launch his favored Megahorn attack. Silas could see Nincada straining to find the power, and the glow upon his claws wasn’t as vibrant as Karrablast’s horn could glow.

Still, his Poke’mon gave every effort, colliding with the tree and leaving his mark as two more diagonal gashes cut into the bough of the tree. Nincada retreated and Karrablast vaulted overtop of him and pinned himself against the tree with another Megahorn at the exact location Nincada had marked. “Good follow up, Karrablast.” Silas praised openly.

The two Poke’mon were working together much more fluidly than Silas initially wanted to give them credit for. There were still gaps in their transitions, and Nincada wasn’t anywhere near being able to viably use his new skills in an actual contest, but time would sharpen their abilities. They took a few breaks in between runs, allowing his Poke’mon time to recover and giving them periods of instruction and detailing possible formations for them to utilize by drawing lines in patches of dirt with a stick. He was quite pleased with their progress and lauded them with as much praise as he was capable of without buying too much into their egotistical natures.

Several runs and two exhausted Poke’mon later, Silas looked up to see the sky dimming into burnt orange and periwinkle hues. His own stomach was giving in and suggesting that it was time to eat. He could only imagine what his two companions were feeling. The pair were collapsed on the ground, leaning against one another for support as faint, staggered breaths escaped from them. ‘I guess it’s time to go back…’ Silas thought to himself as he withdrew Karrablast’s Poke’ball from his belt. He recalled his tired Karrablast and moved forward to scoop up his Nincada.

As Silas approached, Nincada wobbled up to his feet and latched onto the leg of his pants. Silas waited-- perfectly still-- to allow Nincada time to crawl up his side and shift across his back. Once his stalwart defender was in place with his hooks set in against the fabric of his shirt, Silas shoved his hands into his pockets and sauntered on. He remembered the relative direction from how they arrived. Having Nincada as a sonic-sensitive GPS was always a boon in locations like Skytouch Forest, but he knew he couldn’t rely on his Poke’mon for everything. At some point, they needed him just as much as Silas needed them.

WORD COUNT: 2,088 | EDIT REASONS: Grammatical Errors. Fixed a redundant use of the word "ground".
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Silas Edington

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What Silas and his companions needed more than one another, at the moment, was food! The familiar path through the dense thicket ran under his feet as Silas wrestled down the compulsion to double his pace. Nincada was resting peacefully on his back and, despite the growing pain in his stomach, Silas couldn’t bring himself to disturb his friend. Nincada and Karrablast both worked harder than ever-- with much of their effort driven by a healthy rivalry with one another. They adopted Silas’s ambition as their own and gave very little guff, regardless of how uncomfortable their role was or how many times he had them reset and run the drill, again. Time after time, they picked themselves up and made that unfortunate tree their enemy. Silas couldn’t have felt more fortunate to have them.

As they neared the camp, Nincada stirred. It was slow, at first, and Silas nearly blamed himself for it. An idle moment passed before his companion fully awoke and shot up to Silas’s shoulder. He glanced sideways, noticing the tantalized and alert appearance of his Nincada. It was a familiar stance. Perfectly still, absent a few minor twitches of one of his antenna, Nincada stared at some unseen disturbance. “What is it?” Silas asked, cocking his head to the side and away from his intrusive friend.

Without so much as a noise, Nincada crawled forward and down Silas’s chest, wrapping around his leg as he brought himself down to the ground. Silas stopped on place, watching his strange little Poke’mon. “Come on, Nincada, what is it? Do you see something?” Seeing things was a bit of a misnomer when it came to Nincada. Silas just didn’t think it sounded right to ask if he felt something, as the equivalent.

His Poke’mon put his belly low to the ground, feeling at the vibrations too faint and indistinct for Silas to ever hope to register. He let loose a long and slow hiss, causing Silas to quirk a brow as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “Ninca-- whoa, hey! Hold up!” Before Silas could even get any sort of clarification, his Poke’mon shot off down the path. Silas, in turn, bolted after his Poke’mon, but was nowhere near as quick or endurant as his companion. He could only hope that they were both heading for their camp.

The shadowed outline of the dense thicket blurred through Silas’s vision as he fought to keep pace. He pushed through the occasional low-hanging branch, vaulted over a fallen log they’d passed on the way through before and nearly lost his footing a time or two. He wasn’t a graceful sort, nor terribly athletic. In fact, he really wasn’t athletic at all. Silas’s own version of a vault was to timidly step over either side, utilizing his height to hopefully avoid anything snagging on his tender bits. For his urgency, he thought he did rather well and made good time. Once the camp grew nearer, Silas was able to hear what Nincada had likely latched onto. There were a few muffled and varied cries, certainly more than enough rustling and the infrequent clanging sounds to upset the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of the forest, and once Nincada had arrived with Silas hot on his heels, the scene erupted into a flurry of yelps, screams, and grunts.


His camp was being raided! Silas tried to take it all in as fast as he could, but it was difficult to make heads or tails with all of the moving pieces. His shabby tent was knocked over, the sheet pulled out and laid in a crumpled heap on the ground. His backpack had been completely emptied, with the contents of clothes, containers, parcels, various trainer items and personal effects were strewn all over the place. The only thing that wasn’t left in the dirt was the food! It was all in the hands of various Poke’mon of all shades and types. Wrapped sandwiches, bags and containers of formulated Poke’Food, bags of chips and fruits and anything else that he carried that looked even half-way edible had been snatched up!

Wild Poke'mon Encountered!

Clutches of Pancham made up the bulk of the group, but a few random stragglers joined them. Some of them, Silas couldn’t readily identify, but they definitely seemed coordinated and weren’t in contest with one another. He even spotted out a rather unusual looking Wurmple, but there was hardly time to give consideration to the pigment of its skin. Once SIlas was able to piece two and two together, he quickly grabbed his Shelmet and Karrablast’s Poke’balls. He launched them both forward, calling out his two Poke’mon to join his Nincada.

Karrablast and Shelmet both appeared in a flash of white light and both Poke’mon let out a large yawn, not quite ready to be released from their pleasant napping. Once they’d marked that they most certainly weren’t alone, they straightened up immediately. His three looked at the raiding horde of Poke’thieves and immediately made up their minds. They had their food! Despite Nincada and Karrablast’s fatigue, they were more than ready to put on a show. Shelmet, in her own mood, slammed her visor closed and all three Poke’mon rushed into the gaggle of scattered wildlings. It was pure chaos, and Silas honestly couldn’t keep up with just about any of it. Nincada and Karrablast were darting around the camp, scaring off Pancham after Pancham and, before long, just about every Poke’mon that had entered his camp fled into the underbrush and disappeared. Some, in their panic, dropped whatever they were carrying, valuing life and limb over the reward of a bit of food.

Not all left, however.

As Nincada made to follow after the brigands’ convoy, a lone Pancham stepped in the way. As his Poke’mon skidded to a halt, the Pancam charged forward and collided with his tired Poke’mon, sending him flying backwards. It barked and snarled, spreading out its arms in front of the path, giving clear indication that it was covering the retreat of his friends.

Shelmet Vs. Pancham!

“Nincada! --Grr.” There wasn’t time to really think of how to best handle the situation. There was an obstacle, and Silas’s gut instinct was to run over it.

“Shelmet, use Absorb!” At his calling, Shelmet puffed up her pink little body within the confines of shell armor and began siphoning from the Pancham. The bear-like Poke’mon quickly diverted his attention to Shelmet and charged, drawing back a fist.

Shelmet let loose a high-pitched squeal upon his advance and quickly slammed her visor shut. The two Poke’mon collided and, despite the heavy force the Pancham tried to put behind the blow, his Shelmet dug her little stubs into the ground and remained unmoved. The moment hung briefly, before Shelmet flipped her visor open and quickly shot a spray of Acid into the face of the encroaching Pancham.

Irritated and blinded for the moment, the Pancham retaliated with a sharp headbutt and sent Silas’s Shelmet rolling backwards and away from him. “Shelmet, use Absorb.” Once again, Shelmet pulled at Pancham’s aura and absorbed some of his strength for herself. Shaken and drained, the Pancham’s knees buckled underneath him and he dropped to the ground, placing a paw out in front of him to catch himself.

Seizing upon the sign of weakness, Silas withdrew a vacant Poke’ball and tossed it out towards the Poke’mon. It struck upon the top of the Pancham’s head and pulled him within the confines of the capture device. The Poke’ball fell to the ground and didn’t release the solid red indicator light that spoke of the Poke’mon’s struggle. The ball shivered on the spot for several moments, and SIlas couldn’t help but hold his breath. “C’mon...come on…” The Poke’ball fell still, issuing out a dull pinging sound as the button upon the face of the Poke’ball changed to white.

Battle Summary

It was over, and now he and his three Poke’mon stood around the trashed, empty encampment with empty stomachs. Silas was frustrated. Ever since he left Kotoba, every plan to make his journey across Godai a simple, pleasant affair with just he and his Poke’mon was consistently shattered to bits. He wanted to just make his way out of his hometown with nothing but a farewell to his parents and to slip away, unnoticed-- just as he’d always been. Then Clary Evans grabbed him by the hand and turned him into an escort. He wanted to just forget her and the trouble he made for her, but couldn’t.

Then, in Scurarte, he wanted to rest at the Poke’mon Center, wake up, stock up, and head out, again. That was until Tanner Colt challenged him to a Poke’mon battle and then rearranged his face after Silas defeated him. He couldn’t discount Lyra Colt, as well, who came along to complicate the matter by inviting him on his first date, ever. Silas had fantasized about making connections with others and finally having true, solid friendships, but everything kept getting pushed out of reach. Inwardly, Silas already knew nothing could ever come of he and Lyra’s relationship. There was no point in even starting it. So, he returned to Skytouch Forest just as he’d initially planned and was met with hungry Poke’mon he couldn’t feed and a Pancham he had no intention of training.

He let out a scathing breath, running his hands through his hair and gripping at the roots. He hated wasting resources! Silas only wanted to train and capture Bug-type Poke’mon, but there was an annoying, overly-correct voice in the back of his head constantly saying, “--you turned your back and walked away, with no afterthought for the Poke’mon. That’s what makes you a monster.” That shameful note that tugged at the better part of Silas’s humanity and made him acquiesce to even the most nonsensical requests. Wild Poke’mon fought all the time-- some lived, some didn’t. When it happened in nature, it was natural. When Silas brought his Poke’mon to the fight, it was somehow inhumane and wrong for him to just turn his back and walk away after beating a Pancham black and blue.

His Poke’mon needed to fight. They needed to grow and become stronger, so he needed to continue to find Poke’mon and trainers to defeat. That was how things worked! Despite that simple truth, if he ever saw Clary, again, he knew the first thing she would ask him about was whether or not he was still the same monster she saw in Skytouch Forest. He wanted to have a good answer for her. The only thing he could come up with was to catch them all. Catch them, do his part and allow a Poke’Center to heal them of any wounds he inflicted, and release them.

‘Or sell them…’ He looked at his Karrablast, who was now practically throwing a fit at the prospect of having to clean up all of the mess those Poke’raiders left behind. Being able to purchase his Karrablast from T.I.S’s global market made him incredibly happy. Karrablast was strong and exactly what he was looking for. ‘Maybe someone would really want this Pancham?’ At the very least, it would allow him to recoup the costs of having to capture them. If anything, he’d probably make some money off of it. It seemed like a solid idea to him, at the very least.

Silas stepped forward and collected the Pancham’s Poke’ball. He pressed the release and called the Poke’mon back out into the material world. Once the Poke’mon appeared, it whirled on the spot, looking around at all three of Silas’s companions then up to Silas, once his eyes had met the man’s boots. Pancham let out a small, disconcerted whine as he realized what had occurred. He lost. He had been captured by the mysterious trainer, and there was nothing for it. That, however, didn’t stop his hungry and agitated Poke’mon from slowly encircling and encroaching upon the freshly acquired Pancham. Leering, growling, grunting, and hissing their disdain for the Pancham, his Bug-type companions pressed in around him.

Nervously, the Pancham held up his hands, showing clear surrender as he stood on shaking knees. “Oi…” Silas drawled out, garnering the attention of all four Poke’mon. He crouched down, sitting the bulk of his weight onto the back of his calves. His arms rested on his knees, his wrists hanging limp from a disappointed exasperation that infected his body language. He stared with half-lidded, leery eyes that spoke of his disappointment and irritation. “Your friends took all of our food…” The Pancham rubbed the back of his neck, hanging his head in submission to the guilt. “I want it back. We’re cleaning this mess up and then you’re going to show me where they went, got it?”

The Pancham didn’t say anything. Contemplating the consequences of disobedience was weighing heavily on the Poke’mon, but Nincada was quick to point out the reality of those consequences by poking him in the side harshly with a claw and chirping wildly at him. The Pancham yelped and dropped his arms to cover his side. Slowly and inaudibly, the Poke’mon nodded, conceding to his new trainer and his gang of Bug-type Poke’mon. Silas let a sigh pass his lips and he placed a hand on the Pancham’s head. “Good….Let’s get to work.”

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With Pancham providing an extra set of hands, it didn’t take long to collect Silas’s scattered belongings and reset his meager tent. His clothes took the majority of the punishment. Though trampled and dust-ridden as his clothes may have been, Silas wasn’t exactly picky about such things. Half of his attire was routinely wrinkled and smelled of old socks, since he had a bad habit of separating what was previously worn to that which was freshly laundered. He was horrible domestically, really. His bedroom back in Kotoba was rather similar to the encampment, prior to its restoration. The troop even managed to collect a few small bins of Poke’mon food that had been dropped in the confusion once Silas and Nincada had barged onto the scene, which he was grateful for.

Against the disgruntled outbursts of Karrablast and Nincada, Silas was adamant about his Pancham being able to settle his stomach, as well. As they ate inside the cramped comforts of the reconstructed tent, Silas sat cross-legged and focused his mind on the next phase in efforts to quiet his own growling stomach. Unfortunate as it was, the Poke’theives managed to drop his container of berries and some bits of Poke’mon food, but clutched tightly to all of his mother’s delicious tuna sandwiches. It was unforgivable! Thus, no food for the starving trainer and that meant Silas’s usual passive and nonchalant demeanor was fading by the quarter-hour.

‘Seven...six, not counting the Pancham that I caught.’ If memory served, that was what he was up against. ‘Most of them are Pancham, but there are a few others.’ An unusual Wurmple, a Cutiefly that wasn’t even carrying anything away and some other Poke’mon he didn’t readily recognize. ‘Six against three aren’t exactly great odds, no matter how you look at it. If we end up having to use force, which is pretty likely, then I’ll have to think of a better way to even the odds. I doubt Pancham will fight against his own...’

Waltzing into a camp of wild Poke’mon who seemed rather used to coordinating as a group wasn’t exactly the most savvy of strategies, but Silas really didn’t know what other avenues there were. That, and he was rather upset, given the circumstances. Nothing seemed to ever go right for him, and it was about time someone answered for all of his troubles! Silas was far too honest for subterfuge, and stealing back what was his to begin with just seemed like backwards logic to him. As a thought slowly developed in his head, Silas settled his knees upon his elbows and interlaced his fingers. He settled his folded hands beneath his nose, guising his lips as he gave his Pancham a steady consideration.

“Pancham…?” He started, warranting the attention of all of his Poke’mon, though the others quickly exchanged their gazes to the sole Fighting-type. “The Poke’mon you were with-- how well do you know them? Have you lived with them long?”

The Pancham, still holding his own unopened container of food, shook his head. His eyes were wide and direct at Silas, almost as if he wanted to ensure that he wasn’t appearing dishonest. Silas considered he could have also been frightened of him, still. He couldn’t quite understand why. He was a serious sort, but he was hardly intimidating to any human. He was just tall and lanky. To a two-foot tall Pancham, he supposed that could be daunting. He also did own a posse of Bug-Poke’mon, ready at a whim to rend whatever he bid them to.

“Eat.” Silas said flatly to the Poke’mon. He sat in thought for a few minutes, thinking carefully about how best to get information out of a creature he couldn’t directly understand. Everything had to be broken down into simple terms, making it so that his meaning couldn’t be mistaken and the answers could come out with a nod or a shake of the head. It was a taxing process and only made him that much hungrier.

“You don’t know them well, but when it was time to run, you stopped Nincada and chose to fight. They got away, and you got left to face a human trainer and his three Poke’mon. Not one of them turned around to help you. Doesn’t that bother you?” Silas’s brow sat low, looming over his half-lidded eyes as he regarded his Poke’mon.

The Pancham’s body language spoke a great deal. His agape mouth slowly closed, disregarding the pebble of food he was about to eat. He lowered the piece of food and set it back into the container as his eyes glossed over. His lips turned to a firm, unwanted grimace. A long, slow breath left the Poke’mon before it slowly shrugged its shoulders. “They aren’t your friends, but you protected them, anyways. Now, you’re here.” The Pancham nodded mutely, setting the container in his hands aside.

Silas acutely pointed out, “I told you to eat.” Pancham looked back to his trainer and retained a very stern and saddened gaze. Silence fell between them and Silas was left to reconsider the variables, again.

None of it made any sense to him. The Pancham certainly wasn’t the strongest of sorts. The Mawile he faced seemed to pose more of a challenge and displayed more ferocity. He couldn’t figure out why, out of all of them, his particular Pancham stayed behind. Not only that, it didn’t make natural sense for so many various Poke’mon to band together and resort to stealing from trainers for food. Skytouch was a vast and vibrant ecosystem, relatively untouched by human intervention and not lacking in any resources. Foraging options should have been plentiful.

Something wasn’t connecting and Silas couldn’t see it. ‘Frustrating…’ He had a love-hate relationship with puzzles and riddles. He always found himself enjoying them until he hit a wall he couldn’t bypass. Then, all of the amusement stopped and he was left feeling impotent, again. To compound the issue, the Pancham was refusing to eat. Silas had an inclination as to why, and he was lacking the patience to ignore it. “You’re saving that food for them, aren’t you?” The question came out more scathing than Silas had intended.

Pancham flinched, dropping his hands to his lap and lowering his head. Shame and dissatisfaction flooded over Silas and he let out a slow breath to calm himself. He closed his eyes for a minute or two and settled on the finality of it. As much distaste as he had for the Pancham to still be thinking about the Poke’mon that had, effectively, abandoned him, it did give him an idea about how to proceed. “Fine. Let’s take it to them, then.”

The Pancham popped his head up, surprise in his eyes as he stared at Silas for reaffirmation. Silas could only shrug a shoulder, “We’ll consider it an olive branch.”

The Pancham stood up and collected the tin and padded his way towards Silas, extending it to him with a renewed hope in his heart. Silas shook his head, smiling faintly before jabbing a thumb over his shoulder. “Go put it back in my pack. I need to talk to my other three for a minute before we go.”

The Pancham gave a happy, bleating gruff before exiting the tent. His remaining three looked up from their food, almost expectantly. Silas’s smile widened a little and he nodded to his Karrablast, “I’ve got a job for you…”

The evening sun still loomed in the sky, cascading rays through the dense canopy where it could and painting Skytouch Forest in pleasant, autumn hues. It was nearing the end of summer. There wasn’t a single leaf on the ground, yet, but Silas still felt the change in the wind. Every few days, it would get cooler than usual, and the days started to retire earlier and earlier. He didn’t mind it. He was more seasonably dressed in the autumn months and didn’t stand out as much. On the forest floor, it was still rather muggy and humid, however. Though the sun had long since drifted from prominence, the thick canopy still trapped the midday heat within the confines of its net.

Silas harbored a great distaste for sweat or perspiration, of any sort. He spent the majority of his teenage years avoiding activity that caused sweating and showered twice daily to ensure he wouldn’t suffer the horrors of acne. Even on others, Silas found no appeal in sweat. To him, it was gross and uncomfortable looking. As his small team marched ahead of him with Shelmet trumpeting out a cadence for them to follow, he couldn’t find the joy in the moment. He was hungry, disgruntled, and his shirt was starting to cling to his back. They weaved their way through the forest floor, far from any worn path. Pancham led the way, keeping his bearings by smelling familiar trees and shrubbery in an almost random pattern, which only annoyed Silas further.

The only ray of hope found was when the treeline finally fell away and they came to an open valley, carved out by a slow-rolling, narrow stream. It spanned only ten feet wide and curved subtly through the landscape before bending just beyond the low horizon. It was small things such as this that made Silas feel dwarfed and insignificant in the best sort of way. He wasn’t one for folklore, but when confronted with the natural symmetry Skytouch displayed, he couldn’t help but believe for the smallest of moments that some sort of blueprint was laid over the world. The treeline was perfectly aligned, creating a near twenty-foot berth between the stream and the shelter of the forest. On the far side of the valley, the image was mirrored.

The forest seemed to have an awareness all its own, even so much as to cordon itself off and allow the vital lifeline for its inhabitants to freely pass through. It felt much better to be free of the undergrowth. Cool wind flowed through, passing over the waters and ridding itself of any lingering humidity. Pancham stopped towards the edge of the stream and looked up and down either side. After finding whatever point of reference the Poke’mon was looking for, he turned and headed eastward. Silas shoved his hands into the pockets of his plaid cargo pants, raising and lowering his shoulders to readjust the pack on his back as he and his Bug-types followed after.

It took a near half-hour for them to arrive at the next sector of the forest. Silas never traversed so far into the eastern edge of the forest, before. The closer they came to their destination, the more sparse the flow of trees and vegetation became. The forest faded away into nothing more than shallow woods, spoiled on entangled brush and undergrowth that bore no fruit and choked out budding flowers. The trees were much smaller than their ancient cousins-- thin and gnarled at points, with some bending and twisting upwards as they fought jealously to regain their place in the sun. Silas was able to feel the wind much more easily, here. There weren’t the comforts of the day’s humidity to seep into his pores and keep him insulated.

‘This is starting to make more sense, now.’ The realization met him as he looked about the less hospitable side of Skytouch’s reach. It didn’t change his course of action, in the slightest, but it did add to his list of burdens.

Pancham led the group through the woods and stopped a few meters away from a dense, enclosed burrow. Branches, large fanned leaves, and mud served to hold it all together and protect from the various elements. From where they stood, Silas couldn’t see within and get an idea of just what was present. He looked down at the Pancham, who was extending his small arms up at Silas and accompanying the gesture with the same pleading eyes as before.

“Alright, a promise is a promise.” Silas knelt down as he removed his backpack. He unzipped the front pouch and produced the small container of Poke’food. “I’ll wait outside.”

Pancham accepted the parcel and waddled away quickly, soon disappearing into the burrow and erupting an amalgamation of various noises. Silas picked his bag up off of the ground, his eyes closing as he let a sigh pass his lips. He already knew how this was going to end, and the only question was how many had to get hurt. The part of the forest they were in was far too remote from any bounty of resources. There were no fruits for the eating, the river was over a mile out of the way, and the woods provided a paltry amount of cover from anything predatory. As Poke’mon, let alone a collective herd, this was no place to make your home.

Something kept them here.

Silas, being a firm believer in sociology, knew that Poke’mon and humans held one very important instinct in common. Both were creatures of social inclinations. Banding together for survival was a natural instinct, and even if one could ignore the benefits of cooperation and live in solitude, the need for connection would eventually supersede all pride. In any sort of group dynamic-- people or Poke’mon-- there were those who sacrificed and those who reaped the benefits of that sacrifice. His Pancham was a selfless creature. Despite being left to suffer at the hands of a trainer and his three Poke’mon, the rest abandoned him. Left alone, subjugated, and unacquainted with his captor, Pancham still put this group before himself. Silas both admired and resented the idealism the Poke’mon clung to.

As the rustle of voices grew louder and louder within the confines of the burrow, Silas started walking forward. His three Bug-types followed in tow. “Get ready, Karrablast.”

Slowly, his Pancham emerged from the enclosure, backing up with arms outstretched and waving frantically. Three other Pancham were rounding on him with the center of the pack brandishing the container of Poke’food and grunting out an angry slew of garble that Silas couldn’t decide the exact implications of outside of obvious hostility. With effort, the yet wild Pancham reared back an arm and hurled the container of food at Silas’s Pancham. The metal tin collided with his forehead, bursting open and scattering pellets of food across the ground. Pancham clutched his head and fell backwards, writhing on the floor.

As angry as Silas was at working on an empty stomach, the brazen disregard for decency burned within him as if boiling water had been poured in to fill the space. He had no real connection to his Pancham, nor did his Poke’mon. Even they mirrored Silas’s anger, in that moment. Silas was expecting them to reject his Pancham, but he wasn't anticipating them to be so cruel or harsh towards him.

“Go!” Silas ordered them to execute the orders he had given them, before.

The three Pancham lording over his fallen Poke’mon looked up and let out an anguished cry as they beheld the furious charge of Silas’s Bug-types. Karrablast led the way into the burrow as the Pancham retreated within. In a flurry of screams and scurried racketings, it began. Silas ran to his Pancham’s side, collecting him to both protect him and keep him from interfering as he took note of the target Karrablast had selected.

The instructions were simple: pick out the softest target and take it down as hard and quickly as possible. Nincada and Shelmet were to act as support and to ensure there was no interference. The two were performing admirably. Nincada had the three Pancham pinned into a corner as they clung to one another, spitting violent hisses and slashing the air before them threateningly. Shelmet was occupying the off-colored Wurmple, ensuring it didn’t come between Karrablast and the Bounsweet he had selected out. As strange as it was, the Cutiefly in their company merely buzzed overhead, seeming entirely unbothered by the panic and confusion.

Karrablast Vs. Bounsweet!

The Bounsweet looked as worried as one could expect. It kept continually shaking its head, muttering out small whining noises while it shuddered on the spot. Karrablast, never one to disregard an order to cause pain, collected his aura into the half-moon horn on his head and charged forward, slamming the Bounsweet into the back wall of the den. He immediately vaulted backwards, leaving the Bounsweet writhing and squealing in pain. It didn’t attempt to answer the assault. It didn’t even want to rise. It laid on the ground, calling out to the others in fevered cries. None of the others moved. They just huddled to their own.

Silas’s own Pancham, however, was a different story. The Poke’mon was grunting, struggling, and reaching out, trying to pry itself away from Silas’s hands so that he could stop the beating. Silas restrained the Poke’mon, but it wasn’t a particularly easy endeavour. Only the threat of recalling the Pancham to his Poke’ball stilled the creature. “It’ll be over soon, I promise!”

Karrablast, keen on making an example of the Bounsweet as Silas had told him to do, charged the fallen Poke’mon and buried its horn into the soft red body of the Poke’mon, sending it crashing back into the wall, once more. Before the Poke’mon could even release another wail, Silas already had his next capture device ready. He elected a Great Ball, if only for the added security to ensure a successful capture so that the punishment could end. He didn’t want to hear another one of those wails sent out into the sky. It made him a little nauseous.

The Bounsweet disappeared into the Great Ball. It didn’t take long, at all, before the device stilled and the indicator light turned back to a solid white. Silas expected his Poke’mon to manage the situation, he just wasn’t quite expecting it to be done so handily. He had his suspicions of the particular atmosphere they were walking into, but even this defied his expectations. This wasn’t a group keen on thriving through cooperation. It was a group forced together because they were too weak to stay where their previous homes resided. Something really did push them to this place.

Battle Summary

“Grr--! Arhgarraaaah!” The Pancham fought against Silas’s hold around his middle and, now that things had taken a momentary, worried exhale he elected to release him.

Pancham ran in and immediately jumped between Shelmet and the Wurmple, waving the metallic knight back and away from the frightened Poke’mon. Shelmet hopped back a few paces and allowed the Wurmple some room to breathe while Pancham hurriedly went to signal off the ornery Nincada. Once some semblance of timid, uncertain peace had been restored to the small home, Silas set his pack aside and crossed his legs underneath himself.

“Karrablast.” Silas called, earning his attention. He gestured with a few fingers. “The ball, please.”

Karrablast picked up the Great Ball and waddled down the center of the room, giving eyes to the two sides of the room and ensuring that the others weren’t intending to act stupidly. He set the Great Ball in Silas’s hand and Silas pat the Poke’mon on his head. Silas leaned to the side a little, looking to his Pancham who was still trying to mediate the situation, speaking in a fast-paced, garbled mix of grunts, barks, and arm gestures to the others in the burrow.

“Pancham,” He started, interrupting the Poke’mon and he turned to face him. “Find me one of my sandwiches, please.” Silas drew a square with his two index fingers to illustrate what it was that the Poke’mon was meant to locate.

It didn’t take long for the Poke’mon to locate the cache and he quickly fetched Silas the slightly battered and tired-looking tuna sandwich. “Thanks…” Silas attended to his stomach, first. It was hard to think under such circumstances.

The sandwich was an easy two days old. Silas had done what he could to keep ice packs between all of his food in an effort to preserve them, but it was obvious that the tuna was starting to turn. It was an off-color and was starting to smell a little fermented. He was fortunate to be blessed with such an iron stomach. Silas wasn't a huge fan of food. It was required for living and tasted perfectly fine in most cases. He was just a quick eater and rarely sat still long enough to enjoy his food. He had other projects to attend to. Between studying, building model ships, and blogging randomly over the global net, his schedule simply didn't allow for the frivolities of chewing eighteen times before inevitably swallowing.

In this instance, the habit was incredibly useful. Silas feared if he allowed the taste of the half-turned tuna to sit in his mouth longer than necessary, then he wouldn't have been able to eat, at all. It felt awkward to him, though. Everything waited on him and nothing within the burrow dared move except the overly-excited Cutiefly. The Poke’mon was still buzzing circles about all of them, landing only briefly to nuzzle against Nincada only to be shooed away and hissed at. Silas finished his first sandwich and requested a second. Once the second slightly pathetic sandwich had been devoured, Silas was ready to confront the situation.

With his Pancham standing in front of him, he explained, “Do you know why I did this, Pancham?”

The Poke’mon angrily and ardently shook his head.

“I needed to make sure you and my other Poke’mon weren’t going to get hurt.” He let his eyes travel to the cowering group of other Pancham. “They probably would have hurt you. They would have hurt you because they don’t see you as one of them, anymore. I can’t speak for any of the others, and most likely not for the other Poke’mon I caught…” Silas still had no idea what it was that he had captured. “For that, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I had to hurt your friend in order to make a point.”

The apology helped, but it didn’t quite satisfy his new Poke’mon. Pancham still stood defiantly, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned his weight onto one foot. “I think I understand a little better, now. You protect these Poke’mon, don’t you?” Pancham nodded. “You didn’t always live here, did you?”

There was a pause and a disheartened sigh escaped from his Poke’mon before it declined with a shake of his head. Pancham turned and faced the southwestern wall of the burrow and pointed in relative direction from where they came from. “Something forced you out of your homes, and you decided to take care of them the best way you could-- even stealing from me?” Pancham nodded, regretfully. “And you weren’t strong enough to beat it, were you?” Again, another shake of the Poke’mon’s head.

Silas sat back, putting his hands out to catch himself. He let out a small sigh and considered his own idealism. He didn’t feel inclined to aiding the three bastard Pancham who wanted to oust his own and spit in the face of his efforts. He wasn’t obligated to do much of anything past collecting his food so that he could survive long enough to make it back to Scurarte. Silas had never been the sort who could idly turn back from the beaten or downtrodden. His heart had a fondness and a soft, squishy place for the underdog and he loathed those who lorded their power over others to the point of oppression. Silas was even uncomfortable with having harmed the Bounsweet so much, when the fight was largely unwarranted. He could reason away the abuse as a hidden variable-- one that needed controlled, regardless of the concession that needed to be made.

“We might be, though.” Silas finally admitted, landing on the decision. “You take me to this Poke’mon’s territory, and I’ll win it back.”

Immediately upon the claim, the mood of the burrow elevated. The Cutiefly made a full circle around the burrow and collided with the Wurmple, tackling the Poke’mon into a fit of joyous cuddles. It made Silas laugh. Even the three Pancham looked to him before exchanging furtive, hopeful glances.

“Look, look--” He chuckled, “I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try.” He looked around the burrow, even saying pointedly as he looked to the clutch of Pancham. “For all of you, I’ll try my best.”

His own Pancham’s obstinate stance relaxed and the Poke’mon crawled up into Silas’s lap and stood so that they were nearly eye-level. The tiny bear-like Poke’mon reached up and held Silas’s face in his hands. Silas held the Poke'mon's appreciative gaze for a time before nodding shortly and reassuringly to the Poke'mon. It caused the Pancham to well up. His tiny chin tucked upward as he fought back tears. The Pancham collapsed into Silas's chest and hugged him as best he could.

WORD COUNT: 4,161 | EDIT NOTES: Added a portion for Silas's food needs, fixed some grammatical errors. Totally spelled Cutiefly wrong a few times.
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Silas Edington

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Silas was never the sort to make friends easily. He was awkward, passive, and silent on most occasions. He didn’t hold a lot of common interests with those his age and he held even fewer aptitudes in those areas. He was an avid intellectual who continually grasped at the straws of reasoning and understanding. Attempting to hold some level of meaningful small-talk was like trying to hold water in cupped hands. The details of what he should say and do trickled away and he was always left being the sort of company that few liked to keep.

The journey through Skytouch Forest only proved that Silas was more adept with Poke’mon than people. While Silas was callous, to a point, his Poke’mon seemed to hold a soft admiration for him. He was a loyal trainer, not willing to sacrifice anything to chance when it came to their safety and put every effort towards their success. To a point, he supposed the persona he was able to find in moments in the wilds was better than the young man he was within city walls-- surrounded by people with watching eyes and judgmental temperaments. As much as Silas hated to admit it, he was something of a fraud. He put on a pleasant face and didn’t act on his own volitions when around strangers. He was slow to speak an opinion and hated doing things that put the focus on himself.

Poke’mon were different. They didn’t care for where someone came from, who their parents were, or what they did for a living. They didn’t care for one's economic status or their level of education. They only cared for what their trainer was willing to do for them, and that small beacon of service was something that Silas could gravitate towards. When Silas opted to locate and remove the troublesome intruder who was holding the clutch of Poke’mon hostage in the most desolate part of Skytouch, that gravity extended to most of the others. Accompanied by his own four companions, the off-colored Wurmple and the Cutiefly elected to travel with him, as well. Silas didn’t push the issue, as there seemed very little point.

The two newcomers had an affinity for the Pancham he caught. As they made their way from one sector of the forest to another, they continually stayed at his side, conversing openly between one another. Silas had no inclination as to the nature of their discussion, but he supposed it was fair that he couldn’t simply pry the Pancham away from the life he had in the forest in a matter of hours. If anything, he saw it as something of a boon. Silas had his eye on the both of them. The Wurmple with the soft, indigo body and warm pink underbelly was an intriguing find. Such coloration was rare to see in a Wurmple and would likely catch a few eyes if he were able to coerce it into joining him. Silas doubted that his Pancham would stand for another fight with his pseudo-family.

The Cutiefly sparked more of Silas’s curiosity than the Wurmple, however. The tiny, consistently cheerful Bug was a whirlwind of energy and infectious joy. Whether it was male or female, Silas couldn’t decide. It did seem to give an air of femininity and was quite affectionate in a rather over-zealous manner. Then again, if Silas were to be given a name like Cutiefly, he was fairly certain he’d turn out pretty effeminate, himself. On occasion, the Poke’mon would even fly around him, circling his head in wide, sporadic arcs before landing on the nape of his neck and nuzzling into him.

Guilt still clung to his chest. Clearly, the four Poke’mon were fast friends, even if they came from different stripes. Silas had injured one of them and he hadn’t taken the time to even check on it. “Hey, guys?” He asked openly, earning the attention of all but the Cutiefly. “Let’s stop for a moment. There’s something I want to do.”

Silas didn’t need to go far. He merely elected a large tree, removed his backpack, and put his back against the trunk. He withdrew the Bounsweet’s Great Ball and Silas slowly slid to the ground, folding an arm across his stomach with his palm held upwards. With a simple flash of light, Silas called the Poke’mon from the confines of the Poke’ball and into his arms. The Poke’mon was still too weak to move. It’s eyes remained shut with the pained expression still painted over its face. The Bounsweet’s companions gathered around Silas once it appeared, checking on it with worried eyes and timid mutterings.

Silas didn’t waste much time as he reached a hand into the front pouch of his bag. He withdrew a potion that he bought on his way out of Scurarte. Since he was working with just one hand, he brought the spray bottle up to his mouth, chomped down on the plastic tab that prevented the item from accidentally discharging during travel and tore it off. Slowly, Silas dispensed some of the potion, coating the Poke’mon’s red skin with small droplets of mist. Once she was coated, Silas slowly began to rub in the medicine in a very cautious manner. As he felt the Poke’mon’s skin drying and absorbing the potion, he applied more.

‘Feels...nice.’ Silas didn’t really expect it to. He was hardly an affectionate type, and he had never grown up surrounded by Poke’mon the way most kids did. Silas paused in his application of the medicine and dug back in his bag for his Poke’Dex. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with not knowing just what he was holding and took liberty to at least discover what to call the creature.

“Bounsweet…” He murmured, scanning over the details of the small, holographic page that popped up when he brought it over the Poke’mon. “Sorry, for this. I’m sure you didn’t want to fight.” He was relieved to see that the pain on the Poke’mon’s face was finally ebbing away. Satisfied with the Poke’Dex’s information, he tossed it aside on top of his pack and returned to soothing the injured Poke’mon’s wounds. Pancham, in concern for his wounded friend, came over and placed a comforting paw on the grass-type, as well. As the Poke’mon’s eyes met his trainer’s, Silas smiled encouragingly.

“It’ll be alright. We’ll make sure--” He paused, not quite certain how to distinguish the gender, so he merely took a stab at what he thought best, “She?” Silas asked, only to receive a nod from the knowledgeable Pancham. He continually found him impressed with the Poke’mon. He wasn’t the strongest of fighters, but he was intelligent and versed enough to comfortably understand humans, unlike most fresh out of the wilds.

“We’ll make sure she gets taken care of, I promise.” He finished, nodding resolutely to himself.

Before long, Silas felt satisfied enough to return the Poke’mon to its Poke’ball and was ready to continue on. Pancham and the others never slowed their pace until they reached the lush and vibrant sector that was once their home. Their caution was evidence enough that they were getting close to the intruder’s new territory. The only question that remained unanswered was just what Silas could expect from his enemy. Given that the Poke’mon had, thus far, not failed to keep him informed, Silas could only turn to Pancham.

“Do you know what it looks like, Pancham? The Poke’mon we’re looking for?” The troupe stopped and attention centered around the den’s former leader.

The Fighting-type paused, crossed an arm over his chest, and propped a paw under his chin as he thought how best to illustrate to his human. He looked about and then made a sharp, happy yip once he’d landed on an idea-- Karrablast seemed a good reference tool for him! As such, the Poke’mon quickly grabbed the ornery Bug-type by the horn and yanked on him, forcing his head down at Pancham eagerly pointed to the half-moon horn on his head, and then spread his arm out as far as it could go.

Karrablast let out a spasm of uncomfortable grunts and moans as he wiggled in Pancham’s grip and swung his tiny arms ineffectually at the bear-like Poke’mon. Off-balance as he was, when Pancham released him, Karrablast fell promptly on his face and ate a bit of dirt in the process. Pancham put on a mean face and flexed at Silas, continuing the game of charades as best he could. Then, Pancham sent out another yip as an idea hit him. He rounded on Nincada and seized him about the middle, pointing excitedly to Nincada’s small, green wings, then hopped to the downed Karrablast and knocked on the Poke’mon’s hard, blue carapace.

Silas watched the entire performance, all the while whittling down the possible adversaries in his head against the reference of all that he knew about Skytouch Forest and its inhabitants. ‘Horned...with wings...blue? Also known to be territorial and aggressive?’ His eyes lit up, much happier about the subject than the Poke’mon affected by the home invasion. Luck never favored Silas so much, and if his assumptions held any truer than the hope in his chest, he was nothing short of fired up!

“A Heracross?!” He blurted out, immediately crouching down and meeting Pancham on his level.

The Poke’mon nodded sagely, crossing his arms over his chest. “That’s great! That’s fantastic!” The others certainly didn’t seem to think so. “Oh, I’m so happy!” He looked up and about in the canopy. He knew it was getting later in the evening, and that it was certainly well beyond their normal active period, but Silas had his ways about him. So long as he could get within the Poke’mon’s territory, he could lure it out!

“Come on, let’s go!” He urged the team, ushering them all forward with encouraging hands held down and swooping forward in a shoo’ing motion. “Just let me know when we’re there! Nincada and I will handle the rest!”

With renewed vigor, Silas was already conducting his strategy. There was no way he wasn’t going to help them, now! He couldn’t care less how strong the Heracross was, he and his team would make sure it was captured and taken out of their homes! Silas was very thorough when starting his journey. While Nincada was the first Poke’mon presented to him, it hadn’t made the initial list of Poke’mon Silas had his eye on. Silas was hardly one to stare a gift horse-in-the-mouth, and had started his journey despite the early setback. Since leaving Kotoba, he had become attached to Nincada and, even then, he wrestled with the idea of ever parting company with him.

Plans were plans, and, while Silas desired the attribute to be malleable and fluid, he often fell far short of the mark. Heracross had always been a part of his designs, and the young man would have combed Skytouch five times over for the chance at catching one. Now that the opportunity had been presented to him, Silas couldn’t fight the rise in his pulse and giddy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had studied Heracross for days, learning their anatomy, instincts, habits, and abilities. He combed through every available online resource for their known hunting grounds and preferred diets, anecdotes of their fighting styles and depictions of their general temperaments. If anyone in Eastern Godai was more equipped to locating and subduing a Heracross, Silas would have loved to meet them and shake their hand.

For what it was worth, Silas didn’t have to wait long to arrive in the perceived location of the Poke’mon’s territory. Even he noticed the change in atmosphere, once they had entered the lofty lair of the beast. Tall, overbearing trees provided plenty of solid vantage for the Poke’mon, and the canopy was dense and entangled, allowing easy movement for a Heracross to traverse with short bursts of flight. It was a zone of plentiful resources, and the stream they had passed was a much shorter journey than from the den. To complement the reduced travel time, due to the clustered canopy, smaller and weaker Poke’mon could likely make the journey under the cover of the trees, never having to touch ground in fear of predators on the forest floor.

It was quiet. Almost chillingly so, for his blood. The Poke’mon in his company were on alert, with the exception of the obliviously jovial Cutiefly. Even Nincada seemed acutely aware of some distant, invisible threat-- unseen, but most certainly felt. “Let’s get to work…” Silas insisted slowly.

Silas was no woodsman. He was as worthless as they came when identifying wild plants and berries. He knew better than to try his hand at foraging for food. Anything he could likely select would end up being poisonous and put him under for that lack of knowledge. He only knew of Skytouch because it neighbored his hometown as a sort of majestic, forbidden backyard. When he was in primary school, other kids boasted about having snuck away to wander in-- the classic test of bravery and ambition. Silas, having always been the pessimist, never believed they got as far as they said they did.

Despite his lack of experience, Silas’s academic leanings gave him enough of an advantage in locating trees containing the sweet, delicious sap that Heracross were so prone to. He and his company fanned out, checking the trunks of trees as they went. Silas held in his hand a multi-tool, utilizing the stubby, blunt knife blade to peel back a few layers to see if the sticky substance rested underneath. It wasn’t enough to simply locate one such tree. He needed a good ring of them. The more that he could open in a centralized location, the more potent the scent would be. To hasten the process, he utilized Nincada and Karrablast to hack away portions of suspected trees. Little by little, Silas pieced together a mental map of how much area they had covered and settled on accepting a ten-by-ten meter grid with uncovered sap trees set in two meter intervals. It was a little wider than he wanted, but there was little he could do to improve the situation.

They had their hunting grounds and the lure was set. All he needed was a trigger. Shelmet provided the perfect force of habit that he needed. As quiet as the forest was, the young Bug was already unnerved. She needed some noise in her life; beats to follow as the time ticked by. Normally, Silas hated it when she would go haywire and start smashing her armor into things, but this was a profound opportunity to allow her to do anything she wished. Silas found a sizable rock comparable to her stubby height and set her in front of it. Pancham took the others and retreated back, away from the intended fighting cage. All the while, Nincada remained on overwatch in a tree overlooking Shelmet’s position. Karrablast hid himself in a set of bushes, concealed from view.

“Hit it, Shelmet.” Silas instructed as he shoved his hands into his pockets and sauntered away. He, too, took refuge behind a thick tree so that he was out of sight.

Center ring and open for all to see, Shelmet slammed her visor closed and began headbutting the rock-turned-drum set. In sporadic blurps, trumpeting spits, and throated hums, the Shelmet was beat-boxing her way into the vacant, still air of the forest’s otherwise silent zone. Her notes echoed high into the canopy, trapped by the blanket of leaves and long limbs. Her voice reverberated off of the arbor walls and the echo of her soft-metallic skin clanging off of the stone sent ripples through the hushed territory.

Silas couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the tiny Bug’s commitment to the job. ‘She’s got guts, that’s for sure…’

Nothing could stop the music (if that was what it could be called)! Minutes passed and Shelmet remained as fluent and upbeat as ever. Silas put his head back against the bough of the tree and let out a slow exhale as he closed his eyes. His silent prayers to whatever deity could be recognized lofted in his head and no sooner than an ‘Amen’ could be conjured did a thunderous and resounding ‘thud’ strike the earth twenty feet behind him.Alarmed and twice as hopeful, Silas sprang from behind his tree only to see the hard, navy blue carapace of the prized piece to his ambition’s puzzle.

Nincada & Karrablast vs. Heracross!

Shelmet immediately stopped her racket and called a sharp, wailing tooting noise from her elongated lips, signaling both Nincada and Karrablast to spring upon the freshly landed Heracross! With practice, Silas called the opening maneuvers, hoping they would be enough to set the Heracross off-balance and on edge, provoking a fight rather than flight instinct.

“Nincada, use Sand-Attack! Karrablast, use Peck!” The strategy couldn’t have been any more perfect in taking down such a massive tank of a Poke’mon. Heracross were bulky, strong, and durable, above all. They wouldn’t win outright in a contest of strength against such a beast, but with Nincada’s utility, Silas had hopes that they could prevent it from unleashing its full force.

Nincada, who scaled down his tree with rapid pace was already building his aura and attracting small particles of earth to rise and cluster together. Once he’d reach ground and shot forward, he unleashed the torrential spray of dust and dirt into the surprised face of the Heracross. Immediately, the Poke’mon recoiled, shielding its eyes and rubbing fiercely at them as it spit out a low, intimidating hiss. Karrablast, who vaulted from the cover of his bushes was already in motion, just as Silas hoped he’d be. The half-moon horn on his head glowed a soft-white and the tiny beetle launched himself like a bullet and pierced the Heracross in its side.

Still consumed with clearing its vision, the Heracross took a blind swipe towards Karrablast with a thick, heavy arm. Quickly, Karrablast vaulted backwards, narrowly avoiding the mistake he was so common to make in celebrating his own strength. It was an overt reminder that Silas’s instructions were more than just mere theory. Nincada was already on the move, scurrying through the thick blades of grass on route to intercept the path to Karrablast.

The massive beetle rounded on the smaller, much brighter blue pill. With effort, the Heracross bounded forward, collecting aura into her own horn and rearing back for a piercing strike. “Nincada, Harden!” The sentinel Bug that was his foundational champion skidded into the line of fire and quickly compressed his own aura around his form and braced for the impact. Despite the effective shielding, Nincada was still launched from the ground and flung haphazardly ten feet away.

“Leer, Karrablast!” The Poke’mon responded in turn, switching to a supporting role and keeping distance between him and the towering, imposing Heracross.

The effect only seemed to agitate the Heracross more as it wasted no time in kicking off of the ground and opening its carapace to reveal a set of powerful, transparent wings. Initiating a short and powerful burst of flight, it dove towards Karrablast at alarming speed. Nincada, being too far away to respond, hissed a warning to his partner in arms. Wide-eyed but as assertive as ever, Karrablast maintained his ground. Pride crumbled under shear force and Karrablast fared no better in withstanding the blow than his counterpart had.

Witnessing the destructive potential of the Heracross was unnerving, but Silas knew his tactics would eventually pay dividends. They just needed to keep whittling away at the tyrant’s defenses. “Nincada, use Sand Attack!” Again, Nincada flung himself back into range with the Heracross and initiated another flurry of dirt and debris into the beady gaze of the Heracross. This time, the effect seemed more than just a mere irritant as the Poke’mon stamped its feet and bellowed out a snarling grunt and hiss. Again, its arms came up to rub at its eyes, leaving room for Karrablast to charge back in and slam his full weight into the exposed side of the Heracross.

Given a brief reprieve as Heracross continued to clear its vision as best it could, Karrablast and Nincada reoriented themselves into a linear formation with Nincada back out in front. The Heracross was not slowing or backing down in the slightest! The Poke’mon lowered its shoulder and charged in the direction of both Poke’mon. The charge was much less potent than the creature’s horn and Nincada had less difficulty maintaining his ground. He met the Heracross’s charge, leaning his body into the blow and digging hooked claws into the dirt for support. With their attacker slowed, Silas flipped their rolls, yet again. “Karrablast, use Leer, again!”

Exposing the Heracross’s aura to constant infiltration was key to victory. Breaking down the potency of the Poke’mon’s natural armoring was the best way to approach such a slanted fight. “Nincada, attack!” Not nearly as robust as the power that Karrablast could provide, the additional proddings into the Heracross’s aura made the effects much more substantial. Nincada was able to leave a significant cut into the Poke’mon’s hard carapace with a singular claw before retreating another step.

Broiling anger emanated from the Heracross as it gnashed its teeth and slammed the ground with both arms in a display of power and authority. Its pride was clearly displayed, but the thirst to harm his two Poke’mon frightened Silas all the more. He could tell this wasn’t a fight that would end well in an otherwise uncontrolled circumstance. Were his contingencies not in place and if Nincada and Karrablast weren’t supporting one another, then it was likely that Heracross was more than capable of actually killing them, individually.

So intent on tracking each movement and the growing tension of the battle, Silas hadn’t noticed Shelmet return to his side. The Poke’mon leaned up against him, shuddering silent as she looked on at the other two who seemed to so fearlessly face down an impossible mammoth. She was all well and good until the Heracross actually appeared! One look at that huge horn and spiked arms was enough to make her lose all bravado! Silas could feel her worry, but knew better than to allow it to affect him and cause him to project his own.

They were sizing one another up and the Heracross was clearly calculating away to get through the durable little Nincada and to the annoyingly strong Karrablast he was protecting. The fact that two puny Bugs were able to even challenge its authority was unthinkable! It was madness! Rage building in the fibers of its exoskeleton, the Heracross reared back a long arm and leapt forward. “Nincada, Harden! Karrablast, over the top-- Peck attack!”

As the Heracross brought a clawed swipe across Nincada’s side, his aura compressed, again, strengthening his ability to keep his footing. Once the arm had come down, Nincada jumped on it, trying to pin it down so it could not counter Silas’s Karrablast. In a blinding streak, Karrablast launched himself off of the ground, pinning his half-moon horn against the cut that Nincada had previously left. Recoiling in obvious pain, Heracross flung its arm back, taking Nincada with it. With effort the Poke’mon threw the ornery, obstinate Bug away and into the trunk of a massive tree. Nincada struck with force and fell in small, crumpled heap at the base.

“Nincada! -- Ergh..” There was hardly any time to tear his eyes away from the battle. With its lane cleared, Heracross charged towards Karrablast, collecting aura in its large, imposing horn. Karrablast, undeterred, returned the charge. Soft white streaks of aura slipped through the air until their forms collided. What would have once been an incredibly one-sided affair was now much more ambiguous. Though Karrablast was powered through and sent careening back into the base of a tree, himself, Heracross was also not able to stand after the exchange.

Falling onto hands and knees, the stag-beetle Poke’mon growled and grunted in disbelief. Enough had been done, Silas was certain. Both Nincada and Karrablast were immobile, and he wasn’t willing to risk letting the Heracross stand, again.


A web of light poured over the Heracross and pulled it within the confines of the Net Ball he had acquired in Scurarte. Silas had never been more deathly afraid of anything in his life. He could handle personal losses, the jeers of his peers, and the mistreatment of most, but his heart was ready to stop as he watched the Net Ball hit the grass and struggle to contain the Heracross.

‘Come on...please...just give up--’ An eternity slipped by as Silas’s sole focus held upon the flashing red indicator light. The Net Ball shuddered, wobbling back and forth on the spot precariously and filling Silas with dread. ‘-- please…’


Battle Summary

A hollow note rang through the clearing and the Net Ball stilled.

Immediately, Silas abandoned Shelmet’s side and ran to Nincada, even as the cheers and joyful shouts of the estranged and displaced cluster of Poke’mon called out behind him. Silas couldn’t think of celebrating until he checked on his friends. Sliding to his knees upon approach, Silas collected the unsupported form of his Nincada. Tired, battered, and exhausted, yet breathing-- Nincada was still conscious. “Oh, thank Arceus!” Silas exhaled and quickly fished for Nincada’s Poke’ball. “You did great, Nincada! I promise. Rest, now, and we’ll get you fixed up, soon.” He attached the recall beam to the blind bug and pulled him safely into the device.

Karrablast was in no better state, though was still able to offer a slow, meager flex of his tiny arms when Silas picked him up. He returned Karrablast, as well and then retrieved the Heracross’s Net Ball. Even just holding the thing was enough to fill Silas with pride. As he allowed the sense of completion to waft over him, Silas collapsed on the spot and folded his legs to cross under one another. No sooner had he come to rest when Pancham leapt into his chest and burrowed into him, nuzzling gratefully and toppling Silas over to his back and causing him to sprawl out.

Following Pancham’s lead, the rest crowded around him. The Wurmple and Cutiefly attended to either cheek, giving affection and praise where it was duly earned. A jealous and relieved Shelmet was pressed up against his side, running her long lips up and down the length of his outstretched arm in small, gleeful kisses. Silas couldn’t help but burst out in laughter! It tickled, it warmed him to the core, and Silas couldn’t honestly remember the last time he had ever been so happy! They had done it! They captured a Heracross and they saved their homes!

“Okay, okay!” He pleaded, bringing his hands up to guard his face from their cuddling assault as he made to sit up. A grin was smeared across his face, unable to be removed. “Wow-- haha-” He couldn’t even remain articulate. He just wanted to celebrate! “We did it!!” He exclaimed, earning another joyous outcry from the group.

“You guys can go home, now!” He assured. Despite how happy he thought the notion should have been, their chatter and cries of approval stilled. Immediately, Silas felt the energy get sucked out of the group and he couldn’t help but look at them all. “What? You want to go home, right? That’s why we did this.”

Pancham stood up on Silas’s lap and drew back a fist and socked him lightly in the chest. Issuing another garbled game of charades the Poke’mon waved his arms frantically and yipped, barked, grunted, and pointed to the Wurmple and Cutiefly both. Whatever it was that was being said, both of them seemed to agree with it. Silas still wasn’t able to make heads or tails with either of it. “W-what? I don’t get it. What's the matter?”

Pancham let out an agitated sigh and hopped down from Silas’s lap. He ran back to Silas’s bag and began tearing into it, earning a cautious and flippant, “Hey, cut that out!”

Just as before, clothes, containers, and various items were being chucked over the Pancham’s shoulder. Silas scrambled forward, moving to stop the Poke’mon as the others followed. Once Silas had reached him, Pancham had already located what he was looking for.

The Poke’mon dropped the four remaining Poke’balls that Silas had down at his feet and pointed to them sternly with a grunt. Silas had no words-- not immediately, at any rate. ‘Just how smart is this little guy?’ He was honestly astounded at how quickly the Pancham was able to piece together elements of a trainer’s utility. Silas crouched down and met the Poke’mon at his level and said as evenly and courteously as possible. “You’re really great, you know that? I captured you, yes, but I can’t train you. I’m a Bug-type specialist, and I have a goal. I intended to let you go back home.”

Pancham ardently shook his head, crossing his arms over his small chest in defiance. “You want to come with me, anyways?” Silas asked, playing at the game of clarification. Pancham nodded and took it one step further as he pointed to both Cutiefly and Wurmple at his side. “What?” Silas asked, not understanding the correlation.

Pancham kicked two of the Poke’balls forward towards Silas’s feet and pointed to them, again. “You want them to come, too? Don’t you think that’s up to them?” As he looked to the genetic-anomaly of a Wurmple and the obliviously carefree Cutiefly, both of them started nodding fervently. “Y-you’re serious?”

Part of him felt guilty, for some reason. He wanted to do something positive for the sake of itself. He didn’t intend on any rewards, even though the reward of capturing a Heracross was far above and beyond anything he could have hoped for. All of them were fantastic and his Nincada and Karrablast both fought incredibly hard to earn every bit of it. After a few minutes, Silas could do nothing but exhale a sigh. He picked up one of the standard issue Poke’balls and then reached forward and picked up the singular Great Ball that remained.

With the Wurmple being as unique as it was, it only served his interests to utilize a higher grade Poke’ball as its home for the off-chance that he wasn’t intent on training it. Silas expanded both Poke’balls in his outstretched hands and held them out in front of the respective Poke’mon that they were to belong to. “I’m really happy that I was able to get your homes back, but if you’d rather your home be with me, I guess I shouldn’t complain.” He admitted earnestly to the pair.

The pair of Bug Poke’mon looked at one another before issuing a shared nod of approval. Simultaneously, both reached out and tapped their bodies against the center button and activated the capture mechanism. Both disappeared in a simple flash and the red indicator light immediately stilled without struggle. Silas smiled more broadly than ever, though humbled by the confidence the group had in him.

Pancham yipped happily, coming up to Silas and placing his paws over both Poke’balls.“Ooooh, no! Don’t think I forgot that you just threw my stuff all over the place-- again!!!” He shouted, though the airiness in his voice and teasing grin on his face bore witness that he was far from angry. Pancham hopped on the spot, startled for a mere moment as he looked around at the second mess he’d created. “You don’t just get to come up all cute and make everything disappear! Fix it---!”

Pancham scrambled to collect all of Silas’s belongings and put them back in his bag, Silas stood and sauntered away. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his horribly plaid cargo pants and wandered out into the middle of the clearing. His eyes scanned the various trees-- some marred by chipped and missing bark-- before letting his eyes travel into the canopy. He was forced to bring a hand up and shield over an eye as a bit of setting sun was able to pour through the leaves.

‘I’m getting closer. Bit by bit, I’m starting to understand.’ His thoughts drifted over the two different girls who managed to worm their way into his world and irrevocably change him, for better or worse. Even in the dim sunlight, he could picture Clary Evan’s dorky smile and infectious laughter, holding out a hand to continue pulling him along.

‘I’m starting to understand who I am…’ Yet the journey was far from over.

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  • Silas works to train Nincada and Karrablast!
  • Silas finishes training and returns to camp only to find it being raided!
  • Despite Silas’ attempts, Shelmet ends up in a battle with the Wild Pancham!
  • Silas captures the Pancham! (-1 Pokeball)
  • Silas resolves to heal and then release or trade the Pancham, but first asks it to help him track down their lost food!
  • Silas and his team get into battle with the group of wild Pokemon, with Karrablast going against the Bounsweet!
  • Silas captures the Bounsweet! (-1 Great Ball)
  • Silas decides to help the other wild Pokemon to get their territory back!
  • Silas heals the Bounsweet! (-1 Potion)
  • Silas and his team work to lure the intruding Heracross out, and sends in Nincada and Karrablast to fight it!
  • Heracross knocks out Karrablast and Nincada, but is still captured! (-1 Net Ball)
  • Having bonded with the Wurmple and Cutiefly as well, Silas captures both of them! (-1 Pokeball, -1 Great Ball)!

Topic Evaluation
Silas Edington
TAT: Seeing the Sights: 15 AP
Making Friends: 25 AP
Nursing: 8 AP
TLC: 15 AP
Technology Buff: 5 AP
Topic: 0 EXP
Evaluation: 16 EXP
Total: 15 EXP
Dians: 2785
Bonuses: Training Session
Penalties: N/A
Evaluation Wrap-Up

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!
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Benjamin Hobbes • Cameraman • Total EXP Gained: 51 EXP • Dians: *dian* 1856 • Location: Skytouch Forest

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This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
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Benjamin Hobbes • Cameraman • Total EXP Gained: 51 EXP • Dians: *dian* 1856 • Location: Skytouch Forest

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