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[Evaluated]Goals Established
Topic Started: 9 Sep 2017, 04:01 AM (188 Views)
Posted Image Sethlord
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As Roy walked over a hill the beautiful skyline of Cascadia city appeared at the horizon, made all the more magnificent by the purple and orange hues in the sky cast by the setting sun behind him. Even as Melka village had left his sight days ago Roy still felt like it was right behind him, like his father could appear at any time. Now however, as Roy watched the many rivers colored orange as well twist and wind between the patterns of high and low buildings he felt truly free for the first time in years.

He stopped by the roadside and did something he hadn't done in a very long time; he relaxed and watched time go by. The brick road that had been bleached by years of sunlight waved up and down the hills like a river and the lush green grass had a golden shine. Truly, sunset was the most beautiful time of day. Roy sat down on his case and took a pack of cigarettes out of the many large pockets in his white coat, igniting it with a basic zippo lighter. Usually Roy carried more impressive pyrotechnics, however only the most basic and necessary items had place in his small case. As he puffed and reminisced a slight breeze picked up, waving the grassland and many rainbow colored flowers in an entrancing dance. Roy checked his watch and saw it was about 8 pm, then he checked the sky and decided it would be getting dark soon. He stood up and continued walking as his case rolled along behind him with a slightly annoying clattering noise he hadn't yet found a solution for.

It took him an additional hour of walking, and by the time he finally set foot in the brilliant town the sun had almost completely set. Even though it was approaching nighttime the town was bustling with excitement, families were eating at restaurant, couples strolled through town, people haggled with the many street vendors over the price of cheap leather bracelets or other knick-knacks. All in all it was a very jovial atmosphere, and Roy didn't care too much for it. He smiled briefly, reveling in the pleasure of knowing that even though he didn't care for the pointless activities all those people seemed so interested in, if he did, no one was there to stop him. He made his way to a near hotel he had seen from far away, making sure to dodge the large crowd and the groups of early drinkers. He entered the hotel and it seemed to be quite an upscale place, not nearly as fancy as his childhood home but much better than the cheap hotel he had stayed at in Melka village and certainly better than sleeping rough like he had these past two days. He walked to the front desk at a brisk pace, impatient to get to his room.

The receptionist was a young blonde woman, looking to be 25 at the very most. As he approached her he noticed a slight change in her posture, and that she was observing his hair and clothes. The woman most likely saw him as some extravagant party go-er and might pretend all the rooms were full, however, hotel staff were trained to do basically anything for guests with money, so acting rich was his best bet. He changed his own demeanor slightly and made sure to check his watch as he arrived, flashing both his ruby ring and his expensive watch.

"I would like the best room you have available, for three days and nights, starting right now. I had a long journey and don't feel like any haggling so just name your price and be done with it" Immediately Roy could see her posture and expression change from hostile and judgmental to the ever present fake smile workers who catered to rich people wore. Roy looked around to fake impatience, but took the opportunity to look around him. The lobby was quite nice, with marble pillars rising up to the ceiling and a vast array of sofas and leather chairs so guests could meet and relax. The only other person was a man wearing a baseball cap and his hair fell in front of face, obscuring his features from the angle Roy was standing it. The clothes he was wearing fit in perfectly with the hotel, almost too perfectly in fact, fancy but not too fancy and appearing to be new. Roy felt like he was missing something, but before he had time to question what it was the man looked up from what appeared to be a brand new book he was reading with the spine barely cracked, because he received a call on what looked like a pretty standard Xtranciever, and the ring snapped Roy back to the matter at hand just as the receptionist finished searching on her computer and replied.

"Certainly sir! The bellboy will bring your possessions to your room while we handle the formalities" She replied in the equally annoying chirpy voice no one with half a brain had ever thought was real. She rang a little bell on the desk and almost immediately a young man barely older than Roy appeared, dressed in a ridiculous hotel uniform complete with green shirt, red vest, and something that looked oddly like a vest. The boy politely took his case and went up the elevator without a word, and Roy couldn't help but think of the servants whose tongue were cut out in a book he had once red. The receptionist went on to name an exorbitant price for the 3 day stay, but Roy had predicted the idea that they would charge rich customers more. He signed the check under his family account, his father would most likely shut down the account soon and send somebody after Roy, which is why he chose to only stay 3 days.

"Thank you and enjoy your stay!" She said as she handed him the keys to room 53 on the top floor. Roy nodded and headed towards the elevator without another word. He pressed the button to floor 13 and proceeded to listen to annoying elevator music as he let down the rich persona and put the keys in his pocket, with and odd feeling he had missed something, something important.

"Judgmental ass" He said to himself as he thought about how the girl had gone from hostile and judgmental to perfect host as soon as she thought he was rich. There were few things Roy hated more than people who judged others based on idiotic things like money, then again what could he expect from an everyday hotel worker? He arrived in his room to find his case waiting on his bed. The room was quite nice, larger than he had expected with one glass wall than gave a great panoramic view of the rest of the city. The bathroom was sufficiently large and held quite a big shower space which Roy thought was nice. The room included a small kitchen area, a comfortable beige couch in front of a widescreen TV, complete with every gaming system known to man in the wooden cabinet it was on, and a full king sized bed with high quality sheets. The only thing Roy couldn't help but notice was that the entire room was colored with either yellows or skin tones, obviously trying to be much more luxurious than it really was.

Roy took of his coat and his shirt and observed himself in the mirror. It had been five days since he left his father's house, three days in a hotel room preparing and recuperating from his hypothermia, and two days travel. His freshly died white hair nearly blended in with the white bandages that covered his chest, and Roy couldn't help but be slightly pleased with the look his new hair color gave him, even though he rationally knew it was stupid to judge yourself based on looks. Roy saw he was actually quite filthy, covered with dust and dirt from his days on the road, and was surprised he had managed to pull off the rich person act in front of the receptionist. Maybe staff at this hotel were so conditioned to cater to rich people they automatically responded that way? Roy proceeded to carefully remove his bandages, exposing the blackened marks on his chest and back that he would probably carry with him the rest of his life. He took of the rest of his clothes and took a slightly painful shower, with a sharp sting each time a water droplet fell on the blackened parts of his body. After his shower Roy went straight to bed, happy to be in a real bed again.
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Roy Riker • Cold Enthusiast• Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: 1000 • Location:
Roy’s Pokemon
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Posted Image Sethlord
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The next morning Roy awoke with sore muscles from 2 days of walking and with the odd feeling he had forgotten something, something important. He tried to remember what it was, some odd detail, but with no success. Two days and counting until the minimum time before somebody his father had sent could be here, and Roy wanted to be out of time when that deadline was up. The problem was, he had no idea where he wanted to go from here. The best idea he could come up with was simply to head south and drift for a while, but the lack of concrete goals annoyed him. Roy had always had goals in life, at first it was simply to finish school and be the smartest there, later on his father had imposed goals on him rather heavy handedly. Now he thought about it, this was the first time ever in his life no one was their to tell him what to do, which was exciting, but it also meant no one was there to keep him in check. Roy got out of bed and examined himself in the standing mirrors. His injuries were healing nicely, however they would certainly leave scars, and the wound on his hand had almost fully clothed though it started to seep blood when he removed the bandages from it. He took a nice cold morning shower, and the cold water felt nice on his wounds and sore muscles. His newly acquired white hair fell over his face as soap and shampoo swirled around in a whirlpool by his feet. Quickly and efficiently he was clean and stepped out of the shower, taking no time to enjoy such frivolities as relaxing, before suddenly realizing he had no reason not to. He literally had nothing else to do, but nonetheless he dried himself off and put on some pants, deciding if he was going to waste time he would do it outside to fully enjoy his newfound freedom. Before going back into the main living room section of his room he took some of the hair gel the hotel so graciously provided and styled his hair, going for the usual "fingers in the power outlet" look. He grabbed some new bandages from his white case and wrapped them around his hand first, but before he moved on to the vast array of frostbite marks on his chest he heard a knock on the door. Not much time to think, if it's my father's goons come early I have about two full seconds before they break down the door. Two brief knocks, soft and quick, most likely not hired muscle. No announcement, this means they're not police, so most likely hotel staff. The thoughts raced through his head as he grabbed his knife out of his coat pocket and put it on his belt behind his back.

"Come in!" He said aloud, stupidly realizing he had not locked it last evening. The door opened and it was indeed the cleaning lady that walked in, dragging a cart with fresh sheets and towels. Roy let out a breath and resumed his bandaging process, ignoring the gasp the woman let out when she saw his torso covered in blackened marks. He finished his bandaging shortly before the woman finished changing his sheets and towels and did a quick scan of all his possessions, just in case. Nothing seemed to be missing from his case, he still had a change of clothes, the money he stole from his father, some basic tools and electrical equipment, a canister of liquid nitrogen, a dozen or so power bars, a bit too many cans of energy drinks, and a map he had bought back in Melka village. He walked over to his coat and checked his many pockets. All his stuff was there too, his lighter and cigarettes, a deck of cards, the key to his hotel room, and the key to his father's mansion. He put on his brilliant white coat and put his knife in it, then looked out of the window in the new perspective of daylight. The town was just as pretty during the day than at sunset, but instead of the orange hues and purple sky the daytime Cascadia was filled with blue and white. The river's intertwined with the street and many little parks that seemed to be a hot spot for those ridiculous trainer battles, and the clean and well maintained buildings shone brightly in the morning sun. A market seemed to be taking place at the same location as the previous night, and Roy wondered if it was constantly busy in the street. After admiring the sights for a while he left his room and headed down the stairs, making sure to take some money from his case. He picked a random direction and started to walk that way, following a little river that crossed through the street, with many bridges connecting each side. After a while of walking without paying much attention, Roy realized he was in a less prestigious part of town. Deciding he may as well go down the rabbit hole and see what the people with power around here didn't want the tourists to see. He turned into a small alley littered with empty beer bottles, which didn't please Roy, and random garbage. After a while he saw a cross with another alley coming up and he heard a voice coming from ahead.

"You're useless you hear me?! Less than useless! Your pathetic ass is an embarrassment to my team, I can't believe I paid good money to some back alley breeder for some overgrown rat who can't defend his team for shit!" Roy's curiosity overtook him and he walked around the corner, only to find some bald and overweight 40 something year old man yelling threats and insults to what appeared to be his own pokemon. More than slightly amused, Roy lit a cigarette and watched on as the man went on a tirade about how he had paid 'good money' to get a new breed of pokemon that would 'command respect' from those 'bratty teenagers' but the pokemon seemed to be failing miserably. Unhow Roy would expect a pet being scolded to react, the Sandshrew appeared to be quite angry. The man stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Roy calmly leaning against a wall, mid puff.

"And who the hell are you?!" He yelled as his expression of anger seemed to suddenly mix with a tan of confusion and surprise. Roy sarcastically pointed at himself and feigned surprise, clearly mocking the man.

"Who me? Oh don't mind me, i'm just an innocent bystander, please do carry on" He replied as he motioned for the man to continue his rant. The man did no such thing, instead he fully turned to Roy, all but forgetting about his pokemon. Confusion left his face leaving only anger with some contempt.

"Let me guess, you're one of those pokemon right activists, aren't ya? Well look here boy, this pokemon is MY property, and I will do whatever the hell I want with it, understood?" Roy found the man to be quite irritating and checked his watch to make sure he knew, then sighed to complete the act.

"Are you finished geezer? I have things to get back to and your fat ass is in the way" Roy had decided the spoiled rich brat routine would piss off the guy nicely in return. What he hadn't anticipated was just how much it would work, the man turned to his pokemon and yelled for it to use powder snow. It seemed to almost reluctantly step forward, then unleashed a torrent of tiny snowflakes, and the alley was filled with a cold, white, powerlike substance. The snow was cold, sure, but it was nowhere near some of the blizzards Roy had survived in his lifetime. For maximum dramatic effect Roy waited for the snow to start settling before he made his grand reappearance completely unscathed, all the while relighting his cigarette. The man was still angry, but his expression was mixed with a healthy bit of fear now, signaling he had pulled of the timing; if the man had seen him walk through a cold based attack he would have been worried, sure, but with him dramatically walking out of the snow and fog made for a much larger impact.

"Cold? You think you can hurt me with a little snow? You're pathetic. You're weak, lazy and dumb. The pokemon isn't weak, you're just an idiotic uneducated manchild who has no place being in command of anything, let alone something with the amount of power a pokemon has. You have him playing completely out of position you donkey ass!" Roy yelled, how dare the man attack him, with a puny attempt at cold no less! Not only that but the pokemon was clearly built for physical attack, yet the man had him attack long distance.

"Yeah? Well... If you think you it's my fault, you tell him what to do! Hey, listen to the crazy white haired dude for a second OK? Who the hell do you think you are anyway?" The man yelled in a feeble attempt at bravado. Just then, Roy remembered a name he had given a mugger in a similar alley a long time ago. He smirked a demonic smile he had practiced in the mirror for hours and said in his coldest, darkest voice:

"The name is Frostburn, and as for you" He turned to the pokemon "Go wild!" Instantly the pokemon lunged at it's own master, slashing wildly at him. The man had just enough time to put his arm up before on of the pokemon's claws tore through it, spraying blood throughout the alley. The pokemon was about to attack again but Roy stopped it, not wanting to get involved in a murder trial. The pokemon reluctantly obeyed, and the man staggered to his feet.

"Insane! You are both completely and utterly insane!" He yelled before starting to run as fast as his fat legs could carry him but stopped in his tracks not a few meters further and turned around.

"If you can control him so well, goddamn keep him!" He yelled before hurling what Roy assumed was the pokemon's pokeball at Roy's face, who caught it with ease. The man disappeared into another alley, and the pokemon turned back to look at Roy, who stared back, frankly quite surprised at the way it turned out.

"Shrew?" It squealed.

"Hm. I guess I have a pokemon now..." Roy replied, for the first time in a long time not sure quite what to do.
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Roy Riker • Cold Enthusiast• Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: 1000 • Location:
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Posted Image Sethlord
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Declaration Update

"So... Now what?" Roy asked the pokemon. He got a good look at it for the first time, and it appeared to be some kind of rodent based pokemon. It had three short claws on each of it short paws, and two slightly longer ones on each of it's feet. Although Roy hadn't felt it it's skin appeared to be made of steel or ice, and it had two beady black eyes that contrasted nicely with it's white color. The pokemon growled and stared at Roy but otherwise didn't reply, not that Roy had expected it to.

"You're quite a furious beast aren't you? Your old trainer wanted you to be a calm guard dog of kind, that would smash down his opponents carelessly, but that's not you, am I right? You enjoy battle, it allows you to unleash your fury. And you truly hated your old trainer, that's why you jumped at the chance to injure him, if not worse" Roy still wasn't sure if the pokemon could understand him, but either way it seemed to be a bit more at ease after Roy's speech. He decided to walk around a bit more to clear his head before deciding what to do with the pokemon, was he going to keep it, or give it away?

"Come on then, for now at least it seems your stuck with me" He called over his shoulder as he walked the same way back to the entrance of the alleyway. As he walked he made sure to pick up on all the usual chitchat floating in the air. Useless things mostly, but you never know when a bit of gossip might come in handy. For the most part it was the usual: 'Did you know John's daughter got mugged?' 'There's this great new bakery on Elvis Street' 'Ex Una, Plures' 'I got Tony a coffeemaker for his birthday'. As he walked on with the pokemon by his side his thoughts drifted away from the usual chatter of the streets and instead went to what he was going to do now. He had no reason to own a pokemon, then again, the fat guy in the alley might change his mind and come find him to get his pokemon back, and if that was the case Roy wanted to be sure he could laugh in his face as he refused. Deciding that he would keep the pokemon until at least he left town, he turned his attention back outward. Somehow he had walked into a park without noticing it, and it seemed to be quite the hot spot for pokemon battling. Roy sat down on a bench and rested his arms on the wooden back support as the pokemon jumped onto it too, seemingly watching the pokemon battles as well. Just as Roy noticed a man with wavy hair reading a book, someone who looked to be around Roy's age walked up to his bench.

"Hey!" The guy said in an enthusiastic voice that immediately annoyed the living hell out of him. He was wearing a brown leather coat and a woolen hat with those little dangling balls that serve no purpose. He was smiling broadly, and a black and red pokemon rested on his shoulder.

"Hey" Roy replied sarcastically as he raised an eyebrow. The man reading a book seemed off to him, and he wanted to find out why, but it seemed this guy had a different plan in mind.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Roy nearly laughed out loud when he heard him say that. Roy knew that trainers battled of course, but he always thought that that cheesy line only existed on TV shows, he had never expected anyone to say it. It also seemed the guy was genuinely serious, Roy must have looked like a trainer somehow. Then again, he was sitting next to a pokemon in what looked to be the place for pokemon battles in town.

"Look kid, i'm not a trainer..." Roy started, but his newly acquired pokemon jumped off the bench and his showed his teeth in what looked like a smile. Roy sighed, who was he to stop the pokemon from enjoying a fight? If someone had walked up to him and challenged him to a fist fight he most likely would have accepted too, if the circumstances allowed it.

"Ahem, like I said i'm not a trainer, in fact i'm not completely sure this pokemon is mine, but it appears he doesn't mind fighting so both of you have fun" The trainer looked Roy up and down for a bit, then shook his head.

"No thanks, I thought you were a trainer, but you obviously have never handled a pokemon, other wise you would never let him go into a fight on his own. Sorry mate, but you're obviously not fit to have a pokemon battle" That last part ticked Roy off a little and he stood up, looking at the guy. He was obviously arrogant and thought he was better than him, and that was something Roy didn't look the other way for.

"Look, I don't know who you think you are to decide who can or can't have battles, but if you want a trainer guided battle you're on! And when he and I beat you in our first time fighting then you will see you're not as hot shit as you think you are" Roy looked over to his pokemon and nodded, to which it replied by flashing what might have been a smile, revealing rows of sharp teeth, before jumping off the bench and standing besides Roy. The little rodent looked to be glad to have a trainer with as much of a temper as he did.

"Fine then, if you're going to take it seriously we'll have a fight, and I'll show you that a person with a real bond with his pokemon is always stronger, right Leechy?" Roy snorted at how naive he seemed to be, but nevertheless underestimating an opponent was beneath him. He turned to his pokemon and crouched down to it's level.

"Im going to be honest here, I have no idea what you can do, is there anyway you can show me?" He said softly enough so that the other trainer wouldn't be able to hear him. Roy was in between the trainer and Roy's pokemon and the trainer was far enough away to not see what he was doing. The pokemon nodded and proceeded to do a miniature demonstration of his skills. First he scratched at the air, then emitted a low growling noise that left even Roy feeling slightly intimidated, then breathed out a stream of snow flakes in a tiny version of the attack he had used against Roy earlier. Roy nodded, stood up, and turned back to the trainer.

"Alright then, i'm ready" He said calmly, determined not to let his emotions get the better of him in this fight.

"Are you ready Leechy?" The trainer proclaimed, a little too enthusiastically for Roy's taste. The cat pokemon nodded and Roy's pokemon seemed to be ready for battle as well, so when the trainer yelled for his pokemon to use ember, nearly instantly a flurry of small but burning hot embers flew at Roy's pokemon, Roy was ready too. He yelled for it to use it's ice attack, and the rodent obeyed by using Powder Snow. The two attacks of ice and fire collided in mid air, flakes of snow and embers of fire were strewn around the battlefield as steam and fog enveloped the fighters. The fire nearly completely overpowered the counter attack, but the explosion of steam and snow seemed to disrupt the concentration of both pokemon and the attacks cancelled eachother out, however it did seem the rodent had taken some damage. Roy yelled for the rodent to charge, but the other trainer had more experience and better teamwork, so when the fog cleared and the fighters resumed, the cat got the first strike. It's advantage didn't last long however, for although the cat had the advantage of swiftness the rodent's hard shell and powerful claws were more fit for hand to hand combat. Soon the cat retreated to a safe distance before either pokemon got a decent hit of on the other. The trainer yelled for his pokemon to use ember again, however Roy knew the cat would try to use it's type advantage and told the pokemon to leap to the left then charge again. The rodent avoided the torrent of flying red embers for the most part but some hit it, but nevertheless it charged in on it's short legs. When it got in close it slid to a stop just short of the cat and in accordance with Roy's orders used scratch. The attack knocked the cat several steps back, and the rodent attempted to charge again. As it lifted it's arm to strike again, the trainer yelled "NOW!" And before either Roy or his new pokemon had time to react the cat unleashed a torrent of ember at point blank range. The attack sent the rodent flying and it slammed into a nearby tree before falling to the ground.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"Damn" Roy mumbled as he fumbled around with the pokeball until he found the button to retreat his pokemon.

"Well, I suppose I should have listened to you when you said you weren't a trainer! But hey, at least you tried right? My name is Noah" The trainer laughed. Roy found him more and more irritating, but in the end he had to admit the trainer had been right. It had been teamwork that had won that battle, the trainer had thought up a strategy before the battle, and the cat new what to do as soon as the trainer called, while the rodent was hesitant.

"Roy. And if I cared one bit about pokemon battles I would have crushed you without a second thought" The guy laughed it off, which annoyed Roy to no end.

"Yeah right, prove it! Im about to leave town right now, but if I ever see you again we will battle, and I'll show you that knowing your pokemon and communicating is how you win a pokemon battle!" Roy had lost. For the first time in a long time there was no doubt about it, he had been beat. He didn't like it. He wanted to win. He wanted to be better, to be the very best, at everything. If that included pointless pokemon battling, so be it! No matter what Roy would be the best, he would be above, no matter what it took! Roy grinned as he snapped out of his thoughts and looked Noah dead in the eye.

"Alright then. We will meet again, and I will beat you without saying a word, agreed?"

"Fine then, see you around!" The guy said with that same big friendly smile before walking out of the park. Roy put his pokeball in his pocket and walked out of the park himself, he had a lot of thinking to do. First on his agenda was the pokemart. It took him a while, but soon he found the blue and white brick building filled with young and old trainers purchasing a variety of items. The usual chatter filled the place: 'Look at this Ultra Ball!' 'Yes, I see him.' 'Im telling you, this new model is worth the additional price!' 'I wish Joey would be here to see this!' But all of that was uninteresting. He walked passed the array of multicoloured bottles, ignored the sprays and potions and merely got the bare minimum: A map of the region, 5 additional pokeballs, and a pokedex. He eyed the cashier.

Nametag done with marker, not yet metal. He had trouble finding the price tag on a repel, which must be sold here everyday. His fingers are trembling, and he keeps looking over at the other worker, this guy is obviously new. He keeps tugging at his shirt, which means it's uncomfortable. He's dressed professionally, except for his shoes. Most likely only owns one pair of shoes and somebody else chose his outfit for his first day. Conclusion: Nervous, never questions authority, and easy to manipulate by nature, living door mat. Role: Impatient superior, possible Honesty Gambit

Roy saw his chance, and when the guy who was most likely his supervisor started helping some kid with his questions he walked up to the cashier.

"5 pokeballs, a pokedex, and a map. With employee discount remember" Roy made sure to check his watch, tap his foot impatiently, and otherwise carry out the arrogant superior act as the cashier started stuttering.

"Umm, e-e-employee discount, sir?" Perfect, he boy already saw him as a superior, he was just too clueless to know what to do.

"Yes boy, are you part deaf? You just push the blue button that says ED" Roy didn't raise his voice, but his tone was stern and unforgiving.

"A-and you w-work here, sir?" Roy saw his chance to have a laugh and employ his favorite trick, the honesty gambit.

"No, i'm some random new trainer who decided to trick a pokemart employee for a small discount! Of course I work here you bloody buffoon, now press the damn button so I can go give my son his birthday presents!" Roy had no idea why the honesty gambit worked so well on the insecure, but the cashier pressed the Employee Discount button and Roy paid the discounted price before heading out to his next destination, the Pokecenter.
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Roy smiled a nearly invisible smile as far behind him he heard the pokemart employees run out into the street, and he faintly heard the man who he assumed was the supervisor yelling.

"First day and you blunder it up all ready! You just let someone stroll in here and convince you he's your boss? Get out and don't come back!" Roy's grin grew a little wider. Maybe this was bad for the boy, but it could also have saved him from spending years in a dead end job, now at least he was forced to do his best in life. Roy studied his map of the town for a while, and soon he found his way to the pokecenter. He walked along, thinking deeply instead of paying attention to his surroundings. He was developing strategies and tactics for battle. He knew the basics of pokemon battling but had never really studied it, so as he walked he also checked his pokedex, learnt his pokemon was called Sandshrew as well as what it's capabilities were. He started to memorize the pokedex but didn't get very far before his thoughts drifted back to how to improve he and his pokemon's battle strength, and by the time he arrived at the pokecenter he had several ideas. Where as the pokemart was primarily white and blue, the center on the other hand seemed to really enjoy it's red's and orange's. It also had a white base, but the red was what really stood out. Large glass sliding doors that let large amounts of daylight in led onto a red carpet with orange pokeball patterns, that led to the front desk. On either side white and orange tiles covered the floor which was strewn about white couches and sofas, as well as many things that Roy didn't recognize. He strolled up to the front desk and spun his pokeball on his index finger, the woman who tended to the desk eyed him suspiciously, so Roy adjusted his stance, speech patterns, and the like accordingly.

"Umm hello, I'm new in town, this is the place to get my pokemon healed right?" He said nervously. The nurse seemed to buy the act and smiled, and with her suspicions appeased Roy could get a good look at her. She was a pretty young woman, with long black hair that went until her waist and brown eyes, Roy estimated her at about 23.

"Yes it is, welcome to our pokemon center! A bunch of trainers just came in so it will be a couple of minutes, can I take your injured pokemon?" Roy handed over the singular pokeball containing the rodent like creature. Although some of what the woman said was obviously rehearsed, unlike the woman at the hotel she seemed genuinely friendly, and for the first time in a long while Roy was not annoyed with how fake the person he was talking to after one interaction. Roy gave one of his rare smiles that wasn't part of an act and walked over the nearest couch, all the while listening to the nearby chatter:

'Mary told me about this great new bakery!' 'Hey Joey, guess what we saw at the pokemart' 'Yes, the objective is finished, I will report back soon, my pokemon needs medical care first' 'I told you battling that guy with the Litten was a bad idea!' although a few sentences peeked his interested, none peaked it, so he tuned everything out. A man who had previously been on the phone walked up to the counter and handed over his own pokeball before sitting on the red couch opposite of Roy. The man was carrying a duffel bag and his wavy brown hair fell just short of his equally brown scarf. The man pulled a book from his bag and disentangled the earbuds from it and started reading, which is when Roy recognized him, it was the man from the park, and also the man who had been in the hotel last night!

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"You!" Roy said, to which the man looked over his book and adjusted his glasses.

Glasses, not taken off for reading which means near sighted or possibly fake. Scarf yet no coat, means fashionable which means extrovert. Scarf seems expensive, definitely silk, glasses are designer brand, rest of clothes are new and high quality, freshly shaven. Well groomed, extrovert, and fashionable, means possibly gay and at least semi successful in his career. Reading advanced literature as well as high end clothes means most likely highly educated, yet he owns and obviously battles pokemon. Conclusion: Unknown. The thoughts flashed through Roy's head, but he could not deduce any relevant information about the man, his book however was a different story.

Spine barely cracked, and he seems to be reading earlier in the book than in the park, which means he isn't reading it, he is trying to blend in, why?

"I saw you at the hotel the other night, then at the park this afternoon. You're not really reading that book are you? For some reason you want people not to notice you, why?" The man looked for a second then smiled and closed the book.

"You're right, you're right. I don't actually read this book, I've read the digital copy a thousand times, I carry it with me so people don't approach me, you however seem smart enough to hold a decent conversation" The man was a fantastic liar, truly excellent in fact. Roy had observed him as he spoke and his body language gave no hint of deception, and even one or two of honesty, but nevertheless the man had made a fatal flaw.

"No, no, that's not true. You had a pair of earbuds in your bag, putting them in would be a much more effective deterrent for people. You don't want people to refrain from talking to you, you want to disappear into the background completely, and nothing does that more effectively than obscuring your face yet not doing something abnormal. So again, why?" The man was visibly surprised, but soon his surprise faded away, replaced with a sly smile.

"I don't like the way they feel in my ears, I use them for calling hands free while I drive" He replied simply. Roy chuckled, his body language was still perfect, but his lies were much less convincing.

"They were well worn, like if they were used everyday. If you disliked them you would have either bought a new pair or a Bluetooth installation in your car. Why?" Roy was observing the man just as intently as the man was observing him, Roy's face icy cold and the man with that same interested grin, like if he was observing a particularly large reptile at a zoo.

"I have nothing to plug them in on me right now" Roy would have thought the man was out of ideas and merely grasping at straws, but his calm composure and body language showed no sign of panic. Instead, Roy started to think the man was testing him.

"You were on the phone before you sat down. Why?" The man stayed silent for a few moments, then opened his duffel bag and put his book in it. In it's place he pulled out a flat, rectangular wooden boxes with a checkerboard pattern. He put it on the table in between their two couches and opened it, revealing a bunch of chess pieces. It appeared the box didn't just have a checkerboard pattern, it was in fact a miniature chess board.

"You're smart" He said as he started putting all of the pieces in starting position.

"I am" Roy replied in a neutral tone. This man was very interesting, a great liar with something to hide who preferred to stay in the background? He was basically one big riddle Roy was waiting to solve.

"Then let me test how smart. I assume you know the rules of chess?" Roy nodded, laughing internally at how bad this guy was about to get beaten. The man finished setting up the pieces and turned the board so he was white. He made his opening move then looked expectantly at Roy.

"Your move" He said flatly, never letting that same observing grin of his face. Roy placed his own pawn and was about to pass the turn to the man when suddenly he stopped. The phrase 'your move' was very common when passing the turn in a game of chess, but it was equally common in real life, and the man had not said why they were playing.

"My move huh? My move is to figure out your challenging me to figure out why you hide behind that book yourself, correct?" The man merely smiled and developed his bishop without a word.

"You're well dressed, and that scarf makes you recognizable, which means you're confident the book will stop people from looking closely at you, and that you make too much money to be a PI" Roy replied as he played another pawn, freeing both his bishops. The man kept silent and advanced his knight.

"You're not working with the police because if you had just finished a job you would have used the police machines at the station to heal your pokemon, and if you were on a job undercover you would have just flashed your shiny badge and tell me to piss off" Roy continued as he advanced his bishop in order to threaten the knight, but the man simply moved in to safety where it was threatening one of Roy's pawns.

"This means you work for some kind of organization that pays you well, but you're required to stay hidden at nearly all times, going of the fact that you were hiding even if you don't appear do be working" Roy pressed his attack by advancing his own knight, and for the first time since the game started the man spoke as he protected his knight with his second bishop.

"What if my wealth was independent from my job?" Roy smirked, the man was holding his own at chess, but in real life he had fallen for the trap.

"Oh it could be, but you just confirmed a few things for me. Now I know for sure your hiding is for your job and that you're not some criminal in hiding, or maybe you are but at the very least you haven't been found out yet. You could still be some crime boss, but you're not a fugitive and a white collar criminal would not need to hide. So you're not police, not a PI, and not a fugitive. That leaves reporter covering some celebrity who's in town, corporate spy who might be recognized and outed, agent for some kind of criminal organization, spy from a foreign country, or possibly an agent from some sort of governmental service" Just then, the nurse arrived with both of their pokeballs. Roy merely thanked the nurse and put the pokeball in his pocket, but the man was cleaning up the chess board and stood up.

"You're smart, very smart in fact, there's no doubt about it. How about we test out how you fair in.. Other areas?" The man smiled as he spun his pokeball on his index finger just like Roy had a few minutes prior.
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Rolled Trainer

Roy and the man stepped outside of the pokecenter, each with their own pokeball in hand. The man extended his arm and said:

"Im Eric, nice to meet you...?" Roy shook his hand.

"Roy. Hang on for a minute, I need to have a chat with my pokemon for a minute here" The man nodded and Roy walked down the road a little so they could still see eachother but were out of earshot. Roy pressed the button on his pokeball and a flash of white light blinded him for a fraction of a second, and the pokemon he now knew to be a Sandshrew stood before him. It looked frustrated, bordering on angry even, and Roy could understand why.

"Look, Sandshrew, I know you think you would have won that battle if you were on your own, but you're wrong. Those guy were strong, like really strong, but I want you, or us to be more precise, to get even stronger. You like fighting right?" The pokemon gave a curt nod, which Roy saw as a sign for him to continue.

"Well then I think were going to get along just fine. I saw how you fight when you're alone, you showed me when you attacked your trainer as soon as you had the chance, and you might dislike me as much as him because in your eyes I screwed up the fight. But here's the thing, I know your strengths aren't in patience and tactics, you're vicious and wild, like fire! Fire is a dangerous thing, it can overcome nearly anything, and the only way to fight it is to make it so it has nothing to burn. Fire bursts out in every direction with equal force, and it loses a lot of it's strength burning away at nothing, but imagine if fire was directed, what if fire was in control of itself? It could burn through nearly everything. Let me guide your raw power, give me a second chance, OK?" Sandshrew looked at him for several seconds with an expression even Roy couldn't understand, but eventually it nodded.

"Right then, here's the plan. I want you to listen carefully to what I'm doing when you're on the battlefield. Listen for this sound" Roy snapped his fingers.

"When you hear that noise once, I want you to use Scratch, when you hear it twice in a row I want you to use powder snow, thrice means Bide. I don't think it's going to be of use, but if I yell for you to defend it means use Defense Curl. When I yell left or right, I want you to go in those directions. It's up to you to understand in what way exactly, but if I yell left while the opposing pokemon is attacking it means dodge to the left, OK? And if you hear me clap my hands" Roy demonstrated.

"It means I want you to charge, but if I whistle it means I want you to retreat to a safe distance, you got all that?" Sandshrew nodded again, so Roy stood up and walked back to where Eric was still standing. They agreed that the middle of the street wasn't a good place for a pokemon battle, so they walked around until they found a wide alley that seemed completely deserted. Cans and cigarette butts littered the floor, and moss and weeds grew over the bricks walls and out of the stone floor. If it wasn't for the random trash Roy would have thought no one had entered this place in years. It was several meters wide and seemed to stretch on for quite a while, so it seemed a good place for a battle.

"You ready there Roy?" Eric said as he gently tossed his pokeball into the air, and what appeared to be a lobster materialized from the usual white energy. Roy quickly scanned it on his pokedex, learning it was a Corphish and what moves it could know.


"Whenever you are!" Roy responded as Sandshrew stepped forward. Eric calmly gave a command to his pokemon, and it shot a jet of bubbles towards Sandshrew. Roy snapped his fingers twice and Sandshrew understood, countering with a jet of Powder Snow. Once again the two attacks collided in mid air, and while there was no explosion of steam and fog like when fighting Noah, the snow flew in every direction which provided decent cover. Roy clapped his hands and Sandshrew took of in a running charge, as soon as he was close enough Roy clicked his fingers once and Sandshrew attempted to scratch the Corphish, but Eric said something low enough that Roy couldn't hear it and a field of energy appeared around Corphish, harmlessly bouncing the attack off. Roy was smart enough to know that after a perfect defense like that came a counter, so he clicked his fingers three times. And indeed, not moments later Eric said something else and one of Corphish's large appendages started to glow, before it slammed into Sandshrew. Sandshrew was knocked back several meters, and it seemed to have take a lot of damage. Nevertheless, it wobbled back to it's feet and got ready to fight once more, so that when Roy clapped his hands again it was barely an instant before Sandshrew was running again. The Corphish used Bubble seemingly on it's own, and although Roy knew it was incredibly risky, Roy said nothing. Although each bubble damaged Sandshrew, he charged through the attack as to be at point blank range at the exact time that the attack ended and that Bide was ready. Before Eric had time to give any orders Sandshrew slammed it's paw down onto Corphish's head, driving it straight into the ground. Without relenting Roy clicked his fingers and Sandshrew slashed it's short claws onto the pokemon's shell before it had the time to stand up. Roy whistled and Sandshrew backed out of range of Corphish's devastating melee attack. Roy clicked his fingers twice at the same time that Eric spoke an order, and once again Powder Snow and Bubble Collided and cancelled eachother out. Roy knew the two attacks Sandshrew had taken had dealt serious damage, but he also knew that Corphish was probably on it's last legs as well. Roy clicked his fingers twice, clapped his hands, then clicked his fingers twice again. Sandshrew seemed to understand the chain of commands, and unleashed a Powder Snow and instantly charged before the snow could clear out of the air. Like expected a field of energy once again enveloped the pokemon and stopped the attack, but as the energy field faded Sandshrew burst out of the falling snow and used Powder Snow once again, this time at point blank range. The lobster flew back and slammed into the ground right next to Eric before rolling a little further. Eric sighed and retreated his pokemon, as Roy did the same.

Battle Summary

"Well done little guy, you really pulled through" Roy whispered to his pokeball before putting it back in his coat pocket. Roy walked up to Eric and they shook hands, congratulating eachother on the good game.

"I don't suppose you will reward my victory by telling me anything about you?" Roy asked, although he already knew the answer. Eric shook his head with a laugh, confirming what Roy knew.

"No. But I will give you four things. A piece of advice because I enjoyed your company and would hate for you to die young. A little something for winning the battle. A promise. And a bit of soothing knowledge to appease the sting of not figuring out who I am" Roy raised an eyebrow, and he had to admit he was curious. They started walking back to the pokecenter, since both of their companions were in dire need of healing.

"Very well, lay it on me then" Roy said as they walked out of the alley side by side.

"Here is the reward for winning the fight, it's not much but it's all I happen to have on me" Eric said as he handed Roy a bottle of blue fluid that appeared to be a spray.

"The knowledge is that we will most likely meet again, and if you play your cards right you might solve the riddle I'm sure you have come to see me as" Eric was right, in Roy's mind he was nothing but a walking, talking, riddle. He had been evenly matched with Roy at chess, and hadn't accidentally given away any information, this man was clever, extremely so. And Roy wanted to best him.

"The promise is that next time we meet, whether or not you figure me out, I'l give you something to alleviate the constant boredom that must plague your mind" Once again he was spot on, most things revolving around intelligence or physical capability were easy for Roy, and alleviating boredom was one of his hardest challenges. By this time they arrived in front of the pokecenter, but Eric stopped in front of the door.

"Why?" Roy asked, it was a simple enough question that could mean a million things, but Eric knew in this context it meant why would Eric help him.

"Like I said before, I enjoy your company. And I know how difficult it can be for people like use. Anyway, I should be going now. See you around Roy, we'll have a rematch!" And just like that Eric turned and walked away, brown scarf flapping in the wind and duffel bag over his back.

"What about the advice?" Roy called after him. Eric made no motion to stop, but looked over his shoulder with that same sly but friendly grin.

"Stay away from pink rabbits!" He said before melding into the crowd. Roy knew going after him would be pointless, even if he found Eric again he wouldn't divulge anything. For a moment Roy thought he had misheard, but the more he thought about it the more he was certain that's what the man had said. 'Stay away from pink rabbits' he thought to himself as he walked back into the pokecenter and gave his pokeball to the same friendly nurse who made a comment about him being quite the restless battle wager. Roy barely heard her over the thoughts in his head, but nonetheless he found himself smiling at her. He sat back down in the same spot as before, wondering why Eric would leave him with such cryptic advice. Eventually he came to the conclusion that either it was another test of his intelligence, or maybe he didn't have enough information for the advice to make sense yet.
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As Roy walked out of the pokemon center he noticed the sun was going down, coloring in all the white buildings with purples, reds, and oranges. Once again Roy admired the town in the beauty of sunset and the blissful time of day where all the annoying children had gone home for the night, but the drunk teenagers and party go-ers had not yet crowded every bar and open area. Instead the streets seemed reserved for couples taking romantic walks and hipsters looking for inspiration, both of which were irritating in their own right, but at least they kept to themselves instead of shoving their annoying personalities in everyone's face. Roy found himself sitting down on the same park bench he had been sitting on when Noah challenged him. He let out Sandshrew and stared at the leaves of a tree, the purple light of the sky seemed to reflect of the usually green leaves, and the orange hues glistened off the many streams and ponds that dotted the park, giving the whole area a surreal feel.

"So... I know you like fighting, and to be honest I quite enjoyed it too. Noah, the trainer we fought earlier, the first one, beat me, or us, to be more precise. I don't like being beat and I want to fight him again and win, I want to collect as many strong pokemon as necessary to complete that goal. How about you join me, and I will guide you to be one of the fighters the world has ever seen, while you help me achieve my payback? Your fury is a great power, you tanked that powerful smash attack from Eric's pokemon and you also trusted me enough that you ran through his Bubble attack, both of which were necessary for you to pull off Bide. My smarts on the other hand could guide your power and lead it to greatness, so how about it huh? Your choice" As he said this Roy placed the pokeball containing Sandshrew on the bench between them. Although Roy could no doubt get a new pokemon easily, this Sandshrew had potential, anger, and to some degree understood he should trust Roy's brain, so he would like to keep him. However fighting with a pokemon that didn't want to would lead no where, so it was up to him to choose to join Roy in his journey to beat Noah. Sandshrew started at him for what seemed like ages, then walked up to the pokeball and gave it a slight tap with his foot, rolling it towards Roy.

"Very well then! Welcome to my little party of one, which has now become a party of two! We're gonna do great things you and me, just you wait" Roy and Sandshrew stared at the iridescence of the sky for a little while, but it started to get dark and when Roy checked his watch he saw it was 8pm. Together they headed towards Roy's hotel, passing by a bakery that had celebrated it's grand opening that morning. Roy realized he hadn't eaten anything all day, so they dropped in a bought a baguette and some croissants, sharing them on the way. To maintain appearances, Roy retreated Sandshrew into his pokeball when they entered, and Roy made sure to act out the rich snob until they entered his room. Just in case his father's goons appeared earlier than predicted, he hooked up the canister of liquid nitrogen from his case onto the door frame, so that if it was opened from the outside or broke down it would spray liquid nitrogen onto the intruders. Roy let Sandshrew out, locked the door, and started to get ready for bed. When he looked in the mirror he saw Sandshrew looking at his many scars from the bed.

"Long story, very long story" He said over his shoulder. The bed was more than large enough for both Roy and Sandshrew to sleep in it without ever bothering eachother, and it didn't take long for both of them to be asleep.


The door, someone is breaking it down! Judging by type of wood, sound, and depending on how big the guys are I have approximately seven seconds before the door breaks. Judging by position of the sun through the window it's 7 am, first trains should be leaving soon if not already. Conclusion: Balcony

Roy jumped up and dashed to his coat, as Sandshrew was barely yawning awake.

BANG! 6.

He put on his coat and started to throw his few items that weren't in his case into it.

BANG! 4.

Roy grabbed his case and put it on his back using the uncomfortable straps, reatreated Sandshrew into it's pokeball and dashed onto the balcony.

BANG! 1.

The last thing Roy saw before climbing over the rail and holding onto the edge was the door fly open and liquid nitrogen filling the room with fog. He heard screaming as he swung himself onto the balcony a few meters below, but that was no longer his concern. He took his bowie knife out of his coat pocket and smashed the glass door with the hilt. He walked through the slightly less luxurious room that was hopefully empty, and luckily the door didn't need a key to open from the inside. Roy took the elevator down to the lobby and without saying a word left the hotel and took off towards the subway station.

"The bastard left the account open on purpose! He knew I would use it so he could track me. But that means he will leave it open again" Roy muttered to himself as he made his way down to the subway. Large stone pillars held up the ceiling as Roy walked down the wide marble staircase. Although it was early morning, many people filled the stations, ranging from buissness men to trainers, each with their own destination. Large screens were suspended from the ceiling, displaying platforms numbers and deprture times, as well as stupid ad's for the latest phone that was incredibly over priced. Although he had no exact location in mind yet, Roy knew some of the pokemon he had seen in the pokedex that he wanted to catch were in West Godai, so that was his best bet.
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RP Notes

  • Nice Geography there~
  • A hotel with gaming systems? That’s interesting.
  • He’s very observant indeed.
  • Aw, cute pokemon~
  • It’s name is bloop I liiiiive~
  • Pink rabbits are the most dangerous ones.

Topic Record

  • Roy arrives in Cascadia and acquires the Sandshrew Frost
  • Roy encounters Noah!
  • Leechy defeats Frost
  • Roy visits the pokemon center and heals Sandshrew
  • Roy encounters Eric!
  • Frost defeats Bloop, +3 EXP

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