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New Character Twins thoughts
Topic Started: 27 Sep 2017, 04:42 PM (163 Views)
Posted Image Vincent
Member Avatar

I want to create a new character, however I kinda want to do a Twin team, one boy, one girl. They would always travel together and battle together. However I don't know what the rules are. I have a couple of ideas but I want to see if the first one in particular can be accepted.

1) I would have 1 single character sheet depicting the information for both of them. They would both have separate teams and separate inventorys, separate information, however they would never be in different topics and they wouldn't share EXP and AP. It'd be like a permanent tag thread, but with myself. The drawback I'd like is that the encounter requests for Pokemon and items, would only be put in place as if they were one person.

2) I would create a character sheet for one of them and a basic sheet for the other. The other one would, however, be a recurring NPC who doesn't gain EXP or AP and doesn't have an inventory. Their Pokemon would scale and grow along with the main character. This isn't ideal though as the NPC character wouldn't be able to gain Pokemon unless I essentially "stole" the encounter from the main.

3) Joke idea (Suggested by Nine). Main character is crazy and is imagining a second character. They wouldn't have any Pokemon and would in essence by a ghost that only the Main could see.
Vincent Straum

Posted Image
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Posted Image McDoogles
Member Avatar

Hello Vincent!

Just wanted to give some initial feedback on your ideas, here! For the final confirmation, I will refer to a more senior moderator to confirm any of the suggestions/edits I suggest to your premise.

1) I believe it would be best to treat both characters on a single character sheet. Rather than treat them as two separate entities, treat them as one whole unit and, thereby, one character. This would simplify a lot of things when it comes to game mechanics.

A) Shared Inventory - No dians gained, Items gained, or perks gained that need to be separately documented.

B) Shared Poke'mon Team - I believe this would be best. You can always request for Double Battles, so that wouldn't be a problem. The problem comes when you use an NPC to cause damage to a Poke'mon that your main character rolled in an encounter that could potentially count towards your team's EXP and/or captures. Circumstantial damage or effects not directly caused by your character are difficult to get around when it comes to moderating a topic. Thus, any act done by the NPC to earn your main character a reward would have to be voided, for the most part.

The next problem comes in when you have a much larger team to pool from when selecting your Poke'mon for that double's battle. Instead of having 6 Poke'mon to select from, you would effectively have 12.

I would look at it like when you face twins in the games. Each tend to have 3, making a combined 6. The only step you'd have to take is battling with just one Poke'mon until you catch a second. From there, double battle away!

It's also easier to track your EXP gains, any captures, any inventory modifications, there is only one sheet to update and no auto-scaling occurs because any EXP you earn directly effects the twins' progression. So, that would be the way that I would look at it. Twin 1 has 3 Poke'mon that are his and Twin 2 has 3 that are hers and they just always battle together.

Does this make sense? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Silas Edington

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Posted Image Mr. Johnapillar
Member Avatar

Hey Vincent,

So, in the history of the site a few different proposals for twin and other sibling characters have come around, and the one that proved to be the least hassle is your second suggestion.

Firstly, one character sheet for inseparable twins usually results in two incredibly flat characters instead of one actual fleshed out protagonist. Twins are individual people even if they have very close familial relationships.

Your note about having to "steal" encounters is also wrong though, as NPC requests can be updated with new pokemon if necessary, and those can be implemented into a thread as an encounter, or not.

The main issue with this is that for literally every encounter request you'll have to provide the information on the NPC since, I assume, they'd be involved in some way with the battle, so we have to take that into account to make it fair.

To Summarize, treat it like you're making a character and their sibling. The fact that they share a birthday should only be incidental. If you have any other questions, let us know.
Posted Image

Seth Halley Thawyer • Astronomer • Total EXP Gained: 369 • Dians: *dian* 300 • Location: Serenity Lake


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