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Lydia Noir
Topic Started: 5 Oct 2017, 06:24 PM (214 Views)
Posted Image LittleDollyRizer
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Trainer Profile

Character Name: Lydia Noir
Nickname: "Lady Lydia"-Model Name
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Trainer Class: Celebrity Trainer

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color & Style: Lydia's hair reaches the lengths of her mid-thighs. It is a bright reddish-orange naturally in color. Something she has never changed and never will. A natural red head was part of her charm, and profession. It is quite choppy and layered in many different places. Her bangs are short and outline the curve of her face, a few longer strands at the sides of her head that reach about shoulder length.
Lydia wears her hair in a few different ways. She wears it naturally down, brushed, of course. She will also pull the back of it up in an enlongated loose bun, with ehr bangs and a few strands still in her face. At other times, she will seperate her hair in half, to wear it in low pigtails, with ribbons tied into small bows on each.

With each style, she has a few head pieces she changes between: A blue headband, blue ribbons for hair ties, a blue headband with pink and white rose accents on it's left side, and a pair of black square goggles that belonged to her older brother, something that, even if not wearing, she always keeps on her person, at all times.

Eyes: Lydia was born with natural beautifully rounded eyes and a nice prominent set of eyelashes. The hue a nice, crystal like, Seagreen. It shines and reflects most lights in many position, which always gave her the most perfect face for pictures, which she got from her mother, and landed her her model career. However, now, it seems to lack the nice crystal like state, but still catches the reflection of lights, as she is now blind, her pupils have seemed to vanish all together, and just the color of her eye remains, a bit more cloudy as it would be, due to a drastic head injury which caused her to loose such sight.(See History)

Clothing/Accessories: Lydia keep a good set of outfits with her on her travels, at times she will send some home, when she buys more, or swaps them out when she swings by, so on and so forth.

Normal Attire

Her normal travel attire, consists of, a pair of ebony denim shorts, hemmed with ivory stitching, and actual pockets both on her hips, and her back pockets, they fall to right above mid-thigh. An ebony halter top, stopping in length a few inches righ about her shorts, and a white collared button up, its sleeves fall a little past the elbow, and she keeps the buttons unbuttoned completely. A pair of ivory knee high socks with ebony rings at the top of them cover her legs, with a pair of high top ebony and ivory name brand shoes cover her feet. Usually worn with this attire, is matching ebony sweat wrist bands, a decorative ebony, ivory, and crimson stripped necktie, and either a headband or her brother's goggles.

Cold Climate Outfit

For the more, colder in climate places, Lydia is much more humble, and covers everything, as she isn't one to like to be cold. A sky blue, long sleeved, button up collared shirt, with a casual black knitted button up sweater to over throw. A navy blue pleated skirt, hanging to about mid-thigh covers her bottom, with a pair of thick nylon legging/socks to cover her legs. A pair of black, shin high, ugg boots. Usually worn with this attire is a decorative navy blue necktie and one of her blue ribbons uppon her wrist. Possibly a headband or her brother's goggles.

Fancy Outfit

Lydia always keeps a more, fancier outfit with her, at all times. One never knows when she will need to get dolled up for an occasion, especially when traveling to different types of cities. This outfits is simply yet elegant. Quite the form fitting, cotton, dark purple dress. The long sleeves, were quite stylish, as they seemed to be missing fabric at the shoulders to show off her more lithe form. The collar comes almost completely up to her neckline to cover her chest. It falls down to her knees, and stays in place very well, so needs no form of adjustment while wearing it. She keeps an ivory shawl with her with this outfit, draping around her form and around the fold of her elbows. If needed, used to cover her shoulders, or when sitting cover her legs, when chilled. Covering her feet a thin black sandle heel with thick black straps that cover around her ankle and tie into bows at each side. No accessories go with this outfit normally.

Lazyday outfit

These outfits would need washed from time to time, as well as a more comfortable outfit to sleep in so, Lydia keeps a small outfit in her belongings to wear as she washes the rest of them. A revealingly short pair of sleeper shorts, and a very loose, long, dark violet tank top that falls even over her shorts. Along her legs a thigh high pair of black socks.

General Appearance: Lydia stands at a whopping 5 foot 2 inches. She has a very lithe yet very voluptuous form. A perfect model-esque figure, according to photographers and media, with the help of a model mother and a strict diet her entire life. Her form is quite proportioned, aside from her larger bust and a bit more curve of the hip. The only abnormality, which in turn, gave her a bit more of a cute uniqueness, is her ears, as they were more squared than they were round.

Her skin is quite fair, aside from a natural glow upon her cheeks. Free from any blemishes or scars. Her entire fair skin was free from any blemishes, wounds, or scars. Her fingers, elongated and she usually always had her nails painted in a neutral color.
Upon first glance at Lydia, she seems quite nice and friendly, however one can tell she was a bit more standoffish, one who wasn't one with crowds, a more out of place look to her. At a distance, one could not yet tell she was blind, a walking stick was not normally visible. She keeps it in her bag, as she was not one for people to really know just from looking at her. It wouldn't be until one was up close and could see her eyes, or observe her for a longer period of time to see that she doesn't look at people/Pokemon the same. Not directly at their eyes. Also, she occasionally stops to listen to her surroundings and regain her direction.

Approaching her, she is as she appears, a bit standoffish and quite shy, even given her celebrity status. She does, however, carry herself in a very strong proper manner, and is almost constantly smiling.

Posted Image

Hometown: Born in Oraclair Town, though lived half of each year there, and the other half in Aurmouth City.

Personality: Lydia is as what she seems. She is very standoffish and quite shy. As one could really be as a blind trainer. She seems to get really antsy in the middle of a town or gathering, as she does not do well with a bunch of people. Her social anxiety levels raises drastically and she will have a panic attack and pass out. Which would be because of her abilities of an Empath. Not knowing she was one until much later, it is much harder for her to try to control is not knowing exactly what it is. This is why her mother made her more of a private model. Only doing magazines, internet media, and so on, so that then she would not be in a room full of people. So she pretty much had a sheltered life, and her awkwardness with people really shows through. Even though she is quite shy and to herself about herself, she has no issues flat out telling you what she believes and thinks. She has no filter, even given her to herself nature. She is constantly smiling, in good and bad moods. Of course, pending situation, changes the type of smile. Even when angered she keeps a smile on her face.

The Lydia one meets versus the Lydia you get to know, are two very separate individuals. She may just seem crazy, even as if she has multiple personality disorder, but she is very loveable. As long as she wants to be known of course, given the individual she comes across. This is all mixed together with her own emotions plus the other ones she feels from others and Pokemon, more so Pokemon, as she is more of an empath towards Pokemon than humans.

She may seem the normal ditzy model type, she is actually very intelligent. Even though homeschooled, she passed every class, including many college courses with flying colors. She takes pride in her self and what she does, even if she keeps it hidden from the world. She likes to see what the world wants to try to keep from her.
Once Lydia gets to know someone, like her family or her Pokemon, she is very open, very comfortable around them. A normal person. She is a very affectionate person, in one way shape or form. Whether it be by patting, hugging, little smooches, etc, even to friends. She is just naturally lovey, even if it comes across a bit odd, though it helps her to get to know someone as well, it helps her get a view of what they look like as well. She is very observant and intelligent. She pays attention to tiny detail and it helps her visualize the world around her.

History: Lydia was born in Oraclair town, to a Mother who had been a Supermodel her whole life, a Father who was a Pokemon Psychologist, and an older brother. Her father, secretly, was an empath, no one knew of this ability except for him, which was why it was so easy for him to get into his career. However, as an empath, it only seemed to be centered towards Pokemon, he can feel only little from other people, but Pokemon, was much more intense. Her Mother, a famous Supermodel, Actress, and Singer.

Lydia, growing up with her older brother, Axel, lived half of the year in Orclair Town as their father worked half the year, then took the other half off so that they all would live half of the year in Aurmouth City, so that their Mother would work for half of the year. Lydia and Axel was homeschooled in both towns so they would not have to constantly be changing schools, and breaking the routine with classes.

Lydia's Mother started her off modeling as young as she possibly could, as a young child. Competing in pageants and Modeling shows. However after a couple of years, Lydia seemed to get anxiety, and the more and more she was around large group of people and Pokemon the more she grew anxious. The panic attacks started, the blacking out, and it got to the point, for health concerns, she stopped with such events. However, both her Mother and her, did not want to give up the modeling life, so she continued to Model, but in more private settings. She modeled for magazines, books, advertisements, etc., but to where she only had to go to a studio and dealt with the same small amount of people every day. Her condition did seem to get better, so the continued as that.

Axel, however, wanted to do something a bit more extreme, and during the year that they all moved to Aurmouth, he spent his time in the northern towns, training to be a Professional Snowboarder. He acquired his first Pokemon, an Houndour, who would help him in times of need when stuck in ice and snow.

When Lydia turned 15, they were on the way back to Orclair town for that half of the year. She met back up with her brother, whom, like every year, she was very excited. Not only was Axel her brother, he was her best friend. They were so close, told each other everything, and trusted each other with the world. The night they reunited, they went out to wander about, talk, and of course, Lydia wanted to spend time with houndour. By this time, she loved, cared, and trusted Houndour almost as much as Axel. They traveled away from the town, and it grew dark rather fast. At this time, Lydia started to get a bit worried about people and/or Pokemon they could run into at this time that far out of town. They came closer and closer to the Monastery, the darkness grew into a weird fog. She grew more uneasy, yet, Axel seemed to remain perfectly fine. It seemed he had a mission, though Lydia wanted to stop and go back. They both were halted by the thick rustling in the trees and bushes not far from them. A series of clicking noises surrounded them now. Lydia attached herself to her brother's side. From the darkness crawled out a handful of Ariados. Axel shoved Lydia out of the way, told her to flee as he would fight the Arachne Pokemon. Running into the darkness Lydia found a place to kneel and hide. She hid her face into her knees, only until she heard a small coo in front of her. Her head bolted up, filled with tears, her eyes landed on that of a Pokemon floating in front of her, staring at her. It let out a small coo again as it looked down to her. The Pokemon was concerned for her, she could tell, and somehow she could feel it. She blinked a bit confused as she stood back up to the Pokemon. She reached her hand out towards it, and the Pokemon smacked it playfully. Smiling she happily started playing with it, until her brother caught up to her. He really wasn't surprised to see her playing with a Shuppet. It was a doll, a cute Pokemon, he knew his sister would like. After a bit of walking around, playing, and talking, her brother caught the Shuppet for her and gave it to her for her birthday, before they returned home.

Lydia and Shuppet became super close over the next couple of years, she never put her in her pokeball. She allowed Shuppet to roam free, eat, sleep, even go to her shoots with her. The closer they got, the closer the feelings became stronger between them. She could tell when Shuppet was upset, or agitated, even in another room. Small anxiety seemed to be coming back. Of course, her mother wanted her to get rid of Shuppet, get rid of anything that could cause for any health concerns. However, this was when her Father stepped in, and explained he was an empath and it all made sense. However, his Wife was not to happy with him, nor was Axel. Lydia was upset he didn't tell them, however, she understood why it was something he kept from them. Especially with the odd feelings she has gotten over the past few years. Axel and their Mother ended up leaving that night, angry. After some time, their Father would leave to go and find them, leaving Lydia and Shuppet to themselves. It had gotten very late and they had went to bed. However, not long asleep, Lydia was startled awake with a crash downstairs. She simply thought it was her parents at first, her Mother still mad. The more she sat and listened though, the more strange it became. Exiting her room she moved down the hallway. Coming around the corner, she ran into a figure at the top of the stairs. Realizing it wasn't any of her family members she began to panic. The figure quickly grabbed at her, covered her mouth before she was able to scream. Lydia squirmed and fought the intruders grasp, without any luck. It wasn't until Shuppet came and startled the intruder, did he let Lydia go. However, he let her go, and she stumbled and began to tumble down the long stairwell. Landing at the bottom of the case she bashed the back of her head against the handrail at the intersection of the staircase that shifted directions. At that point, she was knocked unconscious. Afraid of the damage he had done, and the Pokemon chasing him around, he left, leaving the unconscious Lydia at the bottom of the stairs. Her family found her, a few hours later, and rushed her to the hospital. After tests, bloodwork, and several scans, the doctors were able to tell she had no severe damage that would end her life, however, the blow to the head caused her brain to swell, causing increased pressure within the Skull. This in turn, put pressure on the optic nerve, stopping all blood circulation. Having laid there for a few hours it was too late to do any kind of procedure to stop it, when she would awake, she would be blind.

Lydia awoke, days later. Just as the doctor had said, she awoke, without an eyesight. She panicked, cried, and it was almost an immediate depression. She sat in the hospital for days, not eating, not talking, and she hated life. Finally, her brother came to visit her, and he brought her Shuppet with him. Before they even walked through her room door, she knew Shuppet was there. She could feel her. Her eyes immediately filled up with tears. She was happy Shuppet was there, and Shuppet felt the same as she laid on Lydia lovingly. Her brother sat for hours and talked to her, explained she would be fine, Shuppet would help her live, and she would be back to her old self, and could still do the things she had wanted to do. With a change of attitude, and the love of her brother and her beloved Shuppet she was going to fight to keep going and adjust to her new way of life. She had to. Placing his boarding goggles around her head, he kissed her forehead and left, it was time for him to go back up north.
She was discharged from the hospital and sent home. She stayed at home for a couple weeks, getting used to traveling around the house, learning how to prepare food, do chores, take care of herself, and, live, the way she had to now. A couple months later, they moved back to Aurmouth and she started modeling once more. She had a few doubts, and a few up and down days, but with the help of Shuppet she was making it, and she would learn to continue to make it just as she did before.


Dians: *dian* 1,000

Posted Image 5x Pokéball

Key Items:
Posted Image PokéDex
Posted Image Journal
Posted Image Holocaster
Trainer AdvancementAdvancement Points: 0
Tier 0:
- Title: (#/#)


Total EXP Gained: 0

Posted Image
Caught at Level 5

Nickname: Olivia (Liv)
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost
Ability: Insomnia
Height: 1'8"
Weight: 4.8 lbs
Health: Scrawny
EXP Rate: Fast
EXP Gauge: (7/9)
EXP Gained: 0
Level: 5
Division: D9
Total Stats: 50
  • Attack: 16 (33%)
  • Defense: 8
  • Sp. Attack: 11 (22%)
  • Sp. Defense: 7
  • Speed: 8

Vitamins Used: None
1. Knock Off
4. Screech

Unique Moves:

PC Box: Stored Pokemon


Adventure Log
Adventure Log goes in here

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Posted Image LittleDollyRizer
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Posted Image Bones
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Apologies about the wait LittleDolly! I assure you it normally does not take this long, but unfortunately Staff has been hit with a lot of things right now and it's slowly getting better. On my end, I got hit with a pretty bad case of the stomach flu and I'm trying to ward that off at the moment.

A Staff Member will get to you very shortly. This is just a response to assure you that we have not been ignoring or have forgotten your application. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. T0T
Posted Image
Sonak Paetdee
Kian Conrad
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Posted Image McDoogles
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Never fear, LittleDolly! McDoogles is on the case! *superhero flex*

Let me welcome you to Godai! I'm glad to have you with us, and after a fantastic read, here, I do spot a few things that need some clarification. To preface this, I'mma' bring in some references from a wonderfully over-the-top woman that I know-- my sister-in-law! This woman is like...the epitome of a pop-culture queen. A celebrity doesn't get pregnant, die, contract Parkinson's, or sneeze without her knowing about it! I'm not even joking you. Say a celebrity name and she will tell you how many kids they have, their names, and their age. She's absolutely ridiculous on such frivolous, esoteric knowledge and it astounds me that people like her actually exist!

Given that, however, I can verify that those people are out there-- In the real world. Since they exist in our world, we have to assume the same sort of fanatics exist in Godai! Based what we know of Lydia's parents, her mother is nothing short of a Jennifer Hudson-esque mega pop-star! A triple-threat with a large following and plenty of media coverage from all angles. Since that would be the case, it would be impossible for me to assume that Lydia would be able to get away with not being known! Even from a distance, that's just the sort of thing that happens to pop icons and the kids of pop icons.

Not only that, it would be relatively open and common-knowledge that the mega-pop icon who is her mother's child had an accident and is now blind. Additionally, Lydia is also in media, albeit on a smaller scale than her mother, but nonetheless her face is out there and people who follow celebrities generally also follow their kids who, by proxy, become mini-celebrities without having to do much of anything, at all.

The idea that her mother is a famous pop-icon opens up a huge can of worms, and it's going to be ridiculous to try to account for them all! This has nothing to do with the fact that you couldn't do it here in this profile, but by the time that we got through accounting for them all, I doubt Lydia would be the same sort of character that you want to write! Her personality, upbringing, the way she interacts and perceives the world would all be warped by the need to deeply consider the implications of having all of that publicity and expectation thrown on her. I fear that it would make her so far above the crowd that other characters wouldn't be able to interact with Lydia very well.

I would compare it to the equivalent of seeing Jayden Smith walk down the road. Are you really going to casually walk up and go, "Oh, hey dude!" Even if you're like me and probably couldn't pick the guy out of the crowd, as soon as he told me his name, I'd freak right out and run the other way! Who the hell just walks up and talks to Will Smith's son? Maybe Saint or North West? lol I guess what I'm saying is that her mother's celebrity immediately places her in a whole other world that most people wouldn't be able to access. It would severely limit you, going forward.

That being said, I would suggest a two-part fix so that we can preserve the Lydia I think you are trying to get across the table:

1) Reduce her mother's celebrity.

I think that this would be the biggest step to consider. A triple-threat mom would make Lydia constantly subservient to that image and she would never be able to escape, "Hey, you're her daughter, right?!? ZOMG! Can I have a picture!!!" It would be expected that such a level of celebrity would paint over her entire world, no matter what colors Lydia wanted to paint it with. I don't want that, and I get the feelin' you don't, either.

I would suggest a single field of interest, singing, dancing, acting, or modeling with some hit or miss success. Enough to afford for anything her daughter could want and make her upper class (which wouldn't take much, given double-income with a psychologist for a father, too), but her mother never made the big time. Lydia is also 21, now, so I assume that for a model's career, she'd likely be retired, almost retired, or is still working in the field but in a different lane. Maybe a modeling coach for her daughter, instead of modeling herself?

I'll let you figure out what direction to take, but step one should be a very big thing to consider.

2) Where's the struggle?

A developing teenage girl, with hormones, mood swings, and a ton in life to keep up with gets her life flipped upside down, is blind, and now has to figure out how to navigate her life without sight. A lot of things would change for her! The things she used to be good at doing, she can't anymore! What does she do for reading? Headphones and a text-to-speak app? Did she learn braille? I assume, at that point in her life, her mother is already coaching her and she had some sort of a budding modeling career? Don't you think a lot of her signers and investors would get cold feet and pull out of their contract with her?

How does this really affect her world because, from what I can tell from the profile, she seems to be making it just fine. Did she ever think, "Eh, I don't have to use my cane, anymore!"-- trying to be independent, only to walk face-first into a telephone pole? I need some build-up, here, because from hardships grows character. Without hardships, I can't tell what sort of person she was and how she became the standoff-ish person she is, today.

I mean, think about it! She was young, beautiful, people were likely all around her telling her how pretty, talented, and successful she was! I imagine ANY girl's ego would be inflated, at that point. She was probably used to people being around her all of the time, and she was probably incredibly charming and fun to be around, just like she is with people she trusts, now. So, what changed? I can't imagine the media would want to cover and work with the snobby child of a B-list celebrity.

More to that point, why start her Poke'mon journey? It seems like she has everything going for her-- money, career, recognition, sympathy (even if she didn't want it) and, most importantly, a support network. Why give all of that up and leave with Shuppet? I'm missing the essential goal behind it all. That's why the build up is so important and why the hardships are so critical. Without them, she just seems like super-woman, to me! How do you get up from something like that and not become irrevocably changed.

You've given me the cause, now give me the effect! Once you flesh that out, Lydia will start to look quite comfortable in Godai!

I look forward to looking this over, again! Just give me a bump, whenever you're ready!


Edit Notes: Gah! >_< I keep noticin' little grammatical errors that my OCD brain wants to fix!
Edited by McDoogles, 10 Oct 2017, 11:19 PM.
Silas Edington

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Posted Image LittleDollyRizer
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10 Oct 2017, 11:05 PM
Spoiler: click to toggle
Spoiler: click to toggle

I will say I do understand adding in the whole effect thing. Definitely will tweak it in the next day or so. With that being said, her ego would still be pretty neutral. She gave up the triple threat and only went to modeling for book covers, etc. because of her “social anxiety” so she is a secluded model. Even being blind, she did not loose her looks. I can explain that too. She still has her looks just can’t see them herself.

I want her to have that huge celebrity status. I want to keep her mother the way she is. I want people to stop her, bombard her. Not something she is used to and it will end up turning her into something I want her to be. There is some sense in all of my chaos lol.

I will go back and edit some though and add more. Didn’t want it to be too long. Wasn’t sure. :) thanks
Edited by LittleDollyRizer, 11 Oct 2017, 10:22 AM.
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Posted Image Mr. Johnapillar
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Hey, thank you for being patient.

So, for now, as long as you don't add any prestige to her mother that would affect others or site plot, like her being involved in Nexus or getting her special meetings with gym leaders or other stuff like that, and keeping it vague, it should be fine.

I'd like to focus on Lydia's personality though. Her history is full of plenty of information, but her personality seems kinda vague. You mention her social anxiety as being a result of her empathetic abilities. You also mention that because of this, she is standoffish and shy. And then from that line you go into how once you get to know her, she's different but you don't really specify how?

Beyond that, why does she want to travel as a trainer? What goals does she have? What are her dreams? Besides crowds, does she have any major fears? What is she proud of about herself?

And whatever the answers to these questions, how does this relate to her history?

Also, a general note, please look at your writing, there are some phrases that don't really seem to make sense. No misspelled words, so spellcheck won't catch them, but just, nonsensical phrases. "She has no filter, even given her to herself nature" is in her personality. A good trick is to read stuff aloud so you can hear your voice. It slows down your reading so you don't gloss over things like that. Or get a computer program to read it back to you.

Otherwise still very good work.
Posted Image

Seth Halley Thawyer • Astronomer • Total EXP Gained: 369 • Dians: *dian* 300 • Location: Serenity Lake


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