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Check up
Topic Started: 25 Oct 2017, 12:14 PM (203 Views)
Posted Image DrakeX
Member Avatar
"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Chapter Eight
Oraclair Town - Check up

Morning. A time that signifies the beginning of a new day, new opportunities and new experiences. The Sun greets the world below with its lustrous rays, slowly energizing those that basked within the orb’s light, in some cases even making them even more lethargic. With the warmth came the light, showcasing the serene orange hued sky that held a few scattered clouds in its embrace as they lazily pass by, offering a brief respite from the sunlight for those that walked beneath the highly condensed water drops. As if woken up from a deep sleep, the wind decided to join in on greeting the new day. A breeze fanned up, gently caressing the trees and giving those that decided to greet the day extra early a comforting stroke along their bodies. With the light, the warmth and the breeze, the creatures living in the wild got naturally woken up from their slumber. As the natural cycle of a new day started, the creatures did not care for the abrupt awakening and instead went about their businesses to prepare for their activities.

Unlike their more feral counterparts, morning was a time of the day that was greeted with mixed feelings among the human populace. Spoiled by their many inventions to make their lives easier and more comfortable, humans did not particularly like waking up against their will. Some of course greeted it with a cheer and a skip in their walk, excited for what the day would bring. Others would curse, threaten and rebel against the breach of their comfort in futility. Hendrickson was most certainly part of this latter category, especially when he was awoken against his will. A noise blares next to him, brusquely awaking him from the pleasant unconsciousness where all of his problems were all but naught. Steelblue eyes, less expressive than a pair of dead ones, blinked open at the intrusion of his sleep. It took the owner a couple of seconds before recognition shined in those lifeless orbs and a groan escaped his lips.

He slowly poked his head out of the tangle of bedsheets that was strewn around him, effectively cocooning him warmly within, and looked with one half squinted eye at the hour displayed on his Holocaster. The time which greeted him was one that should just go die in a hole and shrivel up, as it was far too inhumane to expect someone to wake up this early. Whatever moron set this alarm should be thrown into the capable and not so gentle hands of Tabitha. Another groan rumbled through the air, although muted by the blaring sound, when he remembered that he was the moron. He did not amend his previous opinion though. 08:37 AM was NOT a time for people to be up and about, no matter what anyone says. Especially not when one only went to bed five hours prior due to a bunch of worthless cops.

Unfortunately, there is no one who knows about his hatred of waking up early as well as himself, which means that he made plans for the day. Which also means that he has to get out of bed and make himself presentable, when all he wishes to do right now is to crawl back deep into his cocoon of blankets and sleep the day away. The choice got ripped out of his hands though when the sound’s volume increased. Used to his own habits, Hendrickson knows without a shadow of a doubt that the alarm is set to only get even louder as more time passes by. Seeing how loud it already was, the man’s actually surprised no one was knocking on his door to shut it down. Or maybe they are and the sound’s drowned out by his own alarm? Meh, what does he care.

The man sends a hateful glare at the alarm and if it wasn’t so far out of his reach, and if it wasn’t his very expensive Holocaster, Hendrickson would have just smashed the device to pieces before he’d return to his sleep. Alas, his past self had planned around this with these exactly made, if not cursed out by his morning self, preparations. With a deep, guttural growl that would have no doubt put the fear of men into his latest addition Hendrickson slowly untangles himself from the blankets. Once the very last bedsheet is finally discarded from his body, Hendrickson slowly swings his legs from the comfy bed and places his feet on the floor. The blue haired man could not help but release a small wince at the sudden cold that his appendages detect. As much as he likes to retract them and shove them deep into the warm confines of his blankets, he knows that the sound would only grow more obnoxious as time went on. Thus he pushes past the uncomfortableness and shuffles over to desk that stood a couple of feet away from his bed and finally pushes the device’s snooze button, returning the room into an area dominated by silence. His eyes caught a brief glance of a planned activity for the day but before he could give it a good look his Caster’s screen blacks out, signifying it entering sleep mode. A proper look would be given once he was actively awake.

Hendrickson took a few moments to bask in those few moments of bliss, before he shuffles tiredly out his bedroom and into a hallway connected to the common room. In the hopes that some light will help him wake up, even though it had never done so before, Hendrickson tiredly slaps his hand on the wall next to him for the light switch he knows is there, but he just couldn’t find the damn- Arceus that’s bright! Blinking away the spots due to the sudden brightness, Hendrickson takes a moment to look at the apartment he is staying at. He had opted against staying in the rooms provided by the town’s PokéCenters for the simple fact that he wished for a bit more space to himself, to call his own. To call… safe. It was quite a bit more expensive, but he felt that he could spoil himself a bit after all that happened.

It was a simple apartment, with little to no personality to itself as the walls and roof were a pure white and a wooden floor. It consisted of a bedroom connected to a narrow hallway which led all the way to the common area. In betwixt both areas, a door was placed in the hall that was linked to the place’s bathroom. The common room had a sofa for two, a portable coffee table - also white - and a decent size tv hanging on one of the walls. Other than that, there was nothing special about the apartment. After all that he went through, a normal - if dull - place to recuperate was just what he felt he needed to come to peace. Or at least once he didn’t feel like he was dying on his own two feet.

Done with that inspection, Hendrickson refocuses on his goal. Shuffling past the coffee table, the man finally enters the kitchen that lay connected to the common room. Not even granting a single kitchen application a passing glance, the man immediately went for the hot water kettle and started filling it with water from the sink. With that done, the man put the kettle on the burner and while the water was heating up, he searched for the most crucial thing. Instant coffee. It may not be the real stuff, but it was the closest thing available this early that could wake him up.

Forced to wait a few more minutes, the man could not help but grumble darkly how non-instant this instant coffee was, before the kettle finally finishes heating the water. Pouring the liquid in his prepared cup, Hendrickson immediately takes a sip from it. The moment he swallows the beverage the man could slowly feel his body heat up, his brain slowly wake up, his foul mood lift and if he looked in a mirror he could see a speck of emotion in his soulless eyes. No matter what anyone says, caffeine is the best kind of drug.

It took the man three whole cups, before finally deeming himself fully capable of more complex thoughts other than ‘walk’ and ‘make coffee’. With a sip from his fourth cup, the man remembers that his Holocaster had showed a task that is planned for the day. Making his way from one room from the other at the speed of a normal human, rather than his previous Slowpoke like speed, Hendrickson lights the bedroom up and walks to the only desk in the room. Unlocking his Caster, the man immediately went to his Agenda Application to see just exactly what he was forgetting.

10:30 AM
Check-up Dr Namtrah

His lips parted from one another, effectively releasing the withheld sigh, at the notice. He had promised the good doctor to meet up before he would leave town, and while he had no problem with fulfilling that problem he did not look forward to the visit. Sure, it would be beneficial to know just how his body held up after a couple of days of activity. However, he would be returning to the hospital. A place he had all but sworn off on the moment he set a foot out of the accursed building that held nothing but bitter memories.

Taking another sip from his coffee, Hendrickson decides that he there was little he could do about this appointment. There were no drawbacks, except for some minor discomfort, and far too many risks. His parents would find out, he could be regressing - mentally or physically - for all he knew, or something else could be happening that was outside his sphere of influence. He takes another sip and releases a second sigh. All he wishes to do is sleep the day away. Was that really too much to ask?

Post Word Count: 1,678
Total Word Count: 1,678
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Walking down the streets of Oraclair town, Hendrickson leisurely takes one last bite out of his pan au chocolat before he deposits the bag from a bakery in the nearest bin. Dusting off the few pieces of the pastry from his jacket, Hendrickson takes note that someone was no longer nearby. A sigh almost escapes past his lips as he awaits the predictable follow up of a- there we go. Turning his body so that he can look behind him, Hendrickson watches the scene that prompted a cry to be released. What greeted him was his Poison type wrapping itself around someone’s Pokémon, a Snubbull if he recalls correctly, while the owner - a little girl that couldn’t be much older than 11 - is trying to release her creature. An action performed in futility as her Fairy type was held aloft just out of her reach. To make things even more sad, for the girl, was that his Pokémon tantalized her with success by lowering its captive but then raising the creature once more once she made a grab for it.

Ignoring the little girl’s problems, Hendrickson instead ponders back to what possessed him to send out Tabitha of all Pokémon to accompany him as his guard. But then he remembers that the only two members that he could trust to be civil around strangers were at his parents’ and resignation settled in his heart. Chester was a gamble in and of itself and Schneider was just a big no. He didn’t know the other three all that well just yet, so he wasn't going to risk anything.

Once it looked that no one planned to interfere with Tabitha’s fun - a dangerous endeavour in and of itself - Hendrickson finally decided to have some mercy on the girl. Rather, he didn't want to waste any more of his precious time than was necessary. With a firm walk and a deliberately loud tap of his cane on the ground the man raised his voice.

“Tabitha. What do you think you are doing?” The dyed man watched his Pokémon stiffen at his voice, before it slowly turned its body his way. The hybrid type had a pleading look in its eyes - whether that was meant to ask for forgiveness or for him to not spoil her fun, Hendrickson was unsure - which he steadily ignored. Instead he made a show of breaking eye contact with her and shot a pointed look at the wreathing Snubbull in her grasp. The creature looks pitiful and neither the whines it releases nor the teary eyed girl who looks up at him emotionally move him. However, he did have to at least look like a decent human being with all these onlookers.

“Let that poor Snubbull go and get back over here. Now.” When Tabitha was about to whine , he immediately cut her off with a glare. To that she jolts slightly and lowers her gaze to the floor. She then slowly lowers the Fairy type on the ground and eases her hold on the creature before she fully retracts her vine and hopps towards him. He keeps a stern eye on her before he shifts his focus to the reunited pair. The little girl had a tight hold on her Pokémon, who shivered and was no doubt still recuperating from its traumatic situation. To many the scene would be heart-warming, but to Hendrickson it meant nothing but a pair of weaklings finding comfort with one another. If either the girl or the Pokémon were stronger, none of this would have happened. But well, appearances.

His hard eyes softened along with everyone else at the scene and he even put in some remorse before he slowly made his way to the girl. Hendrickson made sure there was at least an arm and cane length between them before he bent down on his good knee so that he was more at her eye level. The cane he usually kept in his hands was placed on the ground by his side.

“Hello there.” He stopped himself from calling her ‘little girl’. There wasn’t any need to antagonize her even more by calling her with a demeaning name. Children that age oddly felt they were no longer ‘little’.

“I am terribly sorry for what my Victreebel did to your Snubbull. Is it okay?” He shifted his eyes to the Pokémon in her arms. She follows my sight and stares at the Pokémon that weakly looks at her before it licks the corner of her eye, effectively licking up the tears that had gathered there. He didn't need to be a genius to know there was more than one bystander who has a warm smile on his faces or was cooing at the display of affection. A small smile grows on the little girl’s face before she turns her face his way and nods.

“Y-yeah.” At that answer Hendrickson releases a pent up sigh as his shoulder sag in relief. That he was able to release some frustration this way went unnoticed by anyone. He shoots a beaming smile her way.

“I’m so happy to hear that! I was afraid my Victreebel had injured the little guy.” Realisation seems to fall upon Hendrickson as he takes a hold of his bag strap and places it in front of him before he rummages in one of the side pockets. The look the girl gave him went ignored. Once he finally found what he searched for, he releases an exclamation of happiness and pulls out a gray bottle with a purple top. The man then gives the girl an inviting smile and puts the bottle between them, pushing it towards her with his cane due to the maintained distance.

“Please accept this potion as compensation. Once more, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience my Pokémon caused. I’ll make sure she won’t do it ever again.” As he spoke he had slowly pushed himself upright again and gave one last, warm smile at the little girl before he turned on his heel. As he passed by a still downtrodden Tabitha, Hendrickson’s voice came out clear and crisp.

“Tabitha, come along. We will have a talk about this unacceptable behaviour of yours.” He was quite certain that she could just hear his annoyance drip from his tone. It was all in the way they flinched. This time he kept a close eye on his hybrid typed Pokémon as they walk away from the girl, the onlookers and the entire scene in general. An apologetic smile was plastered on his face as he nods his head to anyone he meets that had witnessed what happened, and he couldn’t stop the annoyance from welling up inside him. Did these people have nothing better to do with their day than stop and gawk? Oh right, they didn't. It was Sunday. Arceus, he hated today.

Speaking of that deity, what was with some of them glaring at him? Did they think he had orchestrated that whole scene just for his own sick amusement? Did they suddenly find it in themselves to stand up for the little girl? Fine. If they wish to irrationally portray their irritation at having their day ruined, or by feeling unnecessarily angry on the kid’s behalf, then he could return the favour. Bending over like that had not done any wonders for his knee, and he’ll be damned if he took some stranger’s unwarranted anger in stride. His polite smile became reserved for those that at least carried a neutral expression, but those that glare daggers at him receive an icy glare of his own. A scoff went unheard in his mind when almost every single one of them avert their gazes from him when he responds to their anger in kind.

‘Spineless weaklings.’

Not a single one of them had stepped forward to help the little girl, but once the situation resolves itself they suddenly have the guts to feel wronged? Bah. He didn’t have time for them. Gazing at a nearby clock, he was content that the scene hadn’t eaten up too much of his time. If he kept up this pace then he’d still arrive at the hospital with plenty of time to spare.

Never turning his head to his Pokémon, Hendrickson was unaware of the dark look Tabitha shot anyone that glared at her human’s back when he broke eye contact with them. Not a single one of them would backstab her human while she was around and she would resort to any tactic to protect him just like she did back in that town where that fish learned to swim in the air. The end of her vine twitched in anticipation. Any. Tactic.

Post Word Count: 1,460
Total Word Count: 3,138
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

“Mr. Novelton?”


“Ah, if you would please follow me Mr. Novelton. The doctor will see you now.”

“Thank you very much miss, but please, call me Hendrickson. Mr. Novelton is my father.”

“I will be sure to remember that the next time you visit. Have a nice day, Mr. Novelton.”

“Heh. Thank you, I wish the same to you.”

With those pleasantries over and done with, the nurse that led Hendrickson to his doctor’s office made her way down the hallway. Probably back to the waiting room where he himself had been sitting for the last couple of minutes. The receptionist had strongly advised, even if it felt more like an order, him to recall his Grass type. Something about keeping the peace and quiet of the hospital. He had done so with an understanding smile on his face, but had not been too pleased about it. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the receptionist, it was simply that he didn’t trust anyone. As he watched the young nurse leave though, he couldn’t help but watch her hips sway from left to right. He could not deny the enjoyable sight it produced. Respectable personality as well, staying as detached and professional as possible without coming over as rude. A woman after his own heart.

Unfortunately, his observance of such an interesting specimen of the human, female variety was rudely interrupted by a giggle. A puerile giggle at that. Tearing his eyes away from the nurse, Hendrickson reluctantly turned his head looked at doctor Namtrah. The very same one that had overseen his stay and rehabilitation back when the blue haired man himself got pulled in the Oraclair Hospital in a critical state at the end of Winter. He had been horribly injured and the state of his body could have been easily compared to that of a victim in a vehicle incident. One involving a truck. It had taken him weeks, if not months, to regain an acceptable control over his motor functions and once he got the clear to leave Hendrickson had vowed to never set foot back in the accursed place. The hospital held nothing but bad memories and dark feelings to him. However, here he was once more. Forced to, in hindsight, get a check up for any lingering effects after traversing and journeying in Eveline Temple. He could understand the logic of the check up, but it weighed heavily on the emotional scale. The less said about how much he hated that it shackled him so, the better.

“I see you have acquired a better taste of the fairer gender?” A small, but perverse, grin was nestled firmly on the elder man’s face with an aura of satisfaction surrounding him.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for females. Unlike a certain doctor however, I don’t stare blatantly at them like they are a piece of meat.” The man responded bluntly. Doctor and patient had a close enough relationship with one another, build up by the long time the latter had spent recuperating. The bond was created, and held strong, almost solely by the former though, as Hendrickson would have had no issue leaving things as professional as possible. It was not to be for the bluette as the doctor was determined to get more involved on a personal level.

A chuckle was his only response from the man. Namtrah always seemed to appreciate bluntness and honesty - probably linked to how openly he expressed his own love for anything with a nice pair of tits and/or ass, the doc did not discriminate - and Hendrickson had been very willing to be as such. He had to blow off some steam from the frustration built up from rehab, and if the older man had no issue with being a verbal punch bag, then neither did he. Besides, the man could give almost as good as he could take.

“Oh young man, how you wound me so. I have the utmost respect for women.” Hendrickson raised an eyebrow in mild disbelief.

“Well, that and a very strong opinion on what I’d like to do with them. Preferably with as little clothing as possible.” Hendrickson allowed a snort to be heard as he closed the office door behind him, the tapping sound of his walking cane resonating with each step his right foot made. Taking one of the two chairs in front of Namtrah’s desk the man slowly seated himself in one of them, his legs slightly parted from one another and his cane in between. He rested both hands on the stick while he gave the doctor’s room a quick check. The walls were coloured a light yellow with a few decorations hanging off them. He saw a diagram of a ribcage as well as a poster depicting the muscles of a kneecap. In a corner of the room he saw an armoire with see through glass placed in the doors, showcasing a plethora of medical books. In another corner a bed was placed, no doubt for patients to lay upon whenever they came for a check up. In the end, his eyes fell upon the desk in front of him that separated the two men. It was a simple brown desk, made completely out of wood with a few papers scattered around and a pc located on one side of the furniture. On the other side, he could see a stack of folders with papers in them, and a picture frame. From where he sat Hendrickson was unable to see what kind of picture was showcased in it, not that he had any interest in finding out.

Shifting his gaze towards Namtrah, the bluette noticed how the man’s very own eyes lingered on the picture while the younger one was checking the frame’s back. Deciding to pull the man back in the here and now - Hendrickson had plans for the rest of the day - he decided to comment on Namtrah’s statement, but all that came out was an audible yawn. While that seemed to do the trick just as well, it was far from what he wanted. Hendrickson could do without another blow to his image, thank you very much.

“Oh, do I detect a hint of drowsiness from you? I didn’t expect you to be that nervous for your check up. That’s kind of adorable, coming from you.” A small shiver of disgust travelled down his back. Being called ‘adorable’ of all things by an older man, a pervert at that, was not something that did him any good.

Placing the hand he held in front of his treacherous mouth down on his lap again, Hendrickson addressed the misunderstanding before it had a chance to spiral out of control. “Hardly. I was simply exhausted due to a lack of sleep.”

“Were you now? I remember you as a strict and punctual man who went early to bed. Vaguely I also recall stories of how grumpy you were whenever you only slept a few hours. So pardon me if I find it odd that you’d subject yourself to insufficient sleep.”

Tch, annoying old man. Outside he showed none of his annoyance and simply shrugged. “Well, last night was busy enough for me that I lost sight of the time until it was too late.”

The bluette cringed internally at the unintended pun. Namtrah on the other hand chuckled quite good naturedly, because of course he liked bad puns.

“Is that so? Well then, I hope you had fun then. Now, let us move on to why you came here. Shall we? Have you had any complications during your investigation in Eveline Temple?” As he posed the question, Namtrah grabbed the folder on top of his stack and slid it in front of him with a pen in hand.

Holding back a sneer at the remembrance of a certain annoyance, Hendrickson answered the question as neutral as possible. “The walk uphill was certainly a bit of a bother on my knee, but other than that I had little problems. I was rather let down that I was unable to explore the entire temple though. I suppose I might need to visit it once more when I have acquired a Gym Badge.”

Namtrah nodded in agreement while he scribbled something down. “Indeed, many young Trainers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the restricted areas. Though I do wonder why you did not challenge our local Gym while you were there.”

“I plan on doing so in a couple of days, once I have located the Gym in this town.”

“Town? Whatever do you mean?”

An eyebrow rose as doubt filled up in him. What was up with the doctor’s confused expression? “I plan to look around the town this afternoon for the Gym in order to challenge its Leader.”

The doctor stared at him like he grew a second head, before realization dawned upon him. A nervous chuckle passed by the old man’s lips. “Ah, I’m sorry to say this but challengers will find themselves quite… out of luck if they choose to limit their search to the Town. You see, the Temple is the Gym.”

Hendrickson stared at the man in front of him for a couple of seconds, his brain having momentarily stopped working while it tried to process this new information. “I beg your pardon?”

“Yes well, to be more specific Oraclair’s Gym is located in the Temple. From what I heard, it is part of the challenge to find the battle area before you can challenge her.”

With that revelation, Hendrickson came to one single conclusion on what he thought about this place after the many experiences he lived through. ’Arceus, I hate Oraclair Town.’

Post Word Count: 1,621
Total Word Count: 4,759
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Pokémon Declaration

“Well then, I do believe I can hereby declare you healthy. Or at least as healthy as you can be, considering everything.”

The bluette merely smiled in gratitude at receiving the positive verdict of his check up. None of the resentment or anger he felt inside of him were outwardly showcased at the reminder that the chance of ever fully healing was slim at best. Namtrah informed him that the cane may be discarded one day, but he would very likely walk with a slight limp in his right leg for the rest of his days. Hendrickson rather enjoyed this part of the doctor as for all his jokes, the man didn’t beat around the bush or give false hope. The elder gave him the cold, harsh truth with not even a hint of pity reflected in those bespectacled eyes, merely tiredness.

“Thank you doctor. If I may be excused?”

Namtrah’s smile was almost as tired as his eyes, as he stared at him. The wrinkles on his face became more pronounced when he stole a glance at the picture on his desk before he nodded. “Most certainly, Hendrickson. Before you go, I would like suggest that you periodically visit the nearest hospital. You know, just in case things might take a turn for the worst.”

Humming in thought, Hendrickson gave the offer merit. It would certainly be favourable for him to continue similar check ups, loath as he was to admit to anyone just how weakened he was. Let alone how he got injured as he did. But on the other hand, he really didn’t have the greatest opinion of hospitals, especially not after his stay of several weeks. In the end he simply nodded at the older man’s request, never giving a verbal agreement, before he rose from his chair. He was quickly followed by Namtrah doing the same, who proceeded to escort his patient to the door. At the opened doorway, the two men smiled at one another and bid each other a nice day before one of the two made his way out of the room while the other one remained where he stood.

Once he saw his latest patient make a turn and leave his sight, Namtrah closed the door behind him while he made his way to his desk. His fingers gently hovered over the wood as he walked around it until he sat down on his chair. He then released a deep and heavy sigh before the man took off his glasses and proceeded to rub the bridge of his nose. Namtrah was tired, oh so tired, and the years were slowly catching up to him. He could feel it. Informing a patient that they may never be the same as before stayed the hardest part of his job, no matter what anyone else would tell him and no matter how much time has passed.

Unfortunately for him there was another job he had to perform, one that he disliked even more. Putting the glasses back on, Namtrah took a hold of the picture that he always kept somewhere noticeable for him. A small, nostalgic smile formed on his lips at the image of a younger him with a little girl perched atop his shoulders. The picture was as much of a blessing as a curse to him. It reminded him for who did he did what he did, but also exactly just what he was forced to do.

Reaching for his doctor’s coat, the old man pulled out an ordinary flip phone and stared at it for a few seconds. Giving one last look at the picture, he deeply inhaled and exhaled once before he dialed in the necessary combination. After a few seconds of silence, he was connected to the other party.

“Hello... Yes, it’s me... He’s as fine as he could possibly be and is making his way out of the hospital… No, I don’t know how long he’ll stay. He wasn’t all that talkative about anything that hadn’t a relation to his check up… All he mentioned was that it was active… Yes… No… Very well.”

Satisfied with the offered information, the other party hung up and Namtrah felt even older than he already was. He stared at the blank screen for a couple of seconds, minutes, hours before he tucked it away from where it came. The old doctor sat silently in his chair, an air of defeat hanging around his shoulders just before he could no longer take the guilt and he cradled his face in his palms. All the while a soft mantra echoed the room, one that he only allowed himself to utter when he was completely alone. Each repeat was separated by a broken sob that escaped him in a moment of weakness. For what was he but a weak and desperate man?

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

For he truly was. What he had done was nothing short of underhanded and he wasn’t arrogant enough to even request forgiveness. He’d never deserved it before, and he wouldn’t do so this time either, nor in the future. He simply prayed that his young patient, far too young to be mixed up in the mess Namtrah got himself in, was able to keep the perseverance, drive and willpower he showed during the rehabilitation. The boy will surely need it.

Post Word Count: 895
Total Word Count: 5,654
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Unaware of the turmoil his doctor found himself in, not that he would care if he did, Hendrickson leisurely walked out of the hospital. On his way the man had met a couple of nurses, doctors, visitors and former fellow patients, some of whom he recognized and some he didn’t. Not that the familiarity, or lack thereof, had made any difference as the tall man didn’t stop his walk for even moment. Unlike what one would expect, the result of Namtrah’s check up had not made the bluette feel any better. Sure, the fact that he would heal and he most certainly wasn’t relapsing were good to hear, but the complete and utter certainty with which the doctor had assured him he would never be completely the same again put a damper on that news. The man had always know logically that the injuries he sustained were too heavy to recover fully from, but he’d tried to bury the thought by the hatred he felt for the entire incident and the following rehab. Namtrah’s confirmation brought that buried feeling back up and nailed it firmly in a sizeable corner of his mind, never to fully be submerged again.

Recognizing the thought pattern that was slowly forming - which would only drag him down towards depression, self-hatred and thoughts of vengeance on that damnable creature - the man shakes his head to dispel these thoughts. What he needs is a distraction, a way to clear his mind and there was one sure way Hendrickson knew how to do so and was quite familiar with. He eyes the six Balls attached to his belt and was already formulating match ups between the creatures that he owned. A sound roaring through the air quickly pulls him out of his thoughts. Turning his head to the road, the man sees a motorcycle make a quick turn from a side street so that he could get upon the main lane by cutting in front of a car. Before he knew it the bike passes by him and makes its way towards part unknown to the bluette.

What drove by was a sleek, dark blue Harley Davidson with an engine control as black as a moonless sky which shone brightly. The driver’s gender could not be discerned as they were decked in a full body suit. But Hendrickson held no interest for the human in control of the vehicle. For a few seconds it seems like time slowed down as Hendrickson took in the sight of the bike before he took in a breath, setting time back to its normal speed. As he watched the bike take off towards parts unknown to him, he felt a small smirk growing on his face. It had been a while since he’d ridden a bike, maybe it was time to dust off some of the rust.

Turning his head to the side Hendrickson makes his way towards a group of young girls, barely past second secondary school, blathering about the latest nonsense that caught their attention. Plastering a nice and friendly smile the bluette interrupted one of the girls, a curly haired brunette with the tips of hair obviously dipped in dye, from commenting what a friend of said, a short haired blonde.

“Good morning, ladies.” The brunette glared at him for his stunt, but he is sure she can forgive him. It wasn’t as if they could possibly converse about something worthwhile. Not if they were half the bimbos he expected them to be like some of his own secondary school class mates. Well, look at that only one out of three. The moment she actually took him in her pale cheeks darkened to quite the pink colouration. A third girl, this one with her hair dyed in a shade of blue slightly darker than his, speaks up after her bubblegum pops. Her lips turn into a seductive smile. Well, as seductive as a fourteen year old can be. Which was to say not at all.

“Hello there, handsome. You’ve got quite the taste in dye, I approve.” Her tone easily conveyed the truth behind that statement. He easily fakes a hearty chuckle as he runs a hand through his locks.

“Why thank you. It took me ages to convince my parents it was a respectable hair colour to have. An issue I’m am pretty sure you’re more than familiar with.”

The girls smile at him with a knowing look in their eyes, the seductive smile on his fellow bluette turning into a mischievous one. “I know exactly what you mean. Parents are such pain in the asses aren’t they? Why can’t they just let us do as we please. Sheesh.”

‘Because the world doesn’t need more idiots like you running around without inhibitions.’

“Why indeed. Say, could either one of you do me a favour? You see I’m not from Oraclair and there’s this shop I’m just dying to visit.”

The girls look each other in the eye, a silent conversation seemingly going on between them. The sole man of the temporary quartet did not know if they’re aware their intent looks as clear as day to him, but he isn’t going to interrupt. He’s slightly interested if they intent to go through with their hastily made up plan. Unless things were going to get messy. Then Tabitha would get full clearance with them.

The brunette was the one who spoke for them after a few seconds of silence. “Sure thing handsome, where do you want to go?”

“Thank you very much. You see, I’ve been wanting to visit a motorbike shop for the past couple of days but something else always came up which prevented me from doing so. Can you show me where to find one?”

“Oh that’s no problem, handsome. We know exactly where to find one, in fact we’ll take you there. Won’t we girls?” The blonde spoke up, a glint clear in her eyes. One that Hendrickson did not particularly care for. The look the girls shot to a nearby alley did not go unnoticed by him either. His friendly expression did not falter for a second as he stops what they plan on doing before it gets the chance to take off. Hendrickson was not in the mood for their antics.

“That is very kind of you. Ah, before we do so allow me to call a friend of mine. You see, she doesn’t like it when I’m alone and especially not with a group of cuties like yourselves.” Two of the girls giggle at his comment while the third simply smiles. Their amusement remains until it is clear that what Hendrickson plans on contacting isn’t a human. With a flash of light, they were joined by the bluette’s most sadistic Pokémon, Tabitha. With her appearance the enjoyment was wiped from the girls’ faces which soon turned pale, which looks quite unhealthy for the already pale brunette, when the man’s smile grows colder. There was still an air of approachableness and kindness coming from him, but something shifted which made him look far more dangerous. A far less intriguing target. When he opens his eyes, he deliberately erases the faked warmth.

“Let me introduce you, my Victreebel. She’s quite the overprotective darling and I do hope her appearance won’t bother you.” Even the tone has a tint of danger to it. Tabitha quickly and easily discerns the mood her trainer’s in, and levels a glare at the females. Her vine swishes from one end to the other in an hypnotic, dementedly so, manner. The teenagers find themselves looking for aid from the passerbyers, the summoning of Victreebel gathered a bit of attention, but there was not a single one who spares them a glance. The creature had been called upon for, but did nothing? They had better things to do than pay attention to a man with a Pokémon simply chatting to three young girls.

“Well then, shall we be on our way?” All that Hendrickson did was gently invite them to show him the way, yet it felt like something was going to happen if they followed him. The blonde could not handle that mood all too well. Hendrickson could tell by the stutter, that and the guarded look in her eye.

“Y-you see, I just remember that we have to be somewhere, right girls? Girls?” Only after the blonde elbows her friends do they react.

“U-uhm, y-yeah. You’re right. We had to get somewhere. So sorry, handsome but maybe another time?”

Hendrickson made a show of being disappointed by lowering his shoulders and releasing a sigh. “I see, such a shame. Could you perhaps tell me how to get at the bike shop you mentioned? That would be really helpful.”

“S-sure. You just turn back from where you came, walk a few blocks and get to a restaurant called ‘Bouffalant Bill’s Drive Through’ and you should find one in the adjacent lane to its right. L-look, we really have to go. See ya!” The brunette stammers out before she grabs her friends and makes a run for it. In the exact opposite direction where she told Hendrickson to go to. The lone man scratches his head in confusion for the passerbyers to see.

“They must have really been cutting it short, if they were that hurried. Well then Tabitha, let’s go shall we?” The man’s voice is clear and easily picked up by the bystanders, alleviating some of the suspicion they were aiming at him. The Grass type gurgles in approval before she falls in step behind him as he follows the girl’s direction. He had the whole day ahead of him, and walking never hurt to getting used to his injury. The man never noticed the shutter sound of a camera, let alone the giggle which followed.

On his way to the bike shop,Hendrickson makes a stop at small, portable coffee shop. He figures that he might as well enjoy himself a bit on his walk, not to mention that he could interrogate the owner. Surprisingly, there’s a truth to the brunette’s fearfilled stammer and a bike shop was in the direction she’d sent him to. What he did not expect what that the restaurant she yelled was the shop. His face was carefully blank as he stares at the logo of the shop, that being a bike made after the image of a Bouffalant. The hand clutches look like a Bouffalant’s horns, where one headlight should be there were the Normal type’s eyes and the steering wheel itself had the afro of the Pokémon.

Outwardly shrugging at the sign, Hendrickson makes his way in and almost lets out a relieved sigh when he notices that the inside is not anywhere near as tacky as the outside. A multitude of bikes are displayed around the shop’s interior, some simply standing next to one another while others, more likely than not the more expensive ones, raised upon a slowly spinning pedestal. Walking further in the shop will inform customers of the corner meant exclusively for motorbike parts. From wheels - normal, spikes, thick, thin - to hand clutches - Hendrickson barely represses a twitch, they were actually selling those horns? - and exhaust pipes - black, blue, neon pink? - and saddlebags. There is even a section for extra additions such as Tauros pelt, flame motifs and skills images. While the bluette isn’t interested in these extras, he felt quite impressed by the store’s professionalism. Apart from the front that was.

“Good morning, sir. How might we help you and your not so little friend?” As expected, it did not take long for him to be approached by an employee. Turning his head to face the speaker, Hendrickson comes face to face with a air. Blinking the man doesn’t waste a moment to tilt his gaze downwards, he supposes there are some advantages to having a short parent. Finally he comes face to face with a platinum blonde woman of whom one can easily discern where all the nutrients of her food goes to. Her hair is pulled back in a high ponytail which still reaches the small of her back and she’s decked in a yellow checkered shirt, with some very durable buttons if Hendrickson is honest. Combined with dark brown pants with a layer of cowskin on her thighs and ordinary cowboy boots she can easily be mistaken for a cowgirl.

The bluette easily returns the smile with one of his own while his eyes dip momentarily to look at her nameplate. The ire which shone briefly on her face did not escape his notice. “A splendid morning to you as well, miss Cindy. I do apologize, do you have a policy against leaving Pokémon out in your store?”

A shake of her head send her pony swishing from leg to right. “While we do have a policy it won’t apply to your Pokémon, sir. We simply prohibit entry to Pokémon of a certain size and girth and those who might make a mess of the interior and our goods. I believe your Victreebel can keep to itself?”

“She most certainly can, and will.” A wandering vine freezes just before it takes a hold of what looks to be a headlight when a cane taps the ground. The Grass type eyes its Trainer and recognizes both the tone and movement for what they were. A warning aimed at herself. Not missing a beat, the creature releases a gurgle as her vine wiggles above her head and she nods along with her trainer. The small smile she saw in the corner of her eye send her vine into another burst of wiggles.

Both humans chuckle at the Pokémon’s antics. “Well then sir, what can we at the ‘Bouffalant’ help you with?”

“Yes, well this might come as a surprise but I would like to purchase a motorcycle.” He grins cheekily at her.

Not missing a beat, and probably far too used to similarly poor jokes, Cindy goes into standard shopkeeper speech as she turns on a heel and beckons him to follow. “Is that so? Well in that case, please follow me. Now, what type of bike where you looking for exactly? Sports, mountain, vintage, modern, retro?”

As she leads him through the aisles, Hendrickson politely looks around the shop in apparent interest at the many offers that lay before him with Tabitha at their heels. “As you can see, we at ‘Bouffalant’ prize ourselves with our extensive offer. If we do not have it in stock, we will guarantee that it will be available within the week. Depending on what particular item you are looking for that is.”

Hendrickson smiles at the young woman’s speech, constantly keeping eye contact and thus not missing the look of gratitude. The woman more often than not had to deal with people who had less self control. “That is quite impressive. Are you only located in Oraclair Town? I do not recall seeing a branch of the shop in my own town.”

“That we are indeed, but that does not mean we have no plans for reaching out.” She playfully winks at him, prompting the man to smirk back at her. Tabitha simply gurgles while she examines her reflection in one of the shiny instruments. Humans truly build some weird contraptions.

“Mhm, I hope that the future will be very fortuitous for you and yours. Now the bike that I was looking for is meant for travelling. I would like one that is able to traverse over any kind of solid ground that our fine nation provides.”

Cindy nods in understanding at his request. “I see, in that case might I interest you in one of our later models? I can assure you that the price is just right.”

The glint in her eyes informs Hendrickson that the introductory chat was over, and it was time for business. He eyes the first model she presents to him, immediately picking up the price tag attached to it while she goes into full detail. One that goes way about the budget he was willing to splurge on a vehicle, especially one that looks as tacky as this one. It seems that it was time to play a different game. Luckily for him, Hendrickson was quite apt at it if he dares to say so himself. In the background, Tabitha simply enjoys herself by making weird expressions in front of her reflection.

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