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Vs. Swinub! & Co.
Topic Started: 11 Nov 2017, 10:28 PM (174 Views)
Posted Image AlkalineRock
Member Avatar

PS: Since this first part is just a tutorial, I don't plan to get any EXP from this fight against his dad.

A pair of curious eyes and ears perk up once the sun rises over the horizon. As he shields his eyes from the glare, a swelling feeling builds up in the blue-haired lad's chest. The creature hiding in his coat stirs, and it too would watch the splendor of morning come into view. The metaphorical orchestra crescendos into a flourish! And as the boy takes his first step into --

"Cam! Camine! Camine!"

That familiar voice, thickened with an accent - it's telling; Gabriel. The lad's father.

Camine turns at attention and watches as his father hobbles over wrapped in a coat and blanket haphazardly thrown around him. Seems like he was in a rush to catch him before he left city limits. Once he caught up, he took a moment to catch his breath resting on his knees. The poor old man, stricken with illness was all but confined to bed. But for some reason he summoned the strength now to deliver one final something for his son. Slowly Gabriel lifts his head and their eyes met. They both look at each other with striking blue eyes... A silent blessing passed down from blood to blood. Surely this was the cas--

"Battle me, Camine."


The two stand across from each other a good distance away - a full twenty foot space acting as their battlefield. On one end stood an old man, marred by the wrinkles of his age and tribulations. Determination twinkling in his eyes.
On the other end stood a very puzzled Camine - actually more worried than confused. He's wondering if his father should be stressing himself this much. But as it seems, his father looked largely undisturbed. Credit to him, despite s l o w l y dying from illness. Gabriel is the tenacious man.

"Consider this a warm-up, son," he calls. "I've taught you the basics, but we rarely sparred. Let this be your old man's last wish before his son leaves the nest."

A tutorial battle? Here? With his father? Seems a little unorthodox, but it works.
Camine clenched his hands together, brimming with unbridled resolve. Of course he'd step up to the challenge!

"Of course. Are you ready, my friend? It's time for some exercise." The creature stowed away in Camine's coat stirred. Marinating in the dramatic tension, his hand slowly rolled down the zipper, unleashing the terror within...
...A foot and half tall Cubchoo named Cereal.
It bursts forward, arms flexed and crying out in excitement. The snot hanging from its nose is glistening in the sun beams, which by now, has made itself known.

His father guffaws, hearty and wholesome. "Good, son! Good. If you are an Escarcha, you are strong. I will show you no leniency this time. Come, Swinub!" With a mighty hand, he throws aside his blanket and coat until he's left standing tall and imposing in nothing but snow pants and a tanktop. It's hard to imagine this man is suffering from malady with POWERFUL RIPPLING MUSCLES like those. His skin is golden and glittering.
From his Pokeball, he sends out a Swinub roughly the same size as Cubchoo. Their eyes meet and for a brief moment, they share very sportsmanlike death glares at each other.

"So, who goes first...?
Me, or...Me? Cereal - strike 'em with some powder snow!

Taking initiative, Camine plays the first move. Cubchoo takes a deep inhale before unleashing a flurry of snow from her maw. The Swinub merely recoils, looking visibly fazed by the attack. There is little to no reaction on Camine's face, but there is a grin on his father's. His father's Pokemon composes itself on the spot.

"Hmph! A cheap tactic so early in the match? I digress -- it's time to taste comeuppance! Swinub; gain the upper hand and blind your foe with mud sport! Then close the distance and finish him with a tackle!"
Gabriel's orders are announced with gusto and aplomb. He's looking plenty intimidating right now; arms crossed and his legs spread at shoulder length. It's absolutely freezing in the village right now, but that doesn't seem to bother him at all.

The Swinub's little piggy face burrows into the snow and into the dirt before lifting its head up and spitting a sizable chunk of wet mud into the face of Cubchoo, effectively blinding it temporarily.

"Look who's talking cheap now. That's fine -- this is nothing! Cereal! Growl your heart out!"
In some ways, Camine has adopted his father's sense of composure. One hand stuffed in his pocket and the other gestures correspondingly.

Meanwhile, Cubchoo attempts to wipe the dirt from her eyes, but her ears worked just fine. Just in time to hear the order, she unleashes a menacing growl that terrorizes the Swinub enough to avoid a full collision.

Gabriel let out a victorious laugh. "Winning is all. You must learn to use your environment effectively."

"Heard that about a thousand times. Is that the extent of your 'using the environment' tactic?"

"Not at all my boy. But now that's he's close enough, my Swinub is tracking your scent as we speak! My next move won't miss!"

"Won't let you have it, dad. Cereal to your right! Snow 'im down!"

Camine wastes no time. He barks his attack as fast as lightning. Despite missing one of her senses, Cubchoo follows through on the order and expels a gust of snow in the mentioned direction. An effective close-range blast of icy cold winds on the enemy. Strong enough to blow it off its "feet".
A rigorous match, but a quick victory for Camine.

The elder nods his head approvingly as he recalls his now fainted Swinub. Knowing that it had fought well, he places his forehead against the lid of the ball and mutters a small prayer. Silently he retrieves his coat and blanket and crosses over to his son. A firm hand squeezes the lad's shoulder as Gabriel's eyes meet his.

"My blessings to you, son. That was satisfactory."

Without another word, he heads back inside. Not before he notices his wife and daughter had been watching all along. The two gave very disapproving glances at him and scathing head shakes.
"You should be in bed, Gabriel." chides the mother.
"What were you thinking taking off your coat, papa?" joins the sister.

Cubchoo saunters off to Camine before climbing his pant leg like a wall and into her little pouch. Camine smiles approvingly and zips his coat back up. He checks once again to make sure he has everything he needs. Spare Pokeballs, a viable sum of money, the map, holocaster, journal, and most importantly - his Pokedex. The Melkian decided it'd be best to leave while his family scold his father for his impulsive behavior.

Camine Escarcha • Leader-in-Training • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: *dian* 1000 • Location: Melka - North Godai

Camine's Pokemon
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Posted Image AlkalineRock
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Trainer Encounter: Wes Williams
Posted Image

'Course, after the ruckus had died down, Camine had resumed his journey to leave Melka Village. His family was kind enough to heal Cubchoo post battle somewhere along the way -- assuming the game had healed his party ever the battle. You ever play games that don't do that? And then you forget that you just got out of a boss battle, and then a random encounter occurs and you get wiped out because you were so low? Well that didn't happen.
The lad barely made it a few feet before his name was called out one last time, but by a bubbly young lass by the name of Sin. She was running up to Camine with a bottle in hand and a smile on her face.

Something to note about sister Sin. She had a contagious smile. There was an aura about her that inevitably attracts a manner of people.

So Camine couldn't help but crack a smile as she paused before him with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. He gave her a respectful amount of time before popping the question.

"A parting gift?" he inquired about the bottle.

"Yes! You know father loves his vitamins. Here you go, big brother."

Posted ImageProtein was added to the inventory

A chuckle escaped the boy's lips, and inevitably, another smile. "Thank you, Sin. Tell father that too."

Without another word, she nods. She too, had a weakness for farewells. A bittersweet farewell ending in comforting, mutual silence. That was Camine's style. Sin knew that too.


Perhaps now, our boy can finally leave the village limits. So many distractions, and his game had only just begun! Finally, finally, finally! Camine was here! Oh he could see the gates now! And the exit! The beyond! Surely nothing could stop him n-

"Caught ya! What's up nerd?"

A thousand and one shivers ran down Camine's back. The owner of the voice made himself known from behind the gate.

Wes Freakin' Wiliams. The village pretty boy. The popular kid.
Camine's nemesis (self-proclaimed by him, of course).

The mobile menace, equipped with a sneer, swaggered over to Camine. His hands stuffed in his pockets like he just doesn't care. It doesn't help that his skinny jeans really accentuated that stride.

"Wes. Good to see you." he replied without missing a beat.

"Cut the formalities. I know yer not happy t'see me. And I ain't happy t'see you. Look at you, nerd. You're up and leavin' Melka? I know this wasteland of a village ain't all glam but you must really think yer somethin' special if you think you can just leave." Wes snapped his fingers. "Just like that."

A puzzled expression grew on Camine's face. As usual, he had little to no idea what Wes was spouting. Consequently, it made Wes even more antsy.

"Fine. Looks like you don't get it. I'll say it in small words so even you can understand, nerd. There's only one way outta Melka. And it's through me. You best prepare for a REAL Pokemon battle!" Wes snapped open the inside of his jacket to reveal a Zubat with its teeth sunk into the fabric. Hanging there. "Twitch on the stage baby!" Responding to the call, the Zubat releases itself from the jacket and does loops and tricks up in the air before stopping before a posing Wes.

OH! What a fiery performance! A gallant arrival! If it were physically possible, Wes would've melted the snow around him, he was so HOT! The lad even struck a pose so STYLISH, it would've made professional models around the world reevaluate their careers.

Camine was.
Largely unimpressed.
More confused. Even more: puzzled.
He looked into the camera like he was in an episode of The Office.

A cold wind blew through between them that made Wes and his Zubat shiver.

"Okay! Now it's time to send out your Pokenerd, nerd! We're battling! Battling, you hear!?"

Camine peered down his coat with furrowed eyes, meeting equally furrowed eyes.
"You good to fight again, Cereal?"
Cubchoo bleated approvingly.
The Escarcha boy smiled. He liked hearing that. Camine slowly lowered the zipper of his jacket, revealing a baby pouch strapped to his chest...With Cubchoo riding in it!! The cub easily slid herself from the confines and leaped with a 10-point landing onto the powdery snow.

Now it was a fight!
Edited by AlkalineRock, 19 Dec 2017, 09:17 PM.
Camine Escarcha • Leader-in-Training • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: *dian* 1000 • Location: Melka - North Godai

Camine's Pokemon
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Posted Image AlkalineRock
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The electricity of tension crackled in the air like summer fireworks. Not even the cold of Melka could dampen the fiery spirit of either party. As Cubchoo gazed intently at Zubat, the Zubat gazed intently back.
Sort of. He ain't got no eyes...

"It's lunchtime, Twitch! Get your snack on!" exclaimed Wes.

"'Get your snack on'? Cereal; ice that joker."

Zubat made the first move - it was much more agile than its opponent. With grace and aplomb, it zig-zags out of Cubchoo's Powder Snow attack and makes contact with the bear. Twitch's razor-sharp fangs sunk into Cereal's shoulder, causing her to panic and lose her bearings. The unfortunate bear begins to run around in circles in a futile attempt to shake the bat off. Mixed with the panicked shrieks of Cereal, was laughter from Wes Williams.

"Hahah! Today is the day I make you kneel, Camine Escarcha. Still think you can keep up that attitude?"

Camine, with all intention of upholding that, refused to put on a sour face. Instead he kept his focus on the battlefield. His eyes darted, trying to put pieces together. Quick as a snap, he formulates the plan to retaliate.

"Behind you! Sandwich Zubat between you and that tree!"

His voice reaches his partner, and reignited with a moment of clarity, Cubchoo spots the said tree and rams against it with all of her might - Zubat-side up.
However, Twitch was too quick. He quickly unlatches himself from Cereal and flies out of danger while the force of impact caused a poffin of snow to come down upon Cubchoo. It too, seemed to taunt the duo with its upturned mouth.

Currently, Camine was stricken with a disadvantageous start. He managed to save face, but if this cycle of kiting à la Zubat continues, it's a locked win for Wes. As if reaffirming his thoughts, the Zubat primes itself for another assault. Twitch begins to dive for the pile of snow Cubchoo was buried under, but Camine wouldn't give the order to dodge just yet.
Not yet.

"Bet you weren't expecting this! Steel Wing, Twitch! Steel Wing!"

A shining aura surrounds both of Zubat's wings, and as the distance between the two Pokemon began to lessen, the smile on Wes's face began to widen.

"...Counter it, Cereal!!"

Camine's voice rings out like thunder, and Cereal dodges like lightning. A blur of white emerges from the mass of snow just in time for Cubchoo to kick off against the ground and tackle the Zubat with all of her body weight. An ancillary trail of snow followed behind the bear, like a cloak. A snow cloak. The two bounced a sizable distance away from each other. Now the odds have evened out - with a hit like that, Twitch must've suffered the same, if not equal the amount of damage Cubchoo had suffered.

"You - You got to be kidding me!" said an exasperated Wes Williams. His mouth was ajar and he stared back at Camine with incredulous eyes. The teen smiled back innocently.

Both Pokemon looked like they were running low on stamina. But neither of them looked ready to throw in the towel. Zubat quickly recomposed himself, shaking the snow off his head and taking flight once again. Cubchoo primed herself for another attack. There was still a minute streak of snow behind her, chronicling her path from here to there.

Snow. That's a good idea.

"Use the snow around you, Cereal. Hit 'em hard!"

"I won't let that happen!"

Zubat, though dazed, does his best to take to the skies and tries his hand at another attempt to slice Cubchoo down with a fatal Steel Wing. Cereal stands her ground, a snowball loaded aimed and ready. The distance quickly closes. Neither of them have any shred of hesitation. There was no time.
Cereal has her hand reared. Twitch has his wings raised.
In an exchange akin to a bull and bullfighter, in this analogy, Cereal was the bullfighter. While Twitch would be the defeated bull with a face full of snow.

With that, the battle would be over.
Camine Escarcha • Leader-in-Training • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: *dian* 1000 • Location: Melka - North Godai

Camine's Pokemon
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Posted Image AlkalineRock
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All that was left is a fainted Zubat, a proud Cubchoo and owner, and one Wes Williams looking...pretty dejected.
Silently, he digs out a Pokeball from his coat and recalls his partner back. The teen stares at his own reflection on the sheen of the ball before stowing it away. Wes turns to face Camine. Neither folk look ready to break the silence, and so it turns into a staring contest of sorts. Joking aside, there was genuine pain reflected in Wes's eyes. After what seemed like minutes, he finally breaks the hush.

"That's it, huh?"

That was unusual. The usual Wes Williams would be inconsolable. In the sense that he'd be running for the hills, announcing to the world and beyond that he - Wes Williams of Melka - would someday put Camine Escarcha the village nerd in his place. Then his goons would run after him, praising him for his greatness.
Yeah that's also unusual. Where was his Goon Squad?

"Tch. After all these years, y'can't even manage a flicker of a reaction. Always hiding behind that stupid, friggin face. You must think y'er so cool. Nerd. Loner. That's what we called you behind y'er back 'n you don't even react. Lookin' like you're better than us. Better than me." Wes suddenly flared. He shoved Camine, causing Cereal to react with bared fangs. He held up his palm to quell the Pokemon. "Damn, dude. I honestly thought for a second you cared about anything but yourself."

By now the Escarcha teen's shoulders were pinned up against a tree. Wes was steadily getting more furious. As was Cereal, but Cam continued to assure her that he was alright. It was best that Wes get this off his chest. He meant business.

"I hate people like you the most! Hiding behind a face that suits you th'best. And now you think ya better than this place, that gives you the right t'leave?"

Camine stirred. It bothered him to be poked and prodded like this, as would anyone. But it kept hitting him too close to home. Here was a man who kept him company for much of his childhood and beyond. Whether or not he asked for it. But Wes was a reoccurring figure in his life. Which is why it frankly hurt to see this man to act so out of character.

"You are so. Arrogant. Thinking you can just up 'n leave without a word."

By the time either of them noticed, Camine was held up an inch off the ground, carried by Wes who was lifting him by the collar of his jacket. There was a sort of intensity radiating from the teen, and the way he spoke sounded as if he were betrayed. That soon quelled.

"I'm gonna get better, nerd." Wes releases him before turning away. "I always say, someday I'm gonna put ya in y'er place. But f'er now, I got a family t'take care of. So you better take care of yerself. If I see you again, then that means I've gotten good 'nuff to beat you."

Under the clouds that obscured the sky, Wes disappeared into the village. Camine was left with a severely new impression of his old childhood bother, a minor ache around the collar, and some thoughts he had to sort through. The teen lifts Cubchoo under the arms and slips him back into the pouch before zipping his coat right back up. The remnants of battle were soon covered up by the falling snow that had begun to fall.

His original intention was to leave the village quietly, as to avoid confrontations like that. Perhaps there was more to being a trainer than just simply battling. And perhaps there was more to his significance than being just a Camine Escarcha.
Maybe so. Maybe so.

A jumble of thoughts continued to manifest behind the teen's ice-cold expression. And as he passed through the village gates into a new adventure, he was able to formulate one answer from the mountain of questions that piled up:

He had a lot of growing up to do.
Camine Escarcha • Leader-in-Training • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: *dian* 1000 • Location: Melka - North Godai

Camine's Pokemon
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