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[Evaluated]The Wind At My Back; Lab Topic
Topic Started: 28 Nov 2017, 09:58 AM (141 Views)
Posted Image Demilune
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The main gate still stood imposingly tall, adding it's long share of evening shade to the jagged pattern of light and darkness carving up the campus grounds. The long-empty chimney stacks of the old brick dormitories, the curving art-deco walls of the new offices, the barely-budded branches of ornamental trees all knotted their shadows together in a spinarak-web of familiar geometric chaos.

Lucent ignored the pleasantly curving brick paths and cut across the grounds. Near the heart of the campus, the primary lab building was brightly lit over the entry and atrium, the adjoining greenhouses and classroom windows dark. The front doors were still unlocked, and Lucent stepped inside, shutting out the campus sounds as he shut the door behind him. He took a moment to listen, before crossing the hall and climbing the main stair. He could hear the soft click of his soles on each stair step, but the quiet here didn't feel entirely genuine. The emptiness felt more like an echo of the school day roar and bustle. The scent of dry-erase markers and the thrum of computers that never shut down. Nostalgia was a new and mildly unpleasant sensation. When Lucent reached the right door, he didn't hesitate or knock, but immediately let himself in.

The workroom did not resemble the office that he was expecting. One wall was filled with machinery and another with old fashioned bookshelves packed with tomes, folders, and loose sheets of paper all at wrong angles. The tables were covered with messy stacks of paper, electronic tablets, and two different styles of drink dispensers. Emptied mugs and paper cups were strewn everywhere, acting as impromptu paperweights, bookends, a few looked forgotten on the floor, and filled the room with a distinct scent of stale coffee.

"Excuse the interruption," Lucent spoke quietly, gaze searching the crowded walls and empty chairs. "Is anyone here?"

"Um, yes! What can I do for you?" Hidden behind a particularly tall stack of books, the man seated at a laptop looked haggard. The screen was set at too high a brightness, painting his face a ghastly shade of chalk white. The famous pokemon prof Marshall himself, looking a little worse for wear.

"My name is Lucent Eleusine."

"Oh... Right! Nice to meet you." The professor stood and blinked, irises returning to a normal size. He wore a colorful shirt with an Isdan flower print under a threadbare lab coat darkened with coffee stains. Lucent had always liked lab coats, their crisp white fabric and angled collars. It was too bad.

Lucent offered a hand, and after an awkward pause, the professor took it with a tentative smile. After a single firm shake, he let his hand fall back.

"I apologize for being late. The train was delayed," Lucent explained.

"Late?" Marshall's eyes wandered to the laptop, then to the time display blinking on a wall. "Huh."


"Eleusine, right? You requested a grass pokemon for your TIS assignment. Good choice." He turned away and his smile softened, immediately looking warmer and less forced. "Pop quiz. What is the pulmonary capacity of the average bellsprout compared to that of a tangela?"

Lucent barely missed a beat. "Roughly half. Tidal volume is negligible in comparison, similar to other poisonous grass types."

"Any notable exceptions?"

"Victreebell comes to mind."

"What's the best answer for contact with poison powders?"


Marshall almost chuckled, and Lucent allowed himself a small smile. He was going to ace this.

"Alright, final question. If you were a pokemon, what would you be?"

"Ah..." This wasn't the sort of question that would ever come up on a test or quiz. Lucent struggled to consider what response the professor wanted, if there was a particular species that the famous Marshall might consider the ideal answer. But he took too long.

"That's fine," Marshall shrugged. "There's not always a right or wrong answer. You know, imagination is a key part of intelligence."


"You don't have to agree."

Lucent wasn't sure what response was expected this time, either, so he said nothing. He was tense, not knowing what the consequences were for failing such an enigmatic pop quiz, but the professor looked more amused than anything.

Word Count: 698
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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Professor Marshall headed for one of the other doors. Lucent followed, maneuvering around the desk and a large drawing board covered in technical drawings of whimsicott anatomy, sidestepping a few half-empty dishes of pokekibble. Inside, there was a snubbull snoozing on one of the floor pillows, but the rest of the cushions were empty, the toys abandoned. A standing perch had one round bird clutching a peg with its small feet. "I saved him for you."

The bird? It was sandy brown with a white face and beak. Lucent expected it to resemble a plant in some way, like most grass types did, but this was definitely a bird. The small green feather under it's chin was maybe leaf colored, but that was it. If it could even be called a chin, since there was no neck.

"It's called a rowlet, one of our newly introduced species. Go on, introduce yourself," Marshall said.

Lucent tried hard not to wince visibly, stopping just short of touching the pokemon. "It doesn't have to be a grass pokemon. I don't have a real preference."

"The others were picked up this morning by the rest of the research team."

Damn the train. Slowly, Lucent reached out and lifted the creature off its perch. He held it as lightly as possible, balancing it on his fingertips; it was lighter than it looked. It stared back at him with flat, black eyes.

"Here, you'll want the ball too. I got the last of the paperwork this morning. You and your partner there are assigned to Eastern Godai."

"East-" Lucent nearly stumbled on the one syllable. One thing after another, it felt like his big day was unraveling.

"Uh huh?"

"To be honest, I'm more familiar with the geography up north."

"I thought you were from Scurarte Town?" Professor Marshall gave the floor a questioning look and wandered back to his laptop in the other room. The snubbull rolled off it's bed and waddled after him, with Lucent careful not to step on the little fairy as he followed.

"I am, but I haven't been back in years."

The laptop buzzed to life, an inbuilt holocaster projecting a detailed regional map with a number of colored tags and labels floating at the edges. "We've introduced more species into the Eastern region than the others, more than a dozen in Skytouch alone, that may be why TIS wants more monitoring there."

"Of course."

"After your preliminary reporting you'll have more freedom of movement. You find a new lead in your research, you follow it!"

"I will."

Whatever thread of data had the professor's attention, it wasn't in the holocaster image, but on his desk. He was sliding the loose papers back and forth, then shoving them together again into a larger pile. Practically fluffing them like a pillow before slumping back in his chair. The snubbull crawled into his lap, and the professor nodded. "You'll need to give your partner a name, first."


"Trainers do the naming. We just hatch them."

Lucent looked at the pokemon still resting in his hands. He didn't think the bird had blinked once since he picked it up, and its staring intensified. Its flat feathers began to bristle, looking the same way Lucent felt, all hackles. Round and bristly, like a... "Durin?"

"Oh, like the berry? That's cute."

'Cute' was not a word Lucent wanted an esteemed professor to pin on him, but backpedaling would look worse. "Professor, if I-" he noticed that Marshall's eyes had closed. "Sir?" He reached for Marshall's shoulder, wondering if he could have fallen asleep so suddenly, but the snubbull in the man's lap bared its fangs and tensed, growling near-silently. Lucent pulled his hand back quickly. The pokemon continued to glare at him, ears perked, clinging protectively to the dozing professor. Lucent decided it was best to cut his losses here. He made a silent bow toward the professor, and his snubbull, then turned and left without another word.

Word Count: 664
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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Pokemon Declaration

Most trainers would already have had a partner before registering with the Trainer Initiative System, but Lucent had left this to the very end. The last step in preparing for his new life as a field researcher. Everything in the correspondence had been so straightforward, the examinations were typical, he had felt so prepared and so ready to see this bright new Godai that the government was shaping. Reading about sweeping change in the newspaper was different than seeing it for himself, but that was the whole point, he reminded himself.

The rowlet made a startled clicking sound as it tried to hold onto his wrist, and Lucent realized that if he walked any faster he'd be running. "Sorry." He slowed to a stop on the sidewalk, standing just outside the lab's shadow. "It's not that I didn't want you, but I..." There was no way to finish that statement that wasn't a lie. He started over. "We have a job to do. Let's focus on that." He turned back to the lab and sat down on one of the benches near the front doors. "You'll be more comfortable back in your ball," he added, knowing that he meant himself. He pulled the pokeball out of his waistcoat pocket and watched the rowlet vanish. And he did feel more comfortable. Lucent pulled out his pokedex to read up on his new companion. The information on rowlets was still sparse. There was a lot of work to do.

"What are you doing out here in the dark?"

Lucent looked up. The lamps lining the sidewalks had all flickered on. The man walking towards him was just a shadow from a distance. The silver threading of the Cadence police insignia gleamed in the half light. "I'm an alum, not a trespasser, don't worry." Tall, round glasses, blond yellow ponytail, coming into sharp relief once the lamplight was behind him. "Kayden?"

"I thought you forgot me," the man smiled.

Lucent put the pokedex away and stood up to shake hands. "It's been some time."

"Well spent, on my end. I was surprised to read your name in the TIS brief. We were expecting you earlier today."

"Sorry." Lucent's smile was thin. There was nothing he could do, but he was apologizing for it again.

"At least you made it."

"Heeey! Kay!" another voice interrupted, and another man ran up to them. Ruddy faced and young, with a paisley yellow headband holding back his black hair. Young enough to still be a student, or maybe it was just the youthful design of his trainer jacket with its oversized Firebird logo. "There you are! And who?"

"I'm Lucent Eleusine."

The new addition turned his handshake into a poorly aimed fist bump. "The missing trainer! See, I wanted to bet with Kay about when you'd get here, but we both figured you'd make it, so there was no bet to lose. We're all winners! I'm Rory, by the way."

"Roderick Marshall," Kayden corrected. "Another member of our merry band."

"Marshall? Any relation?" asked Lucent.

"To our good professor? Maybe they'd have given me a scholarship if I was. Nah, this name is pretty common in Central."

That made sense. There was absolutely no resemblance. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"So? What'd you get?" Rory asked quickly, stepping close. Closer than Lucent was prepared for, so he took a step back.

"Get? Ah, the pokemon." Lucent put his hand over his waistcoat pocket. "The only one left was..."

"Rory, you would know that if you hadn't run off right after getting yours," Kayden told him.

"That's right! My litten! Kay, show me your popplio again."

Everything Kayden said sounded stern, but he went along with the request. The popplio tumbled out in a flip, bouncing up onto it's tail at the last moment and clapping its fins.

"Look at you, you little people pleaser!" Rory bent down to pet the pokemon, which nuzzled into his hand enthusiastically. "Ew, yeah, your nose is pretty wet. I forgive you." Wiping the slimed palm across his knee, Rory shrugged. "I spent the whole day showing Velcro the town, took him to the park, he still won't let me so much as pet him!"

Lucent held a hand forward, and the popplio lifted a nose to investigate, without quite being able to reach. Lucent bent down enough to tickle under it's chin.

"Not every pokemon likes attention. Respect it if you want it to respect you," Kay shook his head.

"Nah. Kay, trade your popplio with me! If I'd known them better sooner, I'd have chosen different."

Lucent blinked in slow surprise. "Roderick, you shouldn't joke about-"

"Yeah, alright," Kay said. "I already have a water type partner. Diversity is important for a strong party."

"It's 'Rory'," Rory grinned and flipped a pokeball open, and a black feline with a red-marked face stepped out. "Not everything's a battle. If we're going to spend so much time with our teams, it's more important to get along! Right, Lucent? Power or personality?"

"Me?" Now both pokemon were sniffing at his shoes, trying to find out who he was. Lucent took a long, slow look at the two pokemon that might have been his. Might still be his, if things were only this simple. He gently tore himself away from the thought. "I think... it would be unkind to change your mind, after you've told a pokemon you've chosen them."

Kayden and Rory looked at each other, and then Rory laughed. "I guess that's one way to think about it." The two exchanged pokeballs, and that was that. "Take good care of Velcro!"

"I am not calling him that."

"I'm calling this one, uh, Jackanory," Rory said, scooping up his new popplio and tickling its belly. "I have a great idea!"

"I'm getting tired. You've had enough ideas today," Kay said, kneeling down and extending a hand for the litten to sniff. He stayed still while it moved toward him and away and back again, whiskers twitching.

Rory was undaunted. "We should battle with our new pokemon! You know, it's the start of a journey and everything, it'll be a great goodbye,"

"Goodbye?" Lucent asked.

Rory pointed a thumb at the officer. "Kay's signed up with the ranger corps, so he'll be based at the Corps' Eastern Center for training in a month. I'm taking the first train tomorrow for Kotoba. We're all sharing TIS research, but we may not see each other in person again for a long time. Come on, Lucent! We don't have much time for team building, I think I'm really onto something."

So, this had been a lot of noise and bluster for nothing. Lucent smiled down into his jacket collar. "Congratulations, Kay. You've been aiming for the Corps since we were freshmen. But I'll pass. My rowlet is my research partner, we're not looking for battles."

"Boring! What about you, Kay?" asked Rory.

"You just traded a water type for a fire type, and you want to challenge me now?" Kay raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. Obviously, yes. What was that about 'team diversity', hm?"

The litten, new name pending, turned away from Kay's hand with a flick of its tail. "You're the rookie here, Rory. I'll teach you something about battling. Let's use the trainers' field, it'll be empty by now."

"I'll just watch, but I'll come too," Lucent nodded. The sports fields were close by, and the spring evening was unusually warm. He removed his dress jacket and folded it over his left arm as the three of them crossed the campus lawn.

Word Count: 1267
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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The spring grass dotting the battle field was marred by long skidmarks and footprints, hoof prints, a few stranger paw marks. This particular arena never was left quiet for too long, being such a popular sport among the student body. For now, it looked like the three trainers had it all to themselves. Lucent leaned against the nearest lamp post, and watched the trainers and their pokemon take positions facing one another.

"Growl." Kay's expression turned steely, the small feline arched it's back and spat out a threat.

Jackanory, startled by the sudden start of the battle, shivered and looked up at Rory in confusion. "Use your... water move!" The popplio began to move toward his opponent, before stopping to give Rory another pleading look.

From the sideline, Lucent shook his head. One type move, one normal move, one buff. Lab pokemon were raised to battle alongside trainters and always knew the basics. But they were trained with the names of those moves, and Rory didn't seem to know what to do with his brand new water type.

"Growl!" Kay repeated, and the litten bristled its fur, practically smiling as it cornered the frightened popplio.

Jackanory was visibly distressed. "Wait- water gun!" Whether Rory was lucky or actually knew what he was doing, that command registered. The popplio righted itself and a watery bead of light condensed in the air in front of it, growing larger faster than Lucent could see, launching water toward the litten. But it was an unusually small stream of water; the popplio was still shaken and afraid.

"Now, scratch!" Kay's eyes were fixed on Jackanory. The litten yowled, shaking the water from its fur as it jumped forward with claws extended, sinking them into flesh.

The second spray of the water gun was just as weak as the first, and the litten ignored it, continuing to scratch. By the time Jackanory rolled over, exhausted and numb, the litten was a soggy mess, but it was still standing.

"Well done." Kay recalled the litten to its ball.

Rory dropped down next to the popplio, scooping it in his arms. "Jack! You'll be fine, okay?"

"Learn to strategize," Kay said, unsmiling. "Your pokemon lost because you didn't have a plan."

"Don't be so serious, will you?" Rory returned Jack to his ball and stood up, wiping the mud and grass from his knees. "You didn't even warn me we were starting!"

"There are no warnings in a real battle! Wild pokemon do what they want, and thieves and poachers do worse."

"Okay, I get it. Those rogues won't know what hit them, when you find them, right?" Rory managed to smile, and Kay's steely expression finally softened. He looked normal again.

"That's why I'm a ranger," Kay shrugged.

"Right! So, you should battle Lucent, too."

"What?" Lucent pushed himself from the lamp post, rocking onto his feet.

Rory bounded to him, dropping his voice to a half-hearted whisper. "That was really, you know, embarrassing! He said his other pokemon was a water type, and you have a rowlet? Can you beat him for me?"

"I have one more fighter with me," Kay called from the center of the field. "Not done much with him yet. You might have a shot, Lucent."

Lucent frowned. Kay didn't look anything other than confident. "I've never beaten him before," he whispered back to Rory, his already soft voice nearly inaudible.


It was only a handful of battles, years ago when they took one trainer class together. But they had used lab or borrowed pokemon back then, and today all he had was the rowlet. Lucent was nervous, but not at the thought of losing again.

"Well?" Kay asked.

He didn't want them getting the wrong idea. Lucent stepped into the field. The muted sounds of the city hovered over the schoolgrounds like a smog, mixing with the subdued noises of campus night life. It was getting cold. He pulled the pokeball from his pocket, rolling it once between his fingers before letting it fall to the ground.

Word Count: 677

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Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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Kay tossed his pokeball overhand, hitting the ground hard. The dispersing light seemed to bounce, and a small tympole bounced to life with it. It's tail was a blur of motion, slapping against the dirt. "Growl!"

In the puddle of light cast by the lamp beside the field, Rory grimaced. Lucent had just read over rowlet's dex entry before the match, and was prepared for this. "Growl, Durin."

The tympole was fast, even though it was a good deal larger than the rowlet. While Durin was still finding his bearings, the tympole bounced up and towards it, shrieking in a gurgle of agitation. Was it just bloodthirsty?

Durin's eyes got wide as he looked up at his foe. He shuffled back, opening his beak and managing a coarse hoot. His feathers bristled, puffing him up almost to an equal size, and the tympole rolled away again.

This was familiar, and Lucent didn't want to drag it out too long. "Leafage, Durin." Even if the rowlet only knew the move names, it would eventually learn its own name by association. That was something to gain, even from a loss.

"Supersonic!" Kay's tympole leapt lightly out of the way of the flurry of leaves. The warbling was louder and angrier than ever, and Durin stumbled in confusion. There was no distance to fall, but the bird rolled sideways instead of managing to stand back up. Kay didn't wait for him to recover. "Bubble!"

Even water attacks could wear down a grass type eventually. Keeping Durin weak, and confused, Kay was aiming to last long enough to do exactly that. Lucent thought he was prepared for the worst. But instead of a shower of bubbles, the tympole just continued screeching. It threw itself forward, bouncing off of the disoriented rowlet and straight back at Kayden!

The ranger got an earful. He clapped his hands over his ears, his eyes wandering in two different directions.

The tympole's back stayed turned. Lucent could hardly believe it. "Durin, leafage," The owl rolled back upright, spreading its tiny wings as green-bladed leaves whipped up a second time. This time, they found their mark. "Again!" Aura-tinged leaves continued shooting towards the tympole, which spun in place, indiscrimintely shrieking in every direction before it flopped limply to the ground.

"That's enough, stop," Lucent said, and Durin stopped, still wobbling a little from the lingering confusion.

"Kay! Kay, are you alright? How many fingers you see?" Rory asked as he ran to Kay's side. The taller man caught his arm and pushed it away.

"I'm fine." He took a deep breath, steadied himself, and picked the tired tympole up. "Marshall, you will never do that again. You're rolling fifty laps when we get home." It gave a tired growl as it vanished.

"Aw, you call it Marshall?" Rory grinned.

"He's a great man, that professor." Kay continued glowering at the pokeball.

Lucent felt bad for him. "Sorry, Kayden."

"For what? Winning?" Kay's smile looked a little forced. "This is exactly why training matters."

Lucent shrugged. The victory didn't feel like one. Or maybe it just hadn't sunk in yet.
"I saw an opening. I took it."

"As you should." Kay clipped the pokeball back to his belt. "I'm glad you take it seriously. Here, it'll be helpful when you head east."

He handed Lucent a heal bottle with a golden label. High quality, especially from a man that Lucent knew hated to lose. "Thank you."

"Hey! I'm going on an adventure too," Rory reminded him.

Kay's shoulders relaxed. "I already gave you advice. Use that."

"Want to grab some dinner at the center?" Rory changed topic.

"You didn't hear me. I have fifty laps to run. After I stop by the lab and update the TIS record. The professor was still in his office, wasn't he?"

Lucent thought it over. "...Yes."

"I'm calling this a night," Kay nodded.

Rory blinked. "But you said the tympole was the one-"

"Never ask more of your pokemon than you're willing to give. Marshall will be a strong ally someday, even if he doesn't know that yet. Have a safe journey, both of you." Kay lifted a hand in goodbye and walked across the field, toward the lab. Rory and Lucent waved, too.

Rory watched him leave with a puzzled look. "Kay's been showing me around Cadence all week, but this was the first time I saw him battle. He was like... a different person?"

"He's always like that." Lucent pulled his jacket back on, straightening the collar. Durin hopped over and gave a peck at his ankle. Lucent froze, doing his best to ignore it. "Let's go to the center. It's getting colder."

"Oh! I left my backpack in Estle lobby! You gonna wait for me?"

"Of course."

"And then food too, right?" The younger man looked relieved and ran off towards the lecture halls. "Be right back!"

With the battling over, it was peacefully quiet. The uncomfortable nostalgia was creeping up again, in the dark quiet of the evening, and Lucent shook it away. He had to think about the future.

The sports fields weren't so far from the dormitories Lucent once stayed in. A wide lawn in between was broken up by a few old, gnarled oaks. He set Durin on his arm and walked away from the lamplight, toward one tall dark tree in particular, and placed a hand on the trunk. "I used to study under this tree. It brought me good luck. What do you think, Durin?" He lifted the rowlet toward the bark, where it grabbed a hold with it's beak and started climbing for a branch. "Right. We have something in common," Lucent assured himself. He watched the pokemon strut down the branch, finding a place to settle before preening itself. "You even look dapper. What is that, a bow tie?"

Of course the pokemon didn't bother to answer, but the green leaf was dapper enough. For a bird, Durin was not particularly flappy or eager to fly. Cool and collected. That was fine. They were stuck with each other, and that was fine. Lucent tapped the heal bottle Kay had given him, and gave himself permission to feel a little optimistic about the future again. He could train Durin in grass moves, keep him on the ground. Observing pokemon in the wild would require stealth, so it would be perfectly sensible. Maybe, eventually, he'd even forget that Durin was a bird. That would be fine, indeed.

Battle Summary

Word Count: 1081

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Lucent Eleusine
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!
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RP Notes
  • Ah yes, I’ve been in the prof’s place before
  • I… I will trust the professor and Lucent that they understand what they just talked about
  • Return to Mamaland you shall!
  • Cute isn’t the exact choice I’d pick myself. Rowlett itself is cute, though
  • Wow, Rory is quite the whirlwind of energy, isn’t he?
  • *Whistles* Popplio barely stood a chance
  • Kek, rebellious Tympole. I want it

Topic Record
  • Lucent meets professor Marshall for his starter Pokémon
  • Lucent receives a Rowlett, that he names Durin
  • Lucent leaves the professor to his sleep, and meets Kayden Wes and Roderick Marshall
  • Lucent watches a trade between Kayden and Roderick
  • Lucent watches as Kayden beats Roderick, even with the disadvantageous typing
  • Lucent is challenged to a battle with Kayden
  • Lucent’s Rowlett (Durin) defeats Kayden’s Tympole (Marshall) (+5 EXP)

Topic Evaluation
The Wind At My Back
Seeing the Sights: 5 AP
Making Friends: 3 AP
To Be The Best: 3 AP
Topic: 5 EXP
Evaluation: 9 EXP
Total: 14 EXP
*dian* 1,206
Bonuses: None
Penalties: None
Evaluation Wrap-Up

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This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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