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[Evaluated]Unprepared Trainer
Topic Started: 3 Dec 2017, 11:34 PM (227 Views)
Posted Image Seenter
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Declaring Pokemon

After a long journey Chris found himself at the edge of Skytouch Forest. The dark canopy shrouds the path leading through the woods in shadow, and the failing light makes the road look ominous. Sam shifted on his shoulder, and Chris looked at the little Pokemon. She was both eager and hesitant to enter the woods; which Chris could feel almost as well as she could feel his relaxed emotions. Being together so long they shared a unique connection of emotions.

And while Chris was eager to enter almost as much as she; he also knew that if they fought in the dark they may lose. So instead of walking into danger with the failing sunlight he turned and searched for a nice camping spot. Sam's eagerness turned to annoyance as he turned away, and he could feel the heat of her glare on the side of his face. "It's not what you think. We've been walking all day. At least I have." The heat from her glare intensified. "The sun is going to set soon, and I rather see what I'm fighting than get stung by a Beedrill in the night." The heat from Sam's glare vanished, and Chris could feel a moment of consideration to his words. Finally he felt resignation as she agreed with his words. With a smile he looked for a good spot.

About 10 minutes went by before they found a relatively good spot. It was far enough from the road to not stumble upon the campsite by accident, but close enough that they could see and be seen by those passing. Chris settled down and pulled out some rations for them to eat. He didn't have much knowledge in cooking, but he knew what plants held good fruit and which ones did not. After having a small meal of food from the city and what edible plants Chris found on the way; the two went about collecting wood for a small fire for the night.

They stayed mostly to the edge of the forest so as to not get lost in dark interior, and close enough that they could feel their empathetic link. It wasn't strong beyond 5 meters, but they still stayed within eyesight in the waning darkness. Sam was able to find little sticks for tinder, while Chris looked for bigger branches left over from winter. Together they managed a small collection to last through the cooling night.

Once they gathered enough the two made their way back to their campsite. Chris set the sticks out on the ground and Sam added her gathering to the pile. Then the two sat there staring at the wood. Finally Chris spoke the thought that both shared. "We have no idea how to light a fire, do we?" The small Ralts blushed at the voiced admission, and Chris could feel the embarrassment she felt. He just let out a sigh and relaxed back on his hands. "Maybe we should have taken some survival training before leaving the city. I think Mrs. Janett offered some in class before I graduated." Sam took an almost exact relaxed posture as Chris and nodded.

The two sat there for a moment staring at the wood before Chris let out a sigh and pulled his backpack to him. He pulled out the bedroll he packed, at least his mother reminded him to take that, and unfurled it on the ground flat. Then he crawled into the fabric with his clothes on in order to generate more heat against the cool air. Without a campfire it would be a cool night indeed. Sam crawled in with him, laying down with her back against his. The two closed their eyes almost at the same time and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

(Word Count= 631)
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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During the night Chris had an uneasy feeling and opened his eyes towards the forest. Through his blurry eyes he saw what looked to be dancing lights through the trees. They were close to the ground and seemed to be weaving around the trees themselves. Or were the trees moving around the lights. At first he thought that the lights may be ghosts of the forest waiting for those foolish enough to enter. His eyes drifted shut as Sam squirmed uneasily at his back. They were already tired from the day’s travel, and Chris didn’t need to create figments to keep them awake. He finally went back to sleep.

When they awoke the next morning Chris opened his eyes to a normal forest. The trees were bare from their winter slumber, but traces of leaves could be seen poking out among the branches. Shaking the odd dream from his head Chris sat up and rubbed his eyes. Feeling the pressure from her partner lessen Sam also sat up and rubbed her eyes as well. She glanced over at the forest but didn’t give any indication she had the same dream. Instead Chris felt a slight shiver run through his mind. Shaking his head Chris grabbed his backpack and pulled out some breakfast.

As they ate Chris considered the woods. Even with the sun shining down some areas looked completely covered in shadows. The path looked clear of shadows, but who knew what lay further within the trees. Sighing he ate his breakfast and stared blankly. Sam however was eager to enter, and almost wolfed down her meal. She stood looking at the woods as if in challenge, and Chris could feel her desire to enter. Frowning he looked at the short Pokemon. It felt like she was eager to fight.

After eating Chris brushed off his pants and rolled up his sleeping bag. Sam almost danced from foot to foot in eager anticipation, and Chris couldn’t help but slowly stuff the sleeping bag into his backpack. He could feel the intense heat from the psychic/fairy Pokemon’s gaze. A slight smile graced his lips as he finished stuffing the bag. Picking up the backpack Chris turned and began walking towards the path without a word. Once he was a few feet away, he glanced over his shoulder at the smoldering Ralts. ”What’s taking you so long?” He ducked to the right to avoid the rock the little Pokemon found. For a physically weak Pokemon she had a good arm.

The two made their way back to the main path leading into the woods and turned; both looking at the near dead trees before them. The path looked like it went straight into the heart of the woods, and had a slightly ominous look after the winter. Patches of snow remained in the shadows of the thicker trees, and fallen branches poking out at odd angles. There were some patches of life where green grass began to grow, and in a way it gave the woods a beautiful look. Ominous and a little freaky, but beautiful. With a shrug both human and Pokemon continued on the path.

As they walked Chris let his mind wander back to his hometown. It was spring, which meant the planting season was just beginning. His father had insisted that he go out and travel the world, but that was more his mother’s prodding. Still Chris felt guilty for leaving his family, even if his father relented and hired some workers while Chris was gone.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice Sam wandering towards the side of the path until she stopped at the edge. He stopped as well; a bit curious as to what caught her eye. Something pink rested on the edge of the path, and Chris could see that it looked like a disc of some sort. ”What’s that doing here?” He turned with the intent of picking up the strange object.

However before he could take a step a black and white figure flew down and roughly bumped Sam away. The small Pokemon fell over to the side, and Chris hurried over to help his friend. The small Ralts sat up and glared at what bumped her. The black and white figure turned out to be a Pidove and was scratching away the snow and dirt surrounding the object. It turned out to be a TM that you placed in a Pokedex. It was in surprisingly good condition considering it was found in the dirt and snow. The Pidove pecked at it a few times, and then moved to take it. But Sam was ticked off, as she stood to confront the rude intruder. Chris could feel the anger in the air. Sam was not going to let this go.

(Word Count= 801)

(Edit 1: A few spell checks and edits)
Edited by Seenter, 18 Dec 2017, 04:26 PM.
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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Before the offending Pokemon could escape with the prize Sam focused on her horn. It glowed a purplish color before releasing a weak blast of psychic energy. Confusion. She wants to battle. Already Chris could feel his excitement rising at the prospect of his first battle, and an uncharacteristic grin split his face. He adopted what he thought was a battle stance, but ended up looking like a an awkward teenager dance. His first battle, and he wanted to get it right.

The psychic energy struck the hapless Pidove, and the flying Pokemon stumbled back in surprise. His eyes narrowed in irritation, and with a few flaps of his wings he took off into the air. ”Don’t let him get away!” But Chris shouldn’t have worried. The Pidove wasn’t trying to get away. He was just giving himself more room to maneuver. That became clear when he turned around and released a short burst of air. The burst was enough to hit Chris as well, and he had to raise his arms to protect his face. Once it passed the young trainer lowered his arms. That was Gust.

Sam was knocked over by the burst of wind, but she struggled back to her feet. Again the purple light surrounded her, and another burst of psychic energy hit the flying Pokemon. The Pidove shrugged it off before flying in a small circle to reorient himself. He released another burst of wind, and this time it managed to knock Sam at least a foot before she landed at Chris’s feet. Chris looked up in surprise at how easily Sam was losing, and tried to think of what to do. ”Come on Sam. Get up.” The psychic/fairy Pokemon struggled to a sitting position, and then standing. Her eyes burned with intense anger and hatred at the flying foe. Chris could feel the growing hatred like a heat emanating from Sam, and he could feel it growing in himself. However one of them had to be rational in this battle. ”Calm down. Let’s get him.”

The Pidove had a smug grin on his face, and seemed unconcerned with his opponent. He did a small loop in the air, as if taunting the little Ralts to attack. Chris felt Sam’s anger spike at the gesture, and watched as the little one released another Confusion at her opponent. The Pidove spun to the right to avoid the attack, and dove for the little Pokemon. Sam braced for what looked like a full on attack at her. However when the Pidove was only 5 ft away he released another Gust. This time it had the added momentum of his dive; with the force of the combined blast throwing Sam into the air. Chris dove to catch Sam as she flew through the air. He barely caught her before she hit the ground, but both still crashed to the earth. Rolling over Chris cradled Sam’s body in his arms. She was still breathing, but was passed out from the combined attack.

Chris turned stunned eyes to the Pidove. The flying Pokemon didn’t even give the two a second glance as it pecked at the disc again. It managed to dislodge it from the ground, then picked it up in his beak before flying off. Chris just sat there holding Sam’s unconscious form, trying to figure out what happened. After a moment he moved over to a tree to rest his back against it as he tried to think of what to do.

Ralts vs Pidove Battle!

(Word Count= 584)

(Edit: Added Battle Summary)
Edited by Seenter, 20 Dec 2017, 06:33 PM.
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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Sitting with his back against the tree Chris began to feel numb. Not the numbness that came from being cold, but the numbness of feeling emotionally drained. His first real Pokemon battle, and he had lost soundly. It was a powerful blow to his ego, which he just realized had grown as his love for battles grew. He had listened to countless Pokemon battles growing up, and had talked with Sam about strategies for how they would fight opponents. He thought he had everything worked out, and that his first battle would be an outstanding victory. But now. It wasn’t just my battle I lost, it was Sam’s as well. He looked down at the unconscious form in his arms. They had lost. Chris could feel her emotions mixing with his, and both were of self-pity. Even while out cold Sam was feeling defeat as soundly as Chris was.

The two stayed that way for a few more moments before Chris remembered that the small Ralts was injured. Snapping himself out of his self-pity Chris lay the Pokemon flat on the ground and checked for injuries. Most looked like impacts from the intense winds from the flying Pokemons attacks, which were blows of aura infused winds. He had learned of aura from both his mother and father growing up; his father teaching him about the nature of aura and his mother about how Pokemon manipulated it. He also heard about it in school, but being normal school it was lightly touched on. If he went to college they might have taught a more in depth knowledge, but his parents pretty much told him everything he needed to know.

Right now it didn’t look like Sam’s life was in danger, another thing his mother taught him while growing up. Even if he wasn’t normally allowed into the back of the Pokemon Center his mother still taught him how to take care of Pokemon. Sam looked stable, but still unconscious. Bruises were slowly starting to form along her body, and her body twitched in pain. She’d live without a NRG, but it would be a painful recovery. He didn’t have any Potions with him, and he had yet to see health restoring berries. It was still spring, so that was to be expected.

Sighing in relief that Sam would be alright, Chris picked up the unmoving form and held her in his arms to keep her warm. He turned his attention to the skies as he began to think of what to do. Should they return home and give up the journey? Continue on and hope to do better? Quit life and just become a hermit in the woods? That last one made him chuckle to himself as he rested his head against the tree. Once Sam woke up they will decide what to do.

An hour passed before Chris started awake. He had fallen asleep with his thoughts, and he could see that the sun had moved through the trees. It was still relatively early in the morning. Stretching sore muscles, he looked around trying to figure out what woke him up. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. At least not that he could see. He looked down to check on Sam, and then nearly jumped out of his skin. A very small creature was sitting on his leg inspecting the unconscious Ralts. She was about half the size, and had mushroom like features. Very carefully Chris slipped his Pokedex out of his pocket and scanned the diminutive Pokemon. ”A Morelull?”

The little Pokemon looked up at Chris with a start at hearing him speak, and released a flash of glowing spores through the mushrooms on her head. The spore patterns were hypnotic, and before he knew it Chris was struggling to remain awake. ”W-what are yo-“ His eyes grew drowsy from the glow of the spores, but the light of day kept their effect muted. The creature jumped from his leg and then scurried into the forest. Chris tried to follow its movements, but eventually lost it through half closed eyes. With a sigh of regret, he succumbed to the effects.

(Word Count= 691)

(Edit: Included Word Count)
Edited by Seenter, 29 Dec 2017, 11:49 AM.
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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It was just after noon when Chris woke up again shaking the fog from his head. He felt something move in his arms, and with a start looked down at Sam. She was just waking up herself, and Chris could feel the pain she was still in. However beneath that pain were other feelings that he himself felt all to clear; loss. Humiliation. Defeat. Failure.

Sam turned her head deliberately away from Chris, and Chris felt he had betrayed the young Pokemon. But at that same moment he felt the exact same feeling, but coming from Sam. With a start they both looked into each other’s eyes, and an understanding passed between them. They hadn’t let down each other; they were just really bad at battling. A smile came to both of their lips, and a slight chuckle escaped Chris. They knew each other too well, and the bond between them made it impossible to hide anything.

After the realization passed Chris turned his attention back to their surroundings. Something had awoken him, and it wasn’t Sam stirring in his arms. The sun was almost right overhead, and the bright light cast a warm glow down on them. A rustling from the right drew his attention, and Chris turned his head to look. At first he thought it might be that Morelull from before, but he realized it was much too big for that. Morelull was small enough that it could only disturb one leaf at a time. This was more like a Ursaring in size. It was moving through the trees off to his right, and the crunching leaves were clearly audible.

It drifted off into the background as whatever it was drew farther away. Chris let out a soft sigh of relief, and Sam seemed to relax in his arms. Then another noise came to his ears; this time coming from the path. Looking down the path Chris noticed a young girl walking. She was only a few years younger than Chris, and she had a Rattata following beside her. The two noted Chris and Sam sitting by the road, but didn’t even slow as they continued past. Chris could feel through Sam that the teenager didn’t want to talk. Or battle for that matter; not that Chris and Sam were in any condition to battle to begin with.

Once the two were past Chris leaned his head back against the tree looking up at the sky. Sam was equally quiet for the moment, as the two were lost in their own thoughts. Finally Chris spoke. ”Well, what do you think?” The psychic/fairy Pokemon was silent, but Chris could feel the defeat she felt. They had their butts handed to them quite soundly. It wasn’t what they expected when they left the city, and thought that they were invincible because they knew so much about battles. But like his father and mother always told him; knowledge and experience are two different things. The two had knowledge from spending so much time in the Pokemon Center, but not the experience to use that knowledge.

(Word Count= 515)
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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They were both in deep thought when a tiny cry came from nearby. Chris sat up straight, and Sam looked around in alarm. The sound came again, and Sam jumped out of Chris’s arms while he stood up. From his vantage point Chris could see where the call was coming from. A tiny form was getting pecked at by something about a foot tall.

A bit of pink showed behind the larger creature, and Chris realized that the larger of the two was the Pidove from before. And the smaller creature….”I think that’s the Morelull from before.” Sam looked up at Chris with a questioning expression, and he could feel her trying to read his emotions. He looked down at her with a slight smile on his face. ”She was curious about you when you were asleep. I….startled her and she ran.” Sam gave a nod and turned her attention when a third cry sounded. It looked like the Pidove was wanting to eat the Morelull who was fighting for her life.

Remembering what he learned in school and at the Pokemon Center Chris knew that flying type Pokemon had the advantage against grass types. And that was the case here, as the Morelull was losing badly. It was on the ground barely alive, and the Pidove was starting to peck pieces off. ”I can’t stand this.” Chris turned his head from the morbid sight. Sam however took a determined step forward catching Chris’s attention. He felt the need to protect and a resolve from the small Pokemon, and felt it bleeding into his own emotions. Feeling a bit more confident Chris turned back to the ‘battle’. Lifting his hand and making a dramatic point he called his first attack. ”Use Confusion.”

The Pidove heard the voice and looked up just in time to get hit by the psychic strike. It was weak, but it caused him to flinch away from the blow. He took to the air and flew away from his prizes to reorient himself. Chris rushed forward and picked up the cd; putting it into his pocket before looking down at the severely injured Morelull. The Pokemon looked like she was barely alive, and was struggling to survive. It reached out a tiny hand towards Chris. Hesitating for only a moment Chris before reaching down and touched the Pokemon’s outstretched hand. A sudden feeling of weakness washed over him, as he felt something drain out of him at the Pokemon’s touch. It was very small, but he could feel it. At the same time some of the Morelull’s injuries healed. Right, some grass Pokemon can drain energy from others. He drew back his hand and broke the contact. The Morelull looked a little better, but was still really hurt.

Meanwhile Sam was keeping the Pidove occupied. She learned to duck behind small trees when it looked like the flying/normal Pokemon got ready to release a blast of wind through Gust, only to peek out long enough to release another Confusion on the hapless bird. When the Pidove flew around to get a better angle of attack the little psychic/fairy Pokemon would hit him again with Confusion to disorient her opponent before ducking behind another tree.

Chris looked up at the two Pokemon battling, and then down at the struggling form of the Morelull. Making a split-second decision he reached into his backpack and pulled out an empty Pokeball. He enlarged it to full size and tapped the button at the grass/fairy Pokemon. She turned into a brilliant red light, and the ball opened to draw her in. It closed shut in Chris’s hands and began to wobble weakly with the button glowing the same red light. After a few wobbles it stopped, and the red light vanished with a small beep. He had just caught his first Pokemon.

A cry brought Chris back to his surroundings, and he saw Sam get thrown back by a blast of wind. Apparently the Pidove anticipated where Sam was going to peek out this time, and had flown in the opposite direction of where she was going to attack. That left her confused, and wide open as the airborne Pokemon got the drop on her from behind. Sam landed on her stomach after tumbling for a few feet, and was unmoving for a few crucial seconds as the Pidove seemed to gloat over his second win. Third if you counted his battle against Morelull. He got ready for another Gust.

There were no obstructions that would protect Sam from the next attack. She was thrown away from the cover of the nearby trees, and no rocks could be seen nearby. Chris pulled out a second empty Pokeball and threw it. But he didn’t throw it at the Pidove. Instead he threw it at the fallen Ralts. ”Sam!” He then held a strong emotion in his mind. Hold on! Feeling the emotion and seeing the falling Pokeball Sam knew what to do. Using Confusion, she latched onto the small sphere and made sure it rested between her and the Pidove. As the Gust was released she pressed the button on the front, and enlarged the marble sized ball into a baseball. She held onto it mentally as the wind struck.

The empty Pokeball was just large enough to blunt the force of the wind, and kept Sam from blacking out from pain. Once it died down she rolled to the right and released another Confusion on Pidove. This time it seemed to really disorient the flying/normal Pokemon, as he fluttered to the side and hit his head on a tree.

Ralts vs Pidove w/ Morelull(Round 2)

Chris walked forward and picked up both the empty Pokeball and Sam. She seemed to collapse in his arms, and the two regarded the confused Pidove. ”Should I catch it?” Sam regarded the loopy Pokemon as it crashed to the ground; this time knocking himself out. She gave an impression of satisfaction at a battle well fought, and looked at Chris to give a nod. They had won, and having a flying Pokemon would help them in their journey.

With a nod Chris tossed the second empty Pokeball at the unconscious Pidove. It hit right on the mark, and the flying/normal Pokemon turned into a red light and flowed into the ball. It wobbled on the ground a little longer than when Morelull was caught, but it also stopped glowing with a final ‘ding’. Chris walked over and picked up the ball. Both he and Sam looked at the sphere with a satisfied grin and a combined sigh. They won. They weren’t always going to win, but they knew they could get better and stronger. This was just a step in their journey.

Remembering the other Pokeball Chris turned around and walked over to it still sitting on the ground. He picked it up, and Sam tapped it with her little hand. A confused emotion entered Chris’s mind. ”It’s the Morelull that the Pidove was pecking at. I thought that we could try and nurse her back to health before releasing her.” Sam nodded, and then slowly drifted off into a relaxed slumber. A feeling of satisfaction entered Chris’s mind, and a feeling of victory touched her dreams. With a smile Chris turned and headed for the path leading out of the forest. It was still midday, but he figured they all needed a rest from such an eventful morning. He knew that he did. As he walked Chris tucked the two new Pokeballs into his pocket and pulled out Sam’s; calling the dreaming Pokemon back inside. He’d release her once they reached their camp near the entrance.

(Word Count= 1276)

Encounter Request
Christopher Seenter
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Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

RP Notes

  • Ooh, I like Chris’ tactical thinking.
  • Oh. Or maybe they’re a bit less ready than I thought XD
  • Well then. That doesn’t seem ominous at all. No sir.
  • Mmm, I am loving these descriptions.
  • Oh my gosh, Sam is so awesome.
  • Oops, that was so rude of that wild Pidove!
  • Wow, this Pidove is a huge jerk.
  • Aww, those poor guys…
  • D’awww, I love the interactions between Chris and Sam.
  • Wow, really creative use of abilities in battling!

Topic Record

  • Chris arrives at Skytouch Forest!
  • He and his Pokemon set up camp at the edge of the forest for the night!
  • After failing to get a fire going, he and his Pokemon go to sleep!
  • Chris wakes up briefly and sees strange dancing lights in the nearby forest!
  • Upon waking up again, the forest seems normal, and he makes breakfast!
  • At Sam the Ralt’s insistence, she and Chris finally make their way into the forest!
  • The duo finds a TM, and get into a battle with a wild Pidove!
  • The Pidove knocks out Sam and flys off with the TM!
  • Chris cares for Sam the best he can without healing items, and dozes off while watching over her.
  • Upon waking up, Chris sees a wild Morelull nearby!
  • The wild Morelull uses spores to put Chris to sleep and flees!
  • He and Sam wake up at the same time and comfort each other over the loss!
  • The duo pass by a young girl and see the Pidove attacking the Morelull!
  • Chris and Sam move in to rescue the Morelull
  • The wild Morelull and Pidove are both captured! (+4 EXP, -2 Pokeball)
  • Chris recalls Sam and leaves the Forest!

Topic Evaluation
Christopher Seenter
TAT: Seeing the Sights: 5 AP
Making Friends: 10 AP
To Be The Best: 6 AP
Nursing: 9 AP
Gift Giving: 3 AP
TLC: 10 AP
Technology Buff: 3 AP
Oooh Shiny!: 5 AP
Topic: 4 EXP
Evaluation: 6 EXP
Total: 10 EXP
*dian* 962
Bonuses: Self Challenge
Penalties: N/A
Evaluation Wrap-Up

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!

This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
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