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Pretty and Pink and Parting Ways (Solo); Chapter I
Topic Started: 7 Dec 2017, 03:20 PM (181 Views)
Posted Image SerenadeMintFlavored
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Minty and Fresh

Chapter I: Pretty and Pink and Parting Ways

A flame was lit that illuminated a dark room and was set down in the middle of four girls. Krile Lombardi, Himiko Miki, Vanessa Oricori, and Rei Yamagishi. The flame illuminated their faces and as if on queue each girl closed their eyes and started to chant. “Oh Unkown! Hear our call! Your world must open to us as we speak, come come co-” Everyone's quiet chants got cut off by a loud crunch. “Rei, you fatass, are you eating again?!

What was silence at first, became giggles from Vanessa and Krile. Himiko stood up and stomped her way to the light-switch so the room could become visable. The lightswitch was on a white staircase that led up to the rest of Himiko’s house, so this was her basement. The house is very orderly, but this part was a different story. It had a multitude of failed clothing ideas scattered around the place. Some of the items she found cute and it took a lot of effort for her not to snatch some of them. She couldn't see any walls, but the ceiling more than up for it as it was very low to the ground. The candle was the only source of heat, and Krile can swear she felt cold air coming from somewhere. But Krile finally set her eyes on Rei who was sitting next to her munching away at her chip bag. “Himikooooo...I was hungry and the ritual was lasting forever! Maybe if you told us what it was for already...
Rei whined before resuming her assault on her chips. All the while Himiko glared daggers at her. “The ritual was for the almighty Unkown to wish me and Vanessa safe trips on her adventure promoting the new Miki fashion line! I was going to make it a surprise for Krile and you because it’s kinda a big deal but whatever. Clearly you couldn’t handle that…
Krile almost immediately let out loud gasp and stood up. “You’re leaving?! Seriously?!

Krile’s tone was serious and so was her facial expression. She was distraught over this news, as if she got betrayed. Himiko waved her hand in Krile's face and smiled at her. “Don’t get like that Krile, I knew you’d get all emotional, that’s why I was trying to have us do something fun before I told you.
While Himiko seemed pretty nonchalant about it Krile wasn’t the same. She looked back and forth between the girls. “Wh-Why...I mean...Why Vanessa?
She stammered out. Krile realized all the girls were staring at her in awe as if she hadn’t ever had any interest in Himiko until now.
Why are they looking at me like that? Am I not allowed to care about Himiko?
I resent how angered you seem by the fact that I’m going, but I’m also going to ignore that. Sorry Krile, we didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything.
Vanessa stood up as well trying to console her. Though it didn’t help how Krile hated the attention she was getting.
Stop! I’m sorry I said anything! Stop staring at me!
O-Okay...You guys are like, totally gonna be awesome! Tell me all about how it goes!
Her tone was happy but her face still gave off a pretty sad feeling. Actually sad isn’t the best word, it was melancholy and indignatious at the same time. Something fraught with the feeling of helplessness and resentment. After all, she’d put so much effort into her persona for the sake of these three, even Rei. But now a half of their group was leaving and she wasn’t even invited to go with them. Her mind ran with all the things she could, but wouldn’t say and all she could do was blanky smile at them. “Aww I knew you’d understand Kriley~ Chop chop now Vanessa, haste makes waste!
Himiko was already half way up the staires as she yelled that at Vanessa. So she had to scrambled up after her trying not to hit her head on the low ceiling. With that Krile’s brain was finally able to silence itself. She could only hear the sound of Rei’s crunching and the distant sounds of Himiko’s voice. It was a voice she hated, it was loud and conceited with everything she said. She especially despised the nickname Kriley.
I should be happy that Himiko’s leaving...I hate her...Right…?
Krile became aware of the outfit she was wearing as she was thinking about Himiko. She was still in her pajamas from a sleep over that was going on, they aren't hers. Himiko lent her an old nightgown she had without making her pay with anything like she normally would've had to. It was a pale pink, the kind of thing a grandmother would wear. It had a floral pattern on it, and went past Krile's knees.
Even a grandma wouldn't wear such a modest outift...
When asked why, Himiko said because of the fact that she already owed her. It didn’t make sense at the time, but now Krile understood. She also understood why this made her upset. Even with her cold exterior, her loud nature, her rude comments, Himiko was her friend. She was friends with her, even if it was all fake, and her friend was leaving. Krile flicked back to reality and realized she was being embraced by Rei. “Krile… D-Don’t cry! It’s gonna be alright...We’ll stay in touch with them…!
While Krile wasn’t crying, she did look sad, something her smile couldn’t even hide. She realized she wasn’t the only one here, Rei was here too. Rei, while a bit of a punching bag, was Himiko’s friend too, and Vanessa’s friend.
I forgot about Vanessa…
Vanessa, while as cold as Himiko, was trying as hard as Krile or Rei to fit in. Krile couldn’t imagine how happy but also angry Vanessa is to be able to spend even more time with Himiko. She giggled a little even as Rei cried into her shoulder. While Rei was a crybaby,
Hell she cries at "A Lillipup’s Purpose" every time we watch it.
This was different. It felt like for once Krile could show a bit of herself with Rei, of all people. She rubbed Rei’s back as she sobbed into her shoulder for a good few minutes before Rei was finally able to stop.
I-I’m so sorry Krile… I’m such a crybaby...I-It’s just, what do I do with my life? Am I just going to be living here forever? I can’t mooch off my parents anymore, but I have no talents. Waaaaah! Being an adult suck!

Rei had recently turned 18 and the girls wouldn't stop teasing her over it. But right now Krile started to feel a little bad. “Oh Rei… I was thinking that too… I don’t even have a Pokémon.
Almost as if on queue Togey, Rei’s Togemaru, rolled from out under a pile of clothing with a smug look on it’s face. “Bzzt Bzzzzzt!
Togey squeaked out as it tried to get Krile and Rei’s attention. Rei turned around wiping her tears off and bent over to look at her small Pokémon. Her expression changed to something much happier. “You hungry little guy? Are ya’?~ Alrighty then, let’s eat up~
Wow...The mood sure shifted...Well that's Rei for you.
Rei got her bag of chips and snacked on them with Togey, both of them seemed to enjoy the miscellaneous bag of chips just a bit too much. Rei's pajamas somewhat stood out and Krile found them kind of cute. They all were was black and white, but the slippers along with the cap were shaped to look like a Pancham. Krile, thinking to herself, moved to sit down next to Rei and Togey. She felt her stomach rumble.
Screw that diet, Himiko's leaving anyway!
In an act of pure hunger Krile started to eat out of the bag as well. The chips immediately filled the ends of her mouth with flavor, a kind that she hadn’t tasted in ages. She began to eat more and more of the chips and Rei couldn’t help but stare. “Omigosh this tastes amazing! Mmmh!
Rei started to giggle as Krile gave up on maintaining her appearance. The atmosphere lifted it's weight and Krile got to forget about her insecurities.
I need to stop, Rei’s laughing...
Krile’s mind filled up with negative comments before she finally stopped eating. But not before making significant progress on the bag. “Impressive! That’s almost half of what I eat when I’m home and all alone and drowning my sorrows in- What am I even saying?! Ahahah~
Rei had a fake laugh that of a dismissive liar and then stuffed her mouth with more chips. She emanated an aura of miserableness.
And I thought I was sad
S-Sorry I have no idea what came over me,
She’s lying, she knew what she was doing, she needed real food in her body. “Maybe you could try training Togey. You’re lucky, you can just go into being a Pokémon trainer if you have no talent, I’ve got nothing to do.
Krile let out a little sigh and looked longingly at Togey. Though her attention was immediately jolted towards a nearby sound on the stairs. “Y’know what… Maybe I will!

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"Cheating? I'm disappointed in you..."

Kilikina “Krile” Lombardi
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Posted Image SerenadeMintFlavored
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Minty and Fresh

Rei’s words left an odd impact on Krile. She heard them echo in her head a little. Rei opened her mouth to say something but Krile ignored it, instead focusing on what sounded like a Pokemon and someone shushing it on the stairs. “Rei sh, someone's up there,

Krile whispered before she dashed up to the stairs.“A-Ah! I wasn't listening!

Much to her surprise she found Himiko’s little sister, Hiyoko Miki, holding her Pansear in front of her face. Krile liked Hiyoko, at least she liked her as much as she liked Himiko. Hiyoko enjoyed asking millions of questions. Harassing her sister over minute details. Attempting to flaunt around friends she had. All the common stuff for girls her age to do. This time she had an unusual expression. The kind a child makes when they do something wrong and yet still expect you to pity them. “What are you doing up so late?

Krile took her hand as she spoke and started to drag her through the giant house. It wasn't that late, only around ten, but she wanted to make a big deal. Hiyoko herself was quiet, which was unusual. “Don’t tell Himiko…

The whiny sound of her voice grated on Krile a bit more as she adjusted her hair. She’d only now noticed she took it down.

Geez I’ve been so out of it lately

She attempted to ignore Hiyoko's pleas. Rei raced after them out of breath. “Hiyoko? Ugh Himiko said you were asleep!

Rei boomed as she stopped both of them so she could rant, all the while catching her breath. It made a bit more sense why Hiyoko was so upset. Krile started to contemplate the situation, and became more aware of the room around her. It was some kind of tea or cigar room as it was awfully small for the mansion Himiko resigned in. It had the same creamy white walls and cube shaped interior as the basement, but had decorations. The ceiling was much higher, matching the house’s size better. But it still had a cramped feeling due to all the clocks. It had paintings of clocks, clocks melting, a lot of clocks. It also had real clocks, many of them. Some on the walls, some taller than Krile. There was even a dress adorned with real working clocks that Krile wanted to wear. The clocks all made the same sound though; tick tock tick tock tick tock. “...right Krile?!

Krile’s daydreaming couldn’t last long as Rei pulled her back into a lecture with Hiyoko. When she looked back at them Hiyoko had her arms crossed defensively while Rei had her hands on her hips in an accusatory manner. Togey and Pansear were wrestling on the carpet below them. “Rei give her a chance to explain her felony~

Krile’s voice was sing-song as usual, trying to strike a chord with the hysterical Hiyoko and riled up Rei. Hiyoko moved her hair from her eyes and glared at Rei before turning to Krile and putting up a peace sign. “It’s not a felony it’s only like 11 at night…

She she said as if she were in the moral high ground, but Krile and Rei’s expressions made her go back to her shell. “Well I’ll only tell Krile! Go away Fatass!

Why does the Miki family love causing so much shit?

Krile forced a realistic sounding giggle and pushed on Rei’s shoulder. Rei looked at her and back at Hiyoko, then let out a defeated sign as she lost the battle. “F-Fine...!

Rei walked out of the room awkwardly, her footsteps blending into the clocks. Togey and Pansear tailed her while squabbling with each other. “Sit down…

Krile said as she sat down on the velvet couch and got comfortable.

Ah it’s nice not sitting on the ground~

Hiyoko looked at Krile sideways, "In here?"

Krile pat the spot next to her and Hiyoko gave a dramatic sigh while sitting next to her. She looked around the room like how Krile did before. It made Krile laugh knowing that someone who lived here was still surprised by their own weird rooms. Hiyoko wasn't wearing pajamas. Instead she had an off the shoulder ruffled top and a short skirt and some strappy sandals. The whole thing was a passive salmon color. Krile put the behavior and the outfit together and came to the conclusion that Hiyoko wasn’t home all night. Krile sighed and remembered one time when she snuck out to visit Himiko and two boys at her house. Of course Himiko had both of them around her pinky finger, but only wanted one, so she pushed the other on Krile. He wasn’t unattractive in Krile’s eyes by any means, but he ended up proposing some gross things. Krile rejected the idea and left Himiko alone with them, but she never found out what they did. It leaves a pit in her stomach thinking about it.

I should’ve stayed

Krile felt a similar weight hit her head as she thought, “Krile?

Krile looked sick to her stomach, but she masked it with a smile. “Ah Hiyoko, just go back to your room, I won’t tell,

Krile’s voice cracked a little even as she acted like nothing was wrong. Hiyoko looked a bit worried, but took the chance she had and fled. Krile couldn't hear her footsteps once she left her sigh, but she assumed it was the clocks again. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Krile had spent a good few minutes thinking. She wasn’t thinking about anything important, just thinking.

Should I have said something more? I don’t need to know what she was doing. I hope she was being safe

Tick tock tick tock tick tock “Hey...Krile?

She looked back at the doorway and Hiyoko was standing there. “You...Don’t wanna know what's going on?

Krile felt a tang of sinister delight, Hiyoko wanted her to pry. She twirled the bangs of her hair around her finger and giggled. Hiyoko blushed a bit and sat back down next to Krile. Her body language was a lot less awkward than before, she was having fun. She smiled at Krile and let out her own laugh, “So there was this boy, and he’s like so totally hot, his name is Ryoto, and he like...Ugh he’s just so perfect! He’s cute and tall and tan and, and...Aaah!~

Hiyoko squealed as she ranted on about Ryoto and how perfect he was. Krile was more focused on how Hiyoko shouldn’t be worrying about boys at her age. She’s like Himiko in that respect. “...And then he invited me to his house but his parents were only out late at night, y’know like right now, and luckily it wasn’t too late only around nine so we hung out for like an hour and it was just sooo great! Then I came home and was all like trying to be sneaky, but I heard Himiblow barking at the tall one and I freaked out! Himiko would’ve told mama and she would’ve spanked me again and told Ryoto’s parents and he would’ve gotten in trouble and hated me! So I like booked it and tried to hide in the basement but when I heard that fatass snarfing down all those chips I stopped, and you and her started talking about being a trainer and...Well yea you know the rest~

Krile needed to breath after hearing all that, and she wasn’t even talking. Hiyoko was fine though, she’d mastered the art of rambling. Krile gave her a blank smile at a loss for words “Himiko’s leaving y’know…

She tried to hide the forlorn tone that gripped her voice as she spoke those words. “Yea...Mama kicked her out after she spent too much money or some shit, I say good riddance!

Krile frowned at her comment.

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"Cheating? I'm disappointed in you..."

Kilikina “Krile” Lombardi
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