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Boudicca Spero
Topic Started: 19 Dec 2017, 09:26 AM (283 Views)
Posted Image Demilune
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Trainer Profile

Character Name: Boudicca Tikaani Spero
Nickname: Bou
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: February 3, 185
Sign: Wassatage the Gyarados

Trainer Class: Hiker

Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Color & Style: Thick black hair, straight and long, reaching down to her knees. She daily uses a family recipe oil to keep it manageable, a mix of linseed, argan, and kasib berry that also gives it a wine-violet lustre (as well as a distinctive semi-sweet scent). She usually ties it into a single massive braid, but occasionally wears it in multiple smaller braids that can be looped or tied up to keep it out of her way.
Eyes: Wide set, almond shaped and topped by markedly arched eyebrows. Lashes are short and thick. Eye color is a startling blue, with jagged needles of gray spreading outward from the irises. When she is particularly furious, the blue color drains back, leaving her eyes an icy shade of steel

Clothing/Accessories: Bou loves the color blue, and most of her clothes include a shade or several in it. She also likes black and most bold colors. Anything but pink!
She likes casual styles for everday wear, comfortable clothes that are easy to wear and care for. T-shirts, jeans, jackets. Sneakers in cold weather and sandals in summer. She prefers short coats to long outerwear. Her favorite outfit is her denim shortalls with an old chevron patterned shirt. Her mountaineering clothes are heavier fabric but just as comfy, complete with boots. She likes unusual hair ties for the top and bottom of her braid, from gold bells to pokeballs to starly-wing shaped hair clips; the ones she uses most often are a pair of large yellow stars. Her backpack is shaped like a lapras shell. Bou doesn't like overly detailed jewelry, but does like cloth and metal arm bracelets, and small hoop earrings. She keeps a 'tocca ferro' amulet on a leather cord as a necklace, a small iron charm from her family to keep bad luck away.

General Appearance: Bou has a large nose and a round face. She has large lips and strong bone structure. Her frame is very petite despite her avid athleticism, belying a surprising strength and endurance for her size. She hates being small and weak, and carries herself adversarially, chin raised and body tense. If she's not gallavanting freely in the great outdoors, and is forced to suffer the company of others in a public place, she moves in awkward stops and starts, like a bodily stutter. She is very energetic, and uses aggressive hand motions or her whole arms when conversing, contorting her face expressively. She closes her eyes when she's lying, and covers her mouth when she insults someone, but is unaware of both habits. Her voice is high and child-like, while her northern accent is most audible when she's at full volume. She often looks torn, dirty, or scratched from climbing rocks and trees. Although she's mostly Lunctanguican by blood, her stand-out eyes make her appear closer to Sok'Ataran. Her warmly olive complexion would look great in coral or petal pink, except that she despises all pinks immensely.

Hometown: Oraclair, North Godai

Personality: Bou has always been expressive. She has difficulty hiding her emotions, and feels strongly about many things. Yet she's always had difficulty articulating her feelings, easily frustrated with the language of emotion and its associated vulnerabilities. Capricious and stubborn, quick to tears, courageous, and innocent. Although blithely unaware of it, her life has been sheltered, first by her brother and then by her grandmother.

She admires strength and has a great desire to appear strong, but has had so many people pin her as a 'dainty girl' due to her appearance that she overcompensates. She can be needlessly noisy and hostile, always feeling a need to prove something. She has lost the majority of fights that she has picked, but rather than discouraging her aggressive attitude it has merely cultivated her strong resilience. She will charge forward or choose recklessly, not because she doesn't think of the consequences, but because she has confidence in her ability to get back up when she is knocked down, so long as she can make the point that she is willing to try.

Bou is straightforward in her thinking and honest in her speech, and often assumes others are the same. She's a bit gullible, as well as being sensitive to offense and easy to provoke. When she is upset, she fights, seeking to overcome the obstacles in her way with force. Labelled a tomboy and a misfit at an early age, always having difficulty making friends, she regards strangers with pensive suspicion and is not in the habit of looking for allies. She's not friendly, but she is energetic and enthusiastic, and very competitive. She loves spicy foods and sweet desserts.

Although familiar with the language and the motions of meuism, she sees faith as a sort of decoration and believes in the world as it physically is, without ascribing to any grand fictions. She has a few habits she's picked up, but regards most superstitions in the same way, as being fun or pretty stories that don't ultimately mean anything. Even elements of history and science end up lumped in, for that reason. She wants to be able to see and feel and taste what is real, and is not convinced of anything she can't engage with directly. She really dislikes ghosts. Boudicca likes tough and intimidating pokemon, but avoids outright scary ones.

She never had much interest or pride in the family lineage, seeing it only as a source of grief and pressure, the reason for her overly structured childhood and her brother's unhappiness. She didn't hate it, she just remained indifferent. The only family that mattered was the family she knew, her brother and her granny, and for her they were more than enough. She had no curiosity about her parents or where she lived before Oraclair. She's not really the curious sort, about anything. However, she is aware that her mother was part Sok'Ataran, and that her and her brother's middle names come from that language. She knows that she and her brother were both born in Cascadia, though she has no memories of it.

Bou does believe in a type of hierarchy of life; there are winners and losers, heroes and villains, the strong and the weak, black and white. She's one of the good guys, of course! She's eager to find the best work out, the strongest moves, the toughest pokemon, because every goal has a right way to reach it. Whether her goals are small and immediate, like getting to the next town or finding shelter from the rain, or big goals like scaling the biggest mountains in Godai, she finds confidence in having the best approach to the problem at hand. She has a plan, or if she doesn't yet, she'll find one!

History: Bou doesn't have any memories of her parents.

She and her brother came to Oraclair when she was two, to be raised by their grandmother, Valeria Spero. The old stone house with it's blue tile roof blended seemlessly into the stone and tile city. It was overly large, for only three people. There were lots of stairs and stained glass windows, fragile bricabrac and oil portraits. Granny Valeria was prim and frugal, never spoiling her grandchildren or allowing many toys or freedoms, but also never leaving them deprived of any necessity, particularly with regards to anything useful for their school studies.

The house of Spero was an old Lunctanguican family that had boasted scientists, doctors, architects, even two past councilors to the Nijuu. The family tree also boasted much psychic talent, and a few remarkably strong individuals like old Valeria herself. Granny Valeria used to train and teach at the Eveline temple as a member of the Order, but that was before Bou was born. By the time she took in the two children, Granny had retired and become a meulem in Oraclair. Bou and her brother attended the meudrisa where their granny taught, supplementing their school days with the additional classes and academic lectures of the church.

Valeria's schedule with the meudrisa usually kept her busy either out of the house or in her prayer rooms at home, but she was always sure to provide for the grandchildren and tend to the paperwork that moved their schooling along. Although Valeria was very active in her meuist community, her focus was on her grandchildren's academic progression rather than their spiritual lives. The trappings of religion surrounded Boudicca throughout her childhood, but it was always more of a background presence or, at best, an excuse for a holiday.

The best thing about it, as far as Bou was concerned, was how often they would make the trek to Eveline. It was an educational and spiritual site that Granny visited regularly, mostly to chat with her peers from the Order and reminisce. She would take the children along to 'better them' with the experience. The steep paths were full of rocks and trees to climb and space to run. In winter, there was plenty of snow for sledding. Home life was very structured, but on these excursions Bou and her brother had the freedom to play however they wanted, sometimes the whole day. Bou was a very active child and playing on the mountainside was her favorite activity.

Boudicca's brother Virgil is nearly six years her elder, and was the most important part of her early years. She spent most of her time with him, as roommates, playmates, and classmates. He even looked like a super hero, his piebaldism giving him a triangular birthmark on his forhead that led into a blazing white lock of hair he left sweeping in front of his face. His eyes were heterochromatic, one brown and one blue, and he had more of the birthmarks on his legs and chest, the dappled patterns resembling constellations of stars. He even wore a cape, though it was a lunctanguican garment that granny called by some other incomprehensible name. He was awesome. Kind and caring, and would defend her when she got herself into trouble with other children at school or in their neighborhood. When Bou turned six, he gave her her first 'pokedex'- it was an educational primer that taught basic math and reading using pokemon. This large picture book was her favorite object for many years, and she carried it around with her everywhere.

Virgil was a bright boy who showed great potential as an empath, a type of psychic. He was pushed into extra courses and activities when he entered Secondary, preparation for a long and lustrous career, but that left no time for playing with his little sister anymore. Bou resented it, and even though he would be tired from the long days, she would try to visit with him in the night time after their granny had gone to bed. Bou remembers how he used to say that he was supposed to move mountains, and he would look tired and anxious when he said it. For many years, she had thought he meant it literally. After all, they were surrounded by mountains!

Virgil had a gift with pokemon, something related to his psychic powers, but to Bou it just seemed like he was a very sensitive and caring friend to every creature he met.
He acquired his Trainer's license as soon as possible. Granny took him on a special trip to Central just to visit the most prestigious Lab in the country to get him his starter, while Bou was left with a neighbor to wait. Virgil signed up for a training-heavy course schedule, with many more field trips to cities and ruins and wildlife reserves, which he said was tiring and stuffy but seemed like adventures to young Oraclair-bound Bou. She begged him, every time, to bring her home one of the pokemon that he met on his travels, but he had to refuse. Granny wouldn't allow it, Bou was supposed to get a pokemon from a proper Laboratory at the proper time in her education, like Virgil did.

When Bou was eleven, one evening after Virgil returned home from one of his school trips, he woke her up to tell her a secret. He had snuck a shinx cub into the house. Bou never had his talent with pokemon, but he told her that this shinx needed her and that she would be the best person to help it. She never doubted him about anything, so she promised to care for it.

The next day, without warning, he left Oraclair. He never came back. The rough and tumble shinx was a lot like Boudicca, and Virgil had been right, it became Bou's next best playmate in the weeks and months that followed. Of course, Granny Valeria discovered the truth of it rather quickly, and there was much consternation and scolding, but perhaps because the gifted pokemon filled some of the void her brother left behind the old granny conceded in the end. Sometimes Valeria seemed to regret it; Bou and the shinx got along a little too well, getting each other into trouble more often than they managed to get each other out of it.

Granny Valeria never truly forgave Virgil for leaving. She often complained in front of Bou about his 'squandered potential' and the shame such a reckless pursuit was to the family. Bou, by contrast, was never the gifted student that Virgil had been, and showed no sign of psychic powers. Granny was strict, never cruel, but even so Bou felt like she shared in all of her brother's crimes of being a disappointment, a failure. Not that that had stopped Virgil from being wonderful. She continued to idolize her brother, feeling more akin to him than ever in his absence. After he left he made no effort to contact them, but Bou did not doubt that he was having amazing adventures, exciting battles, and meeting wonderful pokemon like the legends in her picture book. On top of a moving mountain, somewhere.

The upside to being a disappointing student was a little more freedom. She could sign up for sports, something Virgil was never allowed since it took time from his studies. Bou liked pushing herself, falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day, dreaming of beating up the kids she didn't like and scaling the mountains that once stood in her brother's way. Bou didn't make many friends. Her classmates were all planning elaborate career paths, many were training hard to unlock latent psychic powers and dreaming of becoming local legends. Nothing that Bou could look forward to, as average and unmagical as she was. It was all too grand and too silly to tolerate.

She continued to pick fights with other children her age, but without her brother around to intervene she tended to lose badly. She dreaded the scoldings from her psychic granny that always followed, objects seemed to just shatter themselves during her angry tirades. But once she was back at school, Bou couldn't seem to hold herself back. She quickly grew to envy Virgil's life as a roaming trainer- a small and weak trainer could still have big, strong pokemon that could win in a fight. Unlike her.

She earned her license as soon as she could, but was not allowed to take training trips or battling abroad like Virgil had. Even Halo, the shinx, had to stay behind in the house all day! Bou thought it was a petty move to try and keep her in Oraclair. Other than that, Granny Valeria tolerated Bou's insistence on signing up for the same trainer coursework that her brother had abandoned, if only because it kept the girl in school. And though it was a pain, Bou managed to pass her core classes in order to stay in her extracurricular of choice.

Midway through her secondary schooling, when Boudicca was sixteen, granny Valeria passed away in her sleep. Bou left the house, her classes, and the town. It was sudden, and scary, and kind of sad and lonely. With no other family left, she wants to find her brother again. The perfect time for a pokemon journey.

Edited by Demilune, 19 Dec 2017, 10:09 AM.
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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Dians: *dian* 1,000

Posted Image 5x Pokéball

Key Items:
Posted Image PokéDex
Posted Image Journal
Posted Image Holocaster
Trainer AdvancementAdvancement Points: 0
Tier 0:
- Title: (#/#)


Total EXP Gained: 0

Posted Image
(Name of Pokemon)
Caught at Level 5

Nickname: Halo
Gender: Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Intimidate
Height: 1'8"
Weight: 20.9 lbs
Health: Low
EXP Rate: Medium Slow
EXP Gauge: (6/8)
EXP Gained: 0
Level: 5
Division: D8
Total Stats: 55
  • Attack: 13 (24%)
  • Defense: 12
  • Sp. Attack: 6
  • Sp. Defense: 11
  • Speed: 13

Vitamins Used: None
1. Tackle
5. Leer

Unique Moves:

Edited by Demilune, 19 Dec 2017, 09:30 AM.
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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PC Box: Stored Pokemon


Adventure Log
Adventure Log goes in here
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Demilune
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(and a chance for a shiny roll, please!)
Lucent Eleusine
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Posted Image Bones
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Hey Demi! This is just an update for your shiny roll - and unfortunately it's not a shiny. ;__;

I can't fully get to your character now but I hope to either tonight or tomorrow, but honestly with the holidays my worksite is constantly overstaffed with idiotic patients who think they're immortal on the week of Xmas. Thank you for your patience! ♥
Posted Image
Sonak Paetdee
Kian Conrad
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Posted Image DrakeX
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Right then Demi! *Does a sliding dogeza, burning his knees in the process* My sincerest apologies for the long wait we’ve put you through, so let’s cracking to it!

The Personality and General Appearance of Boudicca seem fine to me, so let’s focus on her History. From what I see, the history seems to focus far more on Boudicca’s brother and the ramifications of his actions, rather than Boudicca herself and how she dealt with all of these issues. How did Boudicca cope with the disappearance of her brother, what did she experience under the hand of a resentful grandmother, how did she feel when her grandmother passed away? Relief, anger, resentment, envy? How did Bou deal with the fact her parents weren’t around? Why weren’t they around? How did Valerie make sure the siblings were taking care off decently when she herself was so busy with her religion and teachings? How did Shinx fill the void her brother created by leaving the family?

Secondly, while we do allow characters to come from a more well off family the detail that was put in Bou’s family makes it unusable. This is due to it listing specific names/terms that rely heavily on the Godai lore. I can assure you that any member which has/had an influence on Godai will get created by the Moderators. Making things a bit more vague will help.
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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