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Karina Aliah
Topic Started: 20 Dec 2017, 02:44 PM (256 Views)
Posted Image Valkyron
Member Avatar

Trainer Profile

Character Name: Karina Aliah
Nickname: Kari
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 15th, 185
Atrological Signs: Galloshutz the Rapidash, and Year Of The Magmar
Trainer Class: Hex Maniac
Allignment: If someone were to put a gun to Karina's head when asking her how she considers herself to be aligned, her answer would very likely be Chaotic Good. And to an extent, that would be apt. She values freedom quite a bit, and holds firm in her belief that people should be allowed to follow their desires.

However, she is very much on the borderline of this alignment. She is too willing to dabble in crimes to be considered Lawful or even Neutral Good, but she also believes too much in the idea of some rules being necessary to fully be considered Chaotic Good. Really, she seems to waver between Neutral and Chaotic Good, for all intents and purposes.
Religion: On paper, Karina's family practices Arceism. However, Karina herself never remembers ever even being in a church. As such, she is by far the most liberal minded child in her family, as the rest of her brothers were born close enough together for churchgoing to be viable, especially as her father still held a bit of patience towards things that didn't directly affect his business.

Compared to her older brothers, she is much more firm in her belief that men and women are equal, whereas her brothers still somewhat hold onto the idea that the Arcean church drilled into their minds. Of course, because of her lack of church in her life, she is also far more open to experimentation in terms of a relationship and many other things.

Of course, she still celebrates Delimas and Renovamen. But that is by far and wide the ONLY thing she does that holds any connection to the Arcean church. Regardless, she finds this faith's creation myth more believable than Meuism's or Jagravanism's. Of course, she does lean a bit towards Jagravanism's idea of reincarnation, as it is somewhat comforting to her.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color & Style: Kari's Hair is a very bright blonde, thanks to how much time she usually spends outside. As for her hairstyle, she can't really keep it in a style, as it is very curly and unruly. As such, she keeps her hair down most of the time, and brushes it enough to where it doesn't look like a cloud of frizzy sunlight.

Eyes: Following the theme of her general appearance, Karina's eyes are wide in a way that can only be described as childlike, carrying the same shape as those of a young child, albeit on a larger scale. Due to this, Karina tends to have a hard time hiding her emotions in those sapphire blue orbs, flecked with emerald green around the edge of her pupil. Because of their childish shape, her eyes almost uniquely carry her emotions more strongly than most others do. When she is angry, her eyes very nearly seem to boil with said anger. However, just as she normally is, her eyes tend to give off the feeling of a calm pool of water, one that can be disturbed with ease.

Clothing/Accessories: Unlike the stereotypical clothing choices of a Hex Maniac, Kari tends to wear rather colorful clothing. Her usual outfit of choice is an olive green dress that goes down to a few inches below her knees. This dress actually comes with rather long sleeves as well, along with white cuffs, and white frills lining the bottom of the dress.

Below this, she wears a white business type shirt so that she can wear her favorite accessory: A sapphire blue cloth that she found within the same building that she met her Duskull in. Of course, in spite of its appearance, this dress and shirt combination is actually rather thin, making her able to actually withstand being in the heat.

Of course, she has various dresses of differing colors, all designed the exact same way as this one, along with casual clothes like T-Shirts and jeans. For footwear, Kari usually wears black knee high socks and dull green flats. Of course, in the winter this general theme of her outfits are instead replaced with thick jeans, combat boots, and thick sweatshirts worn over T-Shirts, usually with a scarf of some kind along with a winter cap.

General Appearance: Generally speaking, Karina has an appearance that makes many people assume that her favorite type of Pokemon would be something less intrinsically creepy than Ghost or Psychic types. As facial features go, she has rather smooth, almost childish features. Her height helps to shake the idea that she is younger than she is, as she stands at the average height for a child of her age.

Of course, this has never stopped people from assuming that she's a very young girl. Most people tend to guess thirteen due to how underdeveloped she is. She has only the most modest of curves, lending more credence to the idea that she has only just hit puberty. Of course, all of this tends to make it easy to not take her seriously when she becomes irritated. However, when she truly becomes angry, her expressions become rather terrifying. In fact, some people say that she ends up looking almost psychotic and deranged when she is truly angry.

As for any real quirks she has, her posture tends to fluctuate with her emotions, making it all too easy to read her. However, on a normal day, her posture is rather a positive one, and she walks with a rather high sense of happiness in her step.

Of course, all in all, most people look at Kari and see a young, cute girl. To this end, she somehow manages to even make her favorite types of Pokemon seem less creepy merely by being around them.

Posted Image

Hometown: Aurmouth City, South Godai
Personality: As the youngest child of her wealthy family, Karina wasn't kept to as much of a standard of 'class' as her parents kept to the rest of her siblings. This itself was doubled by the fact that she was a young girl. As such, she was given much more freedom to explore her interests. This freedom spawned a natural curiosity within Karina. From that starting point, Kari found herself to be rather creative, in spite of her own clumsiness.

Of course, due to being the one with the least amount of weight on her shoulders in her whole family, she is perhaps the calmest member of her family-aside from her oldest brother. This calmness helps to keep her own natural impatience in check, for the most part. In fact, she also happens to be one of the most openly friendly members of her family. But, for reasons she refuses to explain..she also seems to be the most insecure member of her family.

She has almost infinite compassion, but little confidence in herself in situations where push comes to shove. In truth, her decision to become a trainer wasn't even one that she thought she could do on her own. She knew that she had very little patience, that she could easily misplace or forget about things, and that she tended to not think things through. And yet, she has very much begun to tap into a sort of selective stubbornness.

Of course, that very bullheaded attitude has gotten her into a fair bit of trouble with some of her own family as of late. Given the right influences, she could very well find herself on the wrong side of the law temporarily. However, she would never fully submit to being a criminal, as she does indeed have a rather strong moral compass. One based around both the freedom to pursue one's desires, but also towards whatever would keep people both safe and happy.

And yet, she is also considered by many to be somewhat unstable, as it is fairly easy to set her off. Of course, it only seems that way because she very much feels the need to protect people when she can, now that she has the tools to do so. And in her eyes, abusing these tools in both a metaphorical and literal sense is nigh unforgivable. For, as she does occasionally refer to Pokemon trainers as 'a sort of special handyman with highly specialized toolsets', she does care deeply for Pokemon, and finds the idea of abusing one in any way to be abhorrent.

Battling is okay, because there are many ways to take care of a Pokemon after a battle has been completed. But actively deciding to harm one for the sake of harming it? That is awful. And yet, when she is alone with just herself and her pokemon, she displays a far more innocent side of herself, one that simply enjoys watching her Pokemon enjoy themselves, and who wants nothing more than to see her companions be happy. In truth, that's all that she wants for everyone. She wants to make sure that everyone she meets always ends up being happier than they were before she met them.

History: Born in Aurmouth City, Karina has always lived in the lap of luxury, thanks to the fact that her father was a rather successful businessman. Of course, her family is rather large, due to her father's desire to have as many heirs to the business as possible. Being the youngest child of her wealthy family, she wasn't kept to as high of a standard as her father kept the rest of her siblings under. This itself was doubled by the fact that she was a young girl, rather than a young boy that could be used to fully insure the line of succession for her father's business.

As such, Karina spent most of her time around her mother, who was always home. Once upon a time, Karina's mother had been a rather talented trainer. Of course, that meant that she had many stories to tell. And without all of the watchful eyes that her older brothers had, Kari was free to ask her mother about them. Of course, growing up listening to these stories sparked quite a bit of interest in Kari of the life of a trainer.

Unfortunately, she talked a little too excitably about that around her father. Someone who was quite wholly against the idea of anyone else in his family doing something as 'barbaric as battling with Pokemon like a peasant'. He even went as far as to say that someone like her had no business becoming a trainer, as they were a rich family, not some random person who had no 'real job'.

Of course, that didn't stop Karina at first. Instead, she started making more and more artistic drawings of Pokemon and battles. Over time, this angered her father more and more, to the point of actually taking all of her drawings off of the walls in her room and tearing them to shreds when he saw just how much she was doing. For a time, this broke Kari.

As was to be expected, her father kept this whole story rather quiet. And for a good time, things went to a 'peaceful' state. Kari's oldest brother had secretly bought a Pokeball for his youngest sister, knowing that she had such an intense interest in becoming a trainer.

Of course, she remained quiet for quite some time. About a month, actually. At least, until her mother approached her with an idea. A trip to the Firebird Villa. A place where she could be surrounded by Pokemon, maybe even regain that spark that her father had worked so hard to snuff out. Kari agreed to go, but she didn't really think that it would work.

At least, that was until she and her mother arrived at the Firebird Villa. They took the tour through a slightly higher number of floors than most people would get to go through. It was a simple matter of bribing the one running the tours. Of course, it wasn't exactly as dangerous as it sounds.

Karina's mother had brought her own Pokemon on the off chance that one of them tried to attack. As the tour went on, Kari seemed to be more and more intrigued, and even more and more like her usual self. The ghost Pokemon seemed to catch her attention and wonder far more than any other type of Pokemon that she had ever seen. Some of them even seemed to gather around Kari. Of course, as they got to the final floor of their tour, Kari spotted a pokemon that she found to be absolutely wonderful.

Up until this floor, they had mostly been startled and scared by Ghastlys and Shuppets. And yet, about halfway through the final floor of their tour, Kari and her mother ended up encountering a small handful of Duskull's. Unlike the other pokemon in the villa, Kari found a particular Duskull to actually be quite attractive. It had some kind of character that the rest of its group didn't have. Of course, she broke off from the tour when she had the chance, having brought her empty pokeball with her.

The group of the Duskull that she had encountered kept startling her of course, and while she heard her mother calling for her, she kept searching. She was drawn to that particular Pokemon for some reason. Over the course of an hour, Kari managed to find and capture the Duskull. When her mother finally found her, Kari was finally her old self again. Except now she had finally turned that spark of curiosity into a flame. She would become a trainer. This whole event had occurred during one of the week-long breaks for the holidays.

After school resumed, Karina actually was able to get into the trainer's class for the second semester of school. After completing that year of school and getting her basic trainer's licence, Kari decided that she wouldn't apply to school next year. Instead, she gathered up some Dian from her mother, and went out and got all of the basics she needed to become a Pokemon Trainer. Where to go from here? Well, for her, it's time to find out.


Dians: *dian* 1,000

Posted Image 5x Pokéball

Key Items:
Posted Image PokéDex
Posted Image Journal
Posted Image Holocaster
Trainer AdvancementAdvancement Points: 0
Tier 0:


Total EXP Gained: 0

Posted Image
Caught at Level 5 in Firebird Villa

Nickname: Tzila
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 33.1 lbs
Health: Weak
EXP Rate: Fast
EXP Gauge: (7/9)
EXP Gained: 0
Level: 5
Division: D8
Total Stats:
  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 16 (30%)
  • Sp. Attack: 7
  • Sp. Defense: 16 (30%)
  • Speed: 8

Vitamins Used: None
1. Leer
1. Night Shade

Unique Moves:

PC Box: Stored Pokemon


Adventure Log
Adventure Log goes in here
Edited by Valkyron, 18 Jan 2018, 08:43 PM.
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Posted Image Bones
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Hey Kari! Welcome to Godai! I unfortunately don't have the time right now to fully go through your application but hopefully I will tonight or tomorrow morning!

That said, please go through the Character Application Template example again, but most importantly definitely check out "Accepted Characters" to see the pattern of what we constantly look for! I would recommend anything after page 3. I say this because already at first glance, there's not enough information about the "Eyes".

Thank you for your patience! ♥
Posted Image
Sonak Paetdee
Kian Conrad
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Posted Image Valkyron
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Alright, I think I've gotten a handle on everything now!
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Posted Image Valkyron
Member Avatar

Bump ^^
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Posted Image Finny
Member Avatar

Heya Kari! I am so sorry this took so long and thus I wanna try and have it approved as soon as possible.

I think you are really well on the way and are close to approval. Here I will list a few things that you need to change or add in order to be ok for approval, so let's get into this.

For General appearence I wonder If you could tell us a little more about her posture, if we see her walking or standing does she have any quirks ?

For her personality: you filled in most the things we ask for though it leaves me wondering what she likes doing in her free time, what she likes eating, and what things she dislikes doing. You've explained a bit about her moral views but it be nice if you can expand into that a little. the last thing I wonder is that her father's cold and dissaproving behaviour must have left a mark on her. how does this make her feel towards other males? towards other people, can she open up? My last question would be how shed be in contact with other trainers and Pokemon? how would she react to other people and Pokemon?

For her History It's mostly a few style things I am looking for, in the last paragraph you mentioned school, but never had mentioned it earlier in her life, leaves me wondering how she did at school, how she coped with her interests there, did she have any friends or kept her distance? etc etc.

I must say that I like your starting part of the history but the part of the duskull feels a bit rushed. how did she know how to catch Pokemon? she didn't have a pokemon with her to do damage? Also if its a guided tour id think the staff would come looking for her. it make more sense if she sneaked into the villa, her mum came looking for her, attacked the duskull and your character captured it, because now it doesn't make a lot of sense logically. I'd advise just going over your story once more, adding a bit of extras as you focussed on two parts a lot while her childhood consisted of more things than those.

Other than these things I see no flaws, You are almost there and you got this. We don't want to motivate you, we are only trying to help you! if you have any questions feel free to ask me in forum pm or the chatbox
Posted Image
many thanks to bones for the awesome graphics <3

Finny Taru • FoxPokemon Trainer • Total EXP Gained: 9 • Dians: *dian* 2360 • Location: Skytouch forest


Yara McGrevor

Jeena Hale

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