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[Evaluated]Episode I.I; False Starts and New Bonds
Topic Started: 21 Dec 2017, 12:03 AM (253 Views)
Posted Image Ehoron
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When the pair first saw the fallen trees and the excavation equipment, Ehoron knew that he was going to be disappointed. The construction crew weren’t sure whether the chasm had been opened by a Pokémon or some geological event. Ultimately, it meant little to the aspiring Ranger; it meant that he wouldn’t be getting to Aurmouth City anytime soon.

Though there was no mistaking the disappointment covering his features, Ehoron couldn’t stay upset for long. Danté gave a tiny yawn and poked its little head out from the comfort of the young man’s jacket. As young of a Pokémon as it still was, Cyndaquil did not quite have the stamina to walk a whole day; not that Ehoron had a single problem carrying the little fire mouse. It helped a great deal to forge a bond of trust and friendship between the two of them when Danté was young and impressionable, and caring for it like this would only strengthen that growing bond.

Not wanting to neglect the newest addition to his team, Ehoron let his Porygon come out for some fresh air. When first released, the artificial Pokémon gave a soft buzz of disapproval and seemed to squint in the light for a moment before its eyes adjusted and it gave a look around. As it looked around Ehoron tried thinking up some nicknames for the Pokémon. It was a well-known fact that Pokémon responded and bonded much more strongly with their trainer if they felt some manner of personal connection, and a nickname was the perfect way to exemplify that connection.

“Let’s see… How about… Data?” He asked the pink Pokémon. Porygon turned and seemed to consider the name before it gave an emphatic shake of its head and intoned negatively in that synthesized voice. “Hahaha… Okay, no. How about… Glyph? Matrix? Hexadecimal?” Each attempted nickname drew a stern shake of the Pokémon’s head and more emphatic blats of disapproval.

“Man, nicknames are hard…” Ehoron complained to no one in particular as he stood up and rubbed the back of his head. Putting both hands behind his head, he leaned back slightly and looked up at the sky. A flash of inspiration flew across his eyes and Ehoron gave a triumphant laugh and snapped his fingers. “I got it! Script!”

Porygon blinked and turned its head to one side, considering the moniker for a long moment. Ehoron was afraid the Pokémon was going to voice disapproval at the nickname again, but to his delight it gave a happy little buzz and an affirmative nod of its head. “Haha! Alright. Script it is.” The digital Pokémon buzzed happily as it floated alongside its new trainer. It was a nice change of attitude from the mistrustful and agitated nature the Pokémon had displayed on its first capture. Hopefully things would continue to go well for their developing partnership.

Shortly after midday, Ehoron decided to stop for a break near the old Power Plant. Danté had begun expressing a need for food common in Pokémon its age, and even Porygon expressed an interest in more of this Pokéfood. So browbreaten and outnumbered, Ehoron gave a dramatic sigh and sat down with his two Pokémon and began feeding them with a smile on his face. Cyndaquil took one pellet between its front claws and happily began to nibble at it, whereas Porygon seemed more interested in circling its food today, observing it from all angles before it would take a nibble, roll the food over, and then begin the process again. If this was what it was going to be like on the road to becoming a Ranger, it was going to be a good life.
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Posted Image Ehoron
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Encounter Roll

As their lunch break wore on, Ehoron observed the differences in his two Pokémon. Danté was young; it played with its food and displayed mannerisms typical of a child-like Pokémon. At one point, it attempted to lean back with a food pellet and became unbalanced, tumbling over onto its back. It shook itself off and gave a soft “Quil!” as it did so before turning around and attempting to locate its discarded food. The display was rather heart-warming, and a touch endearing as Ehoron gave the little Pokémon a new piece of food.

Porygon was almost the polar opposite, though it was difficult to assign a single root cause to that. As a synthetic Pokémon, Porygon lacked a number of the same biological drives and stimuli that normal Pokémon did. For example it did not, strictly speaking, need to eat in the same manner that Cyndaquil did. However, it was evident that eating gave the digital Pokémon some degree of pleasure as its eyes seemed to light up every time it took a nibble of its food. Even if its origins as a Pokémon were vastly different from practically any other, Ehoron still made a mental promise to himself to not treat it any differently.

Packing up, Ehoron noted where the Voltorb had blown itself up a few days past. He noted, with a small hint of satisfaction and happiness, that no signs of the Pokémon were around; it must have rolled away once it had recovered. A reverent silence seemed to hang over the old power plant, at least for the moment. Ehoron considered investigating those old ruined buildings again, but decided better than to get into more trouble like that. He didn’t want to risk getting into another fight, or worse, and have the roof come down on his head. Far better to stay out on the road and get back to Tiensee Town before something bad happened.

Of course, that was tempting the fates. As the trio started to get back on the road, there was a commotion nearby and a cactus-like Pokémon hopped out of the bush. Ehoron wasn’t familiar with it and brought out his Pokédex to examine the Pokémon. It scanned the little green Pokémon before beeping. “Cacnea, the Cactus Pokémon. Cacnea lives in arid locations such as deserts. It releases a strong aroma from its flower to attract prey. When prey comes near, this Pokémon shoots sharp thorns from its body to bring the victim down.”

Despite the grim picture the Pokédex created, Ehoron noticed a few things out of place. First and most important, this was no desert. The nearest desert he knew of was in the Natrio Flats, and those were some three hundred miles to the north, north-west. What in the world was it doing so far south? Second on his mental list of things that was out of place; the great big crocodile tears that the Pokémon seemed to be shedding. This was no predator Pokémon looking for a meal; it was a big cry baby from the looks of it.

A second, louder rustle seemed to frighten the little Cactus Pokémon and it came scurrying over to the trio before hiding behind Ehoron’s leg, trembling in terror. He blinked in surprise and stared down at the shaking Pokémon while his Cyndaquil and Porygon both took up guarding positions, intent on defending their Trainer if something dangerous came lumbering out of the bushes.

Rather than a hulking Boldore or terrible Loudred, a small Mawile came shuffling out. Ehoron recognized it on sight as he once used a puppet of one to terrorize one of his sisters. As soon as it came into view, Cacnea seemed to be overcome with a fresh wave of terror and chittered in fear while shaking on the trainer’s pants leg. Ehoron didn’t at all understand this bizarre behavior; this little Mawile was clearly sleepy, and dare he say cute. Why in the world the Cacnea was afraid of it…

The Mawile caught sight of the Cacnea and let out a terrible screech, jaw-like horns stretching wide before it charged at the four of them. Ehoron felt a shudder of terror race up his spine and both Cyndaquil and Porygon were frightened by the diminutive Pokémon’s surprisingly loud roar. All four turned and were running in a panic. So much for not running into trouble.
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Posted Image Ehoron
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Ehoron yelled while sliding behind a tree as a glitter-filled gust of wind slammed into the tree. The Mawile was glaring with murderous intent at the four of them before it shrieked and gave another slash of its jaw-horns, kicking up more of that glitter-wind which tore into the bark with surprising ferocity. Danté and Cacnea were both huddled against his chest, shivering in terror, while the Porygon floated behind a second tree, analyzing the scene with a more detached calm now that it wasn’t in the direct line-of-fire.

“Script!” The pink Pokémon turned and tilted its head to the side in questioning before Ehoron jerked his head towards the Mawile. “You’re up. Distract it for a second.” He remembered briefly an analysis from his Pokédex that indicated that Porygon had the unique ability to alter its Type by reconfiguring its code based on its own knowledge or after exposure to another Pokémon’s attack. “Conversion 2, go!”

The digital Pokémon’s eyes flashed a dim red before it gave an affirmative nod and turned to regard the Mawile. Faintly, its eyes flashed as it studied the glitter-wind the Mawile was kicking up with its horns. With a defiant cry, Script launched itself forward as the Steel-Fairy type unleashed a fresh attack. Porygon’s color seemed to shift, and Ehoron could almost swear he heard the sound of metal being dropped as the pink and blue of the synthetic Pokémon became muted by a heavy grey, and the Pokémon hit the ground with a surprising thud. The glitter-wind broke on Porygon’s reconfigured skin, causing the rampaging Pokémon to stop in shock.

Taking the opportunity, Ehoron scrambled into a bush with Cacnea. Cyndaquil started to bound after him, but stopped and considered the two Pokémon behind it. Porygon gave a glowering stare and menacing, synthesized growl while Mawile recovered and began to growl at this interloper. Turning back, trainer and Pokémon shared a look before Ehoron gave an approving nod and Cyndaquil darted forward. “Danté, Leer!” Jumping out into the open, it landed on Porygon’s flat head and leered at the other Pokémon with just as much intimidation as it could manage.

Mawile was taken aback by the arrival of a second Pokémon but seemed to grow angry again for some unknown reason. With a cry, it reared back and unleashed a fresh wave of glitter. Danté vaulted off Script’s head while the latter dipped its head low and took the attack head on, relying on its reconfigured code to protect it more than agility like the fire mouse. Taking advantage of the Mawile’s split attention, Danté hit the ground and quickly sped to the side, letting loose a challenging cry to direct the Mawile’s attention at it before doing its best to leer.

Unsettled and distracted, Mawile didn’t see Porygon gather itself up. “Script, Psybeam!” With a constructed cry, Porygon drew back before unleashing a magenta beam that caught it’s target across the side of the face. Though it was a direct hit, Mawile seemed largely unfazed and gave the fabricated Pokémon a furious glare. That glare melted into a teary expression that surprised trainer and Pokémon alike.

As Porygon relaxed, a mischievous glint came to Mawile’s eyes and it suddenly launched itself forward, horns bared to strike the off-guard Porygon. “Danté!” Before it's surprise attack could hit, Danté came darting in from the side and tackled the charging Pokémon at its feet, sending it tumbling before the fire-type raced on. Cacnea seemed to dance and cheer from its position in the bush, pumping its spiny arms in teh air as it watched the battle unfold.

Now processing the idea of fighting on two fronts, the Mawile rose to its feet and attempted to retaliate against the smaller fire mouse Pokémon. The fire spots on Cyndaquil’s back were smoking before erupting into a small display of pyrotechnics. Ehoron grinned and gave a pump of his arm, a move the Cacnea copied in earnest. “Alright Danté! Keep the footwork up. Hide with Smokescreen. Script, keep that Mawile focused on you. Hit it with another Psybeam.”

The Pokémon duo worked together to keep the Mawile off-balance. Every time it tried to attack Cyndaquil, Porygon would catch it with a Psywave. Every time it grew agitated and attempted to charge the Porygon, Cyndaquil would come charging out of the smoke to tackle and trip up the Mawile. It was a great strategy and a good showcase of teamwork.

Unfortunately, Danté’s age began to show. The little Pokémon simply didn’t have the stamina to keep up that sort of extended effort, and its flames began to die down. As it pushed itself to run out and tackle the Mawile, it was caught up and tumbled with the rampaging Pokémon. Left so close, Danté could only give an exhausted cry as the Mawile turned and loomed over it. "DANTÉ!!!"
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Posted Image Ehoron
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There was a loud crash of metal on metal that reverberated throughout the area, sending several flocks of Pidgey and Tailow flying in a panic. Ehoron half-stood, frozen and staring as Script struggled against Mawile’s powerful horns. Panicked about Danté, Ehoron had completely forgotten about his other Pokémon. Deeply gratified that Script had leapt in to protect Danté, Ehoron resolved to get the cyber Pokémon a proper treat.

The struggle continued unabated as Danté weakly got to its feet and scampered out of the way, giving Porygon a soft “Cynda” of gratitude. Once the young Pokémon was out of harm’s way, Porygon gave its full attention to the raging Mawile. It brought its horns down again and again, furiously attempting to beat the other Pokémon into submission. Though it stood resolute against the assault, Porygon began to flinch and flicker as the attacks wore on.

Finally, its persistence and endurance paid off. Mawile’s attacks slowed, and it began showing obvious signs of fatigue. Seeing an opening, Script switched gears. The dull grey covering it fizzled and turned a brilliant shade of fuschia. With greater speed than it had before, Porygon zipped to the side to avoid the crushing horn. Its eyes flickered as it seemed to analyze its opponent. Though subtle, it readjusted is limps and angled its head down slightly. If it had a more emotive mouth, it might have grinned.

With a synthetic cry, Script let loose a fresh Psybeam that caught the Mawile full-on in the chest. This time, however, the move hit much more powerfully as Porygon had reconfigured its code to better synergize with the attack. As well, after spending time in combat with the Mawile, Porygon had figured out its weak points and sought to exploit them. Desperate, but exhausted, Mawile attempted to keep up its attacks, but Porygon was faster than it was now. No longer burdened by its defensive configuration, Porygon was free to glide out of the way of the clumsy attacks and retaliate with impunity.

Mawile swayed on its feet before it gave a feeble cry and collapsed against the ground. Porygon remained on alert, growling in wariness, but it seemed to sense that Mawile was done fighting and finally let itself rest on the ground. Though it did not sweat or show signs of exhaustion like other Pokémon did, it was evident that the constructed Pokémon was tired. The lines of its form occasionally fizzled and lost definition before snapping back into place.

Ehoron and Cacnea came out from their hiding place, each keeping an eye on the Mawile to make sure it didn’t cause more trouble. The little Pokémon wandered over and poked the unconscious Pokémon a few times while Ehoron took some time to check up on his own Pokémon. Danté seemed fine, just a little exhausted. Script was a bit worse off though, having had to endure Mawile’s rampage more directly. After some inspecting, it seemed like a bit of a rest would do Porygon well so Ehoron recalled it to its Pokéball.

Looking back at the Mawile, Ehoron felt a pang of regret for having to fight it. Pulling out the open can of Pokémon food, he put a few pellets under the little Pokémon’s chin. Cacnea watched this gesture with curiosity before it waddled forward and tugged on Ehoron’s pants leg. Looking down, he watched as Cacnea seemed to gesture to the jar for food before gesturing to itself.

Chuckling, Ehoron knelt down and gave it a piece of food, along with passing one to Cyndaquil. The two seemed to enjoy the food, chattering to one another in that way only two Pokémon could. He was a bit jealous, wondering what they were talking about. It was clear that Cacnea felt some manner of relief and safety around them after dealing with the Mawile. While the two of them had their snack, Ehoron checked out his Xtratransceiver for any details that might help explain why a Cacnea was by the power plant. Maybe he’d have one more partner to return home with...
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Posted Image Ehoron
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After the excitement died down and the crumbs were licked away, Danté scampered up Ehoron’s side and took its position in the trainer’s jacket, snuggling against his chest for warmth. He got the sneaking suspicion that this was going to be Danté’s favorite place to be on the long journey.

Before he could get more than three steps down the road, he felt that spiney tug at his leg and stopped to look down at Cacnea. As he looked down at the diminutive Cactus Pokémon, it dawned on him that this couldn’t have been a wild Pokémon. It had taken to eating his food too quickly, too quick to trust that he meant well.

It seemed somewhat hesitant, although Ehoron had no idea about what. Spines clung to his pants and seemed to quiet the Pokémon’s nerves. When he gently pulled his pant leg away, it seemed to grow upset and nervously before shuffling closer. He noticed it’s eyes kept darting to the power plant every few moments, though it never seemed relaxed when it did so If not a comforting gesture or reminder, then...

“Did… you want to go inside?” Ehoron felt a little silly, talking to a Pokémon. But it was a known fact that Pokémon were very intelligent. If it had been someone’s Pokémon, it could have understood him. To emphasize his question, Ehoron gestured to the power plant with a gloved hand. When it gave a tentative nod, he gave a resigned sigh. Of course it did…

Not wanting to leave a Pokémon in distress, Ehoron turned towards the abandoned plant and started walking towards it. Maybe it's trainer was in there and needed help. If he was going to be a Pokémon Ranger, these were the sorts of situations he’d have to be prepared to respond to and handle.

Letting Cacnea guide him towards the right building, Ehoron kept his eyes and ears open; he certainly did not want another run in with a Voltorb. Again there was that quiet air that managed to unsettle without a cause, just like the last time he had been in here. The hair on the back of his neck stood out, and even Danté gave an uneasy whimper from inside his jacket.

The first noise that broke the silence was a faint rattling noise. Ehoron stopped, frozen, and listened intently. It took a moment, but he heard it again. This time, Cacnea seemed to hear it too and grew excited. Moving more than its arm’s length from his leg, Cacnea started hopping and pointing down a hallway. Taking it as a sign, Ehoron started jogging in that direction.

Passing empty room after empty room, Cacnea finally stopped in front of one room and seemed satisfied that this was were ot needed to be. Ehoron slowed and examined the sign above the door that read ‘Mirror Storage’. With no small amount of trepidation, but not wanting to admit defeat, Ehoron pushed open the door and slipped inside.

The rattling was clearer in here, and it wasn’t too difficult to see why. Standing on a pile of debris near the center of the room, where part of the roof had collapsed and let in a strong shaft of sunlight, was another cactus-like Pokémon. Unlike Cacnea, this one came up to his hip and had numerous pink flowers on its head and arms. It seemed to be dancing somberly amidst the rubble, shaking its arms periodically.

Cacnea took one look at it and let out a joyous cry before it ran headlong at the other Pokémon. Hearing the sudden break in its reverie, it turned and gave a jump of surprise before it rushed to meet Cacnea. The two Pokémon seemed overjoyed to see one another, and Ehoron felt a small sense of satisfaction at seeing the reunion. Danté poked its head out of the jacket and observed the two Cactus Pokémon with a curious tilt of its head.

As if only now noticing him, Maractus turned and faced the human with eyes filled with distrust and anger. He didn’t a translator to understand its intentions when it took a few steps forward and let several rather long needles slide out from one flowered arm. Cacnea, seeing this, grew distressed and quickly began to flail its arms in front of Maractus to distract it and get its attention. The two Pokémon began a heated exchange back and forth, and although he had no way of knowing for sure, Ehoron had a sneaking suspicion that he was somehow involved.

After a tense few moments, the Maractus seemed to relent and retracted the needles. However it was still not happy, at least as far as Ehoron could tell. Stepping back up to him, Cacnea looked up at him with a pleased expression and waved its arm in gratitude. Kneeling down, Ehoron gave the little cactus a careful pat on the head. “Take care, Cacnea. Try not to get into any more crazy fights, hm?" Standing up, Ehoron noticed that Maractus seemed to look happy as well before it noticed him staring. Quickly, it turned away in a huff and appeared angry again. Taking note, he chuckled to himself and excused himself from the room.

With great care, Ehoron managed to slip out of the plant without running into any more wild Pokémon. Danté briefly seemed to consider getting down and walking some again, but a gust of wind caused the tiny fire mouse Pokémon to shiver and it quickly settled back against his chest. Keeping it supported with his arms folded against his stomach, Ehoron resumed his journey for home with a renewed sense of vigor. It was nice having helped those Pokémon find each other, and it reinforced his idea of pursuing the path to become a Pokémon Ranger.

As he came over a hill and could see Tiensee Town in the distance, Ehoron paused. Feeling as though someone was watching him, he turned around and spotted a familiar pair of cacti. Maractus looked somewhat annoyed, but Cacnea looked more uncertain. Kneeling down, Ehoron watched as the smaller Cactus Pokémon started to walk towards him. Danté jumped out from his jacket and observed along with its trainer as Cacnea slowed and stopped almost exactly in the middle of the two of them as the Maractus.

It turned back and forth between the two, as if caught up in some decision. Before he could ask anything, Ehoron watched the Maractus seem to give a resigned shake of its head and walked forward before it placed its hands on the back of Cacnea and began pushing the smaller Pokémon forward. Once they had closed the distance it stopped and took a few steps back before it waved one arm a bit, as if to encourage Cacnea to take those last few steps.

Putting two and two together, Ehoron pulled out a pokéball and glanced at Cacnea. “Did you want to come with me?” It looked up at him for a moment before it gave a hesitating nod, as if unsure if it would be allowed. For his part, Ehoron couldn’t help but grin before he looked over at the Maractus. There was a silent exchange in that shared look; no words were said, but Ehoron understood on some level that Maractus expected him to take care of Cacnea.

Ehoron put the pokéball on the ground between the two of them. Seeing this, Cacnea smiled and flailed its arms in an apparent dance of celebration. “I think we’ll get along great, Cacnea.” As he said that, Ehoron watched the Pokémon step up to the pokéball and give it a faint tap. Its form turned a translucent red before the energy was sucked into the Pokéball. The palm-sized ball gave a few tiny shakes before it settled back, a faint tone indicating capture.

With one more Pokémon on his team, Ehoron smiled and placed the pokéball on his belt. His family would be happy for him, he was sure. The Maractus had not moved from its place, regarding him with a strangely blank expression. Unsure of what to do, Ehoron started to turn around when the flowered Cactus Pokémon withdrew two needles and tossed them at his feet. Looking down, he studied the needles for a moment before before looking back up and seeing the Pokémon strike an aggressive stance. So it still wanted to battle…

“What do you think Danté? Up for one last fight?” Ehoron asked of his partner Pokémon, and got a tiny but resolute “Quil!” in response. One last battle before home then.
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Posted Image Ehoron
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Eying the flowered Grass-type Pokémon with scrutiny and wariness, Ehoron tried to decide on a best course of action. Maractus was not going going to be a pushover fight; there was something in its eyes that spoke to some manner of counter-scrutiny. It was suspicious and on guard. Those needles in the ground spoke to an underlying willingness to use aggression just to make a point. No matter what way he turned it over in his head, Ehoron knew this was going to be one tough fight.

Deciding to keep Danté in reserve for the moment, Ehoron pulled a pokéball from his hip. “Let’s get this started then. Go, Script!” As the ball left his hand, it exploded in a flash of white that coalesced into that familiar polyhedral shape of Porygon. It floated a few inches off the ground and gave a small gesture that Ehoron took for a stretch before seemingly settling back and looking at Maractus with a studious examination.

Maractus gave a curious tilt of its head as it looked at the Porygon, but seemed to squash that curiosity as its gaze hardened. Running to the side, it jumped on top of a series of rocks to gain some degree. Brandishing both arms, a flurry of needles were launched straight at Script. Those dispassionate eyes scanned the needles and their trajectory. Ehoron shouted for Porygon to move, but the artificial Pokémon simply held its ground. A heartbeat later and its judgement proved correct as the needles simply landed in front of it. Uncertain of whether it had been a feint, a test, or a legitimate short shot, Ehoron blinked and refocused his attention on the rocks Manactus was on. Unfortunately, it had disappeared; a feint then.

Pokémon and trainer alike searched for the missing Cactus Pokémon. Porygon gave a quiet, synthesized growl as it scanned rock and tree while Ehoron scanned the other side of the road. With so many hiding places, it was difficult to tell where the wild Pokémon had fled. Perhaps it truly fled the fight… The more Ehoron turned that idea over in his head, the more he discounted it. Maractus had been too determined to challenge him to a battle. So if not that, then… It had to be biding its time. But for what?

The answer to that question came from a sudden gust of wind and then a thick cloud of sweet-smelling smoke. Before Ehoron could let out a yell of warning, the smoke was on him. Inhaling deeping, he gave two quick coughs and quickly relaxed. It was difficult to muster up the energy to yell, which he instinctively knew to be unnatural. Something about the smoke… It didn’t hang over him long before passing on to Porygon, but he still felt the effects linger.

Porygon seemed to feel the effects as well, as Ehoron noticed the artificial Pokémon’s legs seemed to sag. Seeing or sensing this, Maractus jumped out from a bush with a sudden cry and rattle. A flurry of needles rained down on Porygon. Some missed, but the volume meant that mattered little. Script winced and shuddered under the assault for a time, before its eyes snapped open with a flash of white. Light encompassed the digital Pokémon before settling, revealing the dull grey tone Ehoron had seen on it before. Now the needles seemed to bother Porygon significantly less and allowed it focus on Maractus. Its eyes glowed purple for a moment, and the air in front of it seemed to distort and warp before a thrum of energy coursed outwards as caught the attacking Pokémon in one shoulder. That had the effect of stopping the rain of needles, but sent the Pokémon spinning into a bush. A moment later, some rustling, and Ehoron was sure that the Pokémon had gone into hiding.

As a pattern of engagement began to form, Porygon would attempt to flush it out from a bush. Sometimes its efforts yielded nothing, other times they got lucky and Maractus might take a glancing blow from Porygon’s Psybeam. Unfortunately it only took two or three lucky shots before Maractus seemed to pick up on a pattern its own. Ehoron noticed a bush emitting a faint amount of pink dust, and Porygon zeroed in on it. Nothing was left to study but leaves and sweet-smelling dust after Script attacked, but that was the chance Maractus had been waiting for.

A few plinking noises made Ehoron turn to look at Script, and he noticed with no small amount of trepidation that vines were rapidly growing over his Pokémon. He didn’t need to consult his Pokédex there to know what it was; Leech Seed. Glancing blows weren’t going to be enough any more; for every bit of energy those vines drained from Script, Maractus would be bolstered. It was already something of a stalemate. Script’s attacks were probably doing more damage, comparatively, than Maractus’ needles were doing to Script. But now… They couldn’t rely on lucky shots and glancing blows. They needed a direct hit.

A louder rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs caught Ehoron’s attention and he spun to locate the source. To his surprise, Maractus had suddenly appeared to grow in size. His senses and movement still felt sluggish from that earlier brush with the sweet aroma, and he didn’t react in time to warn Script of the danger before the first needles began to strike at its flank. It winced and let out a cry. The pitch of it scrambled and the lines of its body began to fritz and lose focus before snapping back into place. Turning to intercept the missiles, Porygon let loose another warping blast of psychic energy. The needles distorted around it, leaving it to cleanly strike Maractus in the chest.

Before Ehoron could let out a victorious shout, Script gave a staticy growl and slumped against the ground as the vines glowed red and sapped even more energy from the Pokémon. He wasn’t sure how much more the cyber Pokémon could take, and he didn’t really want to test its limits. Pulling its Pokéball from his belt, Ehoron gave a thin smile. “You did your best, Script. Take a rest.” Recalling the Pokémon, he turned and started to approach where Maractus had last been seen. Danté poked its head out from his jacket, apparently having avoided any negative effects from the pink cloud earlier.

The pair grew closer to the bush and Ehoron reached a hand forward to pull aside some branches. That little movement caused an explosion of movement and he barely registered Maractus darting past before he fell backwards. Danté gave a small cry of surprise before spinning about to keep Maractus in its sights. “Smokescreen, Danté. Don’t let it get a fix on you!” Ehoron called out from the ground as he rolled over. The smaller Fire-type was not as sturdy as Script; it would not stand up to a direct barrage like Porygon could. They’d have to rely on speed and misdirection to finish this fight in their favor. With a cry of acknowledgement, Cyndaquil let loose a torrent of soot to obscure it from the Grass-type.

A flurry of needles shot through the smoke, but caught nothing as Danté began to dart from bush to bush. Now it was Maractus’ turn to turn every which way and blindly attack bushes. Having grown in size, though still much smaller than the human, it was no longer possible to cleanly hide in the foliage. Apparently deciding that it too would need a direct hit, Maractus began to draw energy into itself to grow further in size. “Get it while it’s still; Leer, Danté!” Tiny eyes seemed to gleam with vicious intent, the darkness of the underbrush only serving to highlight the unsettling nature of the look. By the time Maractus could lunge forward and stab into the bush with its horn, Danté had already moved on.

Growing more and more unsettled, Maractus continued to pull in as much energy as it could. And each time it stopped, Danté would make its presence known with more disturbing glares and blasts of smoke. By the time Maractus stopped growing, it looked considerably more panicked and worried than it had at the start of the battle. This was good… They just needed one good opening… With a grin, Ehoron pulled the broken bits of the Pokéball he had attempted to use to capture the Voltorb a few days back. Though he’d found an unused one to replace it with, the broken bits he had kept, obstinately to not litter. Now it was his hope of winning the fight.

Tossing the halves into a bush just behind the nervous Grass-type, it had the effect Ehoron had hoped for. The sudden sound of rustling caused the Maractus to wheel about and launch into the bush blindly. With the opening it needed, Danté darted out from its hiding place and slammed into the back of Maractus. With a pained and startled cry, it fell forward and crashed hard into the ground. It struggled to get back up before slumping exhausted against the ground. Danté stood over it, weary but ready to continue fighting before it became clear that they had done; Maractus was too tired to fight. They had won!

With a triumphant yell, Ehoron ran and scooped up his Pokémon and gave it a hug before turning his attention to the Maractus. Unable to keep fighting, the energy it had used to pump up its size and strength slowly drained from it, restoring it to its normal size. Eying him with a measured degree of mistrust, it could only watch as he approached and knelt in front of it. Rather than some insidious trap or bit of harm, it was surprised when he left a small pile of food in front of it. “To help you recover,” he explained as it looked up at him with a clearly confused expression. “I’ll make sure to take care of Cacnea. I’m sure you were just worried about it being safe.”

Obviously he had no idea what exactly the Pokémon thought or felt, but it seemed as fair a guess as any. “I’d offer you a chance to come with us, but I don’t think you’re really the type of Pokémon to want a trainer.” As if to answer him, it gave something approaching an indignant sniff and begrudgingly ate a piece of kibble. Satisfied that it would be okay, Ehoron pulled Cacnea’s pokéball from his hip and let the two Cactus Pokémon exchange fairwells while making sure that Maractus recovered enough strength to make it back to the plant safely. The smaller one seemed to tear up but came back to him with a sense of determination as the other one bid farewell and disappeared into the foliage, stopping to cast one last hard look at Ehoron. “Welcome to the team, Cacnea,” Ehoron said with a proud smile before turning and looking back at the distant Tiensee Town.

It wasn’t how he imagined the start of his journey going, but it had started all the same. Now he had to take the next steps.
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!
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RP Notes
  • D’aw, that Cyndaquil is adorable
  • That’s one smart Porygon
  • Aw, what a cute little- Holy Magikarp!
  • Protect the green ball of needles! Oh, and yourself I guess.
  • Can I just hug your Cyndaquil?
  • Shake that … pin? Pin!
  • Bad pin! Bad pin!
  • Time for round 2!
  • Wait, it’s over already? Aaaw~

Topic Record
  • Ehoron nicknames his Porygon ‘Script’
  • Ehoron arrives at the Power Plant
  • Ehoron meets a Cacnea chased by an angry Mawile
  • Ehoron beats the Mawile with help from Cyndaquil and Porygon (+ 7 EXP). Porygon is quite damaged and it is advised it doesn’t fight much more
  • Ehoron encounters a wild Maractus, who is Cacnea’s sibling
  • Ehoron captures Cacnea (-1) PokéBall
  • Ehoron battles the wild Maractus with Porygon, who gets knocked out. (Porygon must visit a PokéCenter before it can fight again)
  • Ehoron sends out Cyndaquil who defeats the Maractus (+ 10 EXP)
  • Ehoron leaves for Tiensee Town

Topic Evaluation
Episode I.I
Making Friends: 5 AP
To Be The Best: 3 AP
Topic: 17 EXP
Evaluation: 3 EXP
Total: 20 EXP
*dian* 588
Bonuses: None
Penalties: Rule Breaking
Evaluation Wrap-Up

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
Hendrickson Novelton

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Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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