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Stepping Down, But Not Out; A Resignation Letter
Topic Started: 8 Jan 2018, 02:28 PM (142 Views)
Posted Image McDoogles
Member Avatar

Godai! Fantastic, Wonderful, Amazing Godai!

I wanted to do my utmost to help Godai along, especially during a slim period where the amount of moderators we had could barely keep up with the amazing boom of growth that we've had in members and the sheer volume of epic works that have been put onto the board. I feel as if I succeeded in some small part, if only for a little while.

The short and sticky of it is that I have to step down as a Novice Moderator. The long and bitter-sweet of it is that I am a former United States Marine. In 2008, I had a darling baby girl and in 2009, I graduated highschool. I know, I'm one of those statistics! Without any viable work history, the only options were to work three jobs to support my new family, or sacrifice my time and not see my daughter for a while in order to establish a more secure foundation.

So, the military was the option I chose. Once I got out of training, I had come to find that my fiance at the time had cheated on me and then subsequently left Ohio and moved down to Georgia with her mother, abandoning my daughter and I. For the next five years, she was raised by my parents. We all agreed that it was better for her to be raised with the understanding and foundational love of a two-parent home than growing up with the understanding that her mother abandoned her and her father couldn't be with her-- just seemed like too much.

In 2014, I left the military with an Honorable Discharge. I had served my term of active service and was eager to get back to Ohio to start building that relationship with my daughter, again. It's taken four years to acquire what I consider to be, the very bare of necessities to provide her continuity in her life. After all of this time, I'm finally in a place in my life, marriage, and relationship with my daughter that I can finally take back the mantle that was taken from me some nine years ago.

Given that this is my child, that it is the very source of which I have based all of my adult life upon, and that she will undoubtedly require more of me than I can possibly imagine, myself I do not see how I can possibly be an effective moderator for Godai. That position would be better filled by another.

In the interim, I do intend to keep writing and be a part of Godai-- only as a general population member. This is a stepping down; not a stepping out. I'd never do that to ya', fam! Well...I'd never do it, again. >_>

Anyways, that's me story!
Silas Edington

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Posted Image Finny
Member Avatar

McDoog! I wish you all the best in the upcoming time, im glad that you can finally start being the father you want to be, I'm sure you, McWife and McDaughter will be happy together, I want to thank you for what you did for Godai in your time as mod and hope to see you again soon in the box of chats!
Posted Image
many thanks to bones for the awesome graphics <3

Finny Taru • FoxPokemon Trainer • Total EXP Gained: 9 • Dians: *dian* 2360 • Location: Skytouch forest


Yara McGrevor

Jeena Hale

Posted Image
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Posted Image Yeezy
Member Avatar
I used to be Yayzus

What a lovely post that was. I'm really happy that your life is in a place that fulfils you and you are doing the right thing with stepping down! Good to know you'll still be around the site so we aren't losing you completely!
Posted Image
Thomas Odell

The banner is made by the wickedly talented, Bones!
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Posted Image Gaja
Member Avatar
reads 'Gaia'

Man now there's a proper reason for stepping down if I ever saw one.

I'll only tell you one thing, I wish you all the best in the future. Hope to still see you around in some capacity, even if it's less.

Also after this I wanna be better friends with you, just so you know.
Take care man.
Posted Image
< Yuri Sharp >
< Current Location: Glostericce Town, South Godai >
< Total EXP Gained: 329 >

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