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[Evaluated]I Promise, This won't Take Long; Julia's Lab Thread
Topic Started: 25 Jan 2018, 09:01 PM (220 Views)
Posted Image cynda1
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Five minutes.

Five minutes until the stores would begin opening their doors for business. Five minutes until the staff at the lab should have arrived. Five minutes too late, if you asked Julia.

The young sixteen was sitting on a nearby bench, a few steps away from the door of her destination. A door that led the way to the true beginning of her escape. An escape that would bring her away from this nasty place filled with liars. That was all they were to her now. Liars. It did not matter if Julia Corona knew who they were, if they were among the living they were liars in some way shape or form. At least, that was how Julia viewed them.

Julia glanced down at her holocaster. Two minutes left. She slouched a bit as she let out a groan. If she were the one running this lab, Julia would have made herself and her employees arrive ten minutes before opening time. Now here she was, someone who had arrived fifteen minutes early, and she felt like she was being punished for it! Those two minutes could not have possibly felt any slower.

Looking up at the partially lit sky, the sky was beginning to be enveloped by the Earth’s great star that helped sustain the life that it held. Without the sun’s warmth and heat, life on Earth would be impossible. It would merely be just as lifeless as any other planet. The circumstances for sustaining life on Earth was just so perfect, that the thought of there being any other planet with life on it was just mind boggling.

Julia never did believe in aliens, not really. She believed they were nothing but a myth. After all, what were the odds of the universe holding a planet with just the right of lightyears away from a star’s heat to sustain life? And even if that were possible, what if that planet did not have an endless supply of water like Earth? What if it was a planet that had no oxygen? Scientists had yet to prove there was even a planet out there that had oxygen, so man could not even trek planets without some sort of equipment. What made them think that any other living creature could?

And, to make matters even better, even after all this time, their own world had been around for millions of years supposedly, and yet mankind has only went as deep into space as the moon. So, even by chance, if there did happen to be life millions of light years away, people on this planet would never know it anyway. Sure, perhaps Pokemon were the key to unlocking this mystery, but as far as Julia was concerned, that would never happen either. The only thing that made her feel bad about having this point of view was the thought of all the men and women who had sacrificed their lives for the very cause in trying to find life outside of Earth.

A slight squeaking noise caused the young woman to flinch a tad as her head whipped around to see someone in their pajamas and covering his mouth with a bit of a yawn. Julia’s eyes squinted a tad at the unprofessional appearance. Someone didn’t look like they were ready for the day. And what was it he was wearing? Pajamas? The professor would most likely have a few choice words to say to him, and there was no doubt in her mind about it. If she were in charge, she would not even let the employee through the door! She would fire him before he stepped anywhere near the place in fear that his very attire would cause people from even entering the establishment.

Regardless, she was not the professor, so she supposed he could run his lab however way he wanted. But if he were anything like most business men, Julia had a feeling the employee’s days at the lab were numbered.

Regardless, if he did not want to annoy Julia today, there may have been something he could do for her. She had been there for well over an hour, so regardless of whether or not he was ready to have her, she was ready to go in and get this over with. By the time Julia was up on her feet and heading over to the wooden door, the man had already unlocked the establishment, made his way inside, and shut the door behind him.

Julia decisively strutted right up to the door, and grabbed and twisted the smooth, metal knob without hesitation. The door made the same squeaking noise that it made when the employee had entered. To her surprise, there didn’t seem to be anyone there. But someone had to have entered the lab, because she tested the knob before and it was locked. The man had to have been there. It was just he seemed to have moved a lot speedier than Julia had anticipated.

“Hello?” Julia spoke a tad louder than she had meant to, though she cared little about her tone or volume at this critical moment. “I’m Julianna Corona? I’m here for my first Pokemon.”

The young woman could hear someone tinkering with something, which brought Julia’s attention to a door to her left. The teen gulped a bit. Now things were starting to get a tad bit unnerving. It was one thing to barge into a business before the person first entering and opening the place was ready, but it was totally different for someone to walk into a place you were not allowed to be. Still, she needed to be done with this as soon as possible. The longer they wasted their time here, the more likely her “mother” would find out she was gone.

And there would be no journeying if that happened.

Julia reached out, shaking any doubt out of her mind, and just as she was about to knock on the door-!

“What are you doing?”


Word Count: 1,003
Roshia Frost

Julianna Corona

Roshia: DA70D6
Regina: fff
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Posted Image cynda1
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Julia let out a gasp, turning to see a woman with a rather incredulous expression on her face, glowering at her with just about as much patience as Julia had. “What are you doing here?” the female employee repeated with a tad bit of aggression.

The blood that flowed through Julia’s veins froze. Had she made a mistake coming in so soon? The young girl tried to open her mouth to speak, but her throat was clenched and no words were coming out. She was so nervous, so embarrassed, she could hardly breathe, so how was she expected to speak at this moment? Regardless, her brain was so frazzled, that she had almost missed the loud clanging noise that came from the room she was just about to knock. No doubt a lot of items had been broken, or at the very least disorganized.

The woman’s attention was temporarily taken away from the intruder and she rushed over to the room, slamming the door behind her. “Sir!” the woman called out as she disappeared into the room. Sir? So the Professor was here! Well, that certainly made things easier, but Julia had never seen anyone that remotely looked like a Professor step into the building. “Sir, are you alright?” There was not a response from the professor, but a sigh could be heard from the woman, so Julia supposed that was normal somehow.

The door opened as the woman walked aside the Professor, being as helpful as he could to the seemingly dazed man. “Sir, with all due respect, you really need to get that problem checked. Heaven forbid something awful actually happens to you while you’re...” The woman stopped in her tracks, her brown eyes meeting Julia’s piercing green ones. The woman, Julia noticed, was already losing her patience. “What are you still doing here?! We haven’t hardly opened yet! Can’t you see you scared the Professor half to death? What do you have to say for yourself?” The woman scolded.

Julia twitched. Clearly this lady had a short fuse, and little control over it. The young woman could not tell what it was she did wrong. She came here early, and had been waiting for over an hour. If anything, this woman had shown up two minutes late. That meant that Julia knew the open and closing hours better than this lady, or this lady neglected an early arrival. Either way, Julia would have definitely been a better employee here.

What was wrong with these people? There were two people already that made Julia, someone who wasn’t at all interested in working at a lab, sound like a better employee than people who were actually working there. To herself, that is.

Regardless, Julia could only handle so much awkward silence before clamming up herself, like the Professor had. “Many apologies,” Julia said, wanting more than anything to scold this rude woman right back. “My name is Julianna Corona and I’m a former resident of Metropolitan Avenue. I’m here to receive my first Pokemon?”

In an instant, the lady changed her tone. Her aggressive facial features, dripping with suspicion, instantly softened and was filled with realization. The woman gave Julia an apologetic smile, before giving her a nod. “Oh dear,” the woman said. “I’m so sorry! I had no idea! We don’t usually schedule meeting with Pokemon Trainers this early.” Trying to assure the Professor would be fine, the woman rushed over to the desk, looking over a sort of list, which Julia could only assume was the schedule.

Julia looked back at the professor, allowing for her first glance at one of the three Professors of Godai. To her utter surprise, it was the same person whom Julia had criticized for coming to work in his pajamas! What, was this come to work in your pajamas day? Julia had a hard time believing that. Especially since this woman had professional attire on, and she showed up a good two minutes late. What kind of place was he running here? A slumber party? Regardless, Julia did not know if she liked this very much. Maybe she should have scheduled an appointment with one of the other Professors.

What made it even better was that he had yet to say a word to her, allowing a sort of awkward silence to float around them, and this time Julia had very little interest in putting a stop to it herself, though she did want it to stop.

Thankfully, it did not take the woman long to return. “I’m sorry again,” the woman apologized. “But it appears as though we’ve never made an appointment for you. If you are open, we could schedule you for another appointment. How about-“

“Actually,” Julia interrupted, bringing the woman’s attention back to her. “I know I didn’t make an appointment,” Julia admitted with a sigh. “This was a bit of a last minute decision, though I’m loathed to admit it. And I honestly don’t have the time to wait for another appointment. I need my Starter Pokemon today, as soon as possible.” Julia let out a sigh, only now realizing how much of a nuisance she was probably being. “I know this is probably a pain, but… I just can’t afford to lose another second, and I can’t tell you why either. Can I please help my Starter, now? I promise, I won’t take much of your time.”

The woman clenched her teeth, sucking in some air through them, as she seemed like she was a tad bit hesitant with what she was about to say. “I’m sorry, Ms. Corona?” the woman said with a bit of a questioning tone in case she got her name wrong. “But, well you see, the Professor doesn’t really-“

Before the woman could finish her thought, the Professor placed his hand on her shoulder gently, causing the woman to look at his kind smile. The Professor nodded, causing his employee to look at him with some confusion before realizing what it was he was trying to tell her. The woman flinched before speaking again. “Are you sure, sir? I mean, you don’t have to.” With an insistent nod and a nudge, the woman nodded in understanding. “Understood.”

With that, the woman went back to her desk and returned the schedule where it belonged. Then, she returned with another stack of some sort of notes, as well as a notebook with blank paper and a pen, in case the Professor wished to write down anything he needed to communicate to Julia instead of his usual sign language method. Sometimes the Professor would become so eager to tell Trainers something that hearing people slowly translate would wear on his patience. Otherwise, there were certain things that he wanted to tell them as opposed to being translated.

“I hope you know what you’re doing sir,” the lady shrugged as she spoke. “I’m not certain, but we may be out of certain Starters. The breeder said that the Chikorita, Torchic, and Litten were all supposed to be shipped today. Last time I checked, we were low on Piplup, too, and we won’t be getting any more until Friday. That means Trainers may be out of luck for Piplup if this girl chooses it, and I’m not sure if that’s fair to the Trainers who scheduled and wanted a Piplup.”

“Actually, I’m probably not going to go for Piplup,” Julia said, causing the Professor and his assistant to both give her a glance that seemed to suggest that she should probably explain. “Yeah, I’m not that big of a Piplup fan. Or any of the Starters with beaks for that matter. I mean, they’re cute, I guess. Just… Never was a fan.” Julia was being rather vague on purpose. She had a rather embarrassing experience with a Pikipek that left her with a bad taste in her mouth about birds. And if that sounded like it was meant to be taken literally, then good. Because it was. So, basically, Julia was never a fan of birds.

The Professor patted the woman’s back as a signal to get things going. “Oh, yes! Of course, sir!” The woman held out her hand toward the teen in a friendly gesture. “My name is Erica Rodgers, and I’m Professor Nirmana’s assistant today.” Erica gestured to a hallway that lead to yet another room. “Please follow me this way, and then the Professor and I can get you situated and you can pick your new friend.”

Julia nodded and followed behind Professor Nirmana and his assistant. The young teen tried oh so hard to ignore the fact that he was wearing his pajamas while giving her the Pokemon who would be a pivotal part of her team, but it bugged her far too much for Julia to do anything but bite her tongue. She was praying that the moment her eyes looked to that Pokemon that hopefully she would forget all about it.

Erica placed a hand on the knob before opening it and stepping inside. “All Pokemon remain in their Pokeballs until new Trainers are ready to meet them. This is a safety precaution to keep new Trainers from being overwhelmed.” The Professor and Julia both made their way inside in that order while the assistant started typing on the computer. “Young Pokemon tend to be a little bit on the eager side. They’re just as eager to find their Trainer as most Trainers are to meeting their first Pokemon.”

A clicking sound of the mouse before a beeping sound and then the assistant turned back to the new Trainer. “Just let us know which Pokemon you’d like to meet, and we’d be more than happy to bring it out for you to meet.” Professor Nirmana gently nudged Erica, causing her to instinctively face his direction before he started making signals with his hands. The Professor was so sufficient at sign language that it was often times hard for the assistants to keep up with him. If one did not know any better, one would think he was either deaf or mute.

“Oh yes!” Erica said, after a few moments of trying to decipher sign language. “I almost forgot! Before you choose your Pokemon, the Professor would like to give you a series of questions for you to answer. I’ll translate the question to you, and you give us the best answer you can come up with. There is no wrong answer to these questions, this is just to help us determine which Starter Pokemon would be best for you. Are you willing to participate?”

The Professor brought Erica’s attention back to him and she deciphered the sign language once again before nodding. “Ah,” she said in understanding. “My mistake. There is a right or wrong answer. These questions will be to see how ready you are to become a Trainer, and test to see how difficult of a Pokemon you’re ready to handle. A wise decision, sir! Some of these Pokemon can be a handful.”

A quiz? For the love of Arceus, Julia didn’t have enough time for this! She needed to get going, now! The teen did not hide her disdain for this as much as she had earlier, which brought some confusion to the Professor and his assistant. The quizzical looks on their faces caused the young teen to let out a sigh and compose her frustration. It was just a quiz. Hopefully this would not waste too much of her time. And besides, it may have ended up helping her if she just gave it a chance. “Sure!” If there was any frustration left in her, Julia’s tone showed no signs of it. “That’s a good idea. What’s the first question?”

Word Count: 1,956
Roshia Frost

Julianna Corona

Roshia: DA70D6
Regina: fff
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Posted Image cynda1
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“Alright, then!” Erica began as she turned to the Professor, translating as they went. “First question! How many types are strong to the Grass-Type, and what are those types? You may list each one of them first if you like.”

Quite the question for the first one. How did they know if Julia even cared enough about Pokemon to care about these facts? It took the green eyed teen a moment to ponder as she slowly listed them one by one. “Let’s see,” Julia began her answer. “There’s the Fire-Type, and the Flying Type, since plants are easily flammable, and Flying Types tend to eat plants. Then there is the Poison Type, since plants tend to be very frail, die quickly, and illnesses can spread within a group of plats fairly quickly. …Water..? No, Ice Type! Because typically plants can’t survive in cold temperatures, though there are a few that specialize in surviving in the cold. Am I forgetting any? Oh, yes! Bug Types, since bugs eat plants! So, I believe that would make five weaknesses total, correct?”

The Professor nodded, quite pleased at the efficiency of the young woman’s answers. “Very good!” Erica translated. “Now tell me all of the Pokemon that a Water Type is strong against, and how many.”

This one didn’t take Julia as long to figure out. “From what I can tell, Grass and Water Types both have similar advantages despite Water being weak to Grass. The types that they both share an advantage over is the Rock and Ground types. The reason why Water is strong against these two types is pretty much for the same reason. Water is capable of waring down on dirt and stones. An obvious advantage would be against a Fire Type, since Water can easily put out a fire. And… I believe that’s it. So a Water Type has a total of three weaknesses.”

“Correct!” Once again, the Professor was impressed by the young woman’s efficiency. “Alright then, this one may be a bit trickier. What are the types that each of Tepig and all of its evolutionary forms resist?” To help remind Julia of what a Tepig was, the Professor received a Pokeball from the machine the computer was attached to after selecting it from said terminal, and tapped the button, allowing for a stream of light to flow from the ball. The light formed a small creature that turned out to be an orange piglet of sort.

The Tepig snorted, and let out a bit of a sigh from its snout, causing some smoke and embers to spark, though they were not strong enough to start a fire, since they could not survive the air the moment the Fire-Type released it. It was clear to Julia that this one would be quite the fire hazard. As cute as it was, Julia did not know if she wanted to walk through forests knowing that she could potentially burn it all down by accident because her pig sneezed.

Still, it was a good thing the Professor brought it out. Julia had to admit that Tepig was a Pokemon she had forgotten about, but just looking at this Pokemon sparked some memory of the Fire-Type and its levels. Another thing to note about the way the Professor asked these questions was that he seemed to have a particular fondness of the Water Type. He asked about the weaknesses of the Grass Type, the resistances of a particular Fire Type evolutionary line, but he seemed particularly interested in the strengths of a Water Type.

If anyone were to ask Julia, she would say that the Professor was just a wee bit biased.

“Alright, let’s see,” This was a trick question. But upon recognizing Tepig, Julia knew just how to assess this. “If I’m correct, the Tepig line is one of the Fire Type Starters who evolve into Fire/Fighting types. But Tepig itself is a pure Fire Type. That would make its resistances different from its evolutions.” The young woman paused as she peered over to the Professor just to see if she was correct. The Professor nodded, urging for her to continue. “That would definitely make the Grass and Bug two types that it resists, since Grass is easily flammable, and so are bugs. Steel and ice are another one since they both melt when in contact with fire, so I believe that makes four weaknesses.”

“Ah, ah, ah!” Erica voiced, wagging her finger a bit and shaking her head. “You’re very close, but here’s where the tricky part comes in. There’s one more type it resists.”

Julia was bewildered. Another type? What could it be? Well, it certainly couldn’t be Ground, Rock, or Water. All of those were strong against Fire. Perhaps Poison? That was certainly plausible, since she had never heard of a fire being able to be poisoned. But at the same time, a fire would not be able to get rid of a poison either. So, what could it be?

“You want a hint?” Erica suggested. No, Julia did not want a hint, but she nodded anyways for the sake of time. “It’s a newly discovered type her in Godai.” Oh, of course! That was why she had such a hard time figuring it out. She had heard about the illusive Fairy Type that had only been discovered at the end of Spring 200 AG. Or, rather, that was when Pokemon, like Gardevoir and Clefairy, had experienced a type change. Julia had heard of it, but she had never thought it was important enough to study about the type. All of the Starter Pokemon she was aware of were either Fire, Water, or Grass, with some evolving into stages the blend into other elements.

As far as she knew, none of the Starters had any Fairy Type attributes. And, more importantly, Julia was more prepared to leave as soon as possible rather than be handed a pop quiz. For the most part, every correct answer had some sort of logical sense, but why would Fire be resistant to Fairy?

“Then, I suppose,” Julia began again carefully. “The newly discovered Fairy-Type would be another resistant, though I don’t really have any scientific evidence as to why this would be a thing.”

Erica nodded in understanding. “Yes, those are all of Tepig’s resistances,” she commented. “It is a rather head scratching mystery, especially since Fairy is not a type that is even weak to Fire. Our best guess is that it is closely related to the Grass Type, since there are certain Fairy Type moves that affect the Grass Type Pokemon. Unfortunately, it’s still too soon to know for certain. The Fairy Type is definitely a fascinating phenomenon, and to think that we’ve all live long enough to see it appear.”

The assistant had suddenly become lost in the phenomenon, but the teen’s eyebrows arched a bit in frustration. She was not finished answering the question, and she still needed to pick her Starter. The young teen impatiently let out a cough to catch Erica’s attention, causing the excited woman to remember what her job was at the moment. “Oh, yes! Many apologies! Now, explain the other forms of Tepig.”

Julia nodded as she continued her answer. “Alright, now I think the other two stages are the same. They are both Fire-Fighting Types, so all of Tepig’s weaknesses apply, except I believe the Bug-Type has become even less effective than if they were still a Tepig. This is just a guess, but because the type changed, I don’t think they have the same resistance to the Fairy Type anymore, but I’m not sure. I’m just going to say that to be on the safe side. So, there would be one more resistance, right? It’s on the tip of my tongue…”

The Fighting Type, Julia had been prepared for. With there being three Fire Starter Pokemon who all evolved into a Fire Fighting hybrid, she was almost guaranteed to look it up just in case the monkey or the pig won her over. There was no way she was picking the chick, but Torchic was not the only one with this quirk. But what would the final resistance be? With Fighting, it was not so obvious. She could say another Fighting Type, but that did not make any sense. Why would a Fighting Type be resistant to another Fighting type? Poison, again, was another thought, but one could not simply punch a poison and make it go away. If anything, that was just guaranteed to make one sick. Fighting types could not even hit a Ghost-Type, and there was no indication that a Ghost Type could not hit a Fighting Type. Once again, it seemed like Julia had found a dead end.

Perhaps the Pokemon just lose a resistance upon evolving, because she was not about to go back on what she said about the Fairy Type. But then it hit her: the Dark Type. In some places, the Dark Type was claimed to be the “evil” type. These were Pokemon with tendencies to create mischief and some even liked seeing misery first hand (though not all Pokemon with these tendencies are the Dark Type, and not all Dark types had these tendencies). From what she recalled, the Fighting Type is meant to ecompass martial arts, but more importantly, some people have revered them as super heroes. And what did super heroes vanquish? Evil.

“I believe the final resistance is the Dark Type,” Julia explained. “The evidence is not obvious, and perhaps it will never truly be understood why Fighting is strong against Dark, I think based on information I’ve come across, the Dark Type is probably the best answer.”

The Professor and his assistant remained silent for a few, uncomfortably silent moments. The young teen felt her blood chill slightly at the strange feeling that, maybe, she got that answer wrong. Julia did not know why that would have been such a big deal, but the way the two of them were acting caused the young woman to become concerned. However, two huge smiles suddenly formed and her concern was instantly replaced with confusion. What was with all of the dramatics with these two all of a sudden?

“That’s correct, Julia!” Erica and Julia nearly jumped out of their skin at the excited tone from the Professor himself. “I’m impressed, young lady! You’ve really prepared yourself for this encounter. You didn’t strike me as someone who really cared about Pokemon at first, but with everything you know, I feel very confident that we’re giving you a Pokemon.”

Julia gave a bit of an uncertain smile and simply nodded. Honestly, she did not care about Pokemon as much as he seemed to believe, and normally she would have zero issue with telling him so. But if it meant receiving her Pokemon right at that moment, then she would simply have to smile, nod, and bite her tongue. “Um,” There was one thing she was a little confused about though. “You can speak?”

Professor Nirmana let out a laugh before giving the young teen a nod that was certain. “Yes, yes,” he answered. “I can speak. My voice box just stops working whenever I meet a stranger I’m not ready to meet. That’s why I prefer meeting Trainers who give me notice ahead of time. It’s more for their sake than for mine. Thank you so much for your help, Erica! I believe you had just arrived, and you needed to get your early morning tasks done? I can take it from here.”

“Of course, Professor.” The other woman nodded, and left the room, seeing as she was no longer needed there. Erica nodded at Julia as she exited the room, leaving the young teen alone with the Professor in his PJs.

Nirmana’s attention was brought back to the terminal that was used to bring out Tepig’s Pokeball as he brought out a list of the same spheres on the screen. “Uh, Professor Nirmana,” the young teen treaded cautiously with what she was about to say. “I don’t mean to be rude, or anything, but-“

“You’re wondering why I’m wearing pajamas to work?” The shocked look in Julia’s emerald eyes told him everything. “Yeah, I get that a lot. And to that I say, the professional work attire is overrated. People now a days base a person’s work ethnic on the clothes they wear, which I don’t see the point. As long as the job gets done, who cares what the person is wearing? Personally, I think Professors in lab coats think they’re better than anyone else.” The Professor suddenly realized how cocky that statement sounded. “N-not that that’s a bad thing… or anything.” The Professor looked down at the piglet who was now pawing at the Professor’s leg for some attention. “Oh, I’m sorry little one!” he said, placing a gentle hand on the Tepig’s head. The Professor picked the piglet up and turned to the Trainer. “This is one of your options, and it seems that you got a little acquainted. Would you like this Tepig as your partner?”

The Professor handed the Tepig to the girl who simply gave him an uncertain grin. “Well-,” The Tepig suddenly let out a massive sneezes, ember just barely grazing the edges of her face and hair. The young teen flinched at the burns, and held an irritated and unimpressed expression on her face. “No, Professor.” The young woman placed the piglet down on the ground and promptly patted him on the head, causing the Tepig to rub her hand with his forehead. It was clear that the Tepig wanted some attention, but all Julia could do was smile as she brought her attention back to the terminal. “No, I don’t think Tepig and I would be a good match.”

Though a tad disappointed, the Professor understood that not everyone was happy just being with a Pokemon who liked them. “That’s alright,” Nirmana nodded as he looked over the list. Perhaps a Fire-Type wasn’t the best for her at this moment. There were some people who were rather wary of Fire-Types, but this young lady just didn’t seem like she wanted to get burned. She may receive a Fire-Type with better control of their fire power in the future, and, in the meantime, this little guy would certainly get a Trainer of his own. The Professor tapped the ball on Tepig’s forehead, and the piglet returned into his Pokeball. “Okay, so Tepig wasn’t a hit. How about we introduce you to a Grass-Type. How about you pick the next one?”

Julia nodded as she made her way over to the terminal. “So, is there any particular way to know which one is which type?” Julia squinted at the screen as she asked the question, causing the Professor to nod.

“Yes,” Nirmana pointed his finger toward the top of the screen. “All the names listed at the top are the Grass-Type Pokemon. Under that are the Fire-Types. See?” The Professer placed his finger on the screen where it said Tepig. “Tepig’s name is listed right there. Everything in Tepig’s line is a Fire Type. And everyone on the bottom list is a Water Type.” Personally, the Professor would have liked it better if the Water Types were on the top, but he really could not complain. “So, which of these Pokemon would you like to meet?”

“Hm…” The young woman placed a pondering hand over her lips.

Word Count: 2,584
Roshia Frost

Julianna Corona

Roshia: DA70D6
Regina: fff
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“You said I should meet a Grass-Type next, huh?” Julia questioned, earning a kind nod from the Professor. “Alright, then how about... Snivy.” The Professor let out a bit of a laugh and a nod before selecting Snivy on the terminal. The Pokeball was released from its spot much like the Tepig’s ball had before it. The Professor handed the young woman the ball.

“Why don’t you let this little one out of its ball?” the Professor suggested with a grin. “I’m sure you’ll like this one.”

Julia clicked on the button and, much like with Tepig, a stream of light came out of the ball to form a sleek, reptilian Pokemon of sorts. The Pokemon blinked awake, eyes scanning his area before giving a bit of a yawn. Julia was quite fond of this one. He seemed like a rather cool character. Certainly a good candidate for contests. If Julia did not end up with a Snivy of her own today, perhaps that would be a Pokemon she could keep her eyes out for. “Hello!” Julia greeted as she reached her hand out to pet the little reptile’s head.

However, what resulted was not as pleasant as she had hoped. A sudden, aggressive hiss came from the reptile as he lunged to bite at the young Trainer’s hand. Julia was taken aback as she let out a bit of a squeak. Nirmana’s teeth clenched a bit as he instantly grabbed the aggressive Pokemon. “Oh dear! I am so sorry!” Nirmana apologized profusely. “Erica! Erica, get in here!”

The Professor and new Trainer heard swift footsteps as the person being called rushed right into the room. “Yes? What is it Professor?”

The Snivy rigorously tried to squeeze himself out of the Professor’s hand before being forced back into his Pokeball before letting out a relieved sigh. “Please tell me who it was that sent our last load of Snivy in.” Erica nodded and received Snivy’s Pokeball before heading back over to her desk. “I am so sorry, Julia. There seems to be a miss with the Snivy. Perhaps there is another Pokemon you would like to choose?”

Oh. So it looked like she would not be able to choose a Snivy after all. What a shame. The sleek, coolness of that Pokemon would have been perfect for contests. Julia had no idea what kind of battlers Snivy were, but the possibilities for contests seemed endless with it. A type of endless potential that Julia simply could not have. What a shame…

The Professor looked at the teen with sympathy. His eyes seemed to glint with a bit of realization. “Oh, I forgot to ask you something. I only have one more question for you.” Julia looked at the Professor, ignoring her own disappointment. “I apologize, I should have asked this earlier, but what sort of Trainer are you looking to be?”

Julia gave a tug at an edge of her lips before giving her an answer. “Well, I wish to be a Coordinator, sir,” she answered as matter of factually as she could. “It’s really the only thing I ever wanted to be as a kid, to tell you the truth. I’m not really sure what type of Coordinator I even want to be but… I was certain a Pokemon like Snivy could help.”

The Professor let out a hum as footsteps could be heard once again. “So sorry, Professor, but it seems as though the Snivy weren’t ready to be sent to us,” Erica explained. “It seems as though the Snivy are still in a crucial stage in development, meaning that they’re still too young to be given to first time Trainers.”

“Ah, yes,” Nirmana bobbed his head a few times, his anxiety settling down. “It did seem like that Snivy was a bit on the young side. I wished I would have noticed before Julia tried to pet him. Send all the Snivy back to the breeder and tell him to send them back to us when they’re good and ready. It’s not good for the Snivy to be here right now.”

“Sir,” Erica interjected. “I realize that it’s for the Pokemon’s best interest that we do this, but we have Trainers coming in the next few days. We have at least three who would have liked to choose Snivy.”

Nirmana sighed. “I know,” he said apologetically. “But unfortunately they will simply have to pick another Pokemon, or re-schedule for another appointment. In the meantime, try to find another Breeder who can send us more Snivy. Oh, and a new batch of Piplup, too, while you’re at it.”

“No need to worry, sir,” Erica grinned. “I already made a call, and we should have a new batch of Piplup first thing in the morning.”

“Excellent!” Nirmana clapped his hands together as he gave his assistant a pleased smile. “I’ll be back in again tomorrow morning, so I’ll be sure to receive them. If you can’t get any Snivy soon, make a call to all the Trainers who said they wanted a Snivy and give them an apology for me. Let me know if any of them would like a Pokemon aside from Snivy. I’d be more than willing to be accomidating.”

“Yes, sir!” And once again, Erica vanished into the hallways.

“Now where was I?” The Professor pondered as he placed a hand under his chin, moving back to the terminal. Upon seeing the list of Pokemon names listed on the screen, Nirmana realized what he was doing as his fingers grazed over the keys. “Would you like for me to make another appointment for you to receive a Snivy?”

Julia let out a despondent sigh. “Unfortunately, no,” she answered, reluctantly. “I can’t afford to stay here longer than I have to.”

The Professor nodded, but not as sadly as Julia thought he would have. Her eyebrows arched a bit in curiosity. Was he up to something? “Then, I suppose I have a Pokemon that may be of some use to you, if you would allow me to show it to you.”

There was a glint of excitement in his eyes, as if he was going to share with her a deep dark secret. Was there some sort of surprise? Julia couldn’t be bothered to guess, so she simply nodded. “Sure.”

“Alright, then,” Once again, the professor had his hands on the keys, and moved the cursor over a name on the bottom of the list. But not just any random selection, no. This one was the very last Pokemon in the row on the right. Julia was not able to get a good look at what the name of the Pokemon was, but then again, she did not really care enough to give a try. “I have a special treat for you, then!” The Professor made his way to the cockpit, much like he had with the other two Pokeballs, and took the Pokeball that now rested in the bowl.

Julia approached the Professor, still clearly reluctant to accept whatever plan the Professor had. “Professor?” Julia questioned. “What sort of Pokemon even is this, anyway?”

Professor Nirmana gave the young Trainer a giddy smile. “Perhaps one of the best Pokemon when it comes to performances,” Professor began to explain. “And I’m certain you’ll find this one exciting. These Pokemon have only been discovered recently. They are brand new, much like the Fairy-Type Pokemon that showed up Spring of 200 AG.” The Professor offered the Pokeball to the young Trainer with a million dollar smile. Clearly, whoever this Pokemon was, it had to be one of the Professor’s favorites. “I promise you, this Pokemon would be the perfect Pokemon for your team, and would most definitely make an excellent star.”

Julia looked down at the Professor’s hand, slowly reaching out for the ball. The young lady’s eyes scanned the capsule, fingers curled around the spherical object. A new Pokemon? Julia could only stare at the light in anticipation of meeting a Pokemon she had never seen before. Was this Pokemon really as perfect for performances as the Professor claimed? The teen gave the Pokeball a slight squeezed, arching her eyebrows. There was only one way to know for sure. “Here goes.”

Julia pressed the button on the Pokeball, and just like the others, a bright light spilled out of the Pokeball.

Word Count: 1,393
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The light spilled over the rims of the Pokeball, slowly forming into a creature of sorts. Once the light finally vanished, Julia found herself a little bewildered. What was it she was even looking at? No, no, this was not the Pokemon she wanted! Surely it was not! Perhaps the Professor was mistaken on what she meant by her wanting to be a Coordinator. This, clearly, was not the Pokemon she had envisioned to help her be at the top of Coordinating.

This… This thing, it just… There were so many things wrong with it! Where could she even begin? First of all, it was a seal. How was she, a dancer, supposed to perform with a Pokemon who did not even have reliable limbs to stand on? If it was a quadruped, that was one thing, but in order for this thing to perform, it would clearly need to be under water. What else was wrong with it? Well, it looked like a clown, only a seal. Julia did not want to start a circus! She wanted to perform in contests. She could just imagine herself center stage with Bozo the Clown Seal, and just being the laughing stock of Godai for bringing such a goofy looking Pokemon on stage.

The look of horror filling the girl’s face seemed to be lost on Nirmana, because he gladly began explaining the identity of this Pokemon. He was, obviously, much more enthusiastic about this Pokemon than the other two. “This is one of the newly discovered Pokemon, Popplio.” Popplio glanced over to the Professor upon recognizing its name and began sniffing at him, its large nose twitching as it did so.

The eagerness that beamed from the Professor was simply not contagious enough to win Julia over. “It’s a seal. Only really goofy looking.” The teen was clearly unimpressed by the Popplio’s appearance, though it could hardly be bothered with her. Popplio could see the girl in the corner of her eye and did not even bother giving her any of its attention. The Professor stifled a laugh that was just waiting to explode, causing the teen to give him a suspicious expression. “What’s so funny?”

The Professor gain back his composure as he let out a bit of a cough. “Ahem, so sorry,” Nirmana apologized as he knelt down and began stroking Popplio’s large, round head. “But, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Popplio didn’t really think much of your looks either.”

“What was that?!” Julia scolded, only causing the Professor to laugh all the more at the teen’s dismay. “Tch! Whatever!” Julia folded her arms with a huff and turned the other way. “I can’t use this thing for contests! I’ll be a complete laughing stock in front of an entire crowd of people!”

“Aw,” the Professor objected. “This Pokemon isn’t to be ashamed of, are you, Popplio?” The seal made a bit of a barking noise in a bit of excitement, much like a seal would. Popplio used its flippers to hop over to the Professor, eagerly, as it tried to climb up onto his lap. Clearly, whoever bred this Pokemon pampered it. The large eyes just seemed to plea with the Professor to pick it up and cuddle with it. “I’m sorry little one, but no cuddles right now.” Popplio smacked its lips together excitedly. “You’re going to have to get to know your new Trainer at some point, and I don’t want to ruin that, okay? Now go say hi to that nice young lady.”

It took the seal a few nudges of encouragement, but it seemed as though Julia finally got Popplio’s attention, though the teen did not really want it. Letting out a few more seal like barks, the Popplio eagerly slid over to the young woman and placed one of its flippers on her boot. Julia looked down at the Pokemon, glared, and simply slipped her foot away from it. Still, the Popplio was pretty determined to make an impression, and once again, its flipper was on her boot. A groan rumbled at the back of her throat as she rolled her eyes.

Julia felt a hand on her shoulder as she looked up at the Professor, who was smiling at her. “I know it doesn’t exactly look as cool as a Snivy would,” Nirmana admitted. “But I have a feeling this Pokemon has a lot of performance potential.” Julia rose one of her eyebrows, encouraging the Professor to continue, if only out of pure curiosity. “I’m not going to spoil the kind of Pokemon this one evolves into, because that would simply ruin the fun of you discovering it yourself. But I know this cute and cuddly little one will be an excellent member of your team if you just give her a try.”

Her, huh? So it was a girl? That was interesting enough, Julia supposed. But she simply could not wipe off the disgusted look on her face at just how goofy it looked. Julia gave another huff before giving her response. “I know I’d promised that I wouldn’t take much of your time,” she said solemnly. “But I’m sorry, I just need time. I don’t feel good about this choice.”

“Of course,” Nirmana answered. “This choice is yours and yours alone. Don’t let anyone choose your Starter for you. If you want me to pick another one-“

“Do,” Julia interrupted, accidently, though the Professor’s silence encouraged the teen to continue. “Do you really think a Popplio would be a good choice for a Coordinator?” Nirmana gave a genuine smile and nodded. Julia hummed in response, but clearly still had a hard time making up her mind.

“Tell you what,” Nirmana suggested as he headed toward the door of the room. “How about I let you get to know Popplio a bit on your own. That way, perhaps, Popplio may just win you over. If not, then at least you’ll know which Pokemon you don’t want. Just let me know when you’re ready to make your decision, and I’ll be more than happy to get you all situated. Does that sound like a plan?”

Julia grinned uncertainly at the Professor and nodded. “Yeah,” Julia answered. “I can go with that. Maybe you’re right. If I get to know her a little bit, I’ll feel better about my decision.”

“That’s that then,” Nirmana grabbed the knob, turned it, and made his way out of the room. “Just let me know when you’ve made your decision. In case you want to know what time it is, it’s 8 am.”

“What?!” But before she could get another response, he was already gone. The teen groaned as she slipped onto the floor in a sitting position. She had almost sat on poor Popplio, but luckily she seemed to react quickly enough to slip out of the way. Eight o’clock in the morning? How did two hours already go by? This was not at all how she had planned this would go. Julia let out a groan and grabbed two fistfuls of rosy locks before curling up a bit.

“Bork,” Julia flinched as she felt the same flipper on the side of her face, bringing her attention back on the seal, who seemed to be eagerly sniffing at the girl again. Julia let out a groan at the absolutely ridiculous face that was on this Pokemon. What on Earth was Arceus thinking when it made this thing? “Bork, bork!” Popplio nudged her nose on the teen’s arm, causing the girl to turn to her.

“Oh right,” Julia said turning her full body toward the seal Pokemon. “I’m supposed to get to know you? Or something?” Of course, the Pokemon could only tilt her head at Julia’s words. “Oh, right. You’re a Pokemon, so you can’t understand what I’m saying. So, I’m basically talking to myself.” Julia let out a sigh. “So! How are we going to do this?” Popplio hopped closer to Julia and rested her head onto her lap. Unfortunately, the human was having none of the poor thing’s affection. Julia grabbed Popplio by the face and plopped it onto the ground, causing the girl to stand up on her feet. “Yeah, we’re having none of that.”

And with that, the girl tried to step away, only to have the seal grab onto her leg, letting out another bark. “Bork!” Julia let out a bit of a squeak as the seal tried, in vain, to climb up the girl’s leg.

“Hey!” Julia scolded. To be fair, Julia was having just as little luck getting the Pokemon off of her leg. The Popplio was not able to climb up the human, but she was able to wrap her flippers completely around one of the legs and rest her head on it. Julia groaned. “This is going to take another couple of hours, isn’t it?” The seal nuzzled her nose against her leg, causing the girl to groan and ended up on the ground in a sitting position again, with a hand under her chin. The seal’s nose started twitching, and a stream of bubbles flew into her face, covering her face with water. The Popplio then slid away from the girl, getting distracted by various items in the room.

“You literally got into my face just to sneeze on me…” Julia let out and exasperated sigh. “This just isn’t my day.”

Word Count: 1,569

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After several minutes of either sitting around or being distracted by various gadgets in the room, Julia finally seemed to get Popplio’s attention again. Once again, the seal started sniffing at the rather aggravated young woman, before huffing and squinting her eyes shut in disgust. Julia’s teeth clenched at the continuous insulting treatment she was receiving and let out a massive groan of frustration. “Now I’m wishing that I chose Tepig as my Starter,” Julia groaned. “Even that aggressive Snivy would have been better than you. What’s so great about your performances, anyway?”

Of course, Popplio showed no interest in anything the young woman had to say. Instead, she kept her attention on literally anything else, perhaps even in search of anyone else willing to cuddle with her. Julia rolled her eyes, her patience just about spent with this Pokemon. Julia marched her way through the door, with Popplio, oddly enough, following right after her. Perhaps she would have the cuddles she longed for from other people if she followed this grouchy girl.

“Professor Nirmana!” Julia called out sternly, bringing the attention of the Professor and his assistant to the young lady. Despite the aggressive body language Julia was displaying, with her hands curled up and clenched into fists as well as her arms and legs being stiff, the Professor did not seem the least bit concerned. “This goofy looking… thing-!” The exasperated teen had to take a few moments to calm down before continuing. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re going to be a good match. It doesn’t like me all that much, and I can’t get over how goofy it looks.”

“Hm…” The Professor hummed, pondering the best way to solve this problem, though judging from his calm demeanor, he seemed to have already come up with a plan. “If you’re willing to put up with me one more time,” the Professor explained. “How about we try one more thing. I’ll have Erica choose one of the other Starter Pokemon, and you use Popplio for a practice battle. And if you still don’t like it, then you’ll know for certain it wasn’t meant to be.” Nirmana approached the young lady and smiled. “But, as I said earlier, this is your decision. So, we don’t have to go along with it if you don’t want to.”

Julia let out a bit of a hum, glancing down at the little seal, who was simply trying to get some cuddles from Erica, to which she applied, and the teen simply huffed, and turned away from the seal’s direction. “I’m sorry, Professor,” Julia said. “I just don’t think it’ll work out.”

Nirmana gave Julia a sad smile as he walked back over to the room with the terminal. “I understand,” he sighed. “But there are more Pokemon where that came from. Perhaps you would be willing to see another Fire-Type Pokemon?” The fact that showing her a new Water-Type failed slightly discouraged the Professor, but he was used to meeting up with Trainers who outright hated Water Pokemon. Julia showed no signs of being that kind of person, and simply could not get along with this one Pokemon. “Try to pick another Fire-Type Pokemon.” The Professor stepped aside, allowing the young woman a chance to get a good look at the screen.

Popplio, meanwhile, seemed so content in Erica’s arms that the Professor did not have the heart to put her back in her ball. So, instead, the Popplio would simply spectate the entire thing, should she choose to pay attention. “Let’s see,” Julia pondered allowed. “How about… Cyndaquil!” Clicking on the name Cyndaquil, the terminal clicked and made another beeping noise, and yet another Pokeball rolled out of the cockpit.

“Ah, yes!” Nirmana said, with a hint of eagerness. “Cyndaquil are very mild mannered Pokemon, and the flames on their backs are much easier to control than the embers that come out of Tepig’s nose, or the flame on a Charmander’s tail. Certainly a good choice for beginner or cautious Pokemon Trainers.”

The Cyndaquil didn’t seem too pleased with being awoken as it rubbed its knobbed paw over its closed eyes. The Cyndaquil let out a yawn before looking up at the stranger and letting out a terrified screech. Running on all fours, the little fire mouse hid behind the Professor’s leg and hid her face from the Trainer, causing Julia’s eyebrows to arch. What was with these Pokemon? Did they all just dislike her in some way? Well, she supposed Tepig did not really show any signs of disliking her, but still. “Why is that one’s eyes closed?”

The Professor grinned at the question. Even if it was not about a Water Type Pokemon, Nirmana was always one to encourage the curiosity of the young. “Well,” the laid back Professor spun his chair a little bit before continuing. “Cyndaquil are among the youngest Pokemon we receive. They are rather mild Pokemon, and are some of the easiest Pokemon to raise. They are Fire Mouse Pokemon, so they tend to be ready to leave their parents at an earlier age. For this reason, Cyndaquil have their eyes shut, and the young Cyndaquil don’t open their eyes until they evolve into the more confident and mature Quilava.” The Cyndaquil could barely contain the absolute fear it felt at the familiarity Julia exhibited. “This little one doesn’t like meeting new people or Pokemon,” Nirmana knelt down and gently stroked the top of its large, round head. “I know what it’s like, little one, don’t worry.”

Julia looked down at the little Cyndaquil. It seemed to have just about everything she was looking for. It was a Pokemon with a mild nature, or rather, the species as a whole was like that, it had enough control of its fire as to be a less likely fire hazard, and, even if it did not like her at that moment, there was probably a good chance that it would like her soon. It certainly appeared to be a better choice than Ms. Bozo the Seal nestled in the assistant’s arms.

But if that was true, then why did she have a feeling that she was somehow making a mistake? Why was Popplio such a good choice for Coordinators? Was Julia just throwing away potential? And for what? Because she felt insulted by the way the seal was behaving? This Cyndaquil did not like Julia, but she was willing to give it a chance, and the Professor never made this recommendation. Nirmana did not do the greatest job selling that Water Type to her, but there had to be a reason he even brought her out, right?

Julia drowned out the Professor’s words as she looked back at the large, black eyes, curiously looking around the room. Both of these Pokemon were young, curious, and had yet to even know what the real world out there was like. Clearly, this Cyndaquil was more than willing to stay a day or two longer, and seemed terrified at the thought of even stepping an inch out of the door, but this Popplio’s curiosity was through the roof. She was willing to go through any lengths to crawl into the arms of humans, but now she seemed eager to go somewhere.

Julia’s attention went back to all of the Pokeballs that must have been in that machine. Who knew when this Popplio would ever have the chance to see the sunlight? When would she be able to quench her curiosity of the real world? Maybe it would take sixteen years? Like how it took Julia sixteen years?

Sixteen years too late, if you asked her.

“Professor,” Julia said, catching him in the middle of a thought she had not been paying attention to. Nirmana turned toward the Trainer, a look of concern at the conflicted expression spread across the young teen’s face. Julia took a deep breath before slowly letting it out. “Professor, I change my mind. Can… can I still take you up on your suggestion?”

“What’s that?” Nirmana asked, wanting a clarification. The Professor was almost certain this young lady was set in her ways, and yet, suddenly, she was changing her mind? He needed to know if she was committed to the choice she was about to make, because he did not want to start a battle and have her change her mind right in the middle of it.

Julia gave the Professor a grin that expressed the certainty that he wanted to see. “I’ll battle Erica with Popplio.”

Word Count: 1,423
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Professor Nirmana formed a smile on his face as he spread his arms out with glee. “Well then,” he said, grinning with anticipation. “I think it’s about time our little Cyndaquil proved herself! What do you say, Miss Erica? It could help with the poor thing’s lack of confidence.”

Erica looked back at the Professor with concern. “Are you sure, Professor? This Pokemon’s going to end up being someone’s partner. I’m not sure that would be fair.”

Nirmana waved his hand dismissively. “Nonsense,” he replied. “It’s not like a battle against a Popplio this young will make it evolve, even if she won the battle. We’re not going to take it too rough since neither of these Pokemon are eager battlers.”

Julia arched her eyebrow toward the Professor. “What do you mean?” she wondered.

“Well, my dear,” Nirmana seemed like he was ready to explain. “You’ll see soon enough when this battle begins. Alright, I’ll oversee this battle. It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it, Miss Erica? Hope you haven’t gotten rusty.”

Erica Rodgers smirked. “Why Professor Nirmana,” she scoffed. “The nerve! Why would you even think such a thing?”

Nirmana shook his head and chuckled. “Oh, I’m not!” he defended. “I’m just concerned is all. You are representing the laboratory. You think my reputation would be unscathed if one of my most trusted assistants couldn’t even battle with a Cyndaquil properly?”

Erica let out a few giggles. “You flatter me, Professor,” she smirked. “But since when did you care about your reputation?”

Nirmana chuckled. “True, true,” he cleared his throat. “But now I believe we’ve wasted enough time. It’s about time we commenced this battle! Oh, dear, I believe I’m having quite the trouble keeping my excitement down! Alright, let’s-“

“Um!” Julia interrupted causing the other two scientists to hum. “Don’t you think it’s a bad idea to be battling around all of this expensive equipment? I’ve heard even the most basic of Pokemon can be a little destructive.”

Nirmana remained silent for a few moments. “You have a good point. It seems as though I got so excited I almost caused disaster. Alright, then! Let’s take this behind the building. Miss Erica?”

“Yes sir!” And the three of them were lead to the back, but not before handing Popplio to Julia, who was about to object, but it seemed to the Professor and his assistant that Julia had just about had her Starter Pokemon picked, though it did not seem like Julia was on the same page. Erica, meanwhile, scooped up the Cyndaquil who eagerly grabbed a hold of the scientist’s coat. She was happy with whatever was familiar to her, and as long as she was as far away from the stranger as possible, she was fine.

Julia looked down at the Popplio, who was already looking up at her with bright and shining eyes, overflowing with curiosity. “Bork!” Popplio barked with the same eagerness as her nose twitched at the young woman’s chin. Julia sighed as she followed the Professor and his assistant, curious and somewhat eager seal in tow.


Word Count: 515
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Encounter Request

“Are you sure this is going to be a problem?” Julia questioned, the eager Popplio sniffing the air as it blew into her face. Julia’s own maroon locks blew in the bright morning, though the brightness made Julia wary of how much time she had left before her mother would figure out that she was gone.

“Oh no, my dear,” Nirmana stated with a pleasant grin. “Not a problem, just a… slight complication is all.” Julia’s eyes squinted again causing the Professor to chuckle. “You’ll see, my dear. You’ll see.” The Professor made his way to the side of the yard a reasonable distance away from where all the mayhem would surely take place. “This battle will be simple, and I don’t want anyone to faint here. This is just to build up some confidence and give our brand new Trainer here a chance to learn about battling a little better. There will be no decisive “winner” or “loser”. Consider this a sort of… practice battle. I do hope the both of you will still have fun.” A smirk once again resided on the Professor’s face as he rose his hand toward Julia’s direction. “Alright, our guest may start.”

PokemonPokeDex InfoLevelStatsMoveSet
Posted Image
Gender: Female
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
5Total Stats: 55
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Sp. Attack: 14 (26%)
Sp. Defense: 14
Speed: 7
1. Pound
1. Water Gun
4. Growl

No Unique Moves

PokemonPokeDex InfoLevelStatsMoveSet
Posted Image
Gender: Female
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Health: Scrawny
6Total Stats: 66
Attack: 15
Defense: 11
Sp. Attack: 13 (19%)
Sp. Defense: 10
Speed: 17 (26%)
1. Leer
1. Tackle
6. Smokescreen

No Unique Moves

“Alright,” Julia nodded as she placed Popplio on the ground. The seal tilted its head a bit in confusion before looking at Erica placing down a rather distressed Cyndaquil. The seal slid herself forward a few paces before backing up a bit, ears folding backwards, a slight murr coming out of the back of her throat. “Huh? What’s wrong?” The seal’s back began to arch before Popplio suddenly made a hasty retreat, suddenly searching thoroughly for something. “What’s the matter with Popplio?”

“Oh, this is what I meant,” Professor Nirmana explained. “You see, as you probably are already aware of, Pokemon have their own various personalities as people do. Even among their species, you may find particular Pokemon who are similar, but no Pokemon are exactly alike.”

“What does this have to do with this situations, currently?” Julia questioned, slightly annoyed by how much the Professor seemed to feel the need to explain every minute detail.

“Well, this Popplio has her own personality,” he explained with glee. “This Popplio, though very social and eager to make friends, has a disdain for battles. She’s a peaceful Pokemon, and she doesn’t like the thought of other Pokemon being in pain. Training this one as much as she has been was no easy task, but she does know enough moves to defend herself.” Nirmana motioned toward the Cyndaquil. “But this Cyndaquil, Alphonse we like to call her, is one of Popplio’s friends. Popplio doesn’t want to hurt Cyndaquil.”

“…So, what am I supposed to do about that?” Julia’s eyebrows arched a bit in thought. As much as she would have loved for this battle to be over and done with, she did not want to force Popplio to do what she did not want to.

“Well, her breeders have been able to get her to battle,” Erica explained. “You just have to ease her into it. Call out an attack that won’t physically hurt Cynda- er Alphonse. She may eventually warm up to the notion of battle, though with this Popplio, we never know. Or, at least, that’s what the Breeders told us. Tell Popplio to use Growl. Sure, it’ll lower Alphonse’s attack, but it might urge her to try and battle as well.”

“Alright then,” Julia nodded, glancing down at the Popplio with arched eyebrows. “Growl, Popplio.” Julia said while pointing at Alphonse. Popplio’s ears perked up at the familiar command, though she still shuffled around anxiously.

“Try to get her to do it again. It normally takes a few tries, because she has a bit of a strong will.” Professor Nirmana encouraged with a nod.

“Popplio!” Julia stated more sternly. “Use Growl!” Julia pointed at Alphonse more sternly again, which caused the Cyndaquil to flinch and run behind the leg of Erica, the poor thing shaking from the tip of her nose to the heels of her feet. Popplio finally shuffled in front of Julia, and took breaths, urging herself to obey, but nothing was happening. “Popplio!”

“Borgrrrr…” A bark formed into a silent growl, causing the seemingly earless Pokemon’s head to tilt. “Grrrr!” A more assertive Growl was good enough to grab Alphonse’s attention as the timid Pokemon slowly made her way back to her appropriate spot.

“Great job, Popplio!” Erica praised, earning bright eyes and twitching ears from the seal, as well as another bark. “Alright, Alphonse, I believe it’s your turn.” The Cyndaquil tilted her head as her name was called out. It was something she was still getting a bit used to. “Use Leer!” Erica’s voice was gentle, but stern as she decisively aimed her hand toward the Popplio.

“Eek!” The Cyndaquil squeaked, with just enough confidence to obey the scientist. The Cyndaquil stood herself on all fours as the flame on her back lit up. Though the Popplio’s ears shot up in surprise, flinching in the process, Julia found the Cyndaquil’s attempt at being scary rather adorable.

“Now, Alphonse, Tackle!” Erica suddenly commanded, catching Julia a bit off guard.

“Wha-?” But before Julia could voice her confusion, Cyndaquil ran head first at Popplio with enough speed to surprise Julia. “What in the world?”

“Bork!” Popplio yelped as she was knocked over, allowing for the Cyndaquil to scurry back to her care taker’s side. Popplio gave a little bit of a snarl as she hopped right back to her feet, growling. “Bork! Bork!” Popplio barked at Alphonse in distaste at the pain that Tackle had caused.

“My apologies, Miss Corona,” Erica said. “That was merely a demonstration. You are allowed to use more than one move in a turn. I was mere taking advantage of Alphonse’s speed.”

“Ah!” Nirmana voiced eagerly. “So you haven’t lost your touch, Miss Erica.”

Erica chuckled. “And you’re having way too much fun on the job, aren’t you, Professor, sir?”

Julia groaned. “I think you’re both having too much fun. Can we focus?”

Battle Summary


Word Count: 1,010

Reason for Editting
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Nirmana and Erica both chuckled a bit in embarrassment. “Many apologies, Julia,” Erica stated with a nervous grin. “The Professor and I get a little too excited when it comes to battling.”

“Obviously,” Julia sighed, before bringing her attention back to the matter at hand. “But now I think it’s our turn. Popplio! Use Growl, one more time!” The Popplio tilted her head a bit in confusion. “Huh? What’s the matter?”

“Well, she’s a young Pokemon. Growl is Popplio’s newest move,” Nirmana explained. “You will need to make the command simply. Try it again.”

“Alright,” Julia sighed as she pointed at Alphonse again. “Popplio, Growl!”

Popplio’s ears twitched, and once again, a light rumble emitted from the back of the seal’s throat. “Borrrrrr…” The Cyndaquil squeaked in response as the little mouse’s muscles relaxed a bit more.

“Popplio, Tackle!” Popplio’s confusion came back stronger than before, this time her head tilted all the way. “Ugh, what now?” Julia groaned.

“Popplio don’t learn Tackle,” Erica explained. “Popplio learn Pound as a first time physical move, like Treecko.”

“Fine, fine!” Julia threw her hand in the air in frustration. “Popplio, Pound!”

“Bork, bork!” Popplio slowly slid her way toward the Cyndaquil and rose her flipper to smack down on the little mouse. The mouse squeaked a bit timidly in response, but Erica was prepared.

“Alphonse, dodge!” Cyndaquil’s head perked, and the little mouse scurried away from the attack, earning an aghast expression from their opponent. “What’s with the shock? Didn’t you know Pokemon could dodge?”

“Of course I did!” Julia defended. “I just didn’t expect a little Cyndaquil to dodge so quickly.”

“Trust me, Julia,” Erica sighed with a smirk. “There are plenty of Pokemon faster than this Cyndaquil. It just so happens that Alphonse is significantly faster than Popplio. In comparison, Popplio’s speed isn’t that great.”

“Well, then, what would be the point of picking Popplio?” Julia questioned rather irritably.

“Well, there’s more to battling than speed, Julia,” Erica stated. “Popplio’s speed may not be the greatest, but she has strengths elsewhere. For example, as you may know, Popplio’s water typing gives you a clear advantage. Aside from that, I think you should figure out Popplio’s strengths for yourself.” Erica smirked. “But now it’s our turn! Alphonse! Smokescreen!”

Alphonse had a bit of trouble keeping up with that one. The Cyndaquil clearly only learned this move recently, but she also managed to recover quickly. Taking a deep breath, Alphonse blew out a huge billow of smoke spouted from the mouth hidden under the large nose of the Cyndaquil. In an instant, the area around the Cyndaquil was covered in the grey clouds. Although it was difficult to tell, Julia could still tell generally where the Cyndaquil was.

“Now, Tackle, Alphonse!” Without the commanding gesture being visible to the Cyndaquil, Alphonse had to trust in her senses to find the Popplio and attack. The Cyndaquil squeaked and once again charged on all fours to the seal.

“Julia! You are allowed to attack while Cyndaquil’s attacking,” The Professor suggested just as Cyndaquil made another mark with Tackle. “Try it.”

“Okay!” Julia agreed. “Popplio, Pound!” Julia pointed at Alphonse, and the command caused Popplio’s ears to twitch. Popplio once again rose her flipper to smack down on the Cyndaquil, but once again the attack was avoided. “No!” Julia huffed in frustration. “Still not good enough.”

“Alphonse! Leer!” Alphonse once again heard the attack, causing her flames to flare up again, and Popplio flinched again in the process. “Alphonse, Tackle!”

“Popplio knows one other move, Julia!” Nirmana said, a hint of desperation in his voice. The scowl on the young woman’s face did not tell him that she was getting any more interested in Popplio as she was frustrated at the current events. “Tell Popplio to use Water Gun!”

Julia opened her mouth just as the Cyndaquil ran in for yet another Tackle. No. This would not happen again, not if she could help it. “Popplio! Water Gun!” Julia screwed her eyes shut not wishing to see another attack miss.

“Bork!” Just as the Cyndaquil was going to jump to make the impact of the attack, Popplio sent a skinny spout of water through her own small mouth. The water went through the smoke earning a rather massive squeak from the Cyndaquil. Julia slowly opened her eyes to see the Cyndaquil at the end of a rather painful attack. The teen found herself flinching a bit on the inside at the pain, but was also inwardly, and ultimately outwardly, grinning at the clear sign of victory on her end.

The Water Type attack had made a clear hit on the Cyndaquil’s forehead, causing Alphonse to let out a massive squeal and hightail it away from her battling stance. Despite all of the progress the little mouse had made, the Cyndaquil ran right back to Erica, and grab onto her leg with her nubby forepaws. Erica knelt down to the poor Cyndaquil and scooped her up. “Are you alright, Alphonse?”

Battle Summary


Word Count: 834
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“Alright, that’s enough,” Professor Nirmana raised his hands bringing the attention to the two women to him. Popplio tilted her head as she looked over at the Professor. “We don’t want to scar anyone. I think that’s enough for this battle.”

Erica nodded, patting the poor, trembling Cyndaquil on the head. “I think it’s too late for that, sir,” Erica was not too pleased with the turn of events, especially for Alphonse’s sake. “Professor, was it really necessary for Popplio to use Water Gun?”

Professor Nirmana let out a nervous chuckle. “I suppose I got a little anxious. I didn’t want you to make every single hit.” Nirmana could not contain his chuckles. “I suppose it’s only natural to want the underdog to win.”

“Uh, excuse me?” Erica let out a cough. “Uh, I was fighting with a Pokemon who had a type disadvantage, and you’re calling them the underdogs?”

“Well, she is a newer Trainer,” the Professor explained. “And an underdog is no longer an underdog if people expect them to win.”

“Well,” Erica sighed. “If you recall, there wasn’t supposed to be a winner in this battle.”

Julia felt her fists clench as well as her teeth as her fingers twitched and her feet tapped furiously on the ground. “Can you two stop arguing for a second,” Julia’s voice let out a massive echo as she interjected. “This battle was a complete waste of time! I’m nowhere near close to making a decision than I was before this useless battle started.”

The two adults let out a simultaneous sigh as the Professor walked up to the Popplio and picked her up. Then, with the seal in tow, he walked up to the Trainer and placed the seal in her arms. “Are you sure you haven’t made your decision?” The Professor questioned. “Because it seems to me like you two make a good team.”

“But I can’t use it!” Julia argued. “I don’t know anything about Popplio, this Pokemon is so slow, and she doesn’t even like to fight. What good is this Pokemon to me?”

“Well,” Nirmana began, placing a hand over his chin. “Let me ask you something, Julianna. Why do you want to go on this journey in the first place?”

What? She already told him this, did she not? Did he have short term memory loss? Julia rolled her eyes. “I wanted to become a Coordinator.”

“Yes, yes,” Nirmana commented, with a certain nod. “Is there anything else you want to take out of this journey?” This… was not as easy as Julia expected. The teen was opened her mouth to respond, but was hesitant to do so. Nirmana gave the young girl a gentle smile. “From my experience, a journey is more than just knowing everything and trying to reach a goal. What fun would that be? What good would that be?” The Professor paused as the gears began to turn in the young woman’s head. “A journey is learning new things from your experiences. It seems as though you’ve studied up rather thoroughly, and had ideas of what kind of Pokemon you wanted. As commendable as that is, you’re not going to know everything on this journey. There will be twists and turns, and you’re going to need to learn along with your Pokemon. Should you ultimately choose Popplio, I suggest you take it as a challenge. I guarantee, that Popplio will be a friend for life if you just give it a chance.”

Julia… honestly never thought of it that way. The teen’s eyebrows arched, looking down at the seal, who was sniffing at her. There was a light shimmer in Julia’s eyes as she looked into the seal’s eyes. Sure, she did not learn anything “good” about Popplio, per say, but it was better than not learning anything about it. And even if she did not pick this Pokemon now? It was possible that she may have had the chance to catch one later, and then what? Would she simply not catch it? Of course not, because her curiosity would be nagging her. What made Popplio such a great choice for contests?

Julia scoffed before looking up at the adults. The young woman stared at them with an emotionless expression for a few moments before giving the two a slight smirk. “Professor,” Julia shut her eyes, basking in the finality of this choice. “If this screws me up, I’m going to want something to compensate for it.” The girl’s eyes squinted slightly in mischief. “And I’m going to want every penny to come out of your pocket.”


Word Count: 766
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RP Notes

  • That impatience. I’m dead lmfao. So much sass in her.
  • “Tad” seems to be a favourite here.
  • All these detailed body language. Love it.
  • “Sure that’s a great idea”. XD Uh huh.
  • I love the incorporation of Godai’s date and information into here. Wonderful~
  • WELL. Screw you too Snivy!
  • “seems to be a miss” yeah no kidding professor.
  • Eh, making the effort to sneeze in one’s face? My dog. #relatable
  • Challenge Accepted.
  • Oh my Christ. Compensation. This gurl. I love her so much.

Topic Record

  • Julianna is currently at the Pokemon Laboratory.
  • Julianna meets Erica Rodgers at the Laboratory.
  • Julianna is shown a series of Starter Pokemon.
  • Julianna is hesitant on choosing Popplio.
  • Julianna challenges Erica to a battle!
  • Erica halts the battle mid-way! (+6 EXP to Melody)
  • Julianna decides upon Popplio.
  • Julianna begins her journey.

Topic Evaluation
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- Making Friends: 11 AP
- To Be The Best: 5 AP
- Silver Tongue: 3 AP
- TLC: 5 AP

Topic: 6 EXP
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Total: 38 EXP

Dians: *dian* 2,793

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Penalties: N/A

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