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A Chill in the Forest; Winter Event 2018
Topic Started: 30 Jan 2018, 03:39 PM (37 Views)
Posted Image Seenter
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Chris sat before the pile of sticks that he and Sam had gathered from the night before. The sticks lay on the cold ground in a haphazard manner with rocks that seemed to be placed around at random. He stared at the sticks with a dull expression on his face before leaning back on his hands and turning his eyes to the sky. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he saw wisps of clouds that drifted across the sky. It had been a single day since he had left the city on his journey, and neither he nor Sam had any clue what they were doing. He looked down at his lap and smiled.

Sam rested in his lap with her eyes closed and breathing slowly. The second fight with the Pidove really took a lot out of her, and she slept deeply in Chris’s lap. The young man smiled as he looked at her, and then turned his attention to the rest of the ‘camp’. His bedroll was laid out next to the failed attempt at a fire; with his backpack leaning over on its side next to it. On his bedroll two figures were laying down and sleeping as well. The Pidove was injured after running into the trees and falling to the ground. Chris had already bandaged the wounds using a shirt that he shredded for bandages. Next to him slept the Morelull, and it was a pain trying to bandage the grass/fairy Pokémon. He felt like he was trying to bandage a little doll. Still he thought he did a good job and was pleased to see them sleeping.

Before the two Pokémon sat a red and white ball; one in front of each. He looked at the balls and frowned slightly. He had caught the Pokémon on an impulse; the Morelull to heal her, and the Pidove out of satisfaction. Now that he had time to sit and think he began to consider the choices he’s made. Most importantly his decision to leave on this Pokémon adventure. He didn’t think of it before because he and Sam had worked as a team for years before they started their journey. The capture was mutual, though thinking back it was more at Sam’s insistence. But this….

His frown depends even further as he thought about his decisions. He had taken the freedom of two Pokémon. The first was done to help the Morelull, but the second was from selfish satisfaction of a defeated opponent. And thinking about having them fight in Pokémon battles…. he grimaced inwardly at the thought. He was what he hated the most in the world, a bully that forced his power on defenseless creatures. His mind remembered the Morelull touching him and draining his energy. Ok, maybe not defenseless. But still, he had forced his will on them by catching them. But should he let them go?

Sam stirred in his lap and opened her eyes. She rolled over onto her back and looked at Chris’s contemplating gaze. She lightly touched his emotions for a moment, and then turned her head to see what he was looking at. She saw the two Pokémon still sleeping and the Pokeballs that sat in front of them and realized what he was thinking about. A slight feeling of awareness came to Chris’s mind, and the young man looked down to see Sam awake. ”Hey, how are you feeling?” A feeling of sleepiness and pain drifted on Chris’s mind, and a feeling of relief right after. ”So you’re still tired and in pain, but you’re feeling better?” Sam gave a small nod and closed her eyes with a smile. However, Chris could tell she was still awake because he felt her emotions still in his mind.

Chris sighed and turned his gaze up to the sky. ”What should I do?” Two emotions came to his mind; one of anger and the other of happiness. ”A choice? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” A flash of annoyance entered his mind, but then it turned to a feeling of flying in the air and a peace from the forest. ”You mean give them the choice of staying with me.” A feeling of acceptance went through his mind, as if Sam was saying yes. He thought about it for a moment, and then nodded. If they chose to go their separate ways, then he’d release them from the Pokeballs. Then it would be their choice, and not him forcing them to stay with him. He gave a small smile as he looked at the drifting clouds. That’s what he was going to do when they woke up.

[Word Count= 770]
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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It was another hour before either of the Pokemon began to stir. The sun had already began to dip towards the horizon when the tiny form of Morella moved in her tiny bandages. Chris leaned forward to put a comforting hand on the grass/fairy Pokemon, as he had seen his mother do for patients in the Pokemon Center. But he stopped himself before he actually touched the Pokemon. Memories of the last time he touched the weakened Pokemon came to his mind, and he shuddered as he recalled his energy being drained out of him to heal her. Better to let the Morelull wake up on her own.

The tiny Pokemon rolled over onto her side, and then slowly and painfully into a sitting position. She looked around confused, and then turned her attention to Chris. Sam had moved to sit cross-legged in Chris’s lap, and the pair looked almost identical in their posture. The Morelull just sat there looking at the two strangers with a look in her eyes that Chris couldn’t read. Chris couldn’t help but feel that the tiny Pokemon has been through a lot in with her time in the forest, and he couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it. ”How do you feel?”

The grass/fairy Pokemon looked at him in confusion, as if she didn’t understand what he was saying. Chris mentally cursed himself for his stupidity. He was so used to Sam and the Pokemon that his mother treated that he forgot that wild Pokemon don’t understand human speech. It took time and training to develop the connection where Pokemon could understand humans.

He tried to think of a way to convey what he meant when Sam leaned forward and looked intently at the Morelull. He felt her presence drift from his mind as she focused on the fairy/grass Pokemon, and then it returned. A feeling of pain and acceptance. And a hint of gladness as well. Chris sat up straighter as he felt the emotions, and tried to piece together what he felt. It was as if she was glad for the pain, though why Chris didn’t know. Sam’s presence drifted from his mind again, and returned with another sensation. Protection and happiness. Morelull was happy to receive the wounds because it meant she found someone who was willing to protect others; just like she did. A slow smile came to Chris’s lips as he realized that this tiny Pokemon also hated bullies. He sat back while he contemplated what he felt. It was going to be hard to communicate if the Morelull couldn’t understand him.

He looked down at Sam sitting in his lap. He was impressed that the little Pokemon could pick up the emotion of Morelull and send them back to Chris in a way he understood. Because of their close bond he could feel her emotions the same way she could feel his. It was an interesting feeling, though one that sometimes bred confusion if neither of them were careful. When the bond first started Chris found his own emotions start to increase for no good reason. If he felt happy it grew until he was about to burst, and his parents were almost ready to send him to the loony bin. And when he felt angry he just wanted to punch something, which started more of the fights at school than he wanted to admit. Yes he was mad at the bullies, but he didn’t want to start a fight so suddenly.

It was only when he was with Sam, and after a time he realized why. When he was angry Sam would be angry, which would make Chris even more angry, and that in turn made Sam furious. It also explained why he was getting some conflicting emotions as well, such as being hungry even though he was full. Once they realized what was happening they quickly tried for a solution. Getting rid of the bond was impossible, at least that was the argument Chris used. He didn’t want to get rid of it completely; he just wanted to have some control over it. Sam could choose to not read Chris’s emotions, which kept her from projecting her emotions at the same time. It made life a lot easier, and brought them closer. It took some practice, but they found they could understand each other better through emotions than just actual words.

But that ability only worked with them because they shared such a strong bond. With a Pokemon they just met it might be impossible. However Sam could read Morelull’s emotions as well as she could read a humans, so it was something. Chris thought for a moment, and an idea slowly came to his mind. He smiled and opened his backpack. He fished around trying to find something they had last night. Sam looked up at him curiously, and he could feel her trying to read his emotions. For all the advantages the bond gave they still couldn’t read each other’s minds. All she could feel was curiosity and realization coming from him. And he in return felt a growing sense of confusion from her. Chris pulled out a tin can about the size of a thermos and opened it; a small scent filling the air. Sam looked at the canister and a feeling of hunger came to Chris. She knew what was in the can. Next to Morelull the Pidove’s head twitched, as if his nose was picking up the smell.

Chris pulled out two pellets of Pokemon food. He held one in his right hand, and held out the other to Morelull. She looked at it curiously, and Chris set it on the sleeping bag in front of her. He took the second and gave it to Sam; who radiated happiness at the food. Chris projected restraint and enjoyment to Sam; who looked up at him curiously. He thought about it a moment, and gave a feeling of restraint slowly forming into happiness and fullness. It wasn’t an exact science, but Sam seemed to get the idea. She made a big show of slowly eating the pellet and giving Morelull a smile. It was a bit cheesy, but it seemed to get the point across. Morelull tested the pellet before bending down and taking a bite. She gave a big smile and ate with a gusto. Sam smiled as well, shoving the rest of her pellet in her mouth and looking up at Chris for more.

With a smile on his lips Chris pulled out two more and handed them out, and these disappeared even faster than before. None of them noticed that Pidove’s eyes had opened with his body tensed. Chris noticed that Morelull looked almost satisfied with the two pellets, but he pulled out a third for her and Ralts. As soon as he set it in front of Morelull Pidove struck and nearly bit into Chris’s hand. Chris let out a yelp of surprise and almost fell backwards trying to get away from the aggressive Pokemon. But the Pidove merely snapped up the pellet in a single gulp, and then began eyeing Morelull hungrily. Chris had to act fast.

He sent an emotion of safety in numbers and protection towards Sam, and a feeling of the calm forest. ”Sam, use Double Team and surround Morelull.” The psychic/fairy Pokemon understood what Chris meant, and jumped to Morelull’s side. She then projected two images on either side of Morelull. It wasn’t something she had practiced, but the small Pokemon seemed to understand what Chris wanted. Chris just guessed she was strong enough to pull it off. And it worked, as Pidove looked at the ‘three’ Pokemon in mild confusion. ”Hey!” The normal/flying Pokemon looked at him in confusion. Chris tossed him a pellet, which the bird like Pokemon snapped out of the air on reflex. He threw back his head and swallowed it whole. Chris threw a third, which kept Pidove’s attention while Sam slowly led Morelull until they were more behind Chris than out in the open.

A fourth and fifth pellet seemed to satisfy the bird Pokemon, and Chris held up a sixth. Pidove looked at it almost reluctantly, and waited for Chris to throw it like the others. Instead Chris just held it out to the aggressive Pokemon. Pidove looked at it distrustfully, and turned his attention to Chris. He bunched up his body as if intent on rushing forward to snatch it. ”No.” Chris palmed the morsel of food and held up a finger in warning. Pidove stopped in his tracks and looked at Chris confused. Chris kept his voice low as he spoke to Sam. ”Can you tell me what he’s feeling?” Sam looked from Chris to Pidove and then concentrated. A moment later Chris felt a strong feeling of annoyance from Sam. He guessed it was the emotion from Pidove, and hoped it wasn’t Sam’s actual frustration. He held the pellet out for Pidove again.

Again Pidove tensed his body to strike, and again Chris held up his finger in warning. As soon as Pidove relaxed he held out the pellet a third time. This time Pidove approached hesitantly, and Chris kept the pellet offered. The bird Pokemon leaned forward experimentally, and then plucked the pellet out of Chris’s fingers. It gulped it down like before, but at least this time he didn’t look quite so aggressive. A moment later both Sam and Morelull came out from behind Chris and stood across from Pidove on the sleeping bag. The bird Pokemon considered the two, but didn’t seem as hostile as before. A full belly would do that. Chris let out an audible breath of relief, and felt the knot in his shoulders loosen. Now he had to figure out how to communicate the choice he was giving the two Pokemon.

[Word Count= 1646]
Christopher Seenter
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