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[Evaluated]A Chill in the Forest; Winter Event 2018
Topic Started: 30 Jan 2018, 03:39 PM (186 Views)
Posted Image Seenter
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Chris sat before the pile of sticks that he and Sam had gathered from the night before. The sticks lay on the cold ground in a haphazard manner with rocks that seemed to be placed around at random. He stared at the sticks with a dull expression on his face before leaning back on his hands and turning his eyes to the sky. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he saw wisps of clouds that drifted across the sky. It had been a single day since he had left the city on his journey, and neither he nor Sam had any clue what they were doing. He looked down at his lap and smiled.

Sam rested in his lap with her eyes closed and breathing slowly. The second fight with the Pidove really took a lot out of her, and she slept deeply in Chris’s lap. The young man smiled as he looked at her, and then turned his attention to the rest of the ‘camp’. His bedroll was laid out next to the failed attempt at a fire; with his backpack leaning over on its side next to it. On his bedroll two figures were laying down and sleeping as well. The Pidove was injured after running into the trees and falling to the ground. Chris had already bandaged the wounds using a shirt that he shredded for bandages. Next to him slept the Morelull, and it was a pain trying to bandage the grass/fairy Pokémon. He felt like he was trying to bandage a little doll. Still he thought he did a good job and was pleased to see them sleeping.

Before the two Pokémon sat a red and white ball; one in front of each. He looked at the balls and frowned slightly. He had caught the Pokémon on an impulse; the Morelull to heal her, and the Pidove out of satisfaction. Now that he had time to sit and think he began to consider the choices he’s made. Most importantly his decision to leave on this Pokémon adventure. He didn’t think of it before because he and Sam had worked as a team for years before they started their journey. The capture was mutual, though thinking back it was more at Sam’s insistence. But this….

His frown depends even further as he thought about his decisions. He had taken the freedom of two Pokémon. The first was done to help the Morelull, but the second was from selfish satisfaction of a defeated opponent. And thinking about having them fight in Pokémon battles…. he grimaced inwardly at the thought. He was what he hated the most in the world, a bully that forced his power on defenseless creatures. His mind remembered the Morelull touching him and draining his energy. Ok, maybe not defenseless. But still, he had forced his will on them by catching them. But should he let them go?

Sam stirred in his lap and opened her eyes. She rolled over onto her back and looked at Chris’s contemplating gaze. She lightly touched his emotions for a moment, and then turned her head to see what he was looking at. She saw the two Pokémon still sleeping and the Pokeballs that sat in front of them and realized what he was thinking about. A slight feeling of awareness came to Chris’s mind, and the young man looked down to see Sam awake. ”Hey, how are you feeling?” A feeling of sleepiness and pain drifted on Chris’s mind, and a feeling of relief right after. ”So you’re still tired and in pain, but you’re feeling better?” Sam gave a small nod and closed her eyes with a smile. However, Chris could tell she was still awake because he felt her emotions still in his mind.

Chris sighed and turned his gaze up to the sky. ”What should I do?” Two emotions came to his mind; one of anger and the other of happiness. ”A choice? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” A flash of annoyance entered his mind, but then it turned to a feeling of flying in the air and a peace from the forest. ”You mean give them the choice of staying with me.” A feeling of acceptance went through his mind, as if Sam was saying yes. He thought about it for a moment, and then nodded. If they chose to go their separate ways, then he’d release them from the Pokeballs. Then it would be their choice, and not him forcing them to stay with him. He gave a small smile as he looked at the drifting clouds. That’s what he was going to do when they woke up.

[Word Count= 770]
Christopher Seenter
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Posted Image Seenter
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It was another hour before either of the Pokemon began to stir. The sun had already began to dip towards the horizon when the tiny form of Morella moved in her tiny bandages. Chris leaned forward to put a comforting hand on the grass/fairy Pokemon, as he had seen his mother do for patients in the Pokemon Center. But he stopped himself before he actually touched the Pokemon. Memories of the last time he touched the weakened Pokemon came to his mind, and he shuddered as he recalled his energy being drained out of him to heal her. Better to let the Morelull wake up on her own.

The tiny Pokemon rolled over onto her side, and then slowly and painfully into a sitting position. She looked around confused, and then turned her attention to Chris. Sam had moved to sit cross-legged in Chris’s lap, and the pair looked almost identical in their posture. The Morelull just sat there looking at the two strangers with a look in her eyes that Chris couldn’t read. Chris couldn’t help but feel that the tiny Pokemon has been through a lot in with her time in the forest, and he couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it. ”How do you feel?”

The grass/fairy Pokemon looked at him in confusion, as if she didn’t understand what he was saying. Chris mentally cursed himself for his stupidity. He was so used to Sam and the Pokemon that his mother treated that he forgot that wild Pokemon don’t understand human speech. It took time and training to develop the connection where Pokemon could understand humans.

He tried to think of a way to convey what he meant when Sam leaned forward and looked intently at the Morelull. He felt her presence drift from his mind as she focused on the fairy/grass Pokemon, and then it returned. A feeling of pain and acceptance. And a hint of gladness as well. Chris sat up straighter as he felt the emotions, and tried to piece together what he felt. It was as if she was glad for the pain, though why Chris didn’t know. Sam’s presence drifted from his mind again, and returned with another sensation. Protection and happiness. Morelull was happy to receive the wounds because it meant she found someone who was willing to protect others; just like she did. A slow smile came to Chris’s lips as he realized that this tiny Pokemon also hated bullies. He sat back while he contemplated what he felt. It was going to be hard to communicate if the Morelull couldn’t understand him.

He looked down at Sam sitting in his lap. He was impressed that the little Pokemon could pick up the emotion of Morelull and send them back to Chris in a way he understood. Because of their close bond he could feel her emotions the same way she could feel his. It was an interesting feeling, though one that sometimes bred confusion if neither of them were careful. When the bond first started Chris found his own emotions start to increase for no good reason. If he felt happy it grew until he was about to burst, and his parents were almost ready to send him to the loony bin. And when he felt angry he just wanted to punch something, which started more of the fights at school than he wanted to admit. Yes he was mad at the bullies, but he didn’t want to start a fight so suddenly.

It was only when he was with Sam, and after a time he realized why. When he was angry Sam would be angry, which would make Chris even more angry, and that in turn made Sam furious. It also explained why he was getting some conflicting emotions as well, such as being hungry even though he was full. Once they realized what was happening they quickly tried for a solution. Getting rid of the bond was impossible, at least that was the argument Chris used. He didn’t want to get rid of it completely; he just wanted to have some control over it. Sam could choose to not read Chris’s emotions, which kept her from projecting her emotions at the same time. It made life a lot easier, and brought them closer. It took some practice, but they found they could understand each other better through emotions than just actual words.

But that ability only worked with them because they shared such a strong bond. With a Pokemon they just met it might be impossible. However Sam could read Morelull’s emotions as well as she could read a humans, so it was something. Chris thought for a moment, and an idea slowly came to his mind. He smiled and opened his backpack. He fished around trying to find something they had last night. Sam looked up at him curiously, and he could feel her trying to read his emotions. For all the advantages the bond gave they still couldn’t read each other’s minds. All she could feel was curiosity and realization coming from him. And he in return felt a growing sense of confusion from her. Chris pulled out a tin can about the size of a thermos and opened it; a small scent filling the air. Sam looked at the canister and a feeling of hunger came to Chris. She knew what was in the can. Next to Morelull the Pidove’s head twitched, as if his nose was picking up the smell.

Chris pulled out two pellets of Pokemon food. He held one in his right hand, and held out the other to Morelull. She looked at it curiously, and Chris set it on the sleeping bag in front of her. He took the second and gave it to Sam; who radiated happiness at the food. Chris projected restraint and enjoyment to Sam; who looked up at him curiously. He thought about it a moment, and gave a feeling of restraint slowly forming into happiness and fullness. It wasn’t an exact science, but Sam seemed to get the idea. She made a big show of slowly eating the pellet and giving Morelull a smile. It was a bit cheesy, but it seemed to get the point across. Morelull tested the pellet before bending down and taking a bite. She gave a big smile and ate with a gusto. Sam smiled as well, shoving the rest of her pellet in her mouth and looking up at Chris for more.

With a smile on his lips Chris pulled out two more and handed them out, and these disappeared even faster than before. None of them noticed that Pidove’s eyes had opened with his body tensed. Chris noticed that Morelull looked almost satisfied with the two pellets, but he pulled out a third for her and Ralts. As soon as he set it in front of Morelull Pidove struck and nearly bit into Chris’s hand. Chris let out a yelp of surprise and almost fell backwards trying to get away from the aggressive Pokemon. But the Pidove merely snapped up the pellet in a single gulp, and then began eyeing Morelull hungrily. Chris had to act fast.

He sent an emotion of safety in numbers and protection towards Sam, and a feeling of the calm forest. ”Sam, protect Morelull.” The psychic/fairy Pokemon jumped to Morelull’s side, and then projected two images on either side of the tiny Pokemon. Chris was as surprised as Pidove. I guess Sam learned Double Team. But it didn't seem as strong as some of the battles Chris has seen. Some of those had up to 20 images at a time. Maybe she needed more practice. Pidove looked at the ‘three’ Pokemon in mild confusion. ”Hey!” The normal/flying Pokemon looked at him in confusion. Chris tossed him a pellet, which the bird like Pokemon snapped out of the air on reflex. He threw back his head and swallowed it whole. Chris threw a third, which kept Pidove’s attention while Sam slowly led Morelull until they were more behind Chris than out in the open.

A fourth and fifth pellet seemed to satisfy the bird Pokemon, and Chris held up a sixth. Pidove looked at it almost reluctantly, and waited for Chris to throw it like the others. Instead Chris just held it out to the aggressive Pokemon. Pidove looked at it distrustfully, and turned his attention to Chris. He bunched up his body as if intent on rushing forward to snatch it. ”No.” Chris palmed the morsel of food and held up a finger in warning. Pidove stopped in his tracks and looked at Chris confused. Chris kept his voice low as he spoke to Sam. ”Can you tell me what he’s feeling?” Sam looked from Chris to Pidove and then concentrated. A moment later Chris felt a strong feeling of annoyance from Sam. He guessed it was the emotion from Pidove, and hoped it wasn’t Sam’s actual frustration. He held the pellet out for Pidove again.

Again Pidove tensed his body to strike, and again Chris held up his finger in warning. As soon as Pidove relaxed he held out the pellet a third time. This time Pidove approached hesitantly, and Chris kept the pellet offered. The bird Pokemon leaned forward experimentally, and then plucked the pellet out of Chris’s fingers. It gulped it down like before, but at least this time he didn’t look quite so aggressive. A moment later both Sam and Morelull came out from behind Chris and stood across from Pidove on the sleeping bag. The bird Pokemon considered the two, but didn’t seem as hostile as before. A full belly would do that. Chris let out an audible breath of relief, and felt the knot in his shoulders loosen. Now he had to figure out how to communicate the choice he was giving the two Pokemon.

[Word Count= 1650]

Edit: Changed a bit where Ralts displayed Double Team to make it more realistic.
Edited by Seenter, 2 Mar 2018, 02:51 PM.
Christopher Seenter
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Chris watched as the three eyed each other warily. He tried thinking of different ways to convey the choice he wanted to give the two Pokemon. The first idea he threw away; which was have Sam go willingly into her Pokeball and seem to enjoy it. That would be manipulation, which would make Chris feel even worse than a bully. And Sam wouldn’t go into her Pokeball unless she had to, so acting like she enjoyed it might be a stretch. Most of the other ideas were thrown out the window for similar reasons, and he began to feel frustrated. Sam glanced over at him and touched his emotions and projected a feeling of peace that washed over his irritation. Chris relaxed and sent a feeling of gratitude in response.

No, trying to trick or force them to join him was unacceptable. He had to get them to choose this life willingly. Which was going to be hard since he couldn’t talk to them like he could Sam. His eyes grew out of focus as his mind seemed a million miles away. Which is why he seemed to start awake when Sam touched his hand. He absentmindedly lifted his hand and ran is fingers along her hair. He lightly brushed the horn on her head as he pets her, which he found to be more sensitive comparatively. She leaned into his caress as his eyes focused on the other two Pokemon. Pidove took some halfhearted snaps at Morelull, and the grass/fairy Pokemon ducked backwards in response. The exchange made Chris smile, as it reminded him of two pets play fighting.

Wait, pets? His eyes narrowed slightly as his mind began to work, and he slowly began to piece together his thoughts. Earlier he remembered that wild Pokemon didn’t understand human speech until they trained and learned from humans. Until then they were little more than animals. Very strong and dangerous animals, but animals nonetheless. Even if they could understand his words they couldn’t understand his meaning. Their thoughts and understandings would be nothing more than the basic instincts they held. It wouldn’t be until they trained with a human would they begin to understand the concept of the choice.

Chris smiled and relaxed a little more as his mind began to accept the concept. This time he was a bully forcing his power onto a helpless creature by capturing it in a Pokeball. It wasn’t nice, but at the time it was necessary. Morelull was injured and in need of attention. And Pidove was on his way to being in the same boat because he was Confused. If he didn’t catch them and nurse them back to health, then they might still be in the forest dying. Chris accepted that in this case being a bully was a necessary evil, as it meant he was saving someone. Maybe bullying wasn’t so bad if it was used to help rather than harm. As he thought about it he realized even parents were in a way bullies. But they used their authority to teach and protect their children; to help them grow to be something more than base instincts. And that’s how Sam turned from a Ralts that followed her instincts to one that could learn and become stronger.

Suddenly Chris understood he couldn’t give them the choice. Not yet. First they would have to learn and understand the relationship between trainer and Pokemon. And then if they chose to leave he wouldn’t stop them. Nodding to himself he turned his attention back to the two Pokemon. They didn’t seem to pay any attention to him or Sam. ”Hey you two.” The two Pokemon looked at him warily, and he held out his hand palm down. With his other hand he resumed stroking Sam’s hair, and she let out a pleased sound. Chris motioned to the tiny Morelull because she seemed the most receptive. ”Come on, I won’t hurt you.” She eyed him warily for a moment, and then approached hesitantly. She gave his hand a few sniffs from a distance, and then inched forward a little more.

Chris gave a silent chuckle to himself. The term ‘inched forward’ might not apply to the tiny Pokemon because an inch to her would be a couple of steps. He smiled and lay his hand on the ground on its side. The fairy/grass Pokemon came up close and sniffed it curiously. The Pidove Chris noticed looked apprehensively at what was going on. As the Morelull sniffed and felt along his palm Chris used his index finger only to move slowly and gently along the tiny creature’s back of the head. It stiffened instinctually for a moment, but Chris didn’t stop the movement. After a few moments of contact it seemed to relax slightly in a contented sigh. Chris smiled and continued for a moment before withdrawing his hand slowly.

He tried again with the Pidove, but the flying/normal Pokemon kept his distance and didn’t even seem curious enough to approach. Chris understood, as this Pokemon was used to taking what he wanted and not trusting others. Instead he reached into the can again, which caused the Pokemon to perk up. He held out a single piece again, and the Pokemon made as if to snap at Chris’s hand. Chris raised a finger in warning once more, and the Pidove held back. It then approached slowly and plucked it out of Chris’s fingers. It was progress. Smiling Chris put the cap on the can and set it back into his backpack. He might have enough for a day or two before he’d have to head back into town to resupply.

The spring weather and sun made the day go by quickly, and already the sun was starting to dip behind the trees of the forest. Chris pulled out some of his extra shirts and lay them on a cleared portion of the ground. One shirt he folded twice to make a small sleeping bag and gently picked up the Morelull. He slipped the tiny Pokemon into the middle layer, and she seemed to enjoy the softness. The other three he made a sort of pile and looked at the Pidove. He pat the fabric for a moment, waited a beat, and then pat it again. The bird like Pokemon looked at his curiously, and then hopped over to the pile. He rooted into the shirts for a moment, and then seemed to dig in until he had made himself a little nest. Chris smiled and slipped into his own sleeping bag. Sam snuggled in a few minutes later, and the two began to doze.

Chris felt exhausted, even though he didn’t think he did much. Caring for Pokemon seemed to take a lot out of him. Now he realized why his mother was so tired after coming home from the Pokemon Center. Through lazy eyes he noticed the lights slowly drifting among the trees of the forest, and with an afterthought saw the same kind of light coming from the shirt where Morelull lay. The curious thought that arose from the observation slowly vanished into the back of his mind as sleep took over.

[Word Count= 1199]
Christopher Seenter
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The sky was barely getting lighter from the other direction before Chris started waking up. He let out a yawn and stretched his limbs before settling on his side and looking out towards the woods. The lights were slowly going out in the woods, and he noticed the one coming from his shirt was already gone. His memory slowly returned from the night before, and he remembered something about a mushroom like Pokemon that glowed at night. Reaching into his backpack he pulled out the Pokedex he received and quietly looked through the entries until he found the one on Morelull. ”Morelull the….!” Chris immediately hit the mute button on the device and it went silent. He glanced over his shoulder at Sam who was cuddled up against his back, and let out a sigh of relief that she didn’t wake up. He looked back at the Pokedex and began to read the entry. ”So they are nocturnal by nature, and glow in the dark.” It made sense to Chris. When he first met the tiny Pokemon it had put him to sleep with the colored lights coming from the Pokemon’s mushrooms.

A slight smile tugged at Chris’s lips, and his gaze turned to the other bundle of clothes. And froze. The pile of shirts were surprisingly flat. Reaching out he gently pat the folds of the shirts. They flattened under his touch. He sat up quickly and looked around at the ‘camp’. His backpack was still in its spot, and nothing looked to be missing. Except the Pidove. Sam woke up and looked up blearily at Chris, as the young human looked around frantically for the flying/normal Pokemon. A tendril of curiosity entered his mind. ”The Pidove is gone.” The curiosity turned to alarm, and Sam woke up fully at the declaration.

Chris gently lifted the edge of the shirt where the Morelull lay. She was still there, stirring uncomfortably in the sudden chill that Chris let in. Chris let out a sigh of relief at seeing the tiny Pokemon, but began to grow concerned. He looked at the still frosted land that surrounded the camp, and in the growing light noticed some bird-like footprints leading away. Looking closely he saw that they lead from the shirts and out towards the woods. ”Looks like he left towards the woods.” Sam walked over and examined the prints as well, and then turned towards the woods as if to follow them. ”No.” She stopped and looked at him curiously. ”Let’s pack up and let the sun rise a little before we go in. Or we might lose the tracks.” A feeling of reluctance entered Chris’s mind, but Sam didn’t leave the camp.

Taking his time Chris calmly packed up the shirts and his sleeping bag. Morelull protested when he gently dumped her from the warmth of the shirt, but Chris gave her a gently rub on the back of her head. Her cries of protest dwindled to a slight grumbling. Once everything was packed the sun was about a finger’s width above the horizon; giving the land more than a shadowed look. Pulling his backpack onto his shoulder Chris slipped the Pidove’s Pokeball into his pocket. He held the two other ones in his hands and looked at Sam and the Morelull. Sam gave him a glare, and Chris didn’t need the empathic connection to know she did not want to go into her Pokeball. ”Don’t look at me like that. I’m going to need to move fast, and I don’t want you falling off my shoulder.” She kept the glare for a moment as she thought about it, and then turned her attention to the side. A grudging acceptance entered his mind.

Letting out a relieved sigh Chris called the psychic/fairy into the Pokeball. He held out the other towards the Morelull; only to find the little Pokemon running as fast as her little legs could carry her. Chris stood there dumbfounded as to why, and then he realized his mistake. She saw Sam turn into red light and get sucked into the red and white ball. ”No, wait.” But the tiny Pokemon wasn’t listening. Finally in frustration Chris held out the Pokeball towards the fleeing Morelull. ”Return.” Either his aim was perfect or he was really lucky, as he managed to hit the tiny Pokemon right on. She turned into light like Sam and was absorbed into the ball.

Chris let out a sigh of relief and looked at the Pokeball with concern. That would probably be his biggest challenge yet. Getting his pokemon used to the Pokeball. Even for a human who could think logically the idea of getting stuck inside a Pokeball was kind of scary. Even worse is that once a Pokemon is caught there’s nothing they could do to keep from being drawn in again. Except run. Once he realized how much power he literally held in his hands Chris almost fell down from shock. The implications staggered him, and he was suddenly afraid of what might happen if he grew to enjoy using it.

He gave himself a mental slap and brought his thoughts back into focus. Pidove was missing, and was most likely still injured from his fight with Sam. Right now Chris needed to find the small Pokemon and nurse him back to health. He would have time after to debate the ethical implications of the power he held. So after giving himself a mental shove he turned his attention to the ground and did his best to follow the tracks.

At first it was easy to find the tracks in the snow. The small Pokemon was keeping to the shallows between small piles of dwindling snow. But as he got closer to the forest Chris started to notice something odd about the tracks. At first there were small gaps between sections of the tracks, as if the Pidove was being picked up and carried. Only to be set down a moment later to keep walking. Eventually those gaps became wider the closer he got to the woods, until he found some dark blue cloth at the end of the trail. And then Chris realized the truth as he picked up the ripped shirt. The Pidove was trying to fly, and the closer he got to the woods the more he struggled. Until he finally shrugged off the restraints of the bandages and took to the air.

Chris stood at the edge of the woods looking down at the fabric he held in his hands. He gave himself a moment of sadness, and then turned his attention to the woods. If Pidove could really fly in his condition then finding him would be near impossible. Chris was sure the injuries would only make flight possible for short moments, which meant that even if Pidove reached the woods he couldn’t get far. He’d just have to try to find some tracks and continue searching.

[Word Count= 1161]
Christopher Seenter
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Chris paused for a moment, and then reached into his pocket to withdraw the Pokeball containing Morelull. If he was going to be searching the woods for Pidove then he was going to need someone familiar with the area. He hesitated for a moment while he considered something. If he released the tiny Pokemon after it had been terrified in the first place, then chances are she was going to run. In which case he’d have to search for two Pokemon instead of one. He stood there for a moment running through the possibilities, even though he knew he had to hurry. The longer Pidove was gone the harder it would be to find him.

After a moment’s consideration he pulled out the Pokeball containing Sam. He released the small off color Ralts onto the ground and waited for her to do her customary stretch after being released. She looked up at him questioningly, and he could feel a reflection of that curiosity in his mind. ”Pidove managed to shrug off his bandages and apparently is able to fly.” he held up the fabric in his hand. ”I am thinking of having Morelull lead us since she’s familiar with the woods, but I’m afraid she might run from me first chance she gets.” He gave an approximation of the emotion he saw on Morelull’s face when he had called back Sam. She gave a nod of understanding, and he felt the moment of confusion again. ”Well I’m hoping you can calm her down and show that the Pokeball isn’t so scary.” He could see the scowl that Sam gave him through the hair on her head. She did not like the Pokeball, and didn’t like the idea of pretending otherwise.

But Chris didn’t give her much time to protest. He held out the Pokeball that contained Morelull and called out the tiny Pokemon. She appeared from the red light shaking in her roots and her eyes closed. Slowly she peaked out at her surrounding, and then her eyes turned wide as she recognized the forest around her. She noticed Sam standing off to the side, and she relaxed almost immediately. Until she saw Chris standing behind her; still holding her Pokeball in his hand.

The tiny Pokemon almost leaped 10” into the air and made to run as fast as her little legs would carry her. Sam quickly got in her way and tried calming the terrified grass/fairy Pokemon. It took several seconds, which Chris knew they didn’t have, but the Morelull seemed to calm down a little. Sam made elaborate gestures towards Chris, and took two deliberate steps off to the side to give Chris a better view of herself. He raised her Pokeball and pointed it at her. ”Return.” As before the red light engulfed Sam; turning her into more red light before being drawn into the Pokeball. Morelull began to panic, but Chris quickly released Sam again. The psychic/fairy Pokemon raised her hands in the air as if expecting fanfare, and then performed a small bow to Morelull. Chris stifled a snort at the small Pokemon’s theatrics. He knelt down and placed Morelull’s Pokeball on the ground before her. ”There’s nothing to be afraid of. I will never force you into the Pokeball unless it’s to save your life or if we have to travel.”

He knew Morelull couldn’t understand him or the intentions of his words, but his calm tone was enough to get her to relax a little as she examined the Pokeball. She sniffed it a few times, and even tapped the sphere with the mushrooms on her head. She didn’t even manage to nudge the sphere, but she looked content that it wasn’t going to kill her. She looked up at Chris, and the young human reached down and grabbed the ball. He then knelt in front of his two Pokemon and held out the fabric used to bind Pidove’s wounds. ”We need to hurry and find Pidove.”

Morelull looked at the fabric like she had no clue what Chris wanted, while Sam searched Chris’s emotions. He projected a feeling of yearning, followed by the exaltation he felt in dreams when he flew. Sam took a moment to process them, and then projected a feeling of desire followed by discovery and the exaltation that he gave her. Chris nodded with a smile, and Sam gave a nod in return. She understood what Chris wanted.

Sam tapped Morelull’s head and made a big show of sniffing the fabric in Chris’s hand. She then began sniffing the air as if picking up a scent. She tapped Morelull’s head again, and then went back to sniffing the air. Morelull looked at the Ralts curiously, and sniffed the makeshift bandages as well. She then sniffed the air like Sam, and the two began the slow movement into the forest. Chris stood up holding the fabric and began to follow. It was slow, but at least his two Pokemon knew what they were doing. Wish I had a hound Pokemon that could pick up trails. Or one that can fly and scout around. That last thought brought a slight ironic smile to the corners of his lips.

[Word Count= 869]
Christopher Seenter
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They proceeded slowly through the forest. At first because Chris thought his two ‘searchers’ didn’t want to miss the trail. But then he realized it was primarily because his Pokemon were so short. Their little legs couldn’t keep the pace that Chris could, and after two minutes of walking at a snail’s pace Chris let out an impatient huff. He picked up both Pokemon in a smooth motion and did his best to pick up the pace. After a startled moment Sam realized what was happening and relaxed. The Morelull however had no clue and panicked.

Chris felt himself growing progressively more and more tired, and as much as he struggled to keep the pace he found that he could barely keep himself upright. Sam looked at him in alarm, and cast her gaze around to what might cause the sudden change. She saw Morelull in Chris’s other hand glowing a green light with her eyes closed tight, and with a start realized that the tiny Pokemon was using Absorb. Sam called out in a loud high pitched voice, and the fairy/grass Pokemon was startled enough to open her eyes and look over at Sam. Sam called out again, and Morelull was confused enough that she stopped draining Chris’s energy.

Unfortunately for Chris it was too late to keep him upright. He only took two more steps before falling to the ground in an exhausted heap. However he had the presence of mind to keep the two Pokemon in his hands from crashing with him, and he laid them on the ground gently before falling unconscious. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed was Sam’s concerned face and Morelull very confused.

It wasn’t until a full hour later before Chris finally woke up. He opened his eyes and blinked them several times. His mind was muddled from the drain in energy, and his muscles felt sore and stiff. He groaned a little as he struggled to bring both his thoughts and his body together enough to sit up and look around. He didn’t see any living things for a good minute before his eyes focused on two figures coming from around a nearby tree. Sam saw Chris first, and she let out a squeal of delight. Chris could feel an emotion of extreme joy enter his mind, and he couldn’t stop a smile from coming to his lips. He sent back the same emotion, but a more tired and subdued version.

Both Sam and the Morelull came up to him. Sam looked him over for injuries, while Morelull seemed a little hesitant and bashful. No, not bashful. Ashamed. Sam must have berated the grass/fairy Pokemon for draining Chris’s energy. Not that Chris blamed the tiny Pokemon for her actions. She was taken by surprise with Chris grabbing her so suddenly, and she acted on instinct with any carnivore that might have snapped her up. It wasn’t her fault, and Chris didn’t blame her. He reached down and gently pet the back of her head with his index finger. ”I scared you didn’t I?” She looked up with eyes that were on the verge of tears. It was obvious that she felt bad for what she had done. Chris gave her a smile as he spoke in his quiet voice. ”I’m alright. Don’t worry about it.”

Chris reached over and pet Sam’s hair as well. ”Thank you both for watching over me.” Now Sam’s eyes filled with tears, but hers were happy as she touched his emotions. She focused on Morelull intently for a moment, and the tiny Pokemon’s expression turned to one of happiness as well. It looked like Sam was able to convey a little of the emotion Chris had given her. The two Pokemon had bonded a little while he was asleep, which made him glad. He didn’t want any of his Pokemon to be at odds.

Thinking about that Chris remembered the reason why they were in the first to begin with. ”Pidove!” He tried to rise, but his body protested at the sudden motion. Grimacing Chris decided to take it more slowly, and managed to struggle to his feet with only a little difficulty. He looked around a bit unsteadily but couldn't see anything that might indicate the flying Pokemon even passed by. Looking up he noticed the progress of the sun and groaned. They were having trouble before, now it would be next to impossible to find Pidove.

He slumped down to the ground with a sigh. His two Pokemon looked at him with worried expressions. Chris just gave them a weak smile. ”I guess it’s too much to hope you found him while I was out.” Both of the small Pokemon shook their heads, and Chris just sighed. He didn’t want to give up on finding Pidove, but the chances were growing slim. Pulling out the empty Pokeball Chris looked at it with another sigh. If nothing changed by the time he headed back to the city then he’d have to leave the Pokeball, and the Pokemon, behind.

Slipping the red and white ball back into his pocket Chris gave a weak smile and struggled again to his feet. This time it wasn’t as bad as his first attempt, and he managed to get to his feet with only a little wobbling. Sam watched with a worried expression, while Morelull just looked at him curiously. ”Alright, let’s see what we can find before we head back to camp.”

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The forest was pretty quiet as the three made their way deeper. Chris knew that it would be better to try and find the road leading into the forest, however they had entered trying to find the trail of Pidove. It would take them a longer time to leave the forest and make their way to the road, and by that point they might as well head back to camp or even back to the city. Besides he knew the edge of the forest was to the west, and as long as he could see the sun he’d be able to find his way out.

As they progressed Chris noticed Pokemon that lived in the forest. All were wild, so the majority fled as soon as Chris came in view. Some didn’t, but they were either in the trees or out of easy reach. These were the ones curious about the human that walked their territory. Chris suppressed a shudder at the uneasy feeling of many eyes on him. He noted that some of that unease wasn’t his, but an emotional response from Sam. The Morelull seemed at home as she walked alongside Chris. It was more like running in order to keep pace with the much taller human.

Chris looked down at the tiny plant struggling to keep pace. I can’t keep thinking of her as ‘the Morelull’. It would be like thinking of Sam as ‘the Ralts’. The fairy/grass Pokemon needed a name. As they walked Chris tried to think of different names that might fit the tiny Pokemon. After several minutes in thought he narrowed it down to three possible names.

They found a small clearing in the trees and Chris stopped in the center. His two Pokemon let out relieved sighs as both sat on the ground taking deep breaths. Chris looked at them with worry, and realized that they were doing their best to keep up with his pace, even if he was taking a leisurely stroll. That meant jogging or running to keep up when he wasn’t paying attention. He made a mental note to either carry the Pokemon on his shoulders or in their Pokeballs after the break. Sitting down he unslung his backpack and began to feel around for what he wanted.

First thing he drew out was a small bowl and his canteen. Setting the bowl on the forest floor he filled it once with water. Sam immediately walked over and began to drink the cool liquid. Morelull walked over as well, and looked particularly parched after trying to keep up. Sam only drank about half the water before offering the other half to the tiny Pokemon. Morelull drained it quickly, and consumed another bowlful before appearing satisfied. Chris poured a little more for Sam, and the little Pokemon drank it gratefully. Next Chris pulled out the canister containing the Pokemon food. He gave it a small shake before popping the lid and looked inside. It was a little over half full, so that meant they could stay near the forest for another two days.

Shaking his head Chris pulled out two pellets and held them in his hand. He offered one to Sam and spoke in a calm voice. It was time to train the Morelull. ”Sam.” The young Ralts took the pellet happily and began eating it. Chris held out the second to Morelull. ”Gwen.” The tiny Pokemon took the pellet eagerly and ate it with gusto. Chris smiled and pulled out another pellet that he offered to Sam once she was finished. ”Sam.” The small pokemon accepted the pellet began eating it as well. Chris pulled out a fourth and offered it to Morelull when she finished. ”Gwen.” The tiny Pokemon ate this pellet a little more slowly, obviously feeling a bit satisfied with the first. Chris pulled out a third for Sam and offered it to her without speaking. She ate it a bit more slowly as well, and let out a contented sigh.

Chris put the cap back on the canister and put it back in his backpack. He then picked up the empty bowl and canteen; placing both in his backpack before standing up and brushing off his pants. Leaning down he held out his hands to his two Pokemon. The Morelull hesitated for a moment, and Sam waited to see what the fairy/grass Pokemon would do. If she fled then Sam would have to try and head her off again. Chris however had a different plan. He made a beckoning motion to Sam with the hand he held for her. ”Sam.” The small Pokemon looked up at Chris questioningly, and he felt her searching his emotions. With a small nod the psychic/fairy climbed into his palm and waited.

Turning his attention to the Morelull Chris made the same beckoning motion with his other hand. ”Gwen.” The grass/fairy Pokemon looked at Chris curiously, then over at Sam, and finally at Chris’s outstretched hand. Sniffing it a few times the tiny Pokemon climbed into his palm. Chris stood up slowly and as smoothly as possible. He held his hands close to his shoulders, and Sam moved over to hang onto the side of Chris’s head as she rode. After a moment Morelull did the same, however without hands she could only try to balance. Chris made a mental note to not make any sudden motions with the tiny Pokemon on his shoulder. That’s when the loud call pierced the quiet of the forest.

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At first the three stood still unsure what to do. When the call came again Chris suddenly broke into a run. Sam was safe because she had a good grip on Chris’s hair. Gwen however fell as soon as Chris started moving. She let out a cry of surprise, and a small yelp from falling off the tall human. Chris stopped in his tracks and looked back at the tiny Pokemon. He mentally cursed himself for forgetting about Gwen when he had just made a mental note to not forget her. Leaning down he held out his hand to the fallen Pokemon.

The fairy/grass Pokemon looked up Chris with a bewildered expression. Then she looked at his hand, and Chris could see the intense mistrust in her eyes. Whatever progress he had made with her before was gone now because of his mistake. It would take a long time to gain it again. So, he instead used his hand to reach into his pocket and fish out Gwen’s Pokeball. ”It’s alright. Return.” The tiny Pokemon returned to her Pokeball.

Standing up Chris could feel the intense gaze coming from Sam. He could even feel her searching his emotions and trying to guess what he was thinking. He knew she was feeling his self-loathing, his feeling of betrayal, and his self-doubt. He almost mentally clamped down on his emotions but stopped himself before doing it. The last time he did that ended badly with Sam thinking he didn’t care about her, and it took him the better part of a week to convince her otherwise. When a Pokemon that can read emotions felt the cold empty void of someone she cared about it was a pretty frightening thing. Instead Chris just reduced the amount of emotion he was projecting until it was a faint trickle.

Another loud cry came from the forest, and Chris rose from his crouched position. He took off at a quick jog as he jumped low barriers and dodged between trees. Sam hung on tightly to his hair and managed to keep her feet on his shoulder. After several strides Chris came upon what was making the cry. A small bug Pokemon, a Wurmple if Chris guessed correctly, was holding a berry and was scurrying away from a larger Pokemon chasing it. ”A Munchlax!” Chris couldn’t believe his luck. The ever hungry Pokemon were considered rare finds in the forest, as they tended to always be on the move finding more food.

The Wurmple was having a hard time staying ahead of the larger Pokemon. Chris figured it was wanting to climb into the nearest tree to escape, however Munchalx would probably knock it down before it could climb high enough to escape. So it was running on the ground trying to get away from the ravenous Pokemon.

As the whole chase scene was going on Chris noticed something in the Munchlax’s hands as it ran. Through flashes in the forest he could almost make out the image of….”It’s holding some leftovers.” Yet the entire chase it seemed intent on getting the berry. Chris just shook his head at the greed of the larger Pokemon. The Wurmple looked as if it was beginning to slow down, and the Munchlax was slowly gaining on the hapless Pokemon.

”I can’t stand bullies. Let’s help out.” Sam nodded, and jumped from her perch on Chris’s shoulder to his outstretched hand. She focused on the running Munchlax and released a small psychic blast. Confusion. The attack hit the chasing Pokemon in the back of the head, but it looked like it hit with the force of a pebble against a tree. Not much. It did get the Pokemon’s attention though, and it turned from its prey to view the newcomers. Chris stood with a confident stance, and Sam jumped from Chris’s hand to imitate the same stance on the ground. ”I think you should leave the poor Wurmple alone.”

The Munchlax looked at them as if weighing them in his mind. From his position Chris could see that the Pokemon did hold some Leftovers in his hands. It had food, but it wanted the berry that Wurmple held as well. It was definitely being a bully against the smaller Pokemon. Chris had no qualms stopping bullies, and neither did Sam.

After a moment’s consideration the Munchlax ignored the two newcomers as if they didn’t exist. Both Chris and Sam almost lost their balance in surprise. Usually people tended to at least look at Chris warily when he confronted a bully, but he figured it was because of his reputation in the city. Out here he was nobody. I should have known better. In the city he relied more on his reputation than actual fighting to stop bullies. Sam was also not used to being dismissed so blatantly.

The Munchlax looked around for the Wurmple with the berry, and noticed the small Pokemon crawling up a nearby tree in order to get away. Chris and Sam had given him enough breathing room to attempt an escape. Munchlax however wasn’t going to give up so easily. He ran right at the tree and Tackled it hard.

The impact shook the tree hard, and even the clinging bug Pokemon couldn’t hang on. He fell with a cry; the berry still firmly in his grasp. He landed in the melting snow of the spring weather stunned. The Munchlax walked over with a smug expression on his face, and leaned down to grab the berry. The Wurmple had enough wits about it in order to hang on tightly to the berry, but not enough to put up much of a fight. The bigger normal Pokemon lifted the berry with the Wurmple still firmly attached to it, and opened his mouth wide as if to consume both. Chris and Sam could only watch in horror at the grizzly sight.

Or it would have been a grizzly sight if a black and white form hadn’t dove from a nearby tree and snatched the hapless bug from the jaws of death. It flapped a few times before alighting on a lower branch nearby with the limp bug still grasping the berry. Once it stopped moving Chris got a better look at it. It was a Pidove with what looked like a scrap of cloth tied to a leg that the flying/normal Pokemon was favoring. It was the same color as the one Chris had. ”It can’t be.”

The Pidove had deposited the bug Pokemon and berry on the branch, and was looking at both considering which to eat first. ”Pidove!” The birdlike Pokemon looked down at Chris curiously. Chris pulled off his backpack and pulled out the canister inside holding it up. The Pidove looked very interested now. It left the Wurmple on the branch recovering its wits and did an extended glide over to Chris. It landed on a nearby branch and looked at Chris expectantly.

With a smile Chris popped the lid off the canister and fished out one of the Pokemon food pellets it contained. He tossed one to the Pidove, who snatched it happily from the air. He gulped it down so fast Chris wasn’t sure if he tasted it, and then looked expectantly at Chris again. Another pellet disappeared down the flying/normal Pokemon’s gullet, but not quite as fast as before. They had found his Pidove.

Munchlax was forgotten in that moment by Chris and his Pokemon, and that was a mistake. The greedy Pokemon was stunned for a moment at Pidove carrying off its meal, and then was furious. It had walked over a few steps in anger, but paused when it saw the pellet being thrown to Pidove. The smell of food drifted to his nose, and the Munchlax stared hungrily at the canister.

Sam was the first to notice the Munchlax charging at her trainer by the loud crashing sound that accompanied him. She turned to see Munchlax running full tilt at Chris’s legs intent on doing a Tackle on the distracted human. Moving quickly she put herself between the determined enemy and her trainer, and focused another confusion on the Munchlax. Like before it hit with as much force as if a pebble hitting a rock, and the Munchlax didn’t even slow. It bowled over Sam and hit the back of Chris’s legs with a powerful force.

Chris never saw it coming, and the sudden impact threw his foot out from under him and left him sprawled on his back. The canister flew from his hands, and the food pellets fell among the dead grass and melting snow of spring. Munchlax began gobbling up the various pellets, obviously satisfied with himself. Sam was pushing herself up from her prone position, and Chris was too dazed to do anything for the moment.

Pidove watched what happened with his trainer, and he was not happy. Letting out a call of challenge the flying/normal Pokemon took to the air and released a blast of Gust with his wings on the Munchlax. The normal Pokemon didn’t even seem to notice the wind. A second attempt showed the same result, though this time the greedy Pokemon took a nibble of the Leftovers it held and was fine. Pidove’s Gust had as much effect as Sam’s Confusion.

Sam had run over to see how Chris was doing and noticed how ‘effective’ the attacks were. Seeing Chris recovering from his tumble, the Ralts looked around and noticed one of the food pellets resting on the ground nearby. She ran and picked it up, holding it as high as she could so Pidove could see it and called out to him. The birdlike Pokemon looked at her curiously. Sam then threw the pellet to the ground, beat her arms at it like they were wings, and then used Confusion to move it away from her slowly.

The Pidove looked at her curiously, and then gave a small nod of understanding. He moved closer to where Munchlax was greedily snatching up bits of the food, and used Gust once more. However this time he aimed for the pellets on the ground, and the wind of his attack began scattering the food away from the Munchlax. The normal Pokemon began to panic, and scrambled to try and gather up the food only to have Pidove blow it way again with another Gust.

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Chris struggled to a sitting position and looked around blearily. The impact knocked him pretty hard to the ground, and he had to reorient himself in the forest. He head a distressed call of the running Munchlax, the defiant call of a Pidove, and the concerned call of Sam. Once his head cleared a bit he was able to focus on what was going on around him. To him it was complete pandemonium. Munchlax was indeed running after fallen pellets trying to snatch them up before the determined Pidove blew them away. Sam was shouting what sounded like encouragement to Pidove and using Confusion to slowly move bits of food back into the still open canister. Only one pellet at a time, but the food was very slowly disappearing from the forest and filling up the canister.

Shaking his head to clear it Chris stood up and surveyed the forest. It didn’t appear that any other denizens of the woods were curious about the commotion, as it was only him and the three Pokemon. Four if you included the Wurmple, but from where Chris stood he couldn’t see the bug Pokemon. He figured the little creature had enough sense to either run or hide. Right now they had a bigger problem than worrying about the stubborn Pokemon.

Munchlax was beginning to grow more and more angry with being unable to get the treats that Pidove was stubbornly blowing away. Chris called out to the flying/normal Pokemon as he reached down and picked up the dropped canister. ”Pidove.” The small flier kept blowing the treats around, so Chris called a second time. Again he was ignored, until Sam decided to use a weak Confusion to get Pidove’s attention. He looked back irritated, and finally saw Chris standing and beckoning to him. He flew to a nearby tree to the human and settled on the lowest branch looking curious.

The greedy normal Pokemon let out a cry of delight as he managed to grab the elusive pellets of food, and began shoving them into his mouth without giving much chance to even taste them. Chris looked at the Munchlax and considered his options. From what he learned from trainers coming through town and stopping by the Pokemon Center; Munchlax and its ‘adult’ form Snorlax were one of the toughest Pokemon to train. Their excessive eating added with Snorlax’s tendency to sleep, if he recalled up to months at a time on occasion, made them one of the laziest Pokemon. But at the same time their incredible strength added to their durability made them strong fighters when properly trained. The hardest part was getting them to pay attention long enough to train them.

Still it was a bully that was only interested in satisfying its own hunger. Chris’s normal tactic with bullies was to beat them up and get them to reform. However he had a feeling he’d be hard pressed to reform this Pokemon through force. He slipped out the Pokedex from his backpack and held it up to scan the greedy glutton. Since the device was still on Mute Chris had to read the entry.

As he was doing this Munchlax had finished eating the remaining food pellets on the ground. Sam had managed to retrieve all the ones near the group and put them into the canister before Chris picked it up. After Chris read the entry he looked in the canister and gave a heavy sigh. More than half of what was left was already eaten by Munchlax, and that meant he had about a quarter of a canister left. There was no way to stay out for another day longer. He’d have to head back to the city tonight or tomorrow morning. Meanwhile he had a Munchlax to deal with.

The greedy Pokemon was looking at Chris intently; his eyes focusing on the canister in Chris’s hands. It charged forward for another Tackle at Chris’s legs. Chris had a sense of anger at being bullied by this smaller Pokemon, but he clamped down on his anger and forced him to remain relatively calm. He shook a pellet into his hand, and without hesitation threw it right over Munchlax’s head and behind him.

The normal Pokemon’s expression turned from determination into absolute awe as he saw the food passing over his head. His eyes followed the movement, and completely ignored where he was running. The loud ‘thud’ that resulted from the collision with the tree made Chris wince, and the greedy Pokemon shook his head dazed. His confusion didn’t last long, and he turned around to race back for the food. Chris let out a small smile as he watched the greedy glutton chasing a bit of food.

Pidove let out a cry of what sounded like amusement to Chris’s ears, and the young human turned to consider the flying/normal Pokemon. His mind wandered to the training method he used to get the Pidove to take food from his hand without snapping his fingers off. Considering for a moment Chris pulled out a pellet and held it up for the birdlike creature. Pidove considered the pellet for a moment, and then leaned forward to pluck it from Chris’s fingers. Chris let out a another small smile, and a noise drew his attention back to the Munchlax.

The Pokemon wasn’t charging forward this time, but took a stance that showed he wasn’t going anywhere without more food. All of the food is more likely. Chris held up the canister and shook it tantalizing before the Pokemon. The large eyes narrowed on the canister as if the stocky Pokemon was zeroing in on the target. He took a step towards the human and other Pokemon, as if his small size was supposed to be intimidating. Chris figured it has lived off of bullying others.

However Chris didn’t show any signs of fear or apprehension. In fact his expression was that of boredom, and his stance equally as uncaring. With a calm movement he shook out two pellets of food and held them so Munchlax could see them. He couldn’t treat this glutton the same way as he did Pidove, but maybe he could outsmart it. An idea slowly formed in his mind as he looked at Munchlax. This was going to take up the remained of his food.

Chris pointed at a spot nearby but not close enough to open him up for attack. ”Munchlax.” The greedy Pokemon stopped his advance and looked at Chris curiously. Chris smiled slightly and turned his attention to Sam. ”Sam.” The fairy/psychic Pokemon looked at him curiously and searched his emotions. Chris projected a feeling of satisfaction spent with a completed task. It was the best he could offer, and the little Pokemon was still curious. But she moved to the spot indicated. Chris walked over and gave one of the pellets of food to her.

Immediately Munchlax moved forward in order to take the morsel from Sam. Chris stepped between the two and held up a hand to the approaching greedy Pokemon. Sam meanwhile quickly ate the food. Chris pointed at another spot near the tree where Pidove rested. ”Munchlax.” The Pokemon stopped and looked at Chris curiously again.

With a slight sigh of impatience Chris looked at Pidove. ”Pidove.” The flying/normal Pokemon looked at Chris curiously, and then flapped to the ground close to the spot Chris pointed. It was good enough. Chris tossed the birdlike Pokemon the second pellet and it was quickly snapped up and eaten out of reflex.

Shaking some more pellets into his hand Chris turned his attention back to Munchlax. He pointed at another spot away from the other two. ”Munchlax.” This time the normal Pokemon understood a little bit. He walked over to the spot Chris indicated. Without hesitation Chris tossed him a pellet. The greedy Pokemon caught it in his mouth and swallowed it without tasting. Holding up another Chris looked at Sam and pointed at a spot a bit closer to where Chris stood. ”Sam.”

Munchlax started moving for the spot at the same time Sam did, but Chris held his hand up to the stocky Pokemon. ”Wait.” Munchlax hesitated just long enough for Chris to give Sam the pellet, which she ate hurriedly. The stocky Pokemon let out a cry of protest. Chris pointed at a spot about a foot from where Munchlax stood. ”Munchlax.” The greedy Pokemon moved hurriedly to the spot, and was rewarded with another pellet thrown to him. Chris repeated the process with Pidove, and this time the Munchlax seemed hesitant in moving.

Chris repeated this process a few more times, and rewarded each Pokemon for moving to the indicated spots. He could see that Sam was eating the pellets under silent protest since she already had lunch shortly before. Pidove was also starting to appear full. Munchlax looked as hungry as ever, which is why Chris called out to him more often than the others. Now it was time for the next step in his plan.

Looking down into the canister Chris saw he had six pellets of food left. This was a one chance deal, and after this he would be out of options. He sighed and shook two of the remaining six into his hand. Sam looked up at him with pleading eyes, and Chris could feel that she was near her limit. ”We’re almost done. You’re doing good.” He projected a feeling of gratitude to the small Pokemon.

Next Chris pulled out three Pokeballs. One was empty, and the other two belonged to Sam and Pidove. He set Sam’s Pokeball next to her, and he could feel the resentment coming off her. ”Just trust me.” He could feel her reluctance, and then acceptance. While touching the Pokeball he projected a feeling of eagerness to the little Pokemon. ”Sam.” Though he could feel the her reluctance in return the fairy/psychic Pokemon touched the button on the Pokeball. The device hit her with the red light, and she was drawn in like normal.

Munchlax looked alarmed at the Pokeball, which Chris couldn’t blame him. Picking up the Pokeball Chris released his Pokemon back to the forest floor. He then gave her one of the remaining food pellets, which she ate reluctantly. Next Chris placed down the empty Pokeball close to Munchlax. ”Munchlax.” the greedy Pokemon looked at the device, and then looked at the pellet that Chris still held.

Considering for a moment Munchlax walked hesitantly over to the sphere. It tapped the side like it saw Sam do, and then looked expectantly at Chris. Chris pointed at the button, using Sam’s Pokeball for an example. The greedy Pokemon was confused and tapped a different location on the sphere. Letting out a sigh Chris walked over to the device on the ground and pointed at the button. Munchlax looked at the button and pressed it.

The Pokeball opened up and hit the Munchlax with bright light, and it sucked in the light and the Pokemon. It closed and wiggled once, and then it immediately opened and released the greedy glutton. Shaking its body Munchlax kicked the now ‘broken’ Pokeball aside. Chris didn’t even express disappointment. Instead he stood up ignoring the stocky Pokemon’s outcry and walked over to Pidove. The birdlike Pokemon looked up at him curiously. Chris set down the third Pokeball, Pidove’s, and spoke in the same tone. ”Pidove.”

The Pokemon just stared at Chris for a moment, and turned his attention over to Sam. The odd colored Ralts gave a nod of encouragement and reached out as if tapping the button on hers. Pidove looked at the device, and then pecked at the button. Like with Sam the device bathed him in red light, and the Pokemon was sucked inside. No struggle came from the Pokeball since Pidove had already been captured by it. Chris waited a little while longer before picking up the Pokeball and releasing the flying/normal Pokemon.

When released Pidove gave a shake of his feathers, and it was obvious he wasn’t comfortable with the Pokeball. But Chris hadn’t taught any of his Pokemon, Sam included, to be familiar with the devices. Still he gave the Pidove another pellet, and the birdlike Pokemon ate it happily. Chris turned back to Munchlax. ”Let’s try again.” He took another empty Pokeball out of his pocket and set it down before the greedy Pokemon. Again it looked at the device hesitantly, but his attention was drawn to Chris shaking out two pellets into his hand. Without taking his eyes off the treats the Pokemon hit the button.

Again the device opened up and drew the Munchlax inside before sealing shut. This time it shook twice before opening up and releasing the Pokemon. It was still staring at the pellets as if waiting for the reward. Chris shook his head in the negative and gave a disappointed look. He turned to Sam again. ”This should be the last time. You’re doing great.” The small Pokemon looked at him with even more pleading in here eyes, and Chris felt guilty for it. But he felt that this time it might work.

He kneeled down and whispered to her. ”You don’t have to eat it. Just hold it.” He projected a feeling of fullness, and the resigned feeling of holding something for someone else. She looked at him searching his feelings, but he could tell she was still confused. Chris set down her Pokeball again and urged her with his feeling to hit the button once more. Again he could feel her hesitation, but she didn’t show any as she touched the button. As before she disappeared into the ball.

This time Chris waited a full minute and a half before picking up the ball and releasing Sam. He handed her one of the remaining pellets he had, and she just held it. Turning to the Munchlax Chris pulled out a third empty Pokeball. He set it down on the ground before the greedy bully, and said quite simply. ”Munchlax.” The hungry Pokemon was starting to get irritated that it wasn’t rewarded, and hit the button on the device. Again it was sucked into the device, and once more the sphere began to shake.

It happened once, twice, and after the third shake let out a ‘ding’ and fell still. Chris stood there staring at the device stunned, and both Sam and Pidove moved over to stand by him. The device just sat there unmoving, the creature inside finally restrained by the technology. Leaning down Chris picked up the still Pokeball and held it for a moment looking at it. Then with a hesitant motion he tossed it onto the ground and released what was inside.

Munchlax appeared from the sphere shaking his fur as if coming from a cramped space. It looked up at Chris with an expression between hope and irritation. Chris couldn’t help a small smile coming to his lips, and he shook out the remaining pellets. He tossed it towards Munchlax, and the greedy Pokemon swallowed them whole. Sam even came forth and offered her uneaten food, and without hesitation the Munchlax took it without any gratitude. Chris was going to have to teach him manners at some point.

But the good news is that it worked; Chris had caught a Munchlax. Looking at the empty canister Chris realized he was going to need a lot more food the next time he left town. With a sigh he returned the empty canister to his backpack. He then held out both Pokeballs and recalled both Munchlax and Pidove. He wasn’t going to lose another Pokemon to the forest.

After slipping both Pokeballs into his pocket Chris leaned down and held out a hand to Sam. The very full Pokemon moved slowly as she climbed onto his hand. She moved slowly to his shoulder when held up, and she let out a burp as she took a handful of his hair. Chris waved his hand as if to clear the air, and Sam gave him an irritated yank on his hair in response. The young human gave a small smile. ”You did a good job. Thank you.” The small Pokemon gave a feeling of happiness, and then one of pain from a stuffed belly. Chris could only nod, and turned to leave the forest.

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On their way towards the edge, or Chris’s best guess for the edge of the woods, another rustling through the dead leaves and fallen snow came to Chris’s ears. He looked in the direction of the sound and guessed from the amount of noise that it might be a large Pokemon. He shook his head and continued in the direction he guessed was the way out. Neither he nor his Pokemon were in any position to deal with another aggressive opponent.

After a few more steps Chris heard additional sounds coming from the direction of the rustling. At first, he thought they were still the sounds of a larger Pokemon. However, the more he listened the more he realized they were actual words. Someone was muttering to themselves as they were moving steadily through the forest. It was intriguing enough that Chris stopped in place and listened.

Sam wavered at Chris’s abrupt halt and looked at her human with curiosity. Chris couldn’t see her expression since his head was turned towards the sound, but he could feel it in his mind. She didn’t seem to have noticed the sound until Chris drew attention to it. He could feel her curiosity turn into puzzlement.

After several more moments the two could see the source of the sound coming their way. An older gentleman with wrinkled clothing and a pair of glasses on his head. On his back he carried a bag similar to the one Chris had, but this one was stuffed to overflowing with supplies. Rope dangled from the back near the man’s heels, and a climber’s pickaxe and shovel hanging out at odd angles. Guessing by the way this man packed he was expecting a long journey to everywhere.

Chris waited until the man noticed him as well and raised a hand in greeting. The man came to an abrupt halt and stood staring at Chris in shock. When Chris could see the man’s eyes he was taken aback. The eyes were wild and crazed as if the man was on the verge of hysterics. Instinctually Chris took a step back out of surprise, and he could feel Sam stiffen on his shoulder.

The man surged forward and grabbed the young man in an iron grip on both arms. Chris could only stare in shock at how fast the man moved despite the load he had on his back. The man continued to stare deep into Chris’s eyes, and the mad light seemed to dance as if flames. He spoke in a quiet, yet intense voice. ”Have you seen the Pokemon?”

Shaking out of her shock first, Sam hit the older man with a sharp Confusion. The sudden shock of psychic energy seemed to snap something in the man’s mind, and he crumpled to the ground unconscious. Chris just let the man fall, unable to process what had just happened. He stood there staring at the older gentleman in shock, and then turned his attention to Sam on his shoulder. The small Pokemon was looking at the man intently, and a surge of protection could be felt coming from her. She did it to protect her trainer, and Chris could only feel grateful at the gesture. At the same time, he didn’t want his Pokemon to get into the habit of attacking humans. But for now, he’d let it pass as he knelt down to examine the man.

Chris guessed right that the man was older and somewhat ready for a journey. His pack was full of supplies and various tools for extensive exploration. However the man himself only wore a nice white dress shirt and brown kaki pants; both of which were very wrinkled. His shoes were dress shoes, and not suited for traveling in the melting snow of the forest. The man was both overprepared and underprepared for the journey.

Not knowing what else to do Chris pulled out his sleeping bag and laid it on the ground. Sam jumped from Chris’s shoulder and kept an eye on their surroundings. Chris shifted the man so he was laying on the fabric of the sleeping bag and not the cold wet floor of the forest. Slipping the man’s backpack off and placing it under the man’s head Chris moved over and sat down with his back to a tree nearby. Sam walked over and climbed into Chris’s lap. She lay down and began to doze while Chris settled in to wait. They couldn’t leave the man like this. Not when there were Pokemon that might kill the man in his sleep or do worse. No, they had to wait until the man woke up. Maybe he’d be less crazy once he got a hour of sleep.

It was two hours later judging by the sun in the sky before the man began to stir. Chris watched him hesitantly as the man opened his eyes and stared at the open sky. After a moment the man turned his head and shifted his gaze to Chris who was still sitting next to the tree. The man’s eyes focused, and Chris could see that the madness he saw before was gone. ”Feeling better?” The man looked at Chris for a moment and spoke. ”What happened?” Chris thought for a moment before answering. ”I don’t know. You ran at me in hysterics asking me if I saw the Pokemon. Afterwards you fainted.” Chris kept the fact that Sam knocked him out. He figured it was better the man did not know.

At this time Sam woke up from her nap and sat up. She looked around at the trees for a moment before focusing on the man. The man looked at her, and the smile that came to his face was almost predatory. ”That Ralts in your lap. It looks different.” Chris looked down at Sam; hesitant to take his eyes off the man. ”She is. I was told it might be because of a rare variation. Like a human albino.” The small Pokemon looked up at Chris, and he could feel her puzzlement at the conversation. As far as Chris knew she hadn’t met another Ralts at the Pokemon Center.

The man got to his feet and stood staring down at Sam, and Chris could see a hungry light in the man’s eyes. It was the same madness that he had before Sam knocked him out, but this time it looked more controlled. He was muttering under his breath, but Chris could hear him clearly. ”Is it the environment she was born? Or was it her parents that passed it on. Genetic or environment, environment or genetic.” Licking his lips the man turned his hungry gaze on Chris. ”I must have her.”

Chris stood up as well, his hands holding Sam protectively as he placed her back on his shoulder. ”What do you mean you must have her?” The man’s eyes narrowed at the question. ”I mean that I need her for my research.” The hunger in the man’s eyes grew more intense as he spoke. ”Not only does the Ralts line have two forms based on their gender and a certain stone, but she in particular has a coloring that is rare for her kind. I MUST have her.”

His fingers clenching Chris faced the man with a steely determination in his eyes and his voice. ”Well I’m sorry, but you can’t have her.” The man’s eyes considered Chris for a moment, and the hungry light didn’t diminish in the slightest. Instead it turned cold, and his lips turned into a sneer. ”I’ll pay you.” Chris’s determination broke at these words, but it was more from confusion than consideration. ”What?” The man’s sneer turned into a knowing grin. ”I’ll pay you for her. Name your price.”

Chris gathered himself and set himself into a defiant stance. ”You can’t afford her.” A slight smile touched his lips. ”She’s priceless.” The man’s smile disappeared at Chris’s attempt at levity, and the cold fire seemed to intensify. ”Well let’s see if I can open up negotiations.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and withdrew two Pokeballs (one in each hand). ”Let me introduce you to my negotiation team.” He tossed the two Pokeballs and called his Pokemon.

From one a pure white Sandshrew appeared, and the other released a terrified looking Exeggcute. Chris was a bit surprised at the choice of Pokemon. If he remembered his Pokemon correctly the Sandshrew was from the tropics of Godai and had developed more like an ice type than a ground type. A glance at his Pokedex showed him this was the case. An ice and a grass type. It wasn’t unheard of, but to Chris it was an unlikely pair. Maybe they work together somehow. The man looked at Chris with a smug expression, and the hunger in his eyes just made it seem more menacing. ”I’m sure you can see reason before negotiations get out of control.”

Chris felt his blood begin to boil. First the lost Pidove earlier today, and then he had to deal with a bully of a Munchlax. Now this man was wanting to take Sam away for some weird research. Chris had enough bullies for the day, and he wasn’t going to back down. He knew he’d use Sam for this battle, and his hand went towards the one Pokemon that wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against the pair. But he hesitated. None of his Pokemon were trained in battle. None of them had learned to take his orders, and Munchlax might just ignore him so soon after being captured. That only left Sam as being the most dependable he had.

The man’s smug expression turned even more certain at seeing the conflict on Chris’s face. ”Yes. Just save us the trouble and give me that Ralts.” Chris’s intense conflict turned into ice cold resolve almost instantly. Without hesitation he selected the Pokeball that held his most dependable Pokemon. ”Let’s go Sam.” Sam took several steps forward, and focused on the Sandshrew. Chris felt a change in her, and guessed it was her Trace ability taking hold. He tossed the other Pokeball, and from it appeared Pidove. The birdlike Pokemon looked around curiously and took a few small jumps from side to side.

The fabric still hanging from the Pokemon’s leg made Chris cringe. It reminded him that his Pokemon were still injured from the day before. The man adjusted his spectacles and scowled. ”If you think I won’t hurt the specimen you’re sorely mistaken. I will take her young man, even if I have to knock you both out to do it.” He looked at his Pokemon. ”Alex, use Powder Snow on Pidove. Nana…” The grass Pokemon flinched noticeably at the sound of the man’s voice. ”..use Hypnosis on Ralts.”

Chris froze for a moment, and was unable to think of any of his strategies he thought of his years growing up. Fighting against a wild Pokemon was one thing. This was a battle against a trainer, and Chris wasn’t experienced enough to deal with it. Sam however picked up the slack for her trainer. She called out to Pidove before closing her eyes and turning her head away. She kept here eyes hidden as the Hypnosis from Exeggcute had no effect. Pidove turned his attention to Sam at the call, and noticed the Sandshrew let out a breath of frigid air. He took to the sky, barely avoiding the frost that was added to the ground below him. Sam unfortunately felt the frigid cold as the breath struck her as well. She began to shiver uncontrollably from the cold.

Once the Hypnosis was done Sam opened her eyes and focused on the egg Pokemon. A weak blast of psychic energy hit the grass/psychic Pokemon, but it didn’t seem to have much effect. Pidove glided around and released a Gust upon the Sandshrew, but as with Exeggcute it didn’t have much of an effect. Both Chris’s Pokemon looked annoyed, while the man’s Sandshrew looked as smug as his master. Exeggcute looked hesitant.

Battle Round 1

Chris snapped out of his startled state and actually focused on the battle. He was going to lose again if he wasn’t careful, and this time Sam was on the line. He had to concentrate on winning the battle. ”Sam, focus on the Sandshrew and keep him distracted. Use Double Team to confuse him and keep him away from Pidove.” He turned his attention to Pidove flying above. ”Pidove, attack the Exeggcute with Gust. Stay off the ground and attack from a distance.”

Sam focused on Sandshrew and hit it with a small burst of psychic power in the form of Confusion. It didn’t seem to do much beyond getting its attention. The cool Pokemon turned his attention from the flying Pidove and onto Sam. “Alex, use Ice Ball.” The tropical variant of Sandshrew rolled up into a ball and sped towards Sam. Sam concentrated, but this time instead of a psychic strike two additional rare colored Ralts appeared on either side of Sam. Sandshrew of course went after the one in the middle, and only managed to disrupt an image of Sam. ”Use it again!” Sandshrew only slowed down enough to reorient itself, and struck the image on the left. This one was real, and Sam let out a cry as she was thrown back hard from the impact. The third Sam disappeared. The Sandshrew continued on for a bit, and to Chris’s eyes it looked like the Pokemon was coated in a layer of jagged ice.

Pidove managed a little better against the Exeggcute than against Sandshrew. He flew around and came at the grass/psychic Pokemon faster than she could react, and released a Gust of wind from her wings at the last second. Exeggcute let out a cry of protest, and Chris could see that the attack was very effective. ”Nana…” Again the egglike Pokemon shuddered at the man’s voice. Chris guessed it was more out of fear of her master than anything else. ”…use Hypnosis. Again.”

The flying/normal wasn’t as lucky as Sam, and looked directly into the eyes of the Exeggcute. The Hypnosis effect his Pidove hard, and the birdlike Pokemon fell to the ground fast asleep. The man kept the smug smile on his lips as he turned his attention to the struggling Sam. ”Now use Barrage on the Ralts.” Chris watched in horror as multiple egg shaped blasts hammered into Sam. The resulting attack was too much, and Sam fainted right on the spot. Chris could only watch numbly at the unmoving form. The man’s voice broke him out of his paralysis. ”Retrieve the specimen.”

Chris mentally shook himself and yanked Sam’s Pokeball out of his pocket. ”No! Return!” The red light hit the unconscious Pokemon and drew her safely inside. The man let out a cluck of annoyance. ”I told you that you can’t have her.” Chris traded Sam’s Pokeball for another. He didn’t want to use this Pokemon so soon, but he had no choice. He tossed the newer Pokeball and Munchlax appeared. The greedy glutton looked around immediately for any food. The man hesitated for a moment, and then scowled. ”Looks like you’re a tough negotiator.”

Battle Round 2

Munchlax looked around still searching for food. It was obviously not paying any attention to the battle. Pidove was busy snoring away on the cold forest floor, and Sam was knocked out cold. Things were not looking good for Chris, and he knew it. He had mostly sent out Munchlax out of anger, and didn’t realize at the time how hard it would be to control the stubborn Pokemon. And he didn’t want to call back Pidove on the off chance he’d wake up in time to help. Chris just hoped he could hold out against the crazy man and his Pokemon. Or be able to run if things didn’t work out.

”Ok Munchlax. Use Tackle on the Sandshrew.” The greedy Pokemon ignored Chris, and walked over to sniff a season old pinecone on the ground. He swallowed it happily, and looked around for another. The man’s smug expression returned. ”Looks like your negotiations are weak. Nana, use Barrage on that Munchlax. Alex use Ice Ball again. On the Pidove.” Chris looked at the sleeping form of Pidove in alarm, as the rolling ice/steel Pokemon oriented on him and sped quickly towards him.

The Exeggcute turned her attention on Munchlax, and released a Barrage of projectiles at the distracted Pokemon. The first hit home in the back of Munchlax’s head, and the Pokemon turned around suddenly to where the attack was coming from in surprise. His movement knocked the second Barrage off course as it hit, and the projectile flew over to strike right in front of the rolling Sandshrew while the remaining attacks missed Munchlax. The sudden unexpected gouge in the earth from impact in front of the speeding Sandshrew was enough to knock the rolling Pokemon off course and miss Pidove. He hit a tree as a result, and the ice coating his shell cracked and shattered.

Munchlax turned towards the Exeggcute with anger in his eyes at being attacked while he was eating. He nibbled on something that he held hidden in his fur. Chris guessed it was the Leftovers he saw before. Exeggcute looked like she was about to faint from fright at being confronted so directly. Sandshrew uncurled from his ball and looked around dazed, though unharmed from his sudden stop. And Pidove stirred in his sleep for a moment from the sudden chill with Sandshrew’s passing, but stayed asleep throughout the ordeal.

Battle Round 3

Chris let out a small sigh of relief. It looked like Munchlax was finally focused on the battle. ”Alright. Let’s focus on the Sandshrew. Use Tackle!” Munchlax however completely ignored Chris, and instead kept his focus on Exeggcute. ”Nana, use another Barrage on Munchlax. Alex you use Ice Ball.” The man sneered. ”That Pidove isn’t going anywhere.”

Both enemy Pokemon turned their attention onto Munchlax, and the Pokemon just stood there. A red light engulfed the greedy glutton just as the other two launched their attacks. Exeggcute was the first, and again launched five egg shaped projectiles at the normal type Pokemon. Munchlax just stood there as four of the five hit him dead on. He flinched at the attack but didn’t take a step back or defend himself. The red aura strengthened, and four egg shaped projectiles that looked very similar to the ones used by Exeggcute flew from Munchlax and struck the plant/psychic Pokemon hard.

Sandshrew curled into a ball and raced towards the stationary Pokemon from a different angle, and it seemed to Chris that the speeding Pokemon was trying to throw Munchlax off balance. Again the normal type Pokemon took the attack. The red light intensified upon impact, and the Sandshrew bounced off as if he hit a solid wall instead of a soft Pokemon. Counter. Munchlax knows Counter. The red light vanished from Munchlax, and again Chris saw the Pokemon nibbling something stored in his fur.

Off to the side Chris noticed movement, and then a Gust of wind struck the dazed Exeggcute. Pidove had woken up and released a Gust against Exeggcute. The birdlike Pokemon struggled in the air as he tried to shake off the sleep, but it rapidly grew strength the longer it remained airborne. Chris smiled at the sight, and then turned his attention to the now angry man. They stood a chance now.

Battle Round 4

The mad man snarled under his breath and glared daggers at the Munchlax. He spoke in a cold hard voice, and Chris could see that the Exeggcute was visibly shaken at the rage in that voice. ”Nana. Put that Munchlax to sleep. Use Hypnosis, and then take out that annoying bird with Barrage.” His gaze turned to the Sandshrew. ”Alex, use Powder Snow and freeze them both.” Chris watched in horror at what was about to happen, and called to his Pokemon. ”Pidove, use Gust on Exeggcute quickly. Then fly into the branches to avoid the attacks. Munchlax Tackle Sandshrew and knock him out.”

Pidove flew quickly until he was over Exeggcute and released a Gust with all of his strength. The attack hit home just as the plant/psychic focused on Munchlax with a stare. It struck a nearby pile of melting snow, and the added impact of wind and snow was enough to knock the Exeggcute out. Pidove let out a call of victory before darting into the branches as instructed.

Munchlax as before completely ignored Chris’s orders, and instead stood perfectly still as the Sandshrew released a blast of frigid air at the surrounding area. Chris was afraid that Munchlax might try another Counter, which would be useless against a ranged aura attack from the ice/steel Pokemon. Instead the greedy glutton turned his head sideways as if he had just forgotten something. A bright flash of light surrounded him right before the frigid blast struck home. That might have been Amnesia.

The sturdy Pokemon then focused his eyes, and the forgotten look vanished. He ran forward and Tackled the tropical Sandshrew hard. Unfortunately the stubborn ice/steel type barely took a step back from the impact. Another ice cold wind blew at Munchlax and the surrounding area from point blank range, and even more frost developed on the once thawing ground. The greedy glutton nibbled once more on something hidden in his fur. Chris gritted his teeth in frustration. They took out one opponent, but the other would be as hard to defeat as Munchlax would have been. They didn’t have the option of a long fight.

Battle Round 5

The man's expression became murderous at seeing his Exeggcute fall. He savagely called back his Pokemon and stood there glaring at Chris and his remaining Pokemon. "I will have that Ralts." Chris took an involuntary step back at the raw anger and obsession he felt from the man's gave. The guy was absolutely crazy. Even if they somehow managed to knock out the man's Sandshrew Chris had a feeling they couldn't just walk away. They'd have to somehow knock out the guy as well, but Sam was out cold. Plus Chris didn't want to leave anyone out in the woods without protection.

Thinking about it Chris slipped out his last Pokeball and looked at it thoughtfully. They had to knock out the man while at the same time leaving Sandshrew awake. Then the man would have the protection he needed until he woke up. Chris's memory slipped back to when he was first looking for Pidove. He felt weak and tired, and then collapsed on the ground because of the Pokemon he held in his hand. He hated to even consider it, but he didn't have much choice. This man was absolutely nuts.

The man was shouting orders to his remaining Pokemon, and the air grew even colder at the result. Pidove returned and was making flyby attacks while Munchlax was acting as tank. Chris didn't pay any of them much mind, and he released his last Pokemon. Gwen appeared and gave herself a little shake. She looked up at Chris and tilted her mushrooms in a questioning gesture. Chris pointed at the man ranting and yelling. "I need you to calm him down so he gets a good sleep. Use Absorb."

Gwen turned and looked at the man, then at Sandshrew and Chris's Pokemon battling, and finally back at Chris. She tilted her head in confusion, but this time in the other direction. Chris let out a sigh and pointed at the man. "Gwen, use Absorb." The plant/fairy Pokemon turned to the man, and a red light shot out from her mushrooms and hit the man's leg. Simple commands worked best. The man was focused on the fight and hadn't noticed the beam on him, but his rantings slowly became more quiet and subdued. His eyes slowly grew heavy, and his body more limp. Before long he collapsed on the ground unconscious.

"Ok, that's enough." The Morelull didn't seem to hear him, as the red beam was still draining energy. Chris placed a hand on the tiny Pokemon's back of the head and spoke in a clear firm voice. "Gwen!" The light vanished suddenly as the Morelull shook herself out of her focus. She looked at Chris questioningly. Chris let out a sigh and called her back into her Pokeball, placing it back into his pocket.

The fighting stopped when the man suddenly became quiet, and the Sandshrew stopped in mid roll, Chris guessed it was another Ice Ball, and looked to where his master was now sleeping. Chris pulled out Pidove's and Munchlax's Pokeballs and called back his own Pokemon. Both seemed perplexed right before the light engulfed them and drew them inside. Chris then turned to the curious Sandshrew and spoke in a calm detached voice. "Looks like he got too excited and passed out. He should be alright in about an hour or two." He looked down at the man and continued. ”I think the battle is over for now.”

The Sandshrew obviously thought differently, and curled up into a ball to attack Chris directly. The human figured it was because the Pokemon’s master really wanted Sam. Instead of fleeing or continuing the fight Chris calmly raised a foot and pressed it against the man’s throat. He then spoke in a clear firm voice. ”Enough!” Sandshrew stopped in mid roll at the sharpness in Chris’s tone, and uncurled to see that Chris was in the position to deliver a killing blow to the man. Chris had no intention of following through, but his bored expression and cold tone was enough to convince the ice/steel Pokemon. ”It is over.” The Sandshrew looked to finally understand, and took a few steps back to show his understanding.

Chris took his foot off the man’s throat, and reached down to pick up his backpack without taking his eyes off the man’s Pokemon. He slipped the pack over his shoulder, and then took several deliberate steps backwards from both the man and the angered Sandshrew. He didn’t turn his back on the Pokemon, and kept slowly making his way to the edge of the forest until the man and the Pokemon were out of sight. Only then did he let out a breath or relief before turning and jogging out of the forest. He really needed to get back to town and the Pokemon Center to have his mom look at Sam. And he needed more supplies, especially if he was going to be training Munchlax along with his other Pokemon. He had a lot to think about as he began the journey back home.

[Word Count= 4468 (Not including 'Battle Round' text)]

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RP Notes
  • Interesting way to communicate.
  • Big Sis Ralts!
  • Your shirt gives off light? Lord, I’d never be able to sleep with that on xD
  • Run, Morel! Run!!
  • This reminds me of the old cartoons :P
  • Munchlax is an agent of chaos!
  • The way to a ‘mons heart is its belly! I approve~
  • I need an adult!
  • Oooh, sneaky Chris~

Topic Record
  • Christopher Seenter arrives at Skytouch Forest
  • Christopher attempts to bond with his freshly caught Pokémon
  • The Pidove has left the camp on its own
  • Christopher names the Morelull ‘Gwen’
  • Christopher encounters a wild Munchlax chasing a wild Wurmple
  • Christopher sends out Ralts to warn the Munchlax, which is quickly ignored
  • Pidove saves the wild Wurmple from being eaten by the wild Munchlax
  • The wild Munchlax runs into Christopher before it gets assaulted by Sam and Pidove
  • Christopher attempts to catch the wild Munchlax, but it breaks free (-1 PokéBall)
  • A second attempt is made to catch the wild Munchlax, which succeeds (-1 PokéBall)
  • Christopher meets a mad man who wants to purchase Sam, but when he refuses the man plans to just forcibly take Sam
  • Sam gets knocked out by the mad man's Isdan Sandshrew and gets replaced by Munchlax (See Wrap-Up)
  • Pidove knocks out the mad man’s Exeggcute (+8 EXP)
  • Christopher sends out Gwen in order to subdue the mad man
  • Christopher leaves the unconscious man behind and makes his way out Skytouch Forest

Topic Evaluation
A Chilled Encounter
Seeing the Sights: 5 AP
Making Friends: 5 AP
To Be The Best: 6 AP
Nursing: 6 AP
Topic: 8 EXP
Evaluation: 17 EXP
Total: 25 EXP
*dian* 3,166
Bonuses: None
Penalties: Rule Breaking

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