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Twin Blades (A godai cartoon series!)
Topic Started: 4 Feb 2018, 06:53 PM (100 Views)
Posted Image Chaos_1x
No Avatar

So, Demi and I were talking, and we have started to plan a series about two rivals in the form of a saturday morning cartoon.

We are taking ideas/discussion here.


Gallade hero
Bisharp Hero

Big villain (Has a hydreigon)
Josh Warden • Historian • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: 1000 • Location: East Godai

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Posted Image Vincent
Member Avatar

Cliffnotes from the CBox:

- Villain was changed into the Hydreigon
- Bisharp was a bad guy who was banished from his village of Pawniard and Bisharp.
- Gallade is married to a Gardevoir and has a Ralts for a child.
- Hydreigon wants to release the Spritomb to unleash hell onto the world.
- Gallade leaves to defend his home and family, however needs Bisharps help to defeat the Spiritomb due to type advantage.

Some Bad guys include:

- Evil Froslass whho tries to freeze the duo.
- Krookodile with a gang of Scrafty and Scraggy.
- Exploud causing carnage in a village.

Some helper Pokemon inlude:

- Alolan Nintales who assists them.
- Xatu who guides them.

Thei whole thing is about cutting the opponent down with Cut.
Vincent Straum

Posted Image
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Posted Image SerenadeMintFlavored
Member Avatar
Minty and Fresh

Since the joke I made didn't translate nearly as well as I wanted it to over text I'm just nixing it. Nice idea on you guys' part though. Maybe add the damsel liar revealed plot in there too.
Edited by SerenadeMintFlavored, 12 Feb 2018, 06:31 AM.
Posted Image
"Cheating? I'm disappointed in you..."

Kilikina “Krile” Lombardi
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Posted Image Chaos_1x
No Avatar

There is a topic for suggesting things like this. Part of the point of this one is to play up the cliches.

Also, expect some drafts of episodes within a week or so
Josh Warden • Historian • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: 1000 • Location: East Godai

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