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Caring for Pokemon
Topic Started: 24 Apr 2018, 03:30 PM (96 Views)
Posted Image Chaos_1x
No Avatar

I was helping my roommate care for her garden, when I had an idea for caring for a grass type. This involves checking for fungus and rot on the leaves, and trimming it when needed. (This can be dangerous for the trainer.)

If you have any ideas, especially derived from caring for animals, post it here. Parrots, lizards, or anything more bizarre is welcome!
Josh Warden • Historian • Total EXP Gained: 87 • Dians: 9472 • Location: Skytouch

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Posted Image Finny
Member Avatar

Fennec foxes sleep 75% of the day, I think their Pokemon counter parts probably do the same, when they are awake they need tons of space to run and jump around on to unleash their pent up energy. Oh they also loooove munching on strawberrys.
Posted Image
many thanks to bones for the awesome graphics <3

Finny Taru • FoxPokemon Trainer • Total EXP Gained: 9 • Dians: *dian* 2360 • Location: Skytouch forest


Yara McGrevor

Jeena Hale

Posted Image
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Posted Image Sivanandi
Member Avatar

Alright, this is a fun topic. Today, kids, I'm going to talk about birds of prey!
So, imagine your Rufflet perching on your arm, cooing at you. Sound adorable, until its sharp talons tear into your soft skin! Ouch. To avoid this, an owner of a bird of prey's Pokemon equivalent should always have a durable set of gloves and preferably not wear clothing that is thin, should your avian buddy decide to sit on your shoulder.
Your bird Pokemon should be given lots of open space and meat to eat. Different species prefer different foods, so while a Doduo would readily eat Nincada, a Pidgeotto may not.

Finally, NEVER feed a Toucannon Froot Loops.

All of the above are merely suggestions.
Edited by Sivanandi, 17 May 2018, 12:16 PM.
William Shakespeare • Biologist • Total EXP Gained: 0 • Dians: *dian* 1000 • Location: Shoaltide Path, Kroy

William’s Pokemon
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