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Training on the Open Plains
Topic Started: 9 May 2018, 07:11 PM (43 Views)
Posted Image Vincent
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"T...thank you for our s...services sir."
"No, thank you. Oh actually..." Vincent replaces his various Pokeballs and Great Balls onto his belt. "Do you know where the repair store is? I'm waiting on a Pokeball repair from about a month ago."
"O...oh you mean Mr Jarter," the Pokemon nurse replied, a nervous smile still stuck to her face. "If you take an i...immediate right out of the door, it's about half a m...mile down the road. Don't turn at any point. You'll see a sign with a s...screwdriver and a spanner. It's hard to miss."
"Cheers," Vincent thanked, a little disappointed at the nervousness of the nurse. "I'll be off now."

Vincent hoisted his bag up and took his steps back towards the main entrance. Behind him, he could hear the familiar sigh of relief from the nurse Vincent had become accustomed to. Seeing his reflection in the glass door, he stared at his face for a couple seconds before pushing the door open.

Vincent breathed in the fresh air of the countryside and all his troubles seemed to melt away in the warm light of the sun. Across the way were several wooden houses and huts creating the illusion of an old town, however Vincent knew, from his way in, that this was probably the densest Vlostik Town ever got.

As instructed, Vincent turned right and walked down the road towards the repair shop. The view was stunning. Vast fields surrounded Vincent with several heards of Tauros, Miltank and Boufallant. The Tauros field in particular were interesting as the fences were lined with metal wire, while the others were simple wood. Being a farm boy himself, he knew the reason why. Tauros were just one of the animals his parents bred for food and their nature wasn't too friendly.

It didn't take him long to see a solitary home on the edge of a vegetable field with an easily recognisable sign nailed to the wall and smoke billowing out of a chimney. Vincent walked to the door and knocked on it. Nothing. Silence. Vincent knocked again and slowly began to rock on his feet, back and forth. While on the balls of his feet, the door slid to the side with a bang causing Vincent to fall back slightly. At the door was a rugged, large man, holding onto what looked like giant pliars and a hammer. The man looked Vincent up and down, stopping at his face. He began to grimace.

"No I'm not buying you're produce. Leave me alone" He shut the door behind him.
"No hang on!" Vincent called back. "Mr Jarter, I'm Vincent. I'm here about the Pokeball!"

... Scilence once again...

"...Mr Jarter-" Vincent began before the door opened again.
"I heard ya the first time. Get in. I'm working. Magmar! Keep the flames going!" While he hadn't met him before face to face, Vincent did recognise the voice instantly, so felt safe enough to walk in. Although he was worried about the wooden home and the fire Pokemon that seemed to be here.

Vincent had to hold his nose as he walked in deeper and an odd, warm and smokey smell emmanated through the home. A set of headphones then flew through the air and bounced off his chest. Vincent managed to catch it before hearing a voice from round the corner. "Put them on!"

Vincent did as he was told, following Mr Jarter further inside. Walking in, Vincent saw a simple room with a stone furnace in the back, the walls lined with stone and an anvil in the centre of the room. Stood beside the anvil were a bucket of water, Mr Jarter himself and a Magmar which was billowing fire into the base of the furnace.

Mr Jarter used the metal tongs to grab something out of the furnace and placed it onto the anvil. Very quickly, he smacked the item with his hammer, molding the item into a curve. Clearly displeased, the metal item was placed back into the furnace and the large man turned back to Vincent, placing the tongs and hammer onto a, very burned and singed, wooden table. "Magmar. Keep it going but save your energy." The man grabbed a large, red berry out of his pocket and threw it towards the lava Pokemon. Without looking up, the Magmar caught the red berry, dispite it's spikey nature, and occasionally took bites between fire breaths.

"Your Pokeball is ready," Mr Jarter said pointing at his ears, signalling to Vincent. "Sorry about that. I had the fire going and it was ready for hammering. Too much heat and the metal become damaged."
"No no, it's alright," Vincent said, handing back the headphones. "So where is the ball?"
"Gimme a second..." Mr Jarter walked over to a cupboard and opened the door. Inside were several Pokeballs of different colours. "Straum right?"
Mr Jarter pulled a ball off one of the shelves and threw it towards Vincent. On the top was a sticker with his name on it. "There ya are. Good as new, cause it basically is. It's essentially a brand new ball but it still has the capture data of your Zubat. This-" he bent down to the lower shelf and pulled out a plastic bag with shards of red and white. "-is your old ball." He placed the bag on the table and it opened up. Vincent could clearly see several peices were attached together with plastic welding, some smoothed out, but most were still broken or too small.

"I didn't even get all the parts. In fact the box you sent me had sand in there. Where the hell were you even?"
"Oh yeah..." Vincent said, peeling off his name sticker and looking down at his old ball shrapnel. "I was in the Natrio Flats when it broke." Vincent balled up the old sticker and stuck it into his pocket. "So when I go to collect Zubat from the Pokemon Center, do I just put this ball in the transporter?"
"Yeah that should do it. There should be some buttons on the PC or whatever to have your Pokemon transferred."
"Ok cheers." Vincent began to walk back outside again, but he then remembered something. "Oh yeah. Do you know where the postal service is here?"
"Vlostik doesn't have one," Mr Jarter said. Vincent's face dropped very quickly, at the suddeness of his answer. "Everything sent to Vlostik is just sent to the Pokemon Center. Just ask the nurse."

"Oh... right ok..." Vincent said, a bit disheartened. "Thanks anyway."

Mr Jarter simply walked back to his work with a wave. Once back outside, the sound of the door was Vincent signal to droop down. "Crap. I don't wanna talk to that nurse again. I thought she was gonna hit me last time."
Edited by Vincent, 10 May 2018, 01:33 PM.
Vincent Straum

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Posted Image Vincent
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Shops and Item/Trainer Rolls

Pokemon Declaration

Vincent eventually made it back to the Pokemon centre, moving slowly to try and delay his interaction with the Pokemon Nurse. He couldn't delay any longer. He wanted to see his friend and just decided to get it over with. Keeping his head down, Vincent opened the door to the red and white building and briskly walked over the the transporter screen, keeping his eyesight low.

He pulled out his Pokedex and rubbed it against the screen, scanning in his data and accessing his Box. In the middle of the screen, and after such a long time, was a pixelated version of his Zubat friend, slowly bobbing around in the On-Screen field.


Vincent slowly smiled, took out his empty Pokeball and placed it into the transporter device. Going back to the screen, a prompt came up to allow him to transport a Pokemon to it.

"E...Excuse me?"

Pressing the button, his Zubats icon glowed on the screen. He pressed the icon, causing the Zubat to "walk" over to the edge of the screen. To his right, the machine started up and a bright light shot down onto the Pokeball.


The light faded and the Pokeball just sat in the machine, as if nothing had happened. Vincent picked up the ball, concerned that it hadn't worked. There was only one way to find out. He pushed the button on the front of the ball and another white light appeared, this time forming into the shape of Vincent's old friend.

"Zubat?" Vincent asked. The light faded and the blue and purple bat turned around to face the blonde. Zubat, despite not having eyes, jumped up at Vincent and nuzzled into his neck. "It's been so long friend..." he said, almost crying in happiness.

"E...e...e...EXCUSE ME!"

Vincent jumped at the sudden loud noise causing Zubat to screech as well. He turned around to see the nurse, who had now recoiled in fear.

"I-I-I'm really sorry," she started. "But w...we have a s...sale going on right now." She turned around and pointed at a far table. A small crowd had gathered around it, which intrigued Vincent. "I...If you're interested, we're selling Berry Pots and Watering Cans."

"Oh. Oh alright. Yeah I'll have a look," Vincent replied, walking over to the table while pulling out his Holocaster. He pushed a few buttons and a hologram of the Berry Pot. It gave basic informaton as to what it was, including very fast Berry growth, but what had him most exited was that it was only on sale for 1,500 *dian* in this town whereas most other towns sold it for 3,500.

He stepped up to the table and saw that there were only 2 Berry Pots left and a variety of Watering Cans in the shapes of different Pokemon. A young boy was staring at one of them intently. The other people were starting to walk away, seemingly disinterested in the items. "Excuse me," Vincent asked the shop keep, an older woman wearing dark glasses and weilding a cane. Not really looking at him, the old woman smiled in response. "How can I help you dear?"

"Yes. I'd like to buy the last two Berry Pots you have-" the boy looked up at Vincent with sadness, "-and I'd like to take a watering can in the shape of a Wailmer," he continued, eyeing up the rounded Blue and cream watering can.

"No you can't do that!" the young boy yelled. "I need one!"
"I'm sorry kid, but you didn't seem like you wanted it. I thought you were just curious about it."
The boy looked even more disheartened, which started to get at Vincent. But before he could give in, the boy held up a small sweet in a blue wrapper. "Here!" The boy pushed his hands into Vincent chest, holding the sweet. "Take this instead of the Berry Pot. Leave me at least one."

Vincent looked around in fear that someone might judge him for taking candy from a child, but no one seemed to be paying attention. Even the blind shopkeep seemed disinterested. "Ok fine. I guess I only really need one." The boy smiled. He passed the sweet into Vincent's hand and picked up one of the Berry Pots. He handed over a significant amount of money to the blind lady, thanked her, and then ran out of the door and down the road.

Vincent held up the sweet, closer to his face. There wasn't any writing on the blue wrapper, so it was hard to figure out what flavout it was. But it didn't matter for long as Zubat jumped onto Vincent's wrist and swapped the sweet whole, spitting back the wrapper into his hand. "Wh... what the hell Zubat. Just because you've had a holiday away from me, doesnt mean you can steal from me." Zubat didn't seem to care, in fact she looked quite proud of herself. Vincent decided to return her into her Pokeball and clipped the ball back onto his belt.

"That was quite the display young man," came a voice from behind the desk. Vincent almost forgot there was someone there. The blind lady stood up, holding the last Berry Pot towards him along with Wailmer shaped watering can. "With the Wailmer Pail, your total comes to 3,750 dian."

Vincent looked back at her in shock. "How much is that watering can?"
"It's only 250 dian. Did no one tell you? The Berry Pot costs 3,500 dian."
"My holocaster said 1,500."
"Oh. Ho-ho-ho-oh. That's only during the autumn and winter my dear. I'm sorry but with the contest hall in this city, we get a lot of co-ordinaters coming through so we sell them at the regular price when it's warm."
"That can't be true..."
"It could have been worse my dear. Non-contest hall cities sell them for 5,500."
Vincent looked down at the lady in shock over how much it could have cost him had he decided to go to Durskrim Town instead. "I'll take it then. God my timing was terrible." Vincent handed over his 3750 dian and recieved the Berry Pot in return.
"That thing is highly durable. Even the toughest Pokemon attack wouldnt scratch it. It also still works when held at an angle, so you can comfortably attach it to your bag. It's almost like an extension of yourself."
Vincent smiled half heartedly. "Thank you anyway..."

"Oh, just remembered..." Vincent looked around his surroundings and, as the blacksmith said, there was a desk labeled with a sign which only had a picture of a letter on the front. Vincent walked over to it and rang the help desk bell.


Vincent rang the bell again. "I got you my dear." Vincent turned around to see the old lady from earlier walking towards the staff entrance. Vincent guessed that with ear lack of sight, her hearing got more acute. Once she was behind the desk... "How can I help you?"

"I... Umm... I just remembered I had a guitar delivered here," Vincent said. "You don't happen to know-"
"I know exactly what you mean." The old lady tapped the ground with her cane and directed herself around. She swung it quite wildly at the ground towards the shelves behind the desk. Once she hit them, she directed her movement towards the eftmost shelving. "I know what you're thinking dear. How does an old woman with zero vision like me know how to sort out packages?" She walked over to the very obvious guitar case and lifted it up. Despite looking quite heavy, she was able to lift it with ease. "I remember everything to the last detail."

"Everything. I remember you being disgruntled by the nurse being nervous around you. I remember hearing you use the machine to bring back your friend. And I also remember the child who gave you that Rare Candy, which your Zubat ate."
"How did you know what kind of candy it was?" Vincent said, standing there flabbergasted at her memory.
"I had one myself about 35 years ago. I remember how the wrapper crinkled. My good friend, a Bounsweet had it. Every time I had one of those sweets, my Bounsweet became stronger. She eventually evolved just from those sweets. So whenever I heard the wrapper, I remember my friend growing with me, even after I lost my sight."

Edited by Vincent, 18 May 2018, 08:13 PM.
Vincent Straum

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