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Too Soon to Return
Topic Started: 16 May 2018, 02:10 PM (11 Views)
Posted Image Seenter
No Avatar

It took Chris several hours of travel before he noticed the lights of Kotoba City in the distance. He let out a sigh of relief at seeing his hometown, and felt a growing dread in the pit of his stomach. He had left the city only a few days earlier to begin his journey as a Pokemon trainer, and already he was returning home. Would his parents see it as a sign that he was not cut out to be a trainer? Should he see it as such?

Memories of Skytouch Forest drifted in his mind, and Chris almost felt like he was not ready to be out on his own. Almost. He had to tell himself as he continued his journey to the city in the distance that this was a trial run to see if he had what it takes to travel on his own. And he had made it back safely, so that should count for something. He picked out more memories as he walked, and absently noticed more lights appearing in the city as darkness slowly crept across the land.

When he had first arrived at Skytouch Forest Chris and his Ralts Sam had no clue how to start a fire. The nights were warming up from the cold winter, but it was still a miserable experience. After that they fought and lost against Pidove, which humiliated both of them to no end. Afterwards they got their rematch, and caught both Pidove and a Morelull that he was picking on. That night Chris took care of the Pokemon to make sure they were alright before going to bed.

This morning Chris and Sam found another trial, as Pidove decided to wander off on his own. That was also a big adventure, as they not only found Pidove again; but they also met with a greedy Munchlax. A slight smile tugged at Chris’s lips as he remembered how he caught the stubborn Pokemon. It was one of his better ideas, even if it happened almost too late. It was part of the reason he had to come back to the city in order to restock his Pokemon food.

As he walked into the actual city itself Chris shuddered at the memory of the crazed man. He actually felt bad for the Exeggcute that the man had, as it was obvious that the Pokemon feared its trainer. And Chris couldn’t blame the grass/psychic Pokemon. The man was completely crazy, even going so far as to battle Chris for Sam. Technically Chris lost the battle, but he never agreed to it in the first place. But he managed to knock out the man using Gwen, his now semi-friendly Morelull, and escape in the confusion.

With a start Chris realized his feet were automatically taking him in the direction of his house. With a mental curse to himself he changed the direction towards the Pokemon Center. His mother wouldn’t be on call tonight, but he had no doubt someone at the center would call her to let them know he was in town. Still he wanted to give some semblance of being independent, and taking care of his Pokemon first was a good excuse to put off seeing his folks.

(Word Count= 540)
Christopher Seenter
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