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[Evaluated]an unexpected encounter
Topic Started: 22 Jun 2018, 08:46 AM (93 Views)
Posted Image mste1602
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Pokemon Declaration

It was afternoon, and Myst was deep in the forest now, her suitcase dragging behind her and her bike rolling alongside her, Cyndaquil a bit ahead prancing and playing. Sunlight filtered through the treetops and the trees had thickened since they had started walking. She guessed they were deep in the forest now. The chattering of Pokémon filled the air. As Myst glanced around, there were Caterpies here and there on trees, Seedots wandering, and other forest Pokémon doing what you’d expect forest Pokémon to do; scuttle around, gather food, talk to each other, the like.

Myst walked up to a Caterpie out of curiosity. She reached to touch it, and then jumped back as it shot a little string at her. “Didn’t mean to scare you,” she whispered, and continued walking. She ran a little to catch up with Cyndaquil who was randomly chasing a couple of Cutieflies that flew by.

Myst finally caught up to Cynadaquil. “Hey,” She said kneeling to be at his level, “Skytouch forest is pretty cool, yea?”

Cyndaquil gave a happy squeak and ran in a small circle. A breeze drifted through the trees, shaking them, and a cloud passed over the sun spreading shade to all parts of the forest, even the paths where the trees were spread out. Myst looked up. There were clouds dotting the sky all over here and there. When she looked back down, Cyndaquil was chasing again, a Pokémon she didn’t know very well, it must have been a new one that she hadn’t gotten to in her research yet. It looked like a living mushroom trio.

Myst stood again and walked to the closest tree. She ducked out of the string tying her to the bike, stood the suitcase closeby, and leaned against the tree. She didn’t know how far in they were, she hadn’t been keeping track. She looked at her Holocaster, which showed the map and where on it she was. After a minute she turned it off again. Then she sat down still leaning on the tree, and watched Cyndaquil run for a minute.

She blinked her eyes open. Had she fallen asleep? She looked down and Cyndaquil was resting in her lap. She looked back up and all the Pokémon appeared to be finding shelters and burrows, and when she looked up, the sun was setting. When had she fallen asleep? For how long exactly? She hadn’t checked a clock beforehand. Anyhow, she loved night, and now there was no expectation to sleep or stay home. How tired was Cyndaquil?

She reached to touch him. Cyndaquil jumped up and jumped back. “Whoa,” Myst said soothingly, “Calm down, I’m sorry.” Cyndaquil came back slowly. “If you’re still tired, do you want to go into your PokeBall for the night? I still want to walk a bit.” Cyndaquil yawned, and gave a squeak accompanied by a nod. Myst pulled out the PokeBall and hit the button. He was pulled into it.

She put it back in her pocket, attached the suitcase to the bike, and biked for a few minutes. The moon had come out and gave everything a white sheen, there were whispers of breezes in the trees, and the breeze on her face felt nice. Bushes dotted the edges of the path here and there, and tall trees flew by. After a few minutes, when her legs got tired, she got off the bike and locked it to a tree. Then she pulled that tiny one-person tent out and set it up.

There were two poles and four stakes. As small as it was, it took 5 minutes tops. Myst pulled a blanket out of that suitcase and crawled inside that little tent. Inside the tent there were even more whispers as the breezes brushed the fabric on the outside. The air inside the tent soon grew stuffy and she opened the screen. She slowly drifted into sleep.

She was awakened by sun on her face. Assuming it was because she was up and even biking really late, she noticed the sun was already almost at its peak. She hurriedly unzipped the tent and jumped outside, scattering drops of what must have been what was left of the morning’s dew, although it was almost dry from the tent and the grass. She left the tent up for a while so it could totally dry before packing it away again. She did pack away the blanket though, and then pulled out Cyndaquil’s PokeBall and tossed it up. He popped out, yawned, and stretched. Then he looked up and squeaked.

“Morning,” Myst called, waving, and Cyndaquil ran ahead again to chase things. Myst watched him run, taking in the forest. As high as the sun was, most of the little bugs were out finding food, so Cyndaquil had an easy time finding something to chase. Myst went for her backpack and pulled out a small snack, and called Cyndaquil back. “Here,” She made him a small bowl of Pokémon food she had brought. They shouldn’t spend too much time in the forest, she noticed, as she hadn’t packed a lot in terms of food. Leave it to her to think more about stuff. She rolled her eyes at herself.

words: 874
Edited by mste1602, 27 Jun 2018, 07:10 AM.
Myst Levon • Lone Wolf • Total EXP Gained: 4 • Dians: *dian* 2,082 • Location: Kotoba City, East Godai

Myst's Pokemon
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Posted Image mste1602
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A few minutes later she packed up that tent and they took off again, Cyndaquil still having fun. A little ways down, there was the path they were on that kept going, but there was also a split. It looked off the beaten path, with scattered branches and leaves and extra bushes, but there was a definite trail, if a small one. She looked at Cyndaquil. “What do you think?” She asked him, and he squeaked and ran down it. She laughed and followed.

But a few minutes into walking, she froze as she felt… eyes, or something… watching. She looked in every direction, she saw big trees, small trees, bushes, logs, a stream… but couldn’t find what was watching her. She climbed on top of a small-ish boulder to get more of a vantage point, and Cyndaquil came back and looked up at her wondering what she was doing. She got no help from her heightened position at finding what was watching.

She was about to hop down, when a couple of Furrets suddenly appeared from a nearby bush. Then she was even more surprised as she saw some Floettes watching from a little behind them. Myst hadn’t thought those were very common in this forest. So why were they gathered like this? They looked at each other and chattered. Then they looked back at the bush behind them.

“HAIGHT!” Myst heard a sudden yell as a… it looked like a small human, jumped out. Myst carefully stepped down, and the two approached each other. She could not tell if it was a boy or a girl, but it wore tatters that seemed too small, like it had been away from civilization too long. Its hair was… not as long as it seemed like it might have been, but it was extremely jagged as though the… person, child was it? had cut it themself with a jagged rock from bad angles.

“Who… are you?” Myst asked slowly.

“Home.” It replied.

“What?” She asked, confused now.

“This is my home. Leave now.” It looked determined.

But she was too curious now. “But who are you? You look like you actually live out here. When did you end up here? Where are you originally from?” she knew the questions may be going a little fast, but hoped it would keep up.

It just stared at her. Almost… like it didn’t want to share.

“You live here?” She asked, pointing at the immediate ground, and giving it a chance to answer first, but it just nodded. “When? And why?” she added.

“A very long time.” It gestured at the Pokémon around it, two Furrets, two Floettes, a Pachirisu and a Pancham. All uncommon for this place, Myst knew. “Family.”

That got her attention. “Your family? Are Pokémon? But you look human,” She started, but stopped when it tilted its head.

“Yes,” it said, “They are my family.” At this it looked at the Pokémon it had called its family. One of the Furrets chattered to it, and it looked back at Myst. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“It was… an off-trail. Looked too fun to not investigate.” She tried to explain. “Why are you here?” She asked.

“I live out here.” Well, that would explain the small tatters for clothes and the jagged hair. But had it been lost, or left? Myst would like to think no one would be left behind that way, but she had to consider that it was possible. But then… “Where did you learn your words?” She asked it.

“I was raised in town to begin with,” It responded, “But my household situation was not… the friendliest you could say. So around a couple of years ago I ran out here, and found I liked their company,” it gestured down, “Much better than any humans I’d met. So I stayed.”

“Why never go back into town?” Myst asked, seeing as someone would have been able to help, but…

“Never felt the need. I’ve been happy here.” It hugged one of the Furrets.

Myst came closer again. The Pokémon moved defensively and the child moved back. Myst raised her hands in an attempt to show she meant no harm. After a minute, she took another step, and while the Pokémon stayed where they were, the child didn’t move back again. She reached for the tattered cloth that looked like it maybe had once been a shirt. She pulled on the sleeve. There wasn’t much give. “You do need, though,” she said, and then gestured at her own t-shirt, which had plenty of space in the sleeve. “For new clothes, at least,” She told it.

It gave her another sideways look. She figured removing at least the shirt would probably be more of a courtesy. When the shirt wouldn’t move, she pulled the kid towards her and it followed this time, and she went through her backpack and pulled out her small pocket knife. The Pokémon chattered nervously again and crowded around the kid, but she moved slowly and as she cut the shirt, it kind of peeled away. When she had freed it, the kid gave itself a shake like it was feeling less restricted.

“You see? Isn’t that nicer?” Myst said.

“Yea I suppose,” the kid replied.

Myst set her bike, suitcase, and Holocaster aside, pulled the kid over to the small stream, rolled up her own jeans, and waded in. the kid followed and Myst tried to clean some of the grime off of it.

“Cold!” it yelled, and the Pokémon ran closer, but slowly stopped when the kid gave them a look. It must have been a look that said it was ok? Myst brought it back out of the stream and sat it down on a nearby rock. She pulled out the towel she’d packed and patted it dry, and despite how much of a difference she knew there was in size, she pulled out one of the two shirts she’d packed and brought it over. She pulled it onto the kid and as she thought, it was huge for the kid, but better clothes be too big than too small, in her opinion.

“This… does feel… nice,” it said, looking at her.

“See?” Myst was glad she at least helped that. “Now, uh…” she knew she wasn’t going to know how to approach this part. “Those very small… pants…” She pulled out one of the two spare jeans she’d packed. She set them on the ground next to the kid and pointed to his “Family”. “Maybe, they can help you with those, or you can do it,” She said, handed the kid her knife, and turned away.

The Pokémon moved towards the kid, so it must have looked at them or gestured or something. She heard a tear through fabric, and heard the kid pull those huge jeans on. She turned back, glad they handled that. “Now…” she rolled up the jeans, a few times. This kid couldn’t be more than 10, but definitely wasn’t a toddler anymore. But as small as she was, she was still 20. So her clothes were still really big for it.

words: 1,195
Edited by mste1602, 27 Jun 2018, 07:20 AM.
Myst Levon • Lone Wolf • Total EXP Gained: 4 • Dians: *dian* 2,082 • Location: Kotoba City, East Godai

Myst's Pokemon
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Posted Image mste1602
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Anyway, now that it didn’t look like it was suffocating in clothes, she switched to the tiny scissors on the pocket knife and at least made the hair one even line. She couldn’t really make it tidy, she wasn’t a stylist and didn’t even have proper scissors, but she could help it a little. She tried to brush through it a little with her fingers afterwards, but it was very matted. “So,” Myst started while trying to brush it, “Are you a boy or a girl?” this had been the question nagging at her since their encounter.

“Girl.” The child said simply.

“Oh,” Myst was surprised. “What was it that made you run? You said your family wasn’t the ‘friendliest’, but what does that mean?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” The kid said with a tone of definition. Myst finished with, or maybe more like gave up, what she had been doing with the hair.

“Well at least how old are you?” Myst asked.

“I don’t know anymore. I haven’t been keeping track of time, I was 8 when I left.”

“Well do you remember the year when you left?” Myst pulled up the time and date on her Holocaster.

“Holy crap, it’s been 2 whole years.”

“So you’re 10 now.”

“I will be in… a month or so.” The kid sighed. “I never realized it had been that long. Like I said, once I found decent company, I haven’t been keeping track of the days.”

“What have you been eating?” Myst was really curious about this kid’s whole life now.

“Berries mostly.” She said. "I kind of miss meat, but can't bring myself to kill anything."

“Why would you deal with clothes that small and hair that messed up?”

“I didn’t want my family to find me. So I've been avoiding contact with anyone who might recognize me.”

“Where are you originally from?” Myst wasn’t sure if she could help.

“I walked for a very long time, the sun went down, so 10 hours at least. It was like, wist… something.” The girl seemed uncertain.

Myst pulled up the map on her holocaster and showed where they were. The girl traced along the map with her finger, up to Wisteur town. “Ok,” Myst said, “Then come with me, I’ll bring you here,” She pointed at a city off to the side of that town, Kotoba. It was the closest city besides her hometown, and she didn’t want to go backwards already.

The girl thought for a while. “Why?” she asked Myst.

Myst wasn’t sure how to answer. “Well…” Myst thought. “It would be good for you to get some social interaction again,” Myst offered, “And you may be unnoticed since that’s not the place you came from.”

“How can I interact and stay unnoticed?” she looked confused.

“I just mean,” Myst answered, “Unnoticed as in whoever you talk to most likely won’t point you out and yell about you.”

The girl sighed. “Well, ok I suppose.” The girl knelt by her Pokémon family and chattered to them for a minute. They chattered back and crowded around, like a group hug or something, and then the Pokémon ran off.

“It’s that easy for them?” Myst wondered aloud. If the kid really had been here all this time, they would be more attached wouldn’t they? But the kid shot her a warning glance and Myst stopped talking about it. Myst gathered her stuff and told Cyndaquil he could go back to chasing things, in that general direction.

words: 588
Edited by mste1602, 27 Jun 2018, 07:21 AM.
Myst Levon • Lone Wolf • Total EXP Gained: 4 • Dians: *dian* 2,082 • Location: Kotoba City, East Godai

Myst's Pokemon
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Posted Image mste1602
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The way to the city would normally take 5 hours, but Myst was super curious and wanted to explore the forest too. Myst called Cyndaquil back to her to make sure they didn’t separate too far. A little ways ahead was a… not quite a trail, but another almost clear line through some trees and bushes. Myst wasn’t too careful about this and just kind of ran through it, while the kid waited back at the entrance.

Myst’s footsteps were noisy and most Pokémon scattered as she came upon them. A couple Furrets gave her smart alecky looks because they were eating and weren’t about to be interrupted. As they went back to eating, Myst kept moving forward. Bushes and branches scratched at her jeans, and luckily they didn’t tear but she could tell they were weakening. The path was also getting darker as trees overhead thickened.

When suddenly things lightened, Myst came out into a clearing. Berry bushes were dotted all over the clearing here and there and Myst stopped at one for a snack. She looked up when she peripherally noticed Cyndaquil freeze and look up. Then she heard a clicking noise almost, with a hint of scraping maybe, and the slightest hint of musical airflow?

Myst stood up and suddenly across the clearing she saw a Seedot drop from one of the trees and run forwards. It looked almost like it was biding its anger. And then it started towards her… but it gave the impression of running through muddy water, almost slow motion like.
Myst pointed, “Go Cyndaquil!” Cyndaquil ran a little in front of her. “Tackle it!”

Cyndaquil ran forward, much faster than the Seedot was running, but a little before Cyndaquil got to it it stopped running and seemed to brace itself, and Cyndaquil bounced off of it almost.
“Cyndaquil use a small smokescreen, hide yourself.” Cyndaquil complied and was soon surrounded by a dark cloud. “Now try…” She stopped. She almost said leer but that needed light in Cyndaquil’s eyes, and there wasn’t any right now. “Tackle again.”

Cyndaquil darted out of the cloud and this time it was able to tackle it before it could harden itself again. It was however, still biding. It made another clicking almost angry sound.
Quite suddenly, the Seedot released a ton of energy right at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil flew back a bit, through his smokescreen dispersing it, and landed at Myst’s feet. Myst knelt and touched his head. “Are you ok?” She asked him gently, and he shook himself and jumped back up, facing the Seedot again. Myst stood back up. The smokescreen was gone now. “Try leer,” She told him.

Wind blew the tree branches above them, shaking some leaves down as Cyndaquil flashed his eyes at the Seedot. The Seedot shivered. “Now tackle, fast!” Cyndaquil ran at the Seedot and knocked it back a bit. It landed on its back, made an angry clicking, and threw itself forward onto its feet. It seemed to start biding anger again. “Tackle it once more, before it hits you again!”

Cyndaquil knocked it back again, and it made an angry clicking, but it almost sounded like it was tiring. Cyndaquil made a squeak of satisfaction. Myst had an idea. She’d never tried this before; she pulled an empty PokeBall out of her pocket and tried throwing it.

The ball shook. Myst watched it, she knew this wasn’t over yet… after a second shake the ball broke and Seedot burst out of it. it shook itself and gave a clicking almost growl. It seemed to brace itself or fortify. “Wait Cyndaquil,” Myst called. She waited until it almost relaxed, and then “Tackle it now!”

Cyndaquil ran at it and knocked it back, it threw itself forward again and let out another burst of energy, sending Cyndaquil flying this time. Myst ran and caught him in the air. “You still ok?” Cyndaquil nodded and squeaked, and she set him back on the ground. She knew he wouldn't last through another burst like that. “Quick, tackle,” Cyndaquil complied, and as dishonorable as it seemed, “Now tackle it before it stands back up!” Cyndaquil glanced back, as if questioning the honorability in that, but then still quickly complied.

The Seedot made a sound, similar to the angry clicks it had been making but quite a bit weaker. This was probably her chance. She threw one more PokeBall. That left her with only three empty ones, she’d have to buy more in the next city. She watched the ball as it shook… shook… shook one more time and made a clicking. She stood there with her mouth open for a second. Had she really just made her first catch?

She ran to where the ball lay on the ground and pulled out her pokedex. The dex pulled up its entry on Seedot. Seedots apparently got moisture from trees. She’d have to remember to put it onto one every so often. According to the dex, a glossy body meant a hydrated Seedot. She tossed the ball up to call it out. It made kind of its angry click again, but was still tired from that battle. She noticed its body wasn’t all that glossy right now. She brought it over to a tree and held it up to a branch. It stuck itself on, and its eyes almost seemed grateful. She hoped she wasn’t imagining that, or she was worried it might attack her for catching it.

Battle Summary


words: 913
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Myst Levon • Lone Wolf • Total EXP Gained: 4 • Dians: *dian* 2,082 • Location: Kotoba City, East Godai

Myst's Pokemon
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Posted Image mste1602
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Myst left the Seedot to hang from the tree while she shared some more berries with Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil seemed to get some energy back, but didn’t fully heal, she knew. They would head to the Pokémon center in the next city. Meanwhile though, Cyndaquil enjoyed his berries and Seedot enjoyed its hang from the tree. Myst looked at her dex again. This Seedot was male.

“Hey, little guy,” She said, reaching up and giving it a gentle tug, “Come on back down now,” She coaxed it, and after a minute it did let go of the tree. She noticed its body was a bit glossier. That was good. She set him on the ground and knelt in front of him.

“So,” she started, “You got a bit of an angry personality, huh?”

He clicked at her.

“How are you feeling about me? Do you wish I hadn’t caught you? Would you rather be released back into the forest? I don’t want to keep you against your will. I would like it if you’d stay with me though.” She sat back and let him think. She would leave it up to him.

It looked around at the forest, seeming to contemplate. It looked at each tree in turn around the clearing, and clicked absent-mindedly to itself. Then it looked back at Myst. He clicked, shook himself a little, and hopped back into her lap. “So you’ll stay?” she asked, and he clicked again. She picked him up and set him by Cyndaquil. “Well, say hello you two. You’ll be together for a while.” Cyndaquil squeaked and waved, Seedot clicked and jumped. Seedot had no hands to wave with.

Myst sat there in the clearing munching a couple more berries while she let them get acquainted. Then after a couple minutes, she stood up and looked down at them. “Well come on you guys, we’d better head back. Seedot, you can walk for a while, unless you want to stay in the PokeBall.”

Seedot jumped and ran past her back along the path she’d come, still seeming to run through muddy water. Myst walked next to him with Cyndaquil following, she made sure. “We’ll have to work on that speed a bit,” she told Seedot. “Now follow me, this way.”

Myst retraced her steps along the tiny trail. When she got back, the kid was sitting by a tree by her stuff. She stood suddenly when she saw the Seedot. “Meet my new Pokémon,” Myst said happily. Myst gathered her things again and they began walking towards the city. They still had several hours to go, though.

As they were walking, the sun moved across the sky. Trees whispered near the top, and a light breeze brushed their faces. Cyndaquil and Seedot chattered to each other as they went. After a while, they could lightly see the city in the distance, maybe an hour more to walk.

Along the way, a Pokémon she hadn’t researched yet came drifting across their path. It was basically a wreath of flowers. Myst knelt by Seedot and Cyndaquil. She looked at Seedot. “Seedot, I know you’ve got a lot of spirit, but let Cyndaquil take this battle as well,” Myst said, Cyndaquil jumped with excitement and Seedot clicked. “Here,” Myst let Seedot hang on a nearby tree. “Have some moisture and watch.”

Myst pointed. “Alright Cyndaquil, tackle it!” Cyndaquil ran towards it, and as he did, the flower wreath Pokémon turned towards them slowly. Its eyes seemed… sad. Cyndaquil collided with it, and it fluttered to the ground, flattening. It opened its eyes, and made a very weak attempt to hit Cyndaquil with a vine. Confused by the slowness, Cyndaquil didn’t dodge, the vine hit him across the face, then just retracted and the flower Pokémon stayed on the ground. It closed its eyes again. It almost seemed like it had just given up.

Myst approached it cautiously, and pulled its head into her lap. “Hey,” she whispered, and it slowly opened its sad eyes again. “Are… are you ok? What happened to you? Why do you have no fight in you?” it just closed its eyes again. Myst decided this thing needed someone. She took one more PokeBall and pushed it towards it, pushing the button on its head. It was pulled into the PokeBall.

The PokeBall didn’t even shake, just made the capture noise. Myst felt really bad for this poor thing. She hit the button to call it out again. It still looked horribly depressed and just ended up laying in her lap. She stroked its head. “Hey…” She said softly, “Its ok now. Don’t be worried anymore. I don’t know what happened to make you so sad or hopeless, but I promise I will do my best to change it.” it slowly opened its eyes and looked up at her.

Cyndaquil came over and waved. Cyndaquil did look tired, they definitely needed a Pokémon center. Myst patted Cyndaquil and pulled out her pokedex again. This new Pokémon was called Comfey. This specific one was also male. And it had… pokerus? She had no idea what that was. She’d look into it at the next place with wifi, probably the Pokémon center. She stood up and draped the Comfey over her shoulder. It gave her a sideways glance, and just stayed there. She gave it another gentle pat.

She went back to the tree she had hung Seedot from. “Alright you, time to go,” She gave him another gentle tug and he let go of the tree. She set him on the ground and motioned for the kid to come closer again, and gathered her bike and suitcase and things.

The girl came forward. “You really care about Pokémon, don’t you,” She said, almost in a surprised way.

Myst shrugged. “I don’t understand how anyone could possibly not, but yea.” Myst stroked Comfey again and they went back to walking. Breezes still sang above them and the sun continued to drift. It was nearly setting, and the city was very nearly upon them. “Ok guys,” Myst addressed Cyndaquil and Seedot, “I don’t want anyone to get lost, so return please,” She held up their PokeBalls and they were pulled in. Comfey should be fine if he stayed on her shoulder. The two girls along with the Comfey wandered into the city.

Battle summary


words: 1,058
Edited by mste1602, 27 Jun 2018, 02:25 PM.
Myst Levon • Lone Wolf • Total EXP Gained: 4 • Dians: *dian* 2,082 • Location: Kotoba City, East Godai

Myst's Pokemon
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Thank you for your patience. Your topic has been evaluated!
Posted ImagePosted Image

RP Notes

  • Nice job setting the scene~
  • Also nice job with the Pokemon interactions. ^^
  • Hm, raised by Furrets? That seems a bit surprising.
  • Not sure why the kid is being referred to with it pronouns? I feel that they/them would be more appropriate, frankly.
  • Wow, this kid is rather well-spoken for someone who left civilization that young. And I’m surprised she isn’t more malnourished if they’ve just been eating berries.
  • Hm, good work making the encounter more challenging, though I find it a bit unrealistic that Cyndaquil lasted through two Bides.
  • Right, using berries outside your inventory to heal isn’t really kosher. Nice try though.
  • That was all it took to capture that Comfey?

Topic Record

  • Myst enters Skytouch Forest with Cyndaquil!
  • After relaxing with her Cyndaquil, Myst goes to bed!
  • The next morning, the two go off the beaten path only to run into someone living in the forest!
  • She spends some time with the kid!
  • Eventually she decides to take the kid out of the forest with her after exploring!
  • She and Cyndaquil encounter a Seedot!
  • After a heated battle, she captures the Seedot! (-1 Pokeball)
  • She and the Cyndaquil rest!
  • She and her team encounter and capture a Comfey! (-1 Pokeball)
  • The group leaves the forest!

Topic Evaluation
Myst Levon
TAT: Seeing the Sights: 3 AP
Making Friends: 5 AP
To Be the Best: 3 AP
Topic: 2 EXP
Evaluation: 3 EXP
Total: 5 EXP
Dians: 620
Bonuses: Self Challenge
Penalties: illegal Catch of Pokemon, Rulebreaking
Evaluation Wrap-Up

Note: Bonuses/Penalties have already been calculated into your rewards!
Posted Image

Benjamin Hobbes • Cameraman • Total EXP Gained: 51 EXP • Dians: *dian* 1856 • Location: Skytouch Forest

Benjamin's Team

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"Do you think God ever gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus."

This topic has now been concluded. Please submit in a Modification to update your character with your new rewards!

This topic is now closed without further ado.
Hendrickson Novelton

Posted Image
Credits go to Bones

Leonard Arden Collier

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

~With great power comes great mental instability~
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