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[Evaluated]Following a Borrowed Dream; Elizabeth leaves on her journey
Topic Started: 23 Jun 2018, 03:08 PM (112 Views)
Posted Image bahamut
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Elizabeth checked the contents of her bag one final time, ensuring she had everything she could reasonably expect to need. Clothes, supplies, her journal and map; they were all there, each one exactly where she expected it to be, just as they had been the last time she checked. Unwilling to indulge her nerves by stalling any longer than the minute her final check had taken, she stood up and turned to the small bed set up on her windowsill and the Pokémon curled up within it. A small smile appeared on her face as she looked at the Pokémon, her Pokémon, before she extended an arm towards the resting lizard.

"Queenie, let's go," she said, more warmly than most people who were acquainted with her would believe she could manage. As the small, dark grey Pokémon slowly rose to her feet and climbed up Elizabeth's arm, however, the usually severe girl took a brief moment to gently stroke Queenie under her jaw, earning a pleased hiss in return. Salandit may not be considered attractive by most people but at least in private, Elizabeth could indulge her hidden affectionate side for the adorable little Pokémon. As soon as Queenie was settled safely on her shoulder, however, Elizabeth's smile faded and was replaced with her usual look of icy indifference. She didn't waste another moment before crossing her room and opening the door, walking out without so much as a glance back at what had been her bedroom for as long as she could remember. She moved down the hall to the landing and then downstairs at a brisk pace, not sparing a second glance at anything until she reached the ground floor, where she slowed to a halt upon seeing the two people clearly waiting for her.

Elizabeth's mother was sitting on a large, white couch behind a low, glass table, evidently absorbed completely in something on her laptop, fingers tapping away at a furious pace. Leaning against the side of the couch next to her was Damian, Elizabeth's older brother. As Elizabeth entered he straightened up and grinned at her, reaching over to tap their mother's shoulder as he did. Cassandra Keller looked up from her work briefly, startled, before catching sight of her daughter.

"Ah, Eliza. One moment please," she said shortly before looking back down and resuming her typing for a few seconds. Once she had apparently finished whatever it was she was working on, she quickly closed the laptop, stood up and approached Elizabeth, Damian close behind her. "You're ready to leave then? You've got everything you need?"

"Yes," Elizabeth answered, perhaps a touch curtly even for her. While Cassandra had ultimately acceded to Elizabeth's desire to go on a journey, they both knew that that wasn't the same as agreeing with it and the tension from the arguments they had had about it still lingered, even now.

"Very well," Cassandra remarked after a moment's awkward silence. "I can't stay to see you off properly, I'm afraid. I have a meeting with the board and I need to make sure everything is prepared beforehand," she explained, glancing at her Holocaster to check the time. She hesitated for a moment, seemingly on the verge of leaving with that until Damian pointedly cleared his throat behind her and inclined his head pointedly towards Elizabeth when they both turned to look at him. Cassandra sighed briefly before turning back to her daughter and catching her in an embrace. "Be careful out there," she said softly as Elizabeth briefly stiffened. "Call me or your brother to check in whenever you get the chance, okay?" she asked. After a brief delay, Elizabeth relaxed and returned the hug, the tension between them not quite disappearing but at least fading into the background.

"I will, Mom. I love you," she answered back before stepping back out of the embrace. Neither of the Keller women noticeably acted any different, both maintaining their somewhat stiff posture and relatively stoic expressions but the atmosphere in the room was nonetheless a good deal lighter than it had been.

"I love you too. Be safe," Cassandra instructed before turning and heading out of the house, already typing something on her Holocaster as she walked. With their mother gone, Elizabeth turned to address her older brother but before she could get a word out, she was swept into another hug, this one much stronger and more forceful than her mother's.

"I can't believe you're leaving. You're going to call me and keep me updated whenever anything happens, right? And let me know if you're ever in trouble or need help?" Damian asked her worriedly, his arms wrapped around her and holding her firmly in place.

"I already said I would," Elizabeth protested irritably, struggling to extricate herself from his grip. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and despite her visible annoyance, she did pat him comfortingly on the back with one hand even as the other hand pushed against him to open up space between them. Queenie, meanwhile, had been forced to hurriedly relocate to the back of Elizabeth's neck in order to avoid being squashed and was glaring heatedly at Damian. "And it's unlikely that anything beyond my ability to handle will happen. I'm fully prepared for- will you please let me go?" she finally demanded when her efforts proved insufficient to budge him so much as an inch. Damian chuckled as he pointedly squeezed her tighter for a moment before releasing her, allowing her to step backwards and hurriedly run her hands over herself, trying to smooth out her outfit.

"I know you're probably ready for anything, you always have been. But you're my little sister. I can't help but worry about you," he offered apologetically before grinning teasingly and looking at Queenie. "Especially considering your choice of Pokémon. Of course you would choose one that can poison you and set you on fire. Not to mention it looks like it's half feral," he pointed out.

"Ssssa!" Queenie spat at him angrily, only settling back down when Elizabeth reached up with one hand to stroke under her jaw again. Both trainer and Pokémon continued to glare at Damian, however, albeit with more irritation than anger from the former.

"She is adorable," Elizabeth protested firmly, her tone leaving no room for argument whatsoever. "And Queenie is a perfect choice for a starter from any perspective. Her ability and secondary typing negates the primary weakness of most Poison types and the gender dimorphism of Salandit means that her evolved form is rare enough that most people would not have experience battling it. Her speed is also a perfect compliment for-" she lectured only to be cut off by her brother.

"All very logical reasons," he agreed calmly, nodding his head serenely before grinning at her. "But I think you summed up the real reason you chose her with that first bit," he chuckled, rolling his eyes. "I seriously question your use of the the word adorable but it doesn't matter, not really," he conceded upon seeing her open her mouth to protest again. "So long as you're happy with her, I'm happy," he affirmed. Elizabeth's expression softened slightly and a small smile flickered across her face.

"Thank you," she offered gratefully as Damian put a hand on her back and started to steer her towards the front door.

"I still wish you'd take more antivenom but that's just me," he couldn't resist adding, causing a scowl to form on Elizabeth's face. It only lasted a moment though before she shook off her irritation. She may not have shared her brother's sense of humor but she was used to it and had learned it was quicker to just indulge him than to try and force him to be serious. The siblings walked out the door into the cool, morning air side by side. Just by looking at the exterior, one could clearly recognize that their home was an expensive and luxurious one but it was noticeably smaller than any of the neighboring mansions, several of which were several times its size. Cassandra Keller had never been one to indulge in wasteful extravagance and anything larger than the three story structure would have been excessive.

"I'm going to miss you, Eliza," Damian said once they stood at the gate of the Keller property, his voice no longer mocking or jovial but rather sincere and even somewhat somber. As Elizabeth turned towards him, he offered her a sad smile, prompting her to give him a hug of her own, though much more tentative and gentle than the Bewear hug he had trapped her in earlier.

"I'll miss you too, Damian," she acknowledged softly before pulling away. "But as I said, I'll call you and Mother whenever I get a chance and I'm sure I'll be able to return home for visits with at least some degree of regularity," she reminded him. He sighed heavily but when he smiled at her, it was less shaky and more genuine.

"I know, I know. I'm just being sentimental," he agreed self-deprecatingly before gesturing to the road. "Anyway, you should probably get going. Otherwise I'm liable to think up some new reason why you shouldn't go yet and then we'll have to do this all over again," he suggested, only half joking. Elizabeth stared at him silently for a moment, trying to judge whether he was truly okay before ultimately nodding her head in acquiescence.

"Goodbye, Damian. I will talk to you soon," she assured him before turning and starting to walk down the road. Damian stood at the gate, waving and watching her retreating back until she passed beyond the extent of his vision. Once she was gone, he allowed his arm to drop but continued to stare after her for some time.
Elizabeth Keller
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As difficult as saying her farewells to her family had been, Elizabeth still had one more goodbye to say before she could leave the city. Aster was the reason Elizabeth had decided to embark on this journey in the first place. Elizabeth was determined to share every possible step with her and setting out with her first Pokémon was an integral one. There was just one problem that was preventing her from doing so.

"For the last time," the nurse argued wearily. "You cannot bring a Pokémon known for secreting poisonous gases into a patient's room, especially not a patient with asthma and an immunodeficiency," he stated, unmoved by Elizabeth's intense frown. They had been arguing this point for some time now, ever since Elizabeth had arrived at the hospital, but she was not prepared to give in.

"What possible reason could Queenie have to use Poison Gas in the middle of a hospital? The fact that she possesses the ability to do so does not mean that she is in any way likely to do so. Unless you have reason to believe she is going to be put in a situation where she is required to poison something, I don't see how she is any more likely to do harm to Aster than anybody else," she protested, not for the first time. She wasn't usually prone to repeating herself, preferring to make her case quickly and efficiently, but she had exhausted every argument she could think of and the infuriatingly obstructive nurse - who, she reluctantly admitted to herself, was only following hospital protocol, something she would ordinarily respect - refused to see reason. Sure enough, he gave the same answer he had given the last time she made that point.

"We can't take that chance," he repeated, his tone completely even and emotionless, even as Queenie hissed angrily at him (which in all likelihood didn't help their case). Elizabeth was struggling to control her temper, recognizing that getting angry now would not only be a childish and disappointing lapse of her decorum but would also likely result in her getting thrown out of the hospital, but it seemed to be a losing battle. Her fingers were drumming incessantly against her crossed arms and she had to take a deep breath before answering.

"I discussed this with Doctor Green previously," she said slowly once she was sure she wasn't going to yell. Every word was perfectly calm and deliberate but it was obvious to anybody that she was struggling to control herself. "He agreed that showing her Pokémon and helping her to experience at least parts of a journey could be beneficial to her morale and thereby improve her condition," she explained tersely. "I therefore do not see what exactly has changed since then to make this impossible."

"You suggested bringing a Pokémon, yes, but you didn't specify that it would be a Salandit," the nurse countered promptly. "I would assume that Doctor Green imagined something less poisonous and more... cute," he suggested after a moment's thought. Elizabeth's fingers briefly went into spasms before clenching into tight fists as Elizabeth suppressed her first reaction, to argue that Queenie was in fact very cute, and then suppressed her second reaction, to tear this insufferable man a new one, with considerably more difficulty.

"Doctor Green only said that I should ensure that any Pokémon I bring are safely under control. Queenie is perfectly obedient and has never displayed any uncontrolled aggression to anybody or anything. That should be sufficient to qualify her as safe," she managed to force out at a reasonable volume. The nurse was frowning now, evidently picking up on her poorly constrained anger, but did not seem ready to budge.

"We can't take that chance," he repeated once again and Elizabeth swore the edges of her vision were starting to turn red. She opened her mouth, honestly not sure if she was going to make another logical appeal or just start yelling abuse but fortunately, another voice drew both her and the nurse's attention before they could find out.

"Elizabeth?" The named girl turned her head, grateful for the momentary reprieve from her fruitless argument, and that gratitude only increased when she laid eyes on the woman who had addressed her. Brown hair turning prematurely grey and heavy crow's feet under her blue eyes suggested somebody under a great deal of stress but she seemed just as relieved to see Elizabeth as Elizabeth was to see her.

"Mrs Morgan, it's good to see you," Elizabeth greeted her friend's mother cordially. Elizabeth did like Aster's mother but in this case, the truth of the statement came from the fact that the Morgans had made several very generous donations to the hospital over the years, owing in no small part to their daughter's frequent visits, and regulations could often be relaxed when they required it to be so. "I was just trying to visit Aster but there seems to be a small problem with Queenie here," she explained, pointing at the Salandit perched on her shoulder.

"Ah, so this is your first Pokémon," Mrs Morgan observed. She didn't seem at all surprised or concerned by Elizabeth's choice in Pokémon, having long since become accustomed to the unusual tastes of her daughter and her friend, but nor did she seem particularly inclined to ask anything further about Queenie, instead moving on to the topic at hand. "Well, I know it would do Aster a world of good to see you and your Pokémon before you leave. Surely there's no real problem with a visit?" she asked, turning towards the nurse. The hapless man seemed about to protest again but despite her somewhat worn down appearance, Mrs Morgan could still display an impressive presence where her daughter was concerned and that, combined with her status as a wealthy repeat donor, was sufficient to crumble his resolve where Elizabeth's arguments had failed.

"I'll need you to sign some forms authorizing it and absolving the hospital of any liability," he sighed wearily, reaching up to massage his temples with one hand, using the other to gesture towards the reception area.

"Of course," Mrs Morgan agreed without missing a beat. "Elizabeth, dear, you go on ahead. I can take care of this here," she advised with complete confidence, neither asking for permission or awaiting confirmation from the nurse, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, clearly annoyed, but ultimately followed Mrs Morgan, leaving Elizabeth alone. She hurriedly set off in the direction of Aster's room, not willing to risk the nurse changing his mind. She had visited Aster often enough that her feet took her to her friend's room almost without conscious direction. She knocked softly and awaited the the call from inside the room to enter before sliding open the door and walking in.

"Eliza," Aster greeted from her bed, her voice tired but still clearly happy to see her. Elizabeth smiled at her and gained one in return, which only grew wider when Aster spied the Pokémon on her shoulders. "Oh, it's adorable. A Salandit, right?" she queried, not overly familiar with the Pokémon that had recently been introduced to Godai, having been in hospital for most of that time.

"That's right," Elizabeth confirmed, holding out one arm. Queenie took the hint and climbed down the extended limb until she was perched on Elizabeth's wrist, staring Aster dead in the eye. "This is Queenie," she added as Aster cautiously raised a hand to stroke the Pokémon. Queenie eyed the hand suspiciously for a moment and flicked her tongue out curiously at it a couple of times before stretching her head forwards slightly. Aster took this as a sign to continue and her hand came down gently atop Queenie's skull, rubbing along the dome of her head and ending at the twin spines on her neck. Queenie hissed in pleasure at her touch, closing her eyes as she relaxed somewhat.

"She's wonderful," Aster acknowledged breathlessly. "I wish i could-" she began before abruptly cutting herself off, a guilty look flashing across her face. Elizabeth couldn't help but tense up slightly, something that didn't go unnoticed by Queenie who opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her trainer.

"Sssaa?" she hissed curiously but Elizabeth didn't answer, didn't even seem to notice as her face remained frozen in a deep frown.

"Eliza, I didn't mean-" Aster began to try and apologize but was cut off, this time by Elizabeth herself.

"It's fine," she said, more sharply than she had intended, and then winced when she saw Aster recoil slightly. "I mean I... I just..." she tried to explain only to trail off and sigh heavily, her eyes dropping to the floor. For a moment there was silence in the room before Elizabeth raised her head and looked Aster dead in the eye, finding the words she needed as Queenie climbed back up onto her shoulder. "I know this isn't perfect, it's not even close. We both know that and pretending that everything's fine is pointless, so you don't have to apologize for admitting it," she said softly, her words coming a touch haltingly but each one nevertheless spoken with clear resolve. "I just hope that this can help you feel better, even if it is only a little bit," she finished. Eyes watering, Aster reached out and grabbed Elizabeth's hand.

"Eliza, it does help and it's not just a little bit," she said as firmly as she could manage. "Just the fact that you're doing this for me means more to me than I could possibly say and I can't wait to see all the other Pokémon you manage to catch as well," she said. Elizabeth's frown faded, replaced by a small, tentative smile which Aster returned, even as a few tears ran down her cheeks. "You're my best friend, the best I could have asked for, and I'll always appreciate this and everything you do for me," she promised, voice shaky but full of conviction. Elizabeth's cheeks were tinged red and her own eyes were now watering though not quite running over.

"You're my best friend too and I know that I'm not always the easiest person to get along with," she pointed out. "Going on a journey across Godai is hardly a massive sacrifice. Most people would call it a holiday. This is the absolute least I can do," she argued half-heartedly.

"You hate holidays," Aster immediately countered with a small grin. "You think they're a waste of time and an excuse for lay people to avoid actually working," she paraphrased Elizabeth's own past statements about the subject back to her. Elizabeth only pursed her lips and looked away.

"I'll make it a working holiday then," she protested stubbornly, her blush intensifying at Aster's poorly contained giggles. Any irritation she felt, however, quickly faded away as the two friends continued to talk, with Queenie having the time of her life being constantly stroked and admired by one or both of the girls. The situation leading to this was cruel and unfair, something that she would have given just about anything to change but even so, Elizabeth intended to enjoy the journey that would follow as much as she possibly could. This journey wasn't just about her, it meant the world to Aster and she wouldn't cheapen that by going about it like some ordinary chore. She was going to live out as many of the experiences of a Pokémon journey as she possibly could so that she could share them with her friend and that included the joy that Aster would doubtless have taken from them. No matter what Aster may say, that really was the absolute least Elizabeth could do for her best and only friend.
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Elizabeth Keller
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Encounter Roll

Elizabeth strode through the streets of her home city with the same purposeful, confident stride that she always strove to maintain, her face a blank facade. Any of the people she passed would likely assume her to be perfectly composed and at ease in whatever task she was setting herself to but in truth, she was far less confident than she allowed herself to appear. She had said her farewells to friend and family so there was nothing left to do before setting out... which meant there was nothing to distract her from her own doubts about her impending journey. She was still resolute in her decision to help Aster live out her dream at least vicariously but that didn't change the fact that it was Aster's dream, not Elizabeth's. She had never planned for this, never expected to go travelling or even train any Pokémon. She had only taken training classes in school to share them with Aster. She was, at least by her own estimation, woefully unprepared for this and as somebody who generally planned out what she was going to eat for breakfast two weeks from now, this was more than a little unsettling for her.

She had known all this before, of course, and she had made her decision to pursue this course even in spite of her anxieties. She did not regret that decision and had no intention of changing it but that did little to settle her nerves. Indeed, with each step she took closer to the boundary of Union, her unease only grew and while it was manageable for now, she was concerned that her mounting fears could impede her logic and cause her to act irrationally.That, of course, only heightened her anxiety, as she was perfectly aware, but even if she was capable of simply choosing to stop thinking about it, it was not in her nature to ignore upcoming potential problems, regardless of whether her knowledge of them might exasperate the situation.

Seeing that her own thoughts were merely leading into a spiral of ever increasing anxiety and stress, Elizabeth decided to try something else, something she wasn't exactly well versed in but would most likely have to get used to if she wanted to be an effective trainer: sharing her feelings with somebody else or, to be more precise, some Pokémon.

"What do you think, Queenie? Am I prepared for this? Do you feel I've been an acceptable trainer so far?" she asked the Salandit perched on her shoulder. She had not missed that people were making a larger berth around her than was usual and that many of them were giving her Pokémon uneasy glances as they passed but she did her best to ignore them. The inability of the common man to appreciate Queenie's obvious cuteness was not her problem and didn't affect her in the slightest. At least, that is what she repeatedly told herself to prevent from snapping at every other person who threw a sneer at Queenie.

Queenie raised her head lazily in response to the question, tongue flicking in and out of her mouth several times. The Salandit had so far proven to be a somewhat slothful and vain Pokémon, preferring to lounge around whenever possible and expecting copious amounts of admiration from everybody around her. Fortunately, Elizabeth was more than willing to provide such adoration and Queenie was thus willing to accept her as a valued serva- trainer. Her valued trainer. Which meant offering up some encouragement when required.

"Ssss," she hissed approvingly, going so far as to briefly rub her head against Elizabeth's cheek. For the briefest of instants a small smile flashed across her face, gone so fast that even had somebody been specifically looking for it they might have mistaken it as their imagination. Then her impassive expression was back as if it had never left, staring straight ahead calmly.

"Thank you, Queenie. That helps," she said calmly. It was true, to an extent. Whether because she appreciated that Queenie evidently had more faith in her than she had in herself or because Queenie's cuteness just naturally buoyed her spirits, she did feel slightly better now. Her worries had not gone away, however, only faded slightly, becoming less likely to overwhelm her at any point in the immediate future. They were still present at the forefront of her mind, however, demanding her attention and solutions that she simply didn't have. What she really needed now was some more immediate problem to focus on, some tangible task to distract her from her more abstract concerns, some...

"Hey, you. With the creepy lizard!" a loud, male voice cut through her musings. She turned around to see a teenager wearing a yellow jacket over a black t-shirt hurrying towards her, evidently unconcerned by the looks that he had attracted from the crowd. He was a fairly nondescript figure with short, brown hair, brown eyes and no particularly distinguishing marks but Elizabeth was confident she hadn't met him before. The confident smirk he wore and the slight swagger to his walk suggested that he would be a more memorable person than his appearance might suggest.

"Yes? Can I help you?" she asked, her cold tone and the frown on her face making it quite clear that she had no interest in helping him whatsoever and that she would much prefer if he simply turned around and walked away. He either failed to interpret this correctly or else didn't care to take the hint.

"You're a trainer, right? Battle me," he said bluntly, cutting straight to the chase. Elizabeth was taken aback and more than a little irritated at this stranger's complete lack of manners, her frown turning into a restrained but still clearly dismissive sneer. While she usually appreciated forthrightness, she also recognized the value of good manners and decorum. This boy hadn't even given her his name, only caused a scene in the middle of the street, insulting her Queenie in the process, and then demanded a battle without so much as a how do you do. If the way Queenie reared up on her shoulder and hissed angrily was any indication, she wasn't any more impressed than her trainer.

Elizabeth very nearly shot down the request with all the cold fury such tactlessness deserved but she found herself pausing before she could actually say anything. She had just been thinking about how she could use a distraction and battling was something she would be doing a lot of in the near future so it could be beneficial to get her feet wet with this rude oaf. He didn't seem all that bright and she couldn't imagine he would be an exceptionally skilled opponent. Plus, she had to admit that beating him would be more satisfying than simply turning him down.

"Very well," she said after a moment's delay, during which her soon-to-be opponent had the gall to start tapping his foot impatiently as if she were the one inconveniencing him. His face broke into a grin at her acceptance and he was already reaching for a Pokéball on his waist when she hurriedly continued. "But not here. This is hardly the proper place for a battle,"she pointed out, gesturing to the passing crowds who would no doubt be greatly inconvenienced if they started battling right there. The boy frowned but reluctantly drew his hand back from the ball. "I seem to recall there being a suitable field close by. Come," she commanded imperiously, setting off without waiting for him to respond.

"Alright, alright," her opponent sighed, sounding far more put upon than he had any right to be. "I guess my first victory can wait a little longer. Y'know, you're pretty lucky to be my first opponent, lizard girl. You could get mentioned in my biography someday, the first step on my journey to being a champion," he mused as he quickly followed alongside her, keeping up even as she deliberately quickened her pace. He shot her a grin that he presumably thought was charming instead of unbearably arrogant. "I could give you an autograph now, lizard girl. It'll be worth a fortune someday real soon," he offered. A more charitable person might have tried to focus on what was clearly intended to be a generous offer but while Elizabeth could be kind to those in need, the only thing this blowhard needed, as far as she was concerned, was a pin to pop his overblown ego.

"My name is not 'lizard girl'," she reprimanded him harshly. "It is Elizabeth Keller and I have no-" she began to lecture him only to be interrupted almost immediately.

"Oh, right. My name's Jon. Jon Maxwell, but you'll probably be hearing all about it soon enough," he introduced himself with the same casual arrogance that had dripped from every word he had spoken to Elizabeth so far. She wasn't even surprised by the absence of anything resembling an apology for his rude manner of address towards her. Fortunately, the quick, almost frenzied pace she had set in her desire to be done with the fool as quickly as possible meant that they had already arrived at her chosen battlefield. While she was in good shape and was only slightly winded by the impromptu power walk, she couldn't help but notice that Jon seemed entirely unaffected.

"Here we are," she announced, more to ensure that he couldn't continue talking than because she felt it was necessary to point out. While Opal Boulevard didn't particularly cater towards Pokémon trainers, it was still an exceptionally wealthy district and as such, the public battlefield, while not overly large, was more than adequately equipped and immaculately maintained. Small stands lined one side of the arena for spectators, currently empty, and the battlefield itself was as perfectly unscarred as if it was brand new, in spite of the fact that it had doubtless been torn up by countless battle before now. It was ready for two new trainers to battle upon it and that was exactly what they intended to do.
Elizabeth Keller
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Pokémon Declaration

"Alright then," Jon announced, running to one end of the field and turning to face Elizabeth with a clap of his hands. "Get ready to be amazed, liza- uh, Elizabeth," he corrected himself, proving not to be a complete idiot. Elizabeth walked to the opposite end of the field more sedately, taking her place and motioning to the field. Queenie made a show of yawning but nevertheless obeyed the unspoken command, jumping down from Elizabeth's shoulder and ambling lazily onto the field. Jon evidently wasn't impressed by the rather lacklustre entrance, rolling his eyes as he grabbed his own Pokéball. "This'll be a piece of cake. Let's do this, Raymond," he called out as he opened the Pokéball, releasing a beam of energy which coalesced into a small, metallic creature that Elizabeth recognized as an Aron. "You can go ahead and have the first move, if you want," Jon announced confidently as his Pokémon pawed the ground eagerly. "It won't make much of a difference anyway."

"Very well," Elizabeth forced out, choosing to take the advantage rather than answer the implied insult. In this case, actions would likely speak louder than words and be so much more satisfying besides. "Queenie, use Poison Gas," she commanded. Her starter immediately twisted around and swung her tail at Raymond, wispy clouds of dark, ashen gas billowing out from the glowing opening on her tail and back and blowing towards the Aron.

"Heh, that's not going to do a thing," Jon chuckled dismissively. "Raymond's a Steel type, poison won't work on him. Don't worry though, it's an easy mistake to make," he explained, the condescension almost making Elizabeth physically ill. "Now, Raymond, use Tackle," he commanded, the words having barely passed his lips when Raymond charged, barrelling straight through the cloud of toxic gas at Queenie, albeit not very quickly. The Salandit was taken aback by this and thus didn't quite move in time to avoid the frankly sluggish charge. The impact of the physically stronger and much denser knocked her back some distance and she couldn't help but hiss in aggravation. She took some solace, however, in seeing the slight shaking in Raymond's legs; it seemed that Jon's ignorance of her Corrosion ability had worked to their advantage.

"Use Ember," Elizabeth quickly ordered, hoping to keep the pressure on and thus prevent Jon from noticing his Pokémon's ill health. Queenie swung her tail again, this time sending small, flickering flames flying at Raymond. He didn't even attempt to dodge the attack, simply bracing himself against the attack and wincing as the tiny flames splashed against his face.

"Use Tackle, Raymond. Keep this at close range," Jon ordered, his confidence undiminished. Elizabeth could recognize the merit to such a strategy. In close range combat, Raymond had every advantage while Queenie was better suited to long range hit and run tactics so trying to close in and keep the fight on physical terms made sense... aside from one critical detail.

"Queenie, keep away," she instructed calmly. Queenie wasted no time in turning tail and scurrying away faster than Raymond could keep up. She even took the time to flick her tail back at him as she ran, throwing more embers back in his face. Elizabeth knew that the longer this went on, the more Queenie's poison would affect Raymond but unfortunately, Jon proved that while he might not fully think tactics through before implementing them, he could at least recognize when they weren't working.

"Raymond, stop," he ordered, his grin diminished but still not gone, at least not until Raymond came to a stop and he noticed how heavily the Aron was breathing. "Ray? What's wrong with-" he began to ask before cutting himself off, brow creasing in deep thought for a moment before his face cleared of confusion for a moment. His grin reappeared but it was more reserved now and his eyes were intensely focused on the battle as opposed to the almost lazy confidence that had filled them before. "You poisoned Raymond, somehow. An ability, I guess," he thought aloud and Elizabeth's frown deepened. She had hoped to stave off this realization for longer but now that he had noticed it, Jon seemed to guess what had happened remarkably quickly. Still, the poison had likely done a fair amount of damage and the Embers had likely done more. If she could just draw the battle out a bit longer, then she was sure she would win.

"Use Scratch," Elizabeth quickly ordered. Hopefully by drawing in close, she could lure Jon and Raymond into trying to chase after Queenie again, wasting more time. He might manage to land another hit but Queenie should be able to take it. Queenie seemed a little uncertain about the command but was quick to obey regardless, turning around and this time racing towards Raymond, pulling back one of her foreclaws to slash at him, no matter how ineffectual such an attack was likely to be.

"Use Harden," Jon commanded before the attack could land and Raymond's armoured shell shimmered slightly just before Queenie's claw connected, scraping harmlessly across the metallic carapace. Elizabeth opened her mouth to tell Queenie to pull back but Jon managed to get his order out first and it was not the order Elizabeth had hoped to provoke. "Use Mud-Slap," he ordered and Elizabeth almost gasped, eyes widening slightly before she clamped down on her emotions and resumed her stoic façade. In hindsight, she should have anticipated the possibility of a ranged Rock or Ground type attack but since Jon had only ordered Tackles so far, she had erroneously assumed that he only had access to close range attacks. Whether that was by Jon's design or merely an unfortunate consequence of his strategy so far, it was a mistake that was now coming back to bite her, it would seem.

Before Queenie could try to get away, Raymond's feet were kicking at the ground and the smooth dirt transmuted into mud where they touched, mud that was sent flying directly into Queenie's face. While mercifully not the most powerful attack, Mud-Slap was still extremely effective against Salandit and Queenie reeled back from the impact, quickly taking a few uncertain steps backwards while trying to scrape mud out of her eyes with one of her claws.

"Now use Tackle," Jon continued his assault, presumably aiming to take Queenie down while she was still blinded and couldn't dodge effectively. Even with Raymond's ponderous charging speed, the meagre distance Queenie had managed to open up wasn't much of an obstacle. Fortunately, Elizabeth had recovered from her momentary shock at Jon's surprisingly effective tactics and managed to give her command in the little time available to her.

"Dodge left," she ordered and thankfully, Queenie didn't hesitate before leaping to the side, just out of the path of Raymond's attack. As the Aron slid to a halt and struggled to turn his cumbersome bulk around. Queenie managed to scrape the mud out of her eyes and glared hatefully at Raymond.

"Use Ember," Elizabeth quickly ordered and Queenie was all too eager to obey. The effects if Mud-Slap on her aura were still making her vision a little blurry but as she lashed her tail in Raymond's direction, scattering glowing embers at him once again, his grunt of pain told her that her attack had landed.

"Finish her with another Mud-Slap," Jon tried and Raymond struggled to obey but as he tried to kick the ground again, his trembling foot failed to dig in, slipping out from under him instead. He dropped to the ground, the shaking in his legs finally fading as he slipped into unconsciousness. Jon gaped in shock as Raymond failed to rise, calling out a few increasingly frantic words of encouragement before falling silent. While she did not show it, Elizabeth found herself also somewhat surprised, surprise which quickly gave way to a surprisingly strong rush of pride. When Jon had managed to seize the upper hand she had begun to worry that her own hasty assumptions had cost her the victory and now that she had managed to achieve victory after all, she found that it was a more pleasant experience than she had anticipated and not just because it enabled her to finally silence her pompous opponent.

Battle Summary

Speaking of her opponent, he apparently had recovered from his shock enough to recall Raymond into his Pokéball, a stormy expression on his face and his arm moving in sharp, jerking motions as he replaced the ball on his belt. For a moment he ground his teeth and seemed on the verge of yelling something at her but then he paused, took a deep breath and gave her a sharp nod of his head.

"Good battle," he forced out begrudgingly, seeming almost in pain from having to acknowledge her victory. With that he spun on his heels and started to stomp away but not before calling over his shoulder, his voice already recovering some of his bravado, "But I know about your lizard's ability now. It won't be enough to beat me next time." Elizabeth shook her head slightly in disapproval but she had to admit, he had at least attempted to display something resembling good grace in defeat.

"Good work, Queenie," she congratulated her own Pokémon as she retrieved her Pokéball from her bag. "You performed excellently." Queenie perked up at that, despite her obvious fatigue, hissing proudly before she was recalled into the sphere which was itself then replaced in the bag. As Elizabeth walked away from the field in the direction of the nearest Pokémon Center, she found herself feeling much lighter on her feet than prior to the battle. She initially assumed this was merely a temporary upswing in her mood, resulting from her feelings of pride and jubilation, but after a moment's though, she realized that her earlier worries had almost completely evaporated. She hadn't completely forgotten the difficulties she would likely face but they no longer seemed so overwhelming, instead being just minor items that she was confident she could overcome as necessary.

Such feelings were not wholly unexplained, she reason to herself as she walked. She had, after all, just undergone one of the most critical aspects of being a trainer and managed to triumph. Not only that, she had managed to respond to an unforeseen problem in the battle quickly and effectively. All things considered, that battle had been an ideal test of her battle-readiness and it was one that she deemed she had passed. Not perfectly, true, and she would still have rather had more time to plan for this if possible but she was satisfied that she was adequately prepared for whatever might come.

As she walked, these thoughts did not bring a smile to her face, nor did they put an extra spring in her precisely measured step. Any but the most perceptive of outside observers would be completely unaware that anything had changed in her whatsoever but then, there was no need to change as it was prior to the battle that her external behaviour had not matched her internal unrest. Anybody who saw her would agree, based on the icy focus on her face and the deliberate confidence of her stride, with the conclusion she had just reached within the confines of her own mind; whatever was coming up in her future, she was ready.
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As much as Elizabeth might have enjoyed her victory over Jon, she knew that Queenie had not emerged unscathed and thus their departure from the city was delayed further while she went to get her Salandit healed. Fortunately, there was a Pokémon Center quite close to the battlefield, for obvious reasons. Even more fortunately, as she entered the building a quick glance around the lobby confirmed that Jon wasn't there. Whether he was headed to a different Center or was merely lost she did not know but she would gladly accept the chance to avoid any further confrontations with him.

The Center was, predictably enough for the area, state of the art despite the relative scarcity of trainers compared to other regions of Godai. The common room was large and well furnished, filled with many plush seats and sofas and with multiple large screens scattered about but it was almost deserted, only two other trainers there that she could see; a middle-aged man in a brown suit reading a book on a couch against the far wall and a younger man, perhaps a few years older than Elizabeth, who was hunched over a table, scribbling furiously on one of many sheets of paper scattered in front of him. He was rather scruffy from what Elizabeth could tell, with his blond hair sticking up in every direction, his glasses hanging slightly askew and his skin being a touch pale and clammy. Even his clothes, a garishly bright, yellow sweater and beige trousers, seemed noticeably worn and rumpled. Elizabeth did not think it was a coincidence that the older gentleman was seated as far from this strange individual as it was possible to get within the confines of the common area.

Putting aside her assessment of her fellow trainers, Elizabeth proceeded to the nurse's station, pulling Queenie's Pokéball out of her bag. There was only a single nurse standing there despite the fact there was clearly space for four or five nurses to be working simultaneously. She couldn't help but disapprove of the short-sightedness of whoever designed the Center and wonder if there were even enough staff employed to fully operate all of the equipment at once should it be necessary.

"Good afternoon," Elizabeth greeted the nurse with a nod of her head. She reached up and placed her Pokéball on the counter in front of the nurse. "My name is Elizabeth Keller. My Salandit was recently engaged in a battle and requires healing. From what I observed, she is only suffering from fatigue and standard battle damage without any significant injuries beyond that," she quickly summarized. The nurse took in the information with a polite but somewhat stiff smile and picked up the Pokéball.

"I understand. It should only take a few minutes to heal your Salandit. Feel free to wait in our common area and avail of any of our services," she offered, the false cheer in her voice doing little to disguise the fact that she was reciting the same words she had most likely spoken a hundred times before and was barely engaging more than was required for her to perform her duties. Fortunately, Elizabeth did not particularly care how much the nurse's attitude was diminished by boredom so long as she continued to carry out her job competently and there was no reason to doubt that she would do so. Routine may not be exciting but it did breed competence after all.

While she did not expect the wait for her Pokémon to be long enough to truly necessitate her moving, she reasoned it might seem impolite to hover by the nurse's station so she promptly headed to the common area and secured a single seat, apart from either of the two men already there. She immediately began to look to her Holocaster, intending to check to see if any news items had come up but she had barely even activated it when a shadow fell over her.

"Ah, ex-excuse me, miss?" a lightly accented voice asked and when she looked up, she saw that it was the strange, young man who was addressing her. He was smiling in what seemed to be meant as a reassuring manner but both his grin and his eyes were a touch too wide, turning his expression from pleasant to unnerving. "I do h-hate to b-b-bother you," he apologized through a pronounced stutter. "B-but I was wondering if y-you- Oh, I'm s-sorry. I forgot to introduce m-myself," he cut himself off, his awkward smile changing to a look of dismay. "I am D-Doctor C-C-Constant-tine N-nikal-lop-p-polis, of the Academy of P-Polomosofia," he introduced himself, extending a hand towards her hesitantly. Elizabeth had been intending to extricate herself from what promised to be a very irritating conversation as quickly as possible but the last part of the introduction caused her to hesitate. The Academy of Polomosofia was a fairly respectable Vivimian university. If this man really was associated with the institution, then perhaps it would be worthwhile to hear him out.

"Elizabeth Keller," she responded, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. As she did, she was startled when something small and yellow darted out from under the doctor's sleeve and down her own arm, lightly tickling the flesh it scurried over. The doctor gasped and hurriedly said something incomprehensible in a foreign tongue, presumably Vivimian, notably without a single stutter that Elizabeth could detect.

"M-my ap-pologies, Ms K-keller," the doctor frantically apologized between rapid streams of Vivimian. "Diomedes, he is v-very young, he does not know b-b-better," he explained as the rapidly moving, yellow speck came to rest on Elizabeth's forearm, turning to stare back at - presumably - its trainer with it's four, blue eyes.

"A Joltik?" Elizabeth remarked, caught off guard by the bug's sudden appearance. It was, unless she missed her guess, even smaller than was normal for a member of its species, presumably still an infant. Seeing how distressed its trainer was growing she raised a hand, the one attached to the arm that wasn't playing host to a Joltik, and held it palm outwards towards him. "Please, Doctor... Nikalopolis?" she queried, uncertain if she had heard his name correctly through his stutter, and received a nervous nod in return. "Please, there is no need to be concerned on my behalf. It - he?" she paused again, continuing when she received another nod. "He is not causing any harm. It is really quite alright," she reassured the doctor who seemed to sag inwards on himself in relief at her calm reaction. Elizabeth, meanwhile, had to resist the urge to try and stroke the adorable baby Joltik, maintaining her professional decorum only with a conscious effort.

"Ah, thank you, thank you. D-Diomedes is just recently hatched and his b-brothers are getting ch-checked up on by the n-n-nurse so he's a little r-restless," Doctor Nikalopolis explained, wiping distractedly at his sweating forehead with one hand. "Diomedes is t-too y-young to p-particip-pate in our experiments, you see," he added and Elizabeth, sensing he might be starting to ramble, interjected as soon as he paused long enough for such an interruption not to seem rude.

"Experiments? You are studying Joltik, then?" she asked politely, not entirely faking her interest. While she was more interested in the business side of her mother's company than the scientific aspects, she knew that her mother always tried to keep abreast of any interesting or promising research and advancements which could become relevant to her field and Elizabeth recognized the value of such a practice.

"Oh, oh yes. W-well, Electric-types in general, t-to be comp-pletely honest, b-but Joltik are the ideal s-s-specimens. I'm examining the effects cont-trolled electric stimul-l-lation can have upon the cognitive p-processes of humans and P-Pokémon," he explained before his eyes widened slightly in realization. "Oh dear, I forgot why I c-came over in the first p-place," he remarked, once again appearing inordinately dismayed before he resumed his clearly artificial and somewhat uncomfortable smile. "I was hoping that you, as a t-trainer, might be interested in p-p-participating in my study," he explained, eyes all but sparkling with hope. Hope that Elizabeth would unfortunately have to crush.

"I'm sorry but I have no Electric-types and I am not willing to be a subject in such experiments," she refused politely but firmly. She had no desire to undergo repeated electric shocks, no matter how controlled, especially not if they were specifically intended to have effects on the mind, effects that had likely not been fully charted yet. In fact, she couldn't help but wonder if Doctor Nikalopolis had used himself as a subject and if that could explain his somewhat eccentric behaviour.

"A s-subject?" Doctor Nikalopolis repeated, seeming confused at her answer before understanding dawned on his face. "Oh! Oh n-no, my w-work on electric s-stimulation is just one part of a g-greater collaboration, a series of investigations into the p-practical applications of P-Pokémon to the elevation of the human ps-psyche," he explained hurriedly, waving his hands frantically as if to sweep away the misunderstanding. "We are l-looking for any t-trainers willing to contribute P-Pokémon with certain abilities for study. For short-t-term examination only, of c-course," he hastily added upon seeing her eyes narrow in thought, evidently afraid of causing offence. "Psychic and G-Ghost-types, mainly, b-but we are also examining the supposed emp-pathic abilities of Togepi, the advanced Aura c-capabilities of Lucario and so on," he listed, once again staring at Elizabeth with hope-filled eyes.

"I see," Elizabeth stated simply, buying time to think about the proposition. There was nothing to suggest that any of the experiments Doctor Nikalopolis was describing were likely to have tangible results at any point in the mere future but it also didn't sound like there was any particular harm in it, if they only wanted to examine relevant Pokémon. If nothing else, it could serve to foster ties with scientific minds who could one day be of assistance. "I do have a Salandit," she acknowledged and the doctor's face lit up like a child on Delimas.

"A Salandit? And m-may I ask, is this Salandit a f-female?" he inquired eagerly before she could say any more, leaning forward until he was uncomfortably close. This invasion of her personal space, combined with his interruption, rather irritated Elizabeth but on the other hand, she appreciated the rare, positive reaction to the idea of her having a Salandit, even if it was likely for very different reasons than Elizabeth had for liking such Pokémon.

"Yes, she is," she answered, deciding to overlook his lapse in manners for the moment, accepting it as merely being due to his momentary surge of excitement, though she did raise a hand to his shoulder and gently but firmly pushed him back. The doctor didn't even seem to notice, too jubilant at her confirmation.

"Ah, that is w-wonderful! Female Salandit are c-capable of producing p-potent pheromones which can drastically alter the m-minds of male specimens. It is p-possible that trained females c-could be taught to p-p-produce pheromones which trigger alternate effects in humans," he mused joyfully before refocusing his attention on Elizabeth, his smile now seeming a touch less forced but no less manic. Elizabeth was silently glad she had managed to put a little distance between them. "I b-believe one of my c-c-colleagues is examining such approaches. If you would b-be willing to-" he began to ask, only to be cut off by a voice on the Pokémon Center's PA system.

"Elizabeth Keller, your Pokémon are now healed. Please collect them at the front desk," the voice announced pleasantly, repeating the message for good effect. Elizabeth rose to her feet, inclining her head to the doctor.

"My apologies, Doctor Nikalopolis, but it seems I must be going," she said regretfully. For a moment, the doctor seemed entirely heartbroken, his mouth opening and closing silently several times before his eyes widened as he was struck by an idea.

"Oh, oh, w-wait one m-m-moment," he all but yelled in a panic before turning and rushing over to the table where he had been working when Elizabeth first arrived. He quickly searched though the papers still scattered over the desk, knocking several to the ground. A quick glance over at the far wall revealed that the older trainer had left, though whether it was out of an attempt to escape Doctor Nikalopolis' presence and find some peace was uncertain. A moment later, a cry of triumph drew Elizabeth's attention back to the doctor, who was holding something, a small, paper booklet it seemed, aloft in the air. He turned on his heel and all but sprinted back to Elizabeth, who was now more than a touch alarmed at his frenzied behaviour.

"I f-find it," he panted jubilantly, his Grath slipping slightly in his euphoria. "There are m-m-many ergastiria in m-many Godai places. Th-this b-b-booklet tells all ab-bout experiments. Has all ergastiria inside," he explained, slipping periodically into his native tongue. "Wh-when you are in poli with ergastirio, y-you go and t-t-talk t-to researcher there, yes?" he asked frantically.

"Yes, I understand," Elizabeth immediately answered, which wasn't entirely true but it was easy enough to figure out what he was saying from the context. Besides, asking for more details would likely be an exercise in futility considering his worsening stutter and grasp of Grath. She took the proffered pamphlet from his hand as quickly as it was possible to do so without snatching it outright. She quickly placed it inside her jacket until she could find a proper place for it in her bag, wanting to leave this increasingly uncomfortable conversation behind, but there was one more detail that had to be taken care of and as the moment stretched on with Doctor Nikalopolis merely staring at her joyfully and breathing heavily she realized she would have to remind him. "Doctor Nikalopolis? Your Joltik, Diomedes?" she said, nodding pointedly to the tiny bug still perched on her arm.

"Oh?" Doctor Nikalopolis said, momentarily confused before following her gaze and giving a start. "Oh, y-yes. V-very sorry," he said hurriedly though he was still grinning. He raised a hand and proffered a single finger next to the Joltik before issuing another stream of Vivimian, much calmer this time and still without any audible stutters as far as she could tell. Diomedes merely stared at the extended finger for a moment before finally jumping the short distance from Elizabeth' arm to Doctor Nikalopolis' finger. The doctor carefully deposited the baby Joltik on his own shoulder before looking back at Elizabeth. "Thank y-you very m-much, Ms Keller," he said gratefully, still beaming.

"It was my pleasure," Elizabeth lied shamelessly before turning and hurriedly walking away before the conversation could be stretched out any further. She hurriedly moved back towards the nurse's station, not looking back at his repeated calls of thanks. It seemed that this whole day had been one filled with inordinately uncomfortable encounters that ultimately proved beneficial. Her farewell to her mother and brother had alleviated much of the tension between them, her farewell to Aster had briefly turned upsetting but she would never regret spending time with her friend and the battle with Jon had given her a much needed boost to her confidence. This had been the most awkward meeting of the day so far but as disconcerting as Doctor Nikalopolis had been, the potential benefits of contributing to his project could be manifold. She would have to do some research of her own, of course, to ensure that this was a credible, legitimate project and not just the pipe dream of Nikalopolis and similarly eccentric minds but it should be easy enough to find out if he truly was connected to the Academy of Polomosofia.

"Ms Keller, thank you for waiting," the same bored nurse who had spoken with her previously addressed her as she reached the counter, placing Queenie's Pokéball on the surface. "We've restored your Pokémon to full health. We hope to see you again," she recited, her forced smile never wavering as Elizabeth picked up the ball and put it in her bag.

"Thank you," Elizabeth answered, already turning to leave. Her departure from Union had taken longer than expected but now there was nothing else to stop her from heading on her way. No more distractions or delays; she had a plan and it was time to get back to it.
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RP Notes
  • Yash! Salandit is a nice Pokémon~ I want one~
  • Heheh, overly affectionate older siblings
  • Stoopid nurses following protocol. How could they? Let me speak with your manager
  • Holidays are a sacred thing, blast it!
  • Two weeks ahead? Really? Wow.
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Topic Record
  • Elizabeth Keller leaves her home and family in Opal Boulevard
  • Elizabeth tries to visit her friend, but is stopped by a nurse
  • Her friend’s mother intervenes and allows Elizabeth to visit her friend
  • After her visit, Elizabeth is confronted by an energetic Trainer named Jon Maxwell
  • Elizabeth sends out Salandit to Jon’s Aron. Her Salandit is narrowingly victorious over the Aron (+5 EXP) / (Salandit must visit a PokéCenter before it can battle again)
  • Elizabeth leaves Jon behind as she visits a nearby Pokémon Center (Salandit can battle once more)
  • Elizabeth gets approached by a Vivimian University Professor, Constantine Nikalopolis, who slightly unsettles her
  • Constantine requests Elizabeth to aid him in her research, and she hesitantly accepts
  • Elizabeth makes her way out of the PokéCenter, and out of her hometown

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