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The Ev Training Guide
Topic Started: Jun 14 2008, 03:57 PM (326 Views)
The Evil Illusion Vampire Ria
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They are all 16 Battle Points at the battle tower each. Each one will give 4 EVs to a certain stat whenever a Pokémon is holding it and gains EXP. Note that they will half speed while holding them just like the Macho Brace.

First a list of the "power" items:

Power Weight: Hit Points
Power Bracer: Attack
Power Belt: Defense
Power Lens: Special Attack
Power Band: Special Defense
Power Anklet: Speed

Each one gives a Pokémon 4 EVs if it gains EXP when an opponent Pokémon faints. Say you attach a power bracer to a Pokémon and defeat a Magikarp (which gives one EV in speed) you will gain 1 speed EV and 4 attack EVs. If you were to fight another Magikarp but were to instead use the power anklet you would gain (1+4) = 5 EVs in speed!
You must also know that PokéRus will double the EVs gained from the "power" items. So now lets have another battle with our Magikarp friend using a Pokémon holding power anklet with PokéRus. Defeating it would gain you a whopping (1+4)*2 = 10 EVs in speed!

This leads on to what is called VS. Seeker EV Training. The VS. Seeker is a key item you obtain in route 207. It allows you to re-battle trainers over and over again. It needs 100 steps to recharge after each use though (may have changed since FR/LG). The reason this is handy is because some trainers have a whole team of Pokémon that give out a certain EV, which will give you better EXP and quicker EV training.

Lets have a look at your new favorite trainer: Fisherman Andrew on route 205 on the water bridge section. He has 6 of our favorite Pokémon: level 10 Magikarps. Remember how much EVs they give with PokéRus and the power anklet, that's right it's 10. This means you can get 60 Speed EVs from battling him once. After that run around a bit to recharge the VS. Seeker, then battle him again for another 60 EVs. After doing this 4 times you will have gained 240 Speed EVs. To gain the remaining 12 remove the Power Anklet and beat him again for 252 Speed EVs. Since his Magikarp are all easy to faint and should only know Splash (I think) you won't need to switch out each time because most Pokémon will be able to beat them quite easily. This could complete your speed EV training in easily under 20 minutes without you having to spend money on vitamins each time.

5.) Areas to EV train at

Overtime you will find this area grow for there are a lot of places to cover. However inside the reference links I have provided, you should find a large spreadsheet of the areas you would like to train in. Because this list can be quite extensive, I will only post “hot spots” and Pokémon that give out the most and/or are common to find.

Originally Posted by XCPetro5678 from Smogon
*Wild Pokemon*

~Shellos at Valley Windworks north of ignore the Buizel (+1 each)
~Gastrodons at Fuego Ironworks or Route 213 ignore Floatzel (+2 each)
~Gastrodons outside of Pal Park (+2 each) *are there Floatzel here?*
~you can HP train on the rainy side of route 212 and if you surf in the water, you will encounter whoopers who give +1 HP EV, and these are very common, if you dont find this you will find quagsaire which gives +2 for HP.

~Kricketune and Bidarel at route 212 (rainy route) (+2 each)
~For attack you can also use super rod on a route and the only thing you will find are gyardos which give +2 Attack, but fishing is long

~Cave with Geodudes and Hippos off route 214 (+1 each) *name?*
~Onix and Gravelers on Iron Island in the second room ignore Golbats (+1 Onix) (+2 Gravelers)

~Raticates and Fearows Northwest of the Fight Area (+2 each) *name?*
~Zubats in a cave (+1 each)
*anyone know whats the best cave?*

Special Attack:
~Gastly at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest (+1 each) (Haunters +2) (Gengars +3)
*Need GBA Game in GBA slot and National Pokedex for Haunters and Gengars*
~Golducks surfing in the water at the Resort Area (+2 each)

Special Defense:
~Surfing any ocean/sea area for Tentacools (+1each)
*North of 8th gym town has been good ignore Pellipers* (Mantykes +1)

Honors to Billy from TTT

and here is a helpful ev training item guide


n = the effort point a pokemon gives
Red = pokerus
Blue = power item
Yellow = macho brace


With pokerus alone it is

With macho brace alone it is

With power item alone it is
4 + n

With macho brace and pokerus it is

With power item and pokerus it is
2( n + 4)
It's Time for the Revival
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for attack and sp.attack at the same time, the unknown give one point for each ^^
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Jun 15 2008, 06:58 PM
for attack and sp.attack at the same time, the unknown give one point for each ^^

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