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Lastest News: August 15, 2009

The Video Game World Championships in San Diego is over, and once again it was won by a Japanese player. Two Japanese players faced off in the final, with Kazuyuki Tsuji defeating Tasuku Mano. A special Weavile was given out at Worlds, it's bound to be quite rare, here's its information:

Weavile lv.30 @ Focus Sash
Jolly Nature
~ Fake Out
~ Ice Shard
~ Night Slash
~ Brick Break

Classic Ribbon
OT: World09
ID: 08159

August 14, 2009

It's been announced that both the USA and Europe will be getting the upcoming Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver titles in Spring 2010. This announcement was officially made at the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game World Championships, in San Diego.

July 20, 2009

UK Regigigas Event Locations Announced

Billed as "The Pokémon Village Fęte", the Regigigas Event dates and locations have been announced by the official websites. The locations aren't the best, but we're used to not getting a great showing from Nintendo when it comes to Events, even if this is somewhat of a low key one. Here are the Event dates and locations, hopefully you can make it to one:

  • 25th - 26th July: Sunderland Airshow; Seaburn and Roker Seafront
  • 31st July - 2nd August: Nottingham River Festival; Victoria Embankment
  • 6th - 9th August: Bristol Balloon Fiesta; Ashton court
  • 13th - 16th August: Eastbourne Airshow; Eastbourne Sea Front
  • 18th - 19th August: Weymouth Carnival; Runs from Lodmoor to the Pavillion
  • 22nd - 24th August: Liverpool One; 5 Wall Street, Liverpool, L1 8JQ
  • 28th - 31st August: Braehead Shopping Centre; Kings Inch Road, Glasgow, G51 4BN
  • 3rd - 6th September: Westfield Derby; Derby, DE1 2PQ
  • As well as the download, the Event will also feature a whole host of activities: Including face painting, balloon Pokémon modelling, and photographs with Pokémon characters. They'll also be a special screening of the 11th Pokémon Movie - Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, along with the chance to win a family holiday!

    You'll also be able to take part in the Pokémon Training Academy, where you'll be taught the basics of Pokémon training and be able to advance to the Challenge Zone, where you'll then be able to face off against other trainers on Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You can also bring your Nintendo DS console and transfer your battle-ready Pokémon onto the big screen and battle in 3D Colosseums in Pokémon Battle Revolution on Wii. Last but not least, you'll get the chance to play demo's of some of the latest Nintendo games for the Wii and DS.

    You can visit the official site here.

    July 17, 2009

    European Membership Pass Event

    It's recently come to our attention (thanks to user ert47), that the Membership Pass item, needed to reach the in-game Darkrai Event, will be distributed over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection starting August 3rd. This pass will allow you to stay at the 'Inn' in Canalave City, where Darkrai will haunt your dreams during your nights stay. After this, you'll be able to get the boat from Canalave City to Newmoon Island, where a Level 50 Darkrai will be awaiting you. The Membership Pass, like the Secret Key, will only be available on Pokémon Platinum version. Although, unlike the Secret Key, it is not possible to transfer this Item to another persons game from your own game through Mystery Gift.

    Further speculation on this determines that the upcoming Regigigas Event will not be a Wi-Fi Event as it's unlikely that two Wi-Fi Events can or will happen at the same time. All of this information is not 100% official yet, but we're expecting further word from Nintendo in the coming weeks. You can discuss this here.

    July 11, 2009

    European Regigigas Events

    In the coming weeks, us Europeans can expect to see the Regigigas Event that's already hit Japan, America and numerous other countries over the past months. At this time, there is little information on the European Events, but the mini-sites are now active. You can view these sites here.

    For those of you that are unaware, this Regigigas unlocks a special Event in Pokémon Platinum. You'll have the chance to catch Regirock, Regice, and Registeel at level 30. They can be only found in the Rock Peak, Iceberg and Iron Ruins, respectively, when this special Regigigas is in the party.

    Sadly, Regigigas will only be distributed at level 100, which rules out EV training for the more
    hardcore players; although Regigigas isn't the most useful Pokémon outside of Double Battles anyway. Regigigas comes inside a Cherish Ball, holding a Custap Berry and has the Classic Ribbon. It has three special moves, all corresponding in type to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. These moves are: Rock Slide, Icy Wind, and Iron Head. Despite Europeans getting this Event sometime after our neighbours, we do have one advantage. We can obtain this download on Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions, where as previous Event Regigigas were only available on Diamond and Pearl versions.

    Ability: Slow Start
    Iron Head
    Icy Wind
    Rock Slide
    Crush Grip

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