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RPGx Clan

Posted by x8xid (Admins) at Oct 9 2012, 10:53 AM. 0 comments

Hey fellow brosephs - Now that the website is back up (and still being tweaked a little) I thought I would let you know I'm bringing the clan concept back. I'm loosening it up a little bit so it's won't be the hassle it was before. It will be Steam/X-Fire based. I'll be dropping the gDNA account, and I won't make an official clan page anywhere on here. We probably won't have an official games list and the only real requirements for joining are that you be an adult who can socialize on the chat without getting under my skin and can play a team game as a team and not some over sexed animal that hogs all the glory and kills then bitches about how useless everyone else was.

Like always this clans not about skill its about socialization and teamwork. Chatter and joke in a casual game, but when it's time to do work zip the lip, get tactical, and give it some effort. I'm not setting schedules, rotations, or any of that other nonsense. Get on, pick a game and play. The next night will either be the same game or something different. I will however assign some admins, but this will be based on how well I trust you to make fair decisions - not how well you play a game. As of now I'm setting Elipsis, Ender, and Sparda as the Admins (besides myself) and they will have final say in all disputes or decisions when I am not around.

Currently our flavor has migrated to Ghost Recon Online. So far the game seems to be pretty fun and a few of us have enjoyed playing it. Who knows how long that will last, but if you haven't played it yet and you are a fan of team based shooters it's well worth a weekend of trying out at the least. If you are interested in getting into the group and playing games with us stop by the x-fire and steam pages.

Working on Website

Posted by x8xid (Admins) at Sep 17 2012, 08:56 AM. 0 comments

So I sat down for a few minutes last night and went over the new format for RPGx, sometime this week I am going to start on the new design (which will look similar to this board.) - I'm also going to keep this forum embedded in the structure, so no worries.

RPGx Hacked

Posted by x8xid (Admins) at Mar 27 2012, 04:58 PM. 0 comments

Hello everyone, if you are here you have probably heard that RPGx was hacked. First off, do not worry. Nobody's personal information was stolen from our servers. The hack was an act of vandalism and a spamming ploy. It is unfortunate that the internet has become a place where this kind of thing is common. However, we will be rebuilding our website better than ever as we always do. With that rebuild is coming a new direction for RPGx. In the past we have always aimed at being an online community of gamers. While we still aim to do that, our focus has shifted to publishing and development. For several years we have had many projects cooking on the back burner. This year I plan to bring many of those projects to light. Many are near completion while others are still in the brain storming phase. It's my hope that when the site comes back online we will have enough new stuff to offer that it will have been worth the wait.

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