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Kitchen Chaos; A story based on AD Machine's story inspired by me.
Topic Started: Nov 28 2016, 11:51 PM (308 Views)
Mr. Munch
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#1 Munch Fan who wants to marry him
~Chapter 1 - Keeping Secrets~

Munch was in the kitchen eating the icing from the icing squeezers as April was in another room looking for some sprinkles for the cookies they were going to bake.
Munch placed the tip of one of the icing squeezers into his mouth and squeezed it so the icing would come out into his mouth as he closed his eyes, a contented smile on his face as he slurped the icing from the icing squeezer.
This Icing reminds me of those special times... He thought, slurping until the icing squeezer was flat, Where I get to eat whatever I want, and no one can even have some! ...Except it's not that time of year...

Once the icing squeezer was flat, he heard April beginning to talk to him as he jumped and quickly threw the icing squeezer away.
“Hey Munch, do you remember where I put the sprinkles for our cookies we're going to bake?” April asked, looking around as she entered the room, Munch swallowing the icing that was in his mouth.
“Uh-uh.” He said, shaking his head, “Did you check everywhere?”
“Like what do you mean ‘everywhere’?” April asked, now looking at him.
“Uh, like the whole house.” Munch said with a shrug.
“Well I didn't check the cabinets.” April said, beginning to walk towards them, “So maybe they could be here...”

“Yeah uh...you go ahead and check.” Munch said, beginning to slowly back away, “I'll just go and check for that other icing squeezer we uh...seem to be missing.”
“What icing squeezer?” April asked, looking at Munch as she opened the cabinets.
“Uh, n-nothing April!” Munch said with a nervous smile on his face, beginning to lick seemingly invisible icing off his mouth which was actually purple.
“Why are you licking your lips?” She asked, curious.
“Because I'm uh...hungry.” Munch said, rubbing his stomach so she would think he's telling the truth, “Why are you asking so many questions?”

“Why are you wondering why I asked so many questions?” April asked, her hands on her hips as she raised an eyebrow.
“Uh because, you act like you're on a case.” Munch said with yet another shrug, trying not to look nervous.
“Well I am on a case.” April replied, “I'm on a case to look for some missing sprinkles.”
“Look in the cabinets.” Munch said, pointing to the cabinets April was previously looking in.
“I am.” April said before looking back in the cabinets. Munch let out a quiet sigh of relief and quietly yet sneakily grabbed the icing squeezer he was previously eating the icing from, put his mouth over the tip where the icing comes from and blew in it to make it look like it's full of icing when it was now full of air.

“I got it!” Munch said, holding the icing squeezer up in the air and smiling, “You know, the icing squeezer I said we needed.”
“Well that was fast.” April said, pulling out the sprinkles she was looking for, “And I found the sprinkles, too!”
“Well that was...fast, too.” Munch said, smiling nervously but trying to hide the nervousness.
“Yeah...” April said slowly, going over to the counter Munch was at when he ate the icing and placing the sprinkles down.
“Uh, here you go.” Munch said, placing the icing tube down on the counter.
“You're going to help me with these cookies right Munch?” April asked, looking at him, “'Cause you know I could use your help, right?”

“Uh...well...” Munch began, struggling to decide between helping or walking away.
Oh why does it have to be hard to decide? He thought, slightly biting his lip as he looked towards the open doorway to the other room and then back to the sprinkles lying on the counter space, I wanna help but I don't wanna get in trouble! He then sighed.
“Fine I'll help...” Munch said in defeat as he continued to look at the counter. April laughed.
“Jeez, you act like you're hiding a secret.” April said with a laugh. Munch faked a laugh as he rubbed his arm.
“Yeah...” He said slowly, again trying to mask a nervous smile, “And why would I do that?”

“I don't know, probably because you ate something without thinking...”
“Yeah you know I'd never do that!” He lied, still rubbing his arm as he looked at her with just his eyes.
“I sure hope not.” April said as she grabbed one of the full icing pens, Munch sighing a quiet sigh of relief that it wasn't the empty one, knowing his secret was safe and deciding that he'd pass the icing pens to her when she needs another one. But little did he realize, his secret was probably not going to stay safe for long...

A/N: I know I said different names for the frosting pens but that's because I remembered- or started remembering- the names for them as I went.
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AD Machine
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Eagle Scout
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Mr. Munch
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#1 Munch Fan who wants to marry him
Thanks! :D
~Chapter 2 - The Cookie Guard~

“Hey Munch.” April said as she held her hand out for Munch to hand her a frosting pen, “Can you pass me that last frosting pen please?”
“Uh, well...” Munch began, looking from the frosting pen to April, “Just let me see if it's full.”
“Why wouldn't it be full?” April questioned, looking at him, “We got these four icing pens for these maybe thirty something cookies.”
“The...manufacturer might be the type of guy to not put frosting in these pens.” Munch lied.
“Why wouldn't the manufacturer put icing in the pens Munch?” April asked, “It's the manufacturer's job to put icing in these pens.”

“U-Unless he's one of those guys who like to make it look like there's icing in the pens but there's air instead.”
“Air Munch?” April asked, again raising an eyebrow at him before sighing, “Fine, I guess that could happen, but I don't know why... Check and see.” Munch smiled as he began to move the icing pen to his mouth.
“No Munch, without putting your mouth on it.” April said, holding her hand out to stop him.
“Oh, right.” Munch said as he looked at the frosting pen, “Well here goes nothing!” He then tilted his head up and held the frosting pen above him before squeezing it.
Nothing but air came out.
“See?” Munch asked, shaking the frosting pen up and down in front of him, “Nothing but air!”

“Fine...” April said, rolling her eyes, “I'll go and buy another frosting pen.”
“And what do I do?” Munch asked, pointing his thumb to his chest.
“Uh you guard the cookies.” April said, getting her coat on, “And no eating the cookies, got it?”
“Got it, April!” Munch said, saluting her with a smile.
Sure you do... She thought, rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she turned around to leave.
“Don't eat the cookies, I'll be back in a few.” April called.
“Okay!” Munch called back as he heard the front door open and close.

“Well that was easy.” Munch said with a shrug before looking back at the cookies, “But these cookies sure look good! Too bad I can't eat them...”
Well I am a little hungry... He then thought, staring down at the delicious-looking frosted cookies, So maybe it wouldn't hurt to just try one, just to make sure nothing is wrong with them and that they're baked through. He then took a cookie and popped it into his mouth.
Wow, these are good! He thought as he smiled down at the cookies, I bet April would be proud of these! He then ate another one before remembering what April said not too long ago.

“Oops...” He said quietly as he put his hand to his mouth, “I ate two cookies.”
Oh now what is April going to think besides thinking these cookies are delicious!? He thought to himself, looking around, She'd probably kill me for eating two!! A-And I can't die now!
He sighed as he walked out of the kitchen and to the living room before looking at the front door.
I'm so stupid... He thought, shaking his head before returning to the kitchen, Now April is gonna hate me. Big time... He then decided to try and cover up his act by eating the rest of the cookies on the tray, his cheeks puffing out a little due to being stuffed with cookies.

Well, here goes nothing... He thought, about to swallow before hearing the front door open back up.
Oh no! He thought, swallowing as much as he could and spitting the rest back onto the tray, A-April's back... He then licked the frosting off his lips and mouth before smiling nervously as April took off her coat and headed into the kitchen.
“I'm back.” She said as she walked over to the counter the cookies were on.
“Oh, hi uh...April.” He said, continuing to watch her.
“What happened to the cookies?” April asked, looking down at the cookies, “They look all...watery and the frosting is beginning to run off them.”

“Ew...” Munch said, going up to the counter and looking at the cookies as well, “You're right... I wonder how they got like that.”
“There's bubbles, too.” April said, now noticing tiny bubbles in the “water”.
“Gross.” Munch said, now looking at April, “You should really uh...throw those out.”
“Munch, did you drool all over these?” April asked, now looking at Munch.
“Uh, what? Me??” Munch asked, slowly beginning to back away, rubbing the top of one of his hands with the other hand, “Eat those cookies? Why would I eat them?”
“You know, because you're always hungry.” April said, not even picking up one of the wet cookies.

“I-I didn't eat any!” Munch said, finally bumping the wall behind him, his back now pressed against it, “You're uh...mistaken! Yeah, mistaken!”
“Would I be mistaken if I said I've known you'd lied about not eating pizza before though you have?” April asked, her hands on her hips, “And if you didn't eat the cookies, why are you stuttering?”
“Because I'm trying to tell you I didn't eat them- I was guarding them- and I don't want to get in trouble!”

~Chapter 2 - The Cookie Guard~

“Well your innocence- no matter how innocent you seem right now- isn't fooling me!” April said as she grabbed the tray, “And I bet these cookies became watery themselves!” She held the cookie tray and tilted it enough for Munch to see in it.
“Well I...” Munch began, but didn't know what to say, “They got soggy.”
“Oh, and I bet some mysteriously went missing too.” April said, holding the tray a bit closer to his face.
“Well uh...”
“Well nothing, Munch!” April said, now bringing the tray closer to herself, “You ate these cookies, didn't you?”

“Yeah but they were so good!” Munch said, “I just had to try one to make sure they were good and after I tasted one I...kinda accidentally ate the others!”
“Yeah, like I'm falling for that ‘accidental’ part.” April said, rolling her eyes, “And you want these cookies? Eat them!” As she said that she threw the tray of cookies at him feeling fed up with him, some frosting getting on him as the cookies hit him.
“But April I-” Munch began but was interrupted.
“Those cookies weren't for us, Munch!” April continued, “They were for Chuck E.- your boss'- party he was throwing, but now I have to make more of them on my own!”

“You?” Munch questioned, “But what about us?”
“What about us, Munch?” April asked, glaring at him, “What about us?”
“Y-Yeah...” Munch said, his eyes wide-open.
“Well I'll tell you!” April shouted as she stormed out of the kitchen and went upstairs to their room.
“Wait you didn't tell about us!” He called to her before hearing some banging sounds as if she was throwing things.
Uh, we're going to...throw things? He thought, confused. He then heard April coming back down the stairs quickly and shoving his suitcase and things into his arms.

“Oh, and before you leave, take this!” April said as she picked up the tray off the floor and placed it facing down so it'd stay on his head, “I don't need it because it's gross and slobbery!”
“A-April, you're...making me leave?” Munch asked, pulling a pouty face, “B-But I can't help it! I'm a monster!”
“Well try to help it or have some control over your-” April then interrupted herself, which gave Munch a chance to talk.
“We've known each other since we were kids, April!” Munch said, “I-I know you know I can't help it! I've told you, r-remember?”
“Yeah, so?” April asked, her arms crossed as she tried to look like she didn't care, “We were kids and I probably didn't know better until now!”

“Didn't know what better?” Munch asked, looking confused.
“Your excuses, Munch.” April said, looking at him, “You know, your excuses on why you have to eat everything.”
“Well I'm hungry and a Munch-”
“Nope, don't wanna hear it.” April said, looking away, her eyes closed.
“But... But April...” Munch said, a sad look on his face, “We can work this out!”
“We can ‘work this out’??” April questioned, looking angrily at him, her eyes now open, “I don't think we can work this whole thing out with the cookies, Munch. I know that because I've known you for a long time.”

Not knowing what to say anymore and feeling it'd be pointless to argue- or try and argue- Munch walked into the living room, removing and dropping the tray that was on his head onto the floor, causing it to make a clattering sound as he headed for the living room door.
April picked up the tray and looked at Munch.
Well he needs to get better at controlling his appetite... She thought as she watched him leave, I can't have him eating all the cookies... What else was I supposed to do? Say, “Here Munch, we'll make another batch of cookies, and don't eat them”? I tried telling him to not eat them, and he did... I just...don't know what to do with him so he won't eat the cookies. She then sighed and shook her head, going back over to the counter she was at when she found the cookies missing.

Munch, why did I have to meet you? She thought, Sometimes I wish I didn't meet you, and...well, it's true... She then heard her front door closed as she looked up.
That's sad... She then thought, tears beginning to form in her eyes as she thought of their childhood memories, And I'm really sorry Munch... Just really sorry to say that. She then looked down.
Now I have to buy more cookie dough... She thought as she headed out of her kitchen and grabbed her coat before putting it on and heading outside.
She looked around, and no one was out there.

Huh, expected him to be slower since he seemed down and had a pretty slow exit, but I guess I was mistaken. She thought and then shrugged, Oh well, but it's not like I care... I'm better off without him!
She then headed off to the store again.

~Chapter 4 - Regrets~

Why did I have to eat those cookies? Munch thought after walking out of the house, hanging his head a bit, I mean, they were good, but...I guess they were too good... He then shook his head before looking back at April's house and deciding to run, again facing forward to watch where he was going as he ran.
I don't even wanna see her anymore... He thought, still running, All I do is... Is cause trouble for her and us anyway! ...But wait, there is no us! She told me that in the house! Once he thought that, he looked back again and started to walk, no longer seeing April's house as he slowed to a walk and looked ahead of him to watch where he was going again.

But who cares? He then thought, April doesn't need me to help bake cookies anyway! First I was lovable to her and now she hates me... He looked at his furry, purple hands.
Am I really a monster? He thought, Not just physically but...mentally? He then sighed.
Maybe I am...Meanwhile...

After April had left her house, she headed to the store.
Munch, I care about you a lot, and I hope you can come back soon... She thought, And I definitely know life won't be the same without you now that I've kicked you out...
“Hey April.” A familiar voice greeted her, snapping her out of her thoughts as she looked up to see who it was.
“Oh hey Jasper...” She said, cracking a small smile and trying to hide her slight sadness.
“What's up?” Jasper asked her, a smile on his face.
“Well I...kinda kicked Munch out for eating some cookies I- well mostly we- made for Chuck E.” April admitted, looking down.

“I'm sorry...” Jasper said, his smile now gone and replaced with a sad look, “But you know he's a Munch and will eat anything, right?”
“Yeah, I know that...” April said, still looking down but looking up at Jasper with just her eyes, “I just got so fed up with him... And that's why I kicked him out.”
“You got fed up with him?” Jasper asked, a shocked look on his face.
“Yes, I got fed up with him eating the cookies and lying about it- though it was his first time eating the cookies- and I didn't trust him with helping me make a new batch because I know him, and I told him that, too...”

“Then why do you feel sad?” Jasper asked, tilting his head a bit in curiosity.
“Because I love him and care about him Jasper...” April said, now looking up at Jasper, “We've known each other for a long time.”
“Then why don't you go look for him?” Jasper asked.
“Because I threw the tray of cookies at him and probably hurt his feelings...” April admitted, again looking down at the ground below her, “And besides, he probably doesn't want to see me right now...”
“Why don't ya check?” Jasper then asked her.
“I know he already hates me Jasper...” April said with a sigh, “I can't.”

“So you think you've ruined your friendship with the guy?” Jasper questioned, again tilting his head but this time in confusion.
“Exactly Jasper.” April said, looking behind her, “Heck, I didn't see him when I came outside my house to go shopping again because I needed more stuff to make more cookies since Munch ate half the tray and left his spit and the other half of the cookies on it.”
“Ya mean you threw the tray of cookies at him with his spit and everything on it?” Jasper asked, his eyes now wide-open with shock.
“Yes I threw the tray at him.” April replied, “The icing was even running off the cookies!” She again looked at the ground while looking up at Jasper with just her eyes.

“Wow.” Jasper said, “You must've been upset!”
“Yeah I was.” April said, kicking her foot on the ground, “But before he left I pretended not to care... I had to do it, because I didn't want him to see that I cared.”
“Why?” Jasper asked, “'Cause he could take advantage of ya?”
“Yes.” April replied, “And I didn't want that, and even if he wouldn't have taken advantage I still would probably act like I didn't care.”
“So what are you going to do?” Jasper asked her.
“I'm going to go to the store, return home and start baking the cookies.” April said, “And if you wanna come with me, you can.”

“Nah, but thanks anyway.” Jasper said with a smile, “I'm busy with other things too. But I wish you luck on getting Munch back too though.” April pulled a small smile.
“Thanks Jasper.” She said as she started heading for the store again.
“You're welcome April!” Jasper said back before heading wherever he was going.
Hopefully Munch comes back home soon... April thought, looking behind her before watching where she was going again, Because I don't think anything'll be the same without him. Ever...
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Mr. Munch
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~Chapter 5 - Missing Each Other~

After April finally reached the store, she went to the aisle where the cookie dough was.
Munch sure loved cookies... She thought, We always made them every holiday as kids... And Munch would always have frosting on his face because he would stick his hand into the frosting, either on purpose or by accident...
Suddenly she got a phone call.
Munch walked until he spotted a gray mouse in the distance.
“Chuck E.?” He asked quietly as he held his hand over his forehead, “Could that be you...?” As the gray mouse figure came closer, he realized it was Chuck E.
He could probably help me... Munch then thought, walking up to him, I really need help... I just don't know what to do.
“Hey Munch.” Chuck greeted him as he came closer, “Why do you look sad?”
“April kicked me out...” Munch admitted, “She did it because I ate the cookies that she made for you. But I didn't know they were for you!”

“Well I'm sorry Munch, but I don't know what to say.” Chuck replied, “Did you apologize to her?”
“Well yes I did try to- Wait...” He interrupted himself, “No I don't think I did apologize! I think I just tried explaining to her!”
“Then maybe you can try talking to her and apologize for what you've done.”
“Yeah but I... I don't think she wants to hear it right now...” Munch said.
“Trust me Munch, I'm pretty sure she misses you too, whether you believe it or not.” Chuck explained, “You two have been childhood friends for who knows how long! And I bet she misses you and is thinking about you now.”

“Yeah I doubt it...” Munch said, looking down at the ground, “With the way she kicked me out I doubt she even misses me...”
“C'mon, you know she was just angry!” Chuck explained as Munch looked up at him with just his eyes, Chuck's eyes meeting his, “You know how she gets when she's angry!”
“She threw the tray of cookies at me...” Munch said, now looking back at the ground.
“Look Munch, if you want me to call her I will. But you have to do the talking to her, and I'll explain to her before you talk to her that you have something to say.”
“Well okay Chuck E...” Munch said, looking back up at Chuck E. with just his eyes, “I'll talk to her... And thanks.”

“No problem, buddy.” Chuck said with a smile as he dialed April's cellphone number.
Please pick up... He thought, holding the phone to his ear.
Suddenly April picked up.
“This is April, hi Chuck E.” April said, still looking at the cookie dough in the store.
“Hi April, I found Munch and...he has something to say.” Chuck said, cracking a slight smile towards Munch, which Munch returned.
Munch... April thought, But how...? She then sighed.
“Okay, let me speak to him...” She said, as Chuck E. gave Munch the phone on the other end.

“H-Hello? April?” Munch asked.
“Hi Munch...” April said, looking down at the floor, “Pretty lonely, huh?”
“Yeah.” Munch said, “I-It is kinda lonely... I-I mean, that's not what I called you for!”
“What did you call me for, Munch?” April asked, sounding as if she was down about something, but she didn't care right now. All she wanted was Munch.
“Uh, well...I wanted to...say that, uh...I-I'm-” He cut himself off, using his index finger to rub the fur on his stomach.
“You're what, Munch?” April asked, “Just say it!” Tears started welling up in Munch's eyes, and he yelled into the phone, “I'm sorry, I just don't want to talk to you right now!!”

This caused April to move her phone away from her ear once he started yelling.
“Munch, what's wrong!?” April asked, feeling a bit concerned as she heard him say “Here Chuck E.” and give the phone to Chuck E.
“I'm so sorry about that April!” Chuck said, “He just-”
He was cut off by Munch saying,
“It hurts too much...” This made April feel bad.
What have I done? She thought, tears beginning to well up in her eyes as well, I hurt the only monster I loved and who probably loved me back... My childhood friend... If only I could cheer him up and hug him and feel the warmth of his soft, purple fur...

After April had thought that, she heard Chuck say,
“I'm sorry he doesn't want to talk right now.” Chuck said, “He's just upset...”
“I-It's okay...” April said, trying not to cry and sounding like she was about to, “Thanks...”
“April, don't cry.” Chuck said, and after he had said that, April heard Munch's whimpering which was audible from the other end of the phone.
“Well I have to go and cheer Munch up.” Chuck told her, “So I guess I'd better go...”
“Wait, can't you stay on the other end please?” April asked, her voice cracking a bit, “I-I just... I just wanna... I don't know... I just wanna hear how this goes... Or just...something like that.”

“Well, he doesn't really wanna talk...”
“Just let me hear how this goes!” April yelled to Chuck E. over the phone, “Please!!”
“Well okay, but...” Chuck began but didn't finish.

~Chapter 5 - Missing Each Other (Part 2)~

“If she wants to talk, tell her I don't want to...” Munch said, his voice sounding whiny as he tried not to cry as well.
“She's not trying to talk to you, Munch...” Chuck said sadly, “But right now I don't feel I want to be in the middle of this sadness...”
If only I hadn't yelled at him and throw the tray at him, too. April thought, a tear rolling down her cheek, If I didn't do that, he wouldn't feel like he does now...
“Munch, please come and work this out with April...” Chuck said, trying to coax Munch into doing so, “I understand you're upset, and well...she's upset too.”

“Don't tell her I said this, but...I wish I could have her too.” Munch whispered to Chuck E., but due to April's good hearing, she heard what Munch had said, and besides, his voice wasn't quiet enough to keep her from hearing.
Munch... She thought, her lip beginning to quiver as she tried holding in her tears, I wish I could...have you... More than you wish you could have me...
“Okay I won't.” Chuck said.
“Don't worry, I-I heard it anyway...” April said, covering her face with her hand, “I feel so stupid for doing what I did, and now Munch would never forgive me...” Little did she know, Chuck had put her on speaker, so Munch heard her too.

“Oh April, I-I felt so stupid eating those cookies, s-so I'm the stupid one...” Munch said with a sniffle.
“No, we're both stupid Munch...” April said, “A-And I promise...I-I'll find you...”
“Same here April...” Munch agreed, “I promise I'll look for you until I find you.”
“But if you want to find me, I'm at the store.” April said, “M-Meet me here and I'll...let you come and bake more cookies with me...”
“Y-You really mean it...?” Munch asked with a sniffle, “You're really gonna let me help you bake cookies?”
“Yes.” April said with a smile, though she knew he couldn't see her over the phone, “Even if you screw up I'm gonna let you. I won't give up on you next time... I remember how you loved to bake cookies, so I would love to bake cookies with you again and maybe even share those childhood memories again.”

“Okay!” Munch said with enthusiasm, “I'll meet you at the store then!”
“Okay.” April said, “And thank you, Chuck E.”
“Yeah, thanks Chuck E.!” She heard Munch say over the phone as she giggled.
“You're welcome, guys.” Chuck said with a smile as well. They both then hung up.
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~Chapter 6 - Holiday Mischief (Part 1)~

After leaving Chuck E., Munch decided to go to the store. But before that, he was feeling kind of hungry, so he decided to go and get a quick pizza first.
Well, off to Pasqually's, then time to go back with April! He thought, a smile on his face, Wonder what Pasqually's cookin' today! He then walked in the direction he knew Chuck E. Cheese's was at.
Hopefully he's cookin' something good enough for a Munch like me to eat. He continued to think, Maybe a pepperoni pizza with a little extra cheese... That would be good! Sausage, too!
After arriving at the pizzeria, he went in and lifted the rope for the Kid Check area because they knew him and how he worked there.

“Hey Pasqually!” Munch said as he entered the kitchen, Pasqually just pulling a pizza out of the oven, “You got any of that pizza with the extra cheese I could eat?”
“Well, uh...no.” Pasqually answered honestly, putting the pizza on top of the counter, “I don't because you didn't mention wanting one.”
“Hey I said I wanted a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese, or just extra cheese and no toppings.” Munch said, pointing to Pasqually with his index finger.
“But that was yesterday!” Pasqually reminded him, holding his hands up in defense, “Remember?”

“I coulda sworn I ordered that today.” Munch said, putting his finger to his chin as he looked up with just his eyes.
“Uh, no...” Pasqually corrected, “That was yesterday.”
“Oh, well...whatever pizza you have will do.” Munch said before pointing to the pizza Pasqually just pulled from the oven, “Like that pizza right there.” Pasqually laughed.
“Oh, this?” He asked, now beginning to cut the pizza, “Well, this one is for the customer, I'm sorry.”
“Yeah, but I need a pizza and I need it now!” Munch said, pointing to himself, “I can't wait very long, I'm starvin' here!”
“Well you'll just have to wait until I serve this one and wait thirty minutes for the pizza I'll make for you to cook.”

“That's not enough time, I gotta see April!” Munch said, “So can I please just have a pizza already?”
“Well I don't have any others made right now.” Pasqually said, “Now you just go on and wait as I deliver this one to the customer.” He then went off to get a bag to seal the pizza in.
Well I'm sorry, Pasqually... Munch thought, looking down at the pizza, But I'm hungry, and if I don't eat now, I'll starve! He then nervously looked at the pizza and looked around to see if the coast was clear. When it was, he quickly stuffed the pizza into his mouth, beginning to chew it.

I gotta go... He then thought as he turned to leave, but before he could, Pasqually spotted him.
“Uh, Munch?” He heard Pasqually ask from behind him, “Where did the pizza go?”
Okay, decided to leave it at a cliff-hanger here because I have to go to bed for school soon. I'll update tomorrow if I get to it. :munch3:
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Munch began to feel nervous as he heard Pasqually ask him where the pizza went.
I can't let Pasqually know I already ate it! Munch thought, So what do I do? He then made a split decision to just run for it.
“If he's running...” Pasqually quietly said to himself, “Then... He ate the pizza!! I knew he'd do it! That sneaky little...” Before he could say anything else, Jasper came in.
“Uh, Pasqually?” He asked, pointing his thumb towards the exit to the kitchen, “Our customer out there is wondering what's taking so long with his pizza.”
“It was Munch!” Pasqually accused, looking straight at Jasper with a worried look on his face, “That shaggy purple furball stole it!” As he finished, his expression went back to full anger.
“Is that why I saw him booking it around that corner while I was on my way here and towards the exit of the restaurant?” Jasper asked, looking confused.
“He mentioned he was hungry, and I told him no, it was for the customer.” Pasqually explained, “I offered to make him one after I deliver the pizza to the customer and I go back to get a bag to seal the pizza in but when I came back the pizza was gone, and he looked like he was gonna leave, so I asked him where the pizza went and he ran off!”
“So...?” Jasper asked, “What're you gonna do now?”
“Huh, I haven't thought of that before...” Pasqually said, putting a finger to his chin, “Usually I just let him get away with it, but...I'm not gonna go easy on him this time.”
As Munch was panting, trying to decide whether he wanted to leave and go find April, he decided to eavesdrop a bit into what was going on inside the kitchen for a few seconds before heading out to find April.
“So...?” He heard Jasper ask, “What're you gonna do now?”

Sorry to cut this short! :D It will be continued sometime tomorrow though. :munch3:
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Nice update!
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