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Justin's Sonic Forces Blackout
Topic Started: Nov 10 2017, 11:32 PM (86 Views)
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Justin is Playing Sonic Mania on his Playstation 4 Slim with 1 TB talking to three Playstation Network users named Gasahol1980, MickeyMyBoyfriend1980, and LovelyLady1982 thru a Headset with a Microphone telling him about Sonic Forces Coming out.

Justin: Listen up Y'all. Listen up Gasahol, MickeyMyBoyfriend, and LovelyLady. Sonic Forces came out on Tuesday.

Gasahol1980: We know that Justin.

MickeyMyBoyfriend1980: Yeah we know that.

LovelyLady1982: Would you please leave us Alone at Once Justin?

Justin: But Guys the Game just came out.

Just then Chuck E. brings in Sonic Forces Bonus Edition for the Playstation 4.

Chuck: Hey Justin Look what i got You.

Justin see the Game and Justin is Really Happy. There are Hearts in his Eyes.

Justin: Oh my Goodness Mouse. Thank ya Very Much.

Chuck: You're welcome Justin. I got you the Bonus Edition. The one you asked me to Get. Enjoy the Game Justin.

Justin: I will Mouse.

Justin Exits Sonic Mania.

Justin: Hey Gasahol, MickeyMyBoyfriend, and LovelyLady Guess what The Mouse Just Got Me Sonic Forces Bonus Edition Today. So I'm gonna Annoy the Three of Ya 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week while i'm playing the Game Y'all.

Gasahol1980: Oh my Goodness Justin You're so Annoying.

Justin: Okay Time to Put this Game in the System.

Justin opens up the Game and Takes out the Disc.

Justin: This Disc Looks awesome. I can't wait to Play this Game.

Just as Justin is about the Put the Disc into his Playstation 4 The Power goes out.

Justin: Wait a Minute What happened to the Power. I can't see, I'm Scared of the Dark. I gotta Tell the Mouse. Mouse Mouse.

Chuck: What happened to the Power.

Helen: I'm not to Sure what Happened to the Power Chuck E.

Munch: I'm so Scared of the Dark.

Jasper: Don't worry Munch we have plenty of Flash Lights.

Justin: Mouse Mouse.

Chuck: What's wrong Justin.

Justin: I don't know what's wrong with y'all but you guys need to pay your Electricity Bill.

Chuck: I do pay the Electricity Bill Justin.

Jasper: Maybe we should Call an Electrician Chuck E.

Justin: That's a Good Idea Jasper.

Jasper: Okay I'll Call the Electrician.

Chuck: Okay Justin We'll find out from the Electrician what happened to the Power.

Justin: Okay Mouse I need to Play Sonic Forces.

Chuck: Okay guys we'll just wait for the Electrician.

To Be Continued.
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There is a Knock at the Door.

Chuck: This Has to be the Electrician.

Justin: I hope it is Mouse.

Chuck E. opens the Door and it happens to be Sally Sashay and B.B Bubbles as Electricians.

Sally: Hey Mr. Cheese. Jasper told me you needed an Electrician.

Chuck: Indeed we Do and Why Did you bring B.B Bubbles with you.

Sally: She's my new Business Partner. She's Annoying. I had to bring her.

B.B: Hey Everybody I'm Back. I'm an Electrician Now.

Justin: Oh Man That voice of hers is Annoying.

Chuck: Justin That's Not Nice.

Justin: Oh Whatever Mouse.

Sally: So Can we Come in?

Chuck: Yes you Can.

Sally and B.B. Enter the Building.

Sally: So Chuck E. we may need to..

B.B's Trunk makes a Honking Noise.

Chuck: What was That Noise.

B.B's Trunk makes the Honking Noise again.

B.B: Sorry Chuck E. That was My Trunk that means i'm Hungry.

Sally: So if we don't get her Something to Eat her trunks going to make that noise for the Rest of the Visit.

Chuck: Hold on i have some peanuts in my Room. I'll got get them.

Chuck E. goes to his room to get the Peanuts and bring them to B.B. and she eats them with her trunk.

B.B.: All Done.

Sally: Okay So Chuck E. we may need to see if your Wires are either Broken or Cut in Half.

Chuck: Well Follow me I think i know where the Wires are.

Sally: Okay.

Justin: Y'all need to Hurry. I need to Play Sonic Forces.

To be Continued.
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