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Topic Started: Jan 25 2018, 12:00 PM (210 Views)
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Chuck E. and his Friends Including Bella and Justin hear their Tornado Siren inside the Building.

Justin: Man what in the World is that Noise.

Chuck E.: It's our Tornado Siren. That's means there's a Tornado somewhere.

Jasper: Quick Chuck E. turn on the News.

Chuck E.: Okay Jasper.

Bella: I'm Scared of Tornados Helen.

Helen: It's Okay Bella Everything gonns be Alright. Let's Watch the News.

Oink: Breaking News Okay. Zere is a Big Tornado circling Around Zis Area. It's Seems to Be Picking Up Pizza from Ze Pizza Factories. We Now go to Sally Sashay who is at Ze Scene of Ze Tornado. Let's Go to Zat.

Sally: Thank you Madame Oink Honey. Yes this Tornado is Huge. It's circling around this Area and It's Happens to be Crashing into a... Oh My Goodness.

Oink. What is it Sally.

Sally: It Just Crashed into another Pizza Factory. Oh this is Terrible and quite interesting too. It's Seems that this is a Full Blown Pizzanado and it Could hit Chuck E Cheese.... Sally get blown away.

Oink: Well that was Kinda weird. Anyway we Now go Sports with Former Beagles Member Paul McBarkley.

Paul: Thank you Miss Oink. It's seems that the Orlando Rock Afires and the San Jose Pizza Timers... Jasper turns of the TV.

Jasper: Guys Did you Hear her. It could be Heading towards Chuck E. Cheese's. What do we do. What do we do.

Pasqually; A Tornado crashing into Pizza Factories. Well that's Tasty.

Munch: You said it Pasqually.

Jasper: Now's Not the Time to be Talking about it guys.

Bella: Oh no I'm Scared.

Helen: Don't Worry Bella.

Justin: Man a Pizzanado that's weird Mouse.

Chuck E.: Guys i talked munch into Building a Tornado Shelter for us to Hide in. I gave him $10.000 to build it.

Munch: Uh Guys i have some Good News and some Bad News.

Chuck E.: What's the Good News Munch.

Munch: The Good News is that I'm Glad you gave me the $10.000 Chuck E..

Chuck E.: Well that's good.

Jasper: What's the Bad News Munch.

Munch: The Bad News is that i i.

All: What did you do Munch?

Munch: I spent it All on a Pizza Party for my Family.

Chuck E.: You did what.

Jasper: What you spent it all on a Pizza Party instead of Building Tornado Shelter.

Munch: Yeah.

Jasper: Wow way to go Munch.

Munch: I'm sorry everybody. I wanted to do Something Special for my Family.

Jasper: Well It's okay Munch. We accept your Apology.

Chuck E.: But next time when we give you a lot of Money. Try to build a Tornado Shelter for us Munch. We'll even help you build it.

Munch: Okay.

But Just then Chuck E. sees the Tornado filled with Pizzas outside of the Restaurant.

Chuck E.: Uh Guys i hate to tell you this but Here Comes The Pizzanado.

The Pizzanado Crashes into Chuck E. Cheese's and Picks up Chuck E. and the Whole Gang.

to be Continued.
Edited by AEHSonicHedgehogFan, Jan 25 2018, 12:01 PM.
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As you may remember from Last Time The Pizzanado had just Crashed into Chuck E. Cheese's and It picked up Chuck E. and the Gang. Now they're in the Pizzanado Circling like Crazy.

Jasper: Chuck E. Look out for That Pizza and that Pizza and that other Pizza. Look out for them.

Chuck E.: Jasper there are Pizzas Everywhere.

Munch eats some on the Pizzas in the Pizzanado.

Munch: These Pizzas are Yummy.

Jasper: Now's not the Time to be eating the Pizzas Munch.

Bella: Oh No Were in the Pizzanado. I'm scared. Cries.

Helen: Don't worry Bella. It will Dissipate Soon.

Bella: I hope so.

Pasqually: There so many Pizzas in here. I can't count them.

Justin: Man i'm getting dizzy Mouse.

Just then Jasper pulls out his Binoculars and he sees that the Pizzanado is heading towards another Factory.

Jasper: Uh Guys i hate to tell you this but the Pizzanado his heading towards another Factory.

Chuck E.: I hope it's not another Pizza Factory.

Jasper: It's not a Pizza Factory it's a Salad Factory.

The Tornado Crashes into the Salad Factory and picks up the Salads.

Chuck E.: Now there's a bunch of Salad in here.

Munch: With the Salads in here. The Tornado could be turning into a Pizza Restaurant.

Jasper Looks thru his Binoculars again and the Tornado is heading towards another Factory.

Jasper: Guys we're heading towards another Factory it's a Pizza Cutter Factory.

The Tornado crashes into the Pizza Cutter Factory and picks up the Pizza Cutters.

Chuck E: Now this is getting Ridiculous.

Jasper: Ahh Don't let any of the Pizza Cutters slice any of the Pizza or the Salad.

Munch: The Tornado's looking kinda Dangerous now with all the Pizza Cutters in here..

Pasqually pulls out his Binoculars and see that They're heading Towards another Factory.

Pasqually: Guys were heading towards another Factory.

Jasper: What kind of Factory is it?

Paqually: It's a Pepsi Factory.

The Tornado Crashes into the Pepsi Factory and Picks up the Pepsi Bottles.

Chuck E.: Guys don't let any of the Pizza Cutters cut any of the Pepsi Bottles in here.

Helen: I don't to get any of the Pepsi spillt all over my Shirt.

Bella: Me Neither.

Munch: Now there's a lot of Pepsi Bottles in here. This is crazy.

Helen pulls out her Binoculars and Sees the they're heading towards yet another Factory,

Helen: Guys it seems that we're heading towards yet another Factory.

Chuck E.: What kind of Factory is it Helen?

Helen: It's a Token Factory.

The Tornado crashes into the Token Factory and Picks up the Tokens.

Justin: Man what's with all these Factories Mouse.

Munch: This Tornado gets getting Crazier and Crazier.

Chuck E.: You said it Munch.

Jasper: What Factories could this tornado crash into Next.

We'll find out Next Time.

To be Continued.
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