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A Reyvateil's Melody

Ar tonelico fan site forums.

Welcome! If you click this link, you can go to our chatroom. You can visit this page for a brief overview of the chatroom's features, as well as instructions on how to register a permanent nickname. Please keep in mind that general rules still apply while you are in the chatroom. Also, these additional chatroom-specific rules apply:
  • This is a chatroom with cultural and ideological diversities. If you wish to be respected, be respectful to yourself and others.
  • If you wish to post something with mature content, please preface the link with a warning in the same line. E.g. "NSFW: [linkhere]."
  • Avoid using too much violent or rude language.
  • If you are sending someone a PM, please keep in mind that there is no sound or pop-up notification that will allow the person you are PMing to know that they are receiving a PM. Out of courtesy, please let that user know that you are sending a PM to them.
  • Overall, please don't make a ruckus.

    Failure to comply with these rules may result in being kicked or banned from the chatroom.
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