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There are ways of downgrading your firmware to 3.55, but it isn't as easy as on PSP. It may be faster/easier/safer to look for a used PS3 with OFW 3.55 or less installed (you can still get OFW 3.55 on the internet) and continue from there if you're not good at handling technical stuff (software & hardware). But don't take my word for granted, I just started reading a tutorial on downgrading the PS3 firmware five minutes ago.

I'd like you to not ask for downgrading firmwares, installing CFWs on a console and related topics in the public parts of ARM. We're not on our own server, that kind of talk could get us deleted. There are enough tutorials on the internet. I could find them, I'm sure you can, too.

My PS3 is most likely also on 4.66. I won't try any sort of hacking until I'm done with all of my PS3 games forever. There are some other reasons why I'm not going for a CFW right now.
I'd rather buy another one just for a CFW rather than doing it on my current PS3.

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