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Ar tonelico II is ten years old now!
Topic Started: Oct 23 2017, 01:18 PM (307 Views)
Well, just that.

Happy tenth anniversary for the second game in the series!
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Wow, ten years? Happy tenth anniversary AT2!! It was the game that truly got me into Ar Tonelico, and the EXA_PICO universe as a whole, and has really changed my life. I've only been there for a little over 2 and a half of those 10 years, but I've constantly been thinking about it ever since I first beat the game, even most of my art has been for it, and I've been working on translating its novel too (I'm almost done with the editing process now, should be done before the end of the year!), something I decided to do because of how much the game meant to me.

And well I can't talk about Ar Tonelico II without mentioning Infel, the real reason I love it so much! The more I learned about her, the more I realized exactly why she did what she did, and I think her devotion to her research, and above all, to Nenesha, is so admirable... In fact, the reason I love her and Nenesha's relationship so much is because I was struck by the depth of their love, especially with the emotions conveyed through the entirety of EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. How fitting for a game all about "bonds" to have an antagonist whose primary motivation throughout her life be the woman she loves.

Ar Tonelico II is a game filled with such powerful emotions, that has become something truly special to me. So I hope to keep loving it like this for many years to come! (Now if only I could have been in time to participate in all those events and talk about my feelings towards the game, or at least ask one of my many questions in the toukousphere, I have so much to say!)

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*breaks open the champagne!*

;-; Oh wait. It's not old enough to drink. Sparkling Cider!

Jokes aside~ hurray to 10 years! This game literally saved my life so I'll probably never stop loving it.
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It's crazy how much time has past.
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Happy 10th Anniversary, Ar tonelico II! :) I didn't know the series when I ordered the games and went into them without any special expactations, but wasn't disappointed at all. It's still one of my all-time favorite games and will likely always be among these games.

Shame on me for not posting here earlier.

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Yeah, me too.

I hear a new game in the series is in the works. Ar nosurge series, probably, but still good news.
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Is there? Ooh, I'm curious.

Still, happy (belated) 10th anniversary to my favourite of the EXA_PICO games! May Project Metafalica continue to catch the interests of many veteran and nascent fans for ages to come \o/
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This series changed a lot of peoples lives.
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