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Tindharia world story guide
Topic Started: Jun 21 2013, 06:20 PM (1,117 Views)
Well, since there's some interest, here I'll be posting all of the information I know about the Tindharia world. However, I'll be analyzing the songs in the same order as they are in the album, since they are in the same order as the story itself. Also, for Tindharia no Tane; I'll be adding some bits from the Drama CD to flesh it out the best I can.

Tindharia no Tane (The Seed of Tindharia)

1) Souzou ~WEL ARY TINDHARIA?~ (Overture of Creation ~Will You Sing the World?~)

This song simply shows how the young Goddess Aria created the world of Tindharia. The song also states it on its lyrics, where Aria is telling someone that she is creating FELIA (the Moon), SHELIA (the Sun), and finally, the Small Aria (all of the life forms). In the drama CD, on the other hand, we hear the narrator telling this about the world:

Goddess Aria created the world, and formed the first Principles: Whenever the trees of the forest that nurtured the world began to wither, the Small Aria (now simply known as the Aria) would sing to restore life to the trees and the forest, thus, keeping the world in balance and sustaining it. However, in order to accomplish this, the Aria would have to sing the ARIA (the Song of Life), which would take away their own lives to give them to the forest. Most of the Aria simply complied with this, just seeing it as their duty of protecting the world; however, there were other Aria that were in disagreement with these Principles, and thus, they left the forest for the deserts that were beyond them, built a city, and established there. That was how the Humans came to be.

However, this only brought terrible things to the world: the Humans forgot how to sing, and the duties they had when they were Aria, and instead of taking care of the forest, they repeatedly went and took away the resources the forest had to sustain their own existence. The Aria that remained were enraged by this, and whenever Humans and Aria meet, it always ends in disaster, with both sides attempting to kill each other. This is why the Humans consider them as demons, and try to avoid encountering them, which is the reason behind them considering the forests both a blessing, and a symbol of fear.

After the narration ends, we can hear a young Aria girl talking with the current leader of the Aria, asking what kind of lives the humans that once saved her lead, and asking why they are always fighting with the Aria. After a while, the girl says that she wants to meet the Humans, and try to understand them, so they won't have to fight anymore. The elder replies that she is a very special child, even among the Aria, and says that she might be destined for something important. The girl then replies that while she wants the fighting to stop, she also doesn't want the forests to change ever.

Oh, and by the way, the Aria don't have any names of their own: when they are born, they are destined to protect a tree, and so, when they need to be differentiated from the other Aria, they are called by the name of the tree they protect.

2) Inori no Tane (Seed of Prayer)

While in the Drama CD this song doesn't show up until the very end, at the Epilogue, in the album itself it serves as the introduction to the world of Tindharia, and foreshadows the events to come in the future of the plot. Also, it describes how the Humans live: as I said above, they live away from the forests, in a city surrounded by a desert, and thus, they have to go to the forests to harvest and search for food and water. This is whythe Aria have branded them as traitors to the natural cycle of life: they never give their lives back to the forest, and instead, they rob it from the resources it has to continue their own lives, thus disrupting it.

3) Hiroi Sekai no Kakera (Shards of a Vast World)

While this song doesn't show up in the Drama CD (except for an instrumental version), it actually gives some insight on the main character for this story: Salt Fennel. Salt is a Human boy that lives in the city, and contrary to the other humans, he isn't afraid of the Aria or the forests: he actually admires them, and has always impatiently waited for the time in which he would become one of the Gatherers to finally begin exploring the forests, and to be finally able to meet one of the Aria he has heard so much about during his life. He also had learned a bit about them because he secretly had in his possession some books on the Aria, which his father had deemed as forbidden documents and didn't allow anyone to read or have them. Many times, he wanted to go to the forest by himself, but no one except for the Gatherers were allowed to go outside of the town, and his friends Fitz and Nasta always told him to wait until he became a Gatherer to fulfill these dreams.

Finally, on a certain day, Salt was approved to go with the Gatherers, thanks to the influence of his father, Junde Fennel (the current leader of the town), and departed to the forests. There, he, with his superior Clesson, he began gathering fruits and wood to carry them back to town using their Kururu (giant chickens), and after a while, Salt began to go deeper into the forest to search for water. He got lost within it, and after some hours wandering aimlessly, he heard a singing voice. The Aria girl noticed his presence because Salt's Kururu, Maria, growled a little too loudly, and she stopped singing. Salt tried getting close to her, but he only got his face hurt, and broke off one of the branches from a tree. The girl asked him what he was doing, and then, went close to him, and asked him to extend his hands to her.

4) Mawaru Kotowari (Cyclic Principles)

The girl then began singing a different song, and while she was singing, the branch began shining and then it reattached itself again to the tree from which Salt had broken it off. Salt asked what that song was and what she was, and the girl then told him that it was the song for returning life to the trees and forest, and that she was an Aria. Salt was taken aback by this, and the girl got a little flustered by this, and that he had broken a branch from a tree, and began to go away. Salt asked her to wait a little, and introduced himself, while asking her name. The girl then asked him if he was the Aria of a tree called "Salt Fennel", and Salt, surprised and amused to this, told her he was a Human. Now it was the turn for the girl to be surprised, and asked him what was a name. Salt told her it was only what he was called, his name. The girl then told him that since she was an Aria, she didn't have a name, asked him why he and all the other humans had one. Salt told her it was to make themselves distinct from all the other humans, and since she didn't have a name, he offered to give her one.
He began thinking all sorts of names, although one slipped out from his mouth without noticing it: "Parsley". The girl liked it, and told him to call her like this from now on, not without Salt protesting against the idea.

After Salt returned to the town that night, he met up with his friend Fitz, and began talking about how he met an Aria, about Salt's childhood dreams, and finally, about the "Eternal Blessing" that everyone was always seeking, which the humans thought it was hidden in the tree that served as the core of the forest protected by the Aria: the Tree of Tindharia. Next morning, Salt returned to the forest to talk with Parsley and continue having fun with her. This time, Parsley explained him how the Aria could feel the feelings of the forest, and sang to it in response to these feelings. Then, she asked him if the humans could do the same as the Aria: return their lives to the forest whenever it was in danger, but Salt had never heard about that before. And when Parsley tried to demonstrate to him how the Aria sacrificed their lives for the forest by singing to give her life to him in gratitude for giving her a name, Salt stopped her, since he didn't want her to die like that. Parsley just laughed, and told him that the Aria aren't gods, since the Aria actually can't give their lives to anything else besides the forest. Salt was relieved, but Parsley just laughed saying she was only playing with him. Then explained to him that the Aria return their lives only to the forest, to the Tree of Tindharia, to continue protecting the Principles that the Goddess had established, since said Tree was the very first thing that the Goddess created in this world. Here Salt told her he knew about the Tree of the Goddess, and about the Eternal Blessing that was hidden in it.
Parsley had never heard anything like that, and that she didn't know anything like that. Then, both began arguing because Salt couldn't comprehend why giving their lives to the forest was the maximum happiness to them, while Parsley couldn't understand some things about the humans, beginning with the giving of names, and that like the Elder had told her, the humans were like that, and began running off. Then, they began wondering if this was why both humans and Aria were unable to live together.
Then, Parsley explained why the Aria hated the humans so much: the sadness of the forest of getting everything it produces being taken away, and no matter how much the Aria sung, the humans would come again and take away everything they had restored by giving their lives.
Salt then suggested her to begin searching for the Eternal Blessing, to make everyone happy.
After a while, Salt asked her if she hated the town, to which Parsley said that she didn't quite like it, since the forest feared it. However, she said that she didn't hate all the humans, since Salt was one that didn't try to bring any harm to the forest or the Aria, and like him, there were ought to be others that were like him.
Here, Salt stood up and invited her to have fun in the city during the Flower Festival, so she could see how the humans were. Parsley accepted the invitation, and then, they agreed to meet again at the day in which they would go to the festival, which was also was given as a free day to the Gatherers.

Salt then went to talk to Clesson, to ask him if there would be a way to find the Eternal Blessing to not continue taking away things from the forest, so the Aria and Humans would stop fighting each other. Clesson then asked him if he was in league with the Aria, to which Salt replied that he didn't, but he merely wanted both sides to stop fighting. Clesson just told him to try to not think too hard about it, and to be careful about saying these things. Salt then just asked if the Eternal Blessing could truly exist in this world, to which Clesson replied he didn't know either.

Likewise, Parsley went to talk with the Aria Elder to see if she would know something, but the Elder told her that it was a human-made story, and then, she fell down. Parsley asked her if she was okay, and she told her that she was going to have to return her life very soon to the forest. Then, she gave to Parsley a necklace that was the keepsake of the human that had saved her some time ago, and it had written in it "Rosewood", which Parsley wondered what it meant when she went to sleep.

5) Hanamatsuri no Musume (Girls of the Flower Festival)

That day, when Salt brought Parsley to the town, both Nasta and Fitz were quite surprised to see her, and Fitz told him to drop the idea, mostly because everyone would know what she was from her clothes made out from leaves and vines, until Nasta took her away to make her change clothes.
They met again when the Festival started, and Salt was taken aback when he saw Parsley's new clothes, and Fitz began making fun of him because of this.
Then, they began walking around, and talking with the people they met in the plaza of the town, such as Clesson and one of his superiors, Titri.
Titri was the direct subordinate of Salt's father, and a person that held an strong hatred towards the Aria, because they had killed her father, which was shown when she began arguing with Clesson because of how he was talking about the Eternal Blessing and the Aria.
Parsley was quite amazed to see everything in the city, and how the things the people were playing (the musical instruments) produced sounds (music). Then the traditional flower spreading began: a girl with a basket filled with flowers began throwing flowers around.
Salt apologized to her, because he thought this would be to the Aria other of the things they hated, but Parsley told him that this didn't matter, after all this was a festival for the humans, and as such, an special occasion, and she was having a lot of fun. However, shortly later, it turned out that Parsley had unknowingly drunk wine, which caused her to get drunk, and then she told Salt that she was also going to do something special for the people: sing.
This brought about a show of lights, and Salt and his friends had to take her away from the city so the people wouldn't find out she was an Aria.

6) Kon'ya no Tsuki ga Nemuru Made (Until the Moon of Tonight Sleeps)

After they left the city, Salt and Parsley began talking while they were looking at the full moon near the border of the forest.
Both thought it was so mysterious, that the humans and Aria were so different, but there were some things they had in common.
And then, Parsley offered to Salt to show him her own special song in gratitude for the fun she had in the festival.

7) Hikari no Oto (The Sounds of Light)

Which is this one: an special song that fills the forest with the light of its own life, and serves to guide the lost Arias back to the correct path. Salt was surprised and overjoyed with this, and Parsley also told him this was in gratitude too for giving her a name.
After Salt went away, the other leader of the Aria, which was called after his own tree: Grenbarn, appeared. He told her that the Elder had already passed away (she had returned her life to her tree, Nim), and now, he was in charge. Then he seized her, and after calling her a traitor for making friends with a human (pointing the fact that, contrary to Nim, he was a radical human hater), he took her away and imprisoned her within the forest, to force her to marry him next day.

That night, and all the following day, it rained...
that day, Junder began choosing people to send to the forest for hunting down the Aria, and the chosen one was no other than Titri Rosewood, who also had pushed to be chosen to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the Aria.
Then, when she reached the border of the forest, she saw a girl fallen down to her knees, and crying in sadness and despair. That girl was Parsley, and she asked Titri if she knew Salt. Titri recognized her immediately as the girl that was with Salt in the festival, and noticed that she was an Aria.
Titri then, letting herself by guided by her hatred, drew out her spear and pointed it to her, while screaming that ten years ago, her companions had killed her father. Parsley recognized her surname as the same thing that was written in the necklace she was wearing, and showed it to Titri.
Titri recognized it as the keepsake of her father, and violently denied that a man as her father tried to save an Aria, despite Parsley telling her that was the case, and that was the same thing that Nim had told her.
Titri continued saying that was all a lie and, tried to stab her... but she was paralyzed by some reason.
Then, Parsley continued pleading to her to believe her, that her father really did help her, and Parsley also told her that her father was a very gentle man, like how Salt was to her. To be more precise, when Parsley was still a baby, she was once left at the border of a ravine by accident. Nim was too scared to go after her, but at that moment, Titri's father arrived, and quickly took the baby and gave her to Nim. However, immediately after, the ground below him, sending him plummeting into his death, and only leaving behind the keepsake that Parsley was wearing now.
Titri then fell to her knees, dropped her weapon, and began to accept the truth...
But then, Grenbarn appeared...
Parlsey only retorted that she wanted to be friends with the humans after Grenbarn called her a traitor once again, but he only called the humans idiots, to which Parsley reminded him that a human had saved her life a long time before, and tried to make him see that it was possible for both Aria and humans understand each other by talking, and that they could be very gentle too. Grenbarn just mocked her words, and told her that since they are the protectors of the forest, they don't need any emotions, nor they need to talk anything with the "idiot humans", and just need to continue singing and obeying the Principles, as the Goddess told her to.
Parsley tried to continue reasoning with him, but it was in vain... Titri then entered the discussion, telling him that if the Aria were so emotionless as he said, he wouldn't be filled with so much hatred and rage, which made him grab her weapon, and stab her with it...

Then he grabbed Parsley again, who was only sobbing and crying, and took her back to the forest...

Elsewhere, Fitz and Salt were fighting over because of Parsley being an Aria, until Nasta called Salt over because his father was summoning him. Salt thanked Nasta for this, and went towards the place where all the Gatherers were assembled.

8) Sasayaki wa Mori e Kaeri (The Whispers That Return to the Forest)

While she was imprisoned, Parsley began having a dream... in there, she met with Goddess Aria, who asked her if she was hurt or sad.
Parsley answered that she was hurt, but that she didn't want to feel these feelings, that she didn't want to continue feeling like this...
The Goddess told her that she made the Principles to make everyone happy, but she didn't expect that things were going to turn out like this, and she decided it was time to change the Principles... to create a new Promise for everyone.
Then, she taught Parsley the song for making that possible, but warned her that singing this would bring new kinds of sadness and happiness to this world.

When Parsley woke up from the dream, she noticed that not all of it was dream, because she could still remember the song the Goddess had taught her. However, since this song would make the Tree of Tindharia to vanish in order to change the Principles, it would take the same toll on her as the Song of Life: she would disappear. Still, she knew that there was no other way, given that things were only getting worse between the humans and the Aria.

9) Shinjitsu no Honoo (The Flames of Truth)

The asssmbly that Salt's father, Junde, had summoned was because of the attack on Titri, who the people had found unconscious in the outskirts of the town. All the people present were shocked to hear that an Aria had attacked a person like her, and Junde said that they were already sick of the Aria killing their people, and dismissing them as demons, he told it was now time to finish them off: they would go to the forest, and burn it down to ashes, not only to get rid of the Aria, but also to reach Tindharia and get the Eternal Blessing from it. Then Salt stood up to his father, and after asking that if Titri was indeed attacked by an Aria, he explained to him that if the Aria were to die, they all would die as well, and the same would happen if they destroyed the forest. Junde told him that all of this was foolishness, but Salt then explained to him why the Aria hated the humans so much, and pleaded him to find a way to make both sides to agree without giving to kill each other, to try and find the Eternal Blessing.
Junde just dismissed him as a traitor, and ordered Clesson to take him away and lock him up in the dungeon.
Then, the humans departed to completely destroy the forest and the Aria.

10) Kareta Daichi e Tsudzuku Michi (The Path that Leads to a Dead Land)

The rain had already stopped...
And while he was locked up in the cell, Salt began thinking and remembering... the times he had spent with Parsley, and then, he began thinking he was a complete idiot to think that the Aria and the Humans would be ever able to understand each other, given how old and deeply the problems between both races ran... Everything was lost now... he never would be able to do anything about it...
Until Fitz came to set him free.
Salt continued being depressed, but Fitz began talking him out from it, he told him to stop being so stupid and go and stop his father. That Parsley was waiting for him, and if he was going to leave her unprotected.
Salt finally reacted, and after asking Fitz how he was going to get him out, Fitz showed him he had the keys to all the cells, and opened his cell.
Salt thanked him, while Fitz only told him to hurry up and go to protect his girl, and also told him to make sure to return in one piece.

11) Mamoribito (The Protectors of the Forest)

Once the humans had finally reached the forest, they began setting everything in fire...
Until a terrible song began echoing throughout the forest...
And the trees then began attacking the humans, bringing a fierce battle to its start.
Salt then began seeing the traces of light the song was releasing, and told Maria to follow them into the forest, until she was stopped. Salt asked her with did she stop, but it became evident a second later: Grenbarn was just in front of him. Then, Grenbarn began berating him for being one of the idiot humans, for doing something as useless as giving Parsley a name, and for being one of the ones that only take away the life from the forest, and that don't know anything about the Principles of the world.
Salt replied that he did understand all of that thanks to Parsley, and told him that he had come to stop this senseless fighting. Grenbarn mocked his efforts, calling the humans stupid beings that would never understand anything, and even if they tried to talk things out, the humans weren't reliable, mostly because of the fact that the forest was now engulfed in flames.

However, Salt told him that the humans could also feel the same things as the Aria, and that he would do anything to stop this. Even if he wouldn't be able to repair the damage that was done to the forest, he would seek a way of making everyone happy. Grenbarn told him he didn't trust in his words, but when he saw how serious Salt was, Grenbarn mocked him again, and told him to stop the flames. He would only listen then to his words, given that the only happiness for the Aria is protecting the forest. Salt accepted the challenge, and continued his way to where the humans were, while he remembered how he and Parsley had been so happy, and he thought they should be able to convey that same happiness to everyone else.

When he found them, the others were fighting against the attacks the forest was launching them, burning the trees with their torches, which was causing several of the Aria to die and disappear in the air, while Parsley screamed at them to stop, since at this rate the forest would completely burn down, killing everyone with it. Junde only told her to shut up, and if she wanted this to stop, then she had to make the song stop. Then, he ordered his archers to shoot at her. When the arrows were about to hit her, Salt jumped in the way screaming at them to stop, and received them instead of Parsley...

12) Inochi to Yakusoku (A Promise with the Life)

After Salt received the arrows that were aimed to Parsley, he told the others that they would never find the Eternal Blessing like this. Parsley thanked him for having come; and that she had believed all this time that he would come, while he apologized for having took so much time to come.

An strong rumble was then heard, and all the humans began retreating from the forest... but Salt was so wounded that he couldn't stand up, and Parsley apologized to him. Salt asked her why she was apologizing, but she just told him that, thanks to him, she was able to know many more things than what she would have learned if she had just lived secluded within the forest, and even if she couldn't sing to heal him, she would still sing for him.

- "Why do you say that? What do you mean?" - Salt asked.

- "Because of me, too much people has been hurt... even you, Salt... and this is the only way in which I can help you..." - answered Parsley, filled with sadness.

- "No, it isn't your fault..." - Salt replied to her.

- "I know now... why the Humans give names to each other... and the feelings that they put into them... I could feel these because you gave me a name..." - said Parsley, thankful for that display of affection.

- "It's true... Parsley..."

- "Because of that, I was thinking about to who I should leave my feelings... It'd be okay if I left them to you?" - Parsley said as she distance herself from Salt a little.

- "P... Parsley? Where are you going?" -

- "I'll show you my last, and most precious song..." -

- "Your last...? No, you can't... Parsley... Are you going to..." - Salt asked, realizing what she was going to do, while he stood up and grabbed her by the arms - "No, don't sing it!" -

- "Even if you try to stop me, I'll still sing it" - she said while she laughed a little - "Please, remember you'll always remember me, okay? Salt..." -

Then, she only said this phrase...

"Who are you? I am Tindharia."

- "I sing here and now, for this world, for the Aria, and for the gentle people I have met..." - Parsley thought as she entrusted herself completely to the song she sang - "And please, I want that these feelings, that these wishes I had as "Parsley", go on to the future... For Salt's sake..." -

All of the Humans and Aria around saw how Parsley began to shine; and disappeared as she gave off a soft glimmer.

- "It's like the miracle we saw at the festival" - a man commented.

- "This is... the song that the Goddess would bestow upon Tindharia only!" - Grenbarn said, filled with amazement - "She truly has returned..." -

- "This is Parsley's song?" - Nasta asked seeing the strong light that came out from the forest; and hearing the song resound everywhere.

- "I can hear it, too..." - Fitz said, at Nasta's side.

- "Someone's... singing..." - Titri said, as she awakened from her coma.

- "PAAARSSLEEYYY!!!" - Salt shouted as he ran to embrace her, but it was too late: Parsley had already vanished, together with the Tree of Tindharia.

- "WEL SIE RIO? FEL MIE TINDHARIA..." - Salt said, repeating the same words that Parsley had said - " 'My name is... Tindharia' "-

- "You were... the Aria that protected Tindharia?" - Salt said, filled with sadness and surprise.

- "You didn't even know that, did you?" - Grenbarn said, as he came closer to Salt - "As I thought, the Humans truly are idiots, aren't they?" -

- "He's one of Parsley's companions... an Aria..." - Salt thought.

- "Though it seems to not be valid anymore... she has disappeared, but it seems she has left new Principles to us..." - he said as he pointed Salt towards an spot in the ground, where Parsley stood a little before.

- "This is what shows us the new Principles?" - Salt asked as he looked at the place Grenbarn showed him - "A Seed?" -


Some time after, Salt came again to the spot where the seed was, and began taking care of it, following Parsley's last wishes. Also, he talked to the seed as if he was talking to Parsley, and told her everything that was happening now to the world. Now the Aria were getting used to not having to return their lives, though they hadn't still getting used to being called by a name.
Junde and Clesson were now dealing with new problems, but it seemed that things were working out nicely, although Clesson was having quite a handful with Titri...
Fitz and Nasta were now getting in some kind of relationship, though they seemed to be awkward towards it.
And finally, Salt had begun studying and learning about the Aria and their world, and while he still had a long way ahead him to be able to understand well the language of the Aria, he was doing a good job with it, and he was glad that the world had been progressing so well, and hoped that they would someday, somehow, see each other again. "Parsley..."

The End

Well, that's all about the story for Tindharia no Tane. Later on I'll be adding the story for Griotte no Nemuruhime, but if in the meantime anyone wants me to analyze too what relationship the bonus songs (Yakusoku wo Tomoshite, Yumewatashi and Negai no Shirushi), have with the main story of Tindharia no Tane, just ask me, and I'll be more than glad to explain it.
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And well, this is what I have to add in regards to the bonus songs. There isn't much to say about them, but I still hope they can be of some use to you all in understanding the feelings of the main characters.

1)Yakusoku wo Tomoshite (Illuminating a Promise)

The first half of the song tells, from Salt's point of view, how he met Parsley, and how the humans were living, in a way completely separate of the Aria. However, the second half shifts to the very end of the story, where Salt pledges that, until the seed that Parsley left them is raised into a great tree, he would continue singing the song she left them, and never hesitating, he would continue awaiting for the future that her sacrifice made possible.
On the other hand, the choruses tell us how the Aria changed their way of thought: sacrificing themselves for the forest wasn't the only kind of happiness that existed, and they also learned of how much sadness that act brought to their loved people.

2)Yumewatashi (Crossing the Dreams)

While it obviously isn't sung in the album, it was actually sung during the second encounter Parsley had with Salt in the manga, showing him that this song had the power of forcing the stagnated principles to cycle normally again, which was also used to help the growth of trees and plants that had an stunted or stopped growth problem (although Salt and Maria almost fell asleep listening to it, and well, could you blame them for that? :XD: ). Also, this song serves as a way the Aria have to summon LORIA, the spirit of the wind, in order to use its powers (as it will be shown later on in the story of Griotte).

3)Negai no Shirushi (Symbol of Wishes)

Finally, this song is entirely composed of the feelings that Parsley wanted to leave to Salt when she disapeared at the end of the story. As you all can see, she is wishing him the best, asking him to never forget her, and telling him to be happy. Also, she declared his love for him in this song.

Well, that's it.
Next time, I'll be getting started on the story told in Griotte no Nemurihime.
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And well, contrary to what I did to Tindharia no Tane, for Griotte all the information will be taken from the First Guidebook that came with the limited edition of the album, and from the song lyrics themselves.

Griotte no Nemurihime (The Sleeping Princess of Griotte)

1) Horobi no Kotowari (The Ruined Principles)

This song serves as a prologue to the story, summarizing what happened in Tindharia no Tane, and telling us the current situation of the world of Tindharia:

Goddess Aria created the world, and entrusted to the Small Aria its preservation. However, these Small Aria eventually learned how heartbreaking it was to see the people they loved "part with them" (die), so Goddess Aria decided to make a song that would create new Principles, and with it, after it was sung by Tindharia (Parsley), she released them from their tragic fate, and entrusted the world completely to them. This brought many kinds of happiness, but at the same time, many kinds of sadness to everyone that lived here.

Everything seemed to be going well, until, 57 years ago, the light of the sun began weakening, and someone told this prophecy: "The world will be covered in darkness in one instant, and slowly, the light of the sun will weaken until it disappears completely. When our end comes, what we will see? What we will wish for?"

2) Kienai Uta (Shards of an Unvanishing Song)

This song serves as one of the two main themes of the album's story, so it wouldn't be a mistake to consider it similar to an anime opening. The lyrics foreshadow many things, but it also serves as an introduction of sorts to this new world of Tindharia, and its main characters:

The singers: the twins Rosa and Citra, and their respective partners and protectors: Grein and Lyle.

3) Erabareta Tami (The Chosen People)

Now we truly start with the story:

Rosa and Citra were twins born in the Apiareid family, inhabitants of the hidden village of Rhabarb. Rhabarb was the village that kept the ancient songs of the Aria alive, and the Apiareid family was especially famous because of producing the special divine singers: the MESYARIA. However, given that so far, there were never twins born among them, only one among them would be able to be chosen as the current MESYARIA. The final decision was that Rosa would become the MESYARIA, while Citra would remain as a normal girl. This broke down their wishes of continuing to sing together forever, and Rosa was later on summoned to the kingdom of Foeniclum, which lied in the other side of the sea, to accomplish some tasks that only the MESYARIA would be able to. The manga that was published in the First Guidebook starts some time later after Rosa was sent to Foeniclum, and depicts some interesting things, such as Citra's wishes of wanting to meet with her sister again, and how Rosa says that she despises her sister because of her being able to sing in a way she would never be able to.
However, Citra and her childhood friend, Lyle, departed in a journey themselves because a mysterious black knight had killed one of Lyle's friends, Elfin, and he wanted to get revenge.

4) Ohime-sama to Doukeshi (The Princess and the Clown)

During their journey, Lyle and Citra managed to reach a mining town called Graria after some days, and while they were in the bar of the town eating and resting, a man approached them. This man was a talented violinist called Vold Loria, and he invited Citra to sing a song he composed a long time ago. He took care of playing the violin, while Lyle played the tambourine. The name of the song was "The Princess and the Clown", so it's easy to think that you are indeed listening to them singing and playing this song when you hear it.

5) Madara no Kuni (Kingdom of Speckles)

This song describes the kingdom of Foeniclum, as seen from the eyes of its current prince: Vordinand Foeniclum. Its main capital, Foeneglic, is divided in several stratums, and the royal palace is located in the highest one. The kingdom is in a pretty lamentable state, with the fact of the light slowly vanishing, and the people being highly distressed, so the kingdom had called Rosa to save them through the awakening the sleeping Goddess. However, this was no more than a conspiration orchestrated by other person that directed what was happening in Foeniclum from the shadows.

6) Hitoriyume (Lonely Dream)

Rosa's fate was sealed now. One certain night, she awakened from her sleep, and saw how the sky was changing colors: dawn was soon to come... However, she saw that her sister, Citra, was in the balcony of her room: she couldn't believe what her eyes saw. Citra asked her to return with them to Rhabarb, and live again as they used to. However, Rosa simply rejected the offer, already resigned to her horrible fate, and after she saw herself in the mirror she had in the room, and saw Citra's face again, she told her to go away, and never come back for her. She also told her: "This is the way I chose, and I can't let anyone, not even my own sister, to interfere with it". It was cold, but this was because Rosa didn't want her weak and crybaby sister to get involved in these terrible events, so Citra went away, with her eyes filled with tears, while Rosa heavily sighed, threw herself down into the bed, and closed her eyes again.

7) Sorawatashi (Crossing the Skies)

After they returned to Rhabarb, Citra, Lyle and their friends began wondering what they could do to remedy the things that were happening in the world, and then, they remembered something: in Rhabarb, one of the songs of the Aria had an special power, restoring the flow of the Principles, which were currently stagnated. So upon learning the song, they departed for the Tower of the Spirits that was near Rhabarb, and in the top of it, they met an sleeping girl. Once she awakened, she introduced herself as Shelia, the Spirit of the Sun. She and her twin brother, Felia, the Spirit of the Moon, were created at the same time as the world by Goddess Aria to watch over it. However, 57 years ago, Shelia met a MESYARIA boy called Saffron, the older brother of Rosa's and Citra's grandmother, Marta, and fell in love in with him. This made her stop paying attention to her duties as the Spirit of the Sun, which caused the Principles to distort, and turned Saffron into a monster. Shelia couldn't bear with the shame and sadness this caused her, and sealed herself into a deep sleep, which was what caused the gradual weakening of the sunlight.
After hearing this,Citra took upon herself the responsibility of restoring the sunlight back to how it used to be, and by singing this song, she summoned the Spirit of the Wind, Loria, and using its power, she sent back Shelia to the skies, thus restoring the light to the world. This also finally released Saffron's soul from his monstrous body, and allowed him to return to the Circle of Life.

8) Tsunagari no Hana (Flowers of Bonding)

After they sent Shelia back to the skies, and got out of the Tower, Citra dedicated a song to her friends. She had finally realized that she was only running away of her problems all the time, which was the reason why Rosa used to scold her all the time, and she also realized that it was okay to not be the best in everything, since everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths, and things that no one but themselves can do, which was what Vold tried to teach her with his song. This song is the proof of her gratitude towards her friends for helping her mature, and her promise to always do her best at helping them.

9) Owari no Toki e (To the Time of Demise)

This song serves at the same time as the second theme song for the album, and also, as the divisory line that separates its story in two parts.
Citra and the others returned to Rhabarb, but to their shock, they only found the ruins of the town: it was completely destroyed and burned away. Citra and Lyle were completely dumbfounded... who or what could have done such an horrible thing, and what was going to happen to the world now? Shortly after them, Grein, the black knight that served as Rosa' s protector, and the one that was the killer of Elfin, also arrived to the place. Lyle immediately recognized him, and attacked him. Grein defended himself, and they then began fighting. After a while, they finally calmed down, and Grein explained to them he had come because he also wanted to save Rosa from her fate, and he alone didn't have enough power to do it. Lyle told him he didn't trust him yet, but if it was okay with him, he would allow him to accompany them in their new journey: one to rescue Rosa from Foeniclum.

10) Hane ni Sugarumono (The One Clinging to the Wings)

Meanwhile at Foeniclum, Rosa was summoned to a subterranean structure called the Griotte Research Center. In there, she saw a man buried under many piles of books, and when the man turned to look at her, he showed her a demented smile. This man was Forgeit Houzen, a religious zealot that hailed from the ruined town of Cardamon. He hated the people, yet loved the world more than anyone, and was in despair seeing how the situation was currently. He then stood up, took Rosa from the arm, and began pulling her deeper into the facility. As they walked, he told her that after so much time and work, he finally managed to find the lost score of the "Song of Life" of the Aria, and managed to reassemble it.
The song became lost because of this: when Parsley replaced the old Principles at the end of Tindharia no Tane, the Song of Life lost its place and function, and instead of being a song for giving life back to the world, became a song that merely took the life of the singer away for no purpose, turning into no more than a method for suicide. Upon learning this, the leader of the Aria at the time, Grenbarn, decided that this song should never be sung again, and thus, he took the score of the song, broke it into a thousand pieces, and then used the power of LORIA to scatter them throughout the world. But now, Forgeit had found the score, and planned to use the song for awakening the sleeping Goddess Seshiara, and with her power, he would purify the world from all the people he hated, and called "weaklings".

Curiously, Seshiara was not a Goddess, but actually, she was the mother of Rosa and Citra, and she was worshiped as a Goddess merely because she was thought to be the MESYARIA that would bring back Goddess Aria to this world with her song. However, the song didn't have any effects and it just ended killing her off. With the time, the people began confusing her with Goddess Aria until the point in which it was impossible to differentiate them both.

Once they reached the deep-most chamber of the facility, the Altar of the Sealed Sounds, Forgeit began the ceremony, and ordered Rosa to begin singing the Song of Life, so he could seal it into Griotte Crystals to use them in the Tree of Tindharia to revive "Goddess" Seshiara. As you can guess, this song represents completely the viewpoint of a madman.

Note: The Griotte Crystals are special refined forms of a mineral that comes from the sea located near the town of Oregano, called Water Crystals. The Griotte Crystals have the capacity of storing and playing back any song that is sung near them, and such songs then are known as "Sealed Sounds". The sealing of the these songs into Griotte Crystals is only possible in the Altar of Sealed Sounds, but can be played back at any place.

11) Kooru Sekai (A Frozen World)

Now Grein and the others had learned the terrible truth: Rosa was dead, sacrificed to the Song of Life, and now they wouldn't be able to see her ever again. During a cold night, in which snow was falling, Grein called Citra and Lyle to see the landscape with him, but he then began talking with them, and during the conversation, he gave to Citra the keepsake that Rosa had entrusted to him: a necklace that had a Griotte Crystal enclosed within a glass flask; and told her Rosa's last wishes: "If something happens to me, please, take this necklace and throw it to the sea instead of my body, which will most likely have disappeared by then".
This was the path that Rosa chose, and while Grein could understand it, he was unable to protect her, and began to criticize himself in the roughest way possible for not being a good enough knight for her.

However, Citra and Lyle began encouraging him, and now, knowing he had a place to which he belonged, Grein took a decision: he would continue fighting in Rosa's memory until his death, as he had sworn when he became her knight.

Then, they all headed to the Tree of Tindharia...

12) Gyakumawari no Inochi (Inversion of the Circle of Life)

As soon as Citra, Lyle, Grein and the others reached the Tree of Tindharia, they saw how Forgeit, using the Song of Life that Rosa had sung and that he had sealed into countless Griotte Crystals, was beginning the ceremony for Seshiara's revival.
However, the Crystals didn't have any ARIA (life) because the original singer was now dead, and not even that enormous number of sealed voices echoing could replicate the power that the song needed to invoke its effects, and then it began seeking for other source of life: Citra.

Citra wished to be able to sing with Rosa once more, but she didn't want to do it in such a disturbing way... and feeling she was in danger, she began singing a song with exactly the same voice as Rosa, but with a melody and lyrics that had completely inverted meanings to the original... a song that wasn't given to them by Goddess Aria, but a original creation of Citra... a song that could nullify the effects of the Song of Life.

This inversion made Forgeit become a part-tree monstrosity, and Lyle, Grein and the others had to fight against him. Citra continued singing to nullify the Song of Life, deed that supposed a great usage of ARIA and energy, but she continued doing it for her friends, as she asked to her sister, via the necklace, to give her strenght...

At the end, after a long and hard battle, they were victorious, and because Citra's song could combine itself perfectly with Rosa's reproduced song, the Song of Life was successfully nullified...

13) FEL FEARY WEL. (Thank you...)

After Forgeit was defeated by Citra and her friends, and peace returned to Tindharia, they decided to comply with Rosa's final wish. They boarded a ship, and once they reached the deep sea area, Citra decided to play the song that was recorded in the Griotte Crystal that was in Rosa's necklace. Rosa already had felt the tragic ending that fate had in store for her, and to prepare for it, she recorded in her necklace a song made completely out of her feelings in dedication to her sister, which was the same song that began playing when Citra played back the sounds sealed in the Crystal. After she finished listening to it, she threw the crystal to the sea, like her sister wanted, and then, she began singing another song in response to her feelings...

"Now our lives are joined in my singing voice, and I can meet you again whenever I sing,
so... we will always... be together..."

The End
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And here's the translation for the story notes for Koboreru Suna no Aria (all of it written by Nao Hiyama). However, I have to warn beforehand that the story is very sad...

Koboreru Suna no Aria (ARIA of the Spilling Sand)

Joshou (Prologue)

--The sand continued spilling itself.
Deep in the forest, in the clumps of bushes where the buzz of the insects
can be heard resounding all over.
A collapsed man had a hourglass in the palm of his hand, which showed that
the life of its owner would end very soon.
His lips had gone so dry that even using his voice for anything was a hard task.
Yet the sand still continued spilling itself relentlessly.

While he absentmindedly looked at it, the man's eyelids became heavier,
and he closed his eyes.
He heard the voice of a girl calling out to him, which caused his faraway
memories to flow one after other. Oh yes, this had already happened long ago.
This was a story of when he was a child, and like now, he felt he had death
looming right behind him.

Dai-ichi Gakushou - Akumu (First Movement - Nightmare)

Whenever he thought about his father, he thought he looked too for his age.
It might have been because his mother had always to be in bed due to the
plague, but his father was always was plucking out the white hairs that
were among his normal colored hair, and always sighed as if he was tired.
To the boy that always spent all his time in a corner of this stagnant room
-- to Forgeit, his father's figure wasn't a object of admiration, but instead,
it was just a symbol of rejection. His father thought that depending on
the kindness of other was foolish, and he had tacitly told him that he wouldn't
allow being asked any sort of questions.
He was born and raised in city located in the north-east of the continent,
which was called Cardamon.
Around ten years ago, the sunlight had gotten very weaker due to a natural
disaster. The temperature gradually dropped, and the town was struck by
a blizzard that didn't allow anyone to see beyond a few steps ahead of them.
While the people felt in their skins that the world was heading to its own
destruction, they couldn't do anything but to continue living while hiding
their anxiety.

That day, his father, with his unshaven face, was walking ahead of him in
silence. They had to walk around a half-day to reach the forest at the southwest
to search for food, which was the hidden job the men of Cardamon were doing.
The value of money had already heavily declined, and the shops in the town
were pretty much out of stock for all kinds of food. While several years
ago a single gold coin would have been more than enough to buy enough wheat
for a family of four to eat for an entire year, there was so few wheat now
that not even two hands filled with gold coins would have been enough to pay for it.
To put it simply, there wasn't any food in the city.
The more prosperous people simply left the city entirely with their families
and moved themselves to the more central cities managed by the landlords.
On the other hand, the famine had gotten so serious that pretty much everyone
who remained in Cardamon were starving. The fights for food became so frequent
that even the social order was completely lost.
And furthermore, the number of members of each family also went in sharp
decline -- especially because of the children and the elderly being regularly
subject to "sudden disappearances".
Because of all this, Forgeit was always afraid. The last month, the elderly
members of a family that lived next to his house had gone missing, and the
last week all of the begging children in the alleyway across his house had
disappeared too.
--("This time it could be my turn").
Unable to even ask that, he could only continue following his father's back.
They silently continued walking until his father suddenly stopped, surveying
the inside of the evil forest. Because of the trees, the place was so gloomy
that the owls were hooting inside despite it still being daytime.

"...Let's rest"
Suddenly raising his voice, his father sat up at the roots of a oak and
unpacked everything he had been carrying in his pouch. Several black fruits
came down rolling from it. They had a bitter taste, but due to their nutritional
value, they were still considered as precious food.
Most likely, this was his last meal.
His father silently used a knife to rip the shell from the fruits, and began
throwing the shells into a recently excavated hole. As he saw his father
doing this, Forgeit then felt that an intent to kill was leaking out from him.
-("Once we've finished eating, he's surely going to cut my neck with that
knife. Then he'll throw my corpse into that hole and bury it...")
Although he tightly grasped his hands, drenched in sweat, he didn't have
any strength due to the hunger. He still sat there, visibly trembling. Within
that freezing cold, his pulse greatly rose, and he saw the figure of his
father, who silently continued peeling the fruits and throwing their shells
in the holet, as something extremely eerie.
-("Run away...")
Someone whispered to him from the depths of his mind.
-("If you don't run now, you'll get killed...")
Provoked by that voice, the boy got his head filled with a sense of danger,
and took a decision.
In any case, if he just stayed silent in there, he would get killed.
Forgeit picked up one of the sticks that were used to excavate the hole
with both hands, and swinging it with all his strength, he struck his father
in the back of his head.
A thick sound and the screams of his father echoed throughout the place.
Forgeit picked up the fruit shells that still remained with his hands, and
ran away as fast as he could. He didn't pay any attention to his father's groans.

-("The only thing I can do is go as far as I can. I have to run to somewhere now!")
His hunger was such that he should have collapsed shortly, so he couldn't
believe that he still had so much energy remaining. He still continued running
at full speed, to put a distance large enough to leave anyone perplexed.
Once he was out of breath, Forgeit leant on a nearby tree. Hyperventilating
a lot, he felt an abnormal and hot pain in the pit of his stomach. Something
in his throat was making him nauseous. The lack of food in his stomach provoked
him into vomiting, which made him to finally rest a bit,
No matter how much time passed, his father didn't come after him.
He had managed to steal a fruit, which he now carried in his pocket. This
was the only food he could grab. He knew pretty well that this would only
give him a few days to live.
However, stealing the food from others was considered as a serious crime.
This would be more than enough for his father to never forgive him. But
if he was still alive, it would be ridiculous that he didn't come after Forgeit.
Even if he forgave his son's crime, the fact that his son had found death
by venturing by himself into an unknown land might have been better for
him. At the least, he wouldn't have to kill him with his own hands. Most
likely, even someone like his father should have felt at least a little
guilt for killing his own child.
While Forgeit realized this later on, currently he was still running away
from his father as much as he could.

He walked the mountains down, and continued southward, walking to where
he felt was warmer, no matter how little.
Whenever it got dark, Forgeit straggled into the forest with his feet, which
had become quite hard by now, but this only made him to roam into the roadless
thickets for several days.
During the day, he had to keep himself hidden from the monsters that wandered
around. During the night, he had to fight against the hunger and the cold.
And whenever he slept, he had nightmares about being chased by his father
and the townspeople.
They always shouted "Die!" at him, repeating it like some sort of curse,
and under the form of demons, they always caught him.
If he died, he would have wasted away a ration of food enough for feeding
one person. He remembered that the elderly people that disappeared a month
ago told him this was even more serious than breaking filial piety.
He was attacked by their dirty hands, and frantically tried to shake them off.
This caused him to awake drenched in sweat, and upon realizing it was just
a dream, he continued walking.
He got afraid of always stopping to rest in the same exact place.
But he didn't have any sort of destination. He didn't know how to go back
to his hometown, and even if he got back, they most likely would have killed him.
During his nights in the forest, he was completely alone. Alone enough to
drive anyone crazy.
As he didn't have a place to go back anymore, he could only continue going
on. As if someone told him to do so, he resumed his walking.
A short time later, he had completely depleted all his food and strength
within this sea of trees.
Now, where he should head?
When Forgeit finally reached the limit of his physical and mental strength,
he fell to his knees, and began feeling that death was finally looming behind him.
As if the cold soil was inviting him, he collapsed on the ground. If he
let himself go like this and closed his eyes, would it be okay if he never
awakened again?

There wouldn't be anything to be afraid anymore, neither there would be
more [nightmares], if he just died quietly?
And at that moment, a song reached his ears.
And just in that moment, a girl appeared before Forgeit, who was covered
in mud and wounds.
"Did you get lost?"
She seemed the same age as him, although a little taller.
Like descended wings, the girl swung around her soft silver hair, leaning
to the way right before his eyes. And like the wings the Goddess had, the
white laces the girl wore were transparent, allowing to see the sky through them.
Within the light filtering between the foliage, she extended her hand to
Forgeit. She had shiny and silvery long hair, and unlike Forgeit's own dirty
and dried skin, her skin was so white that it seemed to be transparent.
Her eyes were of a bright hazel.
Forgeit didn't say anything: he was at a total loss for words.
The girl took out a fruit from the basket she was carrying in her small
arms, and offered it to Forgeit.
"Let's go together!"

Dai-ni Gakushou - Kaikou (Second Movement - Encounter)

The girl who had saved Forgeit was called Seshiara Apiareid.
She lived with her mother, Marta, in a village called Rhabarb, which has
hidden deep in the forest.
She was a songstress called the [MESYARIA], and it seems she was the person
who could call upon miracles by singing the [Songs of the Aria]. Somehow,
she always received a very special treatment from the villagers.
At the least as he was under Seshiara's protection, no one would be cruel
to Forgeit.
While this was a settlement with an unique ideology and outlook on the world,
young Seshiara's voice and will still had a tremendous importance for them.
Thus, Forgeit settled down in the village, and little by little got used
to live in it.

A month later, the day for the Flower Festival, in which the villagers would
give their gratitude to the forest and celebrate their abundant crops, was
very close.
This was a traditional festival that was held yearly in the village, and
Seshiara would sing during it her [Songs] as the MESYARIA.
To Forgeit, who had never experienced a festival during all his lifetime,
seeing all of the villagers working cheerfully in the preparations for it
was quite strange.
All the kinds of work in Cardamon were horribly painful to do. But instead,
the villagers in this place were working vividly and filled with happiness.
Seshiara found him looking at the other villagers working, and ran up to
him while weaving her hands.
"Okay, take this, Forgy. This is your part"
Then she gave him an empty basket. Seshiara laughed at his confused face.

"We'll go gathering flowers until we fill these baskets. We'll drop them
from the highest tree in the village at the very end of the festival. As
they say "those who don't work, won't have any right to partake in the festival."
So come and help me!"
"...I don't want to"
Forgeit may have been small, but his refusal was quite loud.
"The people of Rhubarb don't like having me around. Although they don't
say it, their eyes always tell me 'You're an outsider, so you should go
away as soon as possible' "
"...The eyes can talk?"
"They can, and I can hear them"
Although the adults treated him kindly and said all sorts of gentle words,
their gazes were cold. He wasn't anything but a sponger that wouldn't leave
the [House of Lady MESYARIA]. That is what Forgeit indirectly was saying to her.
"Of course not! Isn't everyone saying you're a good child, Forgy, because
you're so studious? You can read pretty fast, and you told me you've read
all the books I have on my house"
"That's because that's what you say, and since you're the MESYARIA, everyone
follows you. But you actually know about it, too. This village doesn't welcome
outsiders. Maybe it'd be better if I went back to my hometown"
"...Hey, let's go to the forest!"
Seshiara forcibly led him by the hand, so Forgeit didn't have more choice
than to run at her side.

The inside of the forest was reached by entering an small detour in the
road at the exit of the village. Thick vegetation extended all over the
place, enough to make anyone lose their sense of direction.
Seshiara then began singing a [Song], which she said it was to help them
gather the flowers.
Her singing voice resounded, which stirred all the flowers around them.
Then they all lit up with lights, as if it were to show them where they
were, while other flowers began making sounds similar to that of bells in
response. The branches of the trees swayed, despite there not being any
wind, and made a rustling sound.
It all seemed as if Seshiara was conversing with them through her [Song].
Upon causing this miracle before his eyes, Forgeit sighed as he muttered this:
"...You look just like the Goddess"
Although this was compliment, it wasn't mere sarcasm: he really intended
to tell her how he felt.
However, he noticed that the smile Seshiara always had in her face had vanished,
and that she seemed to have lost her energetic attitude. She just wove
her head without any energy, as an small sigh escaped from her lips.
"My [Songs] aren't still good enough. I'm clumsy, sing the wrong lyrics,
and I'm not all-powerful like the Goddess. And Mother always gets angry
at me for ruining the most important parts..."
"They aren't enough...?"
How something that had the power of causing such amazing miracles couldn't be enough for them?
While Forgeit was still confused about what he wanted to ask her, Seshiara continued.
"That's why get so nervous when I'm singing, even during the Flower Festival.
I might end up failing again. I might not be able to even sing. Why? Who
decided from long ago that someone as clumsy as me should sing these [Songs]?
That's why I've always regretted being born in the family of the MESYARIA...
But now, I thought that for the first time, I could sing for the sake of
someone else"

Seshiara gave a fleeting glance at Forgeit.
"...So, I want you to hear my [Song], Forgy. You've been here an entire
month, but you still haven't showed me your smile"
The embarrassed expression that had appeared in Forgeit's face was reflected
in Seshiara's sad eyes.
Despite this being so important, he couldn't understand it. And honestly,
he was even confused about the treatment that Seshiara was giving him.
Before coming here, he always lived cowering in an small corner of a dark city.
His father had told him that the hunger was making everyone crazy, so whenever
he went out, he was afraid of getting noticed by anyone on the street.
He spent his days just breathing quietly, so no one would harm or kill him.
During the night, he surrounded his bony body with his arms and hunched
to make himself as small as possible, in order to not become a hindrance.
He hardened himself to the point of becoming unable of hearing the snores
of his father and older brother sleeping beside him, to the point where
any sound would get on his nerves. His sleep was always shallow, because
the only person that could take care of him was himself.
After having asked him this as if it was a love confession, Seshiara's expression
darkened. She was surely thinking he was pitiful. These feelings came from
knowing that the city from where he had come had no food for anyone, but
according to Forgeit's father, becoming a beggar could be seen as gaining
a weapon against the more fortunate people.
However, although Forgeit himself thought that the way in which he lived
back them was quite poor, he never thought of it as something painful. He
had been living in poverty as far as he could remember, and since he had
to spend all his energies just to continue living, he didn't have any time
to ponder about unnecessary matters.
Still, he felt that his current life was more painful for him than these
days in which he didn't have anything to eat. Feeling like this was incomprehensible to him.

When they returned to the village at dusk, the Flower Festival was beginning.
In an stage the people had built in the main plaza of the village, there were
some musicians playing flutes and drums. The villagers made a circle while
laughing, and began sharing with each other their food and beverages.
It was a very prosperous village. They were protected from the monsters
by a barrier, and there was enough food for everyone. There wasn't anyone
interested in causing harm to others. As long as he helped with the work
in the village, he'd be allowed to study and read as much as he wanted.
And more importantly, Seshiara was very gentle to him.
But whenever a certain unidentifiable uneasiness ignited, Forgeit's heart
became enshrouded in shadows.
("You should just get rid of it.")
He went away from cheerful clatter of the festival, as he heard a voice
coming from somewhere inside the mist.
("You killed me, stole my fruits and ran away, and finally ended getting
a good enough social position to make yourself happy, huh, Forgeit?")
This time he felt that he had even heard the voice of his father.
("You killed me. But now, I won't tell you that those who can't protect
themselves will someday die, because the dead don't have a mouth... Wasn't
that what I taught you? If you overtake this prosperous village, you'll
survive. And that's what you'll end up doing")
Beyond the dancing sparks of the lit torches, he saw the figure of his father
inside the darkness, smiling evilly at him.
"What happened? Are you okay?"

When he came back to his senses, Forgeit realized that Seshiara was looking at his face.
"...It's nothing"
He didn't want to explain anything. He didn't want either for Seshiara to
know why he was all dirty and covered in mud when they first met.
"I really should go back..."
He felt that he was making Seshiara worry about nothing again, which caused
him to say these words without thinking, even when he fully knew that he
didn't have a hometown to which he could return anymore.
"No! As you're now, Forgy, you won't ever go back there!"
Forgeit was left at a loss for words. Then, so he wouldn't try to leave
again, Seshiara gave him a very harsh look, something she had never done before.

Back in the plaza, Marta was waiting for them with a very ornamented costume in her arms.
"About time, Seshiara. Where had you two gone to? Everyone is looking forward to your [Song]"
"Sorry. We were gathering flowers in the forest"
She gave her own basket to Forgeit, and went with Marta to begin getting ready.
"...Please, listen well, Forgy. Don't go back there..."
Although he still hesitated a little, Seshiara's intensity pulled Forgeit
in, and he finally headed to the stage, now decorated with flowers, while
he watched her attentively from behind.
Now he looked at her well, she was trembling.

However, she was still the [MESYARIA] above that stage.
"...Now, we will give our gratitude to the forests and the Goddess, who
again gave us their blessings during this year... and also, to our precious
After saying this, Seshiara took a deep breath, and began singing.
It was a mysterious melody woven with the ancient words of the forest. Even
Forgeit could feel that it had become a warm light that was enshrouding
everything around him. All of the villagers were receiving the power of
Seshiara's [Song] of gratitude, and closed their eyes to feel it more strongly.

A few moments later, the wind began blowing as if it were responding to
the song, and the flower petals gathered in the baskets began flying up.
While Forgeit intended to protect the baskets from the wind, he was completely
into looking at Seshiara's beauty, as she continued singing in the middle
of that flower shower.
Accompanied by these flowers, she looked just like the winged Goddess. That
was quite a mysterious and graceful spectacle, from which Forgeit was unable
to take his eyes off.

"...Why do you think that Seshiara told you to not go back to your hometown?"
When Seshiara had begun singing her second song, Marta had gone to Forgeit's
side, and asked this to him.

"...Because she gave me peace"
Forgeit answered.
"And I'd like always to feel like this, instead of how I was before, where
just thinking about not dying was enough to me"
"...I see"
For the first time, Forgeit had put into words his feelings, and he had
the feeling that Marta understood what he said.
In contrast to the inferior environment of his hometown, while his current
life caused him some pain, he also had found something he never wanted to
lose, because it was in this village where he had learned about the beautiful
things that life has.
Before his eyes, he was being blessed by these countless flower petals,
like the girl singing in the stage.
"...If you can live in peace, then it'd be good for you to stop being dishonest"
Forgeit slightly nodded, and Marta decided to leave the conversation there.
"Looks like she made a mistake in the lyrics again, huh?", these were the
kind of things that Marta said to herself at Forgeit's side, as they both
listened to Seshiara's [Songs].

Dai-san Gakushou - Kikyou (Third Movement - Homecoming)

The seasons revolved several times, and the days of their childhood became a thing of the past.
Seshiara and Forgeit grew, and as the day for one more of the several Flower
Festivals they had shared came closer, they made their eternal vow.
Thanks to their marriage, and that they had twin daughters, finally Forgeit
stopped being an [outsider], and became much more diligent. As he now was
one more member of the village, and Seshiara's husband, he pledged he would
be more helpful to others from now on, no matter how little.
As for Seshiara, while she still continued singing as the MESYARIA, she
also became an exemplary wife, and the mother of twins.
Said marriage was blessed by all of the villagers.

However, during a certain day, as winter came closer...
"Looks like other of the cities in the east has died off"
During a meal, Marta told them a rumor she had picked up.
This wasn't something uncommon to hear for these times. People would frequently
leave their hometowns in search of more prosperous lands, no matter how
little, but the ones that didn't have enough strength or money to do so
would be doomed to rot away with their town.
However, Forgeit was unable to merely dismiss the rumor for some reason,
and decided to ask about it further.
"...What was the name of the town?"
"I'm certain... it was called Cardamon"
The next instant, Forgeit stood up from the table, as if something had made
him jump off his chair.
It was a feeling that he couldn't describe in any way.
Cardamon... it had been a long time since he last heard it, the name of
the city in which he was born. The city where the father that tried to kill
him and his mother should be living. The hometown to which he thought he
would never have a chance of returning.

Despite this, something made him want to check it with his own eyes.
He wouldn't believe that nothing remained of the town until he saw it with
his own eyes. Although he was now married to Seshiara and was formally accepted
as one more resident of Rhubarb, he didn't feel compelled to believe that
his hometown had fallen into ruin.
"...But you're still going, right?"
When he came to his senses, Forgeit noticed Seshiara's strong gaze shooting
through him.
Before he could even move his lips to form an answer which he couldn't come
up with, Seshiara clearly told him this:
"...Don't go back there"
She was looking at him in the exact same way as when they were children.
Her hazel eyes hadn't changed at all in all this time.
"At the least, don't go alone. I'll go with you"

After they left the forest, they stayed in an inn in a small village, and
continued walking for a few days.
"Even if you go to Cardamon, you won't find anything worthwhile in there",
this was what a peddler told Seshiara and Forgeit when they passed at his
side, and following a map they bought him and Forgeit's own vague memories,
they began ascending a mountain path.

As they continued advancing, the vegetation became more sparse, making the
ragged rocks in the place stand out more.
They continued going up the slopes as the road became more sandy, until
they had a mountain pass before their eyes.
Forgeit lowered his eyes from the map. If they were in the right path, the
town should be visible from this pass.
But as soon as this realization hit him, Forgeit stood completely still.
"...Are you tired?"
Seshiara's sudden question made him come to his senses at once. They had
gone this far, yet he still was hesitating to see what had happened to his
hometown. He was afraid of these [nightmares] showing up before him again.
"Want me to go and check up first?"
Raising his head as he sensed the worry Seshiara was feeling for him, Forgeit
shook his head.
At this point, standing still in this place, it was already too late to
have second thoughts.

Of the gate that impeded his passage when he was a child, nothing but the
wooden pillars that formed it remained. That was were "Cardamon" was written.
While some vestiges of the city barely remained, the place was completely
devoid of human presence. And within that dreadful silence, an apologetic
wind blew throughout the place. This raised large clouds of dust, which
made Forgeit cough violently.
"...This place has really become a ghost town"
He walked through the now roadless streets, and stood still in the place
where his house once stood, searching in vain to see if someone was still
The father who once tried to kill him wasn't there anymore. Year after year,
he only continued thinking about how to survive while he was in this putrid
environment, but he didn't have the money or strength necessary to move
out from this city. He most likely was now dead.
However, there was no way of confirming that. That's why Forgeit had a hole
in his heart he would never be able of understanding.
With this, it was now impossible to know why his father had acted in such
a way back then. He would never know why he did those things during all
of his life. And while it was easy to imagine what could have happened to
his father, he could never come up with a satisfactory enough answer for it.
Now he had the ruined settlement before his eyes, he began showing he too
unexpectedly had feelings similar to nostalgia.
"...I might have been convinced that this all was just a [nightmare]..."
Forgeit softly whispered after a brief sigh.
"...But after coming here, I understood everything... the [nightmare]... was reality itself..."
He was born in a city were even order was inexistant, and raised in a place
filled to the brim with evil intentions. As long as they could eat a little
more than others, the people of this city was cursed to be jealous and hateful
towards each other. He still clearly remembered these hellish days, in which
the people would pull each others legs just to see them unhappier than themselves.
He was the only one who managed to escape from this, and survive to the
current days.

"...I got sand in my eyes"
Forgeit began rubbing his eyes, and turned his back on Seshiara.
However, he was unable to control the feelings that he had welled up in
his heart.
They then began overflowing, as his tears made the ground at his feet blurry.

And in the middle of that, the pain struck in his heart, and he began wailing.
Similar to a soft rain becoming a downpour, it continued relentlessly beating
his heart. The tears that had broken off his eyes' dam began falling like
raindrops to the arid ground, and were absorbed by the soil of his hometown
one after other.


It was the [Song] he had heard countless times.
Behind Forgeit's crying, Seshiara was singing.
While he before could only hear the melody of the [Song], Forgeit was now
capable of understanding the meaning of its lyrics.

"I'll give the [Song] to you"
"I'll embrace everything, so don't be afraid of the sadness anymore"
"If you do so, that will take you back to a gentle world"
"I'll be here eternally"
"Like the land in which you step and the blowing wind will always be at your side"

As it was being led by the colorful singing voice, the wind returned to
being a little warmer. The plants around them suddenly regained their colors,
as if they had just been given water, and even the flowers bloomed in response
to the song.
Most likely, this was how this place looked before the sunlight had become weaker.
However, as he felt the appearance of the scenery created by the [Song]
beyond his blurry eyes, Forgeit didn't notice that the [nightmares] had
crept up at his side once again...

Dai-yon Gakushou - Kyouki (Fourth Movement - Madness) (note: really "Four Means Death" is applied here perfectly... :T_T: )

There was a kingdom at the other side of the sea east from Rhubarb's forests.
And in the main country that consolidated this kingdom on the continent,
a temple was built for worshipping Goddess Aria.
Inside it, a private room was made to receive the MESYARIA, Seshiara, when
she came to the kingdom.
A young boy with golden hair frequently came to play with her. He was the
fifth Prince of the current Royal Family. While he really loved his older
brother, he had passed away, and told Seshiara he was cheered by the [Songs]
she sang in the royal court.
From that moment on, both the Songstress and the Prince began being friends in secret.
He was charmed not only by Seshiara's [Songs], but also by everything she told him.
He had a great interest on the sceneries and stories of the world outside the castle,
which were completely unknown to him, and always invited her to drink tea with him to listen to her stories.
They became such good friends that Seshiara also began affectionately telling
him about her daughters, who should be around of his same age by now, and
were now in her hometown.
And among these conversations she, also told him of the incident that caused
her to be separated from Forgeit, back when they were at Cardamon's ruins.
At that moment, a man unexpectedly saw when Seshiara sang her [Song]. And
that man happened to be a landlord that had come to check the situation
of the city.
The landlord pulled Seshiara apart from Forgeit, and forcibly sent her to
the kingdom at the other side of the sea. Invited to the temple were Goddess
Aria was worshiped, Seshiara began being treated like a saint, but this
also meant she had her freedom taken away from her.
--A saint doesn't need mundane things like being a wife.
And with that line, both Seshiara and Forgeit were pulled apart from each
"Seshiara! Someday, I'll go and find you! I promise it!"
This was the last scream that Seshiara heard from Forgeit back then. He
said it with a bitter voice, filled both with sadness and rage...
"...And you believe in that man, right?"
Seshiara silently nodded to the boy after he asked that question.

The people demanded for Seshiara's [Songs], and endlessly continued asking
for miracles.
At first, they were pleased with small miracles, such as making the flowers
fill with light or making them sound like bells. This was enough for the
people to recognize Seshiara as a Goddess.
However, their requests only got larger and larger with each passing day.
The weakening of the sun only brought anxiety to each day. An anxiety in
which hope was impossible to see. She understood very well why the people
clung to these miraculous [Songs] to the point of being even painful to
Therefore, to respond to their feelings, Seshiara sang the best she could.
To make her [Songs] reach the sun. And to wipe the grief from the hearts
of the people, no matter how little.
However, the sunlight only got weaker, and the winter was longer and colder
than the previous one. The people began feeling that this meant an ominous
future and a collapsing world were the only things that awaited them.
No matter how many times Seshiara sang her [Song of Encouragement], it was
impossible for her to cause a miracle as large as strengthening the sunlight.

(--That singer is really a Goddess?)
Soon enough, such doubts began surfacing among the people.
And at that time, Seshiara's health took a turn for the worse, to the point
in which she even fainted in the middle of one of her [Songs].
(--That saint can't even sing a [Song] correctly. She must just be a worthless
fake that the guys at the temple are keeping)
(--Who does she think she's deceiving to gain a better position?)
These negative and evil words reached Seshiara's ears.
Things even got to the point that people appeared in the temple spreading
evil rumors about her, including that she was the responsible for weakening
the sunlight.
Seshiara endured all of this extreme pressure, and despite this, she kept


On the other hand, since Forgeit had been rejected by the temple, he decided
to get a job on the Royal Research Institute of Antiquity. If they wouldn't
allow him to be with Seshiara despite being her husband, he could only gain
a position high enough to do it with his own effort.
Fortunately, he was quite a diligent person. Ever since he was a child,
he had studied in Rhubarb all sorts of knowledge about the ARIA language
and the [Songs], which apparently were considered a treasure trove by those
who researched about the ancient times. With only his abilities, he managed
to get to the top, gaining the position of expert, the trust of the chief
of the Institute, and a large number of subordinates.
All of this was just to meet with Seshiara once more, to keep the eternal
vows they had exchanged back at Rhubarb.
This time, he would be the one who would extend his hand to Seshiara,
and tell her "Let's go back together".

A certain day, Forgeit received a letter.
It had as its subject: [You have been allowed an audience with Songstress
Seshiara]. However, the sender was unknown. While he had suspicions that
this could be a trap to trick him into something, Forgeit ran to the temple
as fast as he could.
"...Are you [Forgy]?"
This was what a boy waiting in front of Seshiara's room -- the Prince, who
was also the one who sent the letter -- asked him.
That way of calling was the same nickname that Seshiara had always used
to call him. Forgeit immediately assumed he had a position high enough to
allow him to become good friends with her.
As if he was inviting him, he allowed Forgeit to go into the room first.
It didn't seem as something Seshiara would have liked, as the room was excessively
decorated. Forgeit continued making his footsteps echo throughout the place,
as if it were to break the silence.
Vases made from white porcelain. Illumination made with jewels embedded
into it. A marble desk. Beautiful ornaments all over the place, to the point
in which it felt suffocating.
He continued walking, while a very bad presentment began coiling inside him.

Seshiara was sleeping in a bed further inside.
She had a very calm expression. However, she was as cold as the ice, and as immobile as a doll.
Even if she opened her strongly shut eyelids, her lips would never weave [Songs] anymore...
"...Seshiara... what is it...? Why are you...?"
Unlike the words that escaped from his lips, his head was refusing to think
anything. He didn't want to understand what was happening, until his heart forced him to.
Because this wasn't the Seshiara that was taken away from his long ago.
She was now no more than a corpse.
At the same time he got hit with this realization, he dropped the flower bouquet he was
carrying in his hands, and fell to his knees.
"...Seshiara wanted to see you since a long time ago. Therefore... at the
least I wanted to grant her this, as her last will..."
This was what the Prince told him silently, right behind him.
"Why... how did this happen!?"
"As you know, no matter how many times she sang her [Songs], the sunlight
wouldn't return to how it used to be. The public opinion blamed her for
this, and although she had many chances to escape, she still chose to remain
here and continue singing. And that drove her to this point... as she continued waiting for you to arrive..."
Upon hearing these words, Forgeit's pulse turned into a great chaos.
("....Who killed Seshiara?")

From the depths of the darkness, the voice of [nightmares] whispered.
The people worshiped Seshiara as a Goddess all by themselves and expected
things of such a level from her, but as soon as they realized that improving
their lives was way beyond her hands, they completely changed their towards her.
A single hope turns into ten despairs, and that was the level in which Seshiara suffered.
The terror and anxiety that was enshrouding the people gave way to evil
wills, all of which hit a single songstress. All of it, hitting a strong, gentle
but still powerless and fleeting songstress.
Seshiara had a sense of justice stronger than most people, and she also had a empathy stronger than most people.
That she wished from the bottom of her heart to save the people was unmistakable,
but how much did she regret this? And how much was she condemned for it, too?
This worried her, made her fall ill, and finally, it took her life. In that
way, even her shining existence itself was forced to die off.
Without even being able to say a single phrase: "Save me..."
"...Forgive me... Seshiara..."
Regretting that he was unable to even be with her in her last moments, Forgeit's
trembling fingertips caressed Seshiara's cheeks. He wasn't even able of putting these feelings into words...
("--The one who killed Seshiara was...")

Was it the fault of the people who pressed her so much?
Was it the fault of the kingdom that threatened and forced her to be the MESYARIA?
Was it the fault of the landlord that heard her [Song] at Cardamon?
Or was it... Forgeit's own fault?
("--If you had been able of protecting Seshiara, she wouldn't have died")
Yes... if he hadn't thought of going to his hometown, nothing of this would have happened. He now had let Seshiara die without even lifting a finger,
after she had extended her hand to him and saved him from his obsession with the [nightmares] during their childhood.
The girl who ran while pulling him from the hand under the radiant light of the sun.
The girl who carried a basket filled with flowers and sang a [Song] to him with a sad face.
All of these memories of Seshiara during their childhood raised one after other before his eyes, and Forgeit's breathing completely stopped.
("--The one who killed THAT Seshiara was no other than YOU, [Forgy]")
The [nightmares] began covering Forgeit from his feet upwards, and began pulling him to the unknown bottom of the darkness.
From now on, he could only hear the voice of the [nightmares].
Before long, the light vanished from his eyes.
This was the beginning to a new nightmare...

Shuushou (Finale)

From that time, a long time had passed.
The man had in the palm of his hand a rusted hourglass. Almost no blue sand remained in the top part of it.
Too much time had passed already. The world and its people had completely changed.
The era in which he had lived was now ending, he could feel it in all his being. Opening his closed eyes once more, he noticed how dazzling the light was.
He understood it was the end, but didn't despair at all. At least this meant he would be able to awaken at last from these long [nightmares].
Everything would end here.
Once the last strength he had to keep his eyes open faded away, he would say goodbye to this crazed world.
And thus, at the moment in which the very last grain of sand fell, he thought he had heard the voice of a girl calling out to him...

"Let's go together!"

(The End)
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And here I'll be posting a little something I made last month. I can only say that it's something deeply related to this thread that will surely be of interest to anyone that's a fan of Shimotsuki and Tindharia: http://www.mediafire.com/download/asn7sv0gmrl8zc6/griotte_prologue_manga.rar

And yes, I also have in plans working in both mangas, although I'll need some help to do it.
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Translation for the Tindharia no Kanade Liner Notes:

Illuminating a Promise:

Hiyama: The very last song that plays in the Drama CD. Parsley, who vanished leaving behind a seed, and Salt, who remained. We placed it as another ending song for [Tindharia no Tane], which shows what the future will hold for Salt and Parsley, the Forest and the City, and finally, for the ARIA and the Humans. The ARIA language choruses we put in the hook of the song are actually said by the Goddess, which unexpectedly foreshadows some of the events from [Griotte no Nemurihime], and sing about several important things.

Shimotsuki: I put a special dedication into making the melody as Tindharia-ish as possible, which is why its chords sound so similar to the ones found in [Seed of Prayers], as it's a ending song told from other viewpoint. Likewise, to give off the image that the Goddess and the Humans were communicating their feelings to each other, I did my best at trying to entwine the melodies that had the ARIA language and Japanese choruses. Most likely, if you listen to it after the Drama CD, the violin solo at the beginning will make you cry.

Crossing the Dreams:

Hiyama: This is the [Song for Stimulating the Stagnated Cycle of Life], which appeared several times during the manga adaptation. It also ended becoming the [Song] that sent Salt dozing off. While it's in some parts the opposite to [Crossing the Skies], which was recorded in Griotte no Nemurihime, part of their ARIA language choruses and lyrics have the same exact phrases. During the passage "Making the silver bells resound", we actually made some bells resound secretly, which ended making this a pretty fantasy-styled song.

Shimotsuki: While this song was already in process of being created when we began with the [Griotte no Nemurihime] project, in order to foreshadow that both albums took place in the same world, we decided to make another song like it that had its same effects and make it appear in the manga adaptation to Tindharia no Tane. So I decided to experiment a little with the scales, and thus, the major chord version of the initial melody ended becoming this one, [Crossing the Dreams], while the minor chord version ended becoming Griotte's [Crossing the Skies]. Iwadare-san made a great job with the dynamics arrangement!

Wherever Tomorrow Might Be:

Hiyama: This is the song of Clesson, who serves as Salt's superior in the Gatherer corps. As he was an orphan that Junde found in the desert, he was always worried about if he was an human or an ARIA. Therefore, having met people like Junde and Salt allowed him to expand his viewpoints. In the lyrics, I decided to portray his feelings: that no matter wherever he might go, there will always be a tomorrow awaiting for him.

Shimotsuki: When I made the desert BGM for the Drama CD adaptation, I decided to somehow include the information about Clesson having been found in the desert, and thus added that melody to his own theme. Conversely, in the scenes where Clesson appears we decided to use a BGM that has the same motif as this song, so I quite enjoyed having been able to put these links as we worked in the Drama CD. This song will surely become more interesting if you read the manga that has the same name as it.

Symbol of Wishes:

Hiyama: This is Grenbarn's song, who was Parsley's fiance and was the only person besides Salt that had genuine feelings for her. He always continued watching over the seed that Parsley had left them, to ensure it would become a large tree. So the tree could continue being protected once a long time had passed and he wasn't around anymore, he built an stone monument, and with Salt's help, he inscribed in it the score for a [Song that wished for the tree's growth]. This would become the beginning for the Apiareid family.

Shimotsuki: The choruses at the beginning and end, which sing the feelings and prayers for the Tree of Tindharia to grow healthily, and have the same exact lyrics, have the same melody as [Seed of Prayers]. It could be said that this song is like Grenbarn's own [Seed of Prayers], to be left eternally alongside the Tree. As you can see in the illustration we drew for the setting of this song, there's an illustration among the ones in [Griotte no Nemurihime] that looks pretty similar to it.

Journey to the Distance:

Hiyama: In the first place, the image of the boy Lyle, and in the second place, the image of the girl Citra. This is the song of the decisive journey in which both of them embarked to reach the Royal Capital in order to get vengeance after their dear childhood friend Elfin was killed in their hometown, right before their eyes. Of course, this means that this situates this song right between [The Chosen People] and [The Princess and the Clown] in Griotte no Nemurihime's narrative. The ARIA language choruses that can be found midway through the song are phrases said by the Spirit of the Moon, FERIA.

Shimotsuki: I'd like to make a song that covered the stories after the journey in the first tome of the manga... that's what I told Naruke-san after I handed her the drafts of the manga and scenario, and as we both were reading further into them, I asked her to make it into a song that depicted the image of a journey that had a lot of sadness in the background. I think that the accordion and violin parts at the beginning would be set as the A-melody if we played it during a live, as the timing that they were given was quite impressive. *laughs*

A Flower Blooming in the Ruins:

Hiyama: While they were in their quest for revenge, Lyle and Citra briefly stopped at the ruined city of Cardamon. The only inhabitant of that place was an old man. An old man who lived in a desolate house, whose feelings were entirely centered in the bygone days in which his family was still with him. That was what he had in his heart... Citra wanted to tell the feelings she experienced back then to someone, and borrowing the power of the violinist Vold, she made and sang this song.

Shimotsuki: This song is played in the bar at Graria, and in the Drama, it has Vold's voiceover being said over it. I personally asked MANYO-san to give it the same mood of a jig. Also, Vold's violin is played in a similar way to that of [The Princess and the Clown], so we could say that Tsuboy-san played it in a very "princely" manner. We established that Lyle would be the one playing the tambourine during it, but for his first time playing that instrument, he did it pretty well.

Sapphire Tears:

Hiyama: This is a fairytale related to the Griotte that Citra made up after her journey ended. Like in [The Princess and the Clown], the characters that appear during it and the story itself are very dramatized. Upon having noticed that the letter the young man sent her was blurred from the tears he had shed, despite it saying "Congratulations", the bride chose to disappear into the sea. As for who served as the inspiration as this song, that is something I'll leave to your imagination.

Shimotsuki: This song began as a fairytale created by Hiyama-san, which later on we consolidated and gave to Iwadare-san for the composition and arrangement, although a few days later he came and told us "It ended getting around nine minutes long. Is this good enough?"... As a result of that, it's a magnificent song that develops slowly, at the same rhythm as the story it tells. Of course, as I went on singing it, I ended empathizing a little too much with the sad decision of the bride, and ended crying myself.
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