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Faction/Power Information
Topic Started: Jan 21 2012, 10:56 PM (297 Views)
MK Kilmarnock
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I am your god now! There's sand on my boots!
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Civilians/Escapees: Brockton's numerous civilians are just looking for a way out of the city. Normal citizens could technically leave at any time if they so wished, but many don't have the money to move elsewhere and so are stuck in a dying city. Civilians who actually have powers are even worse-off, as they are unable to leave through the checkpoints of the city without being dragged off for questioning... or whatever other horrible things they might do to you. Technically, this is the largest 'faction' in Brockton, but many civilians are just trying to live their lives in relative peace (meaning they're NPCs that should be written around). A PC Civilian's goal is to survive Brockton until this whole mess is over or a means of escape can be found.

There is no formal leader, but many civilians find support in the form of Evelynn Rogers, a crabby 88-year old crone of a shopkeeper who owns one of the only groceries in town that sells more than just what the military quarantine lets by; while other stores sell little more than rice, potatoes and other rudimentary nutrition, Evelynn still sells candy, more luxurious produce like strawberries and pineapples, and even alcohol. Nobody's too sure how she manages to get all of this, but more than one rumor says she's heavily connected to the mafia. Evelynn snaps at her customers and has waved around her trusty 12-gauge more than once, but has a good heart underneath the wrinkles and the bengay and did we mention the shotgun? Think we have.

Civilians only have access to light weaponry such as kitchen knives, small handguns or other weapons that you might find in the AVERAGE (key word) home. If you want something bigger, you'll have to take it off of somebody else. If you are rolled as a civilian, you either die or you're captured by the military.

Rebels: A rebellion has formed amongst the cityfolk of Brockton, intending to fight back against what they believe is a breach of freedom imposed on them by the military. Formed from both 'normals' and 'powered' folk, the rebels are the biggest threat to the military presence in Brockton, and as such are their primary target. Much like civilians, they just want a way out of the city, but instead of passively looking for a way out, the rebels have taken a more violent and brazen approach. They benefit from having a more organized structure and actual allies (rather than just friends), not to mention having more tools and better weaponry at their disposal. However, the rebels are probably the most dangerous faction to be a part of, as they have both the military and the Mark 21's on their cases.

The rebellion is lead by an enigmatic young woman, 25 year-old Alice Barnstead. While she hasn't mentioned any military or strategic experience (in fact, Alice hasn't really said much about herself at all), she gives orders to other members of the rebellion and bravely leads the fight against the military and all those who might keep them within the city walls. Alice has the most unusual power of being able to liquify her body, and thus apparently has the ability to leave the city at any time. Instead, the melancholy woman has elected to try and get others out alongside her.

Members of the rebellion have access to heavier weaponry than the civilians, though it's really not standardized. Fully automatic weapons are still hard to come by, but the rebellion has enough weapon for everybody to have at least one pistol (if not more) and a knife, and a few semi-automatic rifles pop up here and there. If you get rolled as a rebel, you are either killed, or captured, interrogated and placed under arrest by the military.

Mark 21's: The Mark 21's started out as a simple street gang, one of many vying for power amongst Brockton's streets. That was before the Riverside Incident, however. Now, the Mark 21's have eliminated all the competion to become a fearsome force to be reckoned with, capable of taking on Brockton's meager police force and winning. The Mark 21's make their home in an abandoned hotel complex in the northeast part of town (renamed the 'Hotel Raou'), and their territory extends to just about every block that they can see from the hotel itself. There are almost always thunder clouds above the hotel, giving credence to the gang's reputation as the 'baddest collection of dudes under one roof'. The goal of the Mark 21's is to control pretty much all of Brockton (or what's left of it). They really don't care too much for helping out the military, though they've been promised a 'get out of jail free card' of sorts by the military if they help to take care of the rebels. If they want control of the city, they'd have to wipe out the tricky rebels anyway, so... sweet deal!

The Mark 21's are led by a man named Ian Covey, though he is known almost exclusively as 'the Slum God.' The 28 year-old Covey received extraordinary powers from the chemicals released in the Riverside Incident, having the ability to concentrate and stir up thunderstorms, and even call down lightning at will. Thanks to his fantastic powers (and with a little lead-filled persuasion), the Slum God became the leader of the Mark 21's and led them to mop the floor with just about every other gang in Brockton. Because of his electrifying abilities (I'm sorry, I HAD to), he demanded that he be revered as a god... something that much of his gang has agreed to. If somebody were to actually stumble upon the hotel complex without knowing what they were in for, they would find the throne of junk amassed by the gang, and the 'godly' figure seated atop it, to be a shocking sight (Get it? He controls lightning).

The Mark 21's have access to pistols, automatic pistols, and even some machine guns. Basically, if it shoots really fast and puts lots of holes in something, they are likely to be armed with it. They're a little lacking on explosives, though, but some of their members are powered enough to suppliment their already-imposing weaponry. If a member of the Mark 21's is rolled, they generally die. You live hard, you die hard.

Military: The big, bad US Military has been made out to be scary monsters lately, but the proud men and women that make up the armed forces sent into Brockton are generally decent people. To them, they are merely trying to quarantine a city that has undergone a distaster that they don't want spreading or getting worse, getting sick people aid, trying to relocate the healthy, and other such deeds. A rebellion had sprung up, yes, but they're trying to solve the problem non-lethally if applicable. As such, it should be noted that the military's intentions are far from evil, at least on a grunt's level. The military's orders are to quell the rebellion, secure any and all powered folk for examination and possible recruitment (some recruits are already part of the military) and evacuate the city in its entirety so it can be cleaned up.

The military is technically lead by the commander-in-chief, or President of the United States, but to keep revelant, the head of the forces actually entering the perimeter of Brockton is Major Carlton Jaeger. Carl is an absolute monster of a man, standing at 6'8" and, if that wasn't distinctive enough, he eschews standard uniform for a long, tan coat that he wears over plenty of heavy armor. To him, he's never fully dressed without a smile... an unnaturally large smile that his troops would rather not see. Carl lives for battle and has actually turned down several promotions that would bring him up to a desk job, preferring to stay on the field and personally lead his men. While intensely loyal to his country and unquestioning in his following of orders, Carl has absolutely no reservation in killing and will almost cheerfully slaughter anybody he needs to; it was his frightening efficiency and nightmare-inducing skill on the battlefield that earned him the nickname 'Regiment Killer'.

The military is heavily armed, much as one would expect the military to be. Most of its members are normals, though they have obtained the odd recruit here and there that has powers. Such powers are often rendered irrelevant, however, when they have everything from sniper rifles to grenade launchers at their disposal. If a soldier is rolled, they are either killed or wounded, removed from the front lines.
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MK Kilmarnock
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I am your god now! There's sand on my boots!
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So, a big draw about this roleplay is that you get to write a character with superpowers, and that's always pretty neat. Powers are NOT rolled in The Riverside Incident. Players imagine their own powers and implement them during character creation. Something to remember, though, is that the playable characters in The Riverside Incident obtained their powers through drinking the contaminated water containing trace amounts of the serum, and thus their powers are not as fully realized as the project intended.

You're not gonna have the power to telekinetically lift trucks and small buildings, or to teleport miles at a time, or to stop time. The power you create as part of your character can be significant, useful, even destructive, but not overwhelming. On a side note, it goes without saying that first and foremost, you are writing a character; the super power (if even applicable) should not outshine personality. With that being said, some of the powers that are likely to exist in this universe include:

Telekinetic powers (five pounds, limited range, etc.)
The ability to sense those in your proximity
Heightened senses (sight, hearing, etc.)

You aren't limited those sorts of things, of course. If you aren't sure if your power is acceptable when it comes time to submit a character, include it anyway! When it's checked for approval, the power will be reviewed and either accepted, flat-out denied or, more likely, discussed in detail about what limits or stipulations it should have. To give a sense of scale; the original subjects of the Riverside project might be on par with Superman. Your characters are more like Aquaman; useful, but not overwhelmingly so, and they have limitations. Overall, keep it reasonable, and staff will be willing to consider it.
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