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I've been playing through Arkham City again in an attempt to get a bunch of achievements. I'm quite fond of making the little bar move up. Anyway, the game has 400 Riddler trophies, each a little puzzle, and they're all throughout the city. On top of that, each area has several riddles and a ton of breakable objects. Given the size of the environment, all of these collectables are very thickly spread. The green lights are on all over the city.

And so my thoughts turn to all the crappy trinkets I've scoured throughout my recent gaming career. The bone charms in Dishonored, the manuscript pages, the skulls in Halo and even the intel in Call of Duty games. These are collectables that give you something in-game. But what about the coffee thermoses or the orbs of light in games like Crackdown and Prototype? Are these decent collectables? And what about things like the 'bug in a jar' from Skyrim, where there's no achievement tied to them but they're clearly a set?

So my question is: How many collectables should a gaming environment have and what form should they take? What is the right way to do collectables?
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