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The new tomb raider has both the best,and the worst collectibles mechanics at the same time.I really cant fathom how they managed to get both into a single game.

Aside from artifacts,documents and the rest you get pointed on your map,there are a few challenges,which are somewhat interesting in that they are a bit varied.The best one of those revolves around destroying effigies.You need to destroy 5 of those,and yet there are 7 or 8 littered around the level.Thats great.Plus,with your detective vision,you can spot them from very far away,seeing how they are usually in high places.

And then,there is the mine hunt...Ignoring the fact that its bugged(or maybe intentionally infuriatingly coded?Im not quite sure*),there are exactly 10 of these buggers,and you need to destroy them all.Furthermore,some of them are completely submerged in the ocean,so you will never be able to see them.And even worse,this somehow makes them immune to the detective vision.So unless you know where exactly to point your trigger(or have a guide),youll have to painstakingly scan the vast body of water in order to find them.

Luckily,these only count towards achievements.And while the effigy one was really fun to hunt down,the mines were infuriating.In a lesser game,that would make me quit.

*One of the mines can wander off from the place it is supposed to be in.So even if you follow the guide,you can still miss it,because it can shift.And there a really big chunk of the level where it can shift to.That is,if it doesnt disappear completely,which is just as likely.
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