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I knew capcom changed something with the DataAsset files, it's now divided in 2 folders, and the files that we need to edit to change the colors are now in the 01 folder of the characters (with the other costume files, where they should have been from the start).

I'll show how to swap 2 characters by swapping Nadeshiko (EAB) over R.Mika (CED): it's not hard, just boring. :P

Take the 01 folder from StreetFighterV/StreetFighterV/Content/Chara/EAB/SKelMesh
Copy it somewhere else and rename every files in the 4 folders (DataAsset, Material, Mesh and Texture) from EAB to CED
ex: DA_EAB_Costume_01.uasset into DA_CED_Costume_01.uasset

Open every file in your hex editor and replace every entry you find of EAB into CED.
Posted Image

Posted Image

But only when it's text you can read that is linking to files/folders, do not edit EAB in this case for example:
Posted Image
(it's not linking to Nadeshiko there, it's part of another word that means nothing ~OEABABA" or something... I don't know what that gibberish is, so don't edit it).

Make a backup of R.Mika 01 folder (StreetFighterV/StreetFighterV/Content/Chara/CED/SKelMesh)
Replace it with the 01 folder containing the files you edited.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here are the files:
R.Mika as Nadeshiko: http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/RPQNiEi9/file.html

Same thing can be done with the costumes, editing 02 (or 03) into 01:

Posted Image

But be careful, it's easier to make mistakes like on the 3rd hex screenshot as you may find numerous entries of 02 or 03 that you must not edit.

As you can see in the last screenshot, capcom didn't put other colors for Ken's alt costume as you can't buy it from the shop yet...
They were in the beta files... :D
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